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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, LIVE from Sardinia, Italy, shares how the global empire of US-NATO Imperialism has been exporting death to the Island of Sardinia.

Transcript Below.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:21Good afternoon. Good afternoon, everyone.

This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. As many of you know, I came to Sardinia, on the invitation of our local truth for them health warrior scholars, we have Maria Francesca here.

And we’re also over here, Michelle, I can just show the other people here. Just do a quick scan. And so I came here she has to reduce the volume on that.

Reduce the volume. So I came here to Serbia for a couple of purposes. One is to do research to understand why why the lifespan of people in Sardinia in the area called boy Astra.

Oh, yes. So you’re going to translate right?01:14By Sunday Yeah. But we’re not in fundamentally Primo and can be replicated persona can even unknown.

Yes.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 01:20Yeah.

So because one of the things that our campaign cheaper for President is focused on01:26the like the motif la compania.01:30Presidential America01:32Shiva, they give it to me fundamentally becauseDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 01:34that is the most important issue facing every American01:38and of course I can put down the economicDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 01:41theory that no other presidential candidate is afraid no other presidential candidate wants to address because they are not men and they do not want their freedom addressing this issue.01:53Okay, this one the President America Hello, man. Okay.

So partly becauseDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 01:57they’re afraid of addressing this issue because it will expose them as criminals who are part of this problem.02:05Well, yeah, most for a lot of comments and positive comments.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 02:11So if they can present them, right, so So since 1980 tanta as I’ve shared before the American lifespan has been going02:26down dividend income, accrual lockdown,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 02:30Americans are dying earlier than any other industrialized nation02:33in the country, some of them are02:37expected to delay.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 02:41Now every academic in sunnah every politician, some political, every media person, soon offer alternative media, every entertainer any soon02:55present a daughter or daughter andDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 03:00since 1989, innovations have done all of them notice.

03:05Hospital requests are so grounded,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 03:07but they have kept silent on it. Because they do everything to get organic food.

Because they get their plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, they take care of.03:32It show me your final apologia plastic.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 03:35They have foundations. I’m the only one that says that beg for money from everyday citizen.

But I know we saw in the country cittadini they claim they they’re solving cancer, they can’t cheat. They claim they’re helping children.03:55Some implementedDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 03:56like this crook, Robert F. Kennedy, Kennedy, and all of these people04:03hooked up with a persona and ignite since 1982.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 04:08The US lifespan is going down. My campaign is the only campaign in 60 years sometimes that is speaking about this. Without health since I would assume without solving the system’s problems.

Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. And this problem is not going to be solved by one result.

It’s a systems problem. If you put them on a system, there’s many interconnected issues04:52some more things that cannot see.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 04:55It needs a systems approach05:00not sustainableDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:01and and we live in a world of systems.05:06Today system,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:07why would anyone want to elect a lawyer?05:13Number a politician, politicalDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:17bankrupt businessman05:20or manager dilemma,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:23a nother person just saying one thing and doing another05:30for me selling ticketsDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:33to leave the United States anymore in 202005:36you start your meeting on quorum.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:40The only reason you would elect somebody else but me05:47doing an agenda on your bossDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:50is if you want to die younger. Or if you want your children to die younger. Oh boy,05:56they will sleep on meaningly.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 05:59So let’s take Sardinia as a case study with the studio to expose06:07the Mossad, the evil nature.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:10Boy in the policies, policies, political Democrats and Republicans06:20gratitude there can be timesDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:23in Sardinia as I said, I came here to study with Jana. Why, again, in the region of oil06:34when I joined No, yes.

Oh, yeah, Oscar,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:37people are living to over 100 with the highest per capita.06:42So maybe even all intention to I’m eCola majority.

TalentedDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:47as a US06:48president said what’s the president of the subcommittee?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:51We can learn from the certainly.

And bring that back to the US. He says you need to increase the lifespan. Should that not be the number one priority? Quiz had to say? Yes, of course.

Right. So next, next Saturday, next Tuesday, we have a two day conference. Whereas the scientist who would you said that you shouldn’t sound we will be gathering all this information because she doesn’t know continuously for months and bring it back to healthy American.

07:37But are you telling me Connie, but notDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 07:41but the United States and NATO07:45certainly such an equal amountDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 07:47since 1956.

07:50And I’m not sure that you want that sector? Nearly forDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 07:5380 years. I’ve been using Sardinia not to learn how to live long nobody.

But they’ve been exporting someone’s exporting the US death to Sardinia08:11suddenly dancing.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 08:13Now why do I say that? Anyone simply needs to Google when you Google? Sardinia? Death more weapons.

NATO. And you will see many, many08:32articles and more Teesnap equally,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 08:36that exposed that the Italian government the government has been leasing08:43staff downDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 08:45over 50% of the land. So did you look at it08:48you want to changeDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 08:50to NATO to test weapons.

You in Sardinia for nearly 80 years? In fact, in the region of quiera Chiquita which is south of Austro09:07Yes, so the lujah AstraDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 09:09Astra remember people live to 100 years or more highest per capita09:14in the world through the Qin Fulani. I still know.

QRDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 09:21Oh yes, there is a blue zone. Yes.

There are four or five blue zones in the world cheap what09:27moves on?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 09:29You know yesterday again, live had the highest per capita of 100 years or more in the world. I09:37want to push into on it which is fanatic in Alaska.

Oh, yesterdayDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 09:41is on the east coast of Sardinia. South of Oistrakh Soto Yes.

Is a small region called Clara and quiera. US and NATO have been used seeing that as a weapons testing ground example what have they been testing depleted uranium tipped missiles. Now as a scientist who studies biology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering,10:24excuse me than it is to simulate10:28engineering, mechanical, electrical,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 10:30these depleted nuclear missiles when they blow up,10:35we still10:37believe that what we do releaseDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 10:39of thorium dust because oriental dust, thorium dust which is radioactive thorium, these particles are 3000 times smaller then red blood cells and so that means that dust goes to humans and destroys the immune system causes cancer, it causes cancer. In fact, 65% of the shepherds, Inquisitor have cancer.

The sheep there have many many different mutations. This is sick. It’s despicable.

Think about what I’m saying. And secondly, when Americans are dying younger and younger and younger. In Olestra people live long instead of learning from them and helping Americans live longer.

11:54Yesterday we call11:57this a system and well the pm you can useDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 11:58every US president Democrat and Republican because he didn’t have any kind of Democratic or Republican have destroyed American health.12:07Not somethingDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 12:08exporting death to Sardinia it’s sick, because the Kennedys have been behind it. Reagan has been behind it. Bush has been behind it.

Clinton has been behind it. Trump has been behind it. Obama has been behind and Biden now is behind it.

And no one has talked about it but me right now. No US president candidate has discussed this but me. Why? Why? Why? Because I come from below.

I come from the working people. The same working people who come from Sardinia, the same working people come from the United States. I’m a working person.

I’m one of you. And I care for the suffering of working people. My My grandparents were farmers.

13:15No no no no. No.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 13:19The Kennedys don’t care about these people. They may say they do but they don’t their words. Their words do not master these people.

These people are sick. They do not care about you think about what I’m saying thanks. Astros here yes paper living 100 years or more region below US and NATO our time testing uranium depleted missiles on this beautiful land don’t miss it they’re poisoning paradise.

Just like I did the movie many years ago poisoning paradise of what goes on in Hawaii with that was produced by Pierce Brosnan Khalil mental would use the United States Military Industrial Complex.14:25Not me. Not me, Canada.

So complex soDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:29delivers death wherever it goes. You see really shit.

If you want to live long. You better vote for me. If you want to die young,14:41so I’ve been waitingDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:42for Kennedy. vote for Trump. But for Biden, Biden vote for these other idiots.

Their words do not match their knees. Okay. On Sunday,14:56DomenicoDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:58we are going to be doing a massive demonstra ration money Yes. What do you make? Sunday? Oh, this15:15is what I was thinking about.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 15:19Demonstration plan we have a massive demonstration plan and to expose didn’t shy to expose the this policy.15:36So people need to comeDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 15:38to the Sardinian people.

Many of the Sardinian people don’t even know that their country is authorized warzone. We know about the blue zone negotiable zone. But Sardinia is being used as a war zone.

For US and NATO. That is why as President I will make sure America pulls out of NATO and uses all that money that we saw to learn about health from Sardinia Bionicle man and bring that back. Then we need to we need to import long life from Sardinia to America got it? Stop.

Stop exporting death deserting. Very simple, simple health policy. Again, no other presidential candidate will talk about this.

Because they don’t care. They don’t care about the suffering of everyday people. Because they will eat their organic foods16:51in London or the local chief meteorologist.

SheDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 16:54Yeah, they will get good water. He will.

And so the bottom line is this. What I wanted to share with you today if you look at the Sardinian case study17:07is not important. It is paternalist.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:11It exposes hypocrisy in China. The policies of all Democrats and Republicans.

17:20Yeah, Democrats should get it done.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:23So anyway, keep an eye on this Sunday.

We will be doing a major demonstration in Sardinia17:30Monday for Setsuna. Dania to discuss this veryDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:33important issue.

17:34Not any question for why I’m here.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:39I challenge every other US presidential candidate, you see the17:432020 presidential candidateDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:45to join us. No, I said I challenge every other US presidential candidate,17:51he or she don’t challenge your compatibleDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 17:55identity to come to Sardinia to join us for this demonstration.

18:02The most useful to Canada?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:06Yeah, all of them Trump, Biden, Kennedy.18:10I’m not because I’m beyond his feet.

18:14And see the damage every dayDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:16doesn’t mean that they are causing the Sardinian people18:18settle comes down to the Saturday.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:20So that’s it. So anyway, simply put, Americans are living shorter and shorter,18:27we can do it instead ofDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 18:29learning from the Sardinians, who live long yesterday.

US imperialism Imperialism is exporting Daniel and death to the Sardinians. So we have to increase the US life expectancy. Killing Sardinians.

Directly repeat 60 65% of shepherds in the quitter region are getting cancer because of US and NATO. Then not all right. Thank you.

I hope this was educational. Thank you very much. Thank you.

19:19Thank you, Shiva. It’s a great honor to be with us. Yes, I have to fight forDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 19:25certain Americans and Indians in America.

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