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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, provides a preview of the details of how Elon Musk – The P.T. Barnum of the #FakeFreeSpeech Circus – is the ad man for Government and the Elites’ goal to have every person carbon-taxed and have “rednecks” in Teslas.

Dr. Shiva will also discuss his historic 2020 Federal lawsuit which can be found on

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Key Points:

  • Elon Musk is never going to remove the Government Censorship Infrastructure at Twitter.
  • The Twitter Partner Support Portal is the means by which Twitter willingly serves as an agent of the Government to bypass the First Amendment.
  • Elon Musk is dependent on Government for all his businesses, including Twitter.
  • Twitter’s valuation of 10x its annual revenue is dependent on the Government classifying Twitter as a platform under section 230.
  • If Elon Musk doesn’t do what Government wants, they have the power to reclassify Twitter as a publisher, which would overnight destroy its valuation.
  • There’s no way Elon Musk wouldn’t have learned about Dr. Shiva’s historic 2020 lawsuit as part of the due diligence process of buying the company. Therefore, he knows about the portal.
  • The fact that Elon Musk still hasn’t removed the portal (which he could have and should have done immediately) demonstrates that he is not serious about free speech.


You know, I’ve been talking about these fraudulent elections now for years. And we’ve got someone who’s coming on, he’s really experienced it as a candidate. He’s going to be a candidate again, and he’s still facing these issues. But he’s got all kinds of hats that he’s where he’s an MIT PhD, system scientist and veteran entrepreneur, the inventor of email, and he was a candidate two years ago facing this domestic censorship, infrastructure. And he was censored then now he’s censored again as a 2024. Candidate. My pleasure to welcome Dr. Shiva, I adore re here. Hey, doctor, Good day to you.

Good to have you, Jeff. How are you? Good to be here.

Yes. We’re glad to have you, sir. And congratulations on all your success. And thank you for running for office offering yourself Republic service. And can you explain to our viewers what you encountered as a candidate two years ago?

Yes. So in 2020, Jeff, you know, we ran in the Republican primary for US Senate. And you know, in Massachusetts, there’s it’s essential unit party, and you would have thought that the Republicans here would have embraced our candidacy. Instead, they ran a guy against us who had no support wasn’t even anywhere to be found. Just to give you the extent of the very quick background, we had close to 3000 volunteers on the ground 25,000, lawn signs, 10,000 bumper stickers you $2 million, we raised in a primary all $1 $5 donations, and we were everywhere. On September 2020. On the night of the primary, the word on the street was Dr. Shiva was going to win on the last landslide, by all accord. And when the results come in, we’ve been in only one of the counties, which is all hand counted paper ballots by 10 points, and every other county was 6046 to 46 to 40. Jeff, so that was quite shocking. I never thought fraud took place in this country. So that led me to put on my hat as an MIT PhD engineer scientist to understand these election systems. And what that revealed was that they, these election systems, particularly on the machines, a ballot image is generated, a pictures taken and then the AI counts the votes. So we went to the Secretary of State’s office and we said, hey, we want the ballot images, by law by law called 52 USC 20701. They’re supposed to preserve those images where they are gloating to us that they deleted them. Now, at that time, I had close to 400,000 people on Twitter, which is a primary vehicle for politics, and we raised all of our money. And when we expose these email interactions I have with the Secretary of State where they’re gloating, they deleted these images, I get turned off Twitter, we went into federal court. And by the way, none of the mainstream media covered this. This is what’s really unfortunate. This was a Senate candidate. And we find out in federal court, that in cross examination, I had to represent myself, no lawyer had the courage to take the government on. And so we took on the Secretary of State and me and the judge are cross examining the social media director, this is an October 30 2020. In a morning hearing, we find out that the government contacted Twitter did deep platforming and silenced me with those tweets, because I was exposing their malfeasance that the government contacted and how did they do it? So went from that shocking story to discover that the Secretary of State’s office in the government and all governments have a special backdoor to Twitter, a portal. And that portal gives them VIP access. And they use that portal to deep platform, a US Senate candidate. And remember, the highest form of protection of the First Amendment is political speech. And not only did they contact but they also use the National Association of State election directors to also contact Twitter. So I had no chance because the government is telling Twitter to do and we have to remember that Twitter is beholden to the government, because their valuation is a platform per pursuant to section 230 is depend on the government, you know, supporting them. So we got taken off.

So you, you expose this and it got sort of lost in the whole 2020 election, needed to get that the media didn’t cover it, obviously. Well, now we see Fast forward two years later, Elon Musk taking over Twitter, all these files being released about what they did to Donald Trump, I noticed that your Twitter account has not been restored. What do you make of what Elon Musk is doing? Dr.

Elon Musk is frankly a fraud in the way he’s taking on free speech. And I’ll explain why. First of all, we expose all of this and October 3030 2022, Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson not only did not cover it, but in our view, he concealed it, because you have to understand we discovered a complete censorship, a network, right that submitted in court. And if you look on that diagram, Pierre Omidyar, who is the founder of the intercept, funded that censorship network, so did the Murdoch’s from Fox News. All right. Two years later, if you saw about four weeks ago The Intercept has this profound so called investigative release saying, oh my god, we found this backroom portal. There’s a total plagiarism of our lawsuit but leaving out the bigger piece that Pierre Omidyar is an owner intercept is involved. Now you have Sean Hannity talking about this. And where’s he leaving out the fact that the Murdochs also funded it, and I believe this is in intelligence terms called the limited hangout where they’re giving a little piece to the public, but suppressing the larger network. Now, let’s go to Elon Musk. Elon Musk, in a Twitter spaces interview was asked by redact its plate Moore’s. Hey, Ilan, you are aware of this lawsuit, Dr. Shiva discovered this portal? Is it still active? He purposely doesn’t answer the question. He says, Ooh, that sounds like Big Brother. Let me dig into it. And we have been hitting hard Elon Musk saying, look on day one, if you’re so frightened to speech, you should be removing that Government portal, he still has not done that. What he is doing is he’s getting a lot of conservatives excited that he’s doing something. But it’s frankly nothing burgers that he’s releasing as long as that portal is alive. So I’m very disappointed with him. And ultimately, you know, Elon doesn’t take ads for Tesla. But his advertising is Twitter. And he’s surely getting a lot of Republicans into Tesla’s and you think

you think doctor, a lot of this is false hope you think he’s giving us some crumbs, while the real corruption is not being exposed. And you’re still off of the platform. I know a lot of other fine people have not been restored either. And you’re running again, correct, Doctor,

I’m, we’re running against this time against Elizabeth Warren, when we were the platform, we were running against her now. I had hoped that Elon Musk would do something significant. But the bottom line is he’s he’s doing a PT Barnum show, to get conservatives thinking that he’s fighting for free speech. It’s been four to five days. And he has not removed that platform. In fact, he’s rationalizing and making amends for Jack Dorsey who was behind this. So you got to understand these guys are part of the Silicon Valley mafia. And their goal is to boost up the value of Tesla, which by the way, was highly unprofitable, which only became profitable when he sold carbon credits. And he made it profitable. And it’s a unfortunate situation because Elon Musk is a PT Barnum of our time. His goal is to use Twitter as an ad platform. And in fact, that report just came out a couple of weeks ago saying, Can you believe this Republicans are driving more Tesla’s are have more trust in Tesla’s and Democrats because of his anti Biden, right.

So doctor, you’re now going to be a candidate against Elizabeth Warren, and good luck to you there she’s a disaster. How are you going to fight all of this? The corruption within the election system, the corruption within social media, all the same things that plagued you in 2020? How are you going to overcome that in your next election?

It’s a great, great question. Listen, you have to understand, we are building a movement, a global movement for truth, freedom, health, people can go find it on truth, freedom, the, you know, the elites and those in power establishment, Republican Democrats are very powerful. What history shows is the only way that you can defeat the establishment is building a bottoms up movement. And to build such a movement, you have to provide people the right knowledge on how to think we do that a true freedom, we provide people essentially a systems approach to looking at the world, we built an amazing community, and then we give people actually tasks to do on the ground. So the only way to win is to ignore the establishment ground rules, which is always to participate on their battlefield, but we’re going to go direct on the ground. And if you can look at what we did over the last two years, it was our movement that first exposed the pandemic nonsense was our movement that exposed the fundamental issues with election systems, and was our movement that way ahead exposed the government, big tech central infrastructure that Elon Musk still keeps alive. So our movement is explosively grown, because people are dumped the Democrats, they’re done with the Republicans, not the Republican people. But the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

And we’ve seen doctor, you know, there’s this unit party, and it is really allied against the people. And as you say, we need something that’s going to be from the bottom up. And I want to encourage people to go to truth freedom. So in our final minute or so, here, this movement, are you optimistic? I mean, do you think we can overcome these elites that have been feeding us lies, and really trying to take away our freedom over these past few decades? Actually, this has been going on for a long time.

It’s been going on since 1950. If you look at it, and for the last 70 years, what the elites want to do, Jeff is they want to completely forget people, particularly the American working class, the United States, a memory of what took place in the late 1800s and the 1900s, not only in this country throughout the world, when people actually built these organic movements. If you go back to the 1920s, you’ll find out it was those bottoms up movements of the American workers, which scared the hell out of the elites, people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt that they had to throw big reforms to quiet those movements down starting in the 50s, with the work of McCarthy attack from the right, and the union leaders who attack from the top, they basically destroyed these workers movements by the 1970s. So if you said you wanted to build a bottoms up movement, they called your communists and then they had the Democrats run these unions. So our goal is for people to first of all, remember that you can have massive victories when we don’t look above, you know, top down, but we look to our neighbors and we build these bottoms up movements. And that’s the only way and that’s what we’re doing that very central principle of by the working people for the working people.

Dr. Shiva, I want to thank you for being with us want to wish you the very best of luck and hopefully we can visit again soon to get an update from you. You’re involved in incredibly important work. And Godspeed to you, sir. Thank you very much.

God bless you be well

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