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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, provides a systems visualization through hand-drawing to educate you on how the mRNA “Vaccine” operates, why Big Pharma needs “Updates,” and how this is transforming Big Pharma into being Big Software. Dr. SHIVA is committed to education and innovation as he believes these two elements are critical for human advancement.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr.SHIVA, in his capacity as a Systems Biologist, accurately predicted in 2020 that the mRNA vaccine would treat the immune system like software which would require regular “updates.”
  • Dr.SHIVA recaps what is a “variant,” what is mRNA, what is transcription and translation, and what is the real nature of the immune system.
  • Most people’s understanding of the immune system is over 100 years old, including doctors who get very little training on the immune system.
  • Dr.SHIVA describes what happens when a virus enters your body, and what is the interferon system.
  • Dr.SHIVA describes how the mRNA vaccine works.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains why the mRNA vaccine will need continuous new “updates,” big pharma has become big software.

Dr.SHIVA, in his capacity as a Systems Biologist, accurately predicted in 2020 that the mRNA vaccine would treat the immune system like software which would require regular “updates.”

Two years ago when Pfizer and Moderna first came out, Dr. Shiva did a drawing to educate people how the mRNA vaccine works. He said it was going to be a sort of razor and blade model.

It would be like the Schick Razor Company selling you the razor, and then you have to keep buying blades for it. In 2020/ 2021, he predicted that Moderna and Pfizer were essentially heading to a software model, where you will essentially be the hardware.

The updates are really making Big Pharma into Big Software. In this situation, you are actually the hardware. It’s very much like a software update.

Every time that there are new bugs found or new patches, you have to keep getting new downloads. This is precisely what’s happening.

Dr. Shiva could tell with precision and with definitiveness, as a systems biologist who is trained in the science of systems, where the mRNA vaccines were heading. He accurately predicted that Big Pharma was becoming Big Software.

Dr.SHIVA recaps what is a “variant,” what is mRNA, what is transcription and translation, and what is the real nature of the immune system.

What happens at the cellular level when your DNA creates messenger RNA to create proteins? You’re going to learn a couple of years of biology in the next five to 10 minutes.

Inside a cell you have a nucleus and a nuclear membrane. Inside the nucleus you have double stranded DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid.

The DNA consists of codons, which look like stairsteps. This set of codons code for amino acids. A group of amino acids create proteins.

Understanding what a protein is becomes very important when you consider what is a spike protein. Transcription is a process where a piece of the DNA literally opens up.

It transcribes a little piece of this staircase to create what’s called messenger RNA.

During transcription one half of the piece of DNA will transcribe to its mirror half. This is messenger RNA.

DNA is two helixes. RNA is one piece of it.

During transcription, at the cellular level, the DNA opens up and the DNA codes for messenger RNA. That’s called transcription. This messenger RNA leaves the nuclear membrane.

This little piece of messenger RNA is essentially a series of codons. It is a blueprint for creating a protein. This happens every instant in your body.

Simply put, transcription at the DNA level is your DNA opening up, it transcribes a set of base pairs to create messenger RNA, which is literally a blueprint for creating proteins.

To review: Transcription creates messenger RNA, which leaves the nucleus, which is a blueprint for creating a protein sequence.

Messenger RNA goes to a ribosome, which is like a Xerox machine. The mRNA has all the codons, the base sequences. The ribosome knows how to read each of the codons.

A set of codons may code for a particular amino acid. A Group of amino acids makes a protein. This is translation.

Transcription was the creation of mRNA. mRNA goes over to the ribosome, and translation takes place. The ribosome reads this sequence, and for every little one of the sequences, amino acids come up. Then another one and another one and another one for every sequence.

It’s essentially building a protein structure; a polypeptide. So we have a protein come out. This is called a protein or polypeptide; sequence of amino acids.

The key thing is your body, your own cell, generates the mRNA. The mRNA goes to ribosomes and out comes a polypeptide.

This protein may stay in the cell or may help some other function outside the cell. This is pretty much the nuts and bolts of basic biology 101.

Review of basic biology: DNA creates mRNA; this is called transcription. The mRNA goes to the ribosome and the ribosome reads off groups of codons to create amino acids, which are interconnected to create the protein. This is translation.

The protein may function inside the cell or may go outside. Your body does this on its own.

Most people’s understanding of the immune system is over 100 years old, including doctors who get very little training on the immune system.

The entire basis of modern “vaccines” is based on a two compartment model of the immune system. That two compartment model basically says you have the innate immune system and the adaptive. It’s a two box model which dates back to 1915.

That old model of the immune system had no idea about the interferon system, which is the interface between the innate and the adaptive.

The reality is that the immune system is a very complex system. The truth is we have the microbiome; all those good bacteria in your gut and the virome, the neural system, the gut brain axis.

This is a much more comprehensive understanding of the immune system.

An article came out in 2018 saying that the entire modern immune system is based on the 1915 model, and it needs a major upgrade.

Dr. Shiva’s research work at MIT did a lot of this work understanding this very complex interferon system. In 2019, before the “pandemic” , Dr. Shiva was asked to deliver the prestige lecture at the National Science Foundation on the modern theory of the immune system. This is the real immune system, not the two box model.

The entire basis of vaccines is based on the 1915 two box model. The whole goal is “you give someone a jab, and you get the immune system, and you should be fine.”

Their model is, you get a pathogen, the innate immune system kicks on, and then you get antibody. So if you get the jab, you can create antibodies and save yourself. That is the old theory of the immune system.

It’s a very screwed up model because we have all these other systems in our complex immune system. Just because you’re generating antibodies, and you’re subverting all of these other processes doesn’t mean you’re getting a healthy immune system.

90% of doctors don’t even know about the other subsystems. You’re getting this knowledge so you can go argue with your doctors and educate them. Doctors get a very little part of immunology.

They don’t learn the real immune system. They only learn the 1915 outdated model and are working from that model. They don’t know shit about the body as a system.

Academia chokes freedom.

99% of the biologists and scientists in academia are basically prostitutes. They’ll publish whatever you want them to publish for money. Doctors are ignorant of the immune system.

Dr.SHIVA describes what happens when a virus enters your body, and what is the interferon system.

When a pathogen hits you, your innate immune system turns on first. Innate immune system has got macrophages, for example, that try to chomp it and they dismember it.

Then the adaptive immune system comes in modulated by the CD4 T-cells, which recruits CD8 T-cells. CD8 T-cells take out the infected cell. The B-cells also get created which create immune memory which are the antibodies.

Those are the mechanics at the molecular systems level, how the innate immune system macrophages work, and how they work in concert with the adaptive immune system.

The adaptive system includes CD4 cells, which recruit the CD8 cells to kill the infected cell. CD4 cells also recruit the B-cells, which create antibodies for future viruses.

For example, there’s a virus that’s got those spikes on it. This enters through a process where it hits the ACE two receptors. The spike protein goes in, locks and keys it and it enters.

Your body has the macrophages, like PacMan, which chomps the virus. It’s called phagocytosis. This is the innate immune system, the first box.

As it chops it up, it throws out all of the body parts everywhere, like the wall of the virus and the spike proteins.

The CD4 T-cells recognize this, and this is called an antigen. An antigen is anything that’s foreign to your body.

This is what causes the immune reaction. Your body sees this antigen, the spike protein, which is the thing that your body reacts to. It may react to the cell walls, but it definitely reacts to the spike protein.

Your body says, “this is an antigen” and the CD4 T-cells recognize it. They recruit the CD8 T-cell which recognizes that particular spike protein.

The CD8 cell attempts to knock out the entire cell, which is called the cyto-toxic response.

Your own body starts attacking itself. It is not a virus that kills you. It is the response of your own body to that virus when it over reacts.

The CD8 cells, because you have an infected cell, start trying to kill it. If your immune system is weak or you have other problems, your body will attack itself and in the case of Covid-19, attack the epithelium.

In addition, the CD4 cells also get a very important cell called your B-cells operational. For that particular antigen the B-cells create things that look little y’s. These are antibodies.

If another cell gets hit by this virus, your adaptive immune system is getting ready for another virus and these little antibodies will literally surround and block the virus. This is why antibodies are important because they block future viruses. They give your body memory.

When a virus enters the immune system, it has to first enter, then it goes through a process. It wants to replicate itself, then it has to assemble itself. Then it has to exit.

This is typically what a medical doctor learns.

They don’t learn the interferon system, they don’t learn the microbiome, they don’t learn the gut brain axis.

There are many ways to stop the virus at all of these points. We could stop it, for example, by taking certain nutrients. We could stop it at each of these four processes: entry, replication, reassembly and exit.

If you have a strong immune system, first of all, your immune system will protect the virus from coming in. There’s some nutrients which 1000s of papers have been written about that make sure the virus can’t come in.

The other thing is if a virus does come in, you can stop it from replicating with zinc. There are other nutrients that stop it from reassembling and getting out. It’s very important to recognize that nutrition, food is medicine.

When the seasonal changes are taking place you need to particularly be aware of your immune system. So the first thing is to protect the immune system.

5 Dr.SHIVA describes how the mRNA vaccine works.

Remember that your body creates mRNA. The mRNA is a blueprint which a ribosome uses to create proteins.

Now imagine if you could fool your own body. You inject into your cell an mRNA blueprint that is manmade. That blueprint will code for the surface protein on the virus, the spike protein.

The mRNA “vaccine” is actually a platform. Moderna and Pfizer’s platform was to inject you with manmade mRNA and then your own cellular machinery will use that mRNA through the ribosome to create the spike protein. Basically it uses your body’s machinery to create the antibodies.

The theory here is that if they could just give you the mRNA directly, and it uses your machinery, they could make these “vaccines” in a much more standardized way. The older ones had to literally be cooked and made and there’s a longer process. This could be a much shorter process.

Moderna and Pfizer, the platform that they created, their platform was that they’re going to inject you with mRNA. And then your own cellular machinery will use that mRNA through the ribosome to create the spike protein. It’s basically to use your body’s machinery to create the antibodies.

Moderna literally created a globule of fat, a lipid nanoparticle. Inside that is the mRNA which was engineered. It codes for that spike protein on COVID-19.

When people get injected, they get injected with trillions of these nanoparticles. When this can traverse, because it’s fat, it can enter your cell wall. The messenger RNA comes out and goes to the ribosome.

What this messenger RNA was engineered for by the guys at Moderna and Pfizer was the particular genetic sequences to code for the spike protein, which is on the surface of the cell.

Why did they do that? Because they want to mimic what would happen if the virus normally came in, your macrophages eat it up, and you get the spike proteins.

They provoke your body to react a certain way. But there was no virus that infected you. There’s no transcription here, because they delivered it and your body is now making the spike proteins.

The idea is that now when you get a spike protein in the future, if you actually get infected, then the antibodies will stop it. This is the entire theoretical basis of the mRNA vaccine: you’re going to give the mRNA, your body makes a spike protein, it doesn’t get infected, and then your body reacts to that spike protein and makes the particular antibody.

The reason why Big Pharma is becoming Big Software is because when you have an antibody, it is made for a particular antigen.

It’s not sufficient that you just get the antibodies. You’re not truly getting a full blown immune response.

You’re getting a little piece of the immune response; one specific antibody. It’s like a big music orchestra or a band; you’re there to see the whole band, but all you see is one guitar guy playing.

You don’t get the drums, the saxophone, the keyboards and everything else. All you get is the guitar player.

The different updates are like you just get a different guitar playing, you don’t get the full orchestra playing. You don’t get the full immune response like what Dr. Shiva shared at the National Science Foundation.

The mRNA vaccines are basically reducing the immune response to just getting this singular antibody.

In a normal immune response, the innate immune system awakens the interferon, your microbiome, etc. All of these things are important.

We are basically reducing the immune response to just get this singular antibody. You cannot ignore the multifaceted nature of the immune system.

The immune system probably has many other parts. So when they say the whole goal of the mRNA vaccine is to generate these antibodies, it’s not affecting any of the other subsystems.

Dr.SHIVA explains why the mRNA vaccine will need continuous new “updates,” big pharma has become big software.

Let’s say you get hit with a new variation of COVID 19, which we’ll make up and call it “COVID 256”. Let’s say this new variant has a different amino acid structure on the spike protein. For this variant, you’re going to need a different antibody.

For every time this COVID-19 changes, varies to a different sequence, called a variant, you’re going to need a different antibody.

What that means is that this particular mRNA that Pfizer injected you with was for a very specific spike protein.

They’re going to have to create a different mRNA sequence, which means you’re going to have to get a different booster shot every time this virus mutates.

For Pharma this is great because they’re going to use the same technology platform, make a new mRNA sequence and inject it into. You’ve got to come in and get the next booster, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

The bottom line is for every particular mRNA sequence, it will generate a spike protein. This will elicit an antibody. If there’s a new variant, they’re going to have to make a new mRNA.

They’ll have to create mRNA as a new software update. This will create a new spike protein in your body, which will give rise to a different antibody.

When you understand this entire system, you’ll see that every time there’s a variant, they’re going to create a new mRNA, your body will generate a new spike protein that’ll get a new antibody. Once pharma companies get you hooked on this, they have a wonderful recurring revenue model.

So that’s where we’re at; Big Pharma, has really become Big Software. It was predicted here nearly two years ago.

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