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MIT Traditional Medicine Society

Founded in 2008, MIT TMS is an ASA-recognized group at MIT devoted to exploring traditional medicine, with the following mission to accomplish: Promote awareness of traditional medicines throughout the MIT community.Engage the MIT community in the process of exploring various…

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A Smoothie For All Systems

Delicious Smoothie Recipe by VA Shiva to Integrate the Three Powerful Forces of Your Body’s Systems Read this article by VA Shiva to understand why this smoothie is the right combination of all systems.The right combinations can provide you with…

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Collaborative Cave Drawings

VA Shiva introduces Systems Visualization at MIT Hyperstudio Conference. VA Shiva presents “Collaborative Cave Drawings of Social Interactions: Simple Visualizations of Complex Phenomena” at MIT Hyperstudio Conference VA Shiva introduces Systems Visualization at MIT Hyperstudio Conference Many phenomena of global…

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Your Body, Your System™

VA Shiva’s Revolutionary Online Tool for Personalized Health VA Shiva shows you how to find your natural systems state and balance your body to live fat-free, disease-free, and stress-free. Today there are so many new supplements, herbs, foods, super-foods, exercises,…

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Vegetarian or Carnivore?

Systems Visualization of Meat-Eating vs. Vegetarianism V A Shiva’s student Danielle Hicks presents a comprehensive Systems Visualization exploring Vegetarianism vs. Meat Eating We present you with a short interview with Danielle HicksQ. Why did you take the Systems Visualization class?…

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