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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – announces the March on Pfizer & Moderna in Cambridge at Galaxy Park.
  • Politicians like Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu have no real power, and are prostituting themselves to the whims of their paymasters in the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex.
  • Mandates and lockdowns are being used to profit Big Pharma and suppress working people.
  • Misleaders in the movement are running cover for Big Pharma by misdirecting the public to focus their anger on the prostitutes instead of the paymasters.
  • Every major Big Pharma corporation has an office or primary headquarters within a one-mile radius of MIT in Cambridge.
  • The Truth Freedom Health® movement will expose the true paymasters and lead working people toward pressuring the real centers of power, profit, and control.


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Hello everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We actually just got back from this big event with all of our volunteers, we had an amazing event. I actually left my laptop at home. So we’re streaming using my iPhone. So hopefully this is of good quality and the sound is alright.

Obviously, this is the first time we had a big audience with the new sound system. So I apologize for the sound issues. We’ll get it better tomorrow. Tomorrow, everyone listening? January 6, right here, January 6, as you can see, at 12 noon, which is tomorrow.

We’re going to March on the Real Enemy, which is Racist Big Pharma. What I talked about at today’s event, is that the reason we’re in this situation today, and what I’ve talked about the situation today is the forced jabbination of all people, the subjugation of the working class, the attack on science, the attack on freedom, the attack on truth is not the establishment, that’s easy.

But it is Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.I’ll repeat that again. As I talked about yesterday, in today’s event, it’s hard for people, very good people, hard working people to understand when they wake up, and they recognize that they’re being screwed, that they immediately can easily see the establishment on any issue.

It’s harder for them to understand Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and this is what the critical thing is. I was just explaining it to a friend of mine, to a friend of ours, right, Tim Lucas? And Tim finally got it. You know, when we explained to him look, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a real scumbag.Donald Trump is a real scumbag.

All of us supported, many of us supported these guys. And it is that awakening that needs to take place. And that’s why our movement teaches people and gives people political training. Because without this, we will waste 20-30 years of our life following Trump or will waste,  many people have already wasted a lot of time following Robert Kennedy, right, John? Yeah. Right.

This guy is a guy John, can you bring that other flier? So over there? One of our Truth Freedom Health® warriors did a great flier, really exposing the insidiousness of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK. Right. Doesn’t even have his own identity. Right.

He’s got Yeah, they always need a brand, you know, Jr. You know, the third, the fifth. Yeah. And I want to share with everyone this is something that Ken Fielding, one of our Truth Freedom Health® warriors, Ken is, by the way, an everyday working person, he’s a hair cutter.

He helps a lot of people, you know, look good. But this is Ken’s flier. And as many of you know, it is our movement which exposes Fauci first and 2020. And look, it’s not about getting credit. The reality is, how did you say, Frank? You know, after an event occurs, the dog race, would you say,

Frank: Well, you could buy a lottery ticket today, in two days from now I will predict the outcome. And then you can call me Nostradamus.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Yeah. So if you look at something like the space shuttle blowing up, Alan McDonald, who was a chief engineer at the contractor, NASA wanted him to sign off saying the Space Shuttle was okay. This was the Challenger disaster in January of 1986.

Well, Alan McDonald, he’s a real whistleblower. He said, No, I’m not going to do this. Because the O rings are going to break and the space shuttle is going to blow up while the space shuttle did blow up. And then people recognized him as a hero.

But imagine being an engineer after the space shuttle blows up then saying, oh, yeah, I should have told you so. Right. Well, that’s what these, you know, opportunities are. Robert Malone.

Well, this guy said, I’m a big vaccine guy. I knew all this. Why didn’t you say anything in March of 2020? It is, myself, this movement, which exposed Fauci nearly two years ago, where was Robert Kennedy? Well, he was banging some women out there. Right. That’s what he does.

He was having people over at his house most recently, telling people they needed to be vaccinated. This is just in December of this year, last year. And then he blamed his wife all my wife sent out the invitation, you know, she runs the house bullshit.

Okay, but this flier here, I want everyone to look at it. And you will see in this flier, you can take a screenshot of it. This goes through the reality of one of the misleaders of the medical freedom movement, and we use very harsh words to describe these people because that’s what must be used.

Scumbag misleader who endorsed vaccine Queen Hillary Clinton three times and wants policies for full vaccination of all Americans, by the way, those are his words. So what Ken did is he did a very cool meme poster, which summarized  R-F K-E-N-N-E-D-Y. And for each letter we have the facts.

R – Robbie refuses to attend rallies protests, unless he’s flown first class with his entourage. You know, like how Jeffrey Epstein flew him around on his private plane.

F – Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. Epstein was a child trafficker, pedophile and abuser everyone knows this.

In fact, there’s a wonderful quote by Michael Reiter, former Palm Beach police chief, and he says, everyone who knew Epstein knew exactly what he was about. He was constantly surrounded by underage girls, despite having no daughters or nieces.

So all of you women who claim you want to fight for women and you care about your kids. Imagine if you have underage young girl kids. And you recognize that Epstein was a child trafficker and, and Kennedy, and by the way, Trump traveled on his plane.

So you have no excuse anymore after you hear this to still follow this guy. Because you have a serious contradiction. And you cannot resolve that contradiction, except by saying that you like to support child trafficking and pedophilia.

K – Kills authentic Bottoms-up movements and misleads people back to the arms of the establishment. We saw that right, John? Right. In New Jersey, we went down. We had it, we brought up a militant Bottoms-up movement. Kennedy was upset that I was really getting everyone angry against the house in the Senate because he wanted to negotiate quote, unquote, this is what they do backroom negotiations.

Well, that didn’t work. And we won in New Jersey because of that Bottoms-up movement. And Kennedy says

E – Emphatically, he emphatically quotes that he’s emphatically pro vaccine. That’s what he said. And he wants policies encouraging full vaccinations of all Americans, end quote. And if you want to go to, you can see all of this. Next is

N – Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. He exists to distract working people back into dead end lawsuits and legislators. That’s why in our flier here, right here, as you can see it, what do we say here? John, can you read what it says?

John: Enough of the misleader scumbags, Trump and RFK, Jr. Both fucked us.

Dr.SHIVA: Right. And I think 1 out of 29 people surveyed had a problem with the word fucked us, right. Yeah. Well, I think they should really have a problem with the fact that Jeffrey Epstein fucked a lot of other people. And Trump and Epstein, Kennedy were on their airplane, right.

So if you have problems with that, let’s go back to actually who did the actions versus our words which express our righteous anger. So the other N for Kennedy is just two weeks ago,

N – Non vaccinated friends were not allowed to attend the dinner party in his own home. As recent as December 2021, they had to be vaccinated.

So he basically has locked downs in his own home. Right. So how could a guy who has vaccine mandates for his own home fight for you and I for vaccine mandates? Does that make any sense? Does that make any sense? So again, all of you people who still want to suck up to RFK? Please do not follow our movement.

Do not follow me. I don’t want your followership because if you’re that thick headed after seeing these facts.

E – Endorsed Hillary Clinton vaccine queen, not once, not twice, how many times three, three times as early as 2016. For the President, knowing she was for vaccine mandates, knowing she felt everyone should be jabbed.

And then more recently, right here in Massachusetts in 2020. He endorsed his nephew, Joe Kennedy, who’s for massive vaccine mandates. And he brought in all of his Hollywood friends to raise money for Joey boy.

John: Oh, but Dr. Shiva, he’s a Democrat. He’s a Kennedy and he had to endorse them.

Dr.SHIVA: Right. So a lot of people say, Well, Bobby had to do this, Bobby had to do that Bobby had to do this. So, what we’re trying to educate people on is you have to take your brain, and your heart and your soul. And if you recognize that if you are making excuses for these people, that there’s something wrong in your thinking.

And frankly, it’s sort of an insanity, even after we share these facts. That’s why our movement has been always two years ahead calling out these people two years ahead, we call that Fauci. And by the way, we’re not just attacking the scumbag Kennedy Jr.

D – delivered zero wins for the medical Freedom Movement. Our movement has already delivered multiple wins. And Y for the last Y in K-E-N-N-E-D-Y, he and his family have

Y – Years of bringing – So His own uncle is the one who signed the 1962 Kennedy vaccination act. His other uncle Ted Kennedy, who by the way killed that woman and got away with it because that’s what Kennedy is gonna do.

Is the one who saved Big Pharma by ensuring that no one could sue them. Okay, they created a vaccine court. And then finally, and for the last, you know, 20 odd years, this guy supported Hillary Clinton, and he supported pro vaccine mandate candidates.

So there you go, the real RFK Jr. You know, this guy takes all of our material and writes a book. Try to think about suing him again. Okay, for plagiarism against Fauci, Fauci is an easy hit job in 2021. That train left a long time ago.

So John, John also spoke Ken’s And Frank’s spoke, again, I’m a working engineer, working scientists, Kennedy and Trump have no skill sets as far as I know of to do anything. Okay. Once a failed, a failed, what would you call it a failed lawyer, a drug addict, lawyer, and the other guy is, you know, unfortunate. He didn’t get a second or third. You know, basically,

John: He didn’t get the lead role in the sequel of 2024.

Dr.SHIVA: Right. That’s what happened. Okay. That’s what I, you know, I look, I Trump gave me a lot of nice gifts, very sweet guy. But you know, it was sad, because he seemed more like an actor who didn’t get his lead role, as I shared with you. So John, you know, maybe you can share with people.

Let’s talk about Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, by the way, to those of you joining in January 6, 12 noon, in Kendall Square, we’re not going to be it’s very stupid to protest and beg to the prostitutes of politicians and puppets.

We need to go right into the heart of Big Pharma. That’s right there in Kendall Square. Tomorrow afternoon at 12 noon, 12 noon, January 6, Kendall Square. We’re gonna march right on Pfizer and Moderna. Who are each making $65,000 per minute $1,000 per second.

John, why don’t you tell us very briefly your journey to break away from Not-So-Obvious-Establishment? Go ahead, John.

John: Right. So when I first got in, involved in organizing and into the activism world and everything as a as a constitutionalist, basically, I knew right like a

Dr.SHIVA: libertarian, right. You supported Ron Paul. Yeah, Ron Paul, is now sucking Kennedy’s this problem when people don’t have political Ron Paul, unfortunately, he’s not trained politically. Yeah, nice guy. But has no political training.

John Medlar: Basically, so when I first got in as a Ron Paul supporter and 2012. And then up to 2017, I was starting to organize, help organize free speech rallies, very, very young, very passionate, but no political theory.

But I knew Dr. Shiva right away was a real one when he came and stood with us because he came and stood with us. When the heat got, when things got hot, and a lot of other people backed off. And they, you know, fled to the hills when the going got tough, but Dr. Shiva stood by me, so I’ve stood by him ever since.

But in my youthful naivete, I was still going around trying to help all of these other groups out there, you know, hoping to try to quote unquote, bring people together for you, like, you know, unity and all that stuff.

And despite the fact that I knew that they didn’t like Dr. Shiva, because you know, as soon because they, because I tell you, because I was in all their meetings, they knew as soon as he walked in, he would basically start leading the whole thing, just by pure skill, and it’s like everything.

So without even trying they didn’t want to, so they wanted to be their own influencer types of people. They wanted to network and they wanted to, like, do all these things. And everything Dr. Shiva has been talking about is absolutely true.

These people do backroom deals, they create a quote unquote, organize a chat room, they throw in the people in their clique that they like, and they just appoint themselves. The, you know, the organizers of the movement.

Dr. SHIVA: In fact, I remember we had one meeting when John first brought me in, you know, we had everyone here, we said, okay, let’s talk about who the speakers are going to be in a very open, inclusive discussion. Yeah. And nothing was said there at the end to have the backroom deal or organizers.

After a three hour meeting, they didn’t even want to tell who the speakers were. And then and then they had a huge speakers list done already, that they’re already decided on in the back room. And that’s how these people work. They do not want to have open discussions of how to build a movement.

And when someone like myself, a real leader comes along. And I say that with all humility, which wants to bring together people to get to the truth. They are actually very afraid because they do everything and backroom corridors. And that’s what you experienced.

John: Because I was in essentially both camps at the same time. Because I see the contradiction, I could see Dr. Shiva on the ground, working his butt off building a Bottoms-up movement that was actually getting results in many, many different places in many different situations.

And meanwhile, I saw other people just holding rallies for the sake of holding more rallies and not actually building a movement. And so eventually I just got fed up with these people so not only was it Dr. Shiva’s training, but also these people just pushed me away just through not adapting or tuning or running their movement smartly.

It was just like shallow again. They just wanted to be influencers, just rallies for the sake of rallies. No bigger plan.

Dr.SHIVA: they have no political understanding. Yeah, by the way, some of you are wondering, where are we wearing these hard hats? Just to let you know, you know, we had a bunch of our warriors visiting, you’re visiting from across the country.

Some of you may know that I actually build things. Frank builds. Thanks, John, build thanks, John’s gone through apprenticeship as a carpenter. We have a data center here, we actually wear these hard hats. And we’re working in the back. So people said, Hey, why don’t you guys let people know who you really are.

We build things. We’re working people. I build software, we build companies, we build data centers, we build Frank builds, all sorts of systems.

Frank Licata: I was an electrician, but I built homes and buildings.

Dr.SHIVA: Frank built his own home. Okay,

Frank: Several.

Dr.SHIVA: If you come to our data center, you know, I built the whole home from the I’m sorry, the whole data center. So we set a time when people know that we actually build things.

That’s what this is a symbol of Truth Freedom Health®. We are building a movement. And if you guys want to get these hard hats, people have asked for them, we’ll probably put it up in our shop if you want to, but you gotta want to build something.

That’s what these hard hats represent. They represent that you are dedicated to building something Bottoms-up, you are not a parasite. They actually want to grow. So Frank went through a similar different journey.

And many of you by the way, most of the people who come to the movement for Truth Freedom Health® are not political people. I was an activist. I never was in electoral politics. Frank, you never voted right until Trump, and then you went through the Trump journey. Once you tell people that Frank. Your journey.

Frank: Yeah, I really got involved in politics. When Trump came down the escalator right in June 2015. Saw him as the outside agent of change. You know, I know better now. Basically, I had to go through almost a 12 step program, you know, to realize that he wasn’t the outside agent change, he was Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

Exactly how on the left, Bernie was Not-So-Obvious-Establishment for his flock. So I see some things in common with your RFK flier there, for example. You know, Hillary, Trump never locked up Hillary, the Lolita Express, Trump flew on that.

So we can make excuses, we just flew on the plane, you know, it’s like always these excuses, trust the plan. You know, the plan was for Trump to make a lot of money. Basically. Off elections.

Dr.SHIVA: He made over half a billion dollars, over half a billion dollars.And now about $2 billion from his, uh, you know, social media platform. Yeah, without any code.

Frank: He’s a grifter. I had come to that slowly. And I’m like, Really, what really drove the dagger in for me was how he raised all that money off election fraud, which is fine. But then he endorsed the guy here at Massachusetts that said, there was no election fraud. And that Biden won fairly, I’m like, what, what? This doesn’t add up twice. He did it.

So that’s it. I’m done. I just like no, I can’t waste any more time on this. You know, so um, it’s, it’s kind of hard to break away. I think you use the good analogy of say, a partner that’s beating you and you got some thought. It is really Stockholm Syndrome. You like, oh, well, you had to do that he was playing three dimensional chess or whatever.

No, he wasn’t.

Dr.SHIVA: Look, Frank. You know. Trump invited me to meet with him. Yeah, me and Michelle went, very nice guy, very nice friends.

Frank: It has nothing to do with it.

Dr.SHIVA: It has nothing to do with it.

Frank: You can have the nicest people in the world that are gonna be a snake, you know, you’re not gonna teach the snake to bite. That’s just right.

John: You knew I was a snake before you took me in?

Frank: Exactly. He said it himself.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I mean, I think I think there’s something to be said about some of the, you know, the Aesop’s fable about the scorpion and the frog, right? Everyone knows that. You know, guys on that one, right?

There’s a scorpion and the frog sitting on the side of a river, and a scorpion tells the frog a frog, can you please give me a ride on your back across the river? And the frog says, Wait a minute, you’re a scorpion, you’re going to bite me? And the scorpion says, no, no, no, no, no, I’m not going to do that. Look, I’m just a little scorpion.

Just give me let me just hop on your back and just get me across the river. I got my family on the other side. I would never do anything like that, anyway, the scorpion finally convinces the frog to give him a ride.

Well, sure enough, this Scorpion bounces, jumps on the frog’s back and the frog is swimming across. He is right in the middle of the river. And guess what happens? He gets stuck. And the frog is saying, as he’s dying, what did you do to me? I thought you were going to do this.

And the scorpion says, Look, I’m a scorpion, Scorpion Sting people. That’s what we do. The elites will sting you. The elites will say one thing and do another thing. And they will smile and they’ll invite you and give you a martini.

They will toast a martini talking about how they’re fighting for the anti Vaxxer movement, right? While they’re telling their friends to be vaccinated before they come into their home. They will collect money for Election Fraud and keep it for themselves. This is what the elites do.

If you don’t know this, even after all the data we’re sharing and after everything, we’ve led this movement, right on target, then you frankly, need to either go get some training, and by the way, for everyone go to, because without political training, without serious understanding, without a community of people that remind you of these things, and learn how to be an activist, you are frankly lost.

We’ve had some very dumb people come around our movement, steal our stuff, and then go on to suck Kennedy’s you know what, Okay, number of women actually, because they don’t have any dignity for themselves. And men, because they, because they heard all the Kennedy speeches, right.

You have to understand the Kennedys have a marketing machine, which every six months puts out a new documentary on them. Forget the fact they murdered people forget the fact that cheated in elections, forget the fact that they cheat. Lie, cheat and steal everywhere they go. But they brainwash you.

Okay, and I did the video on Mahatma Gandhi, right? How the establishment brainwashed us about Mahatma Gandhi. So our movement is really about you. And it’s really about you. Like we say, right here. Are you ready to fight for you, if you’re ready to fight for you, our movement has created the infrastructure to do that.

The technology infrastructure, the educational infrastructure, the community infrastructure, but it’s really up to you now, we can no longer afford to follow people on the quote unquote, right, like Trump, or the left like the Kennedys, because at the end of the day, they both fly on Lolita Express.

Okay. At the end of the day, they were both on Lolita Express, it says at all. So, what more John, anything else?

John: Think it was? I think it’s actually funny to note that, that you would think especially since it came out that in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial that Trump actually flew on Epstein’s plane more than just like the one time six more times than originally thought you would think that since supposedly the media just hates Trump and wants to destroy him, you’d think it’d be wall to wall coverage of that? Well, you think they would never let that go?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, or the fact that RFK Jr. flew on that. And so you have to really wonder why they Ghislaine Maxwell trial. And the testimonies there weren’t fully covered about Jeffrey Epstein. You have to really ask yourself, you know why? Because the establishment is one. They all flew on Epstein’s airplane.

They all took money from him. The president of Harvard took money for him even though they knew he was convicted. So did the president of MIT. And MIT from Central Square to Kendall Square owns all the land in Cambridge, and from Central Square to Harvard Square. Harvard owns all the land.

And you know what they do? They pay zero property taxes, and then they rent the land to Big Pharma at subsidized rates. So they get equity in their companies. That’s how it works, guys, they’re one big incestuous family. That’s what the common I guess a common word would I would say incest.

Yeah, right. Trump, RFK, Epstein, Trump – RFK-  Epstein. Think about it. And you ain’t part of that. Group. Okay. So you really have to ask yourself, you have to wonder when Pfizer and Moderna are making $65,000 a minute and $1,000 a second?

Why the fuck are you doing anything with Trump and RFK when they all go to the same parties together, be it in Hollywood or in Wall Street. And so our movement is looking for people who really want to win Truth Freedom Health® and as the slogan says, to unite working people.

Engineer, scientist, electrician, apprentice videographer, multiple skill sets can tell someone tell me what skill set Robert F Kennedy has. Can someone tell me what skill set Donald Trump has? Maybe he could be a C, B, B rated actor. Okay. RFK you know, probably could play a heroin addict okay.

He’s shit ass lawyer, most lawyers are, so anyway, it’s unfortunate that we have to be so abusive about these people but we frankly despise these people and so should you. But the way we’re gonna win is we’re going to first of all identify the real enemy, which is the racist Big Pharma and as I said, racist, why are they racist John?

John: One of the things that they do is like they think that only that their artificial molecules created in the lab can heal you .They never look for any inspiration from like tradition from like traditional medicines which there’s real compounds in nature.

That when you ingest that they do things with -they interact with the human body. And  like you always say food is medicine.

Dr.SHIVA: I got a green tea right here. Some of you may know we just completed research using CytoSolve® showing the epicatechins in green tea have amazing effects in modulating the immune system, particularly for transplant.

Transplant, when people get a transplant, they found some profound clinical observations that people who took green tea had much lower transplant rejection with CytoSolve®. We figured out why. Now, Big Pharma really doesn’t want to do that.

I’ve actually gone to Big Pharma. We actually got one deal from a company called Elnylon, which we help. In fact, Pfizer, I went to them, I thought they would want to embrace us because we could save animal testing. We did some initial work for them on lupus. Right, and then they disappeared.

In fact, when I exposed Robert Kennedy, that filthy liar said I was a vaccine manufacturer. Okay. We were actually trying to help these guys save lives. He said I was working with Bill Gates. We have a lawsuit against RFK for that now.

So, you guys really got to make a decision – who you choose as leader. Do you want Bottom’s-up working people like us or do you want the bullshit glitz of scumbags who travel on a pedophiles plane – Trump or RFK.

Frank: Tomorrows the anniversary of Jan 6th.

Dr.Shiva: Yea tomorrows the anniversary of Jan 6th. Which by the way, we were very smart not to go to that event. Cause we knew it was gonna be a shit show. And we knew Trump was going to betray people. In fact you saw in the video – he told people to march to the capitol.

And what did he do John? – He went the other way.

He said I will be there with you. So we really have to be wise now. We can’t afford in 2022 to follow the scumbags like Trump & RFK Jr. If you want to go hang out with them and play golf and whatever, shoot the shit with him. Great. Be friends with him, on that level. But if you think they are going to lead movements and be your friends?..You’re out of your mind.

Tomorrow Jan 6th 12 noon, Kendall Square, Galaxy Park – We March on Big Pharma. Go look at it on the map. You will see all the Pharmaceutical companies within a 100 yard radius.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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