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The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives an opening speech before a rally to educate people walking by how we got here and who the real enemy is for Working People.
  • The institutions of power in our society are controlled top-down by the Elites through the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex.
  • The Elites seek to enslave working people through divide and rule.
  • Only a Bottoms-up revolutionary movement with the right political theory can overthrow the elites.
  • There are many misleaders leading groups of people to “beg” to the same institutions which the elites control.
  • Politicians and bureaucrats are nothing but “prostitutes” for their paymasters in the Elites.
  • Begging and negotiating with the Elites’ “prostitutes” will never liberate working people from oppression and tyranny.
  • We must build a movement that refuses to compromise with the “prostitutes” and misleaders who beg to them, and that viciously exposes the paymasters of the Elites.


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Everyone, we’re about, this is just preparation for our rally. We have the Truth Freedom Health® Warriors here, and in about an hour or so, we’re going to have a massive rally here. And the reason we’re gathered here is because people are trying to figure out how we got into this situation, and what needs to be done.

And the people behind – in this building here, have nothing to do with ever changing anything. The politicians are puppets. When people come here at this rally, people need to understand this is not the place where we should be. We want to change the course of a movement, which has been led to a dead end by people like Donald Trump, as well as people like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Two scumbags who have, two billionaires, two people who come from silver spoons. Is that what the word is?

It’s time for working people to take over this movement. And our movement has been consistently right and leading people in the right direction. And today you’re going to hear Working People; you’re going to hear teachers, welders, electricians, engineers, scientists, not scumbag politicians. And I use that word as a technical term. It’s a politically correct term. It is what people should be using, with great anger against those people who have actually misled people over and over and over and over again.

We’re not going to allow it anymore, are we? No! No! The Movement for Truth Freedom Health® has been consistent. We – on target in recognizing that we need to go beyond left and right. We need to go Beyond Black & White. We need to build a movement of Working People Uniting for Truth Freedom Health®. Truth Freedom Health®. Truth! Freedom! Health! Truth, Freedom and Health. Truth, Freedom and Health.

Those three words, Truth Freedom Health® are not just a slogan, but they are a fundamental principle that first of all goes back to the essence that without freedom you cannot get to truth. And freedom in this country, the First Amendment has been completely destroyed. And it was not done by just one party.

It was done by the collusion of both parties. Donald Trump is the one who extended the Patriot Act. Obama created CISA. And Donald Trump further created CISA with the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, which basically created the unholy alliance between government and Big Tech.

We do not have the First Amendment in the United States. And our lawsuit which I represented myself in a Historic Lawsuit, we were the first to expose that that government and Big Tech are in an unholy alliance. The second thing is we know, myself, as a scientist, we do not have science in this country anymore.

We were the first to call out Fauci. The #FireFauci Campaign was started by this movement in 2019, and 2020. We delivered over 100,000 signatures to Trump and Trump did nothing. And Biden won’t do nothing. Trump and Biden, both Big Pharma supporters. Both got inauguration money.

Then people think of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Robert Kennedy, just a few weeks ago, had an event at his home where everyone had to be vaccinated. He’s the most insidious scumbag. And a lot of very wealthy women keep giving money to him because some of them want to sleep with him. Some of them think he’s their savior, and that the Kennedys can do whatever the hell they want, including kill people and get away with it.

And this brainwashing is why there’s no movement in this country. This brainwashing is why we’re in this condition of slavery where people’s wages have been destroyed. This is why Pfizer makes $65,000 a minute, $1000 a second, and we’re still protesting in front of these stupid state houses.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a real protest in the heart of the Military- Industrial- Academic-Complex, on January 6 at twelve noon, in the heart of Kendall Square, where Pfizer, Moderna, MIT, MGH. Everyone is there in a 20 yard radius around you. January 6, Kendall Square, twelve noon. It’s time we break from the misleaders of both parties, and it’s time people get serious about building a real movement. And if we do not want to do that, then you’re going to get slavery, you will not get Truth Freedom Health®.

Our movement is dedicated to winning Truth Freedom Health®. Go to, start learning Political Theory, start building a community among local people. And you have to let go of these scumbags, be it Trump, or be it Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Left & Right. Democrats & Republicans have no interest in freeing people.

We, after this day – should stop protesting at these state houses and city halls, because they’re all puppets. They’re all puppets of the racist Big Pharma Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex. Alright guys, so we’ll be continuing shortly but we’re just starting and it’s starting to rain here, so, we’ll see how long this last for.

Tomorrow…January 6, twelve noon, Kendall Square, Galaxy Park right on Main Street. We’re going to March onto the real Enemy, racist Big Pharma. That’s what they are, they’re racist too. Right, what do you say…all right everyone, we’ll be back.

Truth Freedom Health!
Truth Freedom Health!
Truth Freedom Health!
Truth Freedom Health!
Truth Freedom Health!
Truth Freedom Health!

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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