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In this Interview, Dr.SHIVA shares why we must Shatter the Swarm and some foundational systems principles for achieving this from his seminal best-selling classic Systems & Revolution.

Transcript Below.

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All right, everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. I’m going to have a great conversation with Johnny Vedmore on The Swarm and it’s multi layers of deception. That’s what we’re going to talk about and we’re going to have a free flowing conversation. Let me just play our intro to people before we start and we’ll come back in a couple minutes or less than a minute.


right, everyone, we’re going to have a good conversation and with Johnny here from England and he’s been kind enough to stay up there late and we’re gonna really talk about the essence of why we need to shatter the swarm and the need to really understand a system and what is a revolution.

So let me bring in Johnny here. I think let me over here. So let me bring in Johnny right here and I have to take away Johnny’s this zoom thing, which says I got it. Hi, Johnny. How are you? No, I’m really good. Thank you. We’re doing a joint presentation.

Based around things like the World Economic Forum, the rise of Klaus Schwab Kissinger’s creation of a new world order, the CIA and Harvard conduits that led to the creation of that world order in the late 60s, early 70s. And I think we’ve got lots in common, especially our vision and our view of some of modern politics.

So I’m really interested. I know. People who listen to me are really interested in us having a proper conversation. Where we’re talking about things that we both know about. And this is going to be interesting. Thanks for having this conversation, Dr Schieffer. Yeah, I think the most important thing is, when I did that swarm video it was basically 50 years in the works.

And anyone who’s serious about real change will watch that video carefully. And, it took me another 50 years to write this book called System and Revolution. It’s really a real guide, which explains to people what is a system, what is revolution. And people like Boobie fucking Kennedy know about this.

And he is one of the biggest scumbags, piece of shits on the planet of Zionist hoodlum. And anyone who’s in his network is also part of the swarm deeply. Because I have, emails that Kennedy has transacted with a guy that used to work with him. He understands the political dynamics of the controlled opposition.

And he has decided to take the role of the controlled opposition. And he is very well funded by the swarm and he hates guys like me. And what he does is comes to our meetings and you look at his last email. He literally, you look at his emails and videos. He literally knows that we are the true revolutionaries copies, our stuff.

Puts it out there and gets people like Whitney Webb to support him, who is funded by him and who’s part of them. And people say, oh, my God, she shares the truth. We don’t give a fuck who shares the truth. When do they share the truth? And what is their purpose in sharing the truth? And do they call action?

Noam Chomsky shares the truth all day long. But, if you go to Noam Chomsky lecture, and I was a student of Noam’s, when I was an undergraduate, you leave all demoralized. So the establishment is very clever. People like booby fucking Kennedy are infiltrating change agents or seeming change agents and you watch their content and you think, oh, my God, they revealed everything they revealed jack shit because the revelation of stuff has to be associated with.

The timing Parker Carlson’s part of this, but everyone should understand, you can share as much as you want Johnny, but the reality is telling the truth, quote unquote, half truths, by the way, and even detail truths of all these machinations with what to people like Whitney web do, but not.

Talking about change and being associated with boobie fucking Kennedy should make it clear why they are giving you doses of truth. Okay, they don’t want you to fundamentally change the world because boobie fucking Kennedy is a Zionist scumbag. He’s a Zionist cocksucker. He promotes vaccinations.

He was the contradiction in his life are so deep. He’s not just forked tongue, he’s got multiple tongues. So these people are highly clever on the level of how they play. How do you think that people like Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy ended up into this position?

Do you think it is just allegiance with a three letter agency that they are whether they know it or not working for some form of intelligence agenda? Of course we’re Am I being too kind by saying if they know it or not? Of course they know it. Look, let me give the explanation because I’ve been around these people.

They’ve always wanted to co op me into their circles. This is how it works. If you ever join, if you’ve ever been part of a group of people, right? And you’re all friends, right? You all have an implicit understanding. Okay, we’re friends, we’re, we Protect each other, right? It’s this implicit understanding.

All right. It’s like people who join these golf clubs, right? Or some society, a fraternity, right? There’s an implicit understanding. You’re part of the club and it doesn’t have to be explicit. And this is what people don’t, it’s not like you will do this. You will do this. It’s. Like a swarm, okay, is and the implicit understanding is far more powerful than the explicit understanding.

Okay. So therefore, you may act in the outer world. You have some minor differences, but internally, you will never ever go against them. Why? And you have to step back and understand all of these people, guys, they hang out literally at the same restaurants. Literally at their same clubs. They literally screw the same people.

They literally send their kids to the same equestrian shows to the same, artsy schools. All right. They pick them up. Sometimes you have no idea of the level of interconnection. These people have. All right, I explained it. I explained this quite a lot about I try and give an example of the new york scene the financial scene Exactly.

Look at their parties. It’s exactly the same people now if you go back 40 years ago They’re the people who all we see as nefarious now. Yeah back then they were all of the main People on the front of mainstream media being plugged out by the big newspapers, New York Times covering them all the time.

People are always giving them the best show because they’re very much so you have to realize how does Vivek the snake overnight get everywhere? Go look at all the editors of the New York Times. There’s Zionist hoodlums and they’re a bunch of Brahmins. Okay. One phone call from one PR agent and you’re on every podcast.

Now I’ve been in that world. And if you haven’t been in that world. You’re really fucking stupid in the sense, stupidity, not, stupid mentally, but they make you stupid to think, wow, these people are fighting against each other. Guys, they’re all very closely connected. If you go to New York, like you said.

They’re all invited to the same parties. They all, when they go to Malibu, go to the same restaurants, right? When they go to Aspen, they shop at the same places. Oh, how are you doing? Good to see you, fucker. Yeah. Good to see you, boobie. They’re all friends. Oh how was your wife’s last plastic surgery?

Mine’s was great. That’s what they’re doing. They’re all one fucking swarm. And if you don’t understand this dynamic at this deep level of the social connections that they have, and that they’re interminably linked to each other, that you will not understand how you’re being played. And that’s why when you shared with me earlier that Whitney Webb Boobie Kennedy, and all this phenomenon takes place.

Everyone says, Oh, Dr. Shiva, Whitney Webb, and you should do a podcast. She’s never contacted me. And the first time I saw her do a podcast with boobie, I said, this is fucked up. She’s with the fucking enemy because she is part of the swarm. So the swarm is very clever. Now you have fucker Carlson acting like.

He’s like fighting Justin Trudeau. He’s like stopping supporting the truckers. All of this is being done. It’s a CIA MI6 Mossad fucking psychological operation and 90 percent of is being done because of our movement. Because we have been relentlessly exposing this people. And in 2020, Johnny, when I first, in 2019, I was, I’m considering leading guys on the immune system.

I was asked to about the vax or anti vax position. And I did a video, you guys can go see it. It’s in Jesus in 2019, almost four or five years ago. And I said, we need to go beyond vaccine, anti vax, the real issues, the resilience of the immune system and all these mothers who were giving. Kennedy blow jobs and probably giving him a lot of money came to me and they said, oh, dr Shiva, we love what you’re doing, and they invited me to speak.

And then as I, but I’m also an activist. I like getting on the ground, getting my hands dirty, building bottoms up militant movements. And I said, where’s the fucking movement against vaccine mandates. And the first opportunity was in New Jersey. Where we held a massive protest. 5, 000 people, I’m originally from New Jersey.

Boobie fucking Kennedy comes, the controlled opposition, and he’s really upset, jealous, that all these people love the points I’m making, which are much more scientifically based. And then he tries to undermine me and he says, Oh, Dr. Shiva is going to hurt the movement. We need to have channels to work with the Democrats.

Okay, scumbag. Anyway, it was because of that militant protest that the Democrats in the New Jersey House of Representatives. table, the bill was a huge victory. All right. That’s how you win. Kennedy has no intention of winning. He is part of the entire CIA operation. That’s what he said to drag in, he said to drag in the scragglers and the people moving away or pushed away from the Democrat party due to the fact that it’s quite vulgar and horrible and everybody automatically goes away.

And then someone like they send out someone like boo BF Kennedy. They have a bunch of them. Johnny, they have a bunch of them. So if you look back, this really started after the 1970s, going back to the 50s, where they realized that they wanted to stop truly organic bottoms up movements. People like me who come from the dirt, building up these movements and are truly the heroes of the people.

So in order to suppress people like me and others before they should just shoot us, right? Or execute us and then we would become martyrs. They said, we don’t want that. So then what they ended up doing was they said, okay, we’re going to create our own fake heroes and fake martyrs. Even Russell brand being 1 of them.

Martin Luther King being 1 of them, the Kennedy’s being 1 of them. So this was a CIA, my 6 policy that was put into place starting post 50s and 60s. So by the seventies, they had it all figured out. And the Kennedys are the institutionalized swarm. They’re the institutionalized, not so obvious establishment.

John Kennedy was all out for the CIA. You should go read his speeches before he was supposedly, it was basically one wing of the organized crime family killing another wing because they were pissed off. We shouldn’t give, have any sympathies for the Kennedy at all. They’re all part of this nonsense.

Robert F. Kennedy, the father of Boobie, was all out for escalating the war in Vietnam, but then they make him into be a peacenik, but what they have done is they have created now a Baskin Robbins flavor of these people, Boobie F. Kennedy for the mothers, the white Wealthy women with disposable income who fucked up their kids following the vaccine mandates and they feel guilty.

That’s his audience who he fly traps who want to leave, right? Trump is for taking advantage of the white working class. Okay. Tulsi Gabbard is for the quote unquote anti war people. Okay. Sanders, Bernie Sanders is for the working class. He’s a bullshitter, right? And so on. All of these people are created and controlled by the swarm and all of them are devout cocksuckers of Zionism, which is a defining thing that they cannot escape.

You say, and if you really look at it, they all are very close friends, very close. They have them on. Yeah, there’s a lot there. I want to say that one thing that pops into my mind is Henry Kissinger’s 50th birthday party, where just after he had been discovered that he had been spying and using the intelligence agencies to spy on all of the press, then all of the press happened to be the people who were attending his party.

his birthday party and so they were all being questioned as they were going in and they were you know how do you feel about the fact that Henry Kissinger ordered your the surveillance your of you and they’re like oh you know we’ll just forgive and forget and and everybody’s just still it doesn’t matter what they do and what level of of influence they try and have over them they’ll allow that influence to happen because it’s the only way they rise to the top in media or entertainment.

Johnny, the United States press is part of the CIA. Okay. They rotate in and out. Go look at all the people are press secretaries. When do you think that happened? Do you think that was always the case? It really accentuated and consolidated in the seventies. It was John fucking Kennedy, a complete, another reckless.

Imperialist scumbag, who is the one who opened the doors of the White House for Kennedy to come in. He’s the one who brought him in as a consultant. Okay? So the 1970s, right after, the mid 60s were the turning point of consolidation of power in the field of science, the NIH, the NSF. All consolidated in the executive branch with the passage of the Mansfield Amendment.

The executive branch science became completely politicized. Totally. That’s what occurred. You had the consolidation of power between big pharma, big hospitals, and the insurance companies. Starting with the real advancement of GPOs and PBMs. That’s how the healthcare systems got all fucked up.

You had the consolidation of power or the open consolidation between the intelligence agencies and media. All right. We talk about, remember I grew up when Russia was Russia and China were seen as fascist media organizations. The United States is essentially a much more of a sophisticated fascist organization where they give you these people thinking they’re fighting against each other.

Fox News versus CNN. To keep the masses entertained. All right. And that’s what this is about. And the unfortunate thing for them is our movement exists. I exist because I came from low cast untouchables in India. Guys like me weren’t supposed to get an education. We were supposed to and even if we did Johnny, we were supposed to be co opted by them.

Okay? The brown guys get co opted, the yellow people get co opted, the white people get co opted by the swarm. Especially if they come from below. There are many ways. This, another piece of shit, Vivek the Snake, he will suck anyone’s cock. Okay? Trump calls him out, you’re not MAGA, and the next day, sucking his cock even harder.

And that’s what these people are. So they find cocksuckers who actually have no connection to the oppressed and working people of this world. And if they did, they give them a thousand ways to bribe them. They cannot bribe me because I never fucking forgot, since I was 4 years old, and my hatred for these people has increased exponentially.

People say when you get older, you’ll calm down. It hasn’t. All right, and that is why our movement is so important. And this is why people need to understand you need to get fucking smart. You cannot be a dumb fuck anymore. And that’s why people say, oh, are I never push anything, but I’m going to push this fucking book on you guys.

Because this took me 50 years to write. If you want to understand what is a system, what is a revolution from an engineering standpoint. You will understand it and, and you go watch that swarm video and really watch it with your families and go watch my videos, exposing Kennedy and Joe Rogan and all these scumbags, because these people are the neo establishment created by the intelligence agencies.

Fucker Carlson’s father created, as the disinformation agency in the United States government to spread disinformation. So that’s the world that he comes from. So we live in probably the ultra world of deception right now. And all of that media is counter to a true revolutionary movement, which is what we’re building a truth, freedom, health.

We teach people what we’re talking about. Johnny, this dynamic we’re talking about without understanding this dynamic. You’re just going to get suckered back into the swarm. Now the unsophisticated version of it they had for 40 years, Johnny was, they had the two wings, Republican and Democrat, and they typically every four years find one guy on the left or the right to be the spokesman for the masses.

For years, it was Bernie Sanders, right? On the left wing and on the right wing, they had people like, Rand Paul, a constitutionalist, right? Another Zionist cocksucker. Okay. They realize it’s, That the white working class in the United States starting to really start to break, really start to break and every time they try to break, they would sucker them back in.

Right? 1 year, they use Bernie Sanders to sucker them back in and then he delivered them to Hillary Clinton. Another year. They used Obama. In fact, 2 years, 57 percent of Trumpers voted for Obama. There you go, because he appealed to again funded by the Pritzker family comes out of nowhere funded by the swarm.

And then they realized, okay, we’ve used him like a tissue, right? A used tissue. We need a new guy and that’s why Trump was brought in. Trump is a motherfucker. Okay. He’s the ultimate of this acting. Okay. And so they are getting ready to deploy new media, a new establishment. With all these people acting like they’re fighting for you and all you need to do is look at Trump’s actions.

That’s all you need to do. What’s really interesting is what you describe there is not going to bring you popularity, is it? I don’t give a fuck. Wait. I know. What I’m saying is we have massive popularity among a half a billion, 20, in 2020, I saved hundreds of millions of people’s lives.

I didn’t make money like that fucking douchebag Zelenko selling the vitamin D3 product. We gave it away. Okay, but we helped hundreds of millions of people’s lives and you can go look at my history, Johnny, all the way to when I was 17 years old, burning the South African flag on the steps of M. I. T.

exposing the president of M. I. T. I have. Never cared for them, and in spite of that, I have, I’m here because, frankly, because I work my butt off and I’m reasonably smart. So the elites always think, oh shit, he knows how to build this, he created email, we will sucker him back in, right? Somehow. My point was more that the swarm won’t let you be popular.

Because how are you to be popular if everybody is like brainwashed into thinking I’m either red, blue, or this white in the middle? Let me tell you what’s going on, actually. Remember I told you, we calculated all the YouTube views. About a half a billion people know about our movement. That’s a shitload of people.

Alright? So they got fucked in 2020 before they figured out what the fuck was going on. Then they started to massively censor me. But here’s the interesting thing. In 2020 When I called out booby fucking Kennedy, I lost 20 percent of my followers. Okay, and then something interesting started happening. The people started saying, wait a minute, this guy’s telling the truth.

So now, 4 years later, if you go on my Twitter feed or his, when he says, I’m here, please give me 500. This is what he did on his birthday. If you give me 500, I will allow you to leave me a birthday greeting. Or why don’t you come here and I will let you suck my cock And fly my falcon with me, but people are like, what the fuck are you?

So you will see people taking our content and hitting him. That did not occur. Johnny in 2020 was inconceivable. Because of all the hard work we did in exposing him, we have all these other people who go hit him and expose him. You’re a Zionist cocksucker. Here’s a video where you’re saying you’re for full vaccination of all Americans.

You had everyone come to your home, had to be vaccinated. You fucking banged 30 women and you drove your wife to kill herself. What the fuck are you talking about? That did not occur in 2020. Take you Trump. Same thing with Trump. Okay. When I realized right on January 3rd, how fucked up Trump was with stop this deal, how he had taken most of my material and made a half a billion dollars on the election systems integrity stuff.

Okay. And then I had a couple of, I met with him twice. Realize the guy’s a fucking doofus. He’s a tool. All right. Now, when I exposed him, Oh, I lost another 20 percent of all my Magatards. Okay. But we, every time we call the herd of people who just like me because they think I’m saying the things that appeal to them, I’m against the vaccine mandates. Oh, you must be in boobies camp. Ooh, I believe the elections are corrupt. Oh, you must be in Trump’s camp. But then I go detail and I say, wait a minute, there’s real election corruption, but Mike Lindell and fucking Trump are not talking about that. They’re like putting all sorts of shit.

Then the MAGA people say, Oh, you believe that elections are okay. No, I’m talking about the real shit that needs to be addressed. Same with this other douchebag. Steve Kirsch comes out of nowhere. Another Kennedy cocksucker. Zionist hoodlum. I didn’t see him in 2020 fighting against vaccine mandates.

Suddenly he gets involved, starts doing scientific analysis, which is all nonsense. If you see a shit, it’s just bullshit as a real scientist and engineer. You can see this in New Zealand, for example, the New Zealand whistleblower called me and he says, Oh, I have data. I’m going to release. And he goes, I gave it to Kirsch first.

I said, why did you give it to that moron? And he goes the guy’s telling me. Yeah, he’s hyping it all up. I said, look, you need to be very careful with data because you really need to look at it. Because if you release the data the wrong way, you’re teeing it up for the opposition to eat you, which means a provax opposition.

And if you look at Kirsch’s analysis, It’s fucking nonsense. He, his analysis can be attacked by the opposition to actually promote why lockdowns were good. And I’ve seen this occur in every fucking movement. In the anti GMO movement, right? We did real analysis going down to the cellular level showing how GMOs downregulate glutathione.

Then they had this woman, Stephanie Seneff. Quote unquote, M. I. T. All right, she writes shit, which is wacky. Shit looks similar, but it’s open to criticism. So what I’m trying to explain to people is it’s people like boobie fucking Kennedy, fucker Carlson, fucking Trump, Bernie Sanders, all these other deceivers.

Who are far more multi fanged snakes than the obvious deceivers, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, all this guys, that’s the obvious one. These people do two levels of deception. One is to make you think they’re fighting for you. But third, they actually put out data that is bullshit data so the opposition can destroy them.

So then it’s all questions. It becomes pro vax, anti vax, pro gmo, anti gmo, pro election fraud, anti election fraud, left versus right. So we never get to the substantial issues. It makes me want to ask a couple of questions. You talked about Whitney Webb earlier, who everybody who knows me knows she’s my ex partner, former partner.

And she was funded by more than just, and I’ll say, conduits of Robert F. Kennedy, because, she’ll be paid for a children’s health defense this or another conduit arm will pay her for this or that. And it’s all very cleverly done, so you don’t quite see what’s happening, but also at the same time, if you look at all of the main independent media platforms that are But towards you often a pre co opted anyway they’re nearly always speaking the same during the Kennedy campaign as well.

I’ve been speaking the same Kennedy line at the same time and promoting him at the same time. So children’s health now, Robert F. Kennedy he spent a lot of time working for. Legal companies that were supposedly fighting against Monsanto and the like, and I believe that’s cover creation for this to go on.

What do you make of what Children’s Health Defence is now? People need to go look at the history of Children’s Health Defence Fund. Really go look at the history. And people need to go, when you get time, Johnny, go look at a guy called Mark Blacksell. B L A X I L, okay? There’s a young very smart epidemiologist who used to work for Children’s Health Defense Fund, and work with Kennedy, and he shared emails between Kennedy and him, and in those emails, you’ll see Kennedy has decided his Understands this dynamic of the controlled opposition, and he has chosen to be the controlled opposition to fuck up working people.

Now, Children’s Health Defense Fund, if you go look at their history, the lineage of them, it comes from this theory of dimerosol which is mercury caught, in vaccines related to autism. Okay. Black soul is the one who presented that at a conference And he was given that data by the CDC.

It’s a longer very web story. But the bottom line is, this entire web of Children’s Health Defense Fund, the shit that they put out, they do not want any outsiders coming in and owning their multi million dollar organization. So when I came out of nowhere, but I’m the trained scientist, another douchebag what is his name he runs some show, Highwire, you know what I’m talking about, okay?

Dell big tree. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I would say agency. So totally agency, right? So they own all this. So when I came out of nowhere, here, give you the actual ground reality in New Jersey. You can go look it up in late December of 2019. And in early January, 2019, the state legislature of New Jersey was going to pass one of the first A very stringent vaccine mandate bills.

These doofuses weren’t doing anything me and 3 of my volunteers. We packed up my SUV. We drove down there with our sound equipment and we ran the demonstration. They didn’t have any sound equipment. It was quite amazing. So what did they want to do? They didn’t really want to have a demonstration. They didn’t want to mobilize people.

We did. The next time was the day that they were going to pass the bill. We mobilize people again. And after we got that victory, it was very interesting. They were pissed with me. So they Dell big tree and the CHD people go off to guess where to eat. Now, New Jersey, if you’ve been there, it has a lot of small, very fine restaurants.

Mom and pop, they go to the cheesecake factory. Okay. And we walk in and they were like, they were seeing. Their worst enemy. They didn’t want us to sit with them. That’s who these people are. I’m an outsider to them coming in and toppling their multi million dollar apple cart that they suck money from everyday families.

But they’ve done shit for everyday people. What they have done is this is how the bougie swarm agents work. So if you’re living out in Malibu or if you’re living out in the Hamptons, right? If you’re living in one of these places, Aspen, they’re all toasting their martinis, whatever, doing their fucking shit.

And they have, frankly, they’ve done nothing to help the world. So they create a schtick. Oh, my schtick is going to be, I’m going to run a cancer organization. My schtick breast cancer, my schtick is. I’m going to help fight water things, right? Whatever. Clean water. So they all come up with these schticks.

It’s almost the mops mafia who is actually doing all sorts of crazy shit on the back end, but we’ll start a nice restaurant or something on the front end to launder money. So they’re actually laundering popularity laundering their notoriety in some ways. So they create these schticks and then they go to the masses, the 8 billion of us.

And they convince us to give money because they’re going to fight for us. It’s so fucked up. And at the end of the day, they have no intention of fighting any of this. They just need to perpetuate the shtick, the dialectic of the shtick in particular. Now you see the Republicans and Democrats, the labor and conservatives do this every day.

They take some issue. One group will, Oh my God, there’s election fraud in the United States. So Trump will send out millions of emails, raises a half a billion. Biden will say, no, there’s no election fraud. Everything is fine. He’ll raise another billion. You say they have no interest in getting down to the heart of the issue, that there’s chain of custody issues, there’s signature verification issues.

And even those issues they’ll find, like in the case of Trump, he had found wacko people with Mike Lindell, who also sold pillows. Oh, there’s bamboos in the ballots. Crazy shit that the opposition could definitely attack. Yeah. This is what they do. This is the deception. I saw this in the anti GMO movement.

Let me go back to that. 2014 and 15, I wrote five conclusive papers showing that when you insert a gene, In the genetically engineered soy and it took me a lot of effort, man, that the soy plant actually becomes weaker. Okay. And that the soy plant reduces its production of glutathione, which is a very important antioxidant.

That took a lot of work. These people Wikipedia won’t like you talking about this, yeah, they’re a bunch of racist scumbags, yeah, I can’t say that. But, I was reading what they were saying about this. They had to very Word it very carefully to be right. Yeah, but don’t look at back in 2007.

I’m on the list of the top scientists in the world. And after my stuff went into the Smithsonian with the invention of email. And these are the racists who run the world, right? And the liberal racists. They want darkies to be contained in their liberal there. And we’ll come back to that. But the point is when the GMO movement took place, same thing.

There’s this pro GMO, anti GMO, both making money, right? Joe fucking Rogan. Everyone writes to Joe and they say, you got to have Dr. Shiva on. He is the MIT scientist. Joe puts a Rogan. The douchebag puts a guy called Kevin Folta on who is a pro GMO academic scientist never puts me on. You say waits many years later, and then talks a little bit about the truth.

Same with the vaccine issue. So you have to understand that these people are professional deceivers and they have multiple ways to do it. Like you said, Kennedy sending through different conduits of money to Whitney web, she’ll do these, Ooh, I found this. I found this interconnection. We’ve known all this shit.

You’re not telling us anything new, Whitney. But I exist and you will not even retweet any of my stuff, but you will suck Kennedy’s cock really good because you’re a Kennedy cocksucker. And so is Joe Rogan. And so is all of these people because they’re all intertwined. There’s a. Picture that someone sent me the head of the table is Ben Shapiro.

It’s very symbolic and there’s Jordan Peterson and there’s Joe Rogan all having dinner together. And Bret Weinstein and Eric Weinstein. All of these fuckers. And you know in 2020, oh you Weinstein. And all of these people that others say, oh Dr. Shiva you should hook up with them. Guys get it through your head.

I’m the real fucking deal. They’re all Zionist cocksuckers. They do not, they know who I am. Their CIA agents have said I don’t think you want to have this guy on your fucking show because he’s going to fucking take all your audience away because they’ll realize you’re full of shit. So understand the level of duplicity that is taking place.

Very interesting. You talk about the intellectual dark web and that photo in particular, because that, that photo is a little bit, it’s quite strange. Jordan Peterson follows me. I don’t know why he only follows a couple of thousand people, but he’s followed me for some reason. What they do, Rogan follows me, they follow you because they want to see where the hockey puck is going.

So they can, Kennedy literally sends out an email saying no one is coming to save us. We must build a bottoms up movement, literally taken from our last zoom because he sends people. All right. So these people, the deception they’re doing is they’re knowing that the 8 billion people are want to break from them.

So they are watching, with social media right now, they’re watching which sentences is Dr. Shiva say, let’s run that through chat GPT, which is getting the most action. They take that. Hey, Vivek the Snake, say this. Hey, Boobie, say this. Hey, Trump, say this. Literally, you will see stuff I will say, word for word, being copied over here.

Not sometimes being copied by them, but sometimes being copied by their MI6 CIA influencers. Fake anti Zionist, and then they get a call to make sure. That they never retweet us. They never promote us, right? Keep us in a digital cage. So that’s what’s going on. And the only way out of this, Johnny, is people must understand this science and this dynamics.

And we don’t need all 8 billion people to understand what we’re talking about right now. We need maybe about 10, 000 people distributed, and then it’s fucking over for them. Because they do not want, as long as they have another Vivek the Snake, another fucking Kennedy, another fucking Tulsi Gabbard, and there’s basically ten of them right now, before they only needed two.

But now because of the work that frankly, we take credit for, we’ve been doing, they’re like, fuck, we need a bunch of them, right? We need to sucker the brownies over here to Vivek the Snake, right? We need to sucker all the white dudes over to Fucker Carlson and Trump, we need to sucker these women over, right?

So they got it set up, but all of these guys, their goal is to stick people to a fly trap so they don’t go beyond, they don’t start. Understanding this dynamic. The good news is that we exist. Yeah, we need people who can actually explain the fallacy to that a very small group of people who can actually do something explain how they use the fallacies explain how they manage to pull the And just to mention Eric Weinstein.

I found him very interesting because he did this whole I was from a hedge fund where we looked into what, everything that was going on and we understood everything yet before that, he’s actually working with the edge foundation when it was a hundred percent funded by Epstein. And yet you only met him once.

And before that he was actually in the UN. So the things that these people don’t mention the same with Elon Musk not mentioning his time at Microsoft before zip two, they have to create their narrative. They have to create this carefully constructed image. And what we’re talking about here is parts of that swarm is just an, it’s just little tiny bits of that swarm.

So I think that’s something that we, if you can. Explain to the people who can understand it quick enough. For me, I would say it’s a way to map out how the establishment looks and the multiple hands of the establishment. But if you could explain to people who don’t really understand what you mean when you say swarm, that would be useful.

Yeah. So again, look, I don’t write a lot of books when I write them. I want people to go read them because I put a lot of effort into them, I don’t do a lot of papers in science, but when I do, they’re really good papers, but there’s a diagram you’ll find in system and revolution. And I don’t know if you can see it.

Okay. And this is a diagram that I talk about in the swarm. Let me explain this. I wish I had a whiteboard. There are 9 principles that govern every system in the universe go to truth, freedom, help dot com. You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. I had to do going to my team, figuring all this shit out or.

Tens of millions, but I’ve made it accessible to people. But one of the things you find is. In any control system, a system of control. That’s what a control system is. Your thermostat is a control system. How does it work? You go set a goal. Okay. We’ve said it. What did we set it at Jason? 68 degrees. Okay.

We’ve set the temperature 68 degrees. That’s the goal. So one of the nine principles is control system as a goal. So we’ve set it at 68. Now, the purpose of this control system is to achieve that goal. So what does it do? It says, okay, 68 degrees is where I want to go. Automated system has to figure out where am I at right now?

So the second part of a control system is called a sensor. So that thermostat also has a thermometer in it and it says, Oh, the temperature is 65 degrees right now. So 68 degrees is where you want to go and you’re at 65 degrees. So what’s the differential three degrees. Okay, so now there’s a controller in there.

The brains of that thermostat, it has to make a decision to now send a signal. So 3rd part is a controller. It sends a signal, right? An input, which is a 4th part into the place in the basement where the furnaces and that signal input tells the furnace to convert conversion another process to convert the gas.

Into heat, right? So conversion process takes place that is then transported the 6th element of a system. Hopefully I got my numbers. Okay. And by the way, this is contained in a storage, right? The furnace, which is the 7th part and then you get the output. Okay, the 8 part and all of this occurs in the midst of a disturbance, which is the 9th part of a system.

The disturbance could be I left the window open and that reading could be off. Okay. Go read system and revolution and you’ll get, 10 years of an education about 100 pages. But why do I share this? This control system science, Johnny, is what came out in the 1920s and 1950s. The elites like Henry Kissinger, George Soros, learn this.

And about 10, 000 people know this very simple system, but now you can apply this to the political system. What is the goal of the elites maximizing profit, maximizing power, maximizing control? That’s our goal. No different than 68 degrees. And as a swarm video explains, they want to achieve that goal, but they got to understand where am I at right now?

So they have sensors. The sensors are giving them tons of data that they send to places like MIT and the Kennedy School and these. Elites have dashboards. Ooh. Okay. What is where are we at? Are we maximizing power profit and control? Damn. Yes. We got the SMP going way up, even though it should be tanking, even the, we’re controlling volatility. All right. We got a lot of people fucking getting really dumb, right? They’re eating all sorts of shit. Go back to New Zealand. 80 percent of the Maoris are obese. Third highest obesity rate. No one wants to talk about that, but we’ll have this vax anti vax argument all day long and profit from it.

Okay. So we got people dumb. We got people literally fat and we got people lazy that they’ll, instead of building a bottoms up movement, they’ll go suck Kennedy’s cock. They’ll think Tulsi Gabbard is their anti war hero. And she supported the bombing of Iraq, the butchering of the Palestinians. Oh, we’ll think Trump is our hero.

He’s going to drain the swamp. Really? He brought in Pompeo, he brought in the swamp into the white house. So they say, great, it’s doing well, let’s keep doing more. So they, as a decision, they say, we’re heading in the right direction. We got more people, but wait a minute. There’s this fucking truth, freedom and health movement over here, which is writing books like this, which is holding open houses, which is explaining this dynamic.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to make a decision. We’re going to send new inputs into that. 8 billion people. And by the way, if you go to shatter, the swarm. com in 15 minutes, you can understand this so you don’t have to waste 30 years of your life, waking up when you’re 90 and saying, fuck, why did I follow Kennedy?

Fuck. Why did I follow Trump? I could have had some effect. So what is the inputs that they send? Before, before 1970, Johnny, the input was like, just go kill Dr. Shiva, kill Malcolm X, just wipe them out, annihilate them. Now they’re saying, okay, the new inputs are. Hey, boobie, okay. You were a fucking heroin addict.

We’re going to let you off a little bit. We’re going to let you run some nonprofits. Hey, fucking Trump. You wanted to be a producer in Hollywood. Okay. We’re going to put you in the apprentice. We’re going to groom you how to fuck over other people. Hey, Tulsi. Yeah. You’re part, by the way, she is. See you’re ahead of the psychological unit as a lieutenant colonel in the national guard.

We’re going to have you be the. Anti military industrial complex. So they put these inputs in to make people lazy so they don’t get off their butt and say, let me join Dr Shiva’s movement and learn how to hand out a flyer, learn how to communicate people. Let me not go get a bumper sticker and build a bottoms up movement.

Let me not go help a true independent candidate. They don’t want you to build a movement. So they’re going to give you these videos. Lazy ways out. Ooh, I’m supporting Kennedy. He’s an independent. Ooh, and I anti establishment. Ooh, Trump said that he’s going to stop CDBCs. Did you hear what he said?

He’s going to stop centralized bank digital currency because someone told him to say that. Someone also told him to lock her up. Someone also told him to drain the swamp, which by the way, which he did none of. So that’s the input they put into the system. And then. They transport it through all their media vehicles.

They can convert your ideas by, completely overwhelming you with the use of people like Tucker Carlson and the military industrial, the agencies and then you say, oh, wow, I don’t have to build a movement boobies doing the movement. In fact, they start using the word movement.

Okay, go to fucker Carlson’s page, join the movement. Where’d you get that fucker? What kind of movement are you building? Bowel fucking movement, right? What are you actually moving? They, everything they do, Johnny. Now, so that’s this control system process they have. Now, if we, as people who truly want to change the world, want to understand, want to change the world, you better understand those nine principles or you’re fucked you there’s no way this is a scientific manual for understanding a system and building a revolution.

And I spent since I was four years old trying to figure this shit out. And I realized that you must have scientific principles. You cannot build this microphone right here without understanding, really is equation without understanding the theory of sound. You can’t build an airplane without understanding Bernoulli’s principle.

So do you fucking think you’re going to be able to shatter the swarm without understanding the fundamental principles? So you’re looking at someone who’s dedicated his life to science. Engineering health has gotten all their accolades from the establishment. The problem is, for them, I never forgot how much I fucking hated them.

I’ve taken all that knowledge, and I’ve created the tools, the weapons. If anything, Truthful Health is a weapons factory. It’s a weapons factory of knowledge, for those who want to learn. And if you want to talk about, fuck, send me ridiculous videos, it’s delete. You’re gonna fucking be taken off. I don’t have fucking time to talk about Whitney Webb.

Oh my god, she’s exposing this. Ooh, did you see fucker Carlson? Ooh, did you see what Joe Rogan just did? You’re fucking being bamboozled. Go keep sucking their cocks. I will write you a recommendation letter to go work on Kennedy’s campaign. We don’t want that kind of people. We want people who are adults who are serious, who want to fundamentally change the world.

No different than if you wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. You throw away 80 percent of the applications. You want people who really want to understand it? Cause it’s going to take dedication. So that’s the movement that we’ve created. And it is basically the place that we’re at. Johnny is once you figure out the dynamics of a system, once you figure out, let’s say if you were Maxwell’s equations, one of your countrymen figured out.

With Faraday, the laws of electromagnetism, and you know how to do, build motors and stuff, you don’t have time to fucking fuck around when people are talking about I think I can do this. No, we’ve actually figured out the laws. We know how to build a fucking motor. We know how to build a movement and we know how to shatter the swarm.

So if you’re fucking serious. Great. Come to our open house. We’re very generous with our time. We’ll talk, we get on the ground. We teach people how to do basic things. We’re building a community. But if you want to talk about fucking, rats on Mars running the universe or some fucking nonsense shit, and is the world flat or some shit doesn’t fucking matter.

Even if the earth is flat or not, you’re still being fucked. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with this. I agree with this. How do you want to get? Do you want to get unfucked or do you want to watch how you’re being fucked? And being abused. If you want to be an abuse victim, keep following Kennedy, keep watching Whitney Webb videos.

Keep watching all these videos that are exposing shit. But if you want to know what they’re doing to you, go watch shatter the swarm video, go come to our open houses, go support me for president. It’s not about winning on their battleground. It’s about you. Do you have the wherewithal to take a position in life?

You know what? When I put one of these bumper stickers on my back of my car, I have understood certain things. This is an honorific in many ways. Alright? And it’s a wonderful way of you saying fuck you to them. How do we judge our How do we get How do we get cause you, that system I want to pull parts of that system apart.

It, so it doesn’t let me live my life, it doesn’t let me tell the truth, it doesn’t let me have my voice out, it doesn’t let me get the information that’s really needed out there. So how do we tackle, for instance, on the media side, when you look at people like Fucker Carlson, as you call him.

Yes that’s his name. Everyone should please call him Fucker Carlson. It’s the right name and booby fucking Kennedy. The reason I do that, Johnny, because they have also entrained our mind to give these people false respect, who the fucking names are kid Tucker. It’s like a fuck, it’s like this bougie, pinstripes.

I can’t even understand why people think he’s an actual someone to follow. I, everything he says is clearly, he’s clearly the mouthpiece of an agency. I really don’t understand why they follow. Same with brand. I, yeah I’m from Britain. He’s a comedian. He’ll keep you laughing and stuff.

How do we get rid of these people? Russell Brand. How do we get rid of them? Oh my God, guys. The thing is. I, if you observe, you can observe the quality of someone’s wisdom. By who they follow. All right. Russell Brand was a fucking scumbag all of his life, and that’s why he was recruited by these intelligence agencies because they had a lot of shit on him.

And then if he goes a little bit off, then they make him a fake martyr. So they get a double whammy. On the one hand, they promote him to all these fools. And then when he goes a little bit off, people think, Oh, my God, they’re persecuting Russell Brand. They keep him connected to these fools again. So they have these 2 ways of manipulating people, Johnny.

But The earlier question you asked is, how do we get over this by what the media does? I think that’s what you’re asking, right? Yeah, basically, how do we I’m without, if we get rid of those mouthpieces, they’ll just replace them with other mouthpieces. So how do we undermine the system that they replace mouse, that system of replacing mouthpieces with new mouthpieces?

Yeah so that’s why I’m saying you have to understand the dynamics. So let me explain what I mean by this. I just found an interesting statistic. There’s for every a thousand people in the United States, there’s four lawyers for every thousand people in the United States. There’s 0. 8 engineers.

Okay. That should tell you something. Lawyers are many lawyers actually wanted to be performance, but performers, by the way, they wanted to be right. Litigate litigators, theatrics, but. Lawyers make money by delivering problems by creating problems. If you’re having a divorce with your husband and wife, they want to prolong that as long as possible.

They make cha ching. The lawyer model is prolong problems, make more money. Engineers have to solve problems in a finite period of time, okay? You’re about delivering solutions. That’s what engineers do. Two fundamentally very different things. So once we understand that, we can recognize that the establishment does not want people to go under, way deep down and understand the dynamics.

Like you’re ripping, you’re going literally taking off, Wizard of Oz and you’re finding the wizard, right? They don’t want you to do that. So they want you to see all this shit and they have enough people, right? They have a thousand Tulsi Gabbards ready to go. They have a million Vivek the Snakes ready to go.

They have another 20 booby fucking Kennedys, another 10 Donald fucking Trumps to manipulate people. They have all of that set up. How do we overcome that? You have to go down and understand the principles of how the world operates. And those principles, Johnny, are systems principles, the systems dynamics.

For example if I asked you, you saw a ball moving at a certain with a certain acceleration and I said, hey, it’s going to move What’s the force of that? How much force does that have? Oh, every time you’re measuring it. Oh, let me go measure. I’m going to, shoot this ball at a certain acceleration at some strain gauge and measure that.

So every time I ask you a question, oh, I got to go measure it. But once you understand a principle, Force equals mass times acceleration. You don’t have to do that anymore. You’ve understood a very foundational principle. You understand that principle. You can build a bridge. You can build any structure on the planet.

You say, so engineering teaches you to go and understand principles. Once you understand a foundational principle, you say, wait a minute. Dr. Shiva saying there’s a concept of a disturbance, the disturbance is put there, which is one of the principles of system science to take you away from your goal, you say, so you now have to ask is booby Kennedy bringing me to my goal, truth, freedom, health, or is he taking away from my goal?

What is Tulsi Gabbard doing? So now you have to take a serious assessment because you get to the point. You understand systems dynamics. The elites have a very clear goal. Consolidate power profit control. Do you think the people who control 600 trillion? By the way, that’s how much money flows through the economy every microsecond.

Do you think those people are going to allow some anybody to be president of the United States? Are you fucking serious? That’s their club. So they have created all these machinations. To control, including putting disturbances in your way. So the disturbance that’s coming in our way is we want to achieve truth, freedom, health.

They don’t want freedom for us. Booby promoted lockdowns in the middle of the pandemic. Go read it. All the lockdowns are great. They’re going to protect the climate. Fucking idiot. He didn’t say shit against Fauci. I did first. I was the one who ran the Fire Fauci campaign. He used my material to have some doofus write a book called The Real Anthony Fauci.

Wait till my book comes out called The Real RFK Jr. And it’s coming out. Alright? The Real Boobie Fucking Kennedy Jr. All right, and all of you can we’re in competition here. I’m writing a series on him too. So good. Okay. We’ll see. We’ll see who gets it. We’ll see who gets to what first. So the point is that the reality here is.

That you need to understand the systems dynamic. So what happens is the following Johnny. If you look back at 2020 when we were, 1 is everyone thought. Oh, Dr. Shiva is fighting for election systems. He’s fighting against Fauci very. Oh, my God. We love Dr. Shiva. That’s great. But then, they didn’t understand that I’ve been studying this shit all my fucking life.

I also have to expose the other enemies. Boobie Kennedy, Trump. Ooh, wait a minute, what are you talking about? You were against Fauci and now you’re against Boobie? Yeah. You were against election fraud and you’re saying Trump is part of it? Yeah. Because if you want to really fight it, you got to let go of your illusions.

So in 2020, 2021, we’d get a lot of these people, Dr. Shiva, why don’t you work with booby? You and him say so many of the same, similar things. Why don’t you work with Trump? Come on. You can work together with him. Precisely. Absolutely not. Okay. And then out of that set. People would go away. So in 2020, people hated me.

And now in 2023, 2024, people are coming back. I hated you attacking boobie, but you were so fucking I was so angry with you and the quality of people that are coming back now, Johnny. Are very self reflective. They say, Dr Shiva, I’m ready to study from you. I’m ready to talk to the master and learn be an apprentice because I have studied all this.

People have to start appreciating people put in the time. All right. And so now we have students who come and really want to learn this. All right, go read chapter 1, go read chapter 2, take, so we’re literally creating a university of revolution engineering, go hand out a flyer, were you able to talk to someone and explain to them that the United States life expectancy is going down and the swarm is doing this and you hand out a flyer, did you have thousand people came by, how many conversations did you have, did you learn how to articulate, did you learn how to expose Kennedy and Trump, yeah, but some people don’t get it, okay you’re gonna have to talk to them, they learn expository, Rhetoric, right?

They learn how to fight. Now they’re exercising a whole muscle in their body, Johnny, that they never had, called citizenship. They may fucking go in there. Yeah, they making the top off the genie’s lamp over and over. Exactly. So it’s, we’re playing the long game. All these guys balls, we’re going to cut off.

And it’s going to be step by step, but we’re going to annihilate these people because the 8 billion people who are taken advantage by them are controlled by around 10, 000 of them who understand system science. And I know those people I used to teach them. If you want to really understand what’s going on, and you really have to look at yourself in the mirror, and you have to ask yourself, do I really want to change the world?

Or am I just a bullshitter? Do I just want to talk about how fucked up the world is and get all my adrenaline flowing, right? Oh my God, this is happening. The border is now happening. Or do you really want to change it? I would say it’s the 80 20 rule. 80 percent of people are just talking shit.

They’re just so addicted to talking about the dialectic. They don’t really want to change anything. So don’t waste my fucking time. But if you really want to change something, and you want to be that 20%, And we’ve already fundamentally changed the world. Boobie doesn’t know where to go. Everywhere he goes, people like you fucking Zionist hoodlum.

Hey, Dr. Shiva said this, so we fucked him already. We fucked Trump in many ways. Vivek the snake, that fucking meme I did went viral everywhere. Okay. Total fucking Brahmin bullshitting, big pharma, brown nosing douchebag. But if we didn’t exist, Johnny. Frankly, these guys would get away. That’s why they’re doing so much weaving.

Now they would have been just fine with Trump. Then they needed to bring out booby. Then they needed to bring out the snake. Then they needed to try to tool. See, then they needed to bring out Joe Rogan. They’re bringing all these people out because the knowledge of the system dynamic is getting out there.

So if you go look at my Twitter field, you’ll see that you’ll see, I don’t have to do as much work anymore. I can focus on really educating those people who want to get educated. And others are learning this and it’s really quite cool to watch man yeah, what I liked about your swarm video is that there was a Not a bit of it that anybody I know could argue with they People who I know I sat them down and said have a look at this They watched the whole thing and they’re really skeptical about How much of the system is actually manipulated and created.

And by the end of it, they were like no that all makes sense. I can understand all of that. And I agree with it nearly every single part of it. And it’s very rare. And that’s because you’ve systematized it so well. But that means we have to create a different architecture. Surely one that has a different sort of different outputs and input.

Yeah. Inputs and outputs. So remember. In system science, it begins with, so there’s two kinds of systems, by the way. I’m going through the course in some ways, but it’s okay. One system is called a dumb system, and the other is called an intelligent system. Now, a dumb system in system science is something that just simply takes an input and puts out an output.

But it has the three forces of movement, transport, conversion, and storage. Okay, and this goes to, thermodynamic theory and system science, but input and output. An example of a very dumb system everyone has in their home is called a light switch. You input, electricity flows through, it’s transported through, goes through the storage, the glass bulb, the electricity gets converted to heat and light.

Okay, that’s what you get as output. That’s a very dumb system. A toaster, most toasters, I have one of those intelligent ones, but a toaster, you just put a toast in, you click and it comes up, right? Input, output. Those in power want to make human beings dumb systems, okay? So they sit you down, booby gives you an email.

I’m doing this. I’m doing that. Oh, okay. Give him 500 bucks input output. Okay. Trump drain the swamp. Okay. Give him money. Okay. And they target their victims. It’s called target marketing. This is where advertising is very powerful because they want you to take an input and an output. So they get I don’t know, Britney Spears and Beyonce and all these people on an ad, right?

Doing something and you go and drink Pepsi input output. Okay? They use what’s called associative memory in your brain. So that’s. A very dumb system. Now you become intelligent where you don’t simply take an input and an output. You decide what input you’re going to put into your system to get the output you want.

Now, in order to do that, you have to set a goal for yourself. So let’s say you’re a fat, fuck 5, 000 pounds overweight, because you just been doing input output all day, watching commercials, right? Eating, sit, right? Whatever you’re not doing anything. And one day you wake up and you say, fuck, I don’t want this.

So now you’ve set a goal. I want to go from 200 pounds down to 160. That’s a goal. Now you have set that for yourself. And when you decide on that goal, you literally have to go to a weighing machine and you have to see things as they are. You go, wow, I thought I was 150. I’m fucking 200 pounds. So you have to see things as they are.

Now, having done that, you have to make a decision. What am I going to do? Okay, I’m going to walk, maybe half a mile a day. I’m going to maybe eat a little more protein, right? Reduce all the sugars I’m eating. And then over time, you see your weight go from 200 to 180. He said I’m heading in the right direction and you keep doing that now.

But the other part of a system is a disturbance. A disturbance could be your old college friend show up and they go, ah, you look great at 200. You look great at 5, 000. Let’s all go out. Look at me. I’m 3000 pounds. I hot dogs. All right. Come on. Yeah. I look great. So then you go off course.

Now that same system applies to. So when I literally created truth, freedom, health, truth, freedom, health, Johnny, these, this is not a slogan. Truth is the, Is let me start freedom. Freedom is the aspect that comes out of general systems theory known as movement. The movement of information, matter, and energy is freedom.

Truth is a conversion process that occurs in nature. The second fundamental process of nature, taking things from one form and converting. Truth is a verb in many ways, because you take ideas, you put them through the scientific method, and then you say, oh, this withstands that. So this is a conversion process.

And health is the infrastructure which allows us to support truth and freedom. If you’re unhealthy, Think about if you’ve ever been ill, you can’t do anything, man. You can’t fight for truth. You can’t fight for freedom. You’re fucked. So truth, freedom, health is the same processes that occur in nature.

Movement of information, matter, and energy, the conversion process and the vessel, which contains this, which is called storage and structure. Okay. So when you decide to take an action, you are manipulating those forces. Transport conversion storage. So when you say I’m going to walk. Now you’re supporting your movement.

When you say I’m going to eat certain herbs, let’s say ginger, cumin, certain things, probiotics, you’re supporting the conversion process. When you start maybe do the same resistance training, you’re supporting that part of your body, which is the infrastructure so it’s quite beautiful. And this is what I discovered out of my Fulbright after many years of searching.

I found out that the engineering systems principles mapped 1 to 1 with indigenous systems of yoga and ancient medicine. They were the same principles. So there’s some profound discoveries I made, but I found out these principles. You can also apply to politics to your personal health to anything. And the elites know this.

They know this cleverly. So what do they use it for? They’re using it for maximizing power, profit, and control. So that’s why Elon Musk was critical to them. Everyone knows X is not a free speech platform. It is now a digital cage with his friend, Peter Thiel. They’re gathering so much data. They know our sentiment.

It is quite extraordinary. There’s videos. I could show you literally we do our zoom open house. Literally, Boobie Kennedy is copying that it is pure CIA. Okay, so they are watching, which is getting people’s movement among people like you and I, and they’re like, fuck, we got to cut this off.

So we’re going to have Boobie say this. So that’s why they build conduits to these so called influencers. Okay. And so this is very clever. So we’re living in a, what the internet was supposed to do was to free us, but it’s actually consolidating power in more deceptive ways that we can never imagine.

And that’s why the only way out of this is you have to study the system dynamics. And that’s why the swarm video, I 200 million views. Others have taken it out. Okay. Because it rings pure, unadulterated truth. And it’s educating people. So we must escalate the movement for truth, freedom, health. My running for president is about setting our own definition of what victory looks like.

Our definition of victory, Johnny, is you understanding this. You say Jason Long, who’s my assistant here, who was down in Florida. Left there to come volunteer for us. He goes and gets a full time job at Whole Foods and volunteers for us. The quality of people that come to our movement are extraordinary people.

And that’s how you change the world. And as many people want to support boobie and suck them off, please suck them off because we’re going to shatter you and that’s the way the world is headed because the elites know this. And this is why. Their hubris, though, is to think they can do these deceptive things, Johnny, right?

They’ll build a conduit to Whitney Webb who’ll expose everything, write blog posts. Oh, my God, did you see what Whitney Webb just wrote? I don’t give a fuck because she hasn’t called to cover me. And two litmus tests everyone can use is do they cover Dr. Shiva and the others? Are they Zionist cocksuckers?

And I’m telling you, you triangulate that and you will see, that’s why I love going to independent media like you guys, because the real truth is among the independents. Real independent media who are not cocksuckers and you must use these very vitriol. I could, you read, you watch a swarm video and you read my books and you say this guy’s a fucking serious scientist.

People say, Dr. Shiva, I wish you wouldn’t call people cocksuckers and use fuck every other word. You could get a bigger audience. That’s actually not true. I share a pool with a the, in the independent media with people who I could only describe as cocksuckers because they have sold out everything, they are willing to instantly change their mind for the next new trend, the next big thing to come along.

And when Kennedy come along, I watched a load of people become giddy. school girl every single bit of a pro propaganda we had about JFK or Robert F. Kennedy Sr. all switched on at the same time as Robert F. Kennedy comes along with a bit of emotive music. And suddenly all of these people who I thought were open eyes suddenly closed their eyes very quickly.

Not only that, but when I actually investigate the people who closed their eyes so quickly, they’re all basically given the same accolades at one point, which is an article that I’ll come out with eventually as well. Because you know why, not the reason they do this, Johnny, the reason they’re promoted.

Is if you actually look at it from a very deep spiritual and psychological analysis. If you’ve met these people like Booby and Trump and all these fucking people, they’re vile human beings in the extent that they’re very, they’re shells of humans. They have very few friends. They have no identity.

Everything they’ve done has come from stealing from others, either other people’s materials. They’re vultures vampires. So they know internally they’re nobody. That they are Human beings who have gone into that position by mama and papa or whoever helped them that they have nothing within them. So because of that and because they have achieved that through cocksucking, they want you to be a cocksucker too.

They want you to have no sense of yourself because they have no sense of self. They have no sense of identity at a deep level. They have no real friends. They have no dignity. How can you fucking have dignity when you wrote a diary, banging 28 women and raiding them, and when your wife hung herself, wanted to hang herself, you were okay with it, after she hanged herself, you buried her in a grave in the Kennedy area, took photo ops, and then exhumed her and moved her to an unmarked grave.

Now, think about the vile nature of such a human being, or how can you say, yeah, I’m gonna your wife is married and you’re banging prostitutes. In another bedroom, right? And you go convince the evangelicals you’re like, equivalent to Christ. Trump, I’m talking about, right? So these people know that everything they have done is from bullshitting.

Vivek the Snake. You look at this guy, you want to slap the fucking shit out of him. Not once, but repeatedly. For a long time. Okay? Because you see the vileness of his nonsense. Okay? He took a company public, which he knew the drug had failed four times. All right, and then had his mother, right?

The research report. The level. So these people know that they got there through duplicity and their only way forward is through duplicity. They need people who have no dignity of themselves who have no wisdom to follow them. All of these people that they build around as influencers. Are essentially a shadow of these people.

You say that’s who they are. So the good news is there’s not a lot of them, but they make you believe they have incredible power. And that’s why that swarm video is so powerful. That’s why, I wrote system and revolution to give people the fucking manifesto of how they break out of this shit. And this is why separate from theory, we do laboratory and we do practice.

My running for president gives people an opportunity to get on the ground, meet people, a couple of weeks ago. They and they will have to face the state head on one of our volunteers who’s an electrician goes to collect signatures. By the way, boobie said, oh, I just got on the ballot in New Hampshire in a record time.

He’s taking Zionist hoodlums money and he’s hiring professional signature gatherers. This is should be fucking illegal. We actually have volunteers who work full time. And on a Sunday, this guy goes and collect signature. The police come, violate his civil rights, throw him in a cop car, take him to jail, strip search him, cavity search him.

The level of abuse my volunteers undergo is quite extraordinary. So we, so if you are serious out there and you’re listening to this, and you’re watching all this shit, if you want to really be a man or a woman, you fucking come join our campaign. You get off your ass. You come to truth for them health and if you don’t want to do that, then fucking go live this sort of weird life watching social media and complaining.

But we give you an opportunity to truly become a true citizen. We teach you theory laboratory and we get people out with other human beings and you will not feel alone anymore because you see, wow, that person gets it. That person gets it. There’s a lot of people who are getting it and there’s a surgeon over there.

There’s a hairdresser. There’s an electrician. There’s a mother and people from all colors, all diversities being able to understand system science. And being able to figure this shit out, and being uncompromising, Johnny, so it’s really cool, man. Are you doing, what you’re doing now, are you doing the thing that Robert Kennedy is pretending to do?

Let me put it to you a different way. Robert Kennedy is stealing our work to manipulate people. Into thinking that he’s going to do something for you, and he’s doing that because the intelligence agencies have asked him to do that. Let me give you an example at the highest levels. They know our movement exists.

Reince Priebus. Who is the chief of staff for Trump. When he heard that I was running for president, he said, fuck, this is going to be a disruption. They all know about us. Every fucking single one of them. So people say, Oh, Dr. Shiva, no one knows about you. No, wake the fuck up, idiot. They know about us. So they know everything about us and they have studied political theory.

And they’re like, fuck, this is the guy. that we never wanted happening. We didn’t want somebody going to MIT, getting four degrees, winning Fulbrights, creating stuff, and not being part of us. This is not supposed to fucking happen, but it has happened, and we’re replicating the knowledge that I’ve uncovered.

So in a sense, Robert F. Kennedy is a reaction to the happening. Oh yeah, he is a reaction. I announce independent, then he announces. Okay. He literally, I can show you literally words that I’ve taken that he literally steals. He’s scared shitless of me. He is fucking scared shitless. So what how, instead of asking a question of like, how does a boy from Bombay end up running for president, I’d probably ask how does a boy from Bombay think he can run for president in this sort of situation?

How can he dare have that sort of goal? You have goals, sir. Yeah so here’s the thing. You’re asking a great question, it’s like a friend of mine who used to run a very large media company says, she that when I look at the invention of email, it’s like, it’s so obvious.

You invented it. There’s no gray area. The question is, why did they make a controversy out of it? And that’s similar to this question. So look my mom passed away 12 years ago on January 7th, quite an extraordinary woman. She came from nothing and she ended up getting two degrees, a master’s in mathematics, eight years old.

Her father ran away. This is a dark skin Indian woman in fucking casteist, grammatical fucking India. How the fuck did she do that? Extraordinary will, right? So when I look at her and I look at my great grandfather who I, literally see in my third eye every day, here’s a man who was literally an indentured servant who worked out in the fields.

And these people were on fucking compromising Johnny. I’ll get, tell you how uncompromising my great grandfather was when he was 12 years old, they used to be at the river. They were so poor. They used to have to, eat, the, it’s not like they went out to the shops and got food, right?

They live like tribals. So my great grandfather wanted to go to Burma. This is in the 1800s. And I, I was fortunate to see him. He lived up to 102. Okay. And he was the village shaman. He was ripped, 93 years old. He’d be out in the fields working. Super strong, but he looked like a fucking eagle.

If you ever seen an eagle, he had this intensity to him that you did not fuck with this guy, but he had lived a truly honorable life. So when he was 12, he went to his older brother who had a little bit of money. And he said, look, can you lend me a little bit of money? I want to. Go to Burma and make my fortune, and his brother wouldn’t give him anything.

So he said on that day, he goes, I disowned my brother. It was it like, what the fuck is his brother? Like he had very clear lines of what loyalty was. So he goes on a essentially a slave ship. A lot of people may not know, but Indians from South India were the first slaves taken as indentured servants all over the world.

So he goes to Burma and had to work on a bond for three years to be able to do that. Now he worked apparently so hard, Johnny, that the slave ship captain was like, so moved that he let him out of his bond. So my great grandfather, did whatever he could do in Burma. And when world war II came, whatever he, he apparently had amassed quite a bit of wealth, lost everything.

If people may not know, World War Burma, Myanmar was the center of the Japanese and U. S. fight. But quite an extraordinary guy. He took all of his land, made little homes, and gave it to all the refugees. And came back. So he said, you can judge My granddad was stationed out there. What’s that? My granddad was stationed out there.

My granddad was stationed out there. Yeah, so my dad was He actually, he played, he apparently played football all throughout the war. And said that they won nearly every round because no one was wearing shoes. I said, yeah, the advantage. So Burma was known for 2 things or Myanmar for Buddhism and snakes, and I can have a longer discussion.

But anyway, my grandfather went there with nothing made a lot and came back with nothing. And he said, you can judge the quality of a person of how they’re stable by when they have wealth and they have no wealth and they get back to you say, but he was an extraordinary man. Absolutely.

Uncompromising. If someone in the village, yeah. It was very frugal, needed some education. He would find whatever money he could do to find, to find him a book, et cetera. So I’ve seen people who are, in my view, gods on earth, these people were uncompromising, work their butts off and never fucking caved into fucking these forces.

So that’s in my fucking blood. So if I come from that lineage, Do you think I’m going to fucking, so I see my great grandfather’s spirit every day, my mother’s spirit and the working class of people. I grew up in New Jersey who were immigrants. And by the way, to all these fucking people, all my immigrants are coming in.

You fucking idiots. Immigrants are the built America. Wake the fuck up. They’re the ones that get out of immigrants. And the reason that immigrants are coming here over the border is because we fucked up the United States government, fucked up their countries. By supporting dictators. So if you want to solve the immigrant problem, start looking at people in the United States who smoke weed all day, fucking jack off all day, live on welfare, and are So talking about immigrants, I think we should send them out and find some of those poor people who actually want to work hard, which they do, because I can’t find people to do handyman’s work landscaping.

I don’t find any other people to do it. So this whole dialectic, the elites do not want to solve the immigrant problem because they profit by it. So they always create these fake fucking problems and then have the working people fighting among themselves. So when you say that. Why do I choose to run?

Because no one’s gonna, no one ever gave my people anything. Nothing. No one ever gave my mother the right to go to education. When she used to go to the well, the Brahmin fucking freaks like Vivek Ramaswamy and his people would say, shoo you pig. So fuck you. That’s my answer. I come from people who had nothing and who fought for everything.

So do you think anyone’s going to give me something, Johnny? No. And no one’s going to give 8 billion of us anything. We have to take it. And how do you take it? Fucking learn. How to do it. Learn how to, not only how to do it, but how to be human and human time. How to be human the same time, and how to fucking shatter the swarm.

So and this moron says, I will smoke weeded if I want. I worked for it. Fuck your systems. Great. So get the fuck off here. So you’re blocked. Go fuck yourself, and smoke weeded all day. Fuck off. Alright, so there’s no reason for you to be here ’cause you’re not qualified to watch this fucking stream so well.

You have, there’s a load of people out there who are disenfranchised. When you were just talking there, it was making me think of my grandfather. My grandfather, on the one side, my grandfather worked really hard all of his life. and paid into the system, and at the end of it, the system fucked him over completely.

They left him in a hospital bed and they wanted to remove him out of the hospital bed and put him into some private hospital bed when he was really ill, after he had paid in loads of money to have all of his care and to be looked after properly. My other granddad he was the one who fought out in Burma and other places.

And he was a pub landlord. He knew everybody in the area. He knew how to be a human. He knew how to reach out to people. He knew how to get people on his side. But both men had to have the struggle of living within this society and that’s where we are now. So a lot of these people who are smoking weed and masturbating all day a lot of them are stuck into a world where they’ve got, they don’t see another option because they don’t see that.

They don’t see the, they don’t have the same faith as you have, or the same faith as I have, by looking at our ancestors and what they did. They look at their ancestors and see that they were taken advantage of all throughout their life, and they see themselves, I think, as victims. I think a lot of this is a wider Like feeling of victimization, victimhood, that humans take on and are given as an excuse to hide away from what are the real facts and what the real problems are.

That’s a load of information. How do you handle all of the the that you must get a lot of like pushback as well. How do you know? Look, so I think Johnny, I think one thing to really emphasize is that those in power create distractions every microsecond. So we don’t focus on our mission in life.

It’s a very evolutionary thing in your life. When you learn how to set a goal, frankly, fuck everyone else and go after the things you need to do to achieve that goal. The elites know how to do this quite well, right? They do not want working people setting our goals for ourselves, setting our agenda.

So in a very relentless process. Every day you wake up. Oh, my God. The Houthis are attacking or the U. S. Is bombing the Houthis. There’s gonna be World War three. Oh, my God. Is there gonna be World War three? Let me move over here. Let me right. So every day they’re creating some crisis. So you don’t focus on what your mission is.

Oh, my God. CBCs are gonna come. We gotta vote for Trump. Now you see Shiva, I like what you’re saying, but we gotta go over here now. So they are creating enough distractions. So we collectively, as working people say, wait a minute, what’s our, and they don’t not want our leaders, people like me, so they don’t want us to have define our own leaders, but that’s what’s happening with our movement. You’ll see it go all over. So wait, Dr. Shiva said this. Dr. Shiva said this. Dr. Shiva. So they do not want Malcolm X’s coming up. They do not want Johnny Vedmore’s people coming from the masses. So they want to distract us.

They create some problem and they want us to go over here and make it so urgent. Oh, my God. Everything you say is true. But this election, I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. It’s different this time. It’s different. I got it. I got to do it just this time, right? It’s but so they take us to the brink.

And then they hold us, they take us to the brink and then they hold us. And every time they do that, they’re increasing their wealth. So every time they take us to the brink. Just watch a lot of poor people sell their homes or their stocks at low prices, the elites buy it. And then overnight, it’s up here.

And what the fuck just happened? So they have learned through fear through manipulation that you don’t focus on your goals. So the recognition here is Johnny that we have a massive 8 billion people who are absorbed by this machinations, right? Among them There’ll be a certain people are starting to wake up, but then they get suckered into Kennedy and Trump and then among those people start understanding.

They’re serious. They want to understand the dynamics. They’ve been fucked over enough times, right? Then they say, fuck, let me really listen to what Dr Shiva is saying. And then that body of human wisdom or matter can be used in a very powerful way to educate more and more people you say. And that group of people is yeah.

What the future of humankind that I believe is about so in a very deliberate way I am setting for myself and for those who want to look into it. What is our fucking goal? Truth, freedom, health, forget all this shit. So today my mission was when I’m, what is my goal in coming on Johnny Bedmore show? I want to talk about you.

Do you want to learn system and revolution? If you do, I’m here. That’s my agenda. And next week. I’m going to teach people, I’m doing interviews. What is a system? What is a revolution? What is the swarm? So if you look at a body of work, you could say, oh, wow, this week I learned this from Dr.

Shiva in a very pedagogical way. And I have learned that a system has dumb systems. There’s intelligent systems. And then maybe I should fucking learn this shit because the elites are learning it. And if I don’t learn this foundational piece, I’m fucked. Some people say, like this idiot, I want to smoke weed, great, go fucking smoke weed, go fuck off, go do whatever the fuck you want, but don’t fucking waste my time, block you, get the fuck out, alright?

And we need to have a very clear mission, we need to block out all this shit, let them keep talking, let them drop bombs, let them fucking create World War 3, you can’t do anything about it. But if you get caught in all this shit, we’re not building the movement, which is what we’re creating, John.

Eventually, what they’re doing will fall apart by itself. If they’re already falling apart, look at what they’ve had to do. Just with Kennedy, right? He’s freaked out. I know the fucker. He’s an insecure piece of shit. Okay? Every time we put out there, he sends people to come to our Zoom things, copy our shit.

Same with Trump. Reince Priebus, who was the chief of staff, saying, Oh shit, this is going to be They watch everything we do. It is not accidental they went and found a brown skinned fucking Vivek. To repeat my shit. That is not accidental guys. It’s not accidental. It’s not accidental they waited two years after I exposed the entire backdoor portal into Twitter, then to have fucker repeat it, but a limited hangout story of it.

All of this. Is orchestrated because they know someone like me has figured their fucking shit out and is educating other people and sometimes I feel like the planet of the apes that guy Caesar, teaching other monkeys what the fuck is going on. What would you have done? What would you have done different?

I’m sure you’re busy and you’re probably going to have to go as soon as a couple of questions I got to ask. One of them is definitely what would you have done with Twitter differently than what’s going on right now? Oh look I was the one who discovered the entire backdoor portal into Twitter right back in 2020.

Everyone knows this. And when I knew when Elon Musk was coming in, I did a tweet out, which went viral, right? I’ll be your CEO. Got, I think, 20 million views. And then I kept hammering Elon. I said, are you going to remove the backdoor portal into Twitter? What he did and everyone’s Oh, why are you attacking Elon?

He’s great. All the conservative grifters. And then he brings in Linda Yaccarino, a Zionist hoodlum out of the WEF. And then people are like, Oh, Dr. She was right. And then Elon goes and sucks Zionist cock with Ben Shapiro. Then, but they’re letting all of this out because they just want, they’re little by little bringing you into learned helplessness.

So he said I guess Elon had to do that. Yeah, he had to do that. Fucker had to be quiet. He had to do that. He’s getting 20 million bucks. Fucking idiots. Didn’t have to do anything. He has no balls. He’s part of them. Okay. So with Twitter, the first thing I would have done is fucking entered the backdoor portal into Twitter.

The government would mean cutting off the Alliance for Securing Democracy, just working out of the German Marshall Fund and doing that Hamilton, which is probably just the Hamilton 69. Now, and these are the guys who are the neocons who are helping create the NGO, a new world order that’s, yeah that it all goes there on the, Johnny, it all goes back to England.

Okay. Am I six. And it goes, I’ve got to say I’m Welsh, I’ve lived next door to England, because they annexed us 500 years ago. But there’s a difference between the English people and the English elites, right? We’re talking about the Atlantic Council in particular. You’re talking about French and Germans, really.

I’m talking about the Atlantic Council, Oxford. That group is the one who created the entire Project, which then they did at Harvard, the defending democracy project, which they mapped out the entire backdoor portal into Twitter. They rolled it out in London, then they rolled it out in England, and then they brought it to the United States.

That came out of my lawsuit, all right? Two or three years before, then fucker Carlson takes a little piece of it with his other bullshit organization called the Intercept. And they try to never cite what we did, right? And then try to spin it as though the Twitter files. This is a level of CIA shit, man.

Schellenberger, Matt Taibbi, all fuckin Taibbi’s he’s Agency hegemony, his father was the same sort of messing around, and his time when he was in the Russian media outlet in the noughties, if you actually read about some of that, it obviously was an operation, and he obviously He knew that he was going to come to prominence and the guy he set it up with said, Oh, eventually he’s going to have to do what the establishment wants.

He’s going to have to do that. And then you saw that happen with the Twitter files. That’s what it looked like. Yeah, but the Twitter files, everyone knows we had exposed it in, in, in lawsuit after lawsuit in 2020, we were the ones who discovered it. Everyone in the world knows about this.

And Twitter files was a limited hangout intended to subsume it and act as though that, that Elon Musk was somehow, saving our world. That’s what this was all about. Just to let, in the United States again, I have filed a follow up lawsuit because they attempted to bribe me and drop all the cases against the government.

And I refused. So we’re going back at it again, and it’s going to be it’s a very powerful lawsuit because in that lawsuit, we’re now going directly after CISA. And right after I filed that lawsuit, Stephen Miller, Zionist hoodlum, does the same kind of lawsuit, but asking people to give him money. So our lawsuit was the one that exposed the fact that government has a backdoor portal into all social media companies, and it was used against me when I ran for Senate. And then fucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, another piece of shit actually instilled my lawsuit purposefully, and we have that all documented, waited two years and then promote the intercept, promote Taibbi as though they’re discovering something new when what they were discovering was not the entire truth.

It’s called the limited hangout limit. Is that the same thing with which happened with Snowden then? Because I feel that I don’t trust the entire thing with Greenwald and Snowden. I haven’t, no, the information was coming out anyway. That’s what I feel. The program was coming to an end and eventually everybody was going to find out about it.

So it just seemed like really convenient that suddenly they were breaking a story that was going to break anyway. Exactly. Yeah. Cause Greenwall is just a dude, douchebag. He thinks he’s some, somebody, right? They’ve got something big on him. That’s what my thought is on Greenwald, is they’ve got something big on him.

Oh, see, I don’t think we should give all these people that excuse, because these people are complicit. It’s like saying they have something on Russell Brand. No, Russell Brand was doing whatever the fuck. He was part of them. They all do shit together. It’s like, when I, in 2009, when I went to India on a Fulbright to do my research, when I was leaving India, The prime minister’s office recruited me to run one of the largest innovation centers there.

Okay. And what I noticed was like, they would give you all this shit. They would give you a car. They give you servants, all this stuff, right? You’re treated like royalty. And then they’re hoping you’ll do something wrong. Use your car for doing personal shopping and they’ll write it down, but they have all shit on everyone.

So all of these people, when you get in them, they have shit on you. And because people get all these amazing, Benefits. No one leaves. So in my case , I, they had nothing on me and I expose all the corruption in the Indian government. It’s a long story, and I had to leave under death threats.

I, I wrote an article for nature and then I was invited back many years later, alright? But I have fought wherever I’ve gone for truth, freedom, and health. Johnny and you, anyone can go look at my histories, absolutely consistent. . So this is what they’re concerned. They’re like, shit, this guy can’t be bought.

He fucking keeps doing the right thing. And he’s building a movement and he’s educating people. So their only thing is they’re going to create more of these fake boobie Kennedy’s and boobie Kennedy is their boobie Kennedy. The Vivek’s, the Trump’s are the things against our movement. Okay. They will say anything.

They’ll vomit anything right now. Just to keep people connected. If I said system and revolution, you’ll see booby writing a book, all system and revolution tomorrow. If I put out a flyer tomorrow, booby will be putting out this flyer. You’ll be doing that. All right. So they are in a desperate mode right now.

They have to just cut and copy, and keep enough people attached to the swarm. That’s what they’re doing. Wow. Wow. You should interview with Stu Peters. Yeah. Stu Peters. Come on. Come on, guys. Look, all you people who say you should. How about you should get off your ass.

And go get a fucking bumper sticker. How about you should go to Truth, Freedom, and Health and help us hand out some flyers. So stop saying, I should do shi I do a lot of shit. Why don’t you do fucking something? I know that Steve Peter’s guys contacted me at one point and were very interested and then disappeared very quickly.

A lot of these people tend to look at my work and see it’s objective and then run away again. What, these people Objectivity is a problem. They’ll also see something going viral and their audience will say, why don’t you have Dr Shivan just to maintain some credibility? They’ll put me on to get the views and then they don’t want to talk to me anymore.

Yeah. Yeah. And I, what I’ve seen is the same people within all of those networks. It’s the same people I’ve met working elsewhere also work there. And it seems like there’s lots of connections, which I’m not sure what. Again, these are all people who, when we look at how they run their enterprises, it’s very much they want to be the purveyors of truth and knowledge.

And yet they seem to give the enemy, everything to attack them on a plate and attack our side on a plate, and that seems very suspicious to me. I don’t like, I don’t like our own demise being served up to us. Johnny that’s what I’m saying. So they do on every issue, they act like they’re fighting for us, but they do something so we can be attacked.

So that’s why in United Kingdom, we have a lot of people now, man. Who are organizing there. It’s very, it’s one of the fastest growing areas for our movement and everyone in our movement has full time jobs or they’re retired and they work and then they support us and our goals to educate, the slogan is get educated or be enslaved.

But you have to get the right education theory, laboratory practice theory, laboratory practice. In many ways, we’re creating a discipline of how to fight and it’s not going to happen overnight, but we’re playing the long game. There is no, there is urgency yet. There is no urgency in the sense. If we don’t do the right things.

Now, we’re going to always be in this like rats running around in a cage. You gotta do methodically, the right things. When do you think, when do you think this rat maze will end? When do you think that will, when will you think that? That’s it’s an interesting question. No I, so here’s the interesting thing you say.

I believe, if you go study system science that in one individual can have an immense impact, a collective set of individuals self-organizing. Can literally do what’s called a phase shift and that’s what I call a revolution. A revolution from an engineering standpoint is a phase transition.

If you watch, if you go cooking, right? And you put some oil down and I’m not saying anyone should do this, but if you heat the oil to a certain point. The particles will look random at a certain point. They form a beautiful pattern. And if you heat them some more, they form, they go random and form patterns when they go from those different transitions.

Those are called face transitions. We live in a certain vibratory rate of human consciousness, right? People looking to booby, people looking to trump and all this. And so the society we get is because of that state of consciousness. Now, if we get another set of people, you don’t need everyone. Yeah. Yeah.

Vibrating at a different rate. Wait a minute. Like we’re talking boobies full of shit. We need to build a bottoms up movement. These people aren’t going to do anything here. Actual solutions and you get enough people doing that. A phase transition takes place. I really am a big proponent of it is from information through energy.

We get matter. It is from our thoughts. Everything we have around us was a thought in someone’s mind, right? That created this. So the quality of our thoughts are what create the world we have around us. So ultimately we have to look to ourselves. The elites know this. They have very satanic thoughts of power, profit control every time they get up in the morning.

How much money am I going to fucking make? How many people am I going to abuse today? How much more control? I’m going to have academics do this. The academics are their control vehicle. The Wall Street people are their profit vehicle and the politicians are their vehicle for power. So power profit control.

All right. So we have to have our agenda when we wake up in the morning. We want more truth. We want more freedom. We want more health. How are we going to achieve that? And that’s the program we actually have to organize this idiot. Malay and Argentina is, it gives us ridiculous, nonsensical speech with Elon Dufus.

Musk says all wonderful speech. What does the speech say? Oh, we need to have free markets and that we’re against collectivism when these fucking people are the most collectively organized, they don’t have fucking free markets. So it’s. Collectivism for them, but not for the you see what I’m saying? So we should collectively organize individually and collectively.

We get a different we get a different tone. We get a different out. Yeah. So reverberation. Yeah. And it’s just, to me, I see a very clear path and those in our movement. It’s just you have to educate. You have to focus people. They have to learn the theory. They have to learn the physics and they have to practice.

So getting out and collecting signatures. As I mentioned, our volunteer who goes and does that is going to learn a lot. He goes to a store to collect signatures. The store manager says, you can’t collect and you say, I have the right to do that. Here’s a 1980 Supreme Court ruling. During an election I can collect, then the cops show up, and the elites actually don’t train the cops to know the law because they want us to harass us, right?

So then you have to learn how to face the cops, you have to learn how to record them, you have to learn how to sue, so we teach all this shit. Except I’m walking around with my gun, I got my second amendment you’re fucking, you’re not doing anything, idiot. Really strange, in actual fact, what you’re doing is what I the places that I go naturally to try and find where truth and freedom is.

I’m a one of the things I do on top of all of the rest of the stuff is police auditing, where I go out and record the police, because there’s only a certain amount of things that, that you should do, or you need to do to start. like showing people why, how corrupt the system is and undermining the system.

The best thing is to do it right up and get the change happening and see the change happening. But also, what we’re talking about is I think one of the things that is ticking through my mind right now is instead of me watching for the change. As we do each little move, I think what you’re saying is we’ve got to enact a system that will change it automatically, and we don’t have to watch it change.

It will change whether they like it or not because of the nature of systems. Is self organizing systems and so in me, we can have a long conversation on this and this was the work of who won the Nobel prize in 1957 and we as individuals, and it really bridges science. And spirituality in many ways that there’s a false dichotomy between science and spirituality.

But when you go down a system science, it resolves all that. So the question has always been, do histories create heroes or does heroes create history? Which came first, mind or matter, this has been the fundamental issue. Descartes tried to answer this and all these guys. But the fundamental issues both are occurring at the same time. So an individual can have immense impact. On everything, billions of light years away, literally the evidence that we’re showing. But when a collective set of individuals raise their consciousness, you can change the world. And so the issue is that’s we focus.

We have to put our blinders on. Fuck all this bullshit that they’re doing. What is our goal? And. I’ve done the work for, in many ways, I’ve created that infrastructure for people. It’s taken 50 years. We’ve created that framework. It’s taken tremendous amount of thought, tremendous amount of hard work.

It’s we’ve created the framework for people to have that community that they need, have that intellectual theory that they need, and then have that ability to go through a process Which cannot occur in a vacuum, you say, so in many ways, truth, freedom, health is a movement. It’s a university. It’s a community.

It’s technology. It’s all these things. And this is what the elites have created, but they’ve used system science for their goals of power, profit control. And but, it’s like, you can have Buddha said something interesting, you can have a surgeon can wield a knife and you can use it to save people.

A robber can wield a knife and he can use it to kill people, right? It’s the intention. So the knife in this case is system science. Where do we want to use it? They use it for maximizing power, profit control, and they surely do not want any of us learning this. Literally, Johnny, this, what I’m doing is like Prometheus bringing fire to the masses.

It’s logical framework. He’s given logical framework to the fallacies. They’ve taken out all Greek and Roman education Latin education and philosophy out of the curriculum on purpose from the seventies onwards to stop us being able to understand logic and understand fallacies and understand all of the basic.

That, that will make that change that will allow, give people consciousness. And so a lot of that knowledge was valuable, but in many ways it’s old, system science takes this to another deeper level and the cool thing that. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to do is we’ve made this accessible to anyone.

So we have a hairdresser who teaches it to a PhD. It’s learn, teach and serve. So part of this is also realizing that the only way to scale, we’re not an MIT or Harvard, is you have to have the ethos learn, teach and serve. You learn it. You’re also making a commitment that you’re going to teach other people.

So all of our people who learn this stuff, they have to commit to teach other people. It’s called a dual pedagogy model. Because when you teach, you learn, and when you, and then you have to go serve, go out, hand out a flyer, go right to people, go in front of the rain and, in front of a tube station.

Talk to people. So these are things that no one has exercised their muscles on. So it’s a lot of work, but it’s what needs to be done. I think that’s a, I think this is a good place to to end today. I think like understanding that the system is what the system looks like and then heading towards changing that system with blinkers on is possibly the best.

It is why in all the ancient spiritualities. When you learn how to meditate the first thing you learn is to observe the mind. The mind is like a wild, crazy horse. It wants to run in every direction. The elites know this, so they keep feeding you stuff. So you never are able to sit in silence.

And the 1st thing you learn is you learn, I was very fortunate. I learned this from my grandmother, my grandparents, how to meditate in a very powerful way where you become the observer, you become the equanimous observer. So even though I’m doing this talk with you, there’s a part of me, which is observing myself.

You say you learn how to observe your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and you learn to be an equanimous observer. And then that leads to the ability where you can focus on something. But with, there is a very interesting spiritual thing or a exercise. Forget even spiritual where I would do a 10 day retreat.

And for those 10 days, you can’t speak to anyone. All right. But you have to observe your mind. Triathletes go through this and they said it is harder to do that than run a triathlon because the mind is a very powerful instrument. Those in power know this. And the reason you have to really go back to this form video.

The reason 100, 000 people are able to control 8 billion people is they know the psychology of the mind and they know that the average mind likes to be distracted and you find people you hire. You try to talk to someone. You try to ask him a question. I’ll answer something else. And I spend most of my time because the system has made people unable to sit focus And be in a certain level of serenity and stillness and those nine principles, by the way, this went through show up in meditation, the input of your breath, the output of your breath.

The conversion of your breath, to co2 into oxygen, the disturbances that come all the thoughts that you have to refocus, gently bring your mind back into attention. All these things are quite powerful. They occur everywhere. So ultimately, you can look at what I’m teaching at a spiritual level.

You can teach it at a body level. You can teach it a political level. All of them are occurring at the same time. But the key thing is we collectively have the knowledge. It had this knowledge existed 50 years ago. Yeah. We would the swarm wouldn’t be able to do what they do to us, but it was purposely concealed.

So I feel very fortunate that, my parents and my ancestors and those people in New Jersey work so hard, gave me tools that I was able to learn this, but it’s a, it becomes an imperative duty. And that’s what I’m driven by to share this with as many people, but not just intellectually, but to fight these fuckers.

And that’s why I use the words that I use because they come naturally. And they are in many ways, they’re scientific terms. And it’s scientific because we should not have any type of respect for these people. We shouldn’t. And we should break our emotional attachments to these people. And so please call them Zionist cocksuckers.

Please teach your kids to curse at them. I will. Please call fucker Carlson. Because when you do that, you’re actually breaking. You’re not doing it for me. You’re doing it because there’s a part of your brain, which gives these people way too much power and then call working people, honor, working people, honor those people get up every day and fucking work and actually do work.

But do not honor these people. They don’t fucking work, guys. They’re scumbags. I feel Marcus Aurelius as well. It goes to Marcus Aurelius in the room when he talked about some of what you said. Yeah, Marcus Aurelius was, he had some of these things down. Yeah, he really interesting. Hey, thanks for speaking to me today and thanks for speaking about this.

All right, Johnny. Thanks for the opportunity to speak to you and your audience. I wish you well. But get involved in our movement, man. We’ll introduce you to Michael Griffith. Michael’s out there. We have great people out there. For anyone, I’m going to finish up. I’m going to play a couple of videos here on truth, freedom, health.

People should learn, be grateful that you came to Johnny’s and my discussion today, because there is a place to figure all this out. There’s not only hope, but there’s a very clear path to shattering the swarm and to understanding what our system is and what is a revolution. It’s been a life journey for me, but I’m very honored to be able to share this with people, but it’s now time for you to do action and I’ll probably be the hardest coach you’ve ever had.

And help you be disciplined and not fucking go off and send wacko videos on flat earth and shit like that Don’t worry. I’m not gonna do that But I tell you what we should do is that we should definitely swap notes on a robert f kennedy jr Let’s do that. Sure. All right. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you very much for your time Thanks, johnny. Keep up the good work. I’ll talk to you soon. Be well be the light. Thank you i’m gonna the recording has stopped. Thanks johnny. I’m gonna continue here. Be well, we’ll be in touch Okay, so to everyone listening, I hope that was valuable to people and it helps you really understand the dynamics of what we’re dealing with.

But most importantly, know that our movement for truth, freedom, health exists. You don’t, our run for presidency exists. So a couple of things you guys can do go to Shiva for president, get 1 of these bumper stickers. It’s a very powerful way for you to say, fuck you to the establishment, but more importantly.

Recognize that we are the real alternative and you are the real agent of change. Go to Shiva for president, get one of these flyers, download it in the free downloads, print it, educate your friends. Go to, truth, freedom, health, go get this book, yeah. So people say, Oh, are you promoting now?

I have to realize I actually do have to promote shit. Okay. Without any type of shyness. Go get the book system and revolution. Learn what a system is. Learn what a revolution is. Get involved in truth, freedom, health, because you deserve this knowledge with the elites have, and they hide from you. They do not want you to understand what your goals should be, where you should focus.

They want you to get distracted by all sorts of nonsense that they do. So I’m going to play this video, which will hopefully inspire you to go to truth, freedom, health, and become a truth, freedom, health, a warrior scholar. Get involved. We have allowed our country to be taken over from within and the end goal is you will have a homogenized world where we will become slaves because there is a condition among the elites that really thinks they’re better than you deep down inside them that you don’t deserve the freedoms you have.

They don’t. This reality is what people need to wake up to and we need to all unite working people. There’s only one movement that can do that, and that is the movement that we started creating here in Massachusetts, the Movement for Truth, Freedom, and Health. Look, I’ve been a student of politics since I was a four year old kid, studying revolutionary movements, left wing, right wing.

There’s a physics, there’s a nuclear science to destroying the establishment. To build a bridge, you need to understand Newton’s equation. You need to understand the laws of gravity. You need to understand Poisson’s ratio. There is a way to build a revolution, and that’s why I put this together. My goal is to train a army of truth, freedom, and health leaders.

We don’t need followers like social media, we need leaders, but they need training because the educational system does not teach them history, nothing. So in three hours, that’s what I’ve started doing. That’s the solution. We got to train people first with understanding what a system is, the dynamics of all systems that affect nature.

The second is understanding the interconnection between truth, freedom, and health. Freedom is the ability to move freely, communicate freely, talk freely. Without freedom, you cannot convert ideas, hypothesis into truth, which is science. And without freedom, you can’t really get to truth. And without truth, you make up fake problems and fake solutions, which means you destroy our health.

And without health, which is the infrastructure of us and our body, you can’t fight for freedom. Truth, freedom, health. Third concept is, it has to be bottoms up. Working people who work uniting. And what the right wing has done is whenever you say working people unite, that must be communist.

Meanwhile they’ve let the Democrats run unions, which suppress workers. Completely corrupt. But when you look at the arc of American history, it’s been when working people came up. We need to go local. Every solution I’m coming up with is a part of this movement. We’re giving the science, which is the truth, and then we tell people what they can do on the ground.

Like with election fraud, you don’t need to wait for some lawyer. Our goal is to train people to go local. Fight locally. Forget lawyers, forget politicians, forget celebrities. You’ve got to learn politics, and there is a science to it. They lock us down, we should be ready to shut them down.

And the fourth part of this principle is the not so obvious establishment. So when you look at a system, there’s always something that disturbs you from getting to your goal. The biggest disturbance is a not so obvious establishment. Which are those people who claim they’re for you. On the left and the right.

The Al Sharptons who tell black people I’m for you. The Tucker Carlsons. Do you think any true anti establishment person will ever be on Fox or CNN? I don’t think so. They both mislead working people back into the establishment. Without this solid understanding of political physics and theory, you’re screwed.

You’re gonna follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders, oh he said something, or Robert Kennedy, scumbags. Or you’re gonna follow some right wing talk show host. They’re not gonna lead us to liberation, it’s us. We’re building a bottoms up movement and that political physics It’s a nuclear science of change.

Bottoms up. We have to organize to understand that there is people who talk a good game, and then look at what they actually do, left and right. I’m sorry, Sean Hannity may say some good things, but I don’t see the urgency in his voice to get something done, and it can only come. When you weaponize yourself with the right knowledge, you need to be able to identify a rat.

Christ didn’t go after the Romans, right? It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees who screwed him up. His own quote unquote people. And that’s where we’re at. So these four concepts I’ve built into a curriculum. People can go to truthfreedomhealth. com and it’s an educational program. We need to train people in political theory.

You need to have physics. And I’ve created that curriculum. People need to get educated. We need to get educated fast and within a half an hour, I can teach people two years of MIT control systems. I teach people those concepts that I apply it, anyone can understand it. And then you say, Oh, I got to build a bottoms up movement.

They have to get politically astute, and then they have to go locally and act, not sit there on social media. They have to act locally, defy locally, do civil obedience locally, but with knowledge on how to build a movement. The Senate campaigns expanded to the movement for truth, freedom, and health, and they can find it on truth, freedom.

So people can sign in, they can get access to a bunch of videos. If they want to take a course and become a Truth Freedom Health Leader, I offer a full scholarship there. But we want people to make a commitment that they’ll study, that they’ll get certified, that they’ll go do activities on the ground. Go to TruthFreedomHealth.


Alright everyone, I hope that was valuable. If you joined late, today’s conversation was Shatter the Swarm System and Revolution with Johnny Vedmore. I really enjoyed. His this conversation. Johnny’s a thinker and he gets it. So get involved. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be deceived. And let me just close out by making sure everyone’s aware.

We need to build the bottoms up movement. Go to Shiva for president. com and volunteer.

Yeah. So please do that. I hope you get involved in also go to Shiva for president and go to also, what’s the other one? I go to truth, freedom, health. com. Let me just wrap up with our last video here. Did I get it here? Nope. I think we’re good. All right, everyone be well. Thank you.

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