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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, talks with Diamond & Silk about how the reductionism of the pharmaceutical approach is destroying people’s immune systems and literally creating disease. Only a systems approach with the right medicine for the right person at the right time can bring lasting health.

In loving memory – Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond), 1971-2023

Transcript Below.

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So people are passing away for pre existing conditions, that’s means a condition that they’ve already had. But if they’re not testing them for COVID-19, why are they counting the death as COVID-19, because that’s going to severely inflate the numbers. And once the media get a hole to put it out there, it’s going to create panic and fear.

Because all we’re seeing is death, death, death, kind of, and it appears to me like they’re trying to make sure that the numbers fit their narrative, like, this is some big grand thing that’s happening to make it make it feel like you have to be vaccinated in order to be able to be a function of functionality of this particular country. This is it’s, it’s even more well planned than this. You gotta understand what’s what’s really going on here? Is it who the World Health Organization led by a guy who loves the Chinese Communist Party, and the former head of it was, had was was from the Chinese Communist Party.

How does China operate? Well, their model is top down a few set of people know everything, and they treat China as one big factory. And everyone works for that, right, a few set of overlords now, the who came up with you know, they’re the ones you know, come up with codes of diagnosis, if you ever knock on wood, no one has to go to the hospital. But if you ever have to go see a doctor, you know, they do a diagnosis, okay, you have this or this or this.

And, you know, they type it into their computer system. So the insurance companies pay them, that’s called the diagnostic code will the who comes up with those codes and actually get paid by the way for it’s a whole nother business model. So they come up with the diagnostic codes.

So they came up with two codes, as I understand from some very close hospital administrators that I’ve spoken to for COVID-19. One was you were actually tested for COVID 19. And we should talk about the test how how how many false positives that tests can generate, okay, but whatever that may be, you actually were to Quantico, tested, and you they said you have COVID-19, I also want to let people know that we invite everyone to come to an orientation every Thursday at 11am and 8pm, I host a open house, lots of great people show up, you have a lot of chance to meet people from all over the world.

Every Thursdays we do a open house, anyone’s invited, you can just RSVP I’d be a We have people all over the world come in, and we discuss how we actually build a movement to end the nonsense that’s going on.

If you think oh my god, the world’s going to hell, I’m so confused, you’ll get very inspired that seeing there’s a lot of people are coming to our movement for truth, freedom and help, please join us there. The second thing is a very fluffy code that they had, well, it was sort of looks like and smells like COVID-19, you know, he’s got some chest issues or et cetera. So the doctor has given a lot more freedom.

So those two codes are what are used now in the US hospitals, the CDC, which I was privy to send out a letter to the all the hospital administrators encouraging them listen to this and encouraging them to confuse both of those codes. Well, if they’re the other one, it doesn’t matter which one you use. All right, so this is what you’re talking about cooking the books, because and at the same time, what’s fascinating to observe is you know, we’re still in the flu season, the number of pneumonia cases are interesting enough dropping, okay, so those not the pneumonia cases, which are normally at a certain level or lower, you know, and some people showed this almost the same as the COVID case is going up.

So clearly, we don’t know what the numerator is, like simple, you know, fifth grade math, we don’t know what the numerator really is. And when you look at the COVID-19 test, without getting to the details I use, I’m going to do a video on this later tonight to educate everyone. It’s called DNA polymerase chain reaction, they’re looking for a little piece.

Remember, I told you that ladder, which is a nucleotides, they’re looking for a little piece to match it up. And the way they do that process is not a quantitative process. Even the guy Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in this field of chemistry said, look, the PCR test is not a quantitative test.

It’s qualitative, qualitative. Wow, it sort of is in that neighborhood. They have a lot of flexibility.

And again, this is part of the science people need to understand. So when they say people have COVID-19, the piece of the virus piece that they’re looking for can easily match to other coronaviruses, which we’re all probably carry, okay. Telehealth call with my own doctor, or something like that.

How do you know as COVID-19? How do we know that when it tests positive? It’s not for another Coronavirus. Right, exactly. And that’s the best question to ask because what they do is, remember the entire history of always blaming a virus or bacteria for some disease is been the history of the medical establishment.

And we can talk more about this. It’s like a district attorney trying to find somebody to pin the crime on so he can get you know, but you know, you can get reelected again, okay, or get promotions. And this has been part of the medical establishment that goes back for a long, long time since a germ theory was created.

You know, with Louis Pasteur, people have always thought the germ is a problem. So Give me an example. scurvy.

You know scurvy. When sailors used to go out and their teeth used to fall out, they used to get bleeding. Well, when scurvy first came, they said, Oh, it must be a bacteria, the sailors living too close to each other.

They’re, you know, they’re unhygenic they’re passing something along, it must be a bacteria. Now many of the ships captains knew that, hey, if you give them lime, you know, there, they wouldn’t have scurvy, which is vitamin C, no one believed the scientists were hardcore, we got to find that virus, they call them the virus and bacteria hunters will finally when vitamin C was isolated, it was clearly shown that Scurvy is not from you know, some bug. It is from the lack of vitamin C, when soldiers went on those ships, they didn’t take enough lemons.

And that’s why they called eventually, that soldiers sailors, they call them limeys. Because they used to eat a lot of line, take another disease pellagra pellagra. If you look in the 18 1700s people get awful eczema.

You know, it’s horrible. People said, This must also be a disease. We got to quarantine people, we have a must be Italian immigrants bringing in this disease.

Well, finally, one doctor woke up and he went to an asylum. And he saw Wait a minute, the doctors and the nurses were not getting this and the farmers were getting it who worked near the asylum. And it turns out that the farmers were only eating corn all the time, corn, corn, corn, corn, and the other people eating meat and vegetables and etc.

Well, those guys weren’t getting enough niacin, which is an extremely important B vitamin. So finally they said, Okay, let’s beef things up with nice and so on. You see, the history of medicine has always been I’m going to be the guy who wins the Nobel Prize.

Yeah, finding this virus. And that’s been the motivation. Now fast forward to Fauci and HIV.

This is gonna sound quite radical, but it isn’t. Oh, Robert Gallo was a scientist was brought up on misconduct charges. Remember when people were suddenly dying of this mysterious disease called AIDS? Right? Remember, in the 80s? Well, again, AIDS what is AIDS? You said it before, it’s autoimmune disorders, but it’s similar.

You’re suppressing the immune system, your immune system gets suppressed. That’s why it’s called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome aids. So what happens when that happens? Well, how do you get your immune system suppressed? Well, you can do it in many different ways.

Well, if you let’s say, you go forever, taking drugs all day, all day long, right? Or, or getting immunosuppressive drugs given to you suppress your immune system. So one of the important things that occurred around that time was people associated HIV, again, trying to pin the crime on this virus to AIDS and it was a huge scare that was created. Remember, pandemic, people in Africa are gonna die? Well, 60s 70% of people in Zambia have HIV they carry it does nothing to them.

So what Robert Gallo who was one of Fauci his predecessors, or his colleagues said HIV is creating aids, and in fact, he was brought up on misconduct charges, because he actually stole the HIV virus viruses to do his experiment from the French. And then the experiment he did was a faulty experiment, and it was front page in New York Times. Well, who came to his rescue was Fauci, Gallo stepped into the background.

And Fauci essentially took over the hypothesis. HIV created aids, you got all the Hollywood celebrities, they started doing concerts, it became a massive industry, fear, fear, fear. Well, the truth is a guy like Peter Duisburg, who was one of the youngest tenured professors at Berkeley, one of the youngest people to enter the National Academy of Sciences.

One of the most honest true scientists, not an academic Peter Duisburg said, Wait a minute, before you can pin the crime on a virus to this disease, you must show for things step one, you have to isolate the virus in abundance diamond itself, not just one of them, all of us probably have a little bit of something in us, you have to find a lot of it in the person. So if someone says they have AIDS, you have to find a lot of it. Step two.

This is by Robert Koch postulates who won the Nobel Prize many, many years ago. This is like the basis of virology, you have to find a lot of the virus step one, step two, you have to take some of that virus and grow it in a little test tube, a petri dish, then step three have to take it and give it to another animal and that animal better get the same disease you saw over here, not some other disease and stuff for you should be able to take the virus back and show it’s the same. So what I just taught you was Koch’s postulates.

Most MDS don’t even know this, all right, because their medical school education is Big Pharma education, if this give this drug if this give this but this is a foundations of modern, you know, before the district attorney can blame that person, you have to show these four things. Well, Peter Duesberg said wait a minute, there’s no Koch’s postulates. It’s not being it’s being violated, you can’t penetrate HIV to AIDS.

However, they didn’t care, the scientific consensus with all the drum beating of the media with guys like Fauci who built his career on this, that’s what so that’s why it gets so upset with this. That’s why I ran that petition fire Fauci because a guy like me actually knows. And let me tell you, one of the things is people at MIT my colleagues know when I used to work there in 2004, when I was doing my PhD at MIT too I had read Peter Duisburg work in 1993.

And I was taking a class on viruses and I was one of 40 kids. And when it got to the AIDS virus, I raised my hand and I asked John ESSEC when he was one of them, a great toxicologist, I said, Hey, John, isn’t it true that HIV does not cause AIDS? Now remember, everyone believed this is the truth. My whole class became very quiet.

And John s Sigmund said something interesting. He goes, you know, what Shiva saying is about Koch’s postulates that Robert Peter Duisburg said that HIV did not fulfill Koch’s postulates. And John went on to say, it’s very honest, he said, Peter is a very respected scientists.

So the reason people need to understand this is to this date, the HIV causality to AIDS has never been proven, but they pushed on scientific consensus, like co2 is a pollutant, right? They push it on people, and the very, very, very ignorant people in the media, New York Times etc, who don’t really want to they have these young kids who think they’re journalists cut and paste, blah, blah, blah, said this, blah, blah, blah said this. They don’t have degrees in science. They don’t know math, they don’t know in engineering, nor do they have the humility to want to go learn it.

So what you have is you have fake science being converted to fake news, fake science, fake news, and then you say it enough. Oh, yeah. HIV causes AIDS.

What do you mean, HIV doesn’t cause AIDS? Even today? You know, my sister is an MD When I brought this up, she goes, Oh, no, that’s crazy. Now, even she will admit, oh, it’s age related diseases. You see, they twist it a little bit like, you know, climate change, they start changing the words.

So the bottom line I wanted to share that with you is that you have a disease, and then you have viruses over here to always want to pin this virus to a disease helps a much larger narrative, as you were saying, diamond and so and what is that narrative? That narrative needs to be understood in the following way. What has happened? Look, I when I went back to MIT, for my PhD, what I the reason I went back as always been interested in medicine. I grew up in India, my grandmother was a real healer in those days, and every village was the women were always a healers.

They understood the herbs, they understood food, they understood medicine, they understood, right? The women are always the healers, they were the shamans they connected with God, they could look at someone they could figure out what was going on, they would figure out the right medicine, the right food, my grandmother would make me go get certain herbs. And this was a knowledge that was passed on. So women were really the center focus of many of these villages.

And my grandmother was a village healer. So what I learned from her was the right medicine for the right person at the right time. It wasn’t one size fits all.

That’s we’re doing right now, so that we can begin my journey into medicine. And by I started as a research fellow at the age of 14 doing medical research, why babies are dying their sleep. So this has been a long trajectory.

But one of the most important things to understand is that when I came back to MIT in 2003, I said, Well, I could really use my history of computing to really solve a very big problem. Imagine using the computer to model diseases on the computer. So we don’t need to go kill humans and animals, we can test on the computer.

So that’s what I created. But the reason I created that was pharmaceutical companies starting around 2003 have been basically tanking, they’re not making money. This is something people need to understand what’s been going on is we as people, we talked about this, we want clean air, clean water, clean food, 30 million people practice yoga, every wants to live longer people exercise a walk, they take some you know, we’re getting educated, hey, why should I take that drug? Is there an alternative? So that industry has been growing right? The natural products industry meanwhile, pharmaceuticals are failing why it takes around $5 billion just to take a drug from the time they discovered to market $5 billion 5.

1 about and it takes around 13 years for them to test it in a test tube kill a bunch of animals then get FDA approval, what’s called phase one, they test on a few set of humans phase two phase three. It’s a long long process for them to take a drug for this process. And guess what the drugs that are coming out cause side effects so people sue these companies so they spend $5,000,000,000.

13 years they only have seven years left for patent life so it’s a it’s a failing their business models failing the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry is tanking.

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