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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, shares what is the Gut-Brain Axis, how the SWARM™ is destroying it, it’s devastating effects on our lifespan, and what we MUST do.

Transcript Below.

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 Good evening. Good morning. Good afternoon. Wherever in the world you are. This is Dr. Shiva. Today. We’re doing our open house, but we’re going to begin with before we go to our open house, our Shiva for president town hall and the topic of discussion that we’re going to talk about. Because this is part of our health care series.

Once every 6 weeks, we rotate our topics and the topic of today is really about health care. And fundamentally, what we’re going to be talking about is a very interesting topic. About what is going on with the gut brain access in the microbiome. Some of you may have heard about this but some of you may not.

So I want to educate people today on what I call or what we recently called the gut brain access. Okay. It’s one of the most profound aspects that western medicine is. Figured out, but or come to conclusion, it’s important to manage, but this has been something that ancient systems of medicine have known about for many thousands of years.

It’s unfortunate that it’s taken a Western medicine only the recent past to figure this out. But as many of, I’m a scientist and a researcher, in addition to running for president, and I don’t believe any of the other presidential candidates have any idea Of what the gut brain access is.

Moreover, what we’re going to talk about is how policies of the swarm are destroying your gut brain access. That’s what we’re going to talk about. And before I go into that, I’m just going to play a quick video for our opening video for people joining us.

All right, everyone. Welcome. This is Dr. Shiva. I’d rate. This is our town hall. And as many of, every. Thursdays at 7 p. m. and 11 a. m. We do a town hall. It’s also an open house. We do it right after the town hall. We do it every 11 a. m. for the open house and 8 p. m. You go to V. A. Shiva dot com slash orientation.

Alternatively, you can come to our 8 p. m. Town hall, which people have joined here. Which is Shiva for president slash town hall. So anyway, we’re going to talk about something quite relevant because many of, that what I like to do is to connect the worlds of biology with policy.

This is something in the modern world if people do not understand this connection, it’s going to be unfortunate because a lot of people in the world are going to suffer. With this lack of fundamental education. So we have a number of people in the town hall over 100 people here in our town hall.

I’m broadcasting out of Cambridge, but. We really want to discuss this because one of the important things is if you look at what’s going on in the world, a modern president, if they don’t understand system science, they’re basically a bunch of hooligans and hoodlums, and they’re basically puppets, which is what Trump Biden booby all are.

In fact, today I saw another post booby literally copying our stuff, saying the lesser of two evils and how he solves problems sound very similar. The guy’s never solved the problem in his life. Everything he’s done his entire life has been about plagiarism, all of these guys, but we actually solve problems here.

And I’m going to put together a very detailed presentation, which takes us quite a bit of time to organize this, but we spend an incredible amount of time educating people. And as we head into the 1st, 2nd quarter of 2024 we’re going to be looking for reciprocity in the sense that we will do this education, but we want people.

To also participate in this education and support others in this education. I’ll talk more about that, but we’re gonna have this discussion as I mentioned about the gut brain access every policy that the swarm does ultimately affects the molecular biology of everything on the planet. Let me repeat that.

Every policy that the swarm does affects the molecular biology of everything on the planet. I’ll repeat it again. Every policy that the swarm does affects ultimately the molecular biology. And if you’re really going to affect policy, that means you better understand molecular biology. Doesn’t it make sense?

This is a reason that the framers of the constitution, the founders, they were engineers, they were scientists. They were surveyors. They knew mathematics. They weren’t a bunch of dumb fucks. All right. And that’s the level of consciousness they had because they actually had real skills. None of these people have real skills.

So every 1 of you must recognize that if we’re going to create the world in the modern 21st, 22nd, 23rd century, that’s really going to serve humanity. We better have people are actually qualified. know what they’re talking about, can articulate what they’re talking about and can educate people. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the only one qualified to do that.

Secondarily and also not only secondarily, but inherently our movement for truth, freedom, health is the only force that is actively educating people in mass scale globally in the knowledge of systems to be able to do that. So that’s where we’re at. There is no other force on the planet That is going to deliver truth, freedom, health to people.

So all of you who made it this far, all of you who are veterans, we’ve taken the course, you got to crank it up because history and heroes, when heroes meet history, that’s when change occurs this morning. I talked about the need to get over this really dumb. Hypothesis that people have to think that when the shit hits the fan and when things get really bad, that’s when change occurs.

Okay. What it’s a very dumb model. And a lot of these grifters on the Internet, a lot of young people, a lot of very they may seem well meaning, but they’re actually ignorant thinking I wish I had time to build a movement, but, it’s going to resolve itself when the shit hits a fan.

People are going to rise up. It’s not how it works. It is doing these moments where we can take a breather right now post quote unquote pandemic that we have to organize and you have to organize very diligently. You have to study. You have to be a good scholar and then you have to get on the ground.

very much. And have the rich experiences that only our movement offers people. So if you’re out there and you made it this far, you got to take action. Action is character. Get on the ground, help us collect signatures, get one of these bumper stickers. This is the lazy man’s way out and put one of these on your car.

If you haven’t done so, we’ll do it right now. Go to Shiva for president. Get one of these because this is an action you can do. It may seem like a simple action, but it’s actually shows great courage when you peel one of these off and you put it on the back windshield. It shows that you have taken a position.

If you don’t do that and you just get one of these bumper stickers and you keep them in your home or You don’t even get one. And you say, wow, I really like Dr. Shiva in this movement. You’re pussyfooting around. You got to take that step forward. The other thing is you have to get involved in this movement.

If you made it this far, go through the course, invest in your education because it took me a lot more than, 9 a month to get this education. It took me hundreds of thousands of dollars. So we’ve made it accessible to people, but we want a commitment from them. So do that. And then finally, every week we want to educate you on something deep.

We, we want to have great reverence for people’s intelligence. This is not about coming up with stupid sound bites. This is actually educating you. So based on that preamble, I want to take our town hall and people out there and let’s start. Okay. So let me share the screen here. For people at home, and and then to those of us on the social media world, I also have to share the screen for you guys.

Crystal. I just want to make sure everyone can see this.

Oops, someone’s talking. All right. So if you guys can see it, let me begin. Want to talk about the gut brain access. And the many things that happens to destroy this. Crystal, I think you’ve played the journey to systems video, right? If you have okay, good. Thank you. But I always have to reemphasize this.

Our movement and our campaign is the 1 that has made this global news to talk about this very, very simple graph. That starting in the 60s and 70s, the policies of the swarm have resulted in the destruction. Of the lifespan of Americans and the rest of the world is going in that direction. The gray line represents the average of the other industrialized nations.

So this is essentially an indictment of every 1, who has been part of the swarm. The Kennedy’s the Trump’s the Biden’s the Reagan’s the Bush’s. Harvard, MIT, every major institution on this planet, every major academic institution. And so what is none of these institutions. Have done anything to really promote life.

They’ve essentially destroyed life and you have to really look at this graph. And the reason this has occurred is because of the incredible amount of stress. Stress. All of the policies of the swarm have resulted in biological stress to your system. And we’re going to talk about today what happens when you stress your system.

You destroy the gut brain axis. That’s what happens. Some of you may have heard of the gut brain axis. Some of you may have heard of the microbiome. But I’ve been studying this for many years. In fact, We just finished a major 5 year project looking at all different compounds in nature that can help relax your body, right?

Really support the gut brain access. And I’m going to share some of that with you. And that comes out of our side to solve Open Science Institute, which now is making possible for citizens to be part of the solution for citizens to support research. And I’ll talk about that. So we already have solutions to all the major problems, but it is stress.

It is fundamental stress. That is destroying, as I just shared here, the immune systems of people and resulting in the lifespan destruction. Okay. And if you look at this graph, what you’ll see here is the swarm has created policies that have destroyed our immune system that creates stress. The swarm has created policies of destroying our food system.

So it’s very difficult to get healthy food that creates. Excessive amount of stress on your system. The educational system is filled with fake science centralized education. So people really don’t parents are stressed out on when they send their kids to school what they’re going to learn. The kids are stressed out.

The teachers are stressed out that creates incredible amount of dysfunction. If you obviously come from a very wealthy neighborhood, you don’t have to worry about a lot of this. We don’t solve problems. We don’t go and support real innovation. The patent system has been taken over by a few major companies.

So we don’t support young innovators. We actually destroy the truth about where innovation comes from. Where did email come from? It didn’t come from the military. 14 years old, who invented TV again, a 14 year old kid. They don’t want to talk about where real problems come from because they create problems, politicians, great problems.

All these people create problems and that creates stress. And then we have in governance, all these leaders are corrupt. If you look at what’s going on in Gaza and Palestine, it was Trump and Netanyahu who were absolutely okay funding Hamas. Think about that. All right. So all of these leaders are corrupt.

Our movement. And if you look at my history, we’re the only non corrupt force here. And this is why we deserve to be president of the United States. And then finally the economies, the average American only got has about 400 in their savings account. You have massive income inequality. You have doofuses like be so’s and actors like Musk who have 200, five, 250 billion in value.

And they never really earned this. They were given it to buy the swarm to promote, for example, censorship. So all of these things have contributed to massive stress. It is the policies of the swarm. That are destroying the immune system and the microbiome as we’ll talk about. And the only solution is our movement.

It is, it’s the only solution on the planet. If someone says they have a better solution, we’ll gladly stop doing our movement and we’ll let them take it, but there isn’t anything out there. Okay. And if you find anything out there, go for it. And I’ll guarantee you, they’re not what they claim they are, but we’re the only game in town, which can solve these problems, period.

So if you made it this far, get involved. So what we do. is we teach people to think, fight and heal all three things. You can’t teach people just to think and be a nerd. You can’t just focus on just health, healing people. I’m healing myself. I’m healing myself. All these woo people are the quote unquote established medical system.

And it can’t be just out there talking about fighting. You got to do all three because they’re all interrelated because without truth, freedom, health, You’re not going to win. And guess what? As I talked about the beginning of this year, we’re going to share with you actual solutions, regardless of what the swarm does.

We have solutions. We have our Truth Freedom Health Leadership Training Institute in the 1st phase of this. It is through volunteers. We’ve offered this generously. We’re going to do more of a reciprocal model as I’ll talk about. We have our health educator Institute. We’re actually educating people in a parallel model to run parallel to the medical system, which is really a non educational system.

We have a very powerful educational system and technology, and we’ve opened that up. It’s, we launched it in 2012 to 2017. when I started running for office, we put it on hold, but it’s back and we relaunched it. And then finally, we have the open science Institute. Everyone here. If you say, Oh, Dr. Shiva, what does 5G do to the body?

You can support that research. We’ll actually teach you how to do research. The Cytosol platform allows you to do molecular systems research to validate this. So think about, we have a absolute solutions framework. So if you want to learn how to fight, you can start as a warrior, but then you can advance yourself to be a leader, a real leader.

Master it. If you want to get in the area of health coaching is still high been hijacked by the swarm, it’s a 30 billion industry, but we’re the only force which has created a way to enable you to develop wisdom, develop intuition, and to help others navigate through the morass of all these modalities to find out what’s the right solution for the right person at the right time.

It’s a very powerful technology and then obviously cytosol. So truth, freedom, health is what we’re doing. Our movement, but these are the innovations I’ve done long after email. And obviously, this is what we do every evening systems health invite you tomorrow. You can go to look at dot com slash tutorial.

It’s at 7 PM. We alternate to support our overseas people. We’ve created an essential essentially a entire. Master’s level program that you can become an educator and then Cytosol. We just ran our symposium every 2nd, Tuesdays of every month. And what we covered was ending animal testing. 1 of the things on the science side, food is medicine.

You’ll see us. really hammering that to people. And the use of cytosol, for example, we did a video on garlic, for example, lets us take all this knowledge. We’ve created an entire infrastructure for the research community. Now the group over here is going to be all of you guys. So if you want to do research, we will teach you how to do research.

We’ll teach you how to go get funding for research. We can do research at one 1, 000 of the cost with the swarm does much better, faster and cheaper. And we’ve opened up the side of solve Open Science Institute. You want to support research. Your tax dollars are going to fund fake science. You can directly support research.

And you can go to and support all different research initiatives. You can come up with your own research initiatives. And we do our symposiums every 2nd Tuesday. We just did 1 as a part of that. 1 of the ways you can support our work is we have used our own infrastructure now to not just help companies, but we are going through all the stuff in nature.

We’re taking the analysis of natural compounds. And we’re developing our own products and be 25 is a killer product, but it is designed by the people for the people. And you guys should go check this out. It’s another way we can support our movement. And we’ve also done that for animals. We also, when it comes to politics, we want you to get off the plantation.

There are ancient systems of medicine that do work. Unfortunately, they’ve been subsumed. People can’t really even talk about them. People can’t even get the word out, but our infrastructure. Enables us to validate these systems. And that’s the real fight against racism. We don’t need to kill all these animals.

There’s 100 million animals killed every year. There’s no reason for animal testing at all. Cytosol eliminates that. And politically, we talk about systems. We want all of you to really look at this graph. The reason that all these policies are destroying our biology is because of this collusion.

You have big academia, which are the department heads of major departments in, let’s say, biology, neuroscience, etc. They all sit on the government’s NIH. Like a Fauci and they also sit on the boards of the major publishing journals and they’re also scientific advisory board members on big Pharma. So if you come up with something radically new, like we come up with MV 25 here, which is a phenomenal product.

Big Pharma, this is. This is not going to be interested in getting this out there. So we need you. We have created the tools for you to become the force, you to become scientists, for you to become healers, for you to become the freedom fighters. Because this web is so interconnected, they’re never going to let anything new come out.

So that’s why we have our movement. You will learn that the entire pharmaceutical industry works on a very archaic model of killing animals, can only handle a single compound and the whole systems of failure. This is why pharma needed Trump and Biden Trump specifically, because they’re not producing any more profit.

So they needed the vaccine, and I encourage all of you to go through truth, freedom, health, because you will understand this term reductionism and how the world of science is based on the blind leading the blind where no 1 even can see the whole. Another solution we have that we developed all on our own, which is out there now with a lot of hard work is if you want to understand our food system, what products are really clean and raw, we have created that seal.

You’ll see it on products out there, but getting back to this,

we want to solve this problem and we don’t want to wait for the swarm. I am running for president, but independent of my running for president, we already have these solutions. If I win as president, we can deploy these even faster, but regardless of that, our solutions exist. But this is the reality. Again, look at this graph.

This is caused, as I said, by massive amount of stress and our movement is the only force that can do that. Now, last week, we did the economy the week before governance week before innovation a week before education. This is now our I think our 52nd week. Okay. Close to our 52nd week. We are gone this around 8 or 9 times now, but in different topics.

Let me really talk about our goals is the right solution for the right person at the right time. And we want to educate you to do this. And that’s why I encourage you to come to understand that we have created that Educational technology. We teach you what is transport conversion storage. We teach you how this is related to ancient systems of medicine, but most importantly, we’ve created a platform where you can navigate and understand your own body as a system.

This is a healing piece. We’ve created a very powerful tool that help you find out what kind of system you are, how your systems off course, and how to bring your system back in alignment. Again you can join us tomorrow evening on that. For example, you take a product like garlic. Is it right for you?

It may be right for you. It may not. It affects these different forces. Now, if your body is already off course, which is a black dot, we have a way that you can figure out if garlic is going to take you more off course. In this case, it’s not good. That’s a background I want to now turn to from a molecular systems level to really talk about stress.

Okay. It’s a very powerful diagram here by gang that came out about 3 years ago. And what I’m going to walk you through very slowly, but when your body is under stress. And when it’s not under stress, so 1st, we’re going to talk about in the normal case, and then what happens. Okay. We’re looking at a mouse here.

Okay. And the reason I bring up this mouse is that the concept of stress. Was really developed by a guy called Han sale a, who was actually doing some interesting experiments. He was working with rats, and he was doing some experiment with them where he had to inject, you take a rat out of a cage.

And he was going to inject it with something, and the rat would fall on ground and start. Running around the floor and it would get very stressed out, but what he noticed was not only the rat on the floor getting stressed out, but the rats watching all this, we’re getting stressed out. They would their immune systems were diminished.

They would get enlarged spleens and they would get peptic ulcers. So stress came out of that observation that this is what happens to, in fact, mammals, all mammals when they’re stressed out. Diminished immune systems. In large spleens, and you also get ulcers, right? The gut, so the relationship with the between the gut and the brain was just starting to be figured out.

Now, in ancient systems of medicine, when you go through when you go through our program, which I recommend all of you do, okay you will understand the system self program. 1 of the things you’ll understand. And Is that in ancient systems of medicine, they didn’t separate the gut and the brain.

This is a very Western organ systems based model in those ancient systems of medicine, which I uncovered the missing link and that system self. What I uncovered was that they looked at the world as movement of information, matter, energy transport, which they call Vatha conversion of matter, information, energy, which they call Pitta and the storage or the structural aspects.

And again, I’m not going to give you guys a course. I want you guys to go take the course and spend the time and effort to do that. But the bottom line is that they didn’t look at the world as, oh, the brain does this and the gut does this. That’s a very Western crisis management model. The brain and the gut fall into this aspect of conversion processes.

You think about the gut, it does digestion. You eat food. It converts it to energy and waste, right? Guess what? Cognition, your brain is also a conversion process. So when you look at the body as an engineering system, you start viewing it as processes, not oh, this organ does this, that organ does this.

It’s a very dumb way of looking at it. It’s a reductionist model. When you go through our course, and every medical doctor should go through this. You will actually learn medicine and truly become a healer. And if you want to go get the book system and revolution, it took me many years to write this book, but there’s a wonderful chapter, part two, 57 to 87, but those 30 pages will teach you knowledge in a very 30 pages that you’ll never learn anywhere else on the planet, interlinking ancient systems of medicine with modern engineering science.

Okay. Fundamentally, the conversion process, cognition. You’re listening to my voice. These, and the sound waves are being converted to thoughts. It’s a conversion process. No different than eating something in your body converts. Ancient systems of medicine, if you had a cognition issue, they always looked at your gut.

If you have a gut issue, it’s going to affect your brain. It’s unfortunate Western medicine has only put this together in the last 10 or 15 years. Okay. When you look at this diagram here I want to explain to you, because once you understand this, you’ll have a much deeper appreciation. For the gut brain access.

So over here on the bottom, if you can see this, what we’re looking at right here is, let me just make sure you’re good. You can see that the pointer. So this is your gut. So we’re looking at the gut. So here you have the mouse. It’s got a stomach over here and we’re zooming on it and we’re looking at the gut.

The gut, if you look at the stomach lining, you have the intestinal epithelium, which are made of these epithelial cells, On the surface, but beyond that, you have the microbiota, okay, which is a microbiome. We have close to, about 60 trillion bacteria throughout the body, 60 trillion, 380 trillion of the viral.

Okay. So in your gut right now, if you want to senses, if you put your hand on your stomach, okay, the lining. Of the intestinal walls around there are the epithelium and there’s all these amazing critters. Okay. Now, the quality of these critters and their colonization of good critters.

will support your epithelium. Okay. All right. And support the gut brain act, but that’s your gut. There is something called the vagus nerve that connects your gut all the way up to your brain. And up here on the upper right, we have what we’re looking at the sort of a molecular view of the brain. What does the brain have?

The brain has all sorts of different cells, astrocytes, neurons, microglia, and then these things are protected by something called the blood brain barrier, which are cap, a system of capillaries. Those system of capillaries are so intertwined that if you stretch them, they’d go from San Francisco all the way to Los Angeles.

That’s called your blood brain barrier. Not everything can go through the blood brain barrier. Certain compounds can. Okay. That’s over here. So you have the brain up which has The neurons astrocytes this structure and then your gut. And what’s fascinating is these two things are connected.

Now at the molecular systems level, when there’s something called the HPA access. Okay, it’s called a hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis. So you can think about your brain has the hypothalamus. Okay, the upper part of your, face in that area has your pituitary. And down on the back of you can take your hands and put them in the lower back right above your kidneys are these glands called the adrenal glands.

And there’s a thing called the hypothalamus pituitary axis, HPA axis. So when you have stress, and again as you see this mouse, the HP axis is right here, stress communicates between your hypothalamus pituitary adrenal. Sometimes when you get stressed out, you may actually feel the flow of this. Okay. If you’re in touch with your body, but the hypothalamus gets excited.

Okay. And it releases ultimately something called ACTH. So the hypothalamus releases CRF, which releases ACTH and then your adrenals release cortisol. Now, most Americans are always under stress. you flight or fight response, flight or fight. So this is why we have a lot of adrenal issues in the United States, adrenal fatigue.

Now, so obviously if you see something, your body will release cortisol, but in a positive way, your body has a feedback system where it will do serotonin signaling to modulate this, right? To comment. So if you look at here in this graph, here’s the HPA access. Let’s say, The mouse is under stress.

It’ll release cortisol. Now, cortisol goes throughout your entire body. So when you get stressed out, the cortisol will get released through your epithelial into your gut and affect the microbiome. Okay, and the microbiome will in the positive model. In the positive model, it will release serotonin and shunt off the access.

So this is a positive feedback cycle. So when things are working you get stressed, your body releases a certain amount of cortisol. Your microbiome interacts with that, which is your gut microbiome. If it’s in good condition, your body then releases serotonin to show this is a feedback mechanism and you guys will understand what feedback systems are.

So in the positive way, this would occurs in the positive way. There’s also another pathway where your body releases BD and F signaling, and that also relaxes you. In the positive cycle, your body also releases something called neuropeptide Y, which also de stresses you. You get stressed out, cortisol is released, and then your body knows how to modulate that like shock absorbers.

And you’re cool. Okay. But it is heavily dependent on the gut microbiome. So cortisol is released. And if your gut microbiome is in good shape, you don’t get over stress. You don’t have adrenal fatigue. You don’t have this. You don’t have constant stress in you. All right. And this is a normal condition.

So another way to think about it is. At the anatomical layer. And this is original research that we’ve done. You have neurons, glial cells, enteric cells, your microbiome. You see all of these work together. Your brain. Over here and your gut are working together and in the normal condition Gabba signaling takes place, which is very nice.

BDF signaling serotonin. Your mood is good. Endo cannabinoid are and we’re not talking about smoking weed your own body. When you meditate, when you’re chilled out, your body gives you a proper relaxation response and then you have the hypothalamus pituitary axis. So this is very important to remember. So in the normal condition, all of this works beautifully.

Now, what happens when you’re stressed out, when you’re stressed out, people get ulcers, this entire microbiome gets disturbed. And you know what happens? Your body doesn’t produce proper serotonin. Your body doesn’t produce proper neuropeptide Y, and this all goes haywire. One of the important things to understand is that BDNF and GABA signaling are very closely involved in memory.

You start losing memory. You don’t remember names. You forget things. You don’t have good mood. You’re always pissed off. Okay? Not in a good way. We’re talking about just low down angry or you don’t know how to chill out and you’re constantly, nervous. When this microbiome gets disturbed, your body is not able to modulate, you lose your ability to modulate the signaling.

So your body will start producing. A lot of what are called inflammatory cytokines. Your body doesn’t produce all this proper things. So this infrastructure is in everyone’s body. All the things that I shared with you, the fact that they destroy our immune systems, the fact that they produce pharmaceutical drugs that aren’t fully tested or 10 percent of the audience, the fact that average Americans are You know, only have 400 bucks for savings.

All of these things affect your gut microbiome. And when the gut microbiome is affected, guess what? You affect the entire hypothalamus pituitary axis. These politicians are killing us. And this is why, when you look at, I could go through all of these molecular pathways and I can’t, if you want me to, but this is why.

We have to think we have to do the science. Like I just shared with you, we have to learn how to heal ourselves and we have to fight. And we’re the only force that’s created that. So I’ll go back through this, but I just want you to think about this HPA axis. I want you to think about this very intimate connection between the gut microbiome and the brain.

So you got brain cancer. There’s going to be problems when you, with your gut, you have, stomach cancer or stuff going on in your intestines. It’s going to affect your brain and you have any dysfunction. These both are affected because they’re so intimately connected. So this is why, when you look at what’s going on, people talk about all this ADHD autism.

It’s not just a quote unquote, the vaccine it’s a set of policies. That have been taking place for a very long time. We’re talking about all of these policies. These policies are affecting your gut microbiome, the gut brain connection. And how are we going to end that? We have to understand how to strengthen the immune system.

We teach you that. I just taught you some of those things right now. We have to learn how to eat healthy foods. We teach you that we’re not waiting to be elected president. We teach you education systems education. We’re doing a lot of noble service here. We teach you how to make your kids smart. We teach you how to be leaders in the community and we teach you how to manage your money and prosper.

We’ve been doing all of that in just this past year through our movement. So I’m going to end there and I want to open it up to questions and bring in our truth from health. Warriors so they can ask questions, but I hope this was valuable. I could get much more deeper, but I hope this lets you understand.

There is a. fundamental molecular systems framework between all those microbiome in your gut, the epithelial, how cortisol affects the microbiome and this very powerful feedback system through the HPA axis. So again, you get stressed out. We all get stressed out. If absorbers, little bit of cortisol releases, and then Your proper BDNF signaling takes place.

You have proper neuropeptide Y and you have proper serotonin release and you comment. Now there are very powerful things that you can do with support. That meditation is one, okay. Certain adaptogens, the right diet, because it’s not like we live in a pure environment. There’s not going to be no stress.

We are going to have stress with the right. Support system. You modulate that stress. No different than putting shock absorbers on your car. And we as a movement teach people how to do that. We teach people how to fight so we can have the right policies, which do that. But this is how they’re killing people.

They’re destroying the gut brain access, which is one of the most primitive interconnections that goes back billions of years. So I hope this is valuable. And we’ll take questions. And again, what other presidential candidate can explain this to you cares to explain this? They don’t. And this is why we are shadow band and censored because we actually will give you solutions.

They don’t. And as I promised in the beginning of this year, our movement is now delivering solutions. Number 1, you got to put your money and your time and your effort where your mouth is. You can support the Cytosol Research Institute. You can become a health systems educator. You can actually become a truth from health leader.

A number of leaders are here. They put in their time, they’re building movements locally. And they’re part of this. But as we move forward, we’re gonna make, we’re gonna create a much more reciprocal model that everyone understands the value of this education we’re giving. All right, so let’s Crystal, have we introduced new people?

Oh, we haven’t. So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we introduce new people? And if the new people who are here, just in terms of respect. And the fact that we’re all here, we would like you guys to raise your hand. First, we want to start with the new people. So everyone else lower your hand at this point.

No questions yet. We want to the new people raise your hand Crystal or Emily, I think who’s facilitating today will show how and raise your hand and then please take a few moments because we love hearing from you guys who you are, where you’re from, how you came across this movement, and most importantly, how you want to contribute.

Okay, who you are, where you’re from, how you came across us and how you want to contribute. So let’s everyone raise your hand. If you don’t know how to do that, just take a few moments. And go ahead Emily,

and you’ll find the little reactions. Smiley face button. You’ll click that and then there’s a little raise hand icon there. And when you click that will let us see your hand raised. Thank you. Everyone. So we have however, and by the way, people on social media, please put your questions there and I will answer them.

But if you guys want to join. the town hall. You can simply go to Shiva. I’m gonna put it out there for president dot com. Oops, I’m gonna, I’m just posting this on social media. Slash town hall, and you can sign in if you want to ask direct questions here. Then you’ll get a little pop up that says the host is asking you to unmute and then you’ll just click accept.

And then you should be able to speak. You’re unmuted. Halvard. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Oh hello, Dr. Sheeva. It’s an honor to speak with you. I’m an American from Madison, Wisconsin. I teach in China now in Hangzhou, and I’ve been learning the last few months about systems health. And actually, I would appreciate your advice about how I can contribute, use that effectively in my own life and help others as well.

So thank you very much. Yeah, so good to have you. Tomorrow evening, 7 PM, we do it and then the following Friday, we’ll do it at 11 AM, but we will have one of our system self tutorials. Our goals to have systems health master educators all over the world. You have so many all these clowns like Deepak Chopra and Mark Hyman and all Andrew Weil, who are all part of the medical establishment.

They all promoted vaccine mandates by the way, all of them, but they’re the woo medicine people. So they know. That people want to take care of their own health. They’re moving away from them. So they’ve created this field called health coaching and all of these health coaching programs are infiltrated by the swarm.

And what they’re doing is they just vomit to people, literally vomit to people, all sorts of woo. Videos are, they and they charge people an amount that doesn’t measure anywhere near what they’re actually getting. So what they’re doing is vomiting people. Oh, Feng Shui energy medicine, are they the right?

Using bells and all sorts of stuff. So people like, wow, I learned so much, but they actually learned nothing. And why do I say that? Because it’s almost like they’re moving this morass of all this stuff. And if you ask them, what should I do? They can’t really help you. What we have done with systems health, and it took me 20, 30 years to figure this out by interconnecting ancient systems of medicine with engineering system science, that led to this missing link, which we’ve created an entire program.

What we teach you to do is to become your own yogi, to become your own guru, to become your own leader, to truly become a coach. Where you’re given the educational technology and the platform that you can really help yourself and help others figure out of this morass of stuff. What is the right interconnection of solutions for you versus somebody else?

Okay. So it’s the right set of solutions for the right person in the right situation at the right time and do this. And it’s time that we unleash that solution, but it’s not going to be done by me alone. It’s going to some people may really want to do this, but for God’s sake, don’t get bamboozled by the not so obvious establishment of these fake people who are creating these bogus health coaching worlds.

We have The much more profound way where you can literally become the helmsman helping yourself and others. So that’s so tomorrow perhaps emily and crystal can put it up in the chat. You can go to va shiva. com slash tutorial and join us Thank you very much. Yep. Good to have you.

Yes, the link is in the chat and I’ll send it to you directly, Hilbert.

Next we have it says Samsung, if you can unmute yourself and introduce yourself. Yeah, this is my bird and I heard about you guys when I was in this community group in Iowa, and I was trying to say like our GMO safe. And I have a president corn guy said. This is why we need corn and show me the gas prices and I’m thinking to myself, okay, so we’ve had all this corn for what the gas prices to go up because that makes no sense to me.

And I said I’m just concerned about the GMOs that are made today with the herbicide and pesticide on them and I just find that it’s not safe. And tried arguing and no one would, have my backs. And this lady came and put your video on there with the GMOs. And I said, thank you so much for having my back and asked her how she found you.

And she said, randomly, you just showed up on her Facebook page. And I said thank God somebody’s out there that will actually maybe do something and is honest and I love how you use cocksuckers and I’m ready just to get rid of them all. I’m tired of it. Life’s too stressful to fucking have this dumb shit and I said money is Seriously, what has ruined everything because these dumb greedy decisions won’t be made if there was no money behind it in my opinion Anyway, but anyway, yeah, nice talking to you.

Yeah, good to have you and where are you out of? I’m in walk on Iowa right now. Okay, and I it’s a thing you say Iowa because I’m just sharing with people what you just brought up. Okay. Let me bring this up here. I think this is the 1st 1. Yeah, so let me bring a couple of things up. Just to let people understand again, we use the site to solve.

Infrastructure, we could have used it to just go, help pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars, but I didn’t really have an interest in doing that. Because I hate these guys question they cause but that this is why everyone here should be supporting what we’re doing here. So let me show you this.

I think this is a 1. okay, here we go. 1 2nd. I want to show you years ago we did some of the earliest research. In this field, and no 1 funded us, we had to do it on our own. So think about the fact that running other things, we have to go do this research. So let me show you this. So we did some of the earliest research.

We did a series of 5 papers. And we did it through the center for integrative systems. And I think I can bring this up right here. No, here we go. Okay. So I hope everyone can see this. Can you guys see this? Yes. Oh, I got to bring it up here. Okay. So this was 1 of the 1st research papers we did looking at all the analysis.

Of corn because there were farmers in Iowa which were finding that corn was producing formaldehyde. If they left a bunch of corn out, there was high levels of formaldehyde. So we did the first earliest research using cytosol and I actually brought in high school students to help. I went to my old high school and we found the five.

612345. Yeah. AP students and I gave them an internship, allowed them to use cytosol, and this is why I can teach anyone how to do science. And we’re going to make that into an educational certification program, but we use cytosol and we discovered the molecular pathways of what goes on in corn, or for that matter, in plants, corn was a basis.

And we publish this very quietly to show that, in fact, formaldehyde does get produced in plants, but it gets detoxified. Okay. Finally, we did a whole bunch of papers like this. And the final set of papers. Showed conclusively that plants, particularly then we went to soy under the conditions of when you produce genetically engineered soy will ultimately produce or reduce more specifically a very important chemical that’s extremely valuable for your body called glutathione.

It does that in plants to glutathione is a master antioxidant. And so what we showed here was that so we did it inside a solve again. We don’t we didn’t kill plants or animals and people said, oh, this is just a mathematical model. It doesn’t prove anything. But in our research. We showed here was conclusively may zoom in on this.

You can see here, our research revealed that that let me just go here. I think you guys can see this. Can you guys see me scrolling here? You can, right? Okay. So you can see the scrolling there, right? Yes. Up and down. Okay. So we showed that glutathione, that’s what this parameter is 9. 9 levels in organic soy, but because of the perturbation caused by the genetic engineering, it would go down to 3.

7. And we were viciously attacked. By, I think the world economic forum the UN and all these guys, the European Union. And then lo and behold, we found another group in in the United Kingdom in vivo means they’d actually in the greenhouse grown soy and they had found the same results.

You say. As ours, so our models concurred with the actual wet lab experiments. And this is the power of site assault. Yeah, how much did we get paid for this? Nothing. We didn’t go raise grants like children’s health defense fund. We didn’t go scam people. We did it because it was the right thing to do.


rats have tumors within three months of consuming them, or the fact that they won’t come out with their raw data and, like fucking, why won’t they publicly release that if there’s nothing wrong with it? Yeah. And then Kim Reynolds, dumb ass bitch. Fucking. I can’t stand her. She just wrote in the dispatch like farmers are getting sick of their families dying of cancer.

But it’s going to take a long time and a lot of money for us to go to organic, like the Amish. What part of it’s going to cost a lot of money? We don’t need all that fucking porn. That is not even good for you. Yeah. Oh, it’s using 4, 000 products. Yeah. Do we really need it to survive though? And he’s that shit.

Yeah, corn was good for you back in the day. Maybe. The corn that we have is not the same corn and the variety that the income grew. So it’s very different. But anyway, You should get involved because in Iowa, we have a great volunteer. Crystals right from Nebraska. But to all of you here, the important thing is we actually have action steps people can do.

We’re getting on the ballot. You can help. Because in that way, you start interacting with people. We get our, the word out that we exist. The other thing is we have a very nice flyer. Emily, maybe you can send the link to that flyer. I’ll bring it up. We’ve honed down our messaging to a very powerful flyer, which Kennedy literally rips off the scumbag.

Okay. So here, if you go to Shiva for president, you will find this flyer, which everyone is your homework assignment. And if you haven’t done should just go to this page. And you go to downloads right here and you can go right here. We’ve open sourced it. This flyer consolidates our whole campaign. The lesser of two eagles killing our children.

Here’s a swarm video. When you hand this out to people, you’re giving them a potent injection of pure truth because they understand the problem. They understand we need a systems overhaul. They understand who is the swarm. They understand they can take an action step by coming to our town halls.

And then they get a couple of other videos all on print and you can print this and do that. We also have it. In different languages, and the swarm videos being converted to every major language. So that’s what everyone can do right now. You don’t have to wait. You can download this and you can participate in this.

Okay. Thank you. Great. Yeah, so crystal just put your number there and you can get it, but as we introduce new people, 1 of your guys. Homework assignment is to connect with one of the leaders and they’ll, they’re reaching out to you right on the chat. Go ahead, crystal, continue, or Emily.

Thank you.

So next we have Joanne Fester from Arizona Maricopa County. Go ahead and unmute yourself. Joanne, you’ll get a popup. Hi, Dr. Shiva. Nice to speak with you. I’m a naturopathic physician in Arizona, Uhhuh, and I first heard of you through the pandemic and. Using vitamin D and so forth. And I’m very excited to hear about the cytosol and the systems approach to help and so forth.

Sadly, I was involved in medical research where we experimented on animals in a lab where they were studying psycho neuroimmunology at Bob Eater University of Rochester. So I’m excited to hear about the cytosol and applying that. I’m also a volunteer here in Arizona. I’m an elector. Oh great.

I’ve been out there collecting signatures and I do hand out that flyer as a little card. To people I encounter and sharing information, so it’s been exciting creating a town hall or town square wherever I go. Yeah, thank you. It’s really good to have you crystal. I know we’ve set together a plan, by the way, everyone listening in every part of the world.

We have plans. We teach people how to organize. People really get a lot of leadership training, but it’s good to have you. I can play if you want a video that will explain what side to solve is. Would you like that? A quick video? Yes, that’d be great. Okay. So let me do this. What I want to do is I think crystal tell me if this works.

I think I’m going to share my screen. I think what I got to do is if I do this it should work. I’m going to share my screen there. Can you see that crystal now? You can see my screen, right? Crystal?

Let me just make sure that you guys can hear the sound. Go to here. Okay. Yes, you guys should be able to. So I’m just going to play you a quick video. I think I have it here. What is cytosol? Okay. This will help you understand what is cytosol.

Who would have ever thought someone like me would invent email and create Cytosol to revolutionize health for personalized and precision medicine, a system for delivering the right medicine for the right person at the right time. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression and racism.

As a child, I observed my grandmother, Siddha, India’s oldest system of medicine to heal local villagers by observing their face to know that Their unique constitution to deliver a unique combination of foods, healing, herbs, and massage. The caste system and her abilities to heal inspired me to understand the interconnectedness of all life.

My name is Dr. Shiva Aare. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, technologist, and inventor, my family, and I left India to come to America. On my seventh birthday as a 14-year-old, I began working as a full-time research fellow at Rutgers Medical School to unravel the mysteries of sudden infant death syndrome, sids and.

Created the world’s first email system long before I ever heard of MIT. As I traverse academia over the next three decades, I observed self-serving academics, never solving real problems, writing grant after grant, competing for tenure, while diminishing real science and real scientists pushing a reductionist science to destroy the scientific method like the blind men who never saw the whole elephant, but the parts they delivered a dismembered view of reality.

I observed big pharma use such reductionism wasting billions year after year to fund research. In test tubes killing animals and using the poor as Guinea pigs for clinical testing to create products that even the FDA no longer allowed. Not only big farmer practice this reductionism, but also the elites of big vitamin, big green and big new age with gurus and yogis empowered by Hollywood celebrities selling one supplement after another based on a cherry pick science.

All that changed in 2003 when the Human Genome project ended revealing that humans have the same number of genes, about 20,000 as that of a worm giving rise to a systems biology. We realized that one size fits all medicine was a failure. We realized their medicines were killing us, making today’s generation’s lifespan shorter than any previous generation.

Obesity, heart disease, deaths from adverse reaction to drugs, confusion on what diet, what supplements, and who to believe is what they have delivered you. They push natural and organic products for your beauty and wellness, while their real solution is their plastic surgeons and Botox. We’ve been sold out.

It’s time for real science, a system science that interconnects the parts to discover truth, to know what real science is. really works to get the health we need and deserve. This is why I created Cytosol. Cytosol is about truth, freedom, and health versus power, profit, and control. Cytosol is a revolutionary technology, integrating bioinformatics, computational biology, mathematical modeling, decentralization to reveal the truth.

Cytosol computes trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover what actually works based on the actual science. No reductionism, no cherry picking. Cytosol’s predictive modeling has been proven accurate time and time again, matching last year’s results. Laboratory results, Cytosol discovers synergistic combinations of compounds to maximize health and reduce toxicity.

For example, we know curcumin from turmeric and resveratrol from red grapes alleviate inflammation. But how much should we combine? Current methods are hand waving at best. Here, with Cytosol, we first model the control condition with no curcumin and no resveratrol to simulate high inflammation with the cytokine level at 0.

15 micromolar. Next we add just 5 micromolars of curcumin. The inflammation drops to 0. 05 micromolar. Next we use resveratrol and the inflammation drops from 0. 15 to 0. 06. But when we combine curcumin and resveratrol of 3 micromolars of curcumin and 2 micromolars of resveratrol, inflammation drops from 0.

15 to 0. 03, far lower, nearly 200 percent less than just one compound alone. That’s the synergy principle of system science. We’ve all had enough of their fake and reductionist science. They think we’ll simply keep buying their marketing, their celebrities and their products that can never truly heal us.

We don’t need them. They’re a great thing. Things come when we integrate the best of things. It’s our time. It’s time we delivered solutions for ourselves. It’s time for truth, freedom, and health. It’s time for Cytosol. Welcome.

All right. I hope that helped. Crystal, were you guys able to hear that? All right.

Okay, cool. So anyway, I hope that helps. Naturopathy, there’s a couple of good schools there. I know. I don’t know how John Baster is these days, but. They were at one time known as a very good school out in Oregon, but it’s good to have you. Let’s go. Who else do we have?

There’s Angel. We’ll ask you to unmute. Hi, Angel. Angel Fields. How are you? I’m doing well. I just want to say it’s a pleasure. It’s an honor. I’m actually surprised. It’s very, it’s this easy to get up on here with you guys and talk to you, sir. Thank you for all the work that you’ve done.

Phenomenal. Just listening to our site, Cytosol. Yeah, it’s Cyto. So Cyto means cell like cytology, right? And solve means solving it, so we have a technology that. Helps us compute these molecular mechanisms. Okay I find that incredible. I’m into holistic healing myself. I’m, during the pandemic that we came across, it was very frightening because I realized the amount of people that don’t understand the immune system, even professionals just on an elementary level.

But. My only since I’ve been following you, what, what I find very what I find very interesting is your optimism of merit with the majority of Americans, I’m very pessimistic with the mentality of the majority of people here. It’s it’s really easy for is very divisive.

Your vision is like a utopia and I’d like to see if you can. Expound a little more on hope. Because it’s a very divisive environment. It’s very easy for people to. To go against each other here. And like I was on the black swan capitalist channel that you was on the other day.

And I like how you call people out by their names. They’re scumbags. They’re evil. They’re cocksuckers. They, we should disrespect them with disrespect them in the most highest degree possible. Like I quote, you quote, Yeah, what’s interesting that fool Jimmy door, someone just sent me a text message saying the reason he won’t put me on it is he considers me mean.

Now, this guy’s part of the entire Swarm establishment. A Lipman’s test is that he’s calling me mean because he has a luxury not to be mean. Because none of these things affect him in any way. None of the things have ever affected him. All that I’m saying for working people like me, who’ve had to struggle, you and others, these things affect us.

Some people say that you’re mean or you’re angry. They can sit on some lofty ivory tower and have no emotions about this because it doesn’t really affect them. When they do these videos and they do these podcasts, it’s done in a very insular way because it’s very unemotional and it’s not real. So they are just quote unquote sharing truth.

But they have no emotional ties to it because it’s not real to them. So our words, express our thoughts, as well as our emotional state. But what I wanted to share with you is I bring it up here. Yeah. So to answer your question, why I’m optimistic. It’s really more of a pragmatism that I have and I want to share this with you.

Let me bring this up here. I’m sorry. Yeah, let me share. Let me make sure people can hear you again. Hold on. Go ahead. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. People would call you mean for calling somebody that’s killing them out their name, and people would, condemn you.

For talking about these oligarchs, but they have no problem with you disrespecting somebody, your neighbor. Yeah, that’s okay. You see what they want us to do is they bound the democratic conversation into a boundary. And within that plantation, you can be a good house slave, so they are bounding the, they create the boundaries like Jimmy door.

This fool creates a boundary and I have to play in his, I have to be a good house slave. Fill in the blank, then I’m acceptable to him, but fuck him. So the good news is we’re not, his entire life has always been dependent on the swarm. He won’t be invited to their parties. He won’t be invited to the upper East side, wherever he fucks around.

Okay. We don’t need that. Our movement is absolutely independent, but let me just share with you this very simple diagram. I enjoy putting together teaching tools to help you guys understand this dynamic and let me share this to everyone. Also, wherever they are, but let me put this diagram here. And everyone should go to the truth from health site and study it.

I build. Our own websites, because they’re educational tools. And but let me share with you this diagram here and it’ll help you. Okay. Our slogan is get educated or be enslaved. It should actually be get off the plantation and it’s another word for it. But if you go through this site, there’s 2 videos everyone should see.

The swarm video and the video that I do on our anthem video. And you should go get all this stuff, merchandise, so you can support us. But the key thing is there’s a very important diagram here. There’s lots and lots of information at people’s fingertips and billions of people are degenerating into complacency.

Like what you said, divisiveness or desperation. And the reason is the swarm wants you to move up this. Pyramid of complacency, desperation and division. So they give you lots of information, right? So you have to ask yourself, why do they make the internet and all these tools accessible to the masses?

Because they give you information, but they feed it to you through the lens of ignorance. They don’t teach you how to connect this information to find out truth or wisdom. Okay? So you get eventually deluded and look at the data here, two, two and a half billion people are obese. Okay. 40 percent want to overthrow their governments in the world.

Nearly 700 million people are depressed. 51 percent of children feel hopeless. So it’s not information is a cure information through the lens of ignorance leads, leads to illusion and confusion. And like you said, people get complacent, desperate, and divided, but, and these are the absolute pricks of delivering.

They’re the machinery of ignorance, the Bernie Sanders, the sob gurus, the Right. The fucker Carlson’s all these people who they promote as agents of change. And the only way out of it, and this is why I’m optimistic, I wouldn’t be optimistic if our movement didn’t exist. Okay, because we’re teaching people to take this information and navigate this information through the science of systems.

So there’s principles. Knowledge is acquired. Knowledge is not information, nor is it wisdom. It is a vehicle to get to wisdom. And this is what our program provides. We provide the mechanism, the scientific principles, the engineering science of how you connect this information to get to wisdom and clarity.

And so you become an activist organized and you become, you’re not feeling like you can’t do anything. You’re get very dynamic and empowered. And you want to change the world and you want to organize people, you get active, you get innovative, you figure out your way when they try to stop us from collecting ballots here.

How do we go there? So that’s what this is about. So I really want you to contrast this. Most of the world gets stuck here. Into the left or the right complacent or desperate, but there is a way out and that is through this fundamental diagram again. I like this diagram because it distills it into a very simple pedagogy tool, which means a training tool.

I hope this is valuable, but get involved. Become a warrior scholar, you’ll meet a lot of great people, but most importantly, you’ll get the tools that you actually need. Otherwise you will. Become highly pessimistic. And that’s what they want. They want those of us who actually work hard to become pessimistic, to become degenerate and thinking there’s no way out.

There’s only a few things you can do. We’re playing the long game here. We’re not playing some short game. So I hope that was valuable angel. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you for your initiative and thank you for the movement. Yeah. Get involved. Where are you out of angel? I’m in New York.

Oh, great. Okay. We have a lot of good people there. Get, I think, Delio’s there. Deborah DeVish is there. Suresh is there. But get involved. Crystal will connect you. Is there like a discord or some type of plan? We have our own infrastructure right there. We have our own data center. We’ve created our own infrastructure to connect.

So when you get involved, we’ll connect you to our own app. It’s, but it’s running on our infrastructure. Yep. It’s like a discord, but it’s different. Okay, good. Check it out. Great. Thank you. All right. Let’s go to who else do we have? Do we get everyone? Crystal?

I think for new intros we might have gotten the people who wrote their hand. I do see other new people. I don’t know if we want to just try to call on some or let me see. I like doing that because it’s fun to find. Tasha strong sent me a message in the chat. I’m going to see if I can find her.

She’s right here. Tasha. How are you?

Tasha? Can you unmute yourself? Tasha strong when you when we asked? Yeah. Hi, Tasha. Go ahead.

Hello. Hi, Tasha. Where are you out of North Carolina? Oh, okay. Good to have you. Thank you. Good. Tell us a little bit about yourself where you’re from and how you came across us.

My boyfriend he been trying to get in contact with you. He had been listening to you following you. Is it Twitter? Huh. Yep on Twitter. Yep. We came to your office. We went about we came to Boston. Oh you did Wow. We missed you Yes, sir. Oh, hey, Jen. Did someone come to her? When did you come here Tasha? Oh, really?

Okay It was like the 10th, like the 8th of March. 8th of March. I don’t know where we, oh, you know what I, the eighth or 9th of March? Yeah, you had, it was a Thursday, I think you had a meeting today. Yeah, I think I was work. I think that’s when I was working on this lawsuit, which I needed to submit.

I was hunkered down. I’m sorry, but we’ll connect again. We’ll make it up to you. Yes, sir. Yeah. What you name my boyfriend Sharon? He wants to talk to you. Oh, okay. Let him say hello, Sharon. How are you? Hello. How you doing Shiva? I talked to you before. But like I said I really ain’t no people’s person, talking with the crowd and all that.

I really like talk to you personally ’cause there’s some stuff I really want to talk to you about. Okay. Why don’t you connect. Crystal, can you give him my information and so we can talk? Could you what is it? Do an email or something like that? Yeah. So Crystal, if you can give him my email, okay.

Crystal on the chat. If you look on the chat, there’s a little chat. Crystal will send you my email right now. Okay. Okay. Okay. Cause it’s really something serious that I really want to talk to you about. All right, let’s do that. Okay. Someone said someone says, how does cannabis affect the HPA axis?

And have you had a cannabinoid hyper, What I can tell you is it’s a very good question. The entire body is filled with the endo cannabinoid system, which affects nearly every part of your body. Our body actually produces cannabinoids in endogenous cannabinoids. And guess what? Your body has the ability to create its own cannabinoids, and it creates these cannabinoids. No different than your body knows how to produce testosterone.

Your body knows how to make melatonin. Your body is an amazing pharmaceutical factory. It needs the right fuel. Under the right conditions, it’ll make these things when you take cannabis and cannabinoids from outside. It’s no different than a bodybuilder shooting himself up with testosterone. Guess what’s gonna happen?

Your testes are gonna shrink

something. You need to look at the amount of propaganda that’s been promoted to think that and especially the cannabis of today. When people say cannabis, you have to ask, yeah. Which cannabis? Are you talking about the cannabis of 1960s, which only had 2 percent THC? Are you talking about this crap that you get in these dispensaries, which is 100 percent THC?

So what do you mean by cannabis? Okay? When you meditate, I did this in a talk I just did my great grandfather taught me how to meditate. When you meditate, your body releases its own cannabinoids. When you get proper omega 3s, your body uses that fuel to create its own endocannabinoids. So the people who think I’m, so in India, there were two sets of gurus, the guys who looked all wacky, talked very enlightened and, smoked weed all day.

They were the ganja gurus. And then there were the gurus who actually meditated. It’s much more disciplined environment. And the truth is those people actually put the effort, sit their butt down. It’s much harder thing. You get into much, much deeper states of consciousness. If you look at people who smoke a lot of weed, they’ll talk a bunch of shit, but they’re actually not doing anything.

This is a general characteristic. You go to the it’s a fascinating thing. It’s a general phenomenon. More importantly, the, again, it’s the THC, and in fact, at high levels and dosages, it actually screws up your presynaptic firing. And we’ve shown this with cytosols. So we have to first of all, when someone says, what is cannabis?

And you have to ask the question, what is going on to our environment that people can’t chill out on their own. These are why these relaxation practices are very important. We teach these things and they’re not, you don’t have to pay 5, 000 bucks to learn this relaxation practice. Okay. But it is inherent in us, the endocannabinoid systems throughout us.

And whenever the government legalizes something, you have to ask why. Okay, decriminalization is very different than legalization. So you have to ask yourself, can people sit down quietly for 1520 minutes and chill themselves out and they will get equal or better effects. Much more systems wide effects than the substances, but people do not have the discipline to do that.

And so they try to take, the short way about no different than what these guys do taking steroids all day. It’s not that different in places. By the way, like United Kingdom, you can’t get melatonin over the counter, but when you meditate, you modulate your pineal gland, your body will release it.

So we have to be very careful when we take stuff. Exogenously and ask, is it the end product of a process or is it the upstream product, which helps us create that? Let’s take some Q and a on the gut brain access question. I have. People online who have a bunch of questions. Let’s see what they say here.

We doesn’t make your ball shrink. No reason to spew that lie. No, we didn’t say weed. So maybe you’re taking too much weed and you didn’t hear what the hell I said. I said, testosterone will do that. Oh, if you are consuming these high T H C products. You’re going to affect your endocannabinoid system and your synaptic firing.

So please listen carefully and maybe you want to, see how much THC you’re doing so you hear what I’m saying clearly. I have used cannabis for about two years, but I’ve stopped for about a year now. It was helping me as I hoped it would with my medical condition. We have to ask what is, which cannabis are you taking? What cannabis do you mean? Remember cannabis. As a plant has over 80 different compounds and it’s variety varies.

My position on this is that we have to apply science and we have to do this the right way. And you have to ask the potency of these things in science. And even in traditional medicines, it’s not about, Oh, this is good. Or this is bad. It’s about how much, and what happens in America is people take a reductionist view and they are, they’re into fads.

Something comes out, everyone starts doing that, but they don’t, Oh, ketogenic diet. Everyone does it. Eat fats. Everyone does it. Raw food diet. Everyone does it. Ozempic. Everyone will start doing it. This is a very ignorant way of living life. What we teach here is it’s about the right thing at the right time for the right person.

And this takes a little bit of intelligence and you have to sit down and learn stuff. If you don’t want to do that, then you can jump from one fad to another fad and keep going on your merry way. Let’s see what else we got here.

Monsanto is Jesuit Knight of the Malta organization. Okay. I support, but I can’t seem to rejoin platform. Jason Etsy. I’m not sure what that means. Shattered the swarm. com. Someone’s saying here town hall. Yep. Hello from Oregon. Love this. Thanks for educating us. Shiva for president. Tequila is an anti parasite with coconut water. That’s interesting. Okay. Okay.

Working out helps you get sleep. That’s true. Monsanto, I’m not sure what they’re saying there. Let’s see.

Someone said, Oh my God, I heard about GABA a long time ago. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. If Dr. Shiva endorses GABA, then I’m going to Amazon right now. That’s what I love about Dr. Shiva. He’s got answers. Best wishes from Tokyo. All right. Got a lot of questions. I’m looking. So why don’t we open up to questions and we’ll take it’s 10 23.

We’ll take about five questions. Go ahead. Crystal. By the way, before I continued everyone out there, a simple thing everyone can do again, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t share this action. Everyone should go get one of these bumper stickers. Okay. You can get it on Shiva for president, get our gear.

And it’s a simple way. You can get the message out, go to truth, freedom, health, and again, become part of this movement. Go ahead. Crystal. Who do we have questions? So to raise your hand, if you’re on a laptop computer, wave your mouse. So the bar appears at the bottom or if you’re on a phone, tap your screen and hit the reactions button that has the little emoji to raise your hand.

And we’ll go to Saber first. Questions. Hey, good evening everyone. I’m going to make this brief, Dr. Shiva. Thank you for your presentation. In regards to the microbiome, everyone knows it’s an explosive field, especially in the past few years. I recently came across a specific term, which is called SIBO. So it’s a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

And they’re actually finding out that It is the causing a lot of digestive issues, they even linking IBS to it So i’m very curious to hear your take on that because they’re saying that there’s two main bad bacteria that overtakes all the good bacteria And the intestines and it causes a lot of different issues So there’s been pretty controversial information on this with people saying oh, anti antibiotics are the only way they’re saying Fermented foods can even make it worse, which doesn’t really make sense.

But I just wanted to hear your intake on that. Thank you Yeah look, the micro, first of all, the microbiome in western medicine is only starting to be understood. We just did a paper on the mouth microbiome on periodontal disease. You can just see what we wrote. It was published in the Journal of Dental Medicine.

Took us about 5 years to get that published because. We actually do the work and we base it on our merit instead of calling up people to help us out. But anyway, the gut microbiome is only starting to be understood. You’ll find out that there’s all these Different supplements people are selling, but we know very little about it still.

But SIBO actually means, the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth S. I. B. O. small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. And a number of things. That, even the establishment institutions say. that it typically, occurs. When you have, let’s say surgery or some type of disease, right?

And that you have, passage of food and waste products. That start creating a breeding ground for a bacteria and the thesis is that this as saber said, this excess bacteria will lead to, for example, weight loss or diarrhea or malnutrition. But it is, I think the key thing to take away from this.

Saber, it’s a perturbation. Okay. It’s a disturbance as we learn to the normal state, right? You came here for our system self educator program, right? Saber, you remember that your body has. A mode called the homeostasis, your natural state. And then it can go into what’s called a perturbed state, right? An unnatural state, allostasis.

So this is what’s going on broadly with SIBO. And that’s really the takeaway from this. And the issue is what got your body into that state? A very interesting story. There’s a guy, I forget, he was writing his book about six years ago, but He basically was someone who grew up born in the United States, and he had stomach cancer.

In fact, he had stage 4 stomach cancer. And they basically said you’re going to die in about 3 months. So what he does is he was born here. He gets on a plane, goes back to India, his genetic origin, goes back to his village where his parents came from, and starts eating the natural foods in that environment.

Particularly the raw milk and I’m not advocating people should do these things for your sake. This is for him gets back into eating a lot of stuff that were basically direct from the soil and completely cures himself. Clearly, the microbiome perturbation can cause all sorts of diseases as I shared in that diagram, but that’s what CBO is Saber.

I hope that helped you. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Yep.

What else? Let me see if there’s any other questions. Someone leaky gut. Yep. Someone says your seaweed can be used medicinally. 1 example is medicated broth. Okay? Someone says any advice how to turn a dumb system into a smart system. My family’s driving me crazy. I have a brother that likes Biden.

Please help. One of the best things you can do to be a smart system is let you tell your brother to keep voting for Biden. Don’t waste your time because there are a lot of other people who are not dumb systems. If one of the things, if you don’t want to be a dumb system, go find other smart systems, first of all.

And we’re here to build a movement. We’re not here to waste our time with people who are, who want to be on the plantation. You have to ask your question. Do you want to be on the plantation or not? And find those people want to get off the plantation. We’re finding those people and we’re bringing those people together because then it’s going to be easy.

To move more people off of it, but if you’re wasting your time with people who just want to be dumb systems. Then you’re a dumb system, right? Because you’re wasting your time. Don’t do that.

We can go to it looks like Deva has her hand up.

Hi, Dr. Shiva. Hey, David, how are you? And we also have Canara. I’m great. In March 2020, I found on my own quercetin, L lysine, glutathione, oil of oregano, D3 zinc. I know that you have the M25. I am sick and tired of telling people this protocol. Can you please make it and make money on it? Yeah, we’ll do that.

We didn’t make, we probably helped all these other with your clean, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So in fact, crystal has been saying, oh, my God, Shiva you teach people so much. Others use your information. So we will start we want to make sure the ingredients are done well, but we’re putting together, the same protocol, quercetin, K2, but we’re also adding magnesium and zinc particular.

And we just finished a scientific paper on how quercetin opens up the, is an ionophore to let zinc get in and zinc, this is what we were saying, but we’ve used Cytosol to validate it. Dava, one of the things I want to let everyone know. Is that this is really important because when we did all that stuff in 2020, we did all the research and we just gave it away to people.

Yes. Right now. Zelenko. Zelenko. Zelenko just stole all my stuff. But then he died of cancer. No. Yeah. I don’t know what the hell he was doing. He didn’t look too healthy. He looked like he was eating rats or something. I’m

just kidding. I don’t know what he was doing. No, but he looked that way. It was terrible because he was promoting what you gave him and he died a very terrible death. Look, it’s not any one thing. Okay. You have to have, but anyway the other thing I want to share with you is The way medical research goes right now and I, let me find this article.

Okay. The way medical research goes right now is that I don’t know if you saw this article, but the way medical research here it is. Okay. So the way medical research works and everyone listening is the following you have these big academic institutions, right? Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, you can go around the world. Professors come into the, so you get a graduate degree, a PhD, and then you have 7 years.

To prove yourself, if you get accepted as a professor in any one of these institutions to get tenure. If any one of you got your P. H. D. today. You have 2 choices. You can go into industry or you can go into academia. If you go into academia, the goal, the name of the game there. Is to get tenure. So let’s say you finish your PhD, let’s say at the age of 30 by 37.

The goal is to get tenure. Tenure means that, and it’s typically in a particular field. So if you’re in the field of biology, you’re golden. You’re golden, right? For a little while, you’re golden. You’re golden forever. You never have to work again. You could do the shittiest thing. No one can fire you.

Okay? All right. It is truly the old medieval model of you join the club and no one can get you out of the club in order to get tenure. You have to go through this process of publishing papers for those 7 years, and then you have to make sure that if you’re, let’s say, in a particular field of biology, I don’t know the biology of amphibians, right?

That’s your area. All the other researchers in amphibian research who are the big shots. Would have to say Dava is also a great researcher, you say, and you’ve published research that others have cited. If you publish, let’s say, an amazing paper, no one cites at Dava. It’s you’ll never going to get tenure.

So how do you get your paper reference? It’s basically, other people say this paper is good and they cited in their reference. It’s checks and balances, it’s checking balances, but typically people play this game. They have to suck up to that other person and that person will say, Oh yeah, I’ll include you in that citation when they’re doing stuff.

Okay. Yeah. All right. So it’s this sort of ask kissing game that occurs very incestuous. So if you do a body of research, that’s absolutely new. And let’s say. You’re just a young two year professor, right? And you’re coming up with something that blows away that field of amphibian research and the number one guy in the field you’ve exposed, maybe his researcher was faulty.

Okay. He’s going to make sure you never get tenure. You follow? Yes. Okay. So the whole system is rigged, not for innovation, but it’s rigged to support the status quo. That’s how you get tenure. All right. So what’s been happening is billionaires. We’ll go fund research at an institution. If you go to MIT, we did a deep state tour as part of our workshop.

And we took people to the Gates building, which is this big, weird building at MIT, and it’s funded by Bill Gates. I think he gave about a couple hundred million dollars, his names on it. Okay, so billionaires give money to major institutions to get their names on the buildings, but they’re hoping, oh, some good research will come.

This article here will show you that billionaires themselves are admitting that the money that they spent. This is this article. If you can see it here, billionaire spending a fortune to lure scientists away from universities. So this bunch, these set of billionaires are getting together. And what they’re saying is that they’ve created their own institution.

They’re saying we gave people a bunch of money, but where did all that money go? Okay. It hasn’t produced anything. So even these billion, I’m sorry, I’m not sharing this with the guy, with people over here. This is this article that came out in the front page of the New York times, even the New York times and the billionaires are admitting that the existing institutions.

Have become rackets. That’s what this article is about. So these guys are creating their own private institutions to compete with MIT and Harvard, where they’re going to these professors and saying, come work for me private institutions. Okay. Okay. So that is a way biology research has been going and what we’re saying is that cytosol is completely radical because We have figured out a way to do research as good or better than existing institutions.

Yeah, it’s, yeah, it’s a technology. No one else owns it, right? But this is what we want to do, Dava. If you notice, whenever I do, and we very quietly published our papers out there, really good papers, right? It’s like we’ve had to be underground. Okay, but now even the swarm cannot discount cytosol. But we don’t need these existing institutions.

So we have our own infrastructure here that can do scientific research. And this is what I talked about at our cytosol symposium. Because cytosol is so radical, because we can do research at 1, 100th of the cost that MIT or Harvard were showing. Do and we get it published in the major journals and we’re able to discover medicines like MB 25.

You say for pennies,

Exactly. But we have a technology. So if I try to stay at MIT and do this, they would subsume it. So here is a, because we’re out of the plantation, we, everything we do cannot has to be off the plantation. You have to have the off the plantation field slave mindset. So what are we saying?

We’re saying. Our entire movement, all the people, family, friends of our movement, if they want to do, if they want to, let’s say they have friends who have some disease, or people say, oh, Dr. Shiva, I want you to find out a 5G causes this reaction, right? Imagine if we do this, MIT, if you want to go do research on that will charge you 50 million bucks.

And 80 percent of it goes to the administration. Only one, only 10 percent of the money you give these institutions actually goes to the researcher. It’s really crazy. It’s called overhead. So what we’re saying is, yes. So we’re saying is in the truth freedom, in the truth part of our movement science, we have side to solve.

So all of you can become citizen researchers, which with our platform. So let’s say one of you says, Oh, we want to write a definitive paper, figuring out. We don’t know does 5G affect the molecular pathways in the body, right? Let’s say, instead of costing, 2M dollars, cytosol can do it for 20, 000 dollars.

I’m just making up a number. Okay. And we say, it’s going to take us 12 months to do it. Okay. That means about 2 grand a month. That means imagine if we created a model that people could go to their friends and family who were also interested in this and everyone pulls 100 people give 20 dollars a month.

Now, because we’re only limited because our technology is done, we have to hire a particular person to do that. You say, but we can do it at a fraction of the cost. But and those people who fund that can, or that will even allow them to be part of the research. So they could get their name on the paper, right?

Or they could fund it. So we are literally creating cytosol is like a mini M. I. T. A mini Stanford, but much cheaper, right? And much faster. So I want to let people know that’s what we’ve created. And as I promised the beginning of this year, we’re going to bring this platform solution out to all of you. So next time you say, Oh, Dr.

Shiva dot I’m going to come back and say, great, set up a meeting and let’s put together a proposal. You guys can go help it get funded and it’s going to be citizens funded. And if you want to participate in the research, we’ll teach you how to do science. But that’s where we’re going.

Yeah. And the clean, we’ll do that. Yeah. It was my protocol that was stolen as like a, yeah, it was your protocol. Yeah. So how many millions of people do that? Yeah, we’re going to we’re going to actually do that. We just want to make sure the biggest thing these days is to find the quality of the ingredients.

Yes, they have to be high quality because people taint these ingredients with garbage. So we want to make sure they’re good. All right. Great. Thank you, Dava. Good to have you. Let’s go. Let’s go to Kenara. Wow. It’s getting late for Kenara. Kenara, how are you? Hi, I’m good. Yeah. Yeah. It’s almost 5 o’clock in the morning here, but I’m glad I came here to see the American Revolution.

Yeah. I was, I have a 2 part question. It’s about, that if the HPA axis I never heard of. Yeah. Lemme expression. It’s the same as the vaga. Let me bring it up. Can you hear me? Yeah, let me bring it up. Yeah, that’s, so let me bring it up. The HPA axis is the same as the vagus nerve. That’s the same thing.

So the VAs, the vagus nerve, right? Yeah. Is the vehicle. But it’s the molecular axi. Okay. But the vagus nerve. Works parallel with that system.

And so between this, we have the lungs and the hearts. In this context, the guts and the blood barrier it’s it’s not important at all. It’s just like the not it’s not included in, in, in the access kind of, no. So what you have here, you see the Vegas nerve here.

Yeah. Can you see it? Let me also share this with. People at home because you’re asking a good question. So when you look at it one of the important things to understand is that a hormone, right? Is different than a cytokine. What’s the difference? Hormones travel throughout your body cytokines go from cell to cell.

Okay. Very important difference. But what you notice in this diagram here, is you see down here, this is the actual organ of your gut, right? Let’s say your intestines, and this is up in your brain. So when this animal gets stressed out, the HPA axis travels from the hypothalamus down to the pituitary, down, to the adrenals.

Okay. So that is one system as it’s shown here. Does that make sense? So it’s, and it’s communicating through these hormones. Okay. Hormones are things that can go from organ to organ. So they’re messenger molecules. All right. Think about it as a signal that can have long range effects versus short range cytokines going to go across cells hormones.

So when cortisol gets released, Do you see here? It’s going everywhere. Do you see that? Cortisol’s, it’s in your bloodstream. It’s going all over. Does that make sense? So your HPA axis gets turned on. So your hypothalamus is the one that senses the stress. CRF gets released there. That releases ACTH from your pituitary.

So there’s three organ systems, hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenals. Anatomically, it’s from your head down all the way down to the back of your body. Okay. And your kidneys. All right. And as the hypothalamus gets innervated. It is ultimately releasing cortisol. All right. So cortisol is what’s going into your tissues everywhere, right?

You’re filled with this cortisol when it reacts with the microbiome. What should happen is a microbiome. If it’s working, right? Canara, it will release this 5HT, which is also known as serotonin. Okay. And serotonin feeds back to the HPA axis and turns it off. If you didn’t have serotonin, you’d be, you’d just be releasing cortisol all day long, constantly be in fight or flight.

Does that make sense? Okay. So people lose this feedback mechanism when they burn themselves out. If they’re constantly under flight or fight. The body doesn’t know how to modulate itself and turn itself off. So this is why, relaxation is important, but if you take drugs and you smoke weed all day it’s not a good thing because you never let your body strengthen itself and develop its own adaptive capabilities.

Does that make sense? Okay.

Good question. Should we take 1 more question?

Okay. A lot of people raise their hand again to everyone joining on social media. This is our town hall and the town hall is on the swarm. And it’s about how the swarm passes policies to destroy our gut microbiome. Those of you who are listening, get involved in our movement, support it, become a truth, freedom, and health warrior.

Help us collect signatures on the ground, go to Shiva for president. There are many ways you can get involved, but the bottom line is you have to take action and we give you a lot of things to do. Okay, go ahead.

Okay. Wow. Okay. So if you go back to this good question, let me show you here. So I showed you the normal condition. Okay.

Can you see this picture, Bazin, or not yet? Let me show it to you here. So if you look at this diagram here, I’m going to again, walk through this. There’s a lot going on if, okay, you can see the diagram, right? Okay. So if you imagine your body and again, if you put your hand on, your stomach area, your intestinal walls have these things called epithelium.

These are the cells. See these Pac Man looking like cells. Those are the epithelium and beyond that is all your gut bacteria over on the right side. Do you see immune cells over here? You see that? So what happens is when you have an auto immune disease, your body creates. These are creates cytokines.

Okay. Cytokines are chemicals. And there are things called inflammatory cytokines like IL 1 beta, okay, TNF alpha. When, so here you see your immune cells in the normal case will produce a certain amount of TNF alpha, which actually crosses a blood brain barrier. But if your body has autoimmune issues, the immune cells do not know how to turn off.

Okay. It’s it’s basically imagine the alarm, someone comes into your an invader comes in, or you think an invader comes in and the alarm keeps just blaring police show up and they take away the invader, but your alarm is still blaring. Okay. It doesn’t know when to shut off the production of cytokines.

Okay. And cytokine production is modulated by the microbiome. You got it? So if your microbiome is screwed up, you don’t know how to modulate your immune system. Again, the example I’d like to give is shock absorbers. If you’re driving your car and if your car didn’t have shock absorbers, you hit a pothole and you’re going to go through the roof, right?

But if you have a shock absorbers, your body knows how to modulate that trip. When the microbiome gets destroyed, the immune cells do not know how to modulate these inflammatory cytokines. Does that make sense? You need inflammation, healthy inflammation in your body to combat, let’s say, different critters, okay?

Or certain processes. But if the inflammation doesn’t know how to turn off, that’s when you have an autoimmune disease. Does that make sense? So there’s an intimate connection between right here, between the, between the microbiome and the immune cells. So the key takeaway is your immune system is linked to the microbiome.

Healthy microbiome, you have a smooth running immune system, which doesn’t overreact to give you these autoimmune diseases.

You’re welcome.

Next question. Okay. If you’re going to take more. Thank you. Dr. Shiva. I’ll take Ryan and Thomas. Okay. Go ahead. Ryan,

can you hear me here? Yeah. Speak a little louder. Okay. Something wrong with the mic. Okay. I think you mentioned a few minutes ago, but the 5g, because that is actually that I want to ask about, and I’m curious about if we can strengthening our immune system through Nature naturally through what do you call it?

Natural what do you call it? Our microbiome. Yeah hold on do we because this 5G thing is the, some sort of man made thing and based on its radio frequency effects to our bodies actually can affect our microbiome and brain cells that can cause cancers. Yeah, in old times we usually expose our body through nature to threatening our immune system.

But when it comes about this so my question is how do we overcome and how do we yeah, overcome about this radio frequency effects that can causing harm to our body. Based on my study, it’s actually affects to the nature environment this 5G thing to, it just, it’s just I’m so curious about that, Dr.

Shiva. Yeah so Ryan ultimately remember when I started this conversation, I said that ultimately everything I want to make sure everyone heard you. Yeah. So the question is. How does 5G work and can you control it? Look. First of all, the work that I’ve done is to explore the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the pineal gland.

Okay, given all the stuff we do, we haven’t had a chance to go through all the molecular mechanisms to understand this. We can do that. Okay. The recent paper I saw showed. That how electromagnetic 5G, which is a certain level of frequency really causes oxidative stress. Once we understand that, we can connect it up to the other models that Cytosol has.

So look, there are many stressors our body is constantly undergoing, right? Living as a human being. Radiation, we get gamma rays, we get all sorts of stuff hitting our body. The issue comes down, Ryan, to your question. What are the things we can do to shield our body, right? Not only shield our body, but create what you call resilience.

Okay. So you’re exposed to all different kinds of toxins. You’re exposed to different stress, right? So one of the goals here is, can you create, can you support your body through resilience? Resilience means for example, there are certain herbs in nature called adaptogens. Ashwagandha ginseng, which actually modulate essentially, they’re like shock absorbers, stress hits you, but you don’t get as perturbed.

Okay. Electro, electromagnetic radiation is a stress. The issue is what are the things you can do to first of all, deflect that radiation or to strengthen your body from the oxidative stress. I’m just giving you an example, right? This is something we can do. Okay. We just need to do that research.

I just haven’t had time to do that. And we need a couple of our scientists to just dedicate time probably for about 6 months and they when we could solve that. To figure out how much effect and what interventions you could do to stop that effect. Okay. And this is why I’m saying, if you’re interested in this, you’re in Malaysia.

You, we should set up some time. We’ll make you a citizens researcher citizen scientists. We’ll say, look, this is what it’s going to take us to do this. And maybe we can find 510 other people to pitch in a little bit and we go do that research. Because surely the swarm ain’t going to do this research.

We have to do it. But we have people who have to eat and, they need food and time and clothing to be able to at least work for us to do that. Okay. But we can do it on pennies on the dollar versus what the, it’s not going to happen unless we do it. The cool thing is, we have the infrastructure, the investment is done in that core.

So that’s an example of where you can become like a citizen scientist advocate. We’ll put together a proposal. You can go find other people and then we’ll go do it. Some of these projects we can do in six months, no more than a year very quickly, depending on the interest.

Okay. But we’re basically not waiting for the government to take our tax dollars. They’re never going to fund this research. We do it ourselves. Cool. All right. Let’s go to Thomas Llorente. Go ahead, Thomas.

How are you? Good. How are you? Good. Anything specific to say about brain aneurysms? I can’t. Can you ask that question again? Do you have anything specific to say about brain aneurysms? I haven’t, you’re doing mechanisms of action and things like that. Yeah, I know stress is huge.

Dice use huge. And yeah, one of my good friends just died of it recently, but aneurysms, the key thing to be, they’re not just in the brain, right? They can occur anywhere in your vasculature, right? Typically they occur what they call an aorta, but they can run in any blood vessel. The brain, right?

The mechanisms of action of aneurysms, they’re very closely related to something called pericytes. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Let me just see if I can bring up a picture of them. Okay. Do you remember what Perry sites are? I don’t. What’s that? I don’t, no. Yeah, so Perry sites. Lemme see if I can bring a picture of it.

Perry sites are the, I can bring up a cell here. Yeah. Here’s a good example. Okay. This is actually in a paper that I published. Parasites. Here we go.

Alright, so here is a, this is a paper that I was the 1 of the principal authors on about several years ago. And I think I can bring this up if I can make it big. Okay.

I have to probably copy this image. Okay. Let me bring it over here. I’m going to stick it right in the in this diagram here, so everyone can see it. Give me 2 seconds.

All right.

All right. Me bring this up. 1st of all, an aneurysm occurs in blood vessels. You have blood vessels all over your body. What is a blood vessel? It’s something that carries blood. Vessel. A blood vessel. Something that carries blood. And so you typically, you can think about the blood vessel as a tunnel.

Okay? And in, inside that tunnel, blood is moving. And this tunnel is composed of a cell called an endothelial. And that’s the kind of cell. We have about 300 different cells in our body. And one of them is called the endothelial. Let me also share this. With you guys here. Okay.

So if you see, this is a paper we published many years ago and you’ll see. So here is blood moving through the cell. Can you see that Thomas

Thomas? Are you there? This is what’s called the lateral view. Okay, and we’re looking at the brain here, which has astrocytes neurons, and this is a cross sectional view, but if you notice, this is the endothelial here. All these cells, these sort of orangey tan colored are all the surface of the capillary in this case, but along the blood vessel are these pink cells that are called pericytes.

P. E. Not parasites. P. E. R. I. C. Y. T. S. These parasites control the flow of blood, the thickness, the stiffening of that artery or that stiffening of that capillary. The work I’ve done shows that aneurysms are a result of destruction to the parasites and that destruction to the parasites. Parasites can occur from all sorts of things, toxins, stress.

All different things we’re only starting to learn. But when the pericytes break down, by the way, the spike protein affects the pericytes. When the pericytes break down, you can you don’t, you can’t control the elasticity of these arteries. They can become over stiff. You can’t control the flow of blood in and out garbage can get into the brain, but that’s the work I’ve done.

But we could, for example. We haven’t had the opportunity to again, this is why I’m saying that if you were really interested in this, we could put together again a plan. The plan could be, hey, let’s go solve aneurysms. Okay. Let’s go figure out how aneurysms are formed and what we can do to mitigate that.

Is Thomas there if we lost him? Yeah, so in that way, because we built a lot of these models, Thomas, we would. Look at the molecular pathways. Of how an aneurysm forms, it’s a system of pathways and what are the things that can prevent that and help modulate that you follow. Again, aneurysms occur, they’re occurring every 2nd to someone in the world.

We have the ability now with the Cytosol platform to model that, figure out what the interventions are, and do that now, not wait, 10, 15 years for Pharma to do that.

It also could be, it can happen from a physical accident, correct? Yeah, you can have, so it can be mechanical too, right? It doesn’t have to be, It can be an actual mechanical effect that can occur. Yeah.

All right. Everyone. I hope this was example, just to give you an insight in diabetes. What happens is along the vessel, there’s actually the absence of Perry sites. This is just to give you an idea. So pericytes are critical role in aneurysms, okay? Maintaining healthy pericytes is directly related to overall vascular health.

And a lot of these brain disorders and health. Again, just think about what we have, in closing, what I want to share with everyone before we leave is we as a, we as a movement, we’re very fortunate to have our truth from health Institute, our systems health Institute. And our Open Science Institute now, so it’s really up to you as being as creative as you want and innovative to say, oh, I have these platforms.

I want to go look at this area of research. Then we can go mobilize people bottoms up if they want to support that research. We don’t have to wait for the government Thomas to do this. Okay. This is a new concept because people are used to being victims. Oh, we have cancer. We have this disease. Okay. 1 day, somebody, oh, they will do that.

The day can be us now. Okay. We can actually mobilize people to help go look at these diseases and actually create solutions. We have the end to end way to do that. This has been a long process of 16 years, a lot of hard work. And the only way to scale this is for you guys to be involved and start thinking creatively.

So think about that. We can literally take an idea that we have and directly go do it with Cytosol like right now, we don’t have to wait 10, 20 years. So I want to really impress on you. It may not, it may seem pretty wild, but we as a movement, as an organization can actually go pursue scientific questions and research.

We don’t have to wait. Okay, we’ve proven ourselves.

All right, everyone. I hope this is valuable. This was our health care town hall. In summary, you guys have learned about the more than just at a high level that there is a connection between the gut. And the brain, we’ve looked at the fact, the normal case, how the HPA access works, how to integrate with the microbiome and you at least understand conceptually that when the microbiome gets out of whack.

You’re not able to modulate this process and you go into a mode that your body’s constantly under the fight or flight response. And we also learn there are policies that the swarm is doing. That’s literally affecting our biology. And this is why our movement must be out there educating people on this, because ultimately affects all of our lives.

And then it affects individuals, there’s something called PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. 1 person with PTSD affects 100 people in their community. I don’t know if, this 1 person affects 100 people. All these soldiers in the United States went to Iraq and Afghanistan and killed people or saw horrible things when they come back to their communities.

They’re affecting 100 other people. In many traditional cultures, when people, when a soldier went to war in the Mongolian culture and African culture, Indian culture, before they were introduced back to their communities, they went through a process of a stress releasing process where all the stress that got induced into your, into their muscle fibers, into their bones.

Into their psyche was removed and then they were reintroduced, but we don’t do that. We just take these working class people who the Zionist hoodlum sent to fight some war. They come home and they’re just thrown back into their communities without any support. So this is where the chickens are going to come home to roost.

You’re going to have more and more stress. People are trying to alleviate it by taking, cannabis, and that’s going to create a whole nother other side of stress that people aren’t even aware of. And this is why it’s really important that all of you get involved, understand this interconnection, and we play the long game by educating people.

And now with Cytosol, we as citizens support research, citizens research to do that and get the word out. All right, everyone. Thank you. I want to thank Crystal, Emily. Michael canara, it’s very late for you. All of you joining us for your questions, but get involved, become a member of the truth from health movement, as a dava said, buy our products that we’re going to start making, bottoms up.

And anything you can. In a tangible way to help download the flyer. Get a bumper sticker. We know everyone’s busy, but 20 minutes a day will help a lot. We want to integrate this movement into our lives. It’s a normal citizens process. It’s not something. That 1 person does, we all have to do it.

All right, everyone. Thank you. Be well, be the light best to all of you and to your families. Thank you. Crystal, I’m going to leave and just finish up with our people here. Thanks. To people on StreamYard, I hope that was valuable for all of you, and I hope all of you get involved. We spent close to three hours here educating people on the microbiome, the gut, and we want all of you guys, yes to be involved.

Someone said the dog product. What does it do? The dog product, Jeffrey, is an overall product. It’s whole foods from all different things. K9701, you can go find it on VA SHIVA. I will, since you’re asking about I normally don’t end with this, but I’ll, this one way you guys can support us.

is to support MV 25 and you can get involved. Thanks. Millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling, but most pain medications come with harsh side effects and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing. That’s why we at Cytosolve created MV25. MV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve Computational Systems Biology Platform, a technology for precision and personalized health, invented by Dr.

Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions derived from thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Hi, I’m Barbara Ann. My hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet. And they would go like that. Now I have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids. Then I started taking that MV 25. After a bit I was able to hold cards in my hand. Very little cramping. Hardly at all.

Anymore. MV25. Hi, my name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor. I tore my ACL during Taekwondo. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV25 for about. Six months now, after the first week, I noticed a big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a lower back problem.

Hurt my back at work years ago, and I can go to the chiropractor, do all kinds of different things and nothing seems to help. And I decided to try MV 25. I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do, it seems to go away a lot quicker than.

MV25 is certified clean, 100 percent non GMO, made in America, and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices. MV25 is CytoSolve optimized, which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by CytoSolve. As the science advances, so will this formulation.

This is our promise. Order now. mv25. life consult your doctor before taking any supplement or medication and use as directed mv25.

All right, everyone. That’s an example of a product that we created bottoms up. And you guys could support that, get involved, but most importantly, go to truthfridenhealth. com, get the training you all need and deserve and get involved, be well and best to all of you and your families.

Thank you. We need to build a bottoms up movement. Go to shiva4president. com and volunteer.

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