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Dr.SHIVA shares a profoundly emotional response to how he views the purpose of his life 

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – speaks with Sam Tripoli in an emotionally charged interview when asked if he is worried about threats on his life by exposing something so deep
  • We owe it to those who came before us and sacrificed their life for their Freedom that had nothing, we have lost our Freedom and First Amendment so we must keep fighting and #WinBackFreedom.
  • The First Amendment doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet and if you are not willing to die and fight for it you are a slave. To go about life as if you can ignore what is going on in the world and just focus on their home and kids doesn’t mean you are free.
  • The only deterrence to #PowerProfitControl of the Establishment is through Systems Science and to understand the interconnection of #TruthFreedomHealth built by Working People going Bottoms-up to Win Back Freedom so we may arrive at Truth and ultimately Health.
  • The right question is “What are you willing to sacrifice for Freedom” NOT “Are you scared to lose your Freedom,” we should not be scared, we should be angry. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Sam Tripoli:  And are you worried? Are you in any kind of threat? By exposing something so deep?

Dr.SHIVA AYYADURAI:  Well look. Sam, let me ask you something. What’s the purpose of life, Sam? 

Sam:  Um – Getting money and bang bitches. Haha

Dr.SHIVA:  What’s that?

Sam:  I don’t know what is it? What is it?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well to me, Look Sam, my grandparents came from nothing. All right? I remember when I was 12 years old when I went back to India for the first time. And I had left India when I was 7. And I came back when I was 12. And I went back to that small village, dirt roads, no running water, no electricity. My grandparents had bare feet, nothing man. These people work 16 hours days in the hot field. And for five years, I was in working class towns in New Jersey. And those working class people taught me a lot.

And when I went back when I was 12, my grandparents came to send me off at the caboose trains in those days. I made a decision. I said – You know what, my aunt lived in a little 10 foot by 10 foot hut. I said these people have nothing, but they struggled. So I could get educated. And I said if I don’t freakin do something with my life, I’m a complete parasite. And that I had already gotten so much by the fact that my parents had come to America.

What I’m trying to tell everyone is that the First Amendment does not exist anywhere on this frickin planet. And if you are not willing to die and fight for it, you’re a slave. What the hell does life mean? You have your little home and you have your little kids and you do this and that when you’re a frickin slave. Who wants to live like that? So when you ask me am I scared?

Sam:  YES! Lets fucking go man, lets fucking go dude, lets do this dude.

Dr.SHIVA:  So, this country was built by people who didn’t give a damn if they lived or died. They wanted freedom. I think about my Italian friends, they said their parents got on a boat with two bags. They didn’t have any jobs. And now we have millennials. Well, I want this, I want that… It’s like you frickin lost your mind? You don’t know what it means to suffer. You don’t know what others don’t have.

And you’re asking me if I’m scared. NO I’m not fucking scared. I’m fucking angry. You should get angry. This shit is fucking ridiculous. Okay. The fact that I have to represent myself is fucking ridiculous. Scared? Scared of what? Scared that I may lose my little house? What the fuck are you scared about? So wrong question, Sam. 

Sam:  Well I only have a couple of litmus in this interview.

Dr.SHIVA:  Not you, I’m saying that attitude is you have a bunch of assholes here in Cambridge, which is a center of the violation of free speech. Those Blue Bloods who lost the war, they didn’t get back and leave, they’re still here. They never wanted to give the First Amendment. And every decade they’ve been trying to figure out how to get it back. And people don’t recognize that.

That’s why I hate this guy, Tucker Carlson. He puts on his little face. He had a chance to put me on. But he didn’t. Because he watches ratings. He’s an entertainer. And I’m here to tell you, if you think that guy’s your fighter, and you don’t want to fight and get behind this, because this lawsuit is the inflection point in American history. It really is. It’s not like conspiracy theory. It’s not like oh, yeah, I read this stuff. No, we’re actually in federal court. So, everyone better get behind this lawsuit. Everyone.

Sam:  I’m all about that Dr. I appreciate you coming on. We’re gonna include all the links in the description here, and I got you back brother. I’m all about that. Because, you know, once we lose these things, and I’ll be honest with you, man, I look back at all these elections. And I think we just kind of played their game.

Dr.SHIVA:  You’re right.

Sam:  We counted 60 million votes doing what they do in eight hours by old people way back in the day. I think it’s all an illusion. But now we have records and now we have people fighting to keep the truth, get the truth out. That’s why I appreciate your doctor. Yeah, and thank you so much.

Dr.SHIVA:  Sure, Sam and I appreciate it. You know, we haven’t spoken for a while. I appreciate this conversation. I think your audience is a wonderful audience there, they have a consciousness, but this is an opportunity for them to take that consciousness to another level to deepen their understanding, and go beyond this left, right beyond republican democrat, because that is the illusion man, that is the matrix. That is the devil in many ways. It keeps people entertained.

And since 1970, what’s happened in this country is people have been kept entertained, you know, kept, you know, on drugs and feeling good, or whatever the hell it is, right? It’s not about learning that you have to fight. And the goal of existence is to fight for your rights, and they’ve been eroded at a deep level. And that’s why we call them, Sam, and it’s a very important point. We shouldn’t say, Oh, we gotta fight for freedom now. We’ve lost it. We’ve actually lost it. And we have to now win it back. But it’s positive too, but we have to win it back. It’s no longer Oh, we’re gonna lose freedom. No, you’ve already lost it. Anyway, Sam, thank you.

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