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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – discusses news about Canadian Government forcing mandates on truckers to deliver goods to Alaska.
  • The corrupt and oppressive Canadian government is moving forward with plans to force Canadian truckers, as well as American truckers driving through Canada, to all be forcibly jabbed.
  • This has severe implications for working people in neighboring Alaska, as a significant percentage of Alaska’s food supply is imported from the lower-48 United States through Canada by truck.
  • American truckers who wish to remain unvaccinated will be stopped at the Canadian border and turned back.
  • If Canada enforces its policy, it could strangle enough traffic to Alaska to threaten the Alaskan food supply. The threat of this enforcement is already causing shortages.
  • Working people in both the US and Canada, American and Canadian truckers especially, must UNITE to resist and defy these policies which are designed to crush working people at the behest of the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex.
  • The Truth Freedom Health® movement, led by Dr. Shiva, is leading working people all over the globe to galvanize and organize together to resist these tyrannical measures.
  • Only an uncompromising revolutionary working-class movement with the right political theory will succeed in overcoming the forces of Power, Profit, and Control, and lead working people into taking back our countries for Truth, Freedom, and Health.


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Good evening, everyone. It’s about 10 PM, and I wanted to share with you a very, very important set of events that’s taking place relating to the Canadian government and the people of Alaska, the working people of Alaska. I just finished a video talking about how politicians, who I called prostitutes, and the prostitution rackets that they run, which are the State Houses and the City Halls, etc.

That is how we need to move the discourse, or the attention on those people and to go to the real heart of the enemy, which is Big Pharma. But it is the multi-trillion dollar, large corporations like Big Pharma, which actually fund governments, fund politicians to execute policy. So that’s really the head of the snake.

And what’s unfortunate is that for far too long, movements always target people to go beg to these politicians. By the time you talk to a politician, they’re already bought and paid for. So it’s almost stupid, because you don’t understand the systems nature of things, we have to go to understand we have to cut off the head of the snake, which is really the monetary structure which fuels policymaking.

So frankly, politicians are way at the end of this process. And if anyone has illusions, that a politician is going to do anything for you, or getting a person elected, as this individual is going to do something for you, is out of their mind. However, it is movements that make the difference. And that’s what we train people in our Truth Freedom Health Institute.

We’ve created an institute where we teach people the Science of Systems, we’ve created an entire Truth Freedom Health community where people, independent of Big Tech, can commune through private social media, and then we’re creating activists on the ground. And that’s a movement that’s going to win us Truth Freedom Health.

But what I wanted to talk about today, one of our Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholars, activists, up in Alaska, a woman named Elaine Hedden. I was trying to get a hold of Elaine, but she is a working person. She works for a living. She’s a health practitioner. She helps people with all sorts of different ailments.

Mandates Another Attack on Working People

But Elaine was sharing with us last night at one of our Truth Freedom Health meetings that the Canadian Government on today, and I think they’ve extended it to January 22, is planning on making sure that any, listen to this carefully, any U.S. truck driver, any foreign truck driver that has to drive through Canada to get to Alaska, or anyone who crosses the border to Alaska, even if they’re not even stopping, crossing the border into Canada to go, let’s say to Alaska and come back, must be jabbed. This is very, very interesting. And so there’s another news story that came out and said that they were going to do the same with Canadian drivers.

So, if a Canadian truck driver went into the United States, and then came back and he was unvaccinated, he would have to be jabbed. But literally in the last 24 hours, the Canadian Government reversed that for Canadian truck drivers, but not for U.S. truck drivers. So just to give a little bit of a simple geography lesson. I think this is important because some people, the school systems don’t even educate people where Alaska is. So let’s just – to those people that are new.

This is the United States down here. There’s Greenland over here, right? But here’s Alaska. So Alaska is directly not connected to the Continental United States. It’s actually sort of hanging off over here, and there’s a huge history for this.But it really hangs off Canada, okay?

So Alaska requires supplies, let’s say from the United States. Well, in order to get supplies from here, all the way up here, truck drivers surely have to cut through Alaska, cut through Canada to get to Alaska. So, all the businesses here that are delivering, let’s say from California, fruits and vegetables, that go up through Canada to get to Alaska, all these truck drivers are going to have to be jabbed.

Or it’s only Canadian truck drivers, which can go in here and come back. So, one could argue that this is a goal for Canada, the Canadian Government, maybe they’ve been paid off by local corporations here to have control of goods and services here, so they can have a monopoly of the supply chain here. Or it is to really destroy the Small Business truck drivers. And let me explain what I mean by that.

Independent Truckers vs. Big Unions

Many years ago when I was running for Senate, we were in Canada, I mean, we were at the White House, outside, and we noticed that there were all these truckers out there protesting. Well, in the United States, the trucking industry is really divided into two parts; the big trucking companies, which hire you know, truckers to drive, which, what I understand is the big trucking companies actually have it like a mill.

They take people off the street, put them to the truck drivers training school, and then put them into these big trucking companies, and most of those truck drivers are part of what’s called the Teamsters, one of the Big Unions.

And the Teamsters is essentially, you know, a top down Union. And they’re basically in collusion with the Big Corporations. However, that’s only 15% of the truckers, is what I learned that night, when I was down there. The other 85% of truckers in the United States are small businesses; you know, a mom and pop store, or sorry, mom and pop business, where they own a couple of trucks, and the husband will drive, you know, long distances, sometimes it could be the wife. And they make their money. So 85% of the goods in the United States, or 85% of truckers in the United States are actually small businesses.

And these small business truckers have been imposed more and more regulations with the collusion of the trucking companies with the government. And the goal is to really put the small business truckers out of business. And one of the things that I learned from these truckers is that, for the large companies, they have negotiated deals with the government there. Because you know, they do long trucking drives, that when a trucker travels from point A to point B, they have to have, I think, two truckers in the cab. And there’s some rules on how much sleep they each have to get, quote/ unquote, “safety rules”.

And they’ve put systems in these trucks that actually track the truckers. Now a large company can hire lots of truckers and rotate. But if you’re a small company, you know, if you have two or three truckers, you don’t have the access to fleets of truckers. So many ways that regulation was really done to destroy a lot of the small business truck owners.

So, you can imagine the Canadian Government now is basically mandating, and I’ll show you the news release, if you don’t, if you haven’t watched this, is that this just came out, for example, in the, this came out in the Wall Street Journal. Here’s the Wall Street Journal. And you can see right here: “Truckers fret over pending COVID vaccine rules at US- Canada border.” We had heard it was the 15th, but apparently it’s going to be on the on the 22nd. It said, “On Saturday, Canada will require American and other foreign truckers to be fully vaccinated to enter with similar US rules coming out.”

And the article really talks about the fact that the two countries have allowed trade to cross their border unimpeded since the start of the pandemic. But however, this is changing. “The Canadian’s rules kick in on Saturday, when Canada will ban US and other foreign truckers from entering the country unless they’re fully vaccinated. Canada will require unvaccinated Canadian drivers to show a negative molecular COVID-19 test taken 72 hours prior to reaching the border before they’re allowed entry.”

So this article came out January 13th. However, an update on this just recently came out earlier today, and I want to bring that up. So we want to keep you up to date on this. And if you see here, the update basically says the following, and this update was a release that was put out on Reuters. And that will tell you – that what’s happened here, something a little more interesting, that Reuters essentially says that “Canada drops vaccine mandates for its truckers under pressure from industry”, and this was just 24 hours ago.

And what it says, the U.S. truckers coming in will have to be vaccinated, but Canadian truckers, it says, “Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had faced pressure from main Opposition Party and Trucking Lobby to drop the vaccine mandate for truckers due to, Canadian truckers, due to come into force on Saturday. The Canadian Border Service CBSA said the unvaccinated partially and partially vaccinated truck drivers arriving at the U.S. Canadian border will remain exempt from pre-arrival”, right? “However, truckers from the United States will still need to be vaccinated or they will be turned back at the border from Jan.15th.

However, The Wall Street Journal article shows that this was extended to January 22nd. So that’s what’s going on in Canada. And the result of this is not insignificant. The reality on the ground in Canada, and I want to bring this up, that’ll share with you what the debacle this is causing the people in Canada is the following. So if you can see right here, “Bare shelves concern Alaskans, from Ketchikan to Fairbanks.”

And the reality is that in Alaska, the people only have food, just to be clear, on the shelves for three days, okay, so let me show you right here, “Alaska is at the end of the supply chain. Those in the trucking field say that Alaska, for example, only has a three day supply of food on hand at any given time. And while food supply issues have always plagued rural Alaska with delayed shipments and sometimes stale provisions, those in the Railbelt and in Southeast haven’t seen it like this since 1960.”

But essentially, this is a serious crisis. So Alaska, people in Alaska only have a three day food supply, because remember they’re way up there, way at the end of that supply chain. And you can see, again, from this map here, and anyone can obviously look at a map, right? But I think visually you can see where Alaska is. So Alaska is way at the end of the supply chain.Three day food supply.

So, just think about how devastating this kind of policy is going to be to the working people of Alaska. So I wanted to alert people here because this is something very personal and dear to us, because our Truth Freedom Health Movement….. We have people by the way, in Antarctica. We have a Warrior Scholar sign in Antarctica. So our movement has literally spread all over the world, and we just had a major discussion on this Thursday.

Alaska Supply Chain

And Elaine is really, really concerned about what to do, okay? So we want to ask you guys, what do you think should be done? So if the U.S. truck drivers have to get vaccinated, and many of them don’t want to do that, that means they can’t deliver their goods. First of all, it’s going to devastate their business. It’s going to devastate the supply chain.

And you’re going to depend on only Canadian truckers to get food over to Alaska. And I don’t think that’s going to cut it. So, it’ll be interesting to hear you guys’ thoughts. But again, we’re having a discussion here today to educate everyone on the latest news that the Canadian Government, which is a big, big partner with Big Pharma, big, big partner with Big Medicine, and that partnership is essentially driving policy which says every U.S. trucker who wants to drive up through Canada to deliver anything to Alaska, part of the United States, must be jabbed.

Think about what that’s going to cause. Canadian truck drivers for their own truck drivers, because of the massive movement in Canada, and the pressure, they sort of backed off on the Canadian driver mandate at the borders. But for U.S. drivers….

So, several people are commenting that they went back on that for the Canadian truck drivers. So they’re enforcing it for the Canadian truck drivers as well.

I think the bottom line – what’s going on is the establishment is watching. What will working people do on the ground? What kind of movement will we build? And I’m telling you, it’s very, very difficult to organize these massive demonstrations just for theater, which is what the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is doing.

We need to make sure that in our local communities and in our local areas, we start understanding the physics of what’s going on. And the reason we’re in this condition is because we keep outsourcing our future to lobbyists, to unions, top down unions and to the government and politicians.

Government, Politicians, Celebrities, & Not-So-Obvious-Establishment

Or to celebrities and to the Trumps and the Robert F. Kennedy’s and all these fools. These people are not going to change the world. Let me repeat that, again. Government, Politicians, Lobbyists, Celebrities, The Not- So-Obvious-Establishment is not going to change the world.

That’s why we’re in this condition. It is only going to be a true Bottoms-Up Movement of working people globally. The Canadian truckers, if you’re listening, you should be in solidarity with your American truckers. And that is how the world is going to change; when working people realize we have the same enemy.

The same enemy, there was no reason that white working class kids should have gone 10,000 miles to go fight, you know, yellow working class people in Vietnam. There is no reason that white working class and black working class Americans should have gone all over to fight an Imperialist war in Afghanistan so we can make sure that minerals were preserved for the elites.

Working People Will Change The World

And it is time that Working People Unite. That’s what’s at heart here. So the Canadian truck drivers, the Canadian working people must look across the border and see; it’s not Canadian, it’s not US, when it comes to working people, we have the same enemy.

Big Pharma is a real enemy. Big Pharma is a global Titan.They’re the globalists. And what they’re doing right now is profiting at $65,000 per minute, think about that. They want to starve Alaska, they want to starve the hard working people of Alaska. But Big Pharma is making $1,000 per second.

That means by the time this, if we do this for an hour, $1,000 a second would mean 3,600 seconds, which is one hour, Big Pharma will make $3.6 million in one hour. That’s the kind of money they’re making. And we’re going and begging to governments etc. The only way out of this, is for Working People to Unite.

And in order for working people to unite, they need to break from the Establishment and The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. And people need to have some training on how to build a movement. So that is what we’re doing at Truth Freedom Health. And we get together, we talk about how to win. We’re scaring the hell out of the politicians in Massachusetts, because we’re breaking the movement from begging to them, and going to the real enemy, which is Big Pharma.

And they just threw a bone to us here in Massachusetts, to try to quiet down the movement to extend the vaccine mandates on government workers, but it’s not going to work. We need to escalate the movement, Working People Need to Unite.

You can look at our audience. There are people from all over the world. Our movement now has people in every country. We have leaders in Nigeria. We have leaders in France. We have leaders in Australia. We have leaders in, you know, Japan. We have leaders all over the world. So this is a movement that cuts across all countries. It is a movement with a singular thing, and the slogan is Beyond Left & Right, Truth Freedom Health, Working People Unite.

I grew up in a country which had what was called the untouchables, which is what we were considered. The people that were dirty people. A caste system in India and we’re creating that caste system here. And it’s really not about unvaccinated/vaccinated. It’s about the people who have a difference of opinion on truth.

Whether we want real science or fake science and whether we want to be monitored and our entire life being controlled and essentially censorship dominates, and whether we really want to look at all different kinds of ways to manage our health. Truth Freedom Health is what’s being denied.

But what’s fascinating is, the real fundamental issue is some of the people who are working people, my research that we’ve done says only 30% of the people out there are just the dumb idiots who just think that one size fits all medicine is the way to go. 20% are getting it but the remaining 50% out there are fence sitters.

And many of those people, if they’re working people, we know some people who are single mothers, three kids, she said I had to get jabbed, otherwise I was gonna be homeless. So, essentially what they’re doing to working people is essentially making them slaves. So, this is fundamentally, you have to make a choice between putting food on your table, or whether you’re going to go against your own instincts or your own health decisions about your own body. So that’s what this is about.

But more importantly, it goes against science. And what we need to do to build our movement, we need to win over that 50%. And to win over that 50% is not going to come from Pro-Vax or Anti-Vax, it’s going to come from educating those 50% that, you’re being made a slave, economic slave. Yes, some of these people took the vaccine, because they had to maybe put food on the table.

But we need to win those people over to talk about the larger issue beyond Left & Right, of what’s fundamentally going on. So that’s what I encourage people to do. I encourage people to join our movement, because we’re creating ways that we can bridge this gap. We’re not going to win by just barking at the 30%, the vocal minority. We have to win over the 50% and we have to strengthen the 20% of working people that are out there. And that’s how we’re going to win.

85% of the truckers in the United States are independent truckers. Independent. I didn’t know this until about three years ago, as I mentioned, it was when I was at this rally in front of the White House where all these truckers were there.

And they were saying how the Big trucking companies, the Big trucking unions, the Big trucking lobbyists, all work together to squeeze out the 85%. So we have to really start looking at the economics of this. Do not get into the theater of the Pro-Vax- Anti-Vax. That’s just one layer. When you peel away that layer, you see what the real issue is: Big Pharma’s making $65,000 per minute.

And those monies go into big politicians. And I bet you can look at where Justin Trudeau gets his money, right? You have Trump in the United States, he got a million bucks just for his inauguration from Pfizer. And where you know, the Biden’s get their money, all of these guys.

In fact, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he’s pro vaccine, and he emphatically wants pro vaccine. He endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. And a lot of people think this fools their leader. He’s not – he’s a charlatan. And that’s why we’re in this situation. We’re in this situation, not because of the obvious establishment, but because of the collusion of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment with Big Pharma. And that’s what we need to understand. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But that is the reality.

Let me put up my number. If we have people in Alaska, 617-631-6874. But we are in solidarity with the people in Alaska. But we want to let people know that the Canadian truckers and the American truckers, the independent truckers, need to unite. And the Canadian truckers need to be in solidarity.

They should say we’re not going to move goods if you do this to our brothers and sister truckers in the United States. That’s how we stop this. So my appeal is to the working truckers in Canada to unite with your trucker brethren in the United States. Because the Canadian Government, the Canadian Unions, the Canadian Lobbyists are selling you out right now.

I guarantee you right now, there are backroom discussions. But the Canadian trucking lobbyists, the Canadian union, Big Unions with the U.S. Teamsters, and with the US trucking lobbies, to squeeze out the independent truckers in Canada, and squeeze out the independent truckers in the United States.

That’s what this is about. Because big trucking wants to eliminate competition. What better way to do that than right now; destroy all the small truckers because if you’re a small trucking, and you’re not willing to get jabbed and you’re not willing to move, you’re gonna be out of business. So, imagine you’re a small trucking family, and you’re in Oregon and you move goods from Oregon to Alaska, and you don’t want to get jabbed, your whole business is destroyed or your business is going to move to a big trucking company. So I’m telling people, start following the money. And it’s against working people.

I think it’s really really important in addition to huge protests, that people do local protests because sometimes these huge protests are controlled top down. And they’re just done as theater so people do a negotiated deal to sell out the truckers. That’s my one warning to people. It’s better and also an insurance policy if there’s not just in one location but all over.

So please go to We have a whole group in Canada that is uniting together. We train people, we educate people. But we have to get people beyond this Left- Right. We have to educate people to be very, very wary of these top down movements, okay? So while I like a lot of people showing up, I can tell you that there’s big games going on in the back end. And it’s really against independent truckers in Canada as well as the United States.

British Crown

The British are, right now, as I talked about, ultimately, everything goes back to the British Royalty. Canada and Australia are literally completely controlled by Britain. There’s so much, when I say Britain, not the people Britain, but there’s so much capital that the British elites have acquired post Brexit in all their bank accounts, particularly the Cayman Islands bank accounts.

And the essence of this is fundamentally to use all that capital to cause lots of division, destroy working people globally, and essentially come in and use their assets and to buy large amounts of resources all over the world. The British Government and the British Elites have outsourced their empire building to China, in Asia Pacific, in Canada, obviously to the Trudeaus and here in the United States, to the Elites of the United States.

Enslaving People

But the American Revolution, going back to 1776, was when Working People United, and they earned themselves the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. And ever since then, the elites have wanted to take back. This entire set of events that we’re seeing, has nothing to do with health. It has nothing to do with truth. It has nothing to do with freedom. It’s really about enslaving people.

And the only way out is working people uniting with the right political theory. It’s not about just uniting all sorts of, you know, bullshitters. It’s about working people uniting Bottoms-up. It’s a fundamental difference.

The people we’re talking about, really, in some ways, have some probably some serious, serious mental problems. Because they’re controlled by Power, Profit and Control. In the last 12 to 18 months, .001% of people have increased their wealth. Double their wealth. 600 billionaires doubled their wealth by $2.3 trillion.They control now 11% of the GDP of the world.


This is not discussed in any of the media shows because all the media companies, left and right, are all owned by them. They all party together. They’re all entertainers, guys. Be it Alex Jones, be it Tucker Carlson, be it all these guys, they’re all one. They’re entertainers. They’re not building movements.

The Truth Freedom Health Movement is the only one through our very humble resources, through our channel, through our own resources, we do these videos. We’ve built our own institute to start educating people. And we’re building the community that’s necessary. And our goal is to tell and educate and inspire and catalyze people to go on the ground. With the right political theory. With communities. It’s the only way out. Otherwise we are heading to total slavery.

And the only way the slaves win is when working people unite. But we have to get the right political theory. We got to stop following misleaders. Robert Kennedy is the biggest fraud. So look, many of you know, Robert Kennedy is, and this is why you must go through the Truth Freedom Health Educational Program. Let me tell you why. Because what you will learn, fundamentally…but I’m glad we’re bringing this up.

So here is the reality. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, the Establishment creates the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, which will talk the rhetoric to take advantage of you. So when I saw the medical freedom movement, in 2019, I was asked to deliver the key science lecture at the National Science Foundation.

And at that lecture I talked about, we need to move Beyond Vax and Anti-Vax and really talk about the need for personalized and precision medicine. That’s very different than creating the dialectic. And then I started looking at this fool, and that’s what he is, Robert Kennedy; he’s a fool. And you may think I’m harsh, but you’ll see shortly why. This fool, wherever he goes, he loses. He files lawsuits and he loses wherever he goes.

And when I found out, as I did research on this fellow, that wherever he goes, he loses. But not only does he lose, this guy also is worse than just losing. He’s actually Pro-Vaccine. Let me repeat that again. How many of you know that Robert Kennedy is Pro-Vaccine? Let’s take the test to see how many people know he’s pro vaccine. How many people on there know that Robert Kennedy’s Pro-Vaccine? And in fact, he believes that we need to have policies that encourage full vaccinationof all Americans. How many people know that? Let’s see how many people know that.

How many people know that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the biggest misleader of our modern times, is not only Pro-Vaccine, he’s emphatically Pro-vaccine. And he believes that we need policies to vaccinate everyone. Now, I found this about him, a lot of wealthy, white liberal women were giving him a lot of money. And I found this out.

Then I found out that he had endorsed Hillary Clinton, not once, not twice, but three times. In fact, he endorsed her in 2016 when she said she would, she wants to make sure there’s vaccine mandates. Then in 2020, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. came to Massachusetts and did a fundraiser for his nephew, who was also Pro-Vaccine mandates. Doofus Joe Kennedy, Jr.

Then more recently, just in December of this year, he had a big party at his home, and he invited everyone to his home, but they had to be vaccinated or they had to get the test. Then he blamed his wife. Well, all of his Hollywood friends, there in Malibu are all vaccinated, and they believe in the jab. So he plays this game. So, you know, Ken Fielding over here did a great little flier, and it’s called The Real RFK Jr.

And by the way, Kennedy started calling out Fauci nearly a year later after I did. He was watching which way the wind blows. So this, this very nice thing, and I’ll put it up here, everyone can see it. Thank you, Ken. Ken did the design artistry here, and you can see what it says, “The Real RFK Jr.” And it says “the real RFK Jr. Scumbag, misleader, who endorsed vaccine Queen Hillary Clinton three times, and wants policies for full vaccination of all Americans.”

So, let’s go – his statement – by what he actually said. So when I exposed this, it was hard for people, but this is in his own words,

I want to say it emphatically I am Pro-Vaccine. I have been fiercely Pro-Vaccine. I believe that we ought to have policy to encourage full vaccination for all Americans.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Okay, so let me play the video.

Minister Farrakhan has asked me to address the issue of vaccines and African Americans vaccine safety. I want to start out by saying this and I want to say it emphatically. I am Pro-vaccine. I’ve always been fiercely pro vaccine. I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage Full Vaccination for all Americans. Want to say it emphatically, I am Pro-Vaccine. I have always been fiercely pro vaccine. I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage Full Vaccination for all Americans.”

Alright, so that’s the first thing. I know this is hard. But you got to stop being an unconscious, incompetent. And we’re educating here tonight. Let me also show back on this website, and I encourage people to go to and I had to do the dirty job of exposing this fool. He endorsed Hillary Clinton, not once, three times. He said Hillary Clinton was not a Big Pharma, did not get contributions from Big Pharma.Well, she got the most Big Pharma contributions in 2016.

And Hillary Clinton clearly said “the science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. Let’s all protect our kids.” So Robert Kennedy just didn’t vote for her. He endorsed her, everyone. He endorsed her three times. Okay, not once, not twice, not three times. And he endorsed Hillary Clinton knowing her Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, had a major partnership with Merck for the distribution of the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

And Robert Kennedy featured in the VAX two movies speaking out against HPV vaccine. Still he endorsed Clinton-Kaine and knowing that Kaine mandated HPV vaccines for high school girls So Robert F. Kennedy publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. 2000, 2007, 2008, sorry, four times, 2016.

So, I want people to get their heads out of their ass. And it’s, it may be a long journey for some people, and you may never be able to get it out. But the reality is, you have to get it out if we want to build a movement. And so in this wonderful… Let me read some more stuff about him.

And you can, I don’t know what the problem is, but Robbie refuses to attend rallies unless flown first class. Okay? We went to New Jersey, in my little SUV with our own speakers, and we got 5000 people to militantly protest and we stopped it. He came with 10 SUVs.

The problem is a lot of rich, wealthy white women want to sleep with Robert Kennedy, okay? And they think the Kennedys are gonna you know, be nice to you.Yeah, like they didn’t Chappaquiddick, right? That’s how nice they are.

What has he done? Show me one thing he’s done. He endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. Can you explain to me why he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times when she’s Vaccine Queen? So Robert Kennedy refuses to attend rallies, you got to play him First Class, okay?

I’m a Bottoms- up guy, okay? We drove our own cars. That’s what the Kennedys are. You want to support celebrities you want to, I don’t know, whatever you want to do with them. Now, he also flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. Epstein was a child trafficker, pedophile and abuser.

And as Ken discovered, everyone, and this is by Michael Ryder, the former Palm Beach Police Chief, he said “everyone who knew Epstein knew exactly what he was about. He was constantly surrounded by underage girls despite having no daughters or nieces”. So stop excusing these guys.

Third, so “R” for Robbie refuses to attend rallies without paying. “F”: he Flew on Epstein’s plane. “K”: he Kills authentic Bottoms- Up movements to mislead people back in the arms of the Establishment. And you people who want to give the ”children’s”– whatever that bullshit fund that they have- money? Keep doing that. There will be no Bottoms-Up Movement. “E”: he Emphatically is Pro-Vaccine, wants policies encouraging full vaccination of all Americans.

“N”: he’s The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. He exists to distract people. He always tells people to go in front of City Halls and then he wants to negotiate deals because he wants to be in control; backroom deals. That’s not a movement. Then next “N” in Kennedy: non- vaccinated friends not allowed to attend dinner party at his own home as recent as December 2021. And then he blames his wife.

Kennedy’s are really good at blaming women, okay, for all their problems. “E”: He Endorsed Hillary Vaccine Queen Clinton three times as well as his own nephew – Pro-Vax mandate – Joe Kennedy for Senate. That was in 2020.

What was occurring in 2020, COVID, wasn’t it? “D”. He Delivered zero wins for Medical Freedom Movement. Why, why do you give him money? I will debate him. He’s afraid of me, Gary. Why don’t you all tell him to debate me? The motherfucker won’t debate me, okay? He’s a Kennedy, right? We don’t go down to darkies to debate them.

That’s his view. He’s got a billion dollar trust. Why do the Kennedys, who still make money off every cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching Scotch that come to this country? Why are they begging you for money? And why, years of he and his family destroying medical freedom? It was the 1962 John F. Kennedy Vaccination Act. It was in 1986, Ted Kennedy saved Big Pharma from being sued for vaccine injuries.

And it was during 2000 to 2016 RFK Jr. endorsed Vaccine Queen Hillary Clinton. And by the way, when I brought this up, he put up defamatory comments, we have a lawsuit. He said that I was a vaccine manufacturer, he said I work with Bill Gates because we get a 10% discount on software. And then he said I work with the Clintons. COMPLETE BULLSHIT. So if those of you do not understand that the head doesn’t change that much from the tail, the Kennedys head and their tail are all one.

So if you still want to follow them, please get out of the way of our movement and go suck Kennedy, whatever you want to do. He writes a book called The Real Anthony Fauci, taking most of it from our lawsuit. This is how you learn. You need to expose the wheat from the chaff.

But if you want to jump out of a building, knowing that, maybe you don’t know there’s gravity, we’re trying to teach people principles, The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is a principle. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is an example of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. It’s not about him. It’s about a principle.

Ken did this beautiful flier; RF Kennedy, what it actually spells. Perfect. Exactly. Non vaccinated friends are not allowed to attend dinner party. So everyone out there, he did a lockdown on his own house, didn’t he? Lockdown in his own house, and then after it came out. I’m sure him and his wife discussed about it. Look, I used to live out there. I left that world. But whenever you have a Hollywood party there, everyone is very clear what goes out in their invitations.

You’re telling me he blames his wife, whatever her name, Heinz, that he had people on the issue of vaccines, that his wife put out there, everyone had to be vaccinated or had to have the test, and he didn’t know? Bullshit. And if those of you are willing to do that kind of stuff and want to follow and want to allay people of these kinds of contradictions, you have a serious problem. You’re probably someone who likes to be abused.

You’re probably someone, you know, these are situations where someone will say, well, he’s so nice to me, gave me flowers, but he beat the hell out of me, but he did give me flowers once in a while. That’s what you’re talking about. You have to unravel your brain from an abusive mentality.

In 2019 I gave the lecture at the National Science Foundation, calling out this vaccine, one size fits all. In 2020, we called out that Fauci. Does anyone want to tell me where Robert Malone was then? Now he’s talking about “oh, I’m the creator of the mRNA vaccine, and now dadadada…” Where was he then? And literally, he copies stuff from our movement. So, the issue is that we want to build a movement.

And a movement is based on leaders who say the right thing at the right time; not when it’s right after the fact, not when the house is burning down, and then the firemen come. That’s what Robert Malone is. So, this is not about berating people. This is about educating people to understand how are we going to build a movement? You know, this guy, Robert Malone, wants it both ways. He wants to be known as the guy who created mRNA and the guy is gonna save the world, right? Where was he in 2020?

So anyway, the bottom line is we have truckers in Alaska who are being screwed. And the only movement right now in the world that can win, the only movement that can win is You, organizing with the scientific principles, but particularly understanding the scumbags like this fellow, okay? And Trump, okay? Trump gave me a bunch of gifts recently.

There’s two kinds of protests. The protests which are done top down. If you look at the civil rights protests of the March on Washington, there was a true Bottoms- Up Movement bubbling all over the world, in this country, in the 1900s and in the 1960’s, against Neo-colonialism, against real racism. Those movements came Bottoms Up.

The elites, in the case of the United States, found a guy called Martin Luther King. And guess who did that, Robert F. Kennedy, this fool’s father. Found those people and imposed a leader. And then they did the protests called the March on Washington. Do you follow the difference? Top Down protests versus Bottoms Up. Truth Freedom Health is building Bottoms Up movements.

So, what the establishment is doing now is doing top down movements, because they’re so afraid of our movement. Because our movement is singularly telling people; Working People Unite, let go of the MIS leaders and the controlled opposition-scumbags who talk one day, but do something exactly opposite. And these kinds of leaders are designed for foolish people.

If you’re a fool, and after hearing this, you still want to follow this person, please stop following me. It’s not worth it. But if you are interested in truly having dignity for yourself, if you’re truly interested in building a Bottoms-Up Movement, then for your own sake and for your children’s sake, start understanding the physics of building a movement. Start communing with people who are not so revering celebrities, who are not into the Kennedys, because that’s the mental slavery that many of these people have. They’re already slaves. We need to break from that slavery.

So you should go to Truth Freedom Health. We have a whole European team. We have Warriors all over Europe, in Germany, in Czechoslovakia, in Serbia. Our movement is a global movement. And we want to go on one principle: Working People Unite, Beyond Left & Right, Truth Freedom Health.

But you have to learn The Foundations of Systems. If you don’t understand the principles, just like you can’t build an airplane, we’re not going to be able to build a movement. But one of the fundamental things is we have to break from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. It’s the only way forward.

You can help you by Step One: learning the Science of Systems. Learning how we build movements, There’s a physics. Step Two: starting to interact with a community of other people. We’ve created an infrastructure. And Step Three: starting to learn how to be an activist. But we have created that infrastructure.

My life journey over the last 40 years, 50 years has been to figure out how we build movements, bringing in engineering science principles to do that. So John’s gonna play a video. I want everyone to listen to it. So we’ve created the education, we’ve created the technology and we’ve created the activism.

But it’s only with you getting your Excalibur. There’s not going to be any politician that’s going to do this. And we have outsourced our lives to scumbags like this fellow and others. Just because you hear them saying shit against Fauci doesn’t mean anything. Where were are they in 2020?

Alright, everyone, I hope this has been educational. But you know, it’s interesting, when you get down to the heart of this, what is going on in Alaska, that’s what we started the conversation, we started talking about movement building and everything. But the video that we shared is, I think one of the things that’s happened in the world, you know, when you look at someone who drives a truck, someone who is an electrician, someone who’s an engineer, someone who has a certain set of skill, the educational system has devalued people with skills.

And it’s unfortunate. That’s really happened over the last 30-40 years. You know, to actually make something takes a lot of effort; to build something takes a lot of effort. To learn a skill is a tremendous amount of effort. And what’s happened is every Tom Dick and Harry thinks they’re an expert at everything these days and they’re not.

So that, frankly, that disrespect for knowledge, that disrespect for scientific understanding, that disrespect for hard work has really diminished a lot of people. And you have a lot of unconscious incompetence and you saw that. So, if someone’s name is Kennedy, and talks like this and writes a book, he must be, have some competence. Well, this guy is completely incompetent. Or someone’s name is Trump, or someone name is, you know, JP Morgan, etc.

And this is the lack of dignity that’s happened. So my personal journey, no one has ever given me anything, I’ve had to build everything on my own. Everything I have has come from actual hard work. And many of you it’s, the same way. But there is a .001% of the people who are given everything.

And there’s a lot of codependent people who think those people are their saviors. And they don’t want to look to their own kind- Bottoms Up, because they actually have a deep hatred for themselves. And that’s what you witnessed here this evening, with people who have an unconscious incompetence.

Some people are addicted to people who they think they’re going to be their saviors. The only savior is you. The simple, humble thing that I’ve been able to do, and our movement is able to do, is to provide people an infrastructure, so you can become an agent of change for Truth Freedom Health.

Universal Principles

And those three words, Truth Freedom Health are not just a slogan; they relate down to universal principles: Freedom – Movement of Information, Matter and Energy, without which you can’t get to the Conversion of Information, Matter and Energy, which is converting potential ideas to Truth.

That’s what Truth is, it’s a verb. And when we have Freedom and we have Truth, we can build real infrastructure for our bodies and ourselves: Structure and Health. And with Health, we have the strength to fight for Freedom and explore Truth. But without that we got nothing. But you have to learn in a disciplined way the physics of this. You can’t be an electrician, by just thinking you’re going to go wire shit together. You can’t build a movement without understanding the physics.

What we have put together is a physics of how you build a movement. So please get off whatever hopium you’re on. And if you’re serious, go to Truth Freedom Health, learn the knowledge of how we build movements. This knowledge has not existed before. It’s been my life’s journey.

There’s a book there called System and Revolution. Took me 40 years to write that 100 page book. We’ve created the material. But I’ve used all of the technology training I got to build an infrastructure independent of Big Tech, so you can communicate with people in an environment where you can start building community.

And third, is that our movement is not just in the head. It’s not just about social hanging out. It’s about you getting on the ground, going over your comfort zones, and learning how to build a movement. And it’s only then we’re going to have real change. But right now we’re headed into slavery. And if you follow idiots like this after what I’ve told you, and then I’m sorry, you deserve what you get. It’s unfortunate. But there’s enough people, the majority is for Truth Freedom Health.

The majority gets this. And the reason we do these videos is to make sure that we build this movement. Each one of you gets educated, become leaders and active in your local neighborhoods. But right now, what’s happening in Alaska…

But you gotta start simple, the slogan Truth Freedom Health is not an intimidating slogan. But there’s a lot of depth to that slogan, okay? But it’s time if you’re intimidated, you get over your fear, and you get educated or be enslaved. We have the solution. And it is you becoming a catalyst for change.

We all need to stand together as working people. We’re the ones who create what’s around us, okay? Robert Kennedy doesn’t create anything. Donald Trump plays golf, okay? The billionaires hang out. You know, they need working people. And working people must unite. Working People Must Unite, and We Must Go Beyond Left & Right. And We Must Get Educated.

Anyway, I hope this was valuable. Everyone start thinking about Solidarity. Solidarity with working people, not solidarity with the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment and there’s no kumbaya here. We’re not trying to build some quote /unquote “coalition”, which will be all a bunch of messy nonsense. We’re trying to build a very, very tight sharpened movement. That’s how we win. Thank you everyone. Be well. Be the light. Goodnight

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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