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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, reveals the Science that allows him to anticipate the next moves of those in power as they tighten their grip on working people.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr. Shiva has a long and well-established history of being several years ahead of other voices in exposing what Those In Power are doing and what they are likely to do next.
  • Dr. Shiva practices an engineering field called Systems Science which is an interdisciplinary field that studies the interconnections between the parts of systems, the interconnections between different systems, and even the interconnections between different scientific fields.
  • Dr. Shiva learned the same Systems Science practiced by Those In Power who learn from institutions like Harvard University and MIT and who then use Systems Science for Power Profit Control.
  • Using a Systems Approach, and knowing that the goals of Those in Power is attaining further Power Profit Control, it is a simple process to take a Systems Approach to analyze what the the most logical steps that Those In Power are likely to take to further their goals.

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TFH My Journey to Systems Video

Boom. And just like that he was live. So good evening, good afternoon. Good morning, wherever you are in the world, thank you very much for tuning in to our little live stream, which we’re going to be running over the next next 4550 minutes, maybe turn or we’ll see how we go. And I hope to be joined by a very special guest, Dr. Shiva, are you doing who I can just see in the background, so he will be coming into the studio in a minute or two. So, as I said, this should be really interesting conversation. And, you know, we do try to cover a lot of issues that you don’t necessarily get on them on on the mainstream. So wherever you’re watching this, if it’s on Gatter, if it’s on rumble, if it’s wherever it is, hopefully, you’ll find this one worthwhile for the next for the next little while. And of course, Justin’s assistant, I can see Dr. Shiva, he’s kind of in the background. So we’ll bring him in just as soon as he gets back in his seat. But hey, listen, the last time I spoke to you, we had a Conservative government looks to me like the next time we speak to you, we might and because the the churn in the body politic is extra ordinary at the moment, absolutely extraordinary times, not just here in the UK. But of course, we see events in the States, we see what’s happening in Ukraine, we see what’s happening in the whole mess. That is the Korean Russian kind of cockpit. So there is a lot of a lot of things happening. But the thing that I wanted to talk about, which we’re gonna get to in a second, is really, you know, the last couple of years have been extraordinary, haven’t they, for all of us. And our lives have changed in so many ways, so many ways. And we want to really zero in I think, with Dr. Shiva, in terms of the origins of all of this, whatever happened to science along the way, because, you know, I can’t be the only person who in 2019 had a lot of respect for science, and in 2022 has probably very little respect for Well, a lot of science and a lot of scientists. So that’s pretty much you know, kind of where I come from in this one here. And Dr. Shiva is going to commence so we’re going to bring him into the studio knows him sitting down. He’s getting comfortable. So without further ado, let me see if we can bring Dr. Shiva into the stream. So yes, good evening, Dr. Shiva.

How are you doing? Good evening.

I’m doing very well. Good evening, or is it afternoon or morning? I’m never sure.

Yeah, it’s 3pm. Now, David, you’re doing this live? Right? Is this live?

We are live. We are live. So hey, listen, first of all, a big thank you for coming on the stream. I have to say, you know, I have admired your work for quite a while. And just saying just before you come in there that I mean, we’ve been through Dr. Shiva, extra ordinary times since the beginning of 2020, I guess. And I can remember, well, I remember well, following you on Twitter, because back then we were both on Twitter. Since then, my Twitter times have come to a gratuitous end. And I think your own Twitter times have also are behind you. But I did follow you a lot. And I have to say you were probably the foremost and probably the first voice to raise sensible criticisms of what was going on. So maybe, can we just start the conversation? I mean, can we go back because you were on the ball, actually, in 2019? Because I’ve seen stuff you’ve done in 20, towards the end of 2019, where you were asking lots of good questions. So maybe can you share with our audience, which is a global audience, you know, go back in time to them? What did you see? What were you thinking?

Well, first of all, David, you know, my training is in a field. I’m a system scientists. System. Science is a field of science, which really is about seeing the interconnections between the parts. You see, when you only look at the part of something, you don’t get the whole? Yeah, but it’s the interconnections where truth exists. So some engineering, plumbers, electricians, scientists, not so much engineers are actually much more honest than scientists, science, scientists get a bunch of data, and they fit a line to the data and they can make the line go different ways. But engineers have to deal with the reality of science. So if you’re building something, and you build a bridge and you don’t follow the scientific principles, things are gonna fall apart. Versus if you just write a scientific paper You can sort of BS your way through it. So it’s a fundamental difference. So engineering training, like vocational training, puts you in a place, we have to deal with reality. Unfortunately, what’s happened over the last starting, I would probably say 1970. Most of the scientists in academia are essentially prostitutes. And that’s not being, you know, hyperbolic, but that’s what it is they basically practice the oldest profession. Now, I was fortunate because,

you know, the engineering training takes you in a different realm. And I learned enough about politics, even starting when I was a five year old kid, because I grew up in India, which had a caste system. Yeah. And the caste system is basically where, you know, your future is a function, not of what you do, but a birth lottery. So I was very fascinated why the family I was brought up in, even though we were pretty smart, you know, didn’t get proper treatment. And my parents were sort of one in a trillion when they made it the United States. So my journey has been deeply interested in political systems as a kid, but also science. So that journey, brought me into really having a deep understanding of system science, you know. So, in 2019, what’s important to understand is that I had given a talk at the National Science Foundation, what’s called one of their prestige lectures, that I was invited to do NSF, to those of you in England, it’s, it’s the sort of science and engineering organization of the United States. And I was asked to deliver a lecture on the modern theory of the immune system. And some of you may have seen it. And in that, I said that the theory that we’re using to give people, what we call the current job, right, was based on a 1915 model of the immune system. And that 1915 model of the immune system was the basis of essentially, jobs and but science changed a lot between 1915 to 2022 years of what’s called systems biology, and systems biology, starting in 2003, really found out that the body is not just the genome, and the body is an interconnection many subsystems. And so that lecture I had essentially said, Look, this, there’s an old model of the immune system, which is just based on bringing up antibodies. But the immune system is far more complex, many subsystems of gut microbiome, it involves the adaptive the innate, and essentially also the interferon system, and the interferon system, and it involves a much more complex system of what that immune system reveals, is that one size doesn’t fit all. Number one, and just upgrade you up regulating antibodies doesn’t mean you have comprehensive immune support. And you know, there were 200 Arison, scientists there and everyone agree, and I said, the concept of giving everyone a job to fix the immune system is frankly nonsensical. Okay. Yeah. You know, when, if you go back to the fear of very elation, which was brought to the United States by an American by a slave, in places like Africa, they would make an abrasion on someone’s wrist, if they knew one village had, let’s say, some disease, right? Yeah, and they would give the entire thing not just, essentially, is basically letting people’s immune system truly get up regulated. But the bottom line is, we tried to recreate nature by taking a very refined aspect in the true vaccine with a dead virus. And now at the mRNA model, we’re even going much more reductionist, to try to, essentially short circuit the immune system, okay, where you don’t get the entire upregulation of all different systems. So current intervention is like you’re going to a music hall, and you just hear the drum playing, when there’s a 12 piece band on the stage, which is the entire ensemble of the immune systems anyway, gave that talk, no one had a problem. And then when I saw this, quote, unquote, pandemic take place, and I saw Trump really not doing something I literally got a call from one of the chief economic people at the White House. And he was very, very

urgent. He said, Dr. Shiva, I’ve seen your video, please do more videos. Trump is just listening to Fauci doing anything, you know, to avert that, you know. So that’s what inspired me to realize that basically legislators and these people, the problem is the United States. We don’t have scientists and engineers and VO tech people in Congress, we have lawyers, and these people are frankly, idiots or entertainers, basically they’re imbeciles. Very different than the founders of the United States. Oh, yeah. Engineers. So you basically have imbeciles entertainers Trump is an entertainer. You know, Joe Biden is an imbecile. And the problem with when you have these kinds of people is they don’t, they can’t they don’t have the confidence to act on facts. So anyway, that’s when I started doing those videos in January of 2020. You know, run for office against Elizabeth Warren. In 2018. We were the ones who forced her to take the DNA test. It wasn’t Trump. Our movement did it. We had signs all over Massachusetts, which said only the real Indian can defeat the fake and it was a very funny. Yeah, we sent her multiple DNA test kits. But that gave us a lot of, you know, sort of public popularity here. But when we decided to run in 2020, January, or October 2020. Yeah, year in January 2020, when we saw the pandemic coming, I was the first one to put up on Twitter, a tweet which got like 30,000 retweets, which said, you know, this will go down in history as a way to destroy economies, suppress speech and destroy people’s health.

Yeah, you were very prophetic. I mean, I remember that. Yeah, I watched, as I said, I think you I can’t remember anyone else really off your stature, saying the same things that you said. At that point. In the intervening period, other people have come emerged and said this than the other. But,

but the problem is, David, just to make this point, you know, Alan McDonald, you know, who was the chief engineer at Morton? Thiokol. Who would in 1986, who wouldn’t sign off on NASA’s pressure to sign off on the space shuttle going up, which resulted in you know, everything blowing up? We just tell someone to take. Hey, John.

Okay, you’re your campaign acquaintance is very welcome.

Yeah. Are they okay? I’m sorry if that’s okay. That’s fine. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, so what ended up happening as a result of that was in 2020, January 2020. You know, I’m also an activist have grown activists have been that all my life, you know, I like building bottoms up movements. It was our movement, which went to New Jersey, and we had 5000 people protesting against the bill for vaccine mandates. And we’re the ones who stopped that bill. The not so obvious establishment guy, Robert Kennedy. And the establishment is very good at positioning people to act as though they say all the right words, he was telling us to not do our demonstration that, you know, we should go negotiate with the Democrats not angered them. Okay. So fascinating here is I’ve, you know, you know, politics, when you really get into real politics, and you really understand the dynamics of change is always bottoms up. The establishment is very clever, they have their obvious people like the foul cheese, and the Clintons, but then they have the not so obvious versions on the left and right, which will be fighting for the masses like Trump on the right, you know, even though I supported him, but his actions, expose the fact that he was actually not doing the interest of the people. And then on the left, you have people like the Kennedys and the AOCs. And the, you know, Bernie Sanders, it’s the wounds of the establishment that really manipulate people to thinking there’s hope within both elements of it. But yeah, we called all the stuff out. And the reason is because we take a systems approach. Now over the years, what we’ve done is we’ve created a system called Truth, freedom and health, truth, freedom, where we are now educating the broad mass of people on system science, we’ve created a community and a complete technology framework 10,000 People David in the world, approximate price a little bit less than that know the science of systems. George Soros is one of the big theorists on the science of systems. And if you think about a knife, a knife can be used to buy a criminal to kill people or a knife can be used by surgeon to heal people. The sun systems is a weapon that can be that’s today being used for subjugation, manipulation and enslavement. But what I’ve done is I was because I was fortunate to get all this education we’ve been, we’ve made that science a system to a curriculum that any working person can learn at their own time. And they can start to think beyond left and right and they can be prescient in predicting the future. But without the knowledge of systems, the world is actually screwed, because the elites have it a very different way on how to think. And using that how to think they tell people what to think. So we think

they also use the media very successfully the mainstream media, it’s both Yeah, yeah. You know, they actually do because like, like, again, going back to March 2020. I mean, there was a tweet that you put out, which I think we can bring up if we can bring it up. I’m sure you remember this one. A great tweet. I love this one. Back then challenging Fauji to a live debate. And as you say, rightly, the truth will then emerge. And the world will learn some basic immunology, but which was great, but the problem is that 5g was kept in place. I mean, you know, I never understood why Trump stayed with him, doctor,

I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why Trump stayed with him. Trump for Big Pharma what Obama did for big banks. Okay. And look, I’ve met with Trump, I’ve had one to our meeting and other our meeting, you know, back recently, but you know, early this past November, it has nothing to do whether these people are nice people or bad people, you could probably get along with them probably got play golf with them, hang out with them. It’s nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that it’s about immense amounts of capital, okay. And when you grow up in a culture, like Trump was an entertainer, basically. And he’s about maximizing profit for himself and his family. And that’s it. That’s all. I think that’s what Trump thinks. And anything that comes out of his mouth is about watching the opportunistic cultural direction. So. So if you step back at what was really going on, go back to Obama. Okay. Yep. Obama, I would say from the numbers, I’ve looked at 50% to 55% of Trump errs voted for Obama. And Obama was pushed by the elites, he comes out of nowhere, as you know, a black person who’s going to help all the working people, right? Hope, you know, they did all the message in return marketing, Madison Avenue marketing, but at the end, and so they used Obama to manipulate working people in this country for eight years. Black and white, right. And what did he do in those eight years? Ultimately, he brought in what was called quantitative easing, which is basically quote, unquote, not even printing money. It’s worse than that. Yep. And Goldman Sachs and all these banks should have failed. At the midnight hour, he saves them. And at the end of the day, they printed about, I think, $8.2 trillion. And Obama’s two terms. So they saved the big banks, and they screwed since he was a transfer of wealth. Yep. And the United States is able to do that, because it’s a reserve currency. Trump comes in, and my thesis on this is all the people believe, Oh, elections are selections, right? Elections are? Well, if you apply that same thesis, then how did Trump get it? Yeah, that’s that question. And in my view, what happened was the elites in power, had recognize that the American working people had run their course they’ve used a black guy, a black president, now they needed a white guy. So they bring in Trump who spoke all these populist messages, and I’m sure they did all the messaging analysis, they have all the data, they have very good AI and technology, make America great. Lock her up. Was the other one drain the swamp all those messages, right? Because they knew the American working people were very angry and those messages run with them. It doesn’t matter whether we’re going to execute them or not. Okay, so two different things. Yeah. So Trump is brought in to execute that messaging. And what does he do over those four years? Let’s really look at it. I mean, I gave Trump money to all those people who want to be rabid Trump errs. I don’t think they were out in the cold putting up signs like I did. I don’t think they gave as much money as I did. Okay. So the reality was that I walked the walk with Trump. I saw him initially as an anti establishment agent, many as like many people saw Bernie Sanders on the left. Now, what really happened was in when the Fauci things took place. I was the first one to say we started the fire Fauci campaign, our movement did that. We collected 170,000 signatures, it’s all and we drove our bus down to Washington, we gave it to the RNC. And then Melania not Melania, his former previous wife, forget her name. Marla, Marla Maples

reached out to me, she likes she says, Oh, me and Tiffany, love all your stuff. And so I had written a protocol. In fact, I wrote a letter. It’s out there in March, I said, there’s no reason to shut down the economy. It apply modern systems biology, precision and personalized medicine. Those people are truly, you know, unhealthy and sick and all that. Yeah. And they have COVID Fine, quarantine them like you would do with any flu. Those people have these things, put them on this protocol, high dose vitamin d3, vitamin A, I mean, these are proven 1000s of papers written on this to protect the system, and those people are fine. Let them to work and let them maybe take a prophylactic dose of vitamin d3. Yeah, and I did get a call I think in April May for I’m one of the deputy secretaries of domestic policy. And I said, Look Fauci is a bloody fraud, get rid of him. And so Trump had all the information from him, but nothing happened. Why? Well, first of all, Trump doesn’t know anything about science or engineering. He’s surrounded by Jared Kushner and Ivanka, who are just there to take as much as they can with those positions. Jared, look at the end result, he got a $2 billion, probably a very low interest free loan from the Saudis. And here’s a guy who’s grown up with a silver spoon all of his life. And, you know, his parents made sure he got into Harvard, all that kind of stuff, right? Yeah. So it’s not like these people ever were working people who came bottoms up who what the messaging was, okay. Nothing happened to Hillary, no special prosecutor is brought in, nothing happened to Hillary lock her up. In fact, Trump’s people are locked up. Okay. That’s right. Nothing happened to Fauci. And in fact, Trump printed more money per term than Obama did, he printed $6.9 trillion.

Okay. And that really all that the idea of quantitative easing was you would print money, and the banks would distribute it, the theory is, and then that would be going to infrastructure, you’d spur an economy. Well, that’s not what happened. The banks took it. And they invested it in Wall Street. So they basically created this fictitious Wall Street Market, right? So innovation didn’t occur, major infrastructure didn’t occur in this country. So what did happen was Hillary, no one got locked up, except Trump’s people. $6.9 trillion got printed. Now, here’s what’s more interesting. If you, you know, I’ve been, you know, my PhD works in fuel call biological engineering. I’ve been looking at the problems that pharmaceutical companies for since 1986, since I’ve been involved in this, pharmaceutical companies in the last 10 years have been losing money. Okay. Pfizer, case in point lost $25 billion over the last seven years, you can just go look up their revenue, it was 65 billion, and now it’s down to and in 2020, it was 40 billion. How can you say they’re being successful? They’re losing money. Why? Because the way that they formulate drugs is a medieval process, it takes 13 to 15 years, you take a single compound, you spent six years in preclinical killing animals just shooting in the dark. And then when you find something, then you go through another nine years of clinical trials. 20% of it don’t make it out of phase one. So for a single drug to come out, it takes 13 years $5 billion dollars, and that’s from a Price Waterhouse study. Yeah, so and the drug that comes out has only is efficacious for 10% of the people. So and patent life is 20 years. So if it takes 15 years for you to build a drug, you only have five years left to recoup all your investment before the before the drug becomes a generic. Yeah, this is why drug prices are so high. So pharmaceutical companies have been losing money. In fact, over the last 10 years year over year r&d costs pharma companies pump more and more money and and they’re finding less and less new drugs because the FDA is not allowing them because of the side effects. That’s the reality that no mainstream media will tell you. So pharma companies have been basically on a tailspin to destruction. The trilling of performance has been dying. So what happens is, now you create a pandemic, quote, unquote, a pandemic right? Now you say, everyone’s gotta get jabbed and you create a monopoly, captive audience for Pharma. So far, my guests through Operation warp speed, drew the this mRNA, quote unquote, vaccine allowed with without any testing, really, fundamental testing, pharma companies have a captive audience and look at Pfizer they lost 25 billion over seven years. And in one year, their revenue shoots up from 45 billion to 80 billion. And no one talks about this. And that was his V. It was like a hockey curve comes up that was brought to you by Donald J. Trump. And I think forget the guy who was the head of Pfizer, Albert, forget it. Yeah, right. Complete scumbag. He gets the award for the lifetime achievement from Israel. Okay. And you connect all the dots. You find out that this was the money making venture of the century, okay. For big pharma, because they were diving downwards, just like the big banks were. And that’s what really happened. Okay. And the white working class in the United States was once again abused, because during those four years, they had this Q anon nonsense, you know, people something’s gonna happen and Trump is in control and all this crap. Yeah, the storm is coming. Yes, it was organized collectively independently, don’t strengthen working people organizing up Wait, wait, wait, wait for the Messiah to come. And that’s what this was about. Obama was a messiah for the first eight years, right? Trump was a messiah for the next four years. And it bought time for them to put a complete imbecile in. Right now, that imbecile His job is to make sure the American public is completely zombied out of what’s going on in Ukraine and Russia. The fundamental issue is in 2013, and 2014, the plan was set in place that we must destroy Russia and destroy Europe, to make Europe energy dependent on UN, NATO. That’s what it wasn’t. And Condoleezza Rice said that in an interview, blatantly she goes, we must change the energy dependence of Europe to us.

Which is, which is what, which has not been achieved, because, as I’m sure as you know, in the European landmass, I mean, you’re going to freeze because apart from whatever, your liquid gas the is sent across the Atlantic, I mean, they’re

right. And in order to do that, it was I mean, it’s it’s pretty amazing. On September 27, the pipeline gasps pumps pipeline gets sabotage. Yes. And at the same day, the Baltic pipeline comes online. Okay. Yeah. It was boom, boom, they were. So it’s almost like, did they get everything ready? And then did they sabotage it? Okay. And even McGregor, the adviser to the Pentagon? He said, There’s no way that Russia would do this. It doesn’t make any sense. They put 11 billion into it. They’re making money. And Russia’s biggest export for us cash reserves, or for cash is, is oil, their gas? And their minerals? Yeah, so what’s happened is the issue now in Ukraine, and and, and Russia is quite delicate. It’s beyond me beyond delicate. I think the goal of US and NATO is to completely destroy Russia. I think that’s really the ultimate goal. And this has been a gold since the 17th century. I mean, look at Russia, the biggest landmass massive amounts of resources, just like imperialism did all over Africa, was to install people that they can be used to rape, you know, from the working people in each of those countries. And I think at this point, the US NATO, really driven by out of UK, London, you know, yeah, it is yeah, great. It’s not it’s not the US has really, the queen is not some titular individual, she still has massive control reserve power through Parliament. Look what they did in Australia back in 1972. Right. So it is the elites, a very small set of them, who want to have massive power, monopoly power, the UK left, but they did Brexit, the monarchy and few of them because they have so much assets. Now, all in the Cayman Islands accounts. They don’t want to be part of EU, but in order to consolidate power, they must destroy Germany, because Germany is the thing that keeps EU going. So how do you do that? So they’re getting, you know, the idea is to two birds kill two birds with one stone, you screw one competitor, Russia, and will also destroy Germany. So that’s actually going on. This is essentially a massive power grab, and they don’t care if some people get killed. If there’s a if the Ukrainians get killed, the Russians get killed, if there’s even potentially a small nuclear exchange, because the risk reward, maybe they’ve already done their game theory and calculated that the opportunity is Russia, and Europe in one fell swoop. And I think that’s where this is all about. This is why you need an imbecile running it because then you can exercise everything you want. So that’s what I think’s going on. So I think people are under estimating this Ukraine UK issue, the American public is completely zombies about it. They’re being entertained with no, the MAR Lago stuff, or, you know, the elections are nonsense. Meanwhile, the Ukraine, Russia thing, I think, should be on everyone’s mind because of the implications what that means it’s basically total annihilation.

No, that’s not I completely agree with everything you’ve said. I mean, I’ve come to view NATO as essentially the axis of evil, to be honest, because it is specifically done everything it can, as you said, to surround Russia and to get Russia. And I think once it’s done, if it gets where it wants with Russia, I also think it would go to China as well. If if it could, if it could. So, and we’ve got in the UK, slavishly how well pro Ukrainian politicians who, even at a time when our own economy is going down the tubes, they’re sending billions to Zielinski and as crooks over there, so

I think the reason they’re doing that I, you know, to people listen, they should understand that the modern data science software and everything that you do, it’s called game theory. It’s like you play chess, you can run this software, and it’ll tell you all the outcomes and the probabilities of each one of those outcomes of success. You know, game theory, you get a tree, and the branches of that tree are all the possible outcomes. So I am pretty confident that they’ve mapped out all the potential outcomes. And the outcomes could be the following, right? Get rid of Putin, okay, put one of your own in have a small nuclear exchange, okay, we may kill 100 million people, but it’s okay. Because we get Russia or whatever. There’s different numbers you can put into this game theory software, and you can literally get numbers and probabilities out and you can calculate, okay, well, we’ll have that, but we’ll still get this or we’ll have that we’ll still get this. Okay. It may not a nuclear exchange, and maybe we just do Petraeus, who is a former US General, he said, If Russia now that Russia has put the nuclear thing, this is too dangerous. So they’ve already put the the messaging out there that we don’t even care if Russia attacks, we may not even want to have to invoke Article Five, we’ll just go attack Russia, because we just want to go to Russia, because they’ve already said nuclear. So they are I believe creating all the pre tax. If Putin is who he appears to be like, actually, someone with his own national interests, someone who’s well read has some sense of history, whether you agree with them or not like he actually has his principles, and he’s gonna stay firm to them. And he can’t be bought out like a Boris Yeltsin or Gorbachev, right, we’re basically brought up by the US. Yeah, he’s not one of those guys. he’s already laid the olive branch, he goes on negotiate, but what’s non negotiable is those eastern provinces, which want to be part of Russia, if he’s willing, if he’s principal, I don’t know where this leads to, because now they’ve blown up Gazprom. Russia has no leverage in Europe anymore. So in many ways, His back is to the wall is NATO knows it. So NATO’s only option is, is to not do anything, I say, Okay, let him have that, which I don’t think they’re going to do is to keep it as it is, and then maybe come back at a later time, right, which I don’t think they’re going to do. But right now, the fundamental economic goal is to make Europe completely destroy Europe. So then the Raiders will go in and buy Europe, European assets at a very low price, and make an also serve us, NATO and US corporations, oil gas companies getting essentially monopoly access to Europe. So that’s a big win for them. Right? And then you also maybe you don’t need to attack Russia. I’m not sure so but I do know that this is a big opportunity for Imperialism, Western imperialism, to go after what they’ve always wanted Russia, Russia, titanium, oil, gas, but the only person that stands in the way if Putin is who he appears to be is Putin. So either you go in and attack and you get rid of Putin.

Yeah, I mean, I saw a comment that you made, I think, in the last week or so whatever, basically contrasting what was happening, the rejection of the rights of the people and Donbass to vote to be part of Russia, contrasting that with a little bit of American history concerning Texas. Maybe you could just sort of amplify,

I mean, I mean, it’s the, you know, one of the things people need to understand is the US news media and the CIA have worked together for many years. You know, when I was growing up in the 70s, in the US, we weren’t, we were always were inundated with Russia, and China or state controlled media, they probably are okay, but they’re probably much more honest about it. In the US, we were given this illusion that you have Walter Cronkite, and you have this, you know, separation of the media and government but we have some very good work that’s come up people can just go and find this The New York Times for years had CIA people on their payroll, yeah. mocking and so on. I mean, this is an but in the United States, they keep the solution. Oh, that’s government and we’re over here, right? But it isn’t. No. So if you go look at this, the sort of the one rule for you and another rule for me, you Is that in 1845, Texas Majan, Texas being was part of Mexico no different than these regions being part of Ukraine. They voted to secede. They had a vote. They seceded, okay. Yes, like these four republics did in fact, then massive voter turnout relative to us voter turnout. And 90% of the people voted in these four regions in Ukraine to to basically become their own republics. Texas voted to become their own state. Okay. And that was even before the UN existed, right? The US basically their article, one of their charter says a right of self determination of you and I, David and abortion of UK feel that we UK doesn’t represent us. And we’re a unique culture, unique people unique language, and we want to be our own nation, we have the right to do that. It’s called the right of self determination. Well, that’s what these people did, which is exercise, which is in Article One of the UN Charter, even though Texas didn’t have that at that time. They seceded, right, so you have two people 1845, Texas seceded for republics and Ukraine seceded. And then in the case of the United States, the United States Congress voted to accept them. There you go. Okay. Texas becomes part of the United States. Well, I think yesterday or today, the Russian Duma voted to accept these four republics. Yeah, right. So they succeeded, and they’re part of Russia now. Okay. And if Mexico and the base of the Mexican American War was Mexico, then attacked Texas, and then we have the Mexican American War, right? Well, that’s what we’re on the verge of because Putin has said, these republics, these people have always felt part of Russia. Yep. They did not like the coup that the US engineered in 2014. In Ukraine, it was a US under Obama’s administration who put in an anti Russian, essentially a pro neo Nazi guy. So yeah, yeah. And these people in the Eastern Province, I mean, I think people have no ability to fathom, that the Russian people lost the most number of people in World War Two, it was because of the Russians, that Hitler was stopped. It wasn’t the United States invasion of Normandy that’s just sort of Hollywood, it was the Russian people who suffered and was ill. And people do not understand the Russian still have a rich history just one generation ago in their own families, people fighting Nazis, you know, with pots and pans and hammers and stuff, you know, and the idea of recognizing this, so when Putin was very reserved, in not going to those regions for eight years. And so, and Putin was willing to sign the Minsk two agreement, which would have created those regions, in a federal republics of Ukraine. So it’s almost as the US and NATO wanted this situation, whether it was through planning or incompetence, we don’t know. But situation is that there was always a way out of this without war. Many ways, many experts, even the establishment side, like Anatolia living had written in the nation as last year 2021, saying, you know, look, we can avert nuclear war, but you have to sign Minsk to the agreement. That was And so people are many experts, who made today support Ukraine and said, you know, there’s no reason for this. So it to me, it looks like the Atlantic Council,

the UK, mi six, US CIA, all the powers that be, you know, you look at the data, they wanted this situation, and they got what they wanted, because as long as they have a wartime situation, it leads to uncertainty, destabilization, and it gives you a weaponization that you can use, as Clausewitz said, wars and other means of politics.

Do you think that you know, somehow or another Do you think that COVID was kind of the aperitif? And now what we’re seeing with Ukraine as the main course, or is there something to follow the thing?

Well, you know, I can’t you know, theorize on that what I do know, I can see is that the entire quote unquote, pandemic, the when you look at it economically, what is a lockdown do? It slows? Demand, okay? And if you just look at it as a gas pedal brake, and gasoline, the global economy was actually doing quite well particularly in these emerging nations. Okay. Meaning that the emerging nations were starting to build their own infrastructures are coming up India is growing at six 7% Right growth you Europe was doing quite well. Okay, if you actually go look at the data. And so how do you stop growth of other countries you, you put a brake on a lock down helps slow demand, right? It basically slows down everything. So we do know that the lock down and who did it slow down? It’s slow down. emerging businesses, small businesses, the big guys the Walmarts. The Googles, the Amazons, yeah. exploded. I mean, they the top 400 billionaires increase their wealth by 2.3 trillion. And small businesses, which are the engines of innovation and future growth are the ones who got destroyed. Yep. So we know that it’s if you if you want it to screw up the growth of emerging nations and, and your competitors, you knock out the small guys, right? The big guys consolidated power Jeff Bezos consolidated greater power. Yeah, well, that did occur, right. It’s so if you if you just follow the money. I mean, there’s people put the depopulation agenda out there. It’s possible. But if you just follow the money, without even going there, it’s so obvious whether you’re left or right, that the goal of the lockdown it destroyed a lot of small businesses, right. And the goal of this, the Ukraine war is to consolidate further power. And if you go look at 2014, I believe Soros bought tons of stock and oil companies Buffett just bought, I think 50% Share in Occidental Petroleum. Okay. So Europe is a big market. So you, you you knock off the Gazprom pipeline, you just you just screwed Russia, and now Europe is crying. Oil, us, liquid national, natural petroleum is already flowing in where it’ll be used through those pipelines, you say? So now you’ve created a monopoly market for the United States in some sense, which was what was a goal that under the Bush administration, Condoleezza Rice, put forward very clearly, we must have Europe dependent on the United States, not on Russia, period. So that’s what this is about. This is about making sure people are economically dependent. And then out of that economic dependency, now you have a captive and that’s what that’s what that’s it looked the, the trillion dollar pharma pharmaceutical industry was crashing and burning. And what Trump did whether consciously or unconsciously, through his income, or lack thereof, the pharmaceutical industry is, you know, they save them. So now there’s this booster and the next booster, it’s like the razor and the blade, right?

Can you believe how people can be so gullible to take four jobs, five jobs? How do you explain that? Have they just been psychologically I

think addictions? Well, you know, we’re going to be doing a conference in late October. On You know, if you remember, I held the first vaccine safety and immune health conference back in 2019. People what all that data is still relevant today. We’re gonna update it. We’re gonna hold another one. In October of this year, we’ll make sure Heather let you know about it. But the goal is, look, there was a article I don’t know if you just saw just came out to fat. I did a live on this earlier this morning. It’s unfortunate, but there’s a professor at NYU, did you see this? So there’s a professor at New York University, who’s a professor of organic chemistry, went to Princeton wrote one of the best books heralded as one of the best teachers, he takes a break. He a tenured professor at Princeton, then he decides he still enjoys teaching, even though he retires. It gets a contract at NYU to teach organic chemistry. If anyone knows, in order to be at a medical doctor, you have to go through the pre med curriculum. The undergraduate level and organic chemistry is the main course. And if you don’t, it’s like the course that gets rid of people who are bad, bad students, right? It’s a tough course. I mean, when I went to high school, I had one of the best teachers and organic chemistry. And if you wrote 99.21 as the answer, and the answer was actually 99.22, you got 20 Points off, okay. And the reason is because if you get those small things off, you can blow up a reactor okay? But Organic Chemistry is all you learn. The transformation and synthesis process of all the chemical reactions in the body is fundamental to being a doctor. Now, this professor at NYU gets fired I heard the university dismissed him because 20% of the students wind that his class was too difficult. And they were freaking out because he was they were going to get F’s and ds. And that means they wouldn’t get into medical school. Well, they shouldn’t be going to MediCal.

Yeah, that’s great. Yeah. But

University dismisses his professor. Because the university’s Dean’s get compensated, the university gets ratings based on the grades of their students. So if the chemistry department students suddenly have a drop in their average, that’s going to lower that chemistry departments average, you see what I’m saying? I did wrong. incentives have been set up. Right. So and then, you know, the universities get money for grant money, research money, based on the ratings from these people shouldn’t even be rating them like they’re giving Academy Awards away. Okay. That’s what’s happened. So what we’ve created a culture of imbeciles and I keep repeating imbeciles, and entertainers. You know, in places like China, by the way, 20 years ago, if you looked at the top 10 math papers, they were always 80% were us. Now 80%. China? Yeah. Okay. And the reason is because the Chinese parent is very rigorous on their children really learning the material. Okay. We’ve created a culture. Well, the answer is literally the answer doesn’t matter. As long as Johnny tried hard know, the answer doesn’t matter, particularly in engineering and physics and science, because you can blow up buildings, and you can walk airplanes, right. So that cultural framework of people in the humanities running, lawyers running governance, running policy, it’s very different than what the United States was built on. Which, which, because the United States led the world, which was engineers, scientists, I mean, look at Benjamin Franklin, he was an engineer. He was a scientist. He was many things. Even Thomas Jefferson, you know, yeah. Even linked up until Lincoln Lincoln has, I think, a couple of patents on chips. Okay. These people were innovators, thinkers, they had to build stuff, right? Not all these politicians talk about building stuff, they can’t build anything. We live in a culture now where we’re rewarding. Kim Kardashian, the person’s you know, she grew up an environment of learning how to make money off selling garbage, right? Yeah. And so and you live in a world of Trump’s children are Jared Kushner, I don’t know what he’s ever built with his own bare hands. Okay, or the Biden’s Hunter Biden’s? If you look at Tucker Carlson, and him and Hunter Biden are like this. He asked Hunter Biden to write a recommendation letter for him. So the news media, Fox and CNN are literally entertainment. Okay. So you have this field of ignorance, left and right, which the elites love, because ignorance leads people to look at information and leads him to illusion, which leads to confusion. And it basically puts people into complacency, division, or desperation. And the reason people are in this situation, is because the value systems have completely broken down. And there’s no value for excellence. There’s no value for recognizing, oh, that person actually knows more than me. And I have to learn from them the concept of the master and the student, okay, mastering the student relationship has been replaced by a false hierarchy. Okay, where the person on top actually is an idiot and doesn’t know much. And the real people actually know stuff are diminished, because they’re not masters of learning how to use news and messaging and marketing. Yeah. Okay. So that’s what’s occurred. And so, but there is a solution, you know,

that’s my next question. You preempted my question, what is the solution, then?

The solution is truth, Freedom health. Let me explain. So, if you look at so you know, I invented the first email system when I was a kid, I invented many other things. After that, and we invented this infrastructure called cytosol. We’re able to model molecular pathways on the computer and discover new medicines. But truth, freedom and health came out of the outcome over the last five years, where I looked at the left right narrative. And I realized that when you look at anything in society, there are in any situation, there’s a real problem. And the real solution, when politicians and the entertainers and these imbeciles do is they first of all, look at something like pollution in the environment. They create a fake problem. Oh, it’s co2. co2 is not a pollutant. co2 has been at the lowest levels ever. Lead is a pollutant in the atmosphere, right? Yeah, smog is a pool Okay, so then they make the fake problem co2. And then the solution is get rid of co2, which is so hilarious because all the the people who are running these pot farms in these greenhouse are pumping co2. In fact, human population grew when co2 levels grew, right. Okay. co2 is actually very necessary, etc. Okay, so that’s number, you know, number one, okay, failure problem, fake solution. The other thing is they actually take a real, real problem and they create a fake solution. Okay. So you have real issues in public health in this country or in the world. 2.5 billion people are obese, 2 billion adults, half a billion young people, you know, okay, well, that obesity leads to dysfunctions in the immune system. And immune system when it’s dysfunctional, will attack start attacking itself, autoimmune problems. That’s the way it goes. You say obesity leads to a lowered immune system, the immune system attacks your own body, a virus or never kills you. This is like people to many horror movies, right? They watch alien and pick this virus. The Ebola virus inside you eat you up or the Coronavirus Hu, it’s complete garbage. What happens is we have three and an 80 trillion viruses in our own body. We’re hit with viruses every day. If you have the proper immune system, immune system is no different than shock absorbers in your car. Imagine you didn’t have shock absorbers. All streets have potholes. You’re driving down you hit a pothole boom, you go through the roof, you kill yourself right? Now imagine a car company saying okay, I’m going to sell you a new seatbelt. Okay? Okay, that’ll help with this pothole. Okay, next year, I’m gonna sell you another seatbelt and another seatbelt. Okay. Yeah, definitely these jabs were what you need is you need shock absorbers. Okay? That’s what a good immune system is. You have immunomodulation you hit that paddle, your body doesn’t go up through the roof, it hits it, maybe it gets a little sniffle a little thing. And you move on. The issue is how do you get that? immunomodulation? Yep. And that’s what, you know, we’ve been teaching people, right. So that’s called a systems approach. real problem, real solution. Now, how do you get there, the way you get there is instead of going up to primitive information, ignorance,

illusion, confusion, you go up the pyramid of information, knowledge, to wisdom and clarity. What is knowledge, knowledge is not infinite knowledge is the science of systems. That is what knowledge is, the elites know the science of systems, I learned the science of systems, my trajectory was to be one of their minions. With all those degrees I got. And with science and systems, you can see the future. That’s why David, I was able to see the future in 2019, I could see where this was headed. Because you can see the inner connection. So at truth, freedom What I’ve done is I’ve created a system truth for dem health as a system was the slogan of our campaign. But I realized that the only way out is not me being a savior, not you being a Savior, the individual taking responsibility, having self respect for themselves, and learning not what to think, but how to think, and how to think comes from the knowledge of systems, the science of systems. So what I’ve done is if you go to truth, freedom, health, it says Get educated to be enslaved. It says the man who invented email now delivers you the science of systems. But what is the science of systems going to teach you or truth from the mouth? It’s going to, if email made you your work better, right, if a car helps you go from point A to point B, your Yeah, what is the solution here? The problem is that we have so much information. But with all this information, you would think people are getting more truth, more health, more freedom. But we’re actually going the other direction, because this is what’s being used, but the science of systems will let you take that information, understand what’s really going on and advance yourself. So truth for the month, we’ve created the course. It’s literally that 10s of 1000s of dollars, of course, that I used to teach at MIT have consolidated to anyone can learn it, you don’t have to be an MIT PhD. You don’t have to go to high school, I’ve made it accessible. Then we’ve created books and courses that I would normally sell for hundreds we’ve also included that then we’ve included a whole tool that teaches you the nine principles of systems. And then you can see how those tools work how those principles occur in your own body. So instead of reading this diet book, eat fat now eat raw food now you’d be better and be all these stupid diets. You can what kind of system you are, how your body can go off balance and you can learn to be an alchemist. There’s no one diet that works for anyone. Science of says So we created a tool Call your body your system, we’ve given that away, we teach our food as a system, then we give people tools, how they can be activists on the ground. So they can go educate their neighbors door to door. And then we’ve created tools for communication, the equivalent of a Twitter, the equivalent of Facebook and YouTube that we give all of this way. It’s 12 different tools, we call them gifts. People, I tried to give it away for free couple years ago, no one wanted to buy it, the human mind is weird. I can’t charge 10s of 1000s, which I charge MIT students, no working person. And so we said, contribute whatever you can, and based on your contribution, get these tools. But right, we have 360,000 people who’ve gone through this. We haven’t advertised, it’s all bottoms up in 95 countries, people in Antarctica have taken it. I don’t know who people in Samoa, it’s, it’s very funny. We are creating a movement, and educational movement to awaken people to start seeing things as they are. And people who go through this have the same knowledge, as Condoleezza Rice does, okay? These people are trained in the science of systems. And that’s how they’re able to manipulate people. And I’ve come to the conclusion without the knowledge of systems. Everyday people are walking around bows and arrows. And we’re fighting an enemy who knows really how to think there’s no end. And that can’t just be me doing this or me doing these prescient videos, we have to educate and people can’t be in the left camp, the Trump camp or the Biden camp, are saying I’m gonna go live under a tree or meditate all day, that’s where people want you also, or they want people being desperate, taking a gun and starting to shoot people. Any one of those four buckets is where where those in power want people, there’s someone takes a terrorist action, they can say, Ah, see, we need to take away the guns. If someone is in the left camp or right camp, they’re quite happy because they can manipulate those. Yeah, or they want people to say, you know, I can’t do anything, I’m just gonna go take care of my little garden, you know, sort of the Voltaire approach. You know, do that. And that’s it. Right? So the question comes down to do you want to change the world than if you do? How do you do that? Well, the typical approach is, well, I’m going to go fight lawsuits. Well, we know the judges are own, as we showed my present, right? So that will only you he’ll hit a wall, oh, I’m gonna run for office. Well, that’s an opportunistic approach, then you have to give up a lot of your principles. The only way that is always one is building a bottoms up movement, where you exercise not only your individual freedom, but collectively. So how do you do that? Well, you need a science, a framework to do that. And that is what we’ve created. It’s a catalyst, it’s there. It’s the only solution. I know that should have been created by 50 years ago. But we’ve had to do the hard work to create it. And I hope everyone takes advantage of it. We’ve made it accessible. We’ve had hairdressers go through it. And now they’re teaching, we have a learn, teach and serve model. You learn it, and you have to teach it to graduate. And by the way, anyone who graduates, if you’re an adult, you can be a philanthropist. And you can give the course away to as many young people 13 to 18. I just went to India in a village and we gave away the course, to 1500 kids. My mentor, Jay Forrester was a professor at MIT, he felt system science should be taught even before reading, writing and arithmetic at the kindergarten age. But this is the only way out of it, David, and my viewers might as well start now because one person who learns the science of systems is equivalent to an army of a million people, because they can really see where things are going. It’s power, it’s like a nuclear weapon versus people burning wood. So that’s the solution. You have to be an activist you have to be it’s we call people, Warrior scholars, you get to be a truth, freedom and health warrior. You learn how to fight, but you got to also teach other people.

But we’ll certainly what what I would say, you know, I mean, it’s fascinating, and I mean, obviously, people want to go to free the truth, freedom And they’ll find all the information that you’re talking about there. I think you’re right, Dr. shaver, we mustn’t let them divide us into false camps, you know, we got to see through the games that they play. And they they play their games, probably, as you say, rightly, that they’re some sort of the high at high level. They’re there. They’re educated, they are taught in systems and the average person, the average person hasn’t got a clue, but they can and that’s, I think, what you offer a sense of hope, a real sense of hope. I think we I think we’re going to maybe just bring up on screen for a second.

Let me let me bring it up. Can I share here David? My.

I’m not sure I’m not sure with that. 10 records and can you share? Again, let

me let me see if you can see the screen.

Pop up a bomb.

I think it’s the let me get educated. Yeah, just share that. You see that? Okay, good. Yeah, yeah, see that there? Yeah, yeah. So what you can see here is is scrolling when I do this? Yep. Okay, good. So it took. So, you know, we’ve been this has been in the work for me about 40 years, you know, it’s probably I would say, most important innovation I’ve done. It said, you see it says a man who invented the human now delivers truth for them health. Yeah, but to make you street smart. So you see things as they truly are beyond left and right Pro and anti etc. But truth freedom and health is itself a system. It’s not just any one part. And the end, we invite people that tend to open house we do and I’ll talk about that. But we have close to three over 360,000 users in 95 countries all bottoms up. We haven’t done any advertising. And you can listen to like great stories of transformation here. You know, electricians, daycare directors, entrepreneurs, Vietnam vets who have gone through the course. And the important thing want to let people know is we win. You know, everything I’ve talked about came from the system’s understanding, so people can recognize we don’t have to be in this doom and gloom we’ve actually won it was our truth, freedom and health movement, which expose a government and Twitter and big tech or an unholy alliance was our movement that expose the election integrity issues, our movement that really you know, as you said, called the pandemic way ahead. But this is a problem the system is solving, I want to make it very simple. Every tool must have a problem at solving. So if you look at right now, there’s lots of information everyone’s fingertips, as I mentioned, do you think people are getting more truth, more freedom, more health, the realities, billions are degenerating into complacency, division desperation. If you look at this, these are actually conservative statistics statistics, right out of the who, over 350 million people are anxious to render million people are depressed 51% of the children feel hopeless. This number has actually gone up in recent new survey 40% want to overthrow their governments, two and a half billion people are obese. 52% of people are completely confused on what to eat, and so on. And the reason this occurs, David is what I’m mentioning here, is that the system of power, profit and control to answer your big question, yeah, what it does, it actually breeds ignorance. Ignorance is not about seeing the whole that leads to illusion confusion. And one of these actually, four buckets complicit division. And then that is ignorance is really driving this confusion. And so if you’re in any one of these buckets, that’s what they want. And unfortunately, they have the machinery of ignorance the left Bernie Sanders AOC Trump, the Guru’s the Tucker Carlson’s, including the Alex Jones and the Joe Rogan’s. Okay, these people are entertainers. And what our view is a solution is we need knowledge, which is a science of systems knowledge is not information, which is going to teach people how to get to wisdom and clarity. And why is wisdom and clarity important because then people get active, they go neighbor to neighbor, they’re not relying on someone else to do their work, they start meeting strangers, they start talking to people, they start getting organized. And but it requires people to let go of the old system. And that’s what this is. So what we’ve put together is the foundations of systems course, I used to get, you know, MIT students paid hundreds of $1,000. And I’ll show you what this is. So the foundation, so there’s a course, there’s all the books, people, you know, get it on Amazon, we just throw it in, they get the paper where I publish, which really explains what is systems theory. And then they get a tool of where they can apply this to their own body. So this becomes very tangible, that these nine principles operate in their body, they can understand what kind of system they are, what happens when you’re not eating the right foods or exercise for you, and how to bring your body alignment, you can start using food to bring you back to you. Then we teach people how food is a system. We’ve organized many events and special lectures are all included. Then we’ve also created a teaching tool where you can teach others, okay? Because we want it to be a learn, teach and serve model. Then we have the ability to meet with me, every Thursdays we do we have now a global community volunteers who teach others. And then we have these tools of activism. We have these little cards, on elections, on vaccines, whatever, that people can hand them out and educate others. And then we have a Twitter equivalent, a social equivalent, all of this we include David, and what we’ve done is how do you Well, how do you what’s what’s the economic model here? Well, we found out a lot of people

could not afford 10s of that. So we said look, contribute whatever you can, and then you choose whatever you want to do. So if you go to contribute and join, people can be a warrior scholar, just 100 bucks gets people everything or 25 bucks, they get some of the things or zero you still get we still give people a ton of stuff. And what we’ve done is we stop here, what we’ve done here is we’ve made this it’s really what we’ve created is not only a I think you can stop this yet we created it’s an educational University. It’s a community so people don’t feel desperate every Thursdays at 11am and 8pm PST. We Get on. It’s an open house. Yeah, I teach it. And people get to learn, they get to meet the people say, Oh my God, there’s someone from here and here in Italy. And we have people in every country right now. I mean 95 countries. So it’s all bottoms up. I I’ve been I was traveling through Africa and India, random people come up, and they’ve seen our videos. So the bottom ways, what this is pointing to us is, you cannot rely on the political systems, you cannot rely on celebrities, you cannot rely on the Trump’s or the Biden’s or the kings or the queens. The real issue is do people want to take accountability and have self respect for themselves? And what we’re saying is we’ve created a catalytic tool, if you have that, Hey, start with the science of systems. If you don’t have theory, the right theory, you’re never gonna get to real change, you may accidentally jump off a roof one day and you learn how to fly. But once you understood Berners Lee’s principle, you can build an airplane, you can build a bridge one day, and it may not fall. But if you understand Newton’s principles, and what I’ve uncovered are those nine principles of science that anyone can learn. So you start with principles, and then we give people practical things to do. You have people either write an article, we have people go door to door, we have people, we want people to converse with other human beings. And we’ve created tools for that, and the science and the community. So the goal is people get out of their desperation, they start recognizing, oh, what was me it’s not true. There are other people like you. And we give a framework for people to connect at a much more enlightened level so they can educate others and get out of this left, right. complacent, you know, desperate narratives.

Yeah. So it’s, as you said, it’s a false paradigm. It’s a false paradigm. It’s absolutely nowhere. No, I agree with Dr. Shiva, I think we’ve pretty much reached the end of our slot. I just wanted to say on behalf of everybody watching on who will also listen to this as well, I find that truly fascinating, really, really positive as well, because, you know, again, we need positivity, we don’t want to live in a world of unromantic, alright, nothing gloom and doom, that’s not good enough. So if

people want to get out of that gloom, go to Truth for them health begin and we’ve made it that you’re an adult, lead by example, take the course learn it be part, and then you can give it to you can, you don’t have to be a billionaire, peep, we have made it very easy to click one button, you can share it with another parent to give to their child. So for children between the age of 13 through 18, you can give away this knowledge and your kid is going to have a huge advantage because he’s going to learn the science of systems, which it took me 20 years to put together. Knowledge frameworks heat, you’re getting an MIT PhD knowledge. And we have a concierge level where people can actually get other people helping teach you. The there’s no reason there’s no more excuses for people once this is out there. And this should have existed. And this never existed in humanity before. It’s like fire didn’t exist. Hmm. So what we’ve done is like Prometheus literally bring fire without hyperbole is what it really is true for them. Knowledge is power. The science of systems and it’s time that everyday working people learn it.

Well, I think it’s really interesting because an essential because because we’re at this moment in history, where this is never This has never been needed, like it’s needed. Now, as far as I can say, you know, because because, as you point out, you know, in the one of the models, ignorance, ignorance is so, so widespread, and it’s brought in so early that people can’t then get beyond that they’re trapped, aren’t they? At the bottom? And this is a way of getting them using systems. And yeah, I think

once people understand ignorance, is you look at the elephant and you’re only seeing the ear or the tail. Yeah, knowledge is you see the whole elephant. It’s that simple. The science of systems let you see things as they are the science of ignorance. Let you see the pieces. And if you just show people the tail, you can write all sorts of bullshit narratives. If you just show people that, you know, the tusks, you can. So you have to give people so when you look at the Ukraine, Russian war, the science of systems that you see, historically, what’s going on the economics, the science, right of gas and oil, and so the whole thing. Anyway, David, thank you. It was very nice.

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thank you very much. And that’s it for me, folks for tonight. And we will be back with you very shortly. Thanks, everyone. Bye

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