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CytoSolve™ – In-Silico Drug Development

CytoSolve, Inc. was founded in 2011 by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., an MIT systems scientist, the Inventor of email and creator of EchoMail. CytoSolve has developed the world’s first computational platform for scalable integration of molecular pathway models. The platform provides an important contribution to the field of Systems Biology. Using CytoSolve™, complex molecular pathway models have been tested and built for EGFR, nitric oxide and Interferon (IFN) pathways. Without CytoSolve, the integration of complex molecular pathway models is largely manual, time-consuming and in many cases, not possible.

The CytoSolve platform is used for drug development in the fields of multiple disease areas. The platform is also used for measuring the efficacy of health supplements and ‘nutraceuticals’. CytoSolve provides opportunities for commercial companies such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies to use the CytoSolve platform for supporting their internal drug development process.

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