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“We don’t really have a democratic system. It is a democratic system for the bourgeois, for the elites.” – Dr. Shiva​​.

Key Takeaways:

  • Four Tiers of Electoral Deception: Identify ‘Four Tiers of Electoral Deception’ that distort American democracy. These include ballot access roadblocks for independent and third-party candidates, media manipulation and bias against non-establishment candidates, financial inequities in campaigns favoring wealthy candidates, and vulnerabilities in the vote-counting process that undermine election integrity.
  • The Kentucky Incident: An incident in Kentucky exemplifies the challenges faced by grassroots campaigns. A volunteer for Dr. Shiva’s campaign experienced mistreatment while collecting signatures, highlighting systemic barriers and the suppression of political diversity in the electoral system.
  • Disparity between Elite and Grassroots Campaigns:  Contrasts the experiences of mainstream candidates from established parties with those of grassroots campaigns. Independent candidates often face bureaucratic challenges and lack the financial power of elite candidates, underlining a significant disparity in the electoral process.
  • Media’s Role in Political Narratives: The significant influence of media in shaping political narratives, noting that mainstream media often omits or distorts the narratives of candidates challenging the status quo. This influence significantly affects public perception and electoral outcomes.
  • Empowerment through the Truth Freedom Health® Movement: Dr. Shiva highlights the Truth Freedom Health® movement as a crucial platform for empowering citizens to reform the electoral system. He advocates for public engagement in grassroots activism to promote transparency, free speech, and health rights, emphasizing collective effort in achieving a more democratic electoral process.

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Introduction: The Menace of Election Tyranny

In today’s world, where the essence of democracy is under constant scrutiny, it’s imperative to address a shadow looming over our electoral systems: election tyranny. As an advocate for the Truth Freedom Health® movement and an independent presidential candidate, I’ve encountered the complex layers of election fraud that threaten the core of American democracy. This issue transcends mere theoretical debate, representing a profound challenge to the integrity of our democratic processes.

As we peel back the layers of our electoral system, we uncover the ‘Four Tiers of Electoral Deception’ – a series of systemic barriers and manipulations that distort the very essence of our democratic process.

The Four Tiers of Electoral Deception

First Tier: Ballot Access Roadblocks

  • Bureaucratic hurdles starkly limit the voices of independent and third-party candidates, favoring established parties and stifling new ideas. A significant barrier is the onerous ballot signature requirements, which major parties evade, placing independents at a distinct disadvantage. This demand disproportionately burdens grassroots campaigns, skewing the electoral playing field. Moreover, our volunteers, earnestly collecting signatures, often confront harassment and intimidation from authorities, despite Supreme Court rulings supporting their rights. This disturbing trend underscores a system that prioritizes the interests of powerful entities over citizens’ constitutional rights, undermining the democratic process and discouraging active political participation.

Second Tier: Media Manipulation and Bias

  • Media plays a pivotal role in shaping electoral outcomes. My experiences have shown how mainstream media often omits or distorts the narratives of candidates like me, who challenge the status quo. This manipulation creates a biased public perception, steering the electorate away from informed decisions.

Third Tier: Financial Inequities in Campaigns

  • The electoral process is unduly influenced by wealth and political donations. Unlike candidates funded by corporate interests and elite networks, grassroots campaigns like ours at Truth Freedom Health® struggle to compete on an uneven playing field where money often equals visibility and influence.

Fourth Tier: Vote Counting and Integrity Challenges

  The vulnerabilities in the vote-counting process are alarming. Electronic voting and mail-in ballots are susceptible to manipulation. This tier of deception undermines the very essence of a fair and just electoral process.

Spotlight on Injustice: The Kentucky Incident

Upholding Constitutional Rights Amidst Adversity

The Kentucky incident, a striking example of the challenges my campaign faced, serves as a sobering reminder of the hurdles inherent in our electoral process. On a peaceful Sunday, one of our dedicated volunteers, a young electrician, was in Franklin, Kentucky, in front of a Walmart, collecting signatures to support my independent presidential campaign, after a long day at work. This democratic exercise, crucial for ensuring diverse voices in our political discourse, was met with an unexpected and harsh response. After gathering just a few signatures, he was confronted by the store manager and ordered to leave, being told that his activities were not permissible on the premises.

Despite the volunteer’s assertion of his right to collect signatures during an election cycle, as long as he wasn’t obstructing anyone, the situation escalated. Police officers arrived, insisting he was trespassing. Our volunteer rightly asserted his legal rights under the Supreme Court’s 1980 Pruneyard ruling and subsequent decisions like Glovesky versus Roach Brothers in Massachusetts. These rulings make it clear that during an election cycle, the act of collecting nomination signatures, provided it doesn’t harass or inhibit anyone, is a constitutional right that supersedes even the private property rights of a retailer. This volunteer’s stand is a beacon of true heroism and active citizenship.

Defending his constitutional right, he was instead handcuffed, taken into custody, and subjected to a humiliating strip and cavity search, before being jailed. His mistreatment didn’t end there; upon release, he found his wallet emptied and had to face the psychological and emotional aftermath of this ordeal.

The Elite vs. Grassroots: A Tale of Two Campaigns

This incident starkly contrasts with the experiences of mainstream candidates from the two-party system, like Trump or Biden, who are not required to collect signatures, and so-called independent candidates like Boobie Kennedy, who, lacking authentic grassroots support, rely on raising millions to pay consultants for signature collection. These established candidates, insulated in their political echelons, are seldom seen on the ground, engaging directly with the public in the often challenging task of signature collection – a task I, Dr. Shiva, have undertaken numerous times and will continue to embrace. It’s a testament to the disconnect between the elites and the real, hard working Americans, and highlights the disparity in the effort and authenticity behind each signature we collect.

Contradictions in the Heartland: Constitutional Ideals vs. Real-World Practices

This incident’s location – Franklin, Kentucky – is deeply ironic. It’s the political base of Rand Paul and Thomas Massie, who publicly champion constitutional freedoms and individual rights. Yet, in their own backyard, a gross violation of these principles occurred, underscoring the disconnect between political rhetoric and the reality faced by citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

The broader implications of this incident are profound. It reveals the systemic barriers confronting grassroots activism and raises questions about the true state of our electoral fairness. How can we claim to have a democratic system that respects constitutional rights when our volunteers face such blatant intimidation and disregard for their civil liberties? This is not just a singular incident but a symptom of a larger disease – the erosion of democratic values and the suppression of political diversity.

Beyond Kentucky: Advocating for Nationwide Electoral Reform

This experience in Kentucky is a stark illustration of the challenges faced by those outside the established political framework. It serves as a powerful reminder of the need for systemic change in our electoral process. We must address these injustices and ensure that every American, regardless of their political affiliation or the candidate they support, can engage in the electoral process without fear of retribution or violation of their rights.

As we reflect on the Kentucky incident, it’s clear that the path to a truly representative democracy is fraught with obstacles. Yet, it’s a path we must courageously traverse, advocating for reforms that uphold the sanctity of our constitutional rights and the integrity of our electoral process. This incident strengthens our resolve to fight for a system where the voices of all citizens are heard and respected, a system where incidents like this become a relic of the past, not a recurring barrier to our democratic ideals.

The fight for electoral fairness and the protection of volunteer activism is integral to our mission. We stand for Truth Freedom Health® and this incident only deepens our commitment to these principles. It’s a call to action for all who believe in the foundational values of our democracy, to join us in this crucial battle for the soul of our electoral system.

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Wealth and Power: Their Overbearing Influence on Elections

In my campaign, the stark contrast between the influence of wealth and the struggles of the ordinary citizen is glaringly evident. The pandemic highlighted this disparity when 600 billionaires increased their wealth by $2.3 trillion, while small businesses struggled to survive. This wealth concentration isn’t just an economic issue; it permeates our political system, deeply influencing election outcomes​​.

Consider the process of getting on the ballot. Major party candidates and well-funded individuals like Kennedy barely have to lift a finger. They leverage their connections and wealth, raising millions to hire professional consultants for signature collection, a process that costs them up to $10 per signature. They exploit their elite networks, bypassing the grassroots efforts that form the backbone of a truly democratic process​​.

Meanwhile, independent candidates like myself, representing the working class, rely on the power of volunteerism and genuine public support. Our volunteers, passionate and committed, face not only the challenge of collecting signatures but also the intimidation and bureaucratic hurdles that come with it. This disparity illustrates how wealth and power have an overbearing influence on elections, sidelining the voices of the ordinary people in favor of the elite few.

This imbalance in our electoral system is not just unfair; it’s a threat to the principles of democracy. It’s a clear demonstration of how elite networks and wealthy individuals can sway political processes and outcomes, often at the expense of the majority. As we continue to fight for electoral fairness, it’s crucial to spotlight these inequities and advocate for a system where every voice, regardless of economic standing, has equal weight and influence.

Media’s Pivotal Role in Steering Political Narratives

The role of media in shaping political narratives and, by extension, influencing elections, is primary. As a candidate who has battled against the mainstream narrative, I’ve observed firsthand how media practices contribute significantly to election tyranny. This is evident in the unequal coverage and suppression of information that doesn’t align with the interests of those in power. For instance, despite my achievements and the impact of my campaign, mainstream media has consistently overlooked our efforts. This selective visibility undermines the essence of a fair and democratic electoral process.

The media’s role in shaping political outcomes is further exemplified by the rapid and unmerited rise of certain candidates. Take, for instance, the case of a Big Pharma conman, ‘Vivek, The Snake,’ which clearly demonstrates media manipulation. A brown-skinned Indian like myself, He often parrots my ideas sounding just like a ChatGPT version of me, adopting my insights once they prove popular. This pattern suggests that Vivek was intentionally presented to mirror and dilute the impact of my genuine candidacy, luring the public away from the true origin of these innovative concepts, allowing them to fade into obscurity under the guise of this disingenuous opportunist. Despite questionable actions and a lack of grassroots support, he gained overnight media visibility and positive coverage, showcasing how media platforms are often complicit in promoting candidates who align with specific corporate or political interests. This type of biased media exposure starkly contrasts with the struggles faced by genuine grassroots campaigns, highlighting the deep-rooted corruption that sways public perception and undermines the democratic process​​.

Alternative media platforms, unlike mainstream media, have provided a voice to those like us, who challenge the status quo. Mainstream media, often influenced by corporate and political interests, tends to highlight and promote candidates who align with their agenda, effectively sidelining independent voices. This creates a skewed perception in the public eye, favoring certain candidates over others and distorting the democratic process. The influence of the media in steering political narratives is a form of power that can sway public opinion and election outcomes, often at the expense of genuine democratic values and fair representation​​.

Addressing the media’s role in shaping political narratives is crucial in our fight against election tyranny. It’s imperative to advocate for equitable coverage and challenge the suppression of information, ensuring that all candidates, irrespective of their political or financial backing, receive fair and unbiased media attention. This is a vital step towards restoring integrity in our electoral system and ensuring that every voice is heard, and every narrative is given its due place in the democratic discourse. As we continue to strive for a more just and equitable society, the media’s role must evolve to reflect the diverse perspectives and voices that make up the fabric of our nation. Only then can we truly say that our media is a pillar of democracy, not an instrument of manipulation.

Grassroots Movements Versus Entrenched Political Powers

In the face of the entrenched political powers that dominate our electoral landscape, the significance of grassroots campaigns in counteracting election tyranny cannot be overstated. This battle is not theoretical; it is fought on the ground every day by real people. Take, for example, our campaign, particularly the experience of our Kentucky state leader. He exemplifies the grassroots spirit – a full-time electrician who, after a long week’s work, dedicates his Sundays to collect signatures to get us on the ballot. This is in stark contrast to the ease with which major parties secure their places, highlighting the disparity between grassroots campaigns and the G.O.P. and D.N.C.​​.

The Truth Freedom Health® movement, spearheaded by our campaign, is a prime example of a grassroots effort battling against established political power structures. Our volunteers, from working people, stay at home moms, to retirees, embody the essence of grassroots activism – individuals who work for a living, yet willingly contribute their time and energy to champion democratic values. This movement is not just about securing a spot on the ballot; it’s about challenging and rectifying the systemic issues that plague our electoral system.

My history of solving problems, both minor and significant, is a testament to what grassroots movements can achieve. In 2020, for instance, I advocated for the widespread use of Vitamin D3, a recommendation that potentially saved hundreds of millions of lives. Similarly, our campaign has shed light on the decadent state of the country’s election systems, emphasizing that these are not elections but selections controlled by the elite. The fundamental question we pose is this: Do the people of this country want leaders who are problem-solvers or those who are part of the problem? Through our platforms at Shiva for President and Truth Freedom Health®, we aim to provide knowledge and strategies for grassroots movements to overcome systemic barriers and truly champion democratic values​​.

The battle between grassroots movements and entrenched political powers is central to the future of our democracy. As we continue to fight for electoral fairness and integrity, it’s imperative to support and strengthen grassroots efforts that seek to bring about genuine change and represent the true will of the people.

Towards a Fairer Electoral Future

Our electoral system, as it stands, is plagued with issues that compromise its integrity, turning elections into mere selections controlled by the powerful few. My journey in tackling these issues, both minor and significant, underscores the need for systemic change. Our 2020 MA Senate campaign’s effort to unveil corrupt practices was more than just highlighting flaws; it was a testament to our dedication to solving these deep-seated problems. This brings us to a pivotal point where the desire of the people in this country for genuine change-makers, dedicated to resolving these issues, becomes apparent.

This struggle is not for the few but a rallying cry for all who cherish democracy. Your role is pivotal. Whether it’s through simple acts like displaying our bumper stickers and distributing flyers, or more involved actions like collecting ballot signatures or becoming a Warrior Scholar or Leader in the Truth Freedom Health® movement, your efforts are vital. By joining us, you’re fighting to rectify the entrenched issues in our electoral system and championing democratic reform. Our movement transcends political norms, fueled by your passion and participation to drive meaningful change.

We’re not just campaigning for an election; we’re building a lasting movement founded on Truth Freedom Health®. Ours is a grassroots initiative, embodying the collective strength of the people. Regardless of this election’s outcome, our commitment to you and our shared future remains steadfast.

Looking forward, I see a bright horizon for systemic change, achievable through our united efforts. Our campaign, integral to the Truth Freedom Health® movement, is devoted to realizing a future where electoral processes are transparent, equitable, and reflective of every citizen’s will. This goal is within reach, but it requires the concerted effort of everyone dedicated to the ideals of democracy. It calls for the power of a bottoms-up movement, led by individuals across the nation and the globe, who have gained deep knowledge, raised their consciousness to perceive the world in its true light, and are applying the principles of System Science to advance the cause of Truth Freedom Health®. Join us in this pivotal journey to not only expose problems but to implement tangible solutions. United, we can forge a future led by a true grassroots candidate, representing American workers and challenging elites who wield wealth, manipulate media, and use state power to suppress our democratic rights.

In the face of challenges, let inspiration and determination guide you. I invite you to be a part of this grassroots revolution. Visit, get involved, and take your place as an agent of change. Remember, change starts with us, and it starts now​​.

Be the Light,

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

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