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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, shares what the historic duty of the American Working Class is, not only to themselves, but to all working people all over the world.

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  • Dr.SHIVA explains the history of the American Working Class and how it became the strongest working class in the world.
  • The establishment of Left & Right conspired together to stop the rising Bottoms-up movements which were occurring during the Great Upheaval.
  • The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment misdirected Working People to abandon the building of Bottoms-up movements in favor of electoral politics.
  • The reality is that building a Bottoms-up movement is a necessary prerequisite to achieving any genuine victory for Working People, including in electoral politics and beyond.
  • It is necessary for the American Working People to use the hard-fought rights and freedoms they still have, which are gradually being chipped away by the combined forces of Left & Right, to fight for Working People all over the world.

Dr. Shiva explains the history of the American Working Class and how it became the strongest Working Class in the world.

In Milwaukee, in the 1800s, in 1886, when there was a large movement, particularly fighting for the eight-hour Workday. A lot of the movements arose out of here.

In fact, it was in Milwaukee, when in 1886, when workers were engaged in the Eight-Hour March there was a lot of these Marches taking place for basic rights for people against child labor, against working normal hours, that the state militia fired, and it resulted in the deaths of seven workers.

The militia was called out by the governor. And they shot seven American Workers.

And it was called the Bay View Massacre. Up until that point, massive protests were building up all over the United States causing a great upheaval.

And this protest was particularly important because seven workers were shot, because that’s how the establishment responded to the independent Bottoms-up collective organization of Working People. That’s what took place right here in Milwaukee where I am here today.

And that took place at the Bay View Ironworks. Now, what’s interesting to understand is that when that event took place, the unions, the Bottoms-up Trade Unions, ended up organizing a party called the People’s Party.

And they said, No. This is what happens when Bottoms-up movements take place.

Those in power will respond back with tremendous vehemence and hostility. And that’s what took place.

The workers movement was in an interesting position. Do they back off? Or do they do something else?

One wing of that workers movement decided that this is too much, we shouldn’t build up this Bottoms-up movement. Let’s get involved in politics. Let’s get involved in electoral politics.

Let’s have people run for office. So now, nothing in and of itself is wrong.

But if you do that, dropping the Bottoms-up movement that you were building, because that’s what really brought the threat of the establishment. But what they did was they sort of stopped the Bottoms-up movement.

And they said, we’re going to jump into politics, and they formed this thing called the People’s Party.

The establishment of Left & Right conspired together to stop the rising Bottom’s up movements which were occurring during the Great Upheaval.

In reaction to that, the Democrats and Republicans both got together and created an umbrella group called The Fusion Committee. Okay, F U S I O N Committee.

And The Fusion Committee decided that what they were going to do was to come together to really destroy this emerging movement. And because these people were participating in electoral politics, which means running candidates for office, they would crush them.

However, because the movement was still there or the remnants of the movement of people running for office, they actually ended up winning a bunch of seats, but then it’s unclear all the details that took place. It’s clear that the Working Class movement bifurcated into one group wanting to just do electoral politics, which means run candidates for office.

And the other group, essentially deciding that needed to build these Bottoms-up Trade Unions.

In subsequent years, the People’s Party got crushed, because they didn’t have any of those Bottoms-up workers movements, that’s an important understanding. Had they kept doing those Bottoms-up movements, they would have probably even had a shot at electoral politics.

So regardless, what ends up happening is the smarter people, Working People recognize they better build these Bottoms-up movements, and those Bottoms-up movements continue to grow. And Milwaukee, Wisconsin, look it up where it is, became the centers of these Bottoms-up workers movements.

And it had such a profound effect, that the establishment had the fear of God put into them by these Bottoms-up movements, that at one point Milwaukee. The governance system was so clean, people said it was one of the cleanest governance systems in the United States.

And these workers movements, late 1800s, early 1900s started to continue to grow. This is important to understand. And it was those movements, which put the fear of God into Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

And many of the concessions were given by the elites during the 1930s. The concessions which we’ve talked about infrastructure, eliminating child labor, all these things came out of this Bottoms-up workers movement.

When the American Working Class exercised its First Amendment, it exercised its full range of Bill of Rights. These workers movements grew collectively, and major gains were made.

And you can go look at the late 1800s, early 1900s, and 1930s. All of those gains, the highways that were built, the water systems all came from the Bottoms-up workers movements.

In fact, as we talked about in our movement for Truth Freedom Health®, long before the vaccine for measles came in 1963. You know, by 1945, 18 years before, 98-99% of measles was wiped away because of the infrastructure.

The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment misdirected Working People to abandon the building of Bottoms-up movements in favor of electoral politics.

What’s interesting to understand also is – Who is Joseph McCarthy? I’m sure most people in the state should know.

Joseph McCarthy was the US Senator who got elected in the late 40s and 50s. McCarthy comes out of guess where? None other than Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The most powerful workers movements, Bottoms-up workers movements, began here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And they set a bomb off, and this bomb off meaning the fear of God was put into the elites.

And so, the elites in response to that right out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they put in a guy called McCarthy. And this is what occurred in the 1950s, the Left- wing and the Right-wing unite.

On the right, it was this guy called McCarthy, he started branding, anyone who said Workers Unite, Bottoms-up workers movement, people like you and I organizing independently, as quote unquote, “Communist, Marxist,” etc., as though, Workers Unite, is owned.

Anti-Communist, in the broader sense of truly against workers, against Working People. And remember, I’ve done a couple of videos educating people on the difference between the proletariat, who’d like to work for a living.

And the lumpenproletariat, who Bernie Sanders and AOC have conflated to mean workers. Lumpenproletariat are people who do not work, live off other people, are criminals and are called lumpenproletariat.

The true proletariat are people who are going to organize Bottoms-up, which is what took place in places like Milwaukee. McCarthy gets elected out of Milwaukee, and his mission is to destroy the Bottoms-up workers movement.

So, he brands anytime people say, Workers Unite as Communists. And this is why when we started using the slogan, “Truth Freedom Health®, Working People Unite”, a bunch of very ignorant people said, Oh, you’re Communist, you’re a Marxist that ended up as we’re in the camp of Bernie Sanders and AOC. Absolutely not true.

What they then did, starting in the 50s, was that the Bottoms-up Trade Unions, the Bottoms-up trade unions, very important to remember, which were really starting in 1886, got replaced by the top-down controlled unions of the Democratic Party.

So, the Democratic Party, it may have had some elements, and they were just supporting this Bottoms-up movement, but they stopped that, they started supporting these top-down workers movements.

And essentially, they hijacked so the left-wing hijacked the Bottoms-up workers movements, made them top down and the right-wing basically told any worker if you ever organize a workers movement, Bottoms-up, we will brand you as a Communist, and a Marxist, Everyone get it?

So, 1950s is an important point because that’s when everything changed, and by 1970, most of the Unions in the United States were completely hijacked by the Democrats, top-down, and between late 1800s, early 1900s to 1950s to 1970 there were close to 100 million US workers who struck and close to 11,000 strikes.

Starting after 1970 until today, there’s been maybe 900 strikes with a few million workers participating.

The reality is that building a Bottoms-up movement is a necessary prerequisite to achieving any genuine victory for Working People, including in electoral politics and beyond.

We’re at a very important point, if you have any regard for those people who fought for these rights, particularly the Bill of Rights, you have to recognize that you can’t be fat, dumb and lazy and not do your historic duty because those rights came at a lot of bloodshed, and a lot of sacrifice.

And every generation has to continue to struggle, because freedom is not something that’s standstill, it’s not like you get freedom, and or truth or health, and then it continues, it can actually go backwards. And what’s happening in the world right now.

Truth Freedom Health® is essentially going backward. And why do I say this? You see, when you take a Systems Approach to understanding the world, you recognize that not only do you have to just fight for freedom, but you have to fight for truth, and you have to fight for health.

The movements for freedom. All those people fighting for the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and the Bill of Rights have to unite with the people who want truth.

And what is the truth? Truth is the scientific discipline, the Scientific Method, where you apply science to find out what’s going on, and we’ve seen that’s been destroyed over the last three to five years over the last, since 1970.

Because when you curtail freedom, which means curtailing people’s ability to share information, you curtail science, the pursuit of truth.

And when you don’t have freedom and truth, you don’t have physical health. When you don’t have physical health, you don’t have the resilience, the mental and physical capacity to fight for freedom or truth.

It is necessary for the American Working People to use the hard-fought rights and freedoms they still have, which are gradually being chipped away by the combined forces of Left & Right, to fight for Working People all over the world.

The historic duty of the Working People, particularly in the United States, is to get off people’s rumpus. Give away a few hours of watching Sunday Night or Monday Night Football and understand the physics of what it takes to build a movement.

You owe it not only to yourselves and your family in the United States, but you owe it to all Working People, there are your fellow Working People all over the world who suffered. They don’t have the same rights as American Working People.

And if we don’t use those Rights for the advancement of Working People, not only in the United States or elsewhere, it’s basically a parasitic behavior. So, what I want to request of any working person, which is what most of us are, is to build this Bottoms-up movement.

And in order to build that Bottoms-up movement, come to the Open House. But more importantly go to

I want to encourage people to recognize that we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. And the American Working Class has a huge historic duty.

And the Truth Freedom Health® System exists for all Working People. But today, as I’m sitting here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the center of the workers movement that took place that affected the world.

I want everyone to recognize that there’s a historic duty of the American Working Class. The Truth Freedom Health® System will enable you to do that, and for all other Working People, you also have access to it.

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