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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, talks with Diamond & Silk about the importance of maintaining immune health and why the reality is that the establishment one-size-fits-all version of medicine is no substitute for personalized and precision medicine which treats the body as an interconnected system.

In loving memory – Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond), 1971-2023

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Okay, so you talk about treatment. So let’s talk about this for a minute. So the President when he mentioned the word hydroxy, hydroxy, Chloroquine, Chloroquine? Yeah.

Okay. Right. As the media, everybody went into a frenzy, but I was doing a little research and I stumbled upon back in 2005, when the national the national in a National Institute of Health or the National, the National Institute of Health, yeah, you know, Dr.

Fauci, bowfishing, Fauci. He’s over. He’s the director over something at the National Institute of the infectious disease group.

They’re right, but back in 2005, they did a research on SARS. And with that particular medicine Kotsay itself hydroxy, Chloroquine, right. And it sounds to have helped people with SARS, because it found to have helped that particular condition.

And that was back in 2005. And what I do not understand is one of the top doctors is got his finger on the pulse of America, whether we go outside whether we stay in whether we were masked, didn’t even go back to the research that they did back in 2005. And said, Wait a minute, let’s see if this medicine work so that we can save lives instead of everybody trying to find ventilators.

And it’s a good question, to find a new vaccine, a vaccine or something? That is, if you already did studies on it back in 2005, why not go back to your foundation to see if this will work? Right? Yeah. So you’re basically diamond and silk, you’re asking the fundamental question. So why is it that when there are existing solutions to support the immune system, not only h hydroxy, Clark, Chloroquine and zinc and vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, which we should talk about? Why is this guy not even talking about any of this? Why is this not? You know, he’s always at the podium there.

Why is there not one mention of the previous research on hydroxychloroquine? Why is there not any mention of why don’t use vitamin C, because there’s been so much research, you have the situation if you go back to what happens when a virus comes in, and I want to talk about this, but just following through when you have when you have someone’s body, your body, my body, anyone’s body, you we have this thing called the immune system. I also want to let people know that we invite everyone to come to an orientation every Thursday at 11am and 8pm. I host a open house, lots of great people show up you have a lot of chance to meet people from all over the world.

Every Thursdays we do a open house, anyone’s invited you can just RSVP I’d be a We have people all over the world come in and we discuss how we actually build a movement to end the nonsense that’s going on.

If you think oh my god, the world’s going to hell, I’m so confused. You’ll get very inspired that saying there’s a lot of people are coming to our movement for truth, freedom and help, please join us there. In the normal condition.

We have all these viruses inside of I’ve got all these viruses, you meet people, you meet friends, right? People sneezing on each other, whatever. It’s not like everyone’s getting sick immediately, right? Everyone has a different threshold of the immune system. Now in the normal case, if your immune system is supported, probably properly, what happens is a virus comes in your body recognizes it through what’s called the innate immune system, you know, through your eyes, through your nose, your ears, you know, your skin, this is called like your first barrier.

And in that innate immune system, we have these amazing cells, which are like the military Marines, they detect it and they try to take it out things like macrophages. All right, this one kind of cell after that it goes through other systems like the interferon system, and then it goes through the antibody system, we remember we talked about all those gut, bacteria, the microbiome. That’s right, all of this is connected to your brain.

The point is, this entire system is a very amazing system of multiple systems working together to make sure when pathogens come, like a beautiful orchestra conductor, all of these come and they’re modulated, you know, you hit a bump and that you have a nice shock absorber and they take care of you. That’s the immune system. Now, what happens is that let’s say your immune system is compromised.

How can that occur? Let’s say you, for example, eat a lot of sugar, way too much sugar. What happens is the sugar creates Candida, the Candida which is a type of fungus, which knocks out two of your pistons in your immune system, your macrophages and your T cells, T cells, which are part of your system which creates antibodies sharpshooters, which take out that virus or that pathogen, etc. Okay? So when you do stuff to our bodies, which is consuming the wrong foods, eating dirty water, dirty food, you know, you don’t you get pesticides, these kinds of things.

They screw up your gut microbiome, so you can compromise our immune system and you know what happens? The best analogy I can give is, imagine someone ties both hands behind your back, right? You’re handcuffed and so what’s coming at you? Well, you want to protect yourself, you’re gonna probably use your legs and flail even harder than ever, you may actually accidentally hit one of your friends, right? Because you’re in a state of distress. When our immune systems are compromised, what happens you have only a few cylinders left. And these are called cytokines.

And that one weaponry that you have starts firing like crazy. And when it fires like crazy, it not only tries to take out the virus, but it also takes up parts of your tissue, it attacks you and attack you diseases. Exactly.

There you go. Exactly. So let’s really understand this.

And Fauci is not talking about this, because the answer to that solution, which is a truth leads to a solution that does not fit a certain agenda, which we will talk about. The real issue here is when you look at the broad mass of the American population over the last 40 years since Fauci has been there, we’ve had the highest infant mortality rate in the western world highest we’ve had the lowest longevity rate, I think 50 to 54% of our kids have autoimmune disorders one out of five kids have some type of mental disorder right we have the highest growing obesity rates now combined with all of this forget even put food over here. You know what the number one reason they found that supports your immune system why people live long number one reason out of everything people did people studied everything.

What is it top three reasons people live long, healthy, that means you have a powerful immune system. I keep saying the immune system is our operating system, good health, good immune system. The number one reason people live long is guess what social connections fellowship, they have friends and family, they go to church, they’re able to meet people, right, whatever that is, and that’s energy.

That’s energy created between exactly that’s the love, that’s friendship, you know, you can count on somebody, you can walk down the street, you’re not looking, you know, you have friends. And that’s the number one reason in 1988, a landmark study was done, which showed that social isolation when people have no friends when people don’t feel feel they can count on somebody that leads that the detriment of that is worse than high blood pressure worse than smoking worse than obesity. Three of the pre existing conditions.

We’re talking about which people who get Coronavirus are dying from right, most of the people are dying from this virus, like met most of the fluids that come our people have pre existing conditions. We just had a close friend of ours he smoked for 30 years was always you know, in and out of hospitals always had some pre existing conditions while they just tagged them a cov ID 19 But that’s not the reason. I mean he he’s had pre but the statistic will be that’s why he died.

Right? What am I Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. First of all, did the friend pass away? Yes, he just passed away yesterday.

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