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The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Discovering Nature’s Anti-Viral Cocktails.

Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. It is Tuesday, June 14. And we’re going to be having a preview to a discussion that we’re going to be hosting this weekend, Saturday, June 18, 2022. So, let me bring that up. So to all of you joining I found out that this was very valuable.

Two weeks ago, when we did a summit we had, we held the Truth Freedom Health® Summit two Saturdays ago, so we will be doing that same thing this Saturday, June 18 2022. For all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars, we have hundreds of 1000s of people all over the world who have connected with our movement. And we’re going to have a Truth Freedom Health® Summit for all of our Warrior-Scholars.

Oral Antiviral – Why Now?

It’s going to be about discovering nature’s antiviral cocktails, a CytoSolve® exclusive and this discussion has been motivated by the fact several months ago, Pfizer, the big pharmaceutical company, put out a drug called Paxlovid. You can see P-A-X-L-O-V-I-D Paxlovid. And so that, and Paxlovid that is essentially two compounds that they put together that they made as an oral – as an oral antiviral.

I believe this was motivated because of the fallout that the academic and establishment doctors have been receiving from the Pro-Vaxx, Anti-Vaxx entire discourse has taken place. And so I think what Pfizer is doing is you’re pushing essentially a tablet, you don’t get injected, but you take a tablet. Interestingly enough, this tablet is made up of two compounds, essentially, two synthetic compounds, you could call it a cocktail.

So, many of you know that my scientific career has been based on creating a technology called CytoSolve®, which can actually help us find cocktails from natural compounds. So we thought it would be a very opportune time for us as a community to start having a discourse on this area of creating antiviral cocktails from nature. And because if the forces like Big Pharma, like Pfizer think that we should do this? Well, I think it’s an opportunity to use this opening in the discourse, to really have a conversation about it.

Truth Freedom Health® Summit

This Saturday, everyone should write it down. We meet at 11am. this coming Saturday, we put that up this Saturday at 11am. We’re having the Truth Freedom Health® Summit on discovering nature’s antiviral cocktails, and it’s really a CytoSolve® exclusive. I hope all of you can join us. It’s for all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars one of the benefits of being a Warrior-Scholar, because we have these very intense, detailed events.

What are we going to be covering? We’re gonna be covering a number of things, as you can see, and I’ll come back to this. But the summit is going to cover many, many things from what is the immune system, how do antivirals work? Can we create cocktails, and I’ll come back to this, but fundamentally, to those of you who are Warrior-Scholars Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 11am. Will be the Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar Summit. And it’s free to all Warrior-Scholars because you’re part of the community.

Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar

If you want to become a Warrior-Scholar, listen very carefully. Go to And you get to become a Warrior-Scholar. We have an entire community. We have the educational program, we have the social media, independent of Big Tech, you can communicate with people all over the world.

Then we have a whole set of tools that you can learn about System Science. But most importantly, you can also learn how to get activated to educate others. And that’s the Foundations of Systems course, you can also go to, it’s the same place. And so if you go to, it’ll lead you there.

Join Our Open House

Those of you who are not Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, and are listening in tonight, please feel free to join us at the Open House that I host every Thursdays at 11am and 8pm. EST, it’s a time for us to meet, discuss, we made it at both sessions of Thursday at 11am in the morning, because we have people from the east. For them, it’s in the evening. And then also we do Thursdays 8pm. So please feel free to join us there.

Learn To Think With The Science of Systems

And our goal in our Truth Freedom Health® student program is we learn how to think, not what to think. And it’s really educating people on the Science of Systems. And it really bridges East and West. So, in 2008, when I finished my 2007, when I finished my PhD at MIT, I went back to India, because I wanted to find the intersection, or really understand why these eastern systems of medicine worked.

Because I had seen my grandmother be able to help others, empirically through this process, which I’ve shared before. So that led me into really doing all my work at MIT. And then going back then in 2010, I was able to find this intersection that really explains the intersection of Eastern medicine with Western engineering systems theory. That’s what helped me build this course.

Journey to Systems

And that course really became the Foundations of System Science, which is how we used to run our entire program. So I just want to come back to what we’re going to be previewing at the event on Saturday, but let me just play a quick video so you understand my Journey to Systems and hopefully it inspires you.

All right, everyone, for those of you joining this evening, we’re or this morning, wherever you are on the planet, we’re going to be giving a preview to the Truth Freedom Health® Summit, that’s going to be focused on discovering nature’s antiviral cocktails. And it’s really going to be a CytoSolve® exclusive that’s coming this Saturday, June 18 11am PST, if you’re not a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar, please sign up. And you get many, many benefits. But let me tell you, we’re going to be covering. So we’re going to first cover at the summit, you know, what is the immune system? For those of you who’ve seen my previous videos.

What Will Be Covered at the Summit

I’m going to do a very detailed understanding of what is the immune system – based on Modern Systems Immunology. The current idea of the immune system is frankly, based on a 1915 model, which I’ve talked about for many, many years. But I want all of you to get educated on – what is the immune system? Everyone uses the word of the immune system. But do you guys really know what it is?

So I want our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars will learn that so that’s the first thing: what is the immune system? The second thing that we’re going to cover this Saturday at 11am, EST at our Truth Freedom Health® Summit? What are the five subsystems of the immune system? You see, in 1915, they really only had a two system model of the immune system. And over the last century, we’ve learned a lot more.

However, the concept of using the one size fits all madness of everyone getting the jab is based on an old model of the immune system. So in order to educate people, you get more confident, in fact, educating your doctors and other health care practitioners. My goal is to teach you what are the five subsystems of the immune system.

The next is what are the scientific principles of building immunity. This is something unfortunately, that’s really not taught in, in any real systems wide way in medical schools. It’s unfortunate for doctors, but we want to teach people what are the principles because once you understand principles, everything comes after it. If you don’t understand principles, you’re just following other people’s rules and dictates.

That’s the next thing we’re going to be discussing, what are the scientific principles of building the immune system? Next is what is an antiviral? And the four phases of viral infection, you know, this we’ll have to get into detail to understand what is the virus, right, what is an antiviral?

There is a particular way that these pathogens go through a cycle of infecting you, and how can you actually protect yourself, but we need to understand what is an antiviral? Knowing that our body as you’re going to learn has about 380 trillion viruses already. So it’s quite an interesting discourse, we’ll do again this Saturday, at the summit.

The next thing is, Does Mother Nature create antiviral medicines? Okay. And to those of you just joining, we are taught that we have to go to a Big Pharma organization to get antivirals. So recently, a couple of months ago, weeks ago, there has been a big push out there about Pfizer’s Paxlovid, which is a medicine that contains two ingredients, cocktails, that the claim is that this will protect you against, in this case, COVID.

Natural Antivirals

Okay, so we want to ask the question, Does Mother Nature create any antiviral medicines? So for example, if you look at garlic here, garlic is an antiviral, and there’s a lot written about it. Another example, is echinacea, another antiviral, which we’ll discuss, and by the we’re going to look at many, many different antivirals at this event, this Saturday at 11am. Ginseng, another antiviral.

These are different antivirals. But the reality is our research at CytoSolve® has revealed at least, and there’s more – 70 natural antivirals in nature. So traditional cultures like what I grew up in India or if you grew up in different traditional backgrounds, people would take these natural foods and they would combine them to figure out what’s right for you. And these were, quote unquote, natural antiviral cocktails. So we want to really understand we’re going to discuss this at the summit.

Because several months ago, the National Institute of Health said we need to create natural or oral antivirals, they were only looking at Pharma. And our movement’s view is – given we have CytoSolve®, that we can actually explore the creation of natural antivirals, someone just put cloves and turmeric. Yep, those are antivirals. So we’re going to discuss that okay, at the summit. We’re going to go through these different antivirals. And then we’re going to ask the question.

PAXLOVID – Pfizers’s Antiviral Drug

What we want to ask is what is Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid for COVID and does Paxlovid work? We’re going to walk you through. Again, this is Big Pharma’s new approach given the big controversy of the jab, they’re coming up with an oral antiviral, what is Paxlovid – does it work? We’re gonna go deep into that at the summit, so you all understand what’s coming on the horizon. So that’s one thing. We’re also going to do. A lot of topics are going to get covered. For example, just to give you a quick preview, Pfizer’s antiviral drug known as Paxlovid who was authorized the end of last year, and it was not fully approved by the FDA.

It’s only for emergency use. It’s currently used to treat mild to moderate COVID in adults and the treatment plan. You take these three tablets for five days and it’s only recommended for people at high risk for developing severe COVID. And there’s actually two tablets, one called as you can see; Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir, okay.

You take two tablets of 150 mg of one 300 mg and you take the other 100 mg and there’s a lot of known side effects, which we’re going to cover from hives, to hoarseness to skin rashes, swelling, and liver related complications. So we’re going to cover this, but this is what Pfizer’s put out there. But you can see it’s a cocktail of two drugs. And we’ll be covering this at the summit.

And then finally, we want to educate all of you on what are the viral molecular systems and stages of viral infection. So when there’s a big myth, you’re going to learn at the summit of, is it the virus that kills you? Or is it your own weakened immune system? So you’ll learn about that very, very important set of knowledge I want to convey to all of you.

And the other thing is how can antivirals work to affect those molecular pathways? So how can antivirals work? And can we create cocktails from nature? So this is what we want to talk about. Nature’s is the biggest pharmacy out there. Can we look at nature, I’ve showed you 70 antivirals, can we look at that? And can we combine those to create powerful things?


Some of you may know, CytoSolve®, as an organization, has been running for many, many years, 16 years helping many of the more forward thinking companies. More recently, about two years ago, we created mV25™. And we did this because over the last 16 years, we built so many of these mathematical models without killing animals, that we literally looked at, in nature, all the different compounds that can be used for pain and inflammation, and we combined it.

And we found a set of ingredients, which those of you who’ve gotten it have reported just phenomenal results. So just very quickly, let me just share with you what is mV25™. I’ll come right back, but it’ll give you an idea of where we can go to create something like this; an antiviral which is coming from nature not using Big Pharma. So let me just play this to give you an idea of what is mV25™. it’ll inspire you to the possibilities.

So this weekend, these are the issues that we’ll cover at the summit. Again, from what is the immune system all the way to can we create cocktails using CytoSolve®. There are amazing antivirals out there people have known about for centuries. And the problem is that if you promote any of these antivirals, you either get shut down. The scientific quote unquote, the academic community comes after you.

But with CytoSolve®, we have a very powerful weapon, a tool, because CytoSolve® came out of my work at MIT. We published major papers on it. In major journals, we validated using CytoSolve®, we could actually validate nature, and that is one of my motivations, watching my grandmother mix these different herbs and medicines together.

Now if we can use CytoSolve®, to understand this, we can in fact do that. And we’re going to be sharing with you some of those details at the summit. And then finally, as I mentioned, by the way, you can go to mV25™. If you go to the shop online, you can find it, people are finding some great benefit from it. So take advantage of that. Now, if we can do this, the question becomes how do we do that? How do we do that?

Remember Big Pharma has trillions of dollars behind them, not billions, trillions. CytoSolve®, as we discuss in our systems courses, is a decentralized model, where we’re using scientific research from all over the world. We’re integrating that organizing it and being able to figure out the right combinations. But one of the things we’ll talk about is how we as a community can support this.

The Power of Systems Science

I recommend we explore that. The other thing I want to talk about is one of the things that came out of our research that by the way, everyone who becomes a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior not only do you get invited to summits like these, but one of the things I did was when I finished my Fulbright work in India, I was able to discover, essentially crack the code to understand what are Eastern systems of medicine.

So if some of you have studied Chinese medicine, some of you have studied Indian medicine or different Native American medicine, they use a language, okay. And the problem is the naturopaths, the yoga teachers, the Ayyurvedic people, they use a certain language, when they speak in that language, to the Western trained doctor, these people think these people are nuts, or they’re sort of woo woo New Age people, and they look down upon them.

Independently, the Western medical doctors do not understand the body as a system. They study from an Organ based approach. My research in 2009, after I finished my PhD when on the Fulbright, what I discovered was that if you look at the body as a system, what really took place was the Eastern systems of medicine, actually did look at the body as a system and they came up with the language.

Your Body, Your System®

The problem is most people who practice Eastern systems of medicine don’t even understand the depth of that language. And what I uncovered was that the language that they use, in fact, its nine principles are directly related not to Western medicine, but to Western engineering systems principles. And that discovery helped me to create a tool which all of you get when you become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior called Your Body, Your System®.

And what Your Body, Your System® helps people do is to map that language where you answer a set of questions and you can figure out how much transport, conversion, storage. This comes from general engineering systems theory, which is the same as Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Indian science system, yogic science, and you can discover your body that’s the red dot and on different red dots, for different people, red dots will be in different locations.

Then the technology I created allows you to answer a different set of questions and figure out how much your body is deviated from its red dot, that’s your target. This means you didn’t get enough sleep, where you probably didn’t eat the right foods. And then the system will actually calculate for you the right foods, supplements that are right for you. So that’s the Your Body, Your System®.

East Meets West

So I share that with you because it’s time that we bridge; east and west, science and tradition, ancient and modern. As you know, this knowledge curriculum that we put together, you can use it to understand your body. You can use it to understand engineering systems, but you can use it to also understand political systems and see the relation between Truth Freedom Health®. So again, I hope all of you join us this Saturday, again, this Saturday at 11am EST, we will be it’s for all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, those of you who are Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, please make sure you go.

You know, and remember the date and those of you are not, please sign up, okay. And you can simply go to, or And you get a tremendous amount of tools, you get access to the Foundations of Systems course and a lot more.

Open House Every Thursday

And those of you who want to simply know more about the movement, the educational program, you are all welcome Thursdays at 11am and 8pm. To come to the orientation, I teach it, I’m there, it’s an open house If you see it right there, Maybe we just put a banner there. So you guys can all see it. Let me put it right there. There you see

So I hope you can all make it. And finally, those of you who want to learn a little bit more and are ready to learn more. I’ve also made everything easy for you can simply get this book, the System and Revolution. It’s really sort of the basic textbook. System Health is also there for those of you ready, and I made the book absolutely free just cover shipping and handling.

Okay, so before I close, I want to hopefully inspire all of you guys to join the movement you get, you’re going to enjoy the summit we’re having this Saturday, and independent of the features and the capabilities you get in this unique educational stuff that I teach on the weekends. The Truth Freedom Health® movement consists of curricula, it consists of a community independent of tools that are independent of Big Tech and then activism so let me just play this video and I’ll see you all, be well. Thank you.

All right, everyone. So before I sign off, just to remind you this Saturday, June 18, 2022, this year 11am PST for all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. Big reminder we’re going to be doing a big summit on discovering nature’s antiviral cocktails, as a CytoSolve® exclusive. To those of you who are not Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, please go to sign up, you get many many benefits. Be well, be the light, and I wish you all a very good night. Thank you, be well.

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