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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, LIVE from Sardinia, Italy shares his views on the importance of May 1st and what it means to winning Truth Freedom Health®.

Transcript Below.

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00:13 Yes 00:21 This just came 00:37 out all right, Ciao everyone. 00:43 This is Dr. Shiva I direct.

I’m here with my friend Maria Colombo, who’s00:48a true creative and health warrior here in Italy. And we’re also at a wonderful restaurant. What’s the restaurant saying?00:56in a,00:58in a Michelle, you may just want to show people what the hotel looks like.

01:03And we’re here with a lot of friends01:19All right, so that means very tired.01:23Which means truth. Freedom health.

So I just arrived in Italy. A surgeon Yes. To be specific.

Yesterday morning. So I’m so little bit jet lagged. But Maria, tell us about this building that we’re in.

01:36What’s the future?01:37No, no English. In English. Tell people.

Okay.01:46It’s a bomb. Shelter.

Yeah, this is sorry. Show it again. In the Second World War.

It was a function.01:58So this was a bomb shelter, right? Yes. Built in the Second World War.

Anything else?02:05We use really come here and have our dinner or lunch. But it’s a very nice place to, to learn to eat.02:13That one of the things you’ll see all of Maria’s friends who sell there.

02:21And over here, more Maria’s friends.02:25Yeah. And the reason we’re showing is because friendship and community is a big part of being Italian.

Right?02:32Yes, it’s a part of our life. Right? Most important things in our lives.02:38So one of the reasons people know is you can translate to them.

If you’re in the United States,02:45when you start unity,02:48the left and the right, the Democrats or Republicans02:52tried to become a Democrat,02:55have destroyed the health of the American people.03:00Suddenly today, like a fella Latin America, and03:04as I shared when I announced for president03:07about two weeks ago, called manifesto,03:09they did it one day on Chateau lumea. In particular, he called me candidacy.

Monica.03:16The if you look at the life expectancy rate of the average American, simply not the identificar. And when you get to Marin County, it is actually going down.

Not every other country is going up.03:33Delta nazioni samosa. Landon Alana Rasika.

03:37Maria, you’re you just went to your grandmother who’s 99 years old, right? That was her birthday today. Yes, right. Yes.

03:44Yes. Let’s see. See.

LSR Lavinia no now Jaco 2001 Can you tell Primo Maggio the renovation 21st of May 1924.03:53Right. We’ll come to that.

First of May. We’re going to talk about the first play but she just went to her grandmother who just turned 99 in the United States, I know five people who died at the age of 60 or 61 in the last two months,04:08but you need to go shoot some fiber best and cheaper persona Guess what? They are04:1760 years old sometimes. So anyone listening to this must recognize that04:23he will get spoiled acquest04:2790 Lady, Camila, Novation.

innovation to the health of the American public has been going down.04:36Now suddenly they they get americani Stein and stuff.04:43So if you want to go through left and right, you are going to die earlier and your children will die earlier.

04:49So we say we’ve got it they live we tell you the necrotic levels are something that they will securely pager and your children will die earlier able to buy meaning around Print05:01and that’s the reality this is a result of policies specifically tied to the liberal05:08quality can have both left and right05:10see Adela desde que de la series when different amendments,05:13every Hollywood entertainer, if you win every politician05:19if the politician every05:23every academic,05:25at university done in every05:27media person and as soon as05:30they land in the mainstream and they need your money then for the last 60 years can you give me some time05:38they have destroyed the health of the American people05:42Law Center at getting America these are the facts why system you funded?05:46So why would you even ever think about voting for left or right republican or democrat up05:51again? I’m just so excited to contend with Danny, I’m gonna build this up Democrats05:56series. We need a complete systems overhaul.05:59Really put them into systems overhaul the06:03complete systems overhaul system and so that brings us to May 1, Western.

Where does may 1 come from? What’s the origin of a06:20first region and we won’t answer that at the moment.06:23What is the origin the origin of May 106:28is in 1886. Can Emil innovation to them the same? You know he did? Say in the United States he said you need06:37for American workers06:40to the Americans were hacked.

So starting06:43accounting for fighting for the eight hour workday.06:46We can look at it.06:50Hey Mark in Chicago.

In a market Chicago Hey Mark. Hey Mark. That’s a city I reached.

But for workers we’re hanging in the United States in the middle of a massive protest protesting Yeah, they were hacked for fighting for the eight hour workday.07:26Many Americans don’t even know this.07:28You want to make fun you need some wisdom.

07:31And because of those four workers who are Hank,07:38sequel make a sequel of what I’m doing.07:42Every other worker throughout the world to get the name that day International Workers Day May 107:54is something to connect with. International Workers even German08:00to honor those workers.

Christina quatro those for American American may 1 is celebrated everywhere. Except United States. Yes.

Then08:19Reagan made it Law Day. Yes, so everyone in the everyone in the world knows about May 1 competing didn’t want three more months. Except the American08:32laboratory America.

Why?08:35Why? And the reason is because the American worker is the only citizen of the world08:45so when you meet you to study an08:47animal that has a First Amendment freedom of speech08:53and the Second Amendment the right to bear arms08:56and second amendment Okay.09:00That makes the American worker09:01but still not open up should be never handed me09:05the tip of the spear complicity, say the the fighting force get those looking for civil combat for the entire working class09:17to combat that I’m going to tell our category09:21because they have the First Amendment in the09:23second second amendment and09:25I asked them if they believe there is no First09:28Amendment. Right.

So just turn it over to them. Is there the First Amendment?09:35Over here we have some is there the first amendment at least? We have a journalist here. Okay.

So think about what I’m saying is that we only in the United States, the second amendment so they have made the American working class09:54or somebody who’s looking to make somebody they want09:57to they want to destroy the American working class Americans are knowing its own history knowing its own history they don’t want the American working people to know that may 1,10:18you want to get something Okay, primo My10:21job was because of the massive bottoms up movement took place in 1800s in the United States.10:29Zapdos I’m gonna I’m gonna demand the provision with a lawsuit that Solapur within your immediate agenda then you certainly10:36children in high schools are not taught this request so that my Bambino squalane children and colleges are not taught this in any college municipality, and most American mothers and fathers know don’t know about me10:51Jenny Tony americani mafia fighting10:55because because the American working class I feel like class 11 americana has been a title has been attacked by the media and media that mislead by the academia they’re gonna go sit down by the stupid Hollywood entertainers11:15they seem to live11:17only by the politicians to suppress people so premiere analog needs to make them forget and could finally make the canon that the only way that you can win11:32Can you make a little bit of beads is a bottoms up movement and movement. Okay, minimal paths11:36dot Kennedy from top.

No, Miss Kennedy the last ducks rock from above.11:42Not Biden from above.11:44And women Biden.

11:46No, you know, Reagan,11:49no, no middle America, no11:51Bush and the bush. The only way things have changed.11:56Because it can’t ever in11:58history.

And typically, people mobilize bottoms up12:02sort of under law to inform policy.12:05That is why may 1 Because the picket is a dangerous holiday for those in power12:11and quickly should be more mindful and very close. And then we’ll see do people care and12:16now may 1 is also12:20on get a12:21day in Sardinia chanting Sunday is the festival of St.

Lucia and the festive12:28love fest that is Sunday. Vizio Vizio12:31is easier, right? So if the American working class, I feel like let’s say love and appreciate America 1800 stood up. Yes.

American working class in 1800s stood up to the forces of power, profit and control12:48in America control. Tower profit control. group politics.

12:54Yes. Now with 303 ad 303. AD12:58and then on top of anti police.

13:02Yes. l he’s young. If you see a was a Roman commander in there, and he was sent me13:15after price of13:18303 add13:21a feature on13:24this.

The CCO a Roman commander was beheaded. beheaded, I guess. Yes.

We had it in Sardinia. Very nearby here.13:38Look, we’ll be killed13:40by the Roman army13:42that essentially told me the kind of Roman13:46Roman army13:48because again, because he betrayed betrayed the Roman Emperor de Castellina, right.

Now what happens14:03because it’s your choice. So14:07if Isha was sent here, so to speak to Sunday, FeCr was sent to Sardinia to suppress the persons14:14that I’m sorry, Christiani.14:16He had an epiphany when we get a vision, and that vision made him14:27sick of it because we stand14:29and he, he refused to obey his orders.

14:33A CD to daugiau Viviana Yasuni.14:36And because of that, the Romans, the Roman army beheaded him14:39and was requested to Romana lacinato14:43that occurred a 303 ad. 1650 to14:5360 there’s a trend it’s a one time14:55there was a pandemic a plague.

Not me in Sardinia Sardinia, people were dying, nearly half of the population died and half of the buck, so they prayed to save the VCO on Sunday fees, and they said if you saved him the second session that they would honor him and that’s what happened in 1657. To play again.15:27It was position it15:30so every day since every year since 1657, Dickie young15:35in an illustration This is on May 1, putting a mantra15:39people take a statute 80 kilometers which is 48 miles for Americans who don’t know how to convert minute15:51they they walk his statue 1000s of people to Nora15:57defeated a Kenyan15:59so so the Sardinians on May 1 honor a man who also stood up to the forces of16:05power profit and control16:06so if we need even some Dania chemo majolica nazioni Nora persona que si a pasta, I see some because he can because you cannot power profit control.

16:18Right. So managers may 1 has as a Christian significance or utilities, but it also has a workers rights significance or authority ultimately Christ out of ultimately Christ was fighting16:38and please don’t come back that16:40was fighting for everyday working people.16:46Right Christ said the meek shall inherit the earth16:51love working people.

So when the earth right yeah. Like Christ said, was a bread rose. So when the Earth No, it’s okay.

Okay, well, we’ll say later. But the bottom line is the line. When you really look at me first, fundamentally very important day17:19until my monton got down there for working17:21people today.

We saw 1000s of people marching.17:25I mean, there’ll be so many Yeah, yeah.17:30Yeah, some more barefoot.

barefoot. No, no shoes. Cooney scouts.

Yeah. And they were walking 80 kilometers to honor a man who stood up against power profit and control. Oh17:46normal cursor button.

17:48Right. And today may 1 Millions of workers all over the world now it’s also hard to honor those for American workers who were hacked.18:00Federal Radek wants to go through some stuff Yeah.

18:04So we need to so the only way that things have ever changed is when when you go to the bottoms up movement18:09we’ve got the CBD tequila for the company eco City and18:15I’m running for President of the United States for one reason18:18still couldn’t go a president presidents at the start you need18:22to raise the consciousness of the American people18:27in America to raise18:28the consciousness of every citizen on the planet18:34and you need to make them realize18:39that if we have to win back the American freedom and health18:46knowledge center18:48and it’s not going to come from above it’s gonna come from below but still can be in and unposted so stop looking to this idiot Kennedy.19:00Nilly, they’ll be able to work directly via the Kennedy19:03stop looking to someone who has a golden toilet seat called Trump.19:07No Go someone they may not premiering consider Daniel, Nora19:13Yeah, stop looking to idiot called Biden.

Biden, stop looking to any member of the elites.19:25We’ll go Sam ocupa and reconsider to assume member of the elite19:28stop watching these entertainers19:30love that it program utility theory19:34to your neighbors lightly looked at people’s everyday people.19:42Right look at people your neighbors19:43in the CDC because19:47and it’s time that a sense of various we have to do two things.

19:53Number one, learn how to build a movement19:56have been a common person will go through and you can go Go20:00to truth freedom and learn that I put the science there how to do that20:05meant to freedom and F very tightly but I saluted with the mental illness. So it’s the only thing.

20:11And then we have to build community friendship. So sweet that neighbor to neighbor.20:17We thought yeah meet she vicini.

20:19The future is offline if we do it all offline. Elon Musk owns online.20:27Elon Musk airlines.

20:29Mark Zuckerberg owns online. m nine. Google owns online Google m nine20:35and they all work with the governments of the world and kooky Levana20:38Kournikova.

20:41So, the only way out is one way unico model, we have to build a movement. And that is what our launch season for president is.20:54And Christopher Kendall, multiple people20:58out there showing their hands.

Yes, that’s what we have to do. Yes, yes. We have to build the movement for truth, Freedom health, there’ll be a link leave it that.

21:30Way, listen, if you are serious about changing the world, whose way that I mean, they can get in, please, move on and stop retweeting this idiot Robert Kennedy. Feeny she alleged it Robert Kennedy. He’s a complete fool.

And combattimento Sherman, he says one thing over here, you should do initial response on job and then does something over here. For example, it isn’t until in his own home in La sua casa. Everyone had to be vaccinated.

So start the vaccine now with the COVID mRNA vaccine commonly been seen on television. Yes, in his own home in December. Last year when he had a party he tells everyone else not to be vaccinated.

He22:23shut that down. Yes, he can live on less than a bus.22:25He’s a fake fraud and absolute fraud.

22:33And then when they asked him, Why did you have people vaccinated in your own home, he blamed his wife and22:38again, Medicare. At the one I said about unity, local ammonia.22:47So his wife is going to be in the White House.

Ammonia. What is she going to do there? Because,22:54again, you know, but Kenny della casabianca22:56is a complete idiot. He also supports a climate change scam.

Some thought the monkey can23:01you come get me to a political conflict condemning diplomats?23:04Yes. He also wanted lock downs here. No who can look down? Yes, you can look it up and 2020 He was supporting strict lockdowns.

23:12Let me know. Thank you, Lucy, come talk in lockdown.23:15Robert Kennedy’s like the Sadducees and the Pharisees who slit the throat of Christ.

Sadducees and Pharisees. They’re the ones who crucified Christ. Yeah, Robert Robert Kennedy is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the enemy of the people inimical the latter, the whole Kennedys23:35are enemies of the mafia.

See? Donald Trump isn’t any better than me. Maybe he didn’t firepower?23:48No, no, no, no. And Tony Fauci.

23:52He promoted vaccine mandates23:54for most of the election on sale.23:56Be supported the printed $6.2 trillion.

24:00Just don’t say we will have 3 million.24:04Obama printed 8 trillion in one term.24:07Obama this year ask them for the auto million dollars in24:12six one, I’m sorry, Obama printed 8,000,002 charts24:15by Nazis out there.

If you don’t already implement anti24:19Trump printed 6.2 trillion in one term, eventually it24:25will say we will not do a million dollar immunochromatographic These people are not the friends that working people on social media they laboratory.24:34I come from one of you.

We have some little boy everyone here are working people. So we have a doctor. We have landscape artists.

We have a lawyer, a policeman, every ordinary people, it’s time to have self respect.24:53And who was the president?24:57elect one of your own bottoms up24:59x equals three school Hello movimento Castle problem25:04anyway made an important day.25:06Do you know Mr.

Jones? It’s easier.25:10First of all a Vizio facing on Sunday center visa and International Workers Day. So we say workers unite and Karl Marx doesn’t own that term that is not a communist term and donate, donate, donate as a term that existed 1000s of years25:30and then didn’t mean to Kefalonia Karl Marx okay, it’s a cognac25:36that touches the army Yes, it’s existed from the beginning25:39as you said not a decade before.

25:41So sad that we lie. We build a bottoms up Musa25:45we knew that movimento mentioned in advance so25:48so Shiva true true to health.

com Read the Shiva25:52co President Bucha calm and true freedom All right, thank26:13you what I said

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