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In this interview with Joe Hoft of the Gateway Pundit on TNT Radio, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, shares why he is running for U.S. President, and the immense propaganda that is underway by the U.S. Elites using the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment (e.g. Musk, Kennedy, Tucker Carlson, Trump, etc) as never before to ensure that people are distracted from the Movement for Truth Freedom Health®, the only force that can liberate American working people and the world to liberate themselves.

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Who’s to do right now I’ve met Dr. Shiva. Really I first recall meeting him after the 2020 election, he had this analysis where he discovered this in his election back in, in in Massachusetts prior to the election in the primary where he saw a pattern in the results that didn’t make sense in that election to apply the same formula to the national election.

It’s it saw the same thing. And we put that up I mentioned earlier, we put that up at the Gateway Pundit, it just went on fire. And from that point on, we became good friends and highly respected Dr.

Shiva. He’s the inventor of the email. And he holds four degrees from MIT.

He’s a Fulbright scholar, and it just just a really bright guy. He’s got a heck of a history he stood up, you know, and supported us all in his in his efforts to, to really bring out the truth about the 2020 election of bringing up the truth about COVID. And then also has been very instrumental in in attacking the censorship from big tech against individuals like himself.

He’s got a great story there. And he is running for president united states. So with with no, no further ado, I’ll introduce you Dr.

Shiva. I Adoree. Doctor, welcome to the show.

hatia. Great to be here. Joe.

Hope you and the team that is doing well. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you.

So where should we start? Dr. Shi? Well, Joe, I, you know, you mentioned I’m running for president. And it’s a decision that I didn’t take lightly.

You know, it came from a lot of people. Over the last three years, people say, Hey, Doc, shoot a letter to run for president. And we decided to do that.

But I think Joe, probably the best place to start. You know, this sort of discussion is to start in sort of September of 2020. If you recall, you were one of the few news organizations which covered the work, I was doing it starting in March of 2020.

It’s probably good to start there, Joe, and then sort of walk through the contributions that we made by what I would say very importantly, not delaying truth, but telling the truth at the right time. And this is central to, you know, sort of what our campaign is about, but also central to the entire aspect of human health. And at a very broad stroke, whether people know it or not, any American listening to this should know that your children are going to live, you are going to die younger than you.

This is quite fascinating, and quite unfortunate. And this is a trend that’s been taking place since 1980. And I want to hone in on that I’m the only candidate bringing this issue forward.

And the solution. And I also have a very important solution for that. But that solution also exposes every other candidate who’s running and exposes their irrelevance, because they’re the ones who were all part of creating this, I want to cover that to Joe.

But in that context, to start with lunchtime place to start, you know, walk through the many contributions we made to exposing the COVID issue the pandemic, it was our lawsuit that discovered the fact that there’s a backdoor portal to Twitter, and we never stopped fighting. And then I want to really expose and I want people to have an awakening, true awakening here, not just call something an awakening. Because awakenings occur when you tell the truth at the right time, then you act on it.

And just like I exposed the issue with Fauci back in March of 2020, you are again, one of the first guys to cover that when I exposed it, the issues with the election systems, the issues, you know, with the backdoor portal, and then traversing it after I got back on Twitter, you know, recently, the fact that Elon Musk, where it’s censorship 10.0 Elon Musk is what I say a complete scumbag. Expose the fact that the elites in my view, have something that I called version 2.

0. And people like Tucker, people like Robert Kennedy, people like musk. And these folks are essentially consolidating power in to confuse the American white working class conservatives back into the establishment.

And it’s a recurrent process in American history. That’s very, very unfortunate, but it’s part of liberal imperialism. And again, I have to do the dirty work of calling these guys out again, Joe.

So I want to really, hopefully awaken people to the facts and what’s going on back in 2020. Because it seems like people almost want to get abused, you know, and the call yours if you look at my track record, it’s been over 100% But at least 100% in calling these guys out at the right time. So that’s what I’d like to start Joe.

Yeah, we can hear great rewind All right, well, let’s do that. Let’s Yeah, let’s go back to 2020. And with COVID, and such I was in Hong Kong at the time.

And I remember we start coming out to I remember, I came out with an article in March of mid March of 2020, where I said, Hey, these numbers don’t make sense, who is commingling numbers. And really, within 10 minutes could see how this COVID The actual mortality rate was not going to be 3.4%.

It was going to be closer to the flu point zero 6%. The numbers, but but the who was was bastardizing, that number to scare the entire world. And I got doxxed by Media Matters, for that record.

And it led to some challenges. And I ended up coming back to the states and retiring from this company, a great company that I’d worked at for 20 years. And I guess at that time to you, we’re starting to talk about I guess, file C.

And so we’re just, you know briefly about that. Yeah, I mean, very, sort of preamble to this. I think, Joe, you gave it in the introduction, you know, I have four degrees from MIT, my field is in the field of systems biology, I’ve dedicated most of my life to scientific research and health and medicine.

And at the same time, being an activist since I was a kid, because I broke with both wings of the establishment because I realized that they both serve the same master. So I’ve had this history of a deep desire to understand politics. And frankly, a professional scientist and an engineer and inventor now 2019, Joe, just to go back one, six months before that November 2019, I was invited to give the keynote prestige lecture presentation at the National Science Foundation, they typically only choose one scientist.

And the the discussion I’d given was on the modern science of the immune system. It was well attended by 200 scientists and engineers. And that system I laid out Joe, as I basically told them, Look, when the 1962 Kennedy vaccination Act was John Kennedy was signed into Act, the 1962 vaccination act.

And when he signed that in 62, that was based on a 1915. Okay, a 47 year old understanding of the immune system at that time, and that immune system, very rudimentary, and it basically said, you know, you have your innate system and your adaptive system, and the concept of a vaccine was you could circumvent your innate immune system, give a jab, and wallah, you get antibodies, and then you’re protected. Okay.

So it was based on his very rudimentary understanding of the immune system that John Kennedy signed the 1962 vaccination act. Starting at that point, what I gave in my lecture, Joe was I said that many, many injuries took place. And by 1986, instead, we’re getting rid of that Act, which was basically a one size fits all medicine act, based on a rudimentary understanding the immune system, what happened is they created and by the way, the 1962 Act is what created all those agents.

Right. So his brother, Ted Kennedy, with Waxman and others, pass the National Vaccine Injury Program, which basically and Reagan was forced to sign it because it was shoved as a rider in a bill for the budget bill. And that act, basically, that injury program basically created more bureaucracy Joe, in classic liberal imperialism, right, they created a whole nother bureaucracy, which said that we’re going to have a vaccine court and the only way and that indemnify, which means protected all big pharma companies, that again, was supported by another Kennedy.

And that meant that you cannot sue Big Pharma that you had to go to this little vaccine court and your liability was around 250k Just kept. Alright. So again, you see what I’m saying, hey, removed, they didn’t get rid of the 1962 vaccination act, because new science, and as I present at this conference has shown that the immune system is very complex.

We have the microbiome, we have the vagus nerve, the gut brain axis with the interferon system, which lead which I shared at that, at that important scientific lecture. This demands that anytime you take anything into your body, it has to be a relation between the doctor and the patient, because it’s too complicated. Everyone agree, Joe.

All right. Now, in January, I led one of the biggest protests in New Jersey with 5000 mothers because I’m from Jersey against vaccine mandates. And we were on the ground Joe Kennedy and Dell big tree came, you know, Kennedy came in on his SUV, okay.

And he was critiquing me because he was saying, Oh, we have to negotiate on the backroom. We can’t get people all angry. My model always was Joe, you go on the ground, you do get people angry, scare the hell out of these people.

And we stop that bill on the floor. They were afraid to pass it. But that was my first interaction with Kennedy and I’ll come back to that.

But in March of 2020, you remember that tweet. Early March, you guys posted I said this? That’s when COVID Hit pandemic quote unquote, hit right. And I said, this will destroy economies, destroy, you know people’s health and create mandated medicine.

I called it right there. And it was right there because I could see as a scientist as someone who does the immune system, bullshit. And I was very, very vociferous about this because I could see where the trajectory was going, because they wanted vaccine mandates for other childhood vaccines in 2008.

Up until 2019, I was heavily involved in that fight. And I felt as I was watching the Children’s Health Fund defense camp playing this backroom game, which never really got gotten them anywhere they lost everywhere they went, I always believed in militant bottoms up protests, which is what history always shows has worked. So in March of 2020, I call that out show.

And at the same time, as these Kennedy guys, we’re always doing these backroom negotiations. And I realized that when I looked at Robert Kennedy’s background, this is in 2020, he had endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. I mean, you’re talking about a woman who’s as vaccine mandate you can get even as early as 2016.

He had endorsed her not once, not twice, but public endorsements, open writing the New York Times. He then in my old campaign in 2020, because I was running for Senate. As you know, his nephew, Joe Kennedy was for massive vaccine mandates, and he raised money for him and endorsed him.

And I remember Hillary Clinton, Santo, and she’s pro GMO. And I had known Robert Kennedy because I did a movie with him years ago. And I saw his ability to speak from both sides of his mouth, which is classic democratic, liberal imperialism, right? That the liberal imperialists just know how to massage people and make everything ambiguous.

The right, Republicans at least say hey, we’re gonna go blow up Vietnam, right, Barry Goldwater, the left always says, Well, you know, we’re going to do it like this. Basically, they screw people in a different way, but make them swallow the bitter pill. So I had to do this dirty custodia work of exposing Kennedy.

And I said, Look, he endorsed Hillary Clinton. He’s speaking from both sides of his mouth. And in March of 2020, Kennedy was supporting lock downs, strict lockdowns, lockstep and barrel with with Fauci and everyone can go look at it.

And he was saying, Oh, by the way, this will be good for climate change. Okay, this guy’s nuts. Right.

So I had to show all these wealthy bougie women who want to be with Bobby Kennedy as Nicole and Bobby as Oh, he’s his friend, right? Who fund him because they all make mistakes with their kids, unfortunately, right. I lost 20% of their followers. Initially, everyone loved me, oh, we got an MIT scientist fighting with them.

But I had to do that dirty work, show and expose it. And then Kennedy did the classic Kennedy smear campaign. He called me a vaccine maker Joe on vaccine maker, he said, I worked with Bill Gates and I worked with the Clintons.

I mean, that guy’s a total freaking scumbag. Because on our site, you know, we get software for reduced rate. He said, Oh, he’s a partnership with Microsoft.

Unbelievable. I sued Kennedy. Running away from service.

We’re still gonna get him. But this is Robert boobie. effing Kennedy.

That’s what I call them. All right. So I’ve been on the ground with these guys.

And if you look at the history of Kennedy’s there mafia, okay, Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy has been made to be this great hero. But let’s really look at a Seymour Hersh, it said the guy who was reckless, he almost got us into, you know, multiple imperialist wars, and almost into a nuclear war.

But the Kennedys have great foot photography. And they’re made to be as though they’re heroes, but they’re false gods. But anyway, march 2020, was interesting, because I had to expose what I call the not so obvious establishment, and I was the first one to call out Fauci.

And you everyone can go look at my Twitter feed, then it’s there in black and white. And why was I able to call him out with such confidence show because I’ve been involved in medicine and writing papers, you know, with the number one institution of the world and I knew Fauci was another scumbag. Go look at his history.

He’s one of the priesthood right? He went on his way and since Reagan, and he initially protected Robert Gallo, we came up with a fake correlation of HIV and AIDS, right, and which gallows research was proven to be fraudulent. That’s when Fauci came in. And this is again, everyone can just do a little bit of research.

Others have written about this people like Duisburg, you know, one of the leading researchers who completely decoupled the AIDS and HIV narrative. But Fauci has been involved for a long time. And as a researcher on the immune system, I knew that the HIV AIDS stuff was nonsense, and I could see this was sort of that version 2.

0 So We did hashtag fire Fauci. We on our Shiva for Senate site, we raised a petition. And I literally joke we have our bus out there is the old rickety bus, me and our volunteers.

We drove that bus with over 100,000 signatures to Trump. And if you go look at March 23, of 2020, I wrote a letter to Trump. I said, please fire this guy.

He’s an incompetent scientist. And I said, furthermore, Do not shut down the country follow the principles of precision and personalized medicine, which is what the NIH had agreed to in 2003, which is also the base of my PhD work, which is one size doesn’t fit all. So if you have truly people who are have a preexisting condition, right, and are sick, fine, quarantine them, and those people who are normal people give them vitamin d3, the person missing the IV, I was always put out that protocol, Joe, other people took my protocol and they started packaging it.

I never made a penny off that, that those videos I’ve done 50 of them went viral. So we I gave a solution save millions of people’s lives. I still get calls every day.

Thank you, Dr. Sheep. I was in the ICU.

I took vitamin C IV protocol. Thank you, you saved my family’s life. So think about what’s going on there.

You know, you have Yeah, you have this immense bullshit going on. And Fauci is an activist and a scientist and running the fire Fauci campaign. And driving a freakin bus for 36 hours of lockdown was there, we couldn’t even get a hotel.

We had to sleep on the bus delivered those signatures. Marla Maples contacted me. She said, Oh, you know, me and Tiffany, we love all the stuff you do.

She and I did a podcast, you can look at it back. Then she delivered that hand written letter to Trump. I got a call from their deputy secretary.

And I said, You gotta get rid of this guy. I say this is nonsense. You know, I’m a scientist.

I know what I’m talking about. And I gave the protocol, Joe. Why didn’t Trump using that bully pulpit tell people to take vitamin d3, tell people take IV vitamin C, then yeah, that same.

In 2019 Jovie ran the first vaccine conference showing how the one size fit all this didn’t work. And in June of that year, I ran the first mass conference saying that there is no need for Vasque mass mandate, I have done another body of scientific research showing that when you put the mask what it does to the mouth microbiome, and how it can cause all these other diseases, particularly for young people. So think about what we did 2019 We’re exposing one size fits all medicine.

We’re not saying Baxter. I think the talk was beyond backs and anti backs, boosts the immune system, I must have done another 50 videos, educating people on the immune system, why you need to protect the immune system. So all of that was going on? Where was Tucker Carlson nowhere to be found? Where was Rand Paul? Nowhere to be found.

He waited a year later to use our hashtag fire Fauci and emails to get donations. None of these people were there. So you guys were the only ones who covered by one.

The only one? So it’s very important truth at the right time. And as absolutely, you see what I’m saying, but I was just Well, I was just gonna say we, you know, just a matter of time, so we don’t we get every all these key points. And this is amazing stuff that you’re sharing, at this time to you to decide to run for Senate in Massachusetts is that I was running for Senate as a Republican.

So in the midst of running for Senate in the midst of running my company cytosol. We’re also attacking Fauci going to demonstrations, right, exposing Fauci on the ground, I mess around three major demonstrations here, right against Fauci, all of this stuff is occurring in 2020. Joe, so to being an activist, of being a scientist, being, you know, doing videos like this over and over again, it was like, Maybe I got two hours sleep a day in those days, you know.

So that was in the heart of 2020. And then now let’s move forward to September of 2020, which is a Republican signer, as you as everyone should know, very simply, we have 3000 volunteers on the ground we’re running against. We were headed to be the Republican nominee for US Senate and it would have been against market okay.

The Democrats are running this guy Joe Kennedy was for vaccine mandates. Robert Kennedy then came here and in Hollywood and endorsed his own nephew, knowing I’m against vaccine mandates, and supportive raise money for it. So that’s Robert F.

Kennedy, okay. People should wake up to this. The guy says whatever needs to be said he’s a fake hero.

Now, September 2020. Joe, as you know, the word on the street masters was doctor she was going to win by a landslide. The Republican establishment found some other guy to run against me, who didn’t have one lawn sign up, Joe.

We had 25,000 lawns, we’d raise $2 million donation, which is pretty high for a Republican primary in Massachusetts. And guess what happens on September 2020. The results come in, I win by 10 points in the hand counted, pay For a paper ballot county called Franklin County, everywhere else was 60 4060 4060.

That’s when I had to open up my eyes that maybe we live also in a third world country here. I did the first analysis, expose the fact that the machines can do both flipping all the way to Grace feature. You remember those videos? I did those videos? Yeah, exposed it filed a lawsuit.

And in September 25 2020, I put out a tweet, because when I filed my loss of when I went to the Secretary of State, when I knew they cheated me, I said, I want the ballot images. In the machines, when a ballot goes into creates an image which the AI uses to calculate your vote. When I asked for those ballot images, Joe, they said, Oh, we deleted them.

Well, I tweeted that out. I said, Massachusetts government violated federal law, they deleted valid images that went viral. I get turned shut down off Twitter for the first time ever.

I’ve never been turned off Twitter. I had to go in federal court. We moved our campaign to a write in campaign, if you remember.

So I’m still a bonafide US Senate candidate, now fighting against the Republicans and Democrats or Republicans and stolen my election, not the Democrats in Massachusetts. they colluded and we go into federal court. And I had to represent myself.

No other lawyer wanted to take on the government of Massachusetts and in federal court, I competed when against three Harvard lawyers of the state. And we in cross examination, it was my cross examination that discovered that the government of the United States has set up a backdoor portal into Twitter and to every major social media company. When we expose the judge was freaked out.

He gave us a terms of our preliminary injunction, which is quite extraordinary. Now all of this, I exposed to Tucker Carlson, and I have all the emails and people will go to Winback

I put it out there open transparency, when you do nothing on October 15. Nothing on October 31. That lawsuit, he’s freaking sat on it.

It’s a jackass. He did nothing. But that’s about the same time that he sat on this Hunter Biden information.

30th 2020 On that same day, is when he told people that let’s go easy on Hunter. And people go oh, look at that. So Tucker Carlson as part of the intelligence network.

He’s part of the deep state. Now he’s doing his major new grift with this ally, Elon Musk, and all of these guys, and I’ll come back to that. But bottom line is that was a time October 2020.

Joe, everyone should have been over it again. You guys were the only ones that covered it bad and covered it. Okay, only two guys.

And we did videos. But the bottom line is we didn’t expose that the government has a backdoor portal to Twitter, the government deletes valid images. And since that time, I on my own time, again, two hours asleep.

We did the Michigan analysis, which went viral. We did the analysis in Florida, I became the election integrity guy not getting a penny for any of this Joe. And Mark Meadows put me here on November 3, saying oh reductor shooter, how can we help you? I said, Mark, give us data.

He didn’t do anything. The Trump campaign didn’t get this. However, they ran the election fraud.

grift made a half a billion dollars. And I don’t know where that went into it. where that went.

Where did that go? Bottom line is we expose the real issues which was chain of custody. And then in Arizona, we expose a signature verification issue. Now, fast forward, February 1 of 2021.

Actually an Event Report by that court order and I put that on Twitter, every one of 2021 I once again share those emails where the government exposes that they delete invalid images boom, Joe this time I’m deep platform for good. They violated the judge’s order. I go back into court.

The judge ordered Twitter into court it was the only court case where Twitter had to come in. It’s documented. Now it’s me against seven lawyers, the state and acid free from Twitter.

My briefs were so good Joe that the vice chairman of Wilmer and how Twitter’s counsel said we don’t believe you wrote your own briefs. So I had learned how to become my own lawyer Joe. And in the end in that time in May, that is when I discovered another big thing which Matt Taibbi stole from me, which he should shame on him.

All these Twitter files guys came from my work where we discovered the entire censorship network that was created at Harvard, Belkin school with Stanford with Pierre Omidyar, the entire network, and I did a beautiful diagram on this. The job just simply wanted to put me back on Twitter was trying to buy me out and wanted me to drop all my claims against the government. I refused to do that.

He wanted to censor me, Joe, and then he sealed our lawsuit. Seal the lawsuit Joe? And then what I did was I filed the lawsuit with the one claim but I got the diagram in which is what every grifter has stolen. Every grifter has stolen our work, and purposely not given us credit.

And why does credit matter, Joe? Because it came from me an independent guy Republicans and Democrats They don’t want to give us those views, Joe because we’re creating an independent movement. That is the heart of the issue. Tucker didn’t want to cover us because Oh, this guy is not in one camp.

If I get if I put him on TV, people are gonna realize the grift that they’ve been doing. So you see, we expose the backdoor port I’m, I’m I was thrown off, we expose the election systems integrity issues, the real issues of custody and signature verification, not the grifter issues, which actually subsumed the real work. It’s really disgusting what they did, October 30 2020, to Joe to keep the, to be respectful of your time.

Yeah, is. Remember, I didn’t back down so I filed my lawsuit with the one amended claim, and I walked away. I did not want to simply go on Twitter.

And that’s what they wanted me to do. They were trying to buy me out Joe 99%. And my lawyer at the time was saying, you will be the first guy you’ll be you’ll have all this fame.

She have I said I don’t want that the government must pay for their crimes. Because I believe in the First Amendment. Joe, that’s where my parents came from India here.

Yeah. October 2022. I wrote a scathing blog post exposing musk.

I mean, come on, everyone. It’s clear Musk is the honeypot. Because if you look at it right now, the the left and the liberal elites do not give a damn about the person.

They never say, Okay. The only people care about the First Amendment, or habit is 4% of the world’s population, which is the American people out of that the tip of the spear of that is guys like me immigrants who came your value it and the American white working class who still has their guns in the Second Amendment right. And they value that, and they will defend the First Amendment.

So the goal is to blunt them, Joe. So they bring in this doofus called Elon Musk. Well, this guy, go look at his history.

He comes from South Africa, where 1% rule 99% in his epigenetics is Oh, a few no better than the rest. Number two, he’s a big climate change guy, climate scam guy. He’s praised Greta Thornburg.

The other thing, let’s look at the fundamentals here. When he gets brought in Joe, we have to understand the actual follow the money $5.7 billion.

Musk is a government frontman, whether it’s for China or for the US. He’s a government frontman write that down everyone. That’s what this guy is SpaceX, at minimum $5.

7 billion from the government Starlink satellites, spying on all of us. That’s what this is about. He’s a government front, man, whatever.

You have to be like this with government Joe to put up a satellite, right? Imagine what effort it takes just for you to get a permit to do a kitchen in your home, right? This guy’s putting up 1000s of satellites, government relationships like this. Tesla. Tesla would never have been profitable.

Had it not been for those $1.5 billion in government credits when they got that profitability. That’s what the valuation became 600 billion.

Twitter. Twitter has indemnity what does that mean? You can sue the New York Times? They can sue Gateway Pundit, right, Joe? If you guys write something false, you can sue the New York Times. And you cannot sue Twitter or Facebook, or these social media platforms.

Why? Because they have section 230 immunity. Silicon Valley negotiated that with with Congress. Well, what is section 230 mean from a money standpoint? Well, those social media companies get 10 times valuation on revenue.

If the United if the if New York Times make 5 billion in revenue, they’re only worth $5 billion 1x. Twitter makes 5 billion there were 10x Joe 10x Because they’re deemed a different kind of company, which is section 230. For that section 230 immunity.

What’s happened is the social media companies have done an unholy alliance. They will give government access to censor people and that’s what we showed that unholy alliance was used to censor US Senate candidate me, no one talked about this is the most foundational issue in American history. Guess what happens? I get put on Twitter, because my son is gonna bite me off.

And I get put on Twitter and the first tweet I do Joe, I said, Hey, Ilan, why don’t you make me your CEO? Go look at it that got like 20 million views Joe went viral. But after that, I said, What are you going to take down the backdoor portal? And you can see between the time I started critiquing him, and in fact Clayton Morris of redacted asked him in an open Twitter space in late December he goes any doctor she was either his lawsuit exposes back to our portal, are you going to remove it? And this freaking liar act stupid? Oh, I don’t know about that. I don’t know.

That sounds like big brother. I’ll get back to you. He never got back.

So the backdoor portal still exists between government and Twitter’s here’s all the social media companies. But now we’re in censorship. 10.

0 Since I got on Joe, you can literally see the numbers. I went from 500,000 views per day on my tweets down to 5000 views per day now, Joe? Why? Because I’m the only one who has to do this dirty job of exposing This guy, every tweet is when are you going to take down the portal? When are you going to take down the portal? When are you going to take down the portal? And as I increase those tweets critiquing of Joe, my views have gone down like this exponentially downwards. Meanwhile, he is driving views paying off people like Robert effing Kennedy or Tucker Carlson, the people that I’ve critiqued.

So what he’s doing is a quid pro quo. This is worse than what Dorsey did. Dorsey just threw you off.

What Musk is doing is a multi tier strategy guys like me expose that he’s not a free speech, absolute or not even a free speech guy, we get shuttled and put into a digital cage. And furthermore, what he’s doing Joe the reason he put me back on is all of my followers you can do what’s called predictive analytics This is really censorship 10.0 Which means you build a profile of my followers you find out others who may become my followers and you send them you miss direct them to the people that I’m exposing and that’s what’s going on Joe.

So but on top of it what’s really disgusting is all the conservative obsequious, Grifters be it Dinesh D’Souza be it you know, Jason was James Woods put out a tweet after Musk hired the W E F guy. Oh my god, I guess the party’s over something like that. I go January to get that tweet started going viral.

James Woods then deleted his tweet. The next day. He’s thanking Musk for giving him 100,000 followers.

This is what’s going on Joe? Musk is buying off his ass kissers, excuse my language. That’s what he’s doing. And it’s disgusting to watch the conservative Grifters, bootleg him.

And it’s the same like 20 John calling it out. Now. We are heading into a worse model of censorship than ever before.

I mean, after I did all this, then he brings in the stuff that robots mandates, mandates. And then you can see people trying to backtrack Dinesh D’Souza tries to oh, well, you know, she’s not that bad. I mean, It’s sickening.

They are. Conservative, Grifters are sickening, they are bowing down to him and get us to remain on this platform called Twitter. They’re not patriots, you know? Yeah, we discussed, you know what? The Yeah.

Yeah, great analysis. By the way, thank you so much for sharing all that. The thing that grabs me too, is just the fact that that here we had Congress give this this benefit to the drug manufacturers over vaccines.

And now, they give this benefit to big tech, with censorship issues. And it seems like really, ultimately, some of the stuff leads all the way back to, you know, the US government and their what they’ve done to create these marks. Well, Joe, this way, it is the latest term I’ve been using.

It’s not the swamp, it’s a swarm in system science. By the way, Joe, you know, the solution to this is everyday people becoming conscious of the dynamics of how a few set of people are able to subjugate millions of people. And that’s the knowledge of system science.

The elites learn this. And when people go to truth, freedom, I’ve spent, we have a movement.

Now we have close to half a billion people who heard about us, we have about 400,000 students who’ve gone through this other ground out. But what we’re teaching people is how to become a warrior and a scholar with these fundamental principles. And what they’re learning, Joe is to recognize that, yes, is probably the most fundamental human question.

How is it a few people can control a billion people, and it comes down to the day it’s not any one person. It’s not like, you know, some people say, Oh, it’s this person. It’s the banks.

It’s this. They’re a swarm. It’s a multiracial, decentralized, interconnected swarm.

It involves on the one hand, government, it involves the 100 university presidents, it involves a top 100 NGOs, right from WF to Clinton Global Initiative, Gates Foundation, it involves, you know, think tanks, those of all the people involved in the power, then associated with them, they all play on the same golf course, is the top 2000 CEOs, right? You have the major investment banks and the investment bankers around them. And then you have, you know, the central banks. And then the front end of all this show is you have Hollywood you have the social media influencers, who are selected.

Tucker Carlson is leaving his one grift. And by the way, let’s be clear, Joe Tucker Carlson is not a martyr, you and I both know that he didn’t do shit for election systems when this stuff was going on. But then when he saw the Conservatives doing it, he started talking enough to get views but internally joke, he was writing stuff bashing it.

You’re saying, Oh, this is all a joke. That’s why Fox got screwed because of him. Legitimately.

They would have had to pay 1.5 billion. They now only have to pay seven or 50 million and now he’s acting like he’s a martyr.

I’m sorry, Tucker. You’re not a martyr you had you’re very close with the swarm. You have close relations with Hunter Biden, just like you said, Joe, his, you know, he got him to write his son’s recommendation letter these people so you have the front end Hollywood, the media companies, the new social media influencers and then the real fangs that they have Joe are the obvious establishment like the McConnell’s the bushes, right.

But the not so obvious establishment like the Trump, I like Trump, right. But he let me down big time. He’s part of this, you know, golden plated toilet seat culture, okay.

And Kennedy’s, and so they have the not so obvious establishment, which is used to blunt right now the American working people, so they don’t build these independent movements show. That’s the fundamental analysis. And that’s why our campaign is telling people look, you finally have one of you.

That’s what you’re looking at with me. I didn’t come from a Kennedy clan, you know, bootlegging stuff, I didn’t come from, you know, sitting on golf courses all day I came from everyday people in in Newark, New Jersey, bottoms up everything I have. I’ve earned Joe, like everyone listening here.

And it’s time that we start selecting one of us and started having self respect, because none of this stuff is going to change. And for the first time, people have a real choice with me, all of those other candidates, so they all know each other. They’re all you know, this guy by vague and find a brown guy to get a new face.

Okay. They’re all interconnected. And that’s what we’re facing, right from the swarm.

Hey, great stuff, Dr. Shiva, some. So happy to have you on we’ll have to have you back.

Because there’s so much more that we can chat about. But thank you, and congratulations, and good luck on your campaign as well. Thank you for all your work.

We will thank you. Thank you, and Joe have shoulders back tomorrow. That was TNT radio with Joe Hoffman Gateway Pundit.

I just did that analysis for everyone. Look, everyone’s got to remember, that’s just I shared with Joe, you look at my history. And you look at the entire history of gone through, it’s always been where the words, Max the deeds, none of these either guys, words match their deeds.

So everyone listening, you have a real opportunity right now to do what’s right. And stop whining Oh, well, you know, we got to choose the lesser of two evils. Yo independent candidates can win.

The winning is you the winning is you getting off your butt. And becoming an activist on the ground. That’s how we win.

It’s not about winning this election at this point in history. That’s all a game, it’s all elections are selections, the winning is you getting off your butt. That is what it’s about.

But even like Jason saying, even if you’re outside of the United States, you can support you can help us start making phone calls. You can be on social media, getting downloading our videos and putting them back up. But that’s the opportunity for Well, listen, this is a paradigm changes movement.

And it’s about getting, it’s about you, it’s not about me, it’s about empowering you to get on the ground. So I encourage all of you to go to truth, freedom get the knowledge you need become a truth freedom in health warrior.

It’s right here. It took me 50 years to learn everything I’ve shared with you, I want to make it easier. So you can learn it in three hours, learn the knowledge of system science, become a warrior scholar.

If you’re in the United States, or wherever you are, if you’re in the United States, you can get on the ground and be part of this historic campaign, you can start helping us get on the ballot in every state. That’s what you can do. Let me play for you our anthem video.

So we’ll inspire you why I’m running for President of the United States. But this is about you. It’s not about me.

I just happen to be a very small capitalist who’s figured a lot of this stuff out. And I’m here to educate you. But it’s about time that you guys rise up, and we have to shatter the swarm.

Who would have ever thought I’d be running for President of the United States of America. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy, oppression and racism. My name is Dr.

Shiva DeRay. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur and inventor. My family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday.

I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey, playing baseball mowing lawns, painting houses and coding software. My friends and neighbors are Blacks, Italians, Irish, people of all races. As a 14 year old I wrote 50,000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first US copyright for email recognizing me as its official inventor.

At a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I did that long before I ever came to MIT, revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace by anybody growing up by so politicians dividing us by race and religion in both America and India, to have us fighting each other while they remain safe in their gated communities and in their playgrounds of Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard in Silicon Valley. I’m a fighter I fought race DISM expose your imperialist wars, bought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption.

I never wanted to run for political office. All that changed when I saw working Americans as never before being duped by the establishment and the not so obvious establishment across left and right. We were being sold out and made to forget why we came to America and why America existed.

Lawyers, academics, billionaire celebrities and politicians, elites, Clintons Kennedy’s Biden’s Obama’s Bush’s black and white have hijacked America. They printed trillions for their friends. They delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption and racism.

They transfer trillions to themselves, dividing black and white fear mongering and fake science, lockdowns and censorship, dirty air food and water wishing drugs upon us making us sicker we’ve been sold out one set of rules for them and another for us. We deserve a warrior with a history of courage and putting everything on the line for you, who believes in you, not them, who is created a movement bottoms up for truth, Freedom health. I’ve exposed their lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular.

I’ve exposed their false gods who exists to lead you back to them. I’ve exposed their fake science of lockdowns and masking and provide new solutions to fight them and when and protect your immune system saving millions. I exposed Fauci galvanize a fire Fauci campaign when others remained silent.

When they stole our election. We sued the government and Twitter in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit exposing and bear view the government and big tech censorship infrastructure, the unholy alliance between government and social media companies where was Ilan and his Grifters, they stood by the sidelines and did nothing. They did not use their megaphone to help us when it could have made a big difference.

Now our movement grows for truth, Freedom help independent of all of them. Everyday millions are learning the science of systems, the knowledge the elites do not want you to have. So you may learn how to think stand up and fight independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes.

Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America to win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States. This race is about you.

This race is about truth, freedom, health versus power, profit control. We’ve had enough they think will fall in line and vote again for their lawyers, celebrities, billionaires and chosen ones from above. We choose our heroes from below from the rank and file who do what is right at the right time, not when it’s convenient and popular.

They can never represent us. what America needs is a movement by the working people. For the working people are educated, organize, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control.

And that movement exists. It’s ready for you. We don’t need them.

We need us to go bottoms up neighbor to neighbor, my journey, your journey are all the same. It’s our time It’s time we had one of us it’s time to win back troops freedom health, to win back America be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5 2024. If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr.

Shiva DeRay. The Independent candidate for US president no matter where you live, you can be a part of this volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day. Don’t delay.

This is Dr. Shiva DeRay. and I approve this message paid for by Dr.

Shiva for President. All right, everyone, tonight we have at 8pm By the way, every Thursday at 11am and 8pm. We do open houses.

So you can go to VA and come to an open house so we can have more of a discussion, one on one with people. So I hope you guys take advantage of that.

Again, what are the things you can do number one, go to Shiva for President donate volunteer. So we can we can work with you get you on the ground, go to truth freedom and become a warrior scholar.

This will give you the tools the educational tools, those are the things you can actively do. We’re not asking anything more you can do this right from the comfort of your own home. You can learn you can help make phone calls, but you can get a decent very power not only a decent probably the only place that you can get an education on how systems work and how we can destroy them for the advancement of truth freedom health.

So anyway, that’s what I recommend all you guys do and get involved get off your butts there’s no reason to complain the movement for truth, freedom and health this year. Our campaign Shiva for president here. There’s been nothing like this ever.

And so it’s an opportunity for everyone here to participate. Thank you, everyone. Thanks for your kind wishes.

What I really want is all of you to get involved. Okay, get involved, get involved, get involved, right. You can help in small ways, large ways, but get educated or as I keep saying get enslaved Okay, get educated or be enslaved.

Alright everyone, thank you be the light again come to our open house, which will be taking place tonight at 8pm that the town hall is going to be on the environment. I’m going to teach people how you can shop locally, you know, on a budget so you can eat healthy foods. Our campaign on the environment is going to teach you how to do that, right? There’s no like, Oh, get me elected and then we’re going to do something.

We know the entire infrastructure is corrupt to the core. Ultimately, we have to take matters into our own hands and our responsibility for ourselves. Thank you, everyone, be well.


It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health® in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System® tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health® portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved™.

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