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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, provides a prescient systems analysis of how and why Elon Musk is FOOLING & EXPLOITING anti-Biden “Conservative” sentiments to CONCEAL the REAL CENSORSHIP – the Backdoor to Twitter – that Elon Musk keeps FULLY ACTIVE for Government to do an end run around the First Amendment.

Dr. Shiva will also discuss his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit which can be found on

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr. Shiva describes his first two senate runs in Massachusetts.
  • The Senate Runs in Massachusetts led to Dr. Shiva’s exposure of systemic election malfeasance and the censorship infrastructure between Big Tech and Government.
  • If Elon Musk is serious about Free Speech and avoiding any censorship that is “beyond the law,” he must IMMEDIATELY shut down the Twitter Partner Support Portal that allows Government to designate who gets censored on Twitter, creating an end-run around the First Amendment.


Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva hydrates a little bit after six. And today we’re going to be doing an interview with one of our truth, freedom and health warriors. And I like to introduce Frank Locata. Hey, Frank, how are you?

Good evening. How’s everybody doing?

Good Frank, is we’ll introduce Frank Frank’s an electrician. in Andover a working person and Frank, do you consider yourself a conservative, right?

I do. I’m right, if I lean right of center most of the time.

So Frank and I are going to be having a conversation. And the topic today for everyone to recall, is we’re gonna have a very, very interesting topic to continue on our deeper systems discussion on the entire circus that’s going on right now with a gentleman by the name of Elon Musk. And Elon Musk is people to know has bought Twitter recently. And he’s purportedly out there. Making quote unquote, conservatives feel really good that he is fighting for free speech, and we’re going to talk about here today is that he’s really making fools of conservatives, and he thinks they’re really dumb. And he’s using them. And we’re gonna expose that through a conversation that Frank and I are going to have. And I believe, Frank, you put together a set of questions, right, that you wanted to go over today?

I do have some notes and some questions for you. Yeah, jump right in?

Well, what I want to do is, I want to first of all, introduce everyone that’s new to our movement, for truth, freedom, health. And then I want to play actually a video so people understand a little bit about you, and your journey, if that’s okay, sure. So let’s, first of all, give a little bit of understanding about adult some of you may know that for a long period, we’ve been building a movement, which is growing explosively all over the world. And that’s called the movement for truth, freedom and health. And that movement, you can go to be a, or truth, freedom And you’ll find the entire background of that movement. And just to give you a little bit of preview into it, I’ve cued up a couple of sites, and I want you to go to truth, freedom, And on truth, freedom, you’ll find this very, very powerful diagram, which is a truth, freedom and health system, and the slogan that actually says, get educated, or be enslaved. Now, why am I sharing this with you, because it’s very important understand that we live in a world where constantly people are being manipulated to go into the left or the right. And our view is that people really need to learn the science of system. So truth for themselves is a complete system where you learn the science of systems, you have a huge community. As you go through the website, we have about 360,000 people globally. And Frank is one of them. And I want to really play Frank’s video. So everyone appreciates Frank’s background, Frank, if that’s okay, so let me I think I should be able to Amantha stop the screen so I can share the sound from this Chrome tab here. Great. So I think I can share the audio. And all of you should be able to learn a little bit about Frank because I think a Frank’s background will be important for everyone to understand. So let me just play this video. So you guys all know who Frank is.

My name is Franklin.

I’m an electrician in Andover, Massachusetts. I’ve been self employed for somewhere around 30 years or so. Every day I get up and go to work. And I enjoy it. I enjoy the freedom that being a business owner provides. I work hard for my customers and it’s a labor of love. And when I have time off, I spend as much time as I can with family and I also have a few hobbies such as voting DJing and amateur radio.

Politically, I’ve always been independent minded leaning towards those who appear to be the outside agents of change versus the establishment characters. I would like to learn that there is actually a third character called the not so obvious established. 2015 I volunteered for a year and a half for Donald J. Trump for president. At the time, he appeared to be the outside agent of change, just like Obama appeared to be in 2008. And of course, history shows that both were not In 2017, I met actual outside agent of change Dr. Shiva IO during on his first of what will become two runs for US Senate in Massachusetts, both times both campaigns, his own party sabotage, and at every turn the parties colluded together and did everything they could, including cheating. We’ll talk about voter fraud, but they don’t talk so much about election fraud. And in the September 1, Massachusetts primary there were actually more votes than voters. And they essentially gypped you out of the primary. Dr. Shiva is landmark federal case exposed the whole thing and caught the eye of a president who couldn’t accomplish anything in federal court regarding election fraud, was happy to fundraise off it to the tunes of hundreds of billions of dollars.

So what have I learned from all this? I learned that all elections are selections, nobody is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. But the good news is it’s not hopeless. And we are not helping as much more of us than there is of them. We have power together.

It took me five years to learn things the hard way. And now we have a tool so that you can learn things the easy way, as a tradesman, I wouldn’t be able to do my job without the right tool. This is the right tool started truth freedom

Great, thank you, Frank. Let’s bring Frank back in. So Frank, it’s great to have you and to all of you joining the seductress, Shiva DeRay. And we have Frank Wakata here, who’s one of our troop food and health warrior scholars. And Frank and I are going to have a discussion today on really talking about this Elon Musk thing, but from a bottoms up approach, because none of the news media is going to cover this just like Frank, I think you want to talk about our background and our history, how they didn’t cover many things. Go ahead, Frank, take it away.

Well, yes, yeah, Dr. Shavers. Recall, I met you, shortly after the election of Trump and I jumped right into your campaign against Liz Warren, the poster is in the background there in 2018. And, you know, I saw you as the outside agent of change, actually, I initially saw Trump as the outside agent of change. Now, I know he wasn’t, he was not so obvious establishment, essentially, that Bernie Sanders have the right. But you have proven time and time again, that you are the outside agent of change on the cutting edge of a lot of things, mostly with the timing of when you come out with things ahead of the curve. You’re the leader, other people will then echo what you say later down the road, you did this with COVID. A lot of people were running around like the sky was falling, they were terrified. I think when in the end of 2019, you said, Frank, just take your vitamins, you know? And, and I did, and it did get me through COVID. But no vaccinations and I’ve been around sick people and haven’t gotten sick. So you’ve actually taught me about immune system health, my family, I credit you for giving us safely through that. And then with the election integrity, everybody’s focusing on, you know, you know, the mail in ballots and other other things. You said, look, the real crime scene is in the algorithms of the machines. So your

signature verification, that’s what we focused

on verification. Exactly. Exactly. And you were seen as the leader in that area? And then, you know, exposing, you know, Kennedy on the left Trump on the right, as far as you know, these people are not, you know, they’re not the outside agents have changed, you know, on both sides, you hammer them equally. So, you know, we can see that now, you know, but you did it early. And then, what we’re here to talk about today is the portal, which you were thrown off in, in 2020. Where there but it wasn’t See, initially, US conservatives always thought, Oh, well, Zuckerberg and Jack, they just don’t like us conservatives, because they illiberal. Right? Like that was the excuse. But then what I learned is no, that’s not the that’s not the case. It’s the government telling them to get rid of somebody that gets too popular or whatever, on either side, I guess. So. You know, if you can, I’d like to just ask you a couple of questions.

One of the things I’d like to make people aware is, you know, we just walked through the movement for truth, Freedom health. You know, a lot of people have asked me Dr. Shiva, I was I did an interview with I think, a foreign station. How were you able to predict all these you seem like you’re a wizard or something, and I told the guy look, when you understand the science of systems, which means each truth for them in health, and we make it accessible to people all over the world, you start building a wisdom to see the future, you know, 2019 Frank, as you mentioned, it was long before all of these so called Stanford doctors would come up much later. A lot of opportunities we were exposing the pandemic impact the first ones to do With the lock downs everything we spoke up about it, not waited until to see which way the wind blows like Charlie Kirk and all these bogus fake opportunist conservatives are now talking about they were blacklisted. We’re going to talk about that. And they never supported anything we were doing. It was like you said our movement which expose that the signature verification, the ballot images, that chain of custody issues before all these other conservative opportunities came in and they frankly fucked it all up talking about crazy shit.

Well, yeah, because they’re, they’re just running the game. They’re Grifters. You know, it’s all the talking heads. They, they say the things we want to hear. I mean, I’m guilty of it. I come home at the end of the day, I turn on the tube and

they pass this idiot woman call you talking about? Oh, yeah, you don’t hear from

her. So yeah, my God, my GOP friends locally, they’ll you know, whatever, you’re on the cutting edge. They’re always going to call me and say hey, you know what, what’s so bad about Elon? What’s so bad about the head of the mass GOP? They’re nice guys. Right? They are helping us. They’re putting our conservatives back online. They’re always

I think when you look at the history of us three years ago, in 2019, we call that the pandemic and the lockdowns that was in 2020, we called out the election systems issues. And then we called out we’re the ones our lawsuit our our campaign is one that discovered the censorship portal way before all these guys, so I never saw Elon there, did you? I never saw Elon talking about free speech in 2020.

No, and he didn’t. He didn’t say fire Fauci neither. So yeah.

Yeah. So go ahead. Frank. What’s your first question?

Yeah, I just wanted to see if you could kindly please explain to the, to the listeners, the rights of Twitter to censor someone versus that of the government to censor

a citizen. Yeah, so I want to also preface there’s a woman called Jennifer Sinden Alcon she looks like a very nice woman. She goes, I don’t understand the vitriol for musk and Carlson. So Jennifer, this, I want to dedicate this broadcast to you, Jennifer. Okay, because it is hard working people. I’m sure you’re conservative, who are the ones who are being exploited by the scumbags. And I have to use that term because of the the righteous anger I have against these people because they’re taking advantage of hard working people in this country. You know, I came as an immigrant, as a seven year old kid from India. Frank, you know, the story. My parents came here, and we came here, because of the incredible values of America where people worked hard. And today it is the conservatives, the white American working class, many of you out there who are literally the bulwark of the world working class. And I say that not to be racist not to be quote, unquote, a white supremacist, but just the fact and the white working class in this country has a huge responsibility because no other working class on the planet, as many numbers of people have the First Amendment and the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. And what has been happening over the last 50 years is scumbags like Elon Musk, opportunists like Donald Trump, and others. On the conservative side, we’re supposed to be helping, you know, conservatives have been abusing and using conservatives to tell to modulate them so they don’t do anything at the right time.

The ones that suppose they are for free speech, right? Or for years, we

all waited for Trump to do something. And the Q anon idiots came on. So he’s going to do something, he’s going to do something he’s gonna do something. Trump did the lockdowns, Trump kept Fauci and by the way, Frank, you know, we ran the fire Fauci campaign, the first ones who coined that term, hit Fauci now, Elon Musk and Fauci is retiring is coming out. Yeah. And this is our on the way out the door. Yes, he’s saying with Rand Paul. So you have conservatives, taking advantage of conservatives, because they do not want the white American working class, truly weaponized with information. They want them all riled up against the Democrats, or Biden, or hunter with his dick hanging out or shit like that, but they do not want people truly organized. Okay. It’s all a hype. And we’re going to learn that today. So, Frank, go ahead. What was your first question again?

Well, yeah, so the question was, explain the rights of Twitter to censor their users versus the government to censor its citizens?

Yeah, so let me so first of all, I want everyone if you want, take good notes on this, because I want everyone to understand that fundamentally, the government has, I’m sorry, Twitter, as a social media company has every right to censor you. Why do I say that? And I don’t like to be censored, but they are a private company. And they can set up whatever mechanisms they want to censor people. Fox News does this. They don’t put ELIZABETH WARREN on. They don’t put everyone else on okay. They put people on that they choose. They have their First Amendment rights. Okay. So it’s important understand a private company. Anyone here if you go have a blog post, or you have your own channel, you can decide who you want to put on and you can decide who you want to kick off. That is called your first amendment right? So let me just represent that pictorially in this little PowerPoint I put together so if here’s the public, okay, and you use the portal, Twitter has their customer service and you tell Twitter, hey, I don’t like Franklin kata, he’s saying something blah, blah, blah. I don’t like it. Okay, oops, let me bring up the let me bring up the so. So what I was sharing here was, so the public, let’s say a bunch of people, Frank, you’re putting up I don’t know, posts attacking Elizabeth Warren. Okay, or you’re attacking Donald, whoever you are. Okay. I don’t remember all of these news stations all have their political proclivities. Right? Fox News is typically pro Cut Pro Republican and Twitter’s pro Democrat and so on. Right. And truth socialists, I’m sure pro Republicans, okay. And but any one of these media, by law by their rights to the First Amendment, because a corporation itself is an individual, and also has the rights to the First Amendment. So given that, if someone here complains about something that was posted on Twitter using, typically there’s a customer service portal that Twitter has, which is open to the public, and you tell Twitter, they can silence you. Okay, they can do that. So let me make that clear. Okay. All these people that are coming out that Elon Musk said, Oh, my God, they silenced this person, they have every right to do that. They have every right to do that. Okay. No different than Tucker Carlson. He doesn’t want to bring people I’m sure from all Qaeda on or he doesn’t want to bring people from what’s that other group, the Antifa group, right? He silences are, you know, he decides who he wants on a show that is a First Amendment right to Fox News as a station. Is that clear? So So when we’re talking about if I said something wrong on Twitter, and you complain, Twitter can make their decisions to silence me. They have that right. So Elon Musk is very cleverly trying to get all the conservatives. By the way. He’s doing this after the midterms, and we’ll talk about that. He delayed quote, unquote, I have issues with bots, he could have bought them before and brought this out before the midterms. Yeah, but he’s waiting after the midterms to make the conservative things he’s on their side. And everyone look at the timing of this. Oh, my God by Hunter Biden look at his underwear that I need the laptop all that oh, he he took out this doctor on the on Twitter, by the way, that doctor did waited two years and you never supported we were doing the fire Fauci campaign all these opportunities. Alright, so bottom line is Twitter has every right to censor whoever they want. Okay. Just like Frank, you have every right to not let someone in your truck and talk whatever trash you’re in your home or it’s your private property. Okay. All right. So let’s get that clear. So everyone, I want everyone to get that clear. Twitter is a private organization set up their portal customer service, anyone can report and they can take you out. Now, this is what they cannot do. They cannot allow the government to give them a VIP portal. And then Twitter jumps when they come in and takes personnel. Okay, so I want everyone to look at that. We’re talking about here, Frank is Twitter is not allowed. Okay to to use that provide government a portal and government cannot say Oh, I don’t like Franklin kind of government of the United States or the state government to say I don’t like Frank. Because of what he’s doing. He’s exposing me right. I don’t like what he posted against me. I’m a government official. Call up Twitter special VIP portal and take you out okay. Everyone understanding on social media here, okay. And by the way, we don’t care what you believe about Elon because we want money we want those of you who are want to be Star fucking Elon and thinking he’s great. We want to remove Sorry, I have to be so filthy about this. Because it is filthy. Because what occurred to us marine Mark Turner when we were thrown off by the government, and Elon, scumbag Musk still has that portal alive. And that’s where you’re gonna learn today. And that’s where you’re gonna learn. I’m so angry and upset. And if you’re not angry, you’re an American who believes in the First Amendment or what Elon Musk is doing, then something’s wrong with your head. You should I don’t think you should be even in the United States. If you’re supporting the government allowing through Twitter, a backroom portal to censor people. Is that clear? All right. And it’s nothing to be nice about Jennifer. Because the there are many, many people who died in the American Revolution, World War One World War Two, all these wars so you guys could sit here and not just for us to sit here and excuse Elon Musk and say well, Elon, Need some more time? Because what Elon Musk has done is a following this Government portal, he’s still alive. Let me repeat that there is a portal that we discovered in our lawsuit. There is a standard channel that I can report on Frank to Twitter and Twitter can decide through their content moderation and their terms of service. And I’m not saying I like Twitter, I hate them. Okay. But they have that, right. Because they have first amendment rights. And we have to defend their rights as much as I have to defend someone else’s rights. However. Twitter and the government have created a portal where government has a VIP portal that they can report on political candidates, and D platform them now how do I know this? And why am I so angry? And why do I use four letter words and call them a scumbag and, and you should, too, because I as a United States citizen, as a US Senate candidate was deep platformed by that back door portal. That and government did it. And they laundered the censorship through Twitter and Elon. Oh, scumbag musk, all the shit he’s doing is to just rile up conservatives like Frank to get upset against us the anti Biden sentiment. Meanwhile, he is concealing this portal, which we discovered he knows about. And I’m going to play you an audio where he admits he knows about it, who I’m gonna go dig into it. And we are here today to really educate the American people on the bamboozling that this motherfucker Elon Musk is doing he is not some genius. He took over Tesla, you didn’t found it. He did not find Pay Pal. And we want really people to get it. Okay. And yeah, so truth scalar if you think my anger is going to defeat me, that’s why we still exist. So you can leave, okay, you can get the hell out. Okay? Because you need to go figure out why you’re not angry and why you should have your head checked. Okay, so let me go through this. On September of 2020. When we ran for office, Frank was there working his butt off while working as electrician while I’m working as a scientist, we had 3000 volunteers on the ground. Instead September of first of 2020 We ran a massive campaign 3000 volunteers 25,000 bumper stickers now keep saying this. You guys understand this 10,000 lawn signs. We were everywhere. And we were going to win that election on a landslide. Primer here. Right? Your primary campaign is September 1 2020. Yep. And what ends up happening is the following. We win in the hand counted county called Franklin County, and we lose everywhere else. Even though the other candidate that the Republicans the quote unquote Republicans put up there was nowhere to be found. No lawn signs, no bumper stickers nowhere. And we had found out that the government, more than likely in Massachusetts had manipulated the machines. And so we went to get the ballot images. And we found out that the ballot images were deleted. So the government of Massachusetts deleted these ballot images. And when we shared that on Twitter, the fact that they deleted them, in fact, they sent an email admitting they deleted them, boom, I’m thrown off Twitter on September 24 2020. None of these talk show hosts I didn’t see Elon Musk. I didn’t see Tucker Carlson. Even though they knew about it. None of them helped us. We had to go into federal court. We had to fight. And what came out in federal court was that we discovered a fundamental

portal, that the government and Twitter had created a portal and that portal. And so anyone who has problems with my anger, we’re saying goodbye to them. Because we don’t really want you here because you’re not qualified to earn this information because you’ve lost some part of you’ve lost your soul. Okay? Because what we discovered was the following, we discovered that the government of the United States with Siza Siza is the organization created by a Republican Trump, by the Republican establishment had created an infrastructure for government to silence us citizens through this portal and we discovered it because we discovered playbooks in the in the middle of my loss of We found documents that were created it at Harvard between the government and between Twitter to silence American silently Okay, Okay, so that is what we discovered. Okay. And let me walk that through with you. So, and by the time you’re done with this, you probably got to use much worse words that I have. Okay. So let’s go over to that diagram. What did we discovered? What we discovered was a following in our lawsuit, and you can look at all the information went back So here’s a whole truth, unlike musk, who’s just sharing a very small part of the truth, if the truth. So here was the Secretary State of Massachusetts, who had silenced me government silenced a political candidate, by the way, this is beyond the law. Elon Musk claims, Frank, that, Oh, I won’t do free speech. I won’t do anything against the law. Right. But I won’t do anything beyond the law. Well, Elon Musk knows that this portal exists, and he’s still keeping it functional, because he’s a bitch to the government. Yeah, SpaceX 90% of their revenue comes from the government, Tesla, they survive on regulatory credits. Twitter needs government to have their platform status. So these three are facts. So if you don’t know that Elon Musk is a stooge to the government, yeah, we’re here to wake you up, just like we did in 2019. About the lock downs, just like we did with 2020, about the election systems, just like we did about the censorship. So if you don’t want to be woken up, and you find my language bad, please do not come on my platform. I don’t want you here. Okay, so you really need to think, because I’m tired of trying to convince people, we’re not here to convince you. We’re here for people beyond the language, whether you like it or not, to get over yourselves and start being Americans again. And maybe you need an immigrant who is a US citizen, by the way, who really isn’t American to remind you what it means to be an American. All right, so let’s go through this. What did what did we discover? Well, we discovered by the way, before I go go through this, let me just play you a video of the election fraud that we discovered Massachusetts. And and by the way, when I was thrown off Twitter, we were still US Senate candidates and government contacted twitter using this backroom portal to throw a US Senate candidate off and let me play this video for you. So you understand the extent of our campaign on September 1, the working people of Massachusetts rose up to elect one of their own for US Senate. They united beyond black and white beyond left and right to unleash a movement for truth freedom health. 3000 volunteers 10,000 lawn signs 20,000 bumper stickers, millions of phone calls, massive rallies over 20,000 donations, funding highway billboards, ads on social media, radio and network TV, making Dr. Shiva for Senate a household name that people of Massachusetts are headed for a landslide victory. But on the eve of election night Secretary of State Galvin spread disinformation saying only 150,000 would vote in the Republican primary 100,000 less than 2018 On election night Shiva percent, one in Franklin County by nearly 10% but lost in every other county by 20% to an invisible opponent neither heard nor seen had no lawn signs no bumper stickers, no organization in short, no campaign in Franklin County ballots were counted mainly by hand in all other counties, mainly digital scanners generated ballot images tabulated by electronic software evidence comparing number of votes to voters revealed blatant fraud in Boston 4000 more votes than voters in Newton 1700 more votes and voters more votes and voters in every city for which Shiva for Senate received data mathematicians and data analysts discovered a completely improbable frequency pattern of voting revealing the software for electronic tabulation was set to reduce Shiva percentage votes by 50% and increase their votes by 20%. More disturbing valid images were destroyed federal law demands all records documents generated in connection with an election must be retained for 22 months Massachusetts violated federal law the establishment does not want one of us working people to represent us when we when they cheat when we when they rigged their software to steal our democracy you now have a choice except election fraud except corruption or fight we choose to fight to escalate our movement for truth freedom health by leading a write in campaign for Dr. Shiva for US Senate to unite working people to build a defiant movement to expose and destroy their system of power profit and control join us right and Dr. Shiva for US Senate now are by November 3. It’s time for us. This is Dr. Shiva and I approve this message

So I just want to make it clear, you know, if you want me to be a wonderful talker and speak with the MIT PhD, I can do that I can speak as a senator, but I can curse, like a street kid in New Jersey. And sometimes you need to curse like a street kid in New Jersey, to expose these bastards like Elon Musk and others who take advantage of the American people. Okay? And if you don’t, if you have a problem with that, then you have a range issue. Don’t attack me. Okay. So when we our election was stolen from us, Frank, as you remember, we went to the Secretary of State’s office when we wanted those valid images. And we took a camera there the skirt Secretary of State’s office is gloating. She’s saying, Oh, we deleted them. That’s a violation of federal law. And we live in a country where we have 360 degrees of fraud now, the academics lie, the government is not held accountable. And scumbags like Elon Musk think they’re so smart. I have Asperger’s. I’m so intelligent, and they’re manipulating conservatives right now. He’s releasing nothing burgers making out of it, because he wants a bunch of rednecks in Tesla’s and we’ll talk about that, okay. That’s what it’s about. Wake the fuck up. All right. What’s gonna happen here we go into federal court. Because after I expose the Secretary of State, I put up those emails were she saying she deleted the images, I’m thrown off Twitter. And we find out that in a news article that the Secretary of State had contacted Twitter, we knew we had a First Amendment case. And by the way, I didn’t see Elon Musk giving me money for lawyers. I didn’t see any of all these other people. We had to do it on our own. I had to represent myself in the middle of running for taking care of myself and my family and running a business. I had to do that. So am I angry? Yeah. So maybe you don’t like to see Indians angry because you’ve seen all these stupid fucking Gandhi movies? Well, I’m not a good Indian. I’m a bad Indian. Okay. I’m bad. So don’t put your racism on me. Because when Indians get angry, we’re not supposed to get Mr. Trump get angry. He can use the words and white people can stop that. Okay. I’m not your typical good Indian, who says, Okay, thank you very much. Bye, bye. I’m not that. Okay. So here’s the bottom line. We had to go into court. And what did we find out? In cross examination, we found out that the government, just like I showed in this slide to everyone, we found out let me go back to that slide. What did we discover? We discovered that there is in fact, this right hand of what I just shared with you that the government actually has a VIP portal. Frank, you remember that? The government has a VIP portal that they used to deep plot for me, a US Senate candidate. This is a biggest crime of the century. And where is Tucker? Tucker Carlson right now. He still hasn’t covered it. Where’s Glenn Greenwald? Where’s the ACLU where his fucking Elon Musk? And you’ll see I’m going to play the tape recording. When someone asked him on December 3, hey, there’s a support. It goes. Oh, that sounds like Big Brother. Let me dig into it. Well, God knows where the fuck he’s digging. Okay. Now, what did we discover? In that lawsuit? We discovered when we cross examine the social media director from the government of Massachusetts, that she in fact, had used a special portal called the trusted Twitter partnership contacted contacted us that portal as government to tell Twitter frankly, what to do get rid of this guy. And in the courtroom testimony, the judge asked her, How did you feel when they took him down? She goes, I felt relieved. We were exposing government malfeasance, political speech is a highest form of protection. Goddamnit stand up for your fucking first amendment rights. That’s what we were doing. So many people died in this country to protect the First Amendment. So this is not like, well, you know, we should do something there. People talk about the revolution. But you guys aren’t standing up. You’re looking at a political candidate who was a victim of the violation of the First Amendment by the government of the United States. This is what occurs in China. This is what occurs in Russia. Charlie Kirk didn’t do anything. Tucker Carlson. These guys are full of shit. Okay. So what did we discover? We had the first lawsuit the judge was appalled. He said you cannot do this. I get put back on Twitter. On November 4, and between November 4 And February one, I’m tweeting again and boom on February 1, right when once again I share the emails exposing the Secretary of State and also sharing the portal that they used to silence me. I’m thrown off for good. Because I was I was on a blacklist that Elon Musk and covering, he’s covering the other blacklist, which Twitter has every right to do he’s not covering the government blacklist. That is true McCarthyism. Okay, so what did we discover? And every one of you listening tape this tape even the curse words? So you remember I cursed? And don’t fucking tell me not to curse. If you have a problem leave, because you’re not qualified to be frankly an American anymore. If after you hear this. So what happened? So, let’s go to what we discovered. It’s all up on the law. So we discovered that the Secretary of State had me the platform. Let me repeat that, again. The government had a US Senate candidate D platform, everyone getting that the government had a US Senate candidate D platform, using the infrastructure that Twitter had provided them that Elon Musk still runs to this day. And he is still not dismantled. That should fucking get you upset. Because if you’re a conservative, you are being played. You are a good human being you work hard for this country, and you are being fucking played. Okay, that’s what’s going on. So what do we discover? We discovered that how did they do this? Well, we found out and by the way, all these people, and this is right out of courtroom documents. Siza over here on the right side, who created slicer. Frank, you want to let everyone know who created slicer? I do not know. Donald J. Trump. Okay. Okay. A Republican signed Siza into law, the cybersecurity infrastructure security agency. And that agency has been used to silence it was created because you see, Frank, the important thing people need to recognize is the government cannot, cannot surveil and censor. This is bigger than Snowden. Right at full should be behind this. He’s sitting there not doing anything get involved. You know, it’s just another another video we need to do about him. Everyone knows there have been surveilling US citizens for years. But they don’t have a right to surveil and censor US citizens, on domestic domestic US citizens. So in order to overcome that, what Siza did Frank was they needed to figure out a way to do this. So they got a bunch of people together in 2017 and 2018. By the way, there are people from the Democrats and Republicans and these people that recruited people at the Associated Press at the Center for Internet Security, the Brennan Center as advisors, and then they brought in big money funders, who is James and Catherine Murdoch. Oh, they own Fox News. Oh, who is Pierre Omidyar? Oh, he owns the intercept, oh, Facebook, and election systems people, these people funded the acquisition of other talent, Chris crabs. You know, here we go. Tommy Hicks, Republican Robby Mook, Democrat. People from Harvard people from Stanford and all these people got together. That was Hillary’s manager, Hillary’s manager by his left and right, let’s not let the right Republicans for all of us stop attacking the Democrats. Because you’re playing into the left, right, bullshit, right, his left and right people got together, and they created these things called playbooks. What were these playbooks? Well, one of the playbooks they created was the election influence operations playbook and the election operations playbook. By the way. It was an MI, and I’m going to take credit for it if you have a problem with me being taking credit again, I’m not a good Indian. You know, when Donald Trump says I did this, and white people say you don’t want to tack them, but it seems like what an Indian does it? It’s something in your brain. Oh, Indians aren’t supposed to be bold. Okay, well, I’m gonna be bold. I’m not a good Indian, and I’m not arrogant, but I’m taking credit for what the fuck I did. Okay. I worked until midnight 2am. The night before the lawsuit, I found these documents. These documents are called playbooks. And these playbooks detail how and they were written at Harvard. They’re written by Twitter legal they were written by people at Twitter, at within the government of Massachusetts, and Siza people that Trump appointed and those documents lay out in detail how you will surveil US citizens in the United States and blacklist them. Okay. And I had to do all the hard work of finding them. I had to write my own laws. soot.

And by the way, Tucker Carlson was notified about all of this and if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you the letters. Glenn Greenwald all these guys. This is in 2020. Those fuckers Tucker Carlson did nothing. He could have used his big ass megaphone on Fox on 2020 to expose our lawsuit. He did nothing, Frank, you know that. Right, right. We were looking, we’re in the trenches, fighting this lawsuit and winning and winning. And this guy was nowhere. Elon Musk was nowhere. Yeah. Charlie Kirk was nowhere. Fox News was nowhere. Okay.

Yeah, you know, it just dawned on me, you know how so that’s 2020. Where you got censored by this? Remember? 2018 when the there was a Nina jank works, I think was the reporter.

Yeah, Frank, let’s not go there. Let’s not go there. Well, it

was a kind of a, you know, yeah, I

know. After that, I just will come back to that. Okay. We’ll come back to that. But I just want to let you guys know, I mean, Jenny, just put up a good point. If you guys go here to win back You’ll find the law. So these are all my briefs. You know, this was like, I think maybe I got three hours asleep, Frank. Okay. And this lawsuit was put together by me and you’ll see in the documents of the lawsuit, we bring out all the facts. In fact, here the playbooks go to win back freedom. And all of this was presented in court where we completely exposed and demolished what Twitter had done Twitter in conjunction with government had built that backroom portal which still remains, which still remains which Elon Musk still sustains after he knows about it, and we’ve told them to take it down. He’s a scumbag. He is manipulating conservatives right now. So let’s go back to this. So what did we find here? Well, we found out that those playbooks, detailed step by step, step by step for people for the government, and their henchmen, how to create this infrastructure, and this infrastructure was Center for Internet Security, Homeland Security, OSI cya Nasod, the National Association of State election directors, state and local officials, the Global Engagement Center could silence a US Senate candidate by laundering censorship through the structure call ISAC. E. I S. AC. This is a nonprofit. So here’s government, you know, academia, etc. They had created this infrastructure to launder censorship through an NGO through a portal to silence a US Senate candidate. There you have it, you see this thing called election infrastructure? iSeq. Frank? Yep, that is housed at a nonprofit called the Center for Internet security. It’s a nonprofit. So government context nonprofit, and the nonprofit as a portal infrastructure through Twitter. So guess what government can say? I didn’t do it. They did it. It’s called laundering censorship. And guess who funded this Frank? None other than Pierre Omidyar and also the Murdochs up here at Fox News. Let me make this very clear. The proxy. Go ahead, Frank.

It’s a proxy war. It’s like a proxy war.

Yeah. So what has actually happened was that Fox News founders funded this entire censorship network, Fox News, Murdoch. That’s why didn’t cover it, Frank, because they were part of it in 2020. And the intercept Glenn Greenwald didn’t cover it because he was part of it. You had all of this as in courtroom evidentiary testimony, okay. So please wake the fuck up. Don’t come on my Twitter and start apologizing after you hear this for Elon, because I’m going to throw you out. Because your IQ is really fucking low if you don’t get it after this. And I’m not saying as someone who’s smart, it’s just your IQ is really fucking low. If you don’t see all the hard work we did to expose this shit should have been covered in 2020. Stop defending Tucker Carlson. Stop defending Elon Musk. If you want to say you’re an American, and you stand for the First Amendment, go nailed these guys. Okay. They laundered censorship. And it wasn’t they just going back to that diagram. It wasn’t a Twitter didn’t do this. Frank, the government had Twitter do this. Right. And this was done during when Trump was in office. When Republicans were in office. It was Republicans doing this to other Republicans. Yeah. Is that clear to everyone? It was Republicans doing this other Republicans and Tucker Carlson and none of them have to keep repeating this Glenn Greenwald all the so called, you know, invest. None of them covered this. Yeah. Where are you, Elon? Why don’t you guys everyone listening right now. Why don’t you guys go on Twitter right now and tell Ilan to join this. See if he has the courage to show up. You saw what happened and when he went out to San Francisco, he got booed. And I’ve someone just put out there I will challenge Elon Musk. I will pay for a first class ticket. I will get him a seven star hotel in Boston. Let him come debate me. He won’t. Because he’s an actor. He’s a salesman. He’s an ad, man. Okay. So what we’re sharing with you right here is this censorship infrastructure, which we discovered, and which is funded by Pierre Omidyar. That’s the whole truth. The whole truth? Is that entire censorship diagram, Frank, okay, yeah, that’s the whole truth. And Elon Musk doesn’t want to discuss that. He wants it. By the way, everyone should be clear. When did Elon Musk take over on October 28? When does he release his stuff after the midterms? Right. Okay. And guess what just came out. Frank, a friend of mine just sent me this. I’ll come back to this. But this is what just came out. This just came out. Where is this? Let me see if I can get this here. But a friend of mine just sent this to me. What you’ll find out is what just came out is that I put this Oh, I have it on my a new story just came out. It was in the Daily Mail, saying that had people known about the Hunter Biden started before the midterms. 50% of people would have gone the other way. Right 25% of people. Now remember, Elon Musk voted for Obama voted for Biden said he may vote for Biden again. Go look at his tweets, okay. Elon Musk makes money off climate change scam. Repeat. Elon Musk makes money he believes in carbon credits. He believes all working people should be taxed. Go look it up type in carbon tax. Elon Musk. You know, he’s part of the climate change scam, which the elite globalist Neo liberals created. He knows he can’t make enough money just from liberals. He’s got to get the rednecks driving Tesla’s he’s got to get the rednecks driving Tesla’s so how does he do that? Well, suddenly, he’s never tweeted about free speech until only six months ago. Okay. The Silicon Valley guys get together they need their ad, man. So they take musk. They put him over and Twitter. And by the way, please stop sharing idiotic shit that Elon Musk, you know, use $44 billion of his money. It’s bullshit. He only owns 9%. Okay. Go look at the investors in Twitter, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, the same Silicon Valley mobsters who believe in the climate change shit. You see what happened at Twitter was they had some really crude people running it and D platforming people. They needed Elon to come in to convince I’m a Republican now. I mean, that’s sort of weird. He was so avert I’m a Republican vote. I’m gonna vote Republican. So all these dumb conservatives, naive conservatives, oh, Elon is gonna do shit for us. Right, right. Everyone’s now sucking Elon, do you know what? But they forget that Elon is big climate change guy, big carbon tax guy. Tesla was unprofitable. unprofitable. How did they achieve profit in 2021. They sold their carbon credits. And then they got 1.5 billion. And that’s when they got their current profitability. But 650 million and boom, the value of Tesla goes up to 800 billion. And then he’s able to use that to borrow. He’s 200 billion comes at the backs of taxpayers. Elon Musk’s 200 billion comes at the backs of fake science of climate change. That’s what he’s about. Go ahead, Frankie. And another question. Yeah.

I mean, everything he did his government I mean, his satellite internet service, you know, you don’t get

he I mean, to think that a guy who has billions come from government is going to say anything against government. That’s why he’s not released our stuff. Go ahead. Thanks, Kai.

That they have. Yeah, so um, what? What is Elon Musk actually exposing?

Great question. So what is Elon Musk actually exposing so for all of you people out there I hope now you’re breaking away from your Elon Musk cult bullshit. Okay. What Elon Musk Elon Musk is simply all these doing it’s all nothing burgers. In this case. I don’t like the left but they’re actually right about this. He’s just saying oh my god, Twitter. D platform. This guy. The Twitter did this twit get they have every right to do that. Going back to the central premise. Twitter itself is a corporation they’re an individual. They can be platform people for just they don’t like your face Frank. Like any platform you Okay, so that’s what he’s doing. He’s releasing these nothing burgers using other Grifters? Yeah, okay. The same Grifters who didn’t say anything about the lock downs anything about the fire Fauci thing when it was important we did we were way ahead, but we, we know we blew the trumpet at the right time. So what he’s exposing now is a bunch of nothing shit. And he’s hyping it up to get the Conservatives thinking, Oh, my God, Biden did this. Biden did that. Excuse me, conservatives. Siza was created by Trump. Okay. And it was conservatives in the government who threw off a US Senate Republican candidate because I was exposing the government. Okay. So Elon Musk ain’t exposing jack shit. In fact, on December 3, Frank, what happened was, Elon Musk does this thing called the twitter whatever playground where people can get forgot what it was called. Okay. And there’s about 10 million people on the call, want a journalist that we know Clayton Morris and redacted would heard of our story goes, Oh, my God, Dr. Shiva is the one who actually covered this. Because if you remember, on October 28, is when let’s go to the timeline. Elon Musk was supposed to buy Twitter in April. Then he makes up this bullshit as though he didn’t know the bots or there’s too many bots. And he claims he was trying to get out of the deal. And I in retrospect, when I look at the timeline, I think it’s complete horseshit. I think he was just delaying it, you know, so then he ends up buying Twitter and closing the deal on October 28. On October 29, I put up a bunch of posts and many of you helped us went viral. And on those posts we shared with people and I said Elon, there is a backroom portal, you better take it down if you want my help call me go to win back Nothing, nothing, but that post was going viral. And then boom on October 30, the scumbag organization, the fake journal investigative journalist organization, aka known as the intercept, says, oh my god, we discovered there’s this portal by DHS they called the DHS leaks. Well, there was a complete plagiarism of our lawsuit of our hard work that’s called plagiarism. And they essentially put out a little piece of news exactly a Trojan horse in there. Oh, my God, there’s his backroom portal. Well, when I came to find out about it, I said these guys have plagiarize my work, at least cite it. It’s the basic ethics and journalism. Right. And what I unraveled, if you remember, Frank, what it gets down to this issue you’re talking about, what did they actually expose? Right? Yeah. Let’s talk about what they actually expose Frank. What they expose was nothing burgers, but what they did was they purposely stopped the exposition of the whole thing. And the reason they did this, Frank was this is a whole story, like I’ve shared here. Let me go back to this. Is that is this becoming clear, Frank, this the whole story? Is that entire censorship portal, right, that whole thing? So the DHS, I’m sorry, the intercept. And by the way, Pierre Omidyar is the one who funded the Center for Internet security, which is one where monitoring takes place. Well, the whole truth we find out is that the intercept and Tucker Carlson and Glenn Glenn Greenwald, they concealed our stuff, Frank, right and 2020 plagiarize it in 2022. Then they lied about it, because they didn’t tell the whole story. They hijacked our stuff. And they put a half truth out to the audience. This is called the limited hangout. As we educated people a limited hangout is when there’s a big truth, what Dr. Shiva discovered in our lawsuit exposing government as a backroom portal. So instead of exposing that, Frank, all they did was expose DHS, this one little line in that big diagram, okay. They only expose a very little piece of what we discovered, okay. Very little piece.

That way people move on to something else.

Exactly. Frank, and the people who amplify that. So Tucker Carlson didn’t give us a megaphone. He gives the intercept the megaphone. Oh my god, I noticed the news is gone away. That’s what they want. Right? Want to feed people a little bit? Oh, my God. Tucker is doing great work bullshit. Right. It’s Tucker Carlson. And what,

you know, the news cycle of everything, and they know it’ll be you know, talk about a few days and we’ll move on to something

and that’s what’s happened. You don’t hear about except where they’re still talking about it. Yeah. Okay. And Whitney Webb, another person just like that. Okay. So what ends up happening is they have these operatives that are really part of the intelligence community, Tucker Carlson as part of the intelligence community, Glenn Greenwald, part of the intelligence community. And the ACLU knew about our lawsuit. They didn’t cover anything. But when the intercept, put it out, boom, they give them amplification. And that’s what this diagram is teaching you here. Okay. All right. Hey John, if you if you want to fuck around and say he’s Dr. Shiva third, personally, I speak like that. You know what? I don’t really like this. This snarkiness you can get the fuck out too. Okay? Bullshit. All right, you have nothing to add except that get the fuck out. All right. I’m so tired of people, you know? Not wanting to be sincere and learn, talking about the way I use third person or curse. Get out. Okay, you’re out of class. All right. So what we found out was that the government has created what’s called a methodology Frank, to basically conceal the whole truth. Like we’ve discovered the old truth. They have Tucker, they have the ACLU, and they push out garbage. And they push out a little piece. And we call them out on it. If you remember, we did a video on it called the limited Hangout, and we expose how they do it, then. Elon Musk suddenly starts releasing stuff. By the way, everyone, I want you to really think about it. If Elon Musk care so much for you, conservatives, why didn’t he finish the sale earlier and release it before the midterms? Anyone want to tell me why Frank? Why didn’t he release his before the midterms if he truly cared about conservatives? Well, because

he wanted to tip the election the same way. They wanted to tip it in 2020.

Right, but he is trying to be good on both sides. Yeah, he protects the democrats, the liberals, and then he wants to feed into the Conservatives thinking, oh, yeah, he’s exposing Biden, please. Conservatives Wake the fuck up. He’s doing it after the midterms. Okay. He’s not doing it before he’s doing it after so you. People think he’s helping you. He’s not he’s getting you all hyped up to get you into Tesla’s? That’s what this is about. Okay. That’s all this is about now. I’m gonna so on. If you remember Frank, on December 3, they did this big hangout. Okay. And Clayton Morris asked Tucker asks, asked Elon Musk. Hey, Ilan, what about Dr. Chivas lawsuit which discovered this? He asks Elon, is that portal still up? And I’m gonna play you that audio. So no one here say Oh, poor Elon. He’s doing so much action. So much stuff. Now. He’s smoking weed. He’s taking ecstasy and you can see that he takes mushrooms. It’s a fucking drug addict. Okay? He’s on amphetamines all day, and we’re supposed to feel like he’s some intelligent person bullshit. Okay. So let’s play now, Frank. That particular audio of where Clayton Morris is, is asking him about my lawsuit. And does he know this portal exists? And is it active? So again, everyone, listen carefully. Here you go.

Hey, thanks, Ilan. This is Clayton from redacted. One of the stories we’ve been covering on our show over the past couple of months is Dr. Shiva is lawsuit. He was banned from Twitter running for the Senate from Massachusetts. And one of the things in his lawsuit that was uncovered was the back end Government portal to both Facebook and Twitter that they trusted Twitter partnership. And I know on Twitter’s blog, that trusted Twitter partnership between Twitter and someone with a government, email or Twitter and basically have accounts banned taken down is that portal is not trusted partnerships still available to the government? And given what you’ve released into Twitter files, does it make sense for that to still be there? I gotta dig into this thing. You know, obviously, that has some big brother vibes. So you know, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter will adhere to the law. But better will not do something to go to go beyond the law. And if there are laws, that seems that don’t seem to be the people then change the most VNF. But I’ll take it to the trusted partnership thing kind of what’s going on?

All right. So Frank, what do you think about that answer, Frank, what do you write as a conservative working person who worked his butt off and who’s had family who’s been in the different wars? What do you think about that answer, Frank, tell us honestly, and you don’t have to mince any words. Yeah,

he’s so full of shit. In fact, if somebody if I asked a serious question like that, as somebody they said, I’ll get back to I’d want the answer like the next morning, like right away. Like where’s his answer? What is he getting back to you? Like, no, he’s hasn’t got back to anyone.

Yeah, so So is that for disaster? He buys it. Look, the important thing is the day that you buy the company Yeah, ours was the only frickin lawsuit where Twitter three lawyers were dragged into federal court. Yeah. Where they spent millions probably defending us against us for you didn’t know that it’s in the due diligence documents. He knows about that he didn’t deny it and know about the lawsuit. Notice he didn’t deny it. Right? You he’s a motherfucker. Okay. He’s got the portal running for the government to silence us Americans. Yeah. And he’s running around dropping nothing burgers Come on. Or he must think that the American people’s prefrontal cortex with all the weed like his has gotten so dumb that he can pull this over on our eyes, October 20. He should have taken it down today that he fired all these people. He should have fired that portal away on December 3, so then we put out a challenge to musk. We said take down that portal by last Friday, he didn’t take it down. And all these idiots out there have that the stupidity to say, oh, you should give it more time. Be patient fuck you. My answer is fuck you. If you want to be patient, why don’t you go and move to some country that doesn’t have the First Amendment? Leave? Because you’re not qualified to be an American. And remember, Elon Musk grew up in South Africa where 2% of the people subjugated 98% of the people. Okay. So let’s be clear, he doesn’t really have he in his mind is a concept of slavery and 2% subjugating 98% That’s deep in his epigenetic makeup, make makeup. Alright. So the bottom line is I’ve just played you evidence we’ve shown you the portal exists. He knows about the portal. You know, 4550 days have gone by, and the Jackass hasn’t done anything. What he is doing is Twitter files war on Twitter files to Twitter, done by a bunch of jackasses. I don’t see him calling me and we’ve opened up he will never if he puts me on Frank. We will also be silenced. Right. I’ll tell you what Elon Musk’s latest definition and this is called Changing the goalposts. This is Elon Musk’s definition of free speech. Does anyone want to know what his definition of free speech is? Well, let me tell you what Elon Musk’s definition of free speech is. He’s changing the definition of free speech. Frank. Let me show you what his definition of free speech is. To all you guys understand what a scumbag this guy is. Okay, this is his latest definition of can you say to your Frank, Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach? Negative A tweet will be Max D boosted and demonetised. So no ads or Twitter revenue, you won’t find the tweet unless you specific seek it out, which is no different from rest of the internet. Freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach. Yeah, what the fuck does that mean? I

mean, I could talk to yourself all day long, and nobody’s gonna hear you, right? So you can talk

and you can have lots of followers and he’s going to put the cone of silence around you. Yeah. How is that? Not a you know, for someone who is a free speech absolutist. That’s what he said he was. I don’t care for Kanye. I think Kanye is an idiot. Okay. But he has a right to say what he said. He didn’t incite violence. So Elon Musk is making up whatever fucking free speech he wants. It’s not even within the First Amendment. Andy has this portal going. So everyone, write this down? Right in front of you put in front of a sticky note, when you go to the refrigerator, Elon Musk still has a fully functioning backdoor to Twitter for government. Elon Musk still has a fully functioning backdoor to Twitter for government to do an end run around the First Amendment. That is why I’m angry. And if you don’t get angry at this, something is seriously wrong with you. You don’t deserve the First Amendment. That’s what you’re saying. You’re saying I don’t give a fuck about the First Amendment. I give a talk about being excited and watching Elon and waiting for him to do something because I’m a star fucker. I’m a slave to Elon. And by the way, that term star fucker is a term when I was out in Hollywood, I would see this from many of my quote unquote friends who are celebrities, someone who’d come Oh my god, can I have your signature? And they would sign in they go What a fucking star fucker. Okay. That’s how they think about you. So stop sucking and wanting to suck? Whether it’s Elon, whatever, or Bobby Kennedy’s or whoever the fuck it is. They don’t give a fuck about you. Wake the fuck up. And you’re getting it from someone who’s watched these people been on the inside. But I’ve always kept my loyalty to people like Frank working class people I grew up with and where I came from everyday hard working people in India. So please start having dignity for God’s sake for yourself. Have some fucking self respect. Stop outsourcing your future to these people.

Same people driving around with masks on in their cars by themselves you know, basically All right, my next question. Well, why are you so upset at me? Elon Musk? I think you’ve already answered that. But in the past, you’ve always been very prescient, futuristic on many issues. And there’s always a pattern of people that you call Grifters jumping onto the bandwagon after the fact. So Can Can you expand a little bit more on that for us?

Yeah. Frank, what I’m trying to say is, by the way, you know, it separate from all the anger and the cursing and everything I’ve done and by the way, it’s it comes from a place of frankly, love, okay, because I don’t I believe that you cannot really be real if you if you don’t have a real sense of love for people. And you get really angry when people get exploited, and I really hate the way that the working class people in this country, particularly hard working people, like Frank are being used. Frank was used by Trump. I know Frank Frank was out there putting up 10,000 signs for Trump in the cold everywhere. And at the end of the day, Trump cat Fauci Trump printed 6.2 trillion Trump endorsed people right here, Massachusetts, right, Frank? Yeah, that’s in the back, because they gave him money. So I love Frank as a brother, and I love the American working people. And I believe, if you really love people, like if you’re a mama bear, you want to fucking protect people. Okay. So let’s talk about these Grifters and timing. Look, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, judge people, not by what they say but what they do. The other thing is judge people, when they say the truth, not if they say the truth and give them credit. But when they say it, they repeat that again. Judge people, Jennifer says I’m a mama bear. That’s great. Jennifer. You have to judge people when they say it. Okay, let’s say there’s a crime taking place across the street, someone is being bludgeoned. And then you don’t do anything. You just go. You walk along, right? You don’t call the police. You don’t say anything when it needs to be done. That’s criminal activity, in my view. Okay, but the person who says, Oh my God, that’s happening. I gotta call the police now. I got to talk about it. Now. You know, after it happened, you go tell the newspaper, we got to protect our community, you say at the right time, saying the thing at the right time is what makes you a hero. And what makes you as a human being. Fucker Carlson knew about this and Annette Tober 30th. And he did jack shit. Okay, and if you don’t believe me, let me take you to the evidence because everything I’m sharing with you go to win back Everything is meticulously documented, because we want all of you to wake the fuck up and stop defending assholes. Okay, and stop making amends for them. So let me take you to that information. So, fucker Carlson did nothing I know it hurts to hear that word, but that’s what he is. Okay. That’s what he is. So stop giving him credit. Let me show you right here. The actual evidence. So on October 30, when all the stuff was going down when we’re in the trenches fighting, we actually told Tucker, to hey, you know, this lawsuit is going out this lawsuits happening. There’s a backroom portal. Tucker, you should cover this. Can you see this Frank? Yep. Okay, so let me show you. And by the way, we had done video after video after video after video. So because of our own independent movement, 200 million people saw this. Now the real journalists buried this. So who are they? So here is Tucker Carlson over here. And let me show you the email that we sent to Tucker. Okay. Let me show you the email Frank. Just coming up here. Okay. As we say, Tucker Carlson intentionally conceal this. Okay. Here is on the day before the lawsuit Frank. I wrote him an email October 20. The day that we won the lawsuit we said we obtained a landmark landmark victory. Then we told them again, look, there’s a backdoor Okay, first case to show government makes Twitter to silence sweet this is now in May 2021. We’ve sent an email after email we sent them all the court nothing. Same with and then these when Tucker Carlson’s interviewing the intercept, guys, look what he says. He goes, this seems like a really important story, which is for some reason being ignored by you, Tucker, that’s on November 4. Everyone see that? All right. So Tucker Carlson knew about this by He grifted off of this because had he used his megaphone Frank at that time. He could have had impact he could have. He could have saved the he could have protected us. He could have got it out. So that’s in 2020. We could have saved many elections, we could have protected the American public. He concealed it. He just didn’t say anything. He concealed it, Frank for two years. Tucker Carlson concealed it. So did Glenn Greenwald. So to the ACLU. Same with all these people, Elon Musk is now saying, oh my god, they were blacklisted. Charlie Kirk, Charlie Kirk, is a piece of shit. He didn’t do anything. He’s the biggest opportunist on the planet. He knew about our lawsuit did nothing, absolutely nothing. So the Grifters don’t do the right thing at the right time. They put their finger in there they go. Ah, let me now talk about free speech. Let me now talk about lock downs are bad a year later. Alright, let me now talk about, you know, election systems, when I can sell some pillows. They don’t do what needs to be done at the right time. Because they don’t have the balls. They don’t have the courage. Because they don’t really care for the American people. They care about their wallets. And the only people care about the American people are people like Frank and I and those people on this chat here, the 642 people, we have to start looking to ourselves, not above not wanting to suck someone’s you know what, because they’re a celebrity or not wanting to think they’re going to help us. They’re not. They’re going to have the left and the right fighting. Democrat one day Republican the next day who I’m going to release this stuff, they do theater, you know? Yes, as Jennifer says they worry about their paychecks. By the way, we’re dedicating this to Jennifer Sinden. Okay. All right. Go ahead. Frank. What’s the next question?

Okay. So, in your opinion, what do you believe to be Elon Musk’s motives for all this?

So Elon Musk motors, let’s again, go back to the facts. Number one, all of his now with Twitter, all of his companies rely on the government. Everyone write it down. Like the commit all of Elon Musk companies suck on the government tittie SpaceX, they were about to go down the tubes, boom, they get a NASA contract. Okay. They are completely beholden to the government. SpaceX is beholden to the government. Okay, number one, everyone clear? Write it down. That’s a fact. And you can go check it, you can go do your own research. SpaceX is beholden to the government. So today, they’re worth 50 billion. That means his ownership of that is directly beholden to the government. Okay. So Frank, imagine you were electrician and your only client was government. Frank, let’s say you only had the government of Massachusetts as your client. I’m sure. You’re not going to do anything against them. If you’re a unprincipled person, which is what you like, you know, he doesn’t care. He wants to keep that SpaceX deal. Right. Number one, the 50 to 60 billion or $100 billion valuation that SpaceX X is directly because of the government. Number one, thank you. Thank you very much, Sebastian. I like your word usage. Alon is looking government acids. Thank you. Excellent. That’s the language we need to use for these people. We should not be defeat diplomatic, to your kids. Be diplomatic to your wife. be diplomatic, to your friends, be diplomatic, to your friends who are part of us. Don’t be diplomatic to these assholes. They want you to be diplomatic. They want to brainwash you to be nice to them. Oh, we shouldn’t be nice to them. All right. Number one, SpaceX. Let’s go to Tesla. Yeah. If you just do a simple Google Frank, and I’ll do one right now, if I just do a simple Google and I type in carbon tax, and I type in Tesla, and I type in Elon Musk. Okay. What will you find? What’s if I just type in on Google right now? Elon Musk, and carbon tax, okay. What you will find, okay, is that Elon Musk is a big supporter of carbon tax, okay. He believes all of us should be playing paying carbon tax. Okay. So Elon Musk endorses carbon tax. All right. And because at the end of the day, what is carbon tax based on carbon taxes based on taxing people who supposedly, quote unquote, put up co2? And so what Elon Musk wants to do is that he wants to make sure which is pretty much every human being and every company is going to be taxed on the carbon tax and if you’re taxed on carbon tax, you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna die. and pay tax for it or what you’re going to have to do to offset that tax. You’re going to have to buy carbon credits. Okay, Frank, there we go. Okay. Can everyone see that endorses a carbon tax downplays concerns about methane? Okay? So that’s Elon Musk. He wants to make sure every man, woman and child is carbon taxed, particularly businesses. And if you remember, Trump, one of the only things I believe Trump did right was get out of the Paris accord supports. And the day Trump got out of the Paris Accords, who left Trump’s counsel, Elon Musk, because Elon Musk is a bitch to the global elites who want to support carbon credits, because of carbon credits, are going to be associated carbon tax will be associated with every man, woman and child on the planet. And then it’s eventually going to be linked to cryptocurrency and to the central banks. This is how they’re going to trap us. So Elon Musk is behind carbon tax. And getting back to number two, with Tesla. Tesla would not be profitable. Why one iota if it wasn’t for the carbon credits. You see, every time he sells a Tesla, he gets a government subsidy regulatory credits, he cashes them in. And that’s how we became profitable. Tesla, those cars are like death traps. They look like you’re in a cage. And all these liberals drive around with them, because that is who I’m helping the environment. Really? What about those cobalt mines? That those child labor is done to put that one tonne battery in? Have you ever thought about those kids? No. Have you ever thought about the fact that 6 billion in subsidies Elon Musk had if we just simply took that and built some better natural gas, clean coal, natural gas plants? We could have helped more cars more clean? The Clean Air? Yeah, but they’re in a quasi religion. So Elon Musk, Tesla, go look at their quarterly earnings. They got carbon credits, that’s how they became profitable, Frank. And then when the day they became profitable, they got an $800 billion valuation. Toyota, I think I like about 4 billion in profit. They were 20 billion valuation. Twitter only at about us. I mean, sorry, Tesla only at a 600 billion valuation. They get an eight I mean, 600 million profit 600 million. And they get a 600 or 800 billion valuation. And who’s behind Tesla? Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, who’s behind Twitter, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley. So why is this important for Elon Musk? Because when Tesla got that valuation of 800 billion, he owns, let’s say 20% of it, 30% of it. That means he owns 240 billion he can borrow against that. It’s like you have a piece of real estate that just went up to value and 800 billion, you can borrow against that. So his wealth comes from your back and my back, Frank from American tax dollars. So he owes himself to government for Tesla, he holds himself to government for SpaceX. Now, let’s go to Twitter. Twitter’s valuation, when he bought it was around $50 billion for 5 billion in revenue, 5 billion in revenue 5055 0 billion in valuation. That means it’s 10 times revenue. That’s called the valuation multiple. Why does Twitter get a valuation multiple of 10? The New York Times, which does 2 billion in revenue gets a valuation of 4 billion only two. Let me repeat that again. Right? Twitter gets a valuation of multiple of 10 times revenue. New York Times gets a valuation of two times revenue. Okay. Follow what I’m saying. Frank.

Yeah. So it’s annual, what they’re pulling in annually,

right. But but but but why is that? So the reason is the guys in Silicon Valley again, the same little mobsters have set a publishing company who puts out a newspaper like the New York Times will get a valuation of two. Why? Because they have a liability. What is that liability if they print something, we can sue them? Right. But if someone posts something on Twitter, we can’t sue Twitter, because they they’re treated as a platform. Yeah. And they get section 230 immunity by government, by government regulation. And that government regulation gives Twitter a 10x multiple. So you see, Elon Musk’s wealth in Twitter is dependent on being government’s bitch. That is why Elon Musk will not take down that portal. That is why he avoided that question. So I hope everything’s coming together. You have a guy, his $200 billion in wealth at SpaceX Part of it at Tesla at Twitter is all because of government. This guy’s never gonna say anything against government. But the insidious thing he’s doing to all of you are conservatives. He’s exploiting you. He’s using you. He didn’t drop all this Hunter Biden stuff. Before the election. He talked, oh, they’re robots. He engineered this waited after. So he gets the Democrats on his side, because they’re in power. Okay, so they don’t pass an executive order against Twitter for Section 230. And he gets conservatives bamboozled. Does that. Does that answer your question, Frank.

Yeah. So their immunity to lawsuits is kind of reminds me of Big Pharma immunity with the vaccines. Exactly. Similar story here.

Exactly. You said it, Frank. That’s a wonderful, wonderful connection. Big Pharma. The Kennedys made sure, yes, the Kennedys that big pharma cannot be sued for vaccine injury. So that’s why they get their big valuations. Think about that. All these vaccines Big Pharma cannot be sued. Thank you to the Kennedys. And thank you to Operation warp speed. Right? Thank you to the Silicon Valley mafia who funds Twitter, and in fun Silicon Valley. You cannot sue Twitter or Facebook. If they say something against you. That’s why they get that high valuation. It’s follow the fucking money. Everyone stopped sucking up to Elon. All right. For God’s sake, go ahead, Frank.

Okay, so what do you have to say to people who say Elon Musk needs to be given more time?

By the way, Frank number of people saying I should run for president? Okay. You know, I may just do that, Frank, because I think there’s why not? Okay. Why not? Frank, why should I not run for president? We have a massive movement all over the world. Okay. They have DeSantis as a fix. He’s another Harvard Yale scumbag guy, and the Democrats or whatever, maybe it’s time that a guy who came from India, who works hard loves the American working people actually runs. I’m a working person. What do you think, Frank? Should I just run? Go for it? run for president? Should I just run for president? Why not? Both. Okay, yeah, maybe I will run for US Senate and precedent. And if we do that, everyone here can get me on the ballot in your country. Okay. Yes. So Jenny Smith says Jenny Smith says she’s going to be Jenny. Jenny. Jenny has wanted me Jenny is going to be the head of Shiva for President in Florida. Okay, maybe we should run Frank. Maybe we should just do it. Because the people deserve I believe. You know, and deserve this out there. Maybe crystal will be my running mate will ask her of crystals. Another hard working woman out and and maybe Frank, you will you’ll be the head of the Department of Energy. And maybe Emily Carr Cross’s A nurse will be the head of the department. You know, Center for Health. We have some great people all over the world. Maybe we should just do this. I think we should do it. You guys have convinced me. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna do it. Okay. Great. Had their social campaign for us in Oregon. Excellent. I think it’s time to do it. Frank. Let’s go. I’m frankly tired of people being gypped in this country by these morons. And it’s time that we have a bigger platform, and people have a bigger opportunity to speak for this. I think we’re gonna go for it. Everyone’s saying Go for it. I think we’re gonna go for it. Mike Smith is saying it. Yeah, I wasn’t born here. You don’t have to be born here. Why not? Let’s go change that rule. Okay. Ted Cruz. Randy wasn’t born here. Romney ran here. I think the issue is your deeds. And by the way, that rule, I believe was set up Frank, to make sure we didn’t have foreign agents. But you know, all these congressmen are foreign agents. John Boehner, foreign agent, you know, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, foreign agents in Saudi Arabia. I think I believe I’ve shown my loyalty. I think it’s time to go. Let’s go. All right. What’s your final question, Frank?

All right. So is motors and the more time so does he need more time? I think, I don’t know if you answered that.

Yeah, I don’t think Elon Musk has more time this can be done like that. But I in fact, offered Elon Musk to give my programming services. It’s a form that comes into Twitter, just put an if then else statement if here, no. Okay, send it to the trash bin. That’s where it should go. Anything that come from the government to deep platform people, you can add a little bit of AI throw it into, you know, throw it into the garbage. And the AI guy who’s does neural link can’t do this. In like, if maybe he’s not a good programmer. Okay. You know, I miss more than up. Yeah. Hi, Frank.

What do you think? So you said, You believe conservatives are being exploited. And how do you believe this is taking place? I think you might have answered that already.

I think I’ve answered it. I think we’ve covered how to take in place, let’s talk about Frank. I think,

what do we do? Yeah. So what do we in summary? What do we do?

So what do we do? What do we do? Thank you Atlas screaming. So we have a number of people who just donated money. I just want to thank them. Atlas gaming Sam Reid, why you can’t run US Constitution Article Two, chapter. Yeah, but the Constitution, we got to change things. We don’t care why we can’t ask not what we cannot do, ask what we can do, and we will go do it. Brandon Ray said, this is the type of energy it’s going to take for all of us. Thank you for providing hope and a world of mass corruption and mental insanity. So what I want to talk about is, look, everyone knows a reason that Elan Musk hides us. The reason Tucker Carlson hides us is because they’re fucking afraid of our movement. They’re afraid of people like Frank, they’re afraid of people that are on that all of you here, the 650 of you here and the 1000s, the millions who have seen our videos, the 10s, hundreds of millions, they are afraid because our movement is not beholden to Trump. It’s not beholden to AOC. It’s not beholden to Bernie Sanders. It’s not beholden to Fox or CNN, the only people we’re beholden to is ourselves. And that is a movement for truth, freedom, health, the solution is the following. And everyone hear the way you can support what I’m doing here. We’ve been talking for an hour and a half. And I want to thank Frank and all of you, is I implore you to do two things. Go to truth, freedom right now and become a warrior scholar, and I’m going to explain what that is. And I’ll play actually, there’s a video here and support Winback Why am I saying that to close on the lawsuit side, Frank, I just want everyone to know that even though the judge in our case in Massachusetts was trying to bribe me to get back on Twitter, he wanted me to drop all the charges in the government, I wouldn’t do it. Then he sanctioned me and he sealed our freakin lawsuit. But we’re not giving up what we’re doing now to let everyone know we’re not walking away from these bastards, because that’s what they are. We are escalating our lawsuit. As some of you may know or may not know, we should let share this with everyone. Our lawsuit is now being escalated. Okay. And that escalation is we are going directly to sue Siza. Okay, and who is Siza? Siza is Siza is the US government agency. That is the one that constructed this entire backdoor. So we’re gonna go right, we’re not going to waste our time with Elon Musk, because he’s, you know, he’s useless. We’re gonna go right to Sai sign. Some of you may know, I announced this about a month ago, that we’ve started the process of suing Siza, essentially the US government and DHS, again, another history we’re going to make in that lawsuit. We’ve already started the process on now let me be very clear, we all know that these judges and the court systems are all corrupt. We’ve seen it. But nonetheless, we’re going to follow the rules that they’ve set. And when they screw us, we’re going to share with everyone so everyone understands that no one can say Oh, you didn’t follow the rules. Okay, so we have another idiot here saying, I think you’re wrong about Tucker. Okay, you need to go into timeout. I’m gonna block you and you can come back when you’re when you actually have a brain on your head. Okay, Brady, all of this. If you don’t get it, you need a serious you need to have your prefrontal cortex checked. Okay. And maybe you need by the way, Brady, just understand. Tucker Carlson and Hunter Biden are friends. They’re good buddies. In October 30 2020. Tucker Carlson said, please go light on Hunter. Hunter Biden wrote Tucker Carlson son’s recommendation letter to Georgetown. These guys are all in the same thing. Okay. Stop following false gods. Okay. Good god. Yeah, especially after all of this, you know, you have to really, really, we, and by the way, everyone, we’re at a point we got to bring together smart people understand these principles. If idiots don’t get this, please don’t even try to convince them get them out of your lives, because they’re gonna suck. They’re, they’re like black holes. They suck our energy out. Okay. Oh, my God. This is interesting. Tucker and Hunter are buddies. Thank you. All right, thank you, Crystal Ellis. She’s a very, very eloquent person. And I think I’m gonna make her my running mate. I think I think Crystal is gonna do that. But what I want to let everyone knows I’m going to play for all of you a video, okay, which will inspire you to become part of the movement for truth, freedom and health. And I’ll be right back. And we’re gonna share with you some more stuff before we allow our country to be taken over from within. And the end goal is you will have a homogenized world where we will become slaves, because there is a condition among the elites. That right really thinks they’re better than you, deep down inside them that you don’t deserve the freedoms you have. They don’t this reality is what people need to wake up to. And we need to all unite working people, there’s only one movement that can do that. And that is the movement that we started creating here messages the movement for truth, freedom. And I’ll look I’ve been a student of politics since I was a four year old kid setting revolutionary movements. Left wing right wing, there is a physics there’s a nuclear science to destroying the establishment. To build a bridge, you need to understand Newton’s equation, you need to understand the laws of gravity, you need to understand Poissons ratio, there is a way to build a revolution. And that’s why I put this together. My goal is to train a army of truth, freedom and health leaders. We don’t need followers on social media, we need leaders, but they they need training because educational system does not teach them history, nothing. So three hours, that’s what I’ve started doing. That’s the solution. We got to train people. First with understanding what a system is. The second is understanding the interconnection between truth, freedom and health. Freedom is the ability to move freely communicate freely, right talk freely. Without freedom, you cannot convert ideas, hypothesis into truth, which is science. And without freedom, you can’t really get to truth and without truth, you make up fake problems and fake solutions, which means you destroy our health. And without health, which is the infrastructure of us and our body. You can’t fight for freedom. Third concept is it has to be bottoms up working people, people who work uniting. And what the right wing has done is whatever you say working people unite that must be communist. Meanwhile, they’ve let them Democrats run unions, which suppress workers completely corrupt. But when you look at the arc of American history, it’s been when working people came up, we need to go local, every solution I’m coming up with as a part of this movement, we’re giving the science which is a truth. And then we tell people what they can do on the ground. Like with election fraud. You don’t need to wait for some lawyer. Our goal is to train people day to go local to go local to go local fight locally. Forget lawyers, forget politicians, forget celebrities, you’ve got to learn politics, and there is a science to it, they lock us down, we should be ready to shut them down. And the fourth part of this principle is a not so obvious establishment. So when you look at a system, there’s always something that disturbs you from getting to your goal with the biggest disturbances and not so obvious establishment. Which are those people who claim there for you on the left and the right, the Al Sharpton to tell black people I’m for you. The Tucker Carlson’s. Do you think any true anti establishment person will ever be on Fox or CNN? I don’t think so. They both mislead working people back into the establishment without this solid understanding of political physics and theory, you’re screwed. You’re going to follow on the left wing Bernie Sanders Oh, he said something or Robert Kennedy, scumbags? Are you going to follow you know, some right wing talk show host. They’re not going to lead us deliberation, it’s us. And that political physics, it’s a nuclear science of change. Bottoms up. We have to organize to understand that there is people who talk a good game, and then look at what they actually do left and right. I’m sorry, Sean Hannity may say some good things, but I don’t see the urgency in his voice to get something done. And it can only come when you weaponize yourself with the right knowledge, you need to be able to identify a rat, you know, Christ and go after the Romans. Right. It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees, who screwed him up his own quote unquote, people. And that’s where we’re at. So these four concepts are built into a curriculum, people can go to ba And it’s an educational program, we need to train people in political theory, you need to have physics, and I’ve created that curriculum. People need to get educated, we need to get educated fast. And within half an hour, an hour, I can teach people two years of MIT control systems, I teach people those concepts that I apply it, anyone can understand it. And then you say, Oh, I gotta build a bottoms up movement. They have to get politically astute. And then they have to go locally and act not sit there on social media, they have to act locally, defy locally, do civil obedience locally, but with knowledge on how to build a movement, and the Senate campaigns expanded to the movement for truth, freedom and health. And they can find it on V as in Victor, a Shiva, V A So people can sign into it can get access to a bunch of videos, if they want to take a course and become a truth freedom health leader, I offer a full scholarship there. But we want people to make a commitment that they’ll study that they’ll get certified that they’ll go do activities on the ground. So go to VI A Shiva victory America, Shiva ba

So I think, Frank, I think you’ve asked some great questions. I just want to let people know I think your questions have elucidated too. two things one, the problem. In this situation, we’ve done a systems analysis and we’ve exposed that Elon Musk is not our fighter. He’s a fake hero. He’s for fake free speech, because he is just doing nothing burgers, Twitter has every right to do this and whatever they want to do, but he is not at all he’s hiding. He’s concealing the fact that there is a backroom portal into Twitter, he hasn’t fully functionally active because Elon Musk is never going to take that down, because he is beholden to government, because they’re the ones who provide him his wealth of 200 billion or more through SpaceX, through Tesla and through Twitter. So everyone should get that clear. There’s clear economic interest here. That’s a clear thing. There’s a motive. It’s not only a motive, it’s a fact. And this is why Elon Musk waited until after the midterms, they could get he could please his boss bosses on the liberal side. And now he’s taking advantage of the conservatives. Yeah. And what is to be done, our movement doesn’t just talk about oh my god, the world sucks, world sucks, world sucks. And the reason we want don’t want to do that is another way that the elite screw your brain up your prefrontal cortex. If you hear too much, oh, my god, Elon Musk got away with this, and Jeffrey Epstein and Trump, and then all this stuff that the elites do, you basically become numb, and you get what’s called learned helplessness, learned helplessness. It’s a very famous phenomenon that occurs to the brain, you actually believe you can’t do anything. But our movement is here to tell you, you can do something, and we’ve created the infrastructure, you can get educated, or you can choose to be enslaved. So it’s not overwhelming. And what I want everyone to recognize is you can contribute and join to our movement, we give the entire system, it’s a system of courses where you understand the science of systems, you understand how food is a system, you understand how your body is a system, you get access to an enormous community of incredible people all over the world, we have close to 350,000 people in 95 countries now. And then we have our own social media tools that we use privately. And then we have a huge warrior scholar community. So go to truth, freedom, Here are the stories. And by the way, we have a history of winning, we’re not a bunch of losers. But you will understand that what’s going on right now is that the elites want you to live in a world of ignorance. They have people like Elon Musk, and the Trumps and the Kennedys, giving you little pieces driving you into collusion, Democrats, bad Republicans, good conservatives come over here, I’m fighting for you. So you’re in this left, right divide. And the bottom line is when you really look at it, you end up divided, complacent or desperate, but they do not want you to find the real solution, which is wisdom. And wisdom comes when you get knowledge. So even though there’s tons of information, knowledge is the ability to learn how to think. And we have created an entire curriculum that you can all get access to. That is a truth, freedom and health system, you begin with really understanding. This is a course I used to teach at MIT, we’ve given away to everyone who wants access and contributes, but you learn the foundations of systems, you get books, you learn what is a system, what is real change, you get access to tools that will heal your body, and so on and so on and so on, as the video said, but the bottom line is, we have created a solution. We’re not here to just a bitch about the problem. Okay, we’re not here to just curse the darkness. We want all of you guys to be the light. Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle, and truth, freedom and how is the candle. But all of you guys, if you’ve heard this, go to truth and become a warrior scholar. Start being part of the community so you don’t get negatively minded. We have to expose the not so obvious establishment like Elon Musk, it’s easy to expose the obvious establishment but as the not so obvious establishment. Thank you, Jennifer. And by the way, we want to introduce Jennifer Jennifer came here a little bit upset that I was cursing but I think Jennifer understands why I was cursing and I wanted to dedicate this to her because she’s a quote unquote a conservative. Probably I don’t know you Jennifer, but I’m sure you’ve worked very hard your life you your family and you’ve contributed a lot to this country. But we cannot be you know, have no we have to have a sense of urgency when it comes to the First Amendment. And not a fake version like Elon Musk is doing. We need to take a real heart and soul to it and get angry. Okay. And remember whenever someone says to you Oh, some idiots are saying you better use honey you know you can get more what is it more bees from honey as they shut the fuck up? Right. Talking about our movement has grown because we’ve over and over hammered these people without any diplomacy. You know, that’s a bullshit thing. The oppressor is telling you how to appease them.

That’s the pacifier. Yeah,

yeah. Gandhi Oh, don’t let yourself get kicked Didn’t the head here let them bash you let them beat you bullshit. No, we have to have self respect and dignity for ourselves. Yeah, Jenny Smith says you use honey, you’re gonna get flies.

Exactly. Thanks, Jenny. Yeah,

they want you to get their flies, we don’t want that we’re gonna have self respect. We’re going to curse at these bastards when they do stuff to us. But to our fellow working people, we’re going to be loyal. We’re going to show compassion. We’re going to do whatever it takes to lift them up. So go to truth, freedom. become part of this movement. Frank. What final words of wisdom? Do you have Frank?

Oh, no, I’m just I’m learning a lot. Actually. I was surprised. One thing I learned today is when you said that Elon fell away from the Trump circle when the Paris accord when we left the Paris accord. So that kind of tells it all. Right there with the carbon tax that I found, I took that that’s my big takeaway from today. Yeah, and what’s important

to understand is, if you really look at it, the entire Paris Accords is based on complete bullshit, right? Okay, as I put some of you, I encourage all of you to go to my Facebook page, and I just started sharing some very, very important valuable data, I may do a whole nother video on it. But look, I’m a system scientist I’ve studied climate is actually a system. And if you go up there, you will see, I just want to share with you the bogus city of the entire climate change nonsense, okay, it’s absolutely bogus. Okay. And with this fake science, they have created fake heroes like Elon Musk. And if you actually let me go here, and I’ll show you what I’m talking about, let me share this with you right here, a couple of graphs, and you’ll see the victimization that they’re doing to everyone in the world. But first of all, you’ll see here, Frank, I don’t think I’ve shared this with you, Frank. But what you see here, first of all, is this first graph shows that the blue line right here is co2 levels over the last 600 million years, you see that? You know, okay, notice it goes up and down. The red line is temperature. At minimum, it is completely non correlated. co2 is low temperatures high. Right? Okay. So see, you know, if anything, it’s inversely correlated, and we’re over here. co2 levels, by the way, are the lowest that they’ve ever been in the world. As far as we can measure. We’re down here 400 parts per million, we need co2. And finally, this graph shows you with all those mathematical models, the liars did, and if you take all their hundreds of models, and you average them, it shows the temperature is going up skyrocketing. You see this bullshit, Frank? Yeah, but when you actually do experiments, it’s relatively flat between point two to point four degrees right there. Okay. It’s not going up like this. It’s all it’s all made up as my, one of my colleagues I know, at MIT, Dick Lenzen said, basically, the academics of now practice the oldest profession in the world, and we know what that was, Okay? Which is prostitution. So you have prostitutes in academia, you have prostitutes in industry like Elon Musk, okay. And that’s what we have. So 360 degrees of fraud, and the only people who can change this is us, we have to build a bottoms up movement. And it begins with you becoming members and community members of the true freedom and health movement. Why? Because it is the only movement where you’re going to learn the science of systems. And why do I say we need to learn the science of systems? Going back to my slide set that I shared with you earlier? Because if you actually look at it, someone like Pierre Omidyar, Frank, right? Pierre Omidyar, if you go to his website, the guy who actually funded the owner of eBay, who funded the creation of the censorship infrastructure, and you go to his website, and this is an elite of the elite, this is one of the billionaires. He’s in bed with George Soros. And if you go to his website, guess what he has here, Frank, same guy created the intercept, and support its infrastructure. On his website, he says, systems thinking you say, you know, the elites are learning systems thinking, so all of you guys, please, for God’s sake, get involved with truth fundamentals, we have the inference. If you don’t learn the science of systems, they have a nuclear weapon, and we’re running around with slingshots, we’re never going to win. Okay. We got to build a bottoms up movement. And that’s what we need to do. Anyway, Frank, any final words?

No, that’s great. Then an

hour and a half. Thank you, everyone. Listen, we have to build a movement. And we have the solution, as Frank said earlier in his video, and that’s truth, freedom, help go to truth, Freedom health, become a warrior scholar. And by the way, this Thursday, this Thursday, we have a very, very important event because you can go right here and 11am 8pm go to VA You’re welcome to come to the open house, I may make it a little bit bigger. edit this. So you can see it right here. Let me make it bigger here. And you’ll see that join our open house at 11am. Yes, you’re 8pm Sign up there and you get invited to an RSVP. Or if you don’t want to wait become a truth, freedom and health warrior go to truth, freedom And those of you who support everything we’re doing just contribute to us. Because some of you just given us money and we give you the course. But you don’t want to show up but that’s okay. We realize we we should be thankful and grateful for the contributions you make. So it’s all up to you. Let’s build our movement for truth, freedom and health. Let’s expose the not so obvious establishment and let’s start having wisdom. And let’s not be get taken by people like Elon Musk, or people like Trump or people like on the left Bernie Sanders people talk a good game. Thank everyone. Blackpool says Namaste, Namaste to you be well be the light. Okay, thank you, Frank. Thank you very much. Hold on Frank. I’ll be right back to you. Thank you everyone be well let me again, people want me to put down that where you go for truth freedom health right here. Let me go this way you go for truth, freedom and health. And you can go to win back If you want to support our lawsuit Thank you

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