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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, U.S. Senate Candidate, goes back to his roots as a Scientist and Engineer and explains the Scientific Method, how it works, what it is and what it isn’t, and how those in Academia falsely represent what they know about the relationship between carbon dioxide and the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


So this Saturday, as many of you know, we announced that we’re running not only for US Senate, but we’re also putting our exploratory committee together to run for US President. And again, the reason we’re doing that number one is to build a movement for all of you who are new or new to the orientation welcome, real change as only occurred in the world when people build movements. And when I say movements, it means people like me getting on the ground going door to door, the protests you’ve seen participate in not these fake brown guys that they’re putting up, you see that the United States right wing establishment has found some Indian guy, some brown, an Indian guy to run, okay, and a brown skinned face, and they’re doing it.

And it’s very obvious because they want to make into the invisible our movement, and this guy is talking about, he’s using the word movements suddenly, but I’ve never seen this guy on the ground doing anything. So those in power will start using the word movements. But let me tell you what a movement is, when you knock on someone’s door, when you hand out a flyer when you go door to door, when you inspire people bottoms up not being top down and using the word movement.

So these people are really scumbags. Because they actually manipulate people by using the word movement when they have nothing about movement. Top down is not have movements to take place movements take place, bottoms up.

Alright. So what we decided to do to those of you who are new and want to welcome a lot of you, we’re going to do a quick introduction. But before we do that, every orientation, I’m going to take the first 30 to 45 minutes, and do a, a talk on something very, very practical that will help you these talks that we do on an ongoing basis are going to be on a flier.

And you yourselves can go invite people door to door, you can knock on your neighbor’s door, you can say Hey, neighbor, I live in your local neighborhood. How would you like to learn about natural immunity? How would you like to learn about what the scientific method is? How would you like to learn how your body is a system? How would you like to learn to help your kid become an innovator, and inventor? How would you like to learn how to build a bottoms up movement, five to six topics, they’ll be on this flyer, and you can, you’re not going there to convince anyone you’re inviting them as a service to say I want to share with you this knowledge because this knowledge is what is going to help you. So as a part of that series, one of the things we’re going to teach people is what is the scientific method? What is the scientific method? Let’s begin this talk by really understanding what is the scientific method? How many of you learn the scientific method, you should have learned it around seventh or eighth grade? How many people learned it? Let’s see, one.

Two, I see one hand raised to hand raise Jerome. Okay, so two out of around 44 people? Well, the scientific method of sorry, five people. So we’re about 20% 10%.

The scientific method is what will enable you to understand what is truth? What is a lie? What is evidence? So in today’s conversation, you’re going to learn what is the scientific method, but you’re also going to learn the definition of evidence, EBI, D, and C, what is evidence. And the reason this is important is that the left wing and the right wing take every issue and they make it a left and a right issue. And they purposely do not talk about evidence and they do not talk about truth.

They give you either half truth, or delayed truth, or no truth, or they conceal the truth. The talk I gave on Saturday, I went through the incident some of you may know in Europe or wherever you are, there was a huge explosion of a a train 53 Train cars were derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. And a chemical among other chemicals.

vinyl chloride was essentially spewing everywhere. Now vinyl chloride is a known carcinogen, scientifically known that it enters particularly the liver, and it causes various types of cancers from the liver. Now, how did this occur? Well, you find out that the Obama administration had initially wanted to put these new types of modern brakes on these railroad vehicles.

Eventually, by the time the bill actually got passed, with all the lobbyists in the United States they have paid in the United States has what’s called sophisticated corruption. Other countries do open corruption. And the United States of corruption is done by people called lobbyists.

So the big railway companies hired these lobbyists, who basically bribe the politicians to put it simply to make sure that they would diminish the rules. So they never really fully embedded that regulation. And obviously the Obama administration, the Republicans and Democrats all complied.

When Trump came into office, he completely eliminated it. Okay, so Democrats and Republicans don’t give a damn about working people left and right. So they made sure that the railway companies could make immense profits.

And they didn’t have to pay anything to put these modern braking systems in. So it’s so black and white that both parties work together, both left wing and right wing in any country. All right.

So those are facts, right? You see the the actual vinyl chloride, we have evidence of what it does in the human body. So let’s begin in that background, explaining what the scientific method is. Now I’ve done you know, I have to do a bachelor’s thesis at MIT, I did two masters thesis, and I did my PhD.

Now, when you do a degree in engineering or science, you have to do two things, you have to come up with a hypothesis, some guess how you think nature works? And then you have to actually then get actually experimental data, and validate does your guests match the experimental data? All right. So that is called the scientific method. Now, I have one of my theses here, I did this when I was in my 20s.

It’s called Computational wave propagation and isotropic and an isotropic media using the generalized mass spring lattice model. What does this mean? All right. And you know, if you go through this thesis, it’s got lots and lots of equations like these, you guys can see it here.

Okay. And equations upon equations, and it’s a mathematical model that I built. And there’s some diagrams you don’t need to know.

But I just want to let you know, there’s a lot of geometry mathematical diagrams, and what am i What did I do in this thesis? Well, in the 1800s, there was a very famous scientist by the name of Lord Rayleigh ra y le IG H, if you’ve ever heard of Rayleigh waves, it is the destructive waves that actually caused the earthquake, you know, it’s a surface wave. So Lord Rayleigh was really the father of sound wave wave analysis. And he was out of England and he had was doing a lot of experiment and not experiments in sound, but predictions, a lot of mathematics with pen and paper.

And so Rayleigh had predicted that if you send a wave a sound wave, in a particular type of media called an an isotropic, media, which means the media is not have geometries, which are very clean. So for example, if you take coal and you looked at it under a microscope, because very simple layers, okay, diamond is a very complex structure, tetrahedral structure, okay, it’s an isotropic. So Lord Rayleigh, it predicted that if you send a sound wave, and he did it on pen and paper, they didn’t have computers, they didn’t have mathematical models, he couldn’t see it.

But he predicted with math and paper that if you send a wave through these kinds of materials, the wave would go through, and it would twist like this and create a fishtail pattern. Okay, very good. So the way would go through and over time would create this fishtail.

So rarely had predicted this on pen and paper. That is a hypothesis. Everyone understand that? So a hypothesis is a guess.

You see an apple fall from the tree. And the first part of the scientific method is you make a guess, oh, I think that Apple, when it falls from the tree is being done because there’s a giant dragon in the earth that’s sucking down that apple. Okay, that’s a theory, someone else could say, I think there’s something called gravity a different guess.

Someone could say, oh, I think there’s a rubber band up there on the train, it’s pushing the apple down. Okay. You could have various theories.

And these theories, lowercase t, very important lowercase t, or and guess, lead you to now say, oh, when the apple falls, I’m going to come up with an equation that, that I can predict that that Apple when it falls from a tree of 10 feet high that hit the ground in two seconds. And then you build what’s called a mathematical model, a predictive model, right? You say that the height of the tree will determine how fast the apple will fall and I can predict the speed of that apple. Okay, so you come up with a mathematical model.

Now, in my thesis, I had come up with a mathematical model, I literally figured out a way to model any type of crystal using masses and springs. And then I was coming up with ways that could predict that phenomenon, okay, which people by in the modern world has actually seen, and I was trying to predict why that would occur. But anyway, so you have phenomenon in nature.

And you as a person who’s just observing nature, you make a guess, I think that occurs because of this. And then you can say that event, you would try to come up with a mathematical model, okay? That’s called the guess, then what you do is, you then go into the world and you drop different apples, let’s say you drop one from 10 feet high, 20 feet high, 30 feet, 50 feet high, 1000 feet high. And your model over here is going to have a prediction, right? Your model when it’s 10, feet high, may say it’ll drop in two seconds, you put in 50 feet, you run it through your model and sail when it’s 50 feet high, it’ll drop in 10 seconds, and so on.

Okay? So you have, so if on the x axis, I put height, and on the y axis, I put the number of seconds, the higher the height, the longer it’ll take. So you will have a curve like that, everyone follow me. So that’s your model, then you will go into the real world and actually drop apples at different heights.

And so if your curve goes like that, and the end, the actual measurements go like that. That means something’s wrong with your guests. You got it.

So if you predict, as you increase height, the number of seconds is going to go up. So the curve goes like this. But then when you actually go look at the information, it’s actually going down the opposite way.

Okay? That means your guess does not match the actual observations in nature. Therefore, is your model right or wrong? It’s wrong. Okay.

That means your guesses wrong, which means you have to go back to the drawing board, you have to come up with a new guess. Okay. And you keep coming up with guesses, and models that actually match and predict the phenomenon.

Okay. And when you predict it correctly, this gets down to the fact what is evidence, what is evidence you, everyone uses that word word. In science evidence, you may want to write this down as reproducible predictions.

That is evidence, reproducible predictions. So that means if I can predict accurately that when the ball is at 10 feet high, it’ll take two seconds. And then when I actually dropped the ball, 10 feet, it drops to seconds, and you repeat it over and over again, it’s the same that is evidence, okay? Let’s say one day, you drop the applet 10 feet, and it takes two seconds and another takes 50 seconds.

That’s not evidence, okay? If your model is giving different predictions, and it’s not matching the reality, that means it’s not reproducible predictions, okay? When your model matches reality, that becomes something very interesting in science called the Law, L capital L. Aw. Okay.

Newton came up with a very interesting model, where he said the force, if you look at two objects, two masses, the force between them is equal to the gravitational attraction times the mass of one object times the mass of the other, divided by the distance squared. So if things were very far away to big masses, right, they would have a certain attraction, which would be obviously far less than if the objects were close. Okay.

So Newton came up with a mathematical model. And then he did experiments and his mathematical model matched with the actual observations. That’s why it’s called Newton’s law of gravitation.

It was a law no one else has disproved it yet, except when Einstein came, and he noticed when you had things moving the speed of light, you had to add an additional change to Newton’s laws. So even a law is a law until someone disproves it, okay. So just so you have a truth, Newton’s law, which worked under certain conditions, when things do not move the speed of light, but when things move the speed of light, you have, what we discovered was gravity actually influences space.

Okay, can bend space and time. So that changed a lot of things. It didn’t mean Newton’s Laws were wrong, but under certain conditions, you had to adjust it.

All right. But the process of doing science is not an easy task. You do you have to come up with a model.

If it doesn’t match, you have to go back to the drawing board. Okay. And as Richard Feynman said, it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, doesn’t matter how much money you are, doesn’t matter whether you’re Republican or Democrat.

If your guest doesn’t match the data, you’re just wrong. It’s wrong. Okay, let me take an example of the climate change bullshit that’s going on.

That’s a technical term Okay, because it is bullshit. So there is a hypothesis. Again, this is a hypothesis that if you look at co2 levels, co2 levels are directly correlated.

So as temperature increases, or as co2 increases, temperature is going to increase, okay? That’s a hypothesis. All right. Or as co2 level increases, the Arctic ice caps are going to start melting.

Okay, more greenhouse gases, more Arctic ice cap melt. That was a hypothesis, a guess. So what people then did, okay, is that they did something interesting.

They went, and they created a model different mathematical models, okay. And the mathematical model that they predicted created was to look at the world. And just like I did with this thesis, which is a mathematical model, we had to take in many, many different variables, and I created a model, but my model actually match reality.

Okay, so these climate quote unquote, science people took all these different variables, and they all create a different mathematical models on how much the ice caps are going to melt. Okay, in fact, they have 110 different models, different research groups did different mathematical models, okay. And they all predicted over from now until 2015, how much the ice caps are going to melt? Okay, and then they scared everyone Oh, my God, the ice caps are gonna melt.

How did they create their models? Well, they have to go back to nature. And this is sort of the fundamentals of it, when you look at nature, you have something called a sun, which is about 6000 degrees Kelvin. Very hot, and the sun puts out radiation, which hits this little planet called Earth.

So all this radiation is hitting about 340 watts per meter on a square meter. So if you look at a square meter of the Earth, 340 watts of energy is hitting that, in that square meter. Now, the energy balances 140 watts per meter bounce off the atmosphere, and they go back into space.

That means 200 Watts enter the atmosphere, okay. And in order for the Earth to maintain its temperature, which is 15 degrees, center, right? The, all that other 200 watts per meter of heat needs to be dissipated, right, you need to get out, it’s called an accounting 340 km 140 goes out the 200 that comes in also has to get out or the hurt, the earth is going to heat up, right. So how does that occur? Well, you know, there’s another book I have here, if you want to study it’s called fluid mechanics and hydraulics.

And again, you’ll have many, many equations here. But when you do engineering fluid mechanics, you will find out that you have two fluids to turbulent fluids. The atmosphere when you look at the atmosphere, it is a fluid, believe it or not, it’s made up of air, okay? Air is a fluid.

It’s a gas, right? It’s a fluid. So the air when the within the atmosphere is doing all sorts of things, it’s called a turbulent fluid. It’s not a laminar fluid.

So if you open up your faucet, when the water drops beautifully, that’s called a laminar flow, we can predict that a turbulent fluid and if you like, you know, go in and you know, put your hand in your water and you squash it. And it’s very turbulent, right? That’s very hard to predict. The atmosphere is a turbulent fluid.

And it is governed by navier stokes equation, which is I’m not going to get into detail, but there’s physics to this. No one has solved for turbulent fluid, the Navier Stokes equation. For one turbulent fluid, it hasn’t been solved.

In fact, if any one of you solves it today, you can win a million dollars prize. So you have the atmosphere, which is a turbulent fluid. And then you have the oceans which are liquid turbulent fluid, one moves very fast, which is the atmosphere, the oceans move much more slower.

So you have to interacting turbulent fluids. Now, why does this matter? Because that 200 watts per meter of energy that comes in, gets dissipated back through what’s called convection. What is convection? Convection is if you take a pot, for example, at home and you put hot water on, you start heating it, you know, the steam that comes up, you’ll see beautiful little things that’s called convection.

The Earth has a surface temperature 15 degrees centigrade and When all this radiation comes in through the mixture of the atmosphere and the ocean, which is a very complex equation, which is unsolvable, to turbulent fluids interact, and this convection takes place and that other 200 watts per meter is dissipated. Now, what can affect that dissipation? Greenhouse gases? Yes, greenhouse gases can, can contain some of that heat. And there’s various types of greenhouse gases.

Can co2 increase that? Sure, but how much in science you can’t just make stable? Oh, it’s going to increase the heat, we’re gonna we’re gonna die. The issue is how much? And is there a correlation between as the co2 Let’s say, grows at some level or any greenhouse gas? Is that going to heat up the planet? So these guys made up all these models? In fact, 110 mathematical models were created by the IPCC is different organizations. Now, what did I say Evidence is Evidence is reproducible predictions, reproducible predictions.

So if you have 110 models, they should all be predicting how much I should melt pretty close should Qiantang a great if their evidence? Well, when you look at the IPCC data in their big book that they publish, one of the models predicts no ice will melt one prediction, another model predicts all the ice will melt. Another model predicts 75% of the ice will melt by 2050. In fact, if you look at it, it’s like an ice cream flavor thing.

There’s zero 10% 20% 30%. In fact, there’s all flavors. None of those models predict the same number of how much Arctic ice is gonna melt.

That is not evidence. It’s bullshit. Okay, it will be no different than 10 Isaac Newton’s one guy predict when the apple falls, it’ll fall in two seconds, and other guys are not going to fall in one second.

Another one saying it’ll fall, it won’t even fall, they’re gonna fall in 50 seconds, you have so many different models. How can you say those models? are predicting anything? None of them together? Oh, so what they did was they average all them together from zero to 100. Oh, it’s 50% is gonna melt.

It’s bullshit science. It is not science. What is the scientific method? The observation must match your models, the OB and if it doesn’t, it’s nonsense.

Now what’s happened is the forces who want to convince the world that we need to sell electric cars like Elon Musk, or Greta Thornburg or AOC, who drive around in their Tesla’s have said that co2 is an enemy. And co2 correlates with temperature. Okay.

And therefore, the fossil burning that we’re doing is going to increase co2 levels to such a level, we’re going to increase the temperature by, you know, five, five degrees, and they are all going to burn, okay. When they do not have any idea about the complexity of these two turbulent fluids, plus, they have no idea of how clouds work. Let me ask you guys a question.

Okay. How many of you, whether you’re in this cold or really hot, have noticed that your body’s temperature always maintains the same temperature? Right? Am I right or wrong? John, can you just let’s ask Michael and crystal and Jerome. The question about that.

What is there? Have they noticed whether in cold or warm does your body’s temperature change? Well, Dr. Shiva, I’m not sure if it changes. I don’t think I’ve taken my temperature but my extremities get cold easily.

Let’s say that. Yeah, but you’re but your body’s core temperature does not go below 98.6.

Right? Weather patterns, but your core temperature doesn’t change. All right. This is very, very important.

What this says is natural systems in the world, something called resilience. Very, very important to understand. No matter you know, your body can be going through all that.

But from a resilient standpoint, your body knows how to maintain this homeostasis, obviously, if you stay out there, and you’re frozen, right? That doesn’t make sense, right? But the point is that the body has a very, very interesting ability to maintain this homeostasis because of something called resilience. In fact, I’m Deke Lenzen, at MIT figured out that the clouds actually have this thing called the iris effect. So if you look at over the many, many hundreds of millions of years, in fact, temperature has gone up and down, and co2 levels have gone up and down.

In fact, co2 levels have been 7000 parts per million. In fact, we need co2. And in fact, when you look at it, that it’s actually inverse correlation.

There have been times when co2 levels have been high temperature has been low, when temperatures have been high co2 levels have been low, okay, and so on. So we have basically, a bunch of people gotten together, who are not practicing the scientific method have made up all this bullshit. And based on that they’ve created a whole fiction, an Elon Musk is behind this.

He gave a lecture several years ago, and I realized the guy’s a complete buffoon. He’s reading using the word carbon and co2 together. Again, that is very, very duplicitous, to say the least either you’re a complete moron, or you’re a liar.

That would be like saying hydrogen and h2 are the same carbon and co2, carbon, and you watch his talk, and he’s mixing them both. Then he says, See this excess carbon is here, and sea temperatures are going up. He’s only looking at the last few 100 years.

Go look at the whole thing. So him Greta Thornburg and AOC are all pushing this narrative. Why? Why? Why are they pushing fake science, he’s supposed to get an engineering degree.

So either he was doing a lot of drugs and a lot of ecstasy and a lot of like he claims he does. He never tend to class. Or he’s an actor, or he’s a buffoon.

But surely he’s not a scientist, because you know, when I wrote this thesis, my adviser Jim Williams, you have to be in science you every word you use better be correct. You can’t just use the word carbon and co2. Anyone in engineering will throw you out of a room.

Are you a fucking idiot? They’ll say, you would never get a degree in any engineering school. So why is Elon Musk using the word carbon and co2? Like that? And why did they do that? Because they want to conflate in people’s minds. Carbon, did dirty stuff and co2 are the same.

Same thing, they use the word acidic. They say the oceans are getting more acidic. It’s actually not true.

The oceans can never get acidic. pH is zero to less than seven, acidic, seven is neutral, greater than seven is what’s called alkaline or basic. I was at a talk where a scientist Professor bu gets a lot of money on climate change was saying the oceans are getting more acidic.

John, can you find that video that the Frank did okay. And you will find that I was the only one of the talk was assigned as 140 people at a library and I said, What do you mean the oceans are getting acidic? They can’t be acidic. They shut my question down.

Eventually the cops were called, because I asked another question. And they shut down the lecture. This is in Massachusetts in a library that because I question the scientists bullshit, the police were called in to shut down a lecture of 140 people.

John, did you find it? No, I’m looking for it. Yeah, it’s, you’ll see Andover Public Library. All right.

Dr. Shi vide, very trying to find it. But anyway, why is this occurring? This is occurring because a lot of people don’t know science anymore.

They’re teaching people humanities and watching movies and all this crap. But the average human being who knows Shakespeare doesn’t know the second law of thermodynamics. There’s a very famous guy called CP snow.

And everyone should read his essay called two cultures. And he was a physical chemist, but he was also one of the great writer. And he said that he would go to these parties in England.

And just to screw with people. I mean, these were all the people were hoity toity, you know, thinking they knew it all. And they would all talk about Shakespeare, and he goes us nice, you know, Shakespeare, but you know, the second law of thermodynamics, and they would get very annoyed.

Shakespeare and the thermo second law firm should be taught together science and literature. These people knew nothing about the second law of thermodynamics. They didn’t even know what it was that they would talk so they all had degrees out of big institutions.

We have a lot The idiots who get we’re graduating today who do not know the scientific method, big degrees, liberal elites and on the right wing of people who don’t know the scientific method and don’t argue with them properly, so you have this left, right bullshit that takes place. But our movement today is teaching everyone the scientific method, the scientific method means you make a guess you come up with a mathematical model, you test it, if the data doesn’t match your model, you’re wrong. That means you didn’t figure out the science.

Okay, that’s how simple it is. It’s just black and white. So I did, I couldn’t get this thesis out of MIT, unless my model match the physics.

In fact, I did this model and another thesis, I was able to replicate that fishtail, which people had observed perfectly, perfectly, we can predict exactly where the earth will be at any point, using Newton’s equations. That is called science that is called evidence, reproducible predictions. All right.

We have way too many people with a lot of fucking opinions now on social media who don’t understand science. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Frankly, opinions don’t matter.

When it comes down to co2 and the temperature. There is no science showing how much this will correlate. It’s a very complex system.

In fact, some will argue that the last Ice Age was about a couple 100 100 years ago, we are going through a natural warming period, and we’re gonna go through another mini ice age. The weather climate is always changing, just like at any point your body, right, there’s different events taking place. The other thing that they do is they account for the average temperature of the Earth, how did they get this average temperature? Well, they put little sensors all over the world.

So you know, it could be negative 50 degrees in the Arctic. And it could be, you know, in the Sahara, you know, you know, 100 degrees at different times, and they just average this shit together. They’re coming up with an average temperature.

It’s the most idiotic science you can think about. But the reason this is happening, and people are getting away with it, because of the immense amount of money involved, most of the scientists have become prostitutes. They practice the oldest profession.

And it is our movement. With this talk, that we are going to educate people door to door to door on what is the scientific method. We’ll do it again, six weeks from now.

Next week, I’m going to be doing a talk on natural immunity. But once you understand the scientific method, you can bullshit people. All right.

We are not here to please people. We’re not here to convince people. We’re here to go down to hard earned truths.

Truth is very difficult to earn. And a lot of people out there don’t work hard anymore. They just talk bullshit.

You go talk to a good carpenter. It takes a lot to build something, go talk to a good electrician. Go talk to a good landscaper.

Go talk to someone who has to weave something, go talk to an engineer. Go talk to a software engineer to get a piece of software to really work. You have to do a lot of work.

But scientists who just fit a bunch of data to align can bullshit people that people who work with their hands cannot. If you look at the Climate Change thing you’ll notice something interesting. Most people work with their hands.

Surgeons are very different than an MD surgeons actually have to go in there and do stuff. And so they most of those people don’t believe in the climate change bullshit. The people believe this stuff for people who live in this fantasy world.

Oh, what do you do for a living? Oh, I read Shakespeare great, but you don’t know shit about what’s going on in the world? Oh, I have a degree in sociology great, but you don’t know how things work. People who have to work with their hands make stuff have common sense because you’re dealing with natural laws every day. People who don’t have to do with that make up bullshit.

lawyers make up bullshit. Politicians make up bullshit. A salesman makes up bullshit.

A bartender AOC makes a bullshit a guy like Bernie Sanders who never freakin work day in his life is a bullshitter Donald J Trump is a bullshitter he never built buildings I’m sorry this all myth. Every business he died he blew them up. Okay, so don’t give these people credit.

They know how to message stuff. Working people get up four in the morning, five in the morning, go work in a railroad work do this. Those are people have to deal with reality.

My mom worked in a factory. She has to deal with reality. A guru doesn’t have to deal with reality sits there on his fat ass with a turban and a beard and he talks bullshit all day, let him go work a little bit it’s time we had a righteous anger against these people who do not work and have to deal with natural nature’s laws.

And you had respect for your fellow working people who have to deal with nature’s laws every day. My friend Franklin kata can’t wire two fucked up things together and say, Oh, I you know, everything’s fine. It’s my opinion, no, you’re gonna blow up the house.

There’s no opinion when it comes to science. I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. It’s wrong.

You have a lot of millennials running around with opinions, a lot of idiots on social media running around with opinions. And so you have everyone being bamboozled. But when you go to the scientific method, it doesn’t matter what Richard Feynman said, how good looking you are, whether your name is Kardashian or Kennedy, or whatever the fuck it is, if you cannot show that the observations match your models, you’re just wrong.

So shut the fuck up. So our movement is based on actual principles. So those of you are new.

We teach the scientific principles of this science of systems. You start with the fact there is evidence there’s something called the nature transport movement of information, matter and energy, it’s everywhere. There’s something else called conversion, the ability to convert energy from one form to another information from one form to another.

That’s called a conversion principle. And then there’s another phenomenon called storage, things that store stuff provides structure. Those are three scientific principles that I’ve shared with you, which most of you will never learn in grade school, high school college, you will learn it here.

In fact, most engineers don’t even learn those principles. But it is those three forces among six others which govern everything in existence. And our movement has to do the hard work enough teaching people the scientific principles.

Because the school systems aren’t teaching them. We’re gonna go door to door to door and teach people those principles. And you can teach those principles to your neighbor, do it as a service, because without those principles, these people are going to be jumping to one idiot 120 2220 24 Another idiot over here, and they’re all going to base it on some freaking emotion who he looks good.

He’s got a good haircut. Nice tan. Ooh, nice outfit.

Meanwhile, you don’t you can’t afford those outfits, or those tans or that kind of nonsense, yet people are voting for these fools. who know nothing who don’t even work. Ivanka Trump doesn’t fucking work.

AOC doesn’t work. Bernie Sanders doesn’t work. These gurus do not work.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t work. He’s an actor. So our movements about having respect for nature, for these principles for yourself.

And for work, labor. Go snuff have made these people ever shoveled their own sidewalks? I don’t think so. Do they actually go do any work ever? When you work when you have to move information, matter and energy, and you have to use your creativity, you’re making something to me that’s you’re doing honest labor, and you respect that.

Yet we keep voting for these morons. And we think they’re going to save us. And this is a brainwashing that’s done every microsecond millisecond against you.

That’s really the war against you, to demean you to make you think you’re less. And our movement is about one thing. It’s about you.

It’s about you having respect for yourselves, you having recognizing I got to connect with my neighbors. I’m going to go invite them to understand the scientific method. I’m going to teach them how their bodies assist them so they can be their own doctors.

Our movement is the one who saved millions of people’s lives talking about natural immunity. Now the New York Times has an opinion piece masks weren’t good. We did that in 2019.

Guys. So who will you follow in 2023 2020? For me, our movement are morons. Will you follow yourself and other people on this call? Are you going to follow morons? It’s really up to you.

There is no boogey man out there controlling us. It’s our own lack of respect and dignity for ourselves. We outsource our future to morons.

There’s more of us than them. So why does this occur? Because it’s really a mind fucking game that they do. transport conversions towards three scientific principles.

Well, I discovered that those same principles occur in eastern systems of medicine 5000 years ago, and they also occur in politics, truth, freedom and health, freedom, movement of information matter and energy transport. Truth. What I just explained to the scientific method is a method of converting all your crazy ideas, to finding out what truth is, it’s a conversion process.

We had a guy here we just sit on his chairs, big, big guy. I don’t know Dr. Shiva, I don’t know, truth is a process.

I don’t know what it is. And you can see him just sit like a lump on a log. He never got out handed out a flyer never did anything productive, but would sit there talking fucking theory all day.

You cannot learn science and theory without actually doing stuff. You can talk about gravity all day. But jump, you know, jumped 10 feet, you’ll feel it.

You can’t study this stuff in a vacuum. But truth is a process. It comes from the scientific method.

Okay. Health is the infrastructure of you. If you don’t have health, you cannot do anything nothing.

If you don’t have the infrastructure of this house, you can’t do anything. So truth, freedom and health are directly related to the scientific principles of transport, conversion storage, which have been discovered as laws of the universe for 1000s of years. So when we say truth, freedom, health, we’re not raising anything above them, they’re all equal.

Our movement is built on science on hard for knowledge that has taken people millennia to learn people’s names, who you don’t even know figure this stuff out. And they weren’t the Kardashians, they weren’t the Trump’s, they weren’t these fools. There were people who sweated, went into a little laboratory did an experiment without any sex or fanfare.

And that’s who we should respect. Our movement is really about self respect, and giving dignity to those people who work. And when you apply the scientific method, and you look at the data of how things have ever changed in history, go apply the scientific method, not your ideas, but actually look at the data.

Go look at the data. When did we eliminate child labor? When did we get the right to vote? Lot of imperfections there. When did we get highways and roads? When did all these events occur? And you will find out that they occurred not by the Kennedys, helping us not by Martin Luther King, doing a speech a controlled speech, it occurred because of vibrant militant movements took place bottoms up, not violent movements, but organized movements of working people.

And ever since those movements like that took place, those in power have been trying to distract people using all types of methodologies to make sure we don’t come together and first of all, acknowledge that truth and keep getting distracted. Or did you see Tucker Carlson today? What a great talk he gave bullshit. Two years later, three years later, oh, my god, Alex Jones.

Oh my god. Sadhguru. What a wonderful guy, you got to be vaccinated to go to all of his ashrams.

So we still quickly want to find these fake heroes. What is it in us that does not have any respect for ourselves? You have to ask that question. Because when you look at the arc of history as data, you will find that when people mobilized change occurred like that, and they in power, do not want you to have your own dignity to organize and understand that scientific truth.

Well, our movement won’t allow it because our movement exists. We figured it out. And it is a movement like ours has never existed in history.

So I don’t want to hear about other fucking movements. They’re nowhere near this, their mimics. They may try to copy our stuff, but they haven’t founded on the scientific principles.

They’re not educating people every week. They haven’t created a course they don’t have volunteers. They don’t have 200 million people understand this.

We’re not a legal movement. We’re not a electoral movement. We’re a movement of you.

And that is what we built here. And it is a very, very sacred thing we put together and we have to grow this movement and we lay down all the infrastructure, the computing infrastructure, the hardware and fracture the educational structure of the people, but each one of you has a historic opportunity to be leaders. Take this knowledge, understand it, commune with your fellow human beings start going door to door, bring people to these orientations.

Next week. It’s going to be on natural immunity. We’re going to teach people this your immune system This is why no one individuals immune system can be based on the same inputs.

Everyone is unique. And what can you do to support and create a resilient immune system? That week after bring all your kids, we’re going to teach people the seven secrets of innovation. They make it oh my god, you got to go to Harvard and be a dropout and look like a fucking nerd.

And then you get to invent something. No, it’s not true. innovation occurs anytime, anyplace by anybody.

Innovation is in people’s DNA. You see, that’s another elitist model that they’ve done. How many? You know, it’s very interesting.

You know, there, you know, when I created the first email system, I did it before I came to MIT, Philo Farnsworth invited invented TV, a 14 year old boy in Franklin, Idaho. And by the way, there’s a lot of dark people have actually invented stuff, but they don’t get anything. Because the real liberal white supremacist, they’ve actually created white supremacy, because they want to divide black people and white people up.

So they create this thing called white supremacy. Elizabeth Warren is a white supremacist. Most of the professors are white supremacist, because they want white people to feel a little bit better than their black people.

And then they have the right wing white people not want to talk about racism, when there is a real racism. So they’ve created all these very, very nuanced ways of dividing people. But the reality is, there’s a lot of smart people black, white, yellow, brown, poor whites, right.

And they never get their day in the sun. Because those in power want to say you have to look like this and be like this. And I know this personally, with the invention of email.

Walter Isaacson writes a book in the middle of the fabricated controversy. Everyone is white, I’m sorry. It’s not true.

Now, why did he do that? Because the white supremacist at Harvard actually exploit everyday white working people. That’s what they do. It’s very clever.

So they have blacks and whites fighting against each other. And over here’s a real white supremacy like the real terrorism is up here. So when we do our campaign we’re going to do and then white supremacy march on Elizabeth Warren says, We’re gonna march on Harvard, it’s time that white people recognize that there is a white supremacy, white people must call up white supremacy.

That’s what they don’t want people to do. Not the liberal woke whites. Those are the real white supremacists.

So we’re going to talk about racism. But from a scientific standpoint, it’s like America going and invading all these other poor countries and then calling them terrorists. Yeah, there is a real terrorists.

It’s the United States military industrial complex. And they don’t want to use a word terrorism. So we must use these words, because they’ve made these words standard thing, and they’ve told certain people not to use these words.

So our movement will take every issue, rip it apart and go to the heart of it, and bring out the real solution. That’s what we do. You we can’t afford to be bullshitted anymore.

And you cannot afford to just outsource your future to these morons. One of the things that the out of all the 8 billion people in the world, there’s 4% of those people, 320 million people have something called the First Amendment, and those people happen to be the United States, those people have a huge duty to the rest of the world. The other nine, sorry, if I get my math, right, the other 7.

7 billion people who don’t have those rights. So people in America, you can’t be fat, dumb and lazy. You have these rights, which come at the exploitation of the other 7.

7 billion people. Let me explain that. Okay, they do.

So those of us in the United States who have these rights, we better fight harder than those people who don’t have those rights. It’s our duty to all working people. So our movement teaches people that it took many 1000s of years for the human mind to try to figure out what truth was, and it constructed this thing called a scientific method we have that it’s a tool.

And that tool allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff bullshit from reality, okay. And it is what science is supposed to be based on, or what truth should come out of. Those in power today do not practice the scientific method.

They practice it when they choose to practice it. So they can now make up anything, they can make up climate change, they can make up Yeah, we all need to be vaccinated with this one indication with this one solution, right? Forgetting the reality of the immune system. So it’s a very dangerous time we live in because you constrain freedom, transport movement of information, matter and energy, which chokes science, the ability to convert ideas To this, and then at the end of the day, you screw up people’s health.

Now the good news about our movement is you’re looking at a scientist, and an inventor and an engineer, and someone who gets on the ground and likes to raise hell. And and what we want to teach people is that you cannot divorce from being a scientist from being a warrior. And being a health activists, they’re all integrated.

We want all of you to guys to be real scientists. We want all of you to be healthy. And we want all of you to fight for freedom.

You can’t separate them. You can’t say I’m a scientist working, no, you’re not really a scientist, because you’re not among people, your science is actually pretty blinded. And you can’t really be a health activist.

If you’re just sitting there doing yoga, asanas under a tree all day and thinking you know it all. Because your health, your understanding of health is limited. Because you’ve divorced yourself from the fight for freedom.

So you have to be a freedom fighter, you have to be healthy, and you have to be a scientist, all three truth, freedom and health, you cannot separate these. And that is why when you look at the fruits of our movement, were the ones who called out Fauci first period. We saw him while he was and we not only do we call that we ran a fire Fauci campaign, we collected the petitions, we went on the ground, we just didn’t sit up here and say, Oh, we’re running a movement.

Second, it was our movement, that educated people on the importance of vitamin d3, quercetin, zinc, we wrote a letter to Trump. And then we did hundreds of videos, educating hundreds of millions of people, we saved many people’s lives, right, taking truth and freedom health to the masses. And it was this movement that exposed that the government has a backdoor portal to all social media companies.

And we have we don’t have the First Amendment, not Elon Musk, he had to spend $44 billion for that, we spent zero. And we did that He’s a moron, being projected by the media as some savior. Don’t give these people an inch.

So in closing, the power of the scientific method comes down to you being honest. Looking at the evidence, which is reproducible predictions, do they exist? And are people practicing the scientific method on climate change, there is no scientific method being practiced. On this issue of back anti backs is bullshit.

There’s no scientific method being practiced. And when you practice a scientific method, you’re always two to three years ahead. And that’s where our movement is, on every one of these issues.

We will always be two to three years ahead. And the only thing that we need to do now is folks like you just have to go to people and take ownership. Hey, was our movement that did that? Why are you following this idiot? Do you want to be fooled for another four years? Do you want to get half assed solutions? Ask them that why do you abuse yourselves? Okay.

Alright everyone, thank you.

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