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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview of the Truth Freedom Health® standouts done all through Kendal Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Boston’s Mayor, Michelle Wu, and more importantly: her paymasters in the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex, are scared to death of a genuine Bottom’s-Up revolutionary working class movement.
  • Big Pharma is using their secret friends in the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment to misdirect resistance efforts to their prostitute Michelle Wu, who’s job it is to keep public attention on herself and away from Big Pharma.
  • The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment will never want to unite behind a genuine Bottom’s-Up movement like Truth Freedom Health®, which is why it is pointless to “unite with” or support the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.
  • Truth Freedom Health® is doing the hard work of catalyzing YOU to break from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment and build a real movement which will overthrow the forces of Power, Profit, and Control.


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Hello everyone, it’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We’ve been very busy. The movement for Truth Freedom Health® has been extremely busy on the ground, building this Bottoms-up movement that we’ve been talking about. So we’re gonna wait for people to join.

It’s Friday at around 8:52pm. And we’re going to be having a discussion about what is happening in Boston, and how the mayor of Boston, a woman by the name of Mayor, Mayor Wu, we’ve actually called a prostitute, a Big Pharma. It’s a very, very powerful word. But that’s what we want to educate people on.

But our movement for Truth Freedom Health® has been, as you know, for many, many years, building this Bottoms-up movement, but most importantly, educating the world on why it’s important that we go Beyond Left & Right, that we really look at a Systems Approach to understanding the world and not get lost in any of the what we call the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment people, even in the emerging movements that are coming up. Because many of these movements take advantage of working people.

We have a stellar example that’s occurring right now, in Boston. And we want to talk about that. What I want to review for everyone is, first of all, I want to welcome everyone, we have a lot of people joining us tonight. Welcome everyone. By the way, to those of you who are interested and aware, one of the things we want to recommend everyone to do is to go get educated.

Truth Freedom Health®

Because without people understanding the Political Physics of what’s going on, a lot of people just get, frankly, very, very lost. And this is what the establishment wants. So I recommend everyone go to, and become part of the movement. We have close to 100,000 people all over the world right now, members, people who are actually taking time out of their lives to really learn Political Theory, as well as people, part of the emerging community.

More importantly, we’re getting people on the ground. And that’s what we’re recommending people do. And we want people to be aware that many of these large movements, or these large protests are actually being controlled, Top Down by the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

Let me review on December 31, right on New Year’s Eve, John, maybe you can cue up that one video that you did, we had a number of our people all over Massachusetts, start doing what we call standouts, hanging banners and doing banner drops.

And many of you may not know the importance of this, but one person going out and holding a Truth Freedom Health® sign. You know, handing out a flier is very powerful, because the establishment wants to control people in a centralized way. But if you look at history, it’s always been individuals who took very powerful and courageous stances that made a difference.

The Right Elements

So on December 31, we our movement, we started, we wanted to launch the new year, we were educating people on very powerful concepts of how we build a movement is literally the Truth Freedom Health® Institute of Political Training, where people come in, they really understand systems theory, then we have the infrastructure that we’ve built for all of you, Beyond Big Tech that allows you guys to organize, communicate.

And then we’re educating people the importance of getting out and seeing your neighbors leaving these keyboards and going among people. And that’s how we really connect with people. But most importantly, you can do that. But if you don’t have the right political theory, you’re gonna mislead people. So you have to have all three elements, you have to have the right community, you have to have the right knowledge and education, and we have to get out on the ground.

One of the things we did recently was we had, and we’ve been doing this for many, many years, but part of the ghost encouraged people to get out of their comfort zone and go meet people. So we did that. So that was on December 31, which I’ll show you a video of.

And then on January 5, we got up. I think many of us in our movement of five or six in the morning people in fact we had people come in from as far west as Oregon into Boston. And we organized and we did that.

Misleaders on the Left & Right

On the morning of January 5, we went to the statehouse because the misleaders in the movement, who are emerging as you can imagine, wanted to go to that early morning meeting and really start educating people why it’s extremely important for people to recognize that we cannot trust the left. We cannot trust the right, we cannot trust Donald Trump, we cannot trust the so-called, you know, Kennedys, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s a misleader, he’s been misleading the vaccine movement for a long, long time. And that we need to organize Bottoms-up.

And, and the third part of our discussion there, which we’ll share as we encourage people to go, not stand in the houses in front of the houses of prostitution, which is what I call state houses and city halls and and, you know, the, the legal institutions, these institutions are really bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

And what the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment leaders misleaders do they tell activists to create these big protests and go beg in Washington D.C. or go beg in front of the state houses and that’s not what our movements about because our Political Theory is right, so we educated people on that.

December 31. John, can you play that first video? So this was a video that we put together. What occurred on December 31. It’s a very short video, but I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s people getting on the ground on December 31.

I’m going to walk you through what happened on January 5, and what we escalated on the sixth. And now what we continue to escalate on the ground in Boston, why the mayor of Boston is running scared, and how she’s attempting to bring back attention back to City Hall. And to distract people away from where we were saying we need to go right in front of Big Pharma.

Building Community

This was in Boston, Massachusetts. Again, anyone can do this, you can create the Truth Freedom Health® banners. We have flags. You notice we get out here, on a major highway. And there were, you know 50, 60, 70,000 cars. Very simple, very organic. And people are cheering, honking, and these are working people in Boston. And then the other team, Cambridge, Massachusetts, four women, one person can do this.

They got on the ground, we had a lot of people come out and hear us. A lot of working people supporting us. It’s a lot of fun too. We had another group in Billerica. Again, everyday working people out there, out there – people playing music.But the idea is to let people know that a real movement is here. So that’s what occurred on December 31.

The next thing we did was on January 5, our movement, as many of you know, since November of 2019. And long even before that, but we’ve really been directing people always with the right message with the right direction at the right time.

It’s very easy, you know, a year later to write a book about Fauci or a year later to talk about protocols. A year later, this guy, Robert Malone coming out and talking about, oh, well, he was part of Pharma. Well, that’s like the firemen coming to the house after it’s burned down. This movement has been talked about before the fire occurred. We’ve been calling up people like Fauci in 2020 and 2019.

And even before that, and it’s time that people recognize that it’s we have to follow the right movement with the right Political Theory and with the right organizational ethos, and that’s what we have.

So on January 5, I’m going to bring up this that I’ve teed up here. We did another big event at the Statehouse. But we went to the State House, to frankly tell people not to go to the state house ever again. And you’ll see why – we don’t want people wasting their time, what I call the house these houses of prostitution, frankly, so let me bring this out. But this is a speech, a speech that I gave there. And let me play this for everyone here.


So, I wanted to let all of you guys know that because it’s really, really important to understand. So in that talk that we gave, our goal was to energize and educate people on the ground, that the goal is that our movement must really go after and follow the money. Pfizer and Moderna today are making $65,000 per minute and $1,000 per second. Meanwhile, we have these misleaders in the movement bussing people into Washington, DC.

These politicians are going to do something telling people to go to City Hall. Right. And that’s where the Big Pharma guys want us to be going. So if you take a map of Massachusetts, John, maybe you can bring that up or Kendall Square, if you actually look at the world in Google Maps.

And then you look at Massachusetts, and then you hone in on Cambridge, and then you hone in on Kendall Square, what you will discover is in Cambridge, there’s a place called Kendall Square in the 100 yard radius around Kendall Square is a Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex.

At that location is where Moderna is located, at that location is where Pfizer is, where DARPA is, okay, where Draper is. So this is a longitude and the latitude of the real enemies of working people, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Trillions of dollars of capital flow through this area. And they literally suck out the life energy of the neighborhood. In fact, even in Cambridge, in the Boston area, we have massive segregation, you have massive income inequality.

So, what you really have is the centers of, quote unquote, innovation are literally becoming succubuses of life. And in that location, we said, look, here’s Boston, where all the politicians are, let’s walk across the river. So that protest we just did was on January 5, and we said, we should be in on January 6.

True Leaders Say The Right Thing At The Right Time

The point is that our movement needs to recognize and follow the money. We’re not going to get anything from begging to politicians and watching the theater even between Rand Paul and Fauci. It’s all theater, Rand Paul ChaChing ChaChing. He didn’t say anything in March of 2020. Again, we have to watch our leaders, real leaders, our movement is a true leader of the movement for Truth Freedom Health®.

And when I say the true leader, because we have the right educational formulation, the right political theory, the right systems understanding, the right infrastructure, so if we want to win, you have to get educated, and we have to look at people. What did they say at the time when what was really needing to be said? Or did they wait six months or a year after the buildings were on fire? That’s not leadership, okay.

After the space shuttle blows up, then if you say something was wrong, that’s not leadership. That’s an opportunist. So we live at a time when people need to choose wisely. So the next day we marched literally, onto Pfizer. We did a follow up protest right onto Pfizer.

And it was literally the next day a lot of us had not gotten that much sleep. But we literally went into March right into Kendall Square into Pfizer. So I want to show you that quickly. Because you will understand that we’re not waiting if 1000s of people show up or hundreds of people show up. It’s more important that we get off our butts and go on the ground and learn how to interact. Okay, so let me play you that video.

So this is the video of us the following day marching on Pfizer, right? Here we go. And we literally gave people a tour of Kendall Square. That’s what we did, because a lot of people do not know what Kendall Square is. And I’ll just give you a brief of what we did here, let me go back to this. So here we go.

So anyway, we did a to let everyone know, we literally did a march right up to Pfizer’s office, and a number of working people spoke there. So that was excellent. And so again, Kendall Square, John, bring it up again. He’s a center of the Military-Industrial-Academic establishment of the world.

And this is something people don’t know. They don’t want working people going to the heart of where the real establishment is. They want us going to the prostitution houses. Let me repeat that, again. They do not want the movement going to the center of where the establishment is, which is right now – Big Pharma is controlling the world. And they’re right there in Kendall Square.

An insider like me, who got all those degrees at MIT, works with all these people ,knows that. Instead, they have these fake activists who are telling people to go follow you know, doofuses on both left and right. Okay, who basically have been destroying the medical Freedom Movement later on, they come and write books, you know, with names like Kennedy’s or celebrities, and that’s what they’re doing.

But the movement for Truth Freedom Health® has always been calling this right on target, but the real enemy is right there in Kendall Square. So on January 5, we got there 1000s of people heard us. And then we told people to go to Pfizer. So we went there on January 6. And then we have called two more protests, rain, sunshine or snow. March on Moderna. I’m going to show you that.

Centers of Power

I’m going to bring it up on my Facebook page, you’ll see if you go on Facebook, you’ll see what’s going on there. Okay, but we want people to go on the ground. And on this Monday morning, which is Martin Luther King Day, this Monday, Martin Luther King Day, we’re encouraging people to march onto the offices of Moderna. And the entire goal of this is to start educating people.

Where are the centers of power? The centers of power are not in the halls of Washington, those people are right, they’re prostitutes. Do you really want to go back to prostitutes? That’s really the fundamental question. If you want to go back to prostitutes, follow those leaders who take you to Washington DC, right?

If you want to really identify where the real system is, where the center of power is, you have to go to where the money is being transacted and who’s making money. So right here, you’ll notice that we have a march on January 17. Whether it’s one person shows up, whether it’s 1000 people show up.

Real Racism

The point is to start educating. We’re gonna have a march on Moderna. That’s on MLK Day. And part of what we want to train people to understand is that, people talk about racism, okay? There is real racism. But the real racists are really here at Big Pharma and why do I say that? Well, racism is using race for your advancement politically or financially. Elizabeth Warren is a racist, Big Pharma is a racist.

They actually use people of color to jab and test all their vaccines, okay, poor people. But more importantly, Big Pharma does not like the history of traditional medicine, that comes from all cultures where food is medicine. You start looking at the use of different herbs, indigenous medicines that have existed for 1000s of years. So that’s the second reason Big Pharma is racist.

So on Martin Luther King Day where people really want to talk about racism, let’s go to Big Pharma. The other thing that we’re going to be also doing, if you can’t make it then and the other thing is we’re going to escalate this, where on January, what is it 22nd, right?

January 22, as some of you may know, is also an important day when the MMR vaccine came out. And there it is. So, on January 22, we’re going to do a another, we’re going to take it again to Big Pharma, okay, we’re going to, you know, the real issues, this is Beyond Vaxx & Anti-Vaxx, this is really about one size does not fit all, it’s a right medicine for the right person at the right time, you have to have the ability to choose what’s right for you.

And what’s interesting is this is on January 22, is the day when the MMR vaccine was put out, it’s the anniversary of that which caused many, many problems and injuries. But it’s also interesting, ironically, the day of Roe vs. Wade, when the same liberal elites talk about quote unquote, Pro-Choice, but yet they do not want to talk about choice for people having the right to make their own decision.

So keep an eye out on this. So on January 17, we’ll be marching on Moderna. And on Saturday, January 22. We’ll be doing the march on Big Pharma, but you don’t have to come to Cambridge wherever you are. Go get our Truth Freedom Health® Gear. Go take the course. Go become ground warriors for the movement.

A Real Solution Moving Forward

That’s what we need. We need people to know that there’s not just hope but there’s actually a real solution forward. The last thing I want to share with all of you is. What’s happened is the reason I’ve shared all of this with you is that as our movement is escalated as the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is realizing. Wait a minute the Truth Freedom Health® movement is actually ripping people away from this left-right concept, ripping people away from the misleaders and directing people to the real enemy which is Big Pharma. Guess what the establishment does?

The establishment wants to support the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment so the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment misleaders have been telling people to go bark at City Hall and beg to the prostitutes, okay? prostitutes, a Big Pharma which is what the politicians are.

This has led interesting enough to the mayor of Boston just today hours ago, recognizing that our movement is having so much impact and pulling people away, to really follow the true movement. You know, for Truth Freedom Health® and take people away from the nonsense. The mayor of Boston, let me bring this up.

Big Pharma Prostitutes

This is just hours ago said Boston to delay enforcement of COVID vaccine mandates for city workers until January 24. Isn’t that interesting? So let me repeat what I’m saying here. So here, we’re out on the ground. They know we’re really building the movement to direct people stop going and begging to politicians, but go to Big Pharma, but Big Pharma pays off the prostitutes like this.

Boston Mayor Wu, another quote unquote, Harvard graduate, right. So what Wu needs to do she needs to bring attention back to herself. She’s throwing a bone. She’s throwing a bone saying okay, I’m going to delay the enforcement of the vaccine mandates until January 24.

Right, she’s throwing just a bone. Now, the problem is, the reason she’s throwing this bone is she wants people on the ground to think she’s the one who has the power. I hope everyone’s following this. But the reality is a person really has all the powers are the people over in Kendall Square.

So Boston is here, Kendall squares over here across the river. They want people hanging around in Boston, not going over to the center of power, which is Kendall Square, Cambridge. Okay. I hope people are understanding this.

What’s wonderful about what I’m sharing with you is you are literally seeing, what I wanted to let everyone know is that our movement’s intention is to educate people on how to win. We’re not going to win unless you understand the political physics of movements. That’s why you gotta go to and get educated.

John’s gonna play a quick video and I’ll be back talking about what happened after our January 5th thing and I’ll show you that video is great. So I want everyone to get ready to get educated, understand why you must get educated, go to, sign up to become a Warrior Scholar.

Join this growing worldwide community of true activists, who will always be telling you where the ball is going to go, okay? Not after the ball has gone somewhere, then writing a book on it. That’s what the sleazebag opportunists do okay. That’s why those people have been misleading our movement.

Alright, so what I want to focus people on is that the establishment always wants to break us up into Left & Right, Pro & Anti, in fact, on this vaccine issue Pro-Vaxx & Anti-Vaxx. And it’s really this dialectic that people get caught in. But let me bring you back to this.

If you go back to this post that I just created, that’s up on our Facebook page. Let me bring this up. And I want to have everyone look at what we have here. Okay, what do we have here, we actually have something a little bit different, okay.

One Size Does Not Fit All

And it’s important to understand the difference here. We’re talking about here is Truth Freedom Health®, which is our movement. Beyond Vaxx & Anti-Vaxx call to action is a march on Big Pharma. But look what it says your one size does not fit all. And we’re really talking about personalized and precision medicine.

That’s a message that this movement has uniquely been putting out since 2019. In fact, you look at the first videos I did, as I was exposing Fauci. As a systems biologist, I was saying, look, it’s not about Vaxx and Anti-Vaxx. It’s about the right medicine for the right person at the right time. Okay.

Big Pharma does not want the right medicine for the right person at the right time. They want to get one size fits all medicine, whether it’s a jab, whether it’s giving everyone Lipitor, whether it’s giving everyone you know, a, you know, an opiate, whatever the hell it is. But the reality is your body is a system.

Universal Laws

And everybody is a unique system. And this is the essence of System Science. So if you look at the essence of your body it is a system. Politics is a system, engineering systems. Will those three systems engineering systems, your body, technology, technological systems, political systems, imagine that if you could have a theory. The biggest thing everyone can do for themselves and for the world is to get educated at Sign up to become a Warrior-Scholar.

But one of the important things here is we need to recognize this body as a system and there’s a universal set of laws to it. The world around us politics is a system. Engineering systems around us is a systems. Imagine if you could understand a science that helped you intersect all of those, you would have a powerful knowledge base.

With that powerful knowledge base. No one could fool you, no Donald Trump could fool you, right? Lock her up. No Robert Kennedy and Big Pharma. Meanwhile, he says he’s Pro-Vaxx and endorses Hillary Clinton, and you think he’s the savior? Because he stole all the stuff from our book and wrote it in there.

Unifying” Garbage Together Just Smells Worse

So we got to let go of the misleaders. But you’re not going to be able to let go of misleaders. And people are going to talk about some fake unity, oh, let’s build coalitions and unify the movements. No, it’s not about unity. It’s about Truth Freedom Health®. It’s about having the right framework, unifying a bunch of garbage together just smells even worse.

What you want to do and what we want to do is we want to actually have the essence of what is necessary to to really build a movement, and that can only come from study of System Science. So when we had our movement – when we did the big demonstration on January 5.

One of the reporters came up to us, and he thought he was going to put us into the Vaxx, Anti-Vaxx camp, right? We actually sort of, he didn’t know what to say, and I’m going to play that interview for you. So in this interview, you’ll see how the interviewer from Channel Seven News was trying to catch us. And then we actually caught him off guard. So let me play this.

So, I wanted to share that with you. That’s the big differential of our movement, we want to educate all of you to go to the essence of this real issue. It’s not about Pro or Anti-Vaccine. When you go to the biological level, and you really study biology, from a system standpoint, everyone’s body is a different system.

In fact, we’ve created a tool called Your Body, Your System that we give to everyone who becomes a part of the Truth Freedom Health Warrior-Scholar training and the union that we’re building. We want to educate all of you to take a Systems Approach.

There’s a lot of people who are unconscious incompetence, meaning they don’t even know what they don’t know. And that’s what they’ll say, well, let’s just build all one big kumbaya movement, and all those movements eventually become circuses, okay.

Like the civil rights movement was taken over by the Kennedys, and they brought in Martin Luther King, the movement for freedom in India was brought in, they took over with a Gandhi who was a complete, you know, racist and an elitist and a pedophile. And then people say,

Well, everyone has flaws. No, it’s bullshit. Those are not flaws. These people were set in place by the establishment to mislead movements. But unless you get the system science training, it will not be deeply apparent to you in your bones why we need to build a movement for Truth Freedom Health®, why we need to separate out the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

House of Ill Repute

What I wanted to share with you today is that the takeaways are this. The politicians, the state houses, the city halls, are prostitution, they’re their houses of ill repute. Okay, that’s what they really are. So when you go to City Hall, you know, we just went to the we’re going to be doing another video on this.

We went to the, what was it John? The state house, right, that was in the state house, it was the Secretary of State’s office, right, to submit some of our papers that were as we’re exploring, creating our movement as a designation.

And when you walk into these government offices, you feel you feel it, don’t you? Don’t you feel like you’ve been raped or something, when you walk in there, you feel you’re in a house of ill repute, that’s what they are. Whether you go to Washington, DC, whether you go to any of these government offices, they’re really prostitution rackets.

So, why is it that these movement leaders always direct people to the prostitution houses, because they are the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, they sucker masses of people into these prostitution houses, and then they do backroom negotiations.

And then the politicians throw a bone. And people say, Oh, I got this little bone for you, you know, I got affirmative action for you, or I got this little reform, and then the movement just dies there. So you’ve made a big victory.

This is why the march of history, unless it’s been through a Bottoms-up movement, attacking the real powers of the establishment, nothing ever significantly takes off. This time, having this understanding, having built this movement, for Truth Freedom Health®, all of you don’t need to make that mistake again.

So that’s why I wanted to share with you as we go into 2022, we started with December 31, doing stand out January 5, major protest January 6, another protest down in Kendall Square against Pfizer, January 17. We have a march on Moderna, on MLK day, January 22. We’re going to march against all of Big Pharma.

That’s what we need to do. But what we’re doing here in Cambridge is just to educate people, but you don’t need to come into Cambridge, all of you can get the training. Get on the ground. We have, you know, 10s of 1000s of people all over the world that you can build community with so that you can go in front of CVS.

CVS is a center of Big Pharma, isn’t it? Okay, but our goal is to educate people Beyond this Left-Right narrative. Is there anything else I need to bring up guys? Any other points? Yeah, yeah, so please also take care of your health.

Many of you know back in 2019, I sent Trump a letter. Okay, we didn’t even put this in, we didn’t charge people for this, other people literally took our protocol and started making money off it, that’s fine. But these people are the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment opportunists.

Back in 2019, we told people the importance of vitamin d3, we told people the importance of quercetin and zinc and vitamin A, and why you need to boost your immune systems, your body is a system, everyone is complicated. Everyone has to figure out what the right medicine for the right person is.

So when you become a Warrior-Scholar, I’ve created a tool called Your Body, Your System®. As you know, I do a lot of videos probably every other week on running stuff through CytoSolve®. So you can also get the value of that. So it’s time that I really want to encourage all of you as we go into 2022.

We cannot follow misleaders, we cannot for the sake of quote unquote, unity, just start coming together and be misled. No, we need to create a razor sharp movement, a true tip of the spear movement, and that’s what the Movement for Truth Freedom Health® is, so I encourage all of you to go be part of that. I’ll be doing another video shortly.

Because this is a long one, talking about what’s going on in Alaska, with the fact that the atrocious you know, fascist Canadian government has been telling that any trucker who drives through Canada must get jabbed, which means you’re basically starving, getting ready to starve the people of Alaska.

I’ll come back with that. Thank you, everyone that you asked for other points. Can you respond to this comment briefly? Okay.

Unconscious Incompetent Comments

Comment: No one knew about COVID in 2020. That’s why Rand Paul didn’t do anything then. Now we all know and he’s doing something now.

Reply: Rand Paul is full of shit. Okay. That’s bullshit. We knew about it. Okay.

Didn’t we John, you were literally called. Come on over here, John. So Dragon Slayer. This is why you need to take the movement because Go ahead John,

John: literally like what right as soon as two weeks to slow the spread, right. As soon as this whole thing started. You were right out there on Twitter saying this would be the greatest fear mongering hoax of all time.

Dr. Shiva: Yeah, so go look, yeah, on Twitter, in February, March of 2020. I put a tweet out, I said, this fear mongering hoax will go down in history to destroy economies, destroy freedom, and enslaved working people. I said that in 2020. In fact, in 2019, I gave a lecture on this, okay.

It was this movement that called it out and Rand Paul is the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. And not only that, it was this movement that raised 125,000 signatures that we drove down in our rickety bus all the way down, and you can go look it up to Washington, and we gave 125,000 signatures to Fire Fauci, we started the hashtag #FireFauci.

It’s time credit is important. It’s not out of ego. And there’s a lot of people who are jealous of our movement, and try to attempt to make this ego No. Getting credit for what you actually did is called justice. Right? It was this movement that alerted everyone to this, go look at the videos that I did back in 2020.

We had 20 million views on some of our videos, which were taken down on YouTube. So Rand Paul is a scumbag. Okay, he spreads. Okay, fighting Fauci now, and what is he sending out John every fire Fauci, hashtag fire Fauci give me money, give me money, you have to break from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, Rand Paul is a doctor, okay?

He didn’t know about Fauci all this time. Now you see the theater, and that’s why people need to wake the hell up. You need to get your head out of your ass, because you keep following these scumbag misleaders. We’re going to not get anywhere.

So Dragon Slayer, I’m sorry. You need to get trained. You’re an unconscious, incompetent. Okay? You should probably go follow Robert Kennedy to hell, or Donald Trump to hell.

And that’s why we’re here. This movement is not going to mince words. We’re not going to try to be Kumbaya. We’re here to build a serious movement. And if you want to be part of that, and to win Truth Freedom Health®, then join us if you don’t, please get out of our way. Period.

There’s another one John, is there anyone else who wants to defend these freakin fools? Please, please, I urge anyone who is an unconscious incompetent to try to tell me why Donald Trump Yeah,

Comment: You’re not going to build a team bashing others?

Reply: Yes, we are Virginia. We are building our team not bashing others but exposing the truth. Look, you got to get over your namby pamby New Age bullshit, okay? Because Gandhi was a scumbag Okay, and go look at one one of my videos doing that.

Look, I came. I’m a son, a grandson, a great grandson of the low caste untouchables of India. I grew up in working class neighborhoods in Paterson, New Jersey, and Clifton. I don’t have time to mince words, if people have a problem with the F word and all that, please don’t watch any of our videos. Okay?

This is about reality. We must bash the enemies of working people. Donald Trump is an enemy of the working person, Robert F. Kennedy is an enemy has been misleading this movement. And he literally steals rhetoric. He waits and watches which way the wind blows then he comes in.

By the way, Robert Kennedy is Pro-Vaccine. He said that he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times, we must bash the hell out of them. Okay, if you want to call it bashing? Yes, that’s what I’m doing. But I’m not going to try to be nice to you and saying okay, I’m not bashing sorry.

No, we are bashing them, and we will continue to bash them. And if you don’t want me to bash them, please get out of the way because we’re gonna bash the hell out of them. These people are the reason we’re here is not the obvious establishment.

It is the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, which has suckered people in. A lot of white, liberal, wealthy women who probably want to sleep with Robert Kennedy have been giving him money. And when I exposed him, people got upset at the darky. Who did that?

Well, guess what? I have to do the dirty job. I guess the dark people have to do the custodial work and I’ll do all the cleanup. Okay, but I guess I’ll have to clean up the shit. If that’s what needs to be done. That’s what we’re doing.

Is there any other unconscious incompetence out there? Yeah, no people, people seem to get it. Okay. You don’t have time to be stupid anymore. I’m sorry. We have to get our head out of our ass. And if you want to follow, go to Malibu and see if Robert Kennedy will let you into his house. Go to Hyannis Port.

Find out why Robert Kennedy was on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane. Find out why you endorse Hillary – Vaccine Queen Hillary Clinton three times. This is a schtick for them. Okay? And if you want to be stupid, please go do that. But you will not stop this movement which is going to laser focus on the real enemy and educate people to build a real movement.

Okay, I’m going to come back shortly. I’m glad you’re doing the Shiva. I hate these people. Yes. Look, you have to have a righteous hatred for your enemy. I’m sorry. By the way, those people are Christian and I studied the Bible. I don’t believe Christ ever said show the other cheek. I just can’t believe that Christ took a whip.

And seven days before he was crucified, he whipped the shit out of the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Okay. So let’s get over this namby pamby bullshit of you know, everyone all being Kumbaya. That’s not how the world has ever changed. America had a revolution, did it not John, did we tar and feather some people, right?

That’s what we did. So let’s not make all of this, you know, some one big, you know, and gloss over all the fundamental contradictions. If you want to do that, you’re a very naive individual. And this is why the world is going to add more and more into slavery. We’re going to head more and more into fake science.

We’re going to head more and more into ill health. You can’t be freaking stupid anymore. Any other nonsense that I have to address tonight? Okay, thank you. We’ll come right back and we’ll talk about what’s going on in Alaska. Thank you, everyone.

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