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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, reveals the molecule of pain and shares the systems biology of HOW your body sense pain.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr. Shiva explains what is the Systems Approach.
  • Dr. Shiva gives an overview of the work undertaken by the CytoSolve® Open Science Institute.
  • Dr. Shiva outlines the Systems Biology mechanisms of pain.
  • Dr. Shiva identifies the primary molecule that is used by the body to create and transmit pain signals.

Dr. Shiva explains what is the Systems Approach.

Holistic Systems Approach takes into account looking at a lot of research out there to help understand the molecular mechanisms. to really understand what’s going on.

The CytoSolve® Open Science Institute is dedicated to fighting against the real racism. The real racism for us as Big Pharma.

All they want us to do is just take pills all day, not really supporting systems of indigenous medicines, which come from all different cultures. We’re also eliminating animal testing with our technology, for those of you love your animals.

The Open Science Institute is also exposing the fact that the entire Big Pharma development model, which is very costly, creates drugs, which have lots of side effects. This old model is failing and had to move into vaccines to get us all jabbed to make more money.

As they spend a lot of money on research and development, and they’re finding less and less new molecules with an approach like the Blind Men looking at the elephant. The elephant, let’s say represents Cancer, they just look at the parts, and they end up with something that’s called Reductionism.

Dr. Shiva gives an overview of the work undertaken by the CytoSolve® Open Science Institute.

CytoSolve® is this very powerful technology without killing animals. We can take these Molecular Pathways, convert them to molecular reactions on the computer, and then start testing different compounds that are coming from nature.

For 16 years, we’ve been helping lots of organizations who want to find out what really works versus just shooting in the dark. This is what pharma does, and they are just money minded all the time.

That’s why we at CytoSolve® created mV25™. mV25™ was formulated using the CytoSolve® Computational Systems Biology Platform.

A technology for Precision and Personalized Health invented by Dr.SHIVA during his Doctoral Research at MIT.

This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of bio-molecular interactions, derived from 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 Research Institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that downregulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Dr. Shiva outlines the Systems Biology mechanisms of pain.

Let’s say hit yourself accidentally, you cut yourself or something happens. There are nerves, neurons, and the neuron is a very specific type of cell.

It has a nucleus, it has dendrites, it has this long thing called the axon and synapses. Neural parts of the mechanisms when you hit yourself are called the nociceptor.

These are things that feel pain and heat. The nerves then transfer through a series of signals through your peripheral nerves, almost at the speed of light. All the way up your spinal cord right to your dorsal nerve in your vertebrae.

Then a series of chemical reactions occurs here, which sends signals to your brain that you have pain going on. This happens instantaneously, but when you cut yourself, it’s not instantaneous.

You feel the pain of a bunch of signals going up through your thalamus, and chemicals get released. Then a signal is sent back to recognize where that pain was, and that’s when you go OUCH.

Dr. Shiva identifies the primary molecule that is used by the body to create and transmit pain signals.

When you cut your hand, and are looking at the molecular level, a signal is sent to your dorsal root ganglion at the connection at the base of your spine. This cell or the neuron, has on the surface of it something called TRPV1.

The stimuli comes through the TRPV1 and calcium gets released, which results in this molecule called CRTC1. That is released, and it traverses from the cytoplasm into your nucleus where this conjugate here CaN, results in phosphorus phosphorylation taking place to this molecule called CRTC1.

The CRTC1 positions itself in the DNA, and it turns on your DNA to produce CGRP. The CGRP then goes out through the presynaptic cleft, and gets released up to the trigeminal nucleus.

The signal comes in here, and it starts releasing the CRGP molecules that are then sent up to the cortex where you begin to feel the pain. That pain is the CGRP, the neuropeptide, the Molecule of Pain.

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