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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains the theatre between the Biden & Trump dialectic and moves to the importance of – what is to be done?
  • We have been manipulated and fooled to think that the theatre between Trump & Biden is real or that it will solve anything. Moving beyond that theatre is where real solutions wait.
  • First step is deciding if you want to fight for you. This is not about Biden, Trump, Obama or any politician. We must Unite Working people to become educated in Systems Science.
  • Politicians, celebrities, talk show hosts, news reporters and grifters will NEVER address the failing Big Pharma model of single molecule drugs. Big Pharma was tanking with R&D and then Trump saved Big Pharma with Operation Warp Speed. Sp they could make their money back with vaccines.
  • We need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement for Truth Freedom Health there is no other movement grounded in Systems Science.


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Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. We’re live on Instagram, also on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and our own VA Shiva Live TV. But we’re going to be talking today about a topic, which I think is central to a lot of the confusion that is taking place with people.

I’ve done a number of posts as you may have known over the last 24 hours, really talking about this Biden & Trump theater that we’re seeing. For the last four or five years, we’ve been manipulated to think that these two guys are on different sides of the fence. But in fact, what we’re going to talk about today is to really talk about how these two fellows really serve the same master.

Again, many of you know that I never voted in my life, I was highly critical of the left wing of the Democratic Party, for most of my life, as well as the right wing. The first time I ever voted in my life was for Trump, I gave him money. Worked for him, was a loyal supporter.

But the reality is, as the facts have unfolded, it is undeniable that both these individuals serve the same establishment. And we’re going to talk about, in the context of Big Pharma, we’re going to share with you some facts. So, the opportunity for everyone here is to go beyond this left, right narrative, I posted it, we want to encourage anyone to call in.

I’m going to share with you a little bit of the background. And then we’re going to open up my phone, which I’m going to share with everyone, and people can call in. I have my personal cell phone.

As many of you know, I’m pretty transparent, encouraging people to call them but we’re going to have a discussion today about breaking from this left, right narrative and we want everyone to share their insights and their wisdom. If you really think, Biden is just a dope or if you think, as the grifter, Candace Owens thought that Trump is too old, and he can’t do research. Whatever your opinion is, call in, but we really want to have not only this discussion about what’s going on, but more importantly, we want to talk about what is to be done.

You have enough people out there critiquing, critiquing, critiquing. But as you know, you can check down below we have a link to My view is that we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement that goes Beyond Left and Right.

Do You Want to Fight for You?

And that’s why most of my life’s been dedicated to, but this is really about not me, it’s not about Biden, it’s not about Trump, it’s not about Obama, it’s not about any of these individuals, it’s about really you, deciding whether you want to fight for you. That’s what it’s really about. If you want to fight for you, then you have to move to a different state of consciousness, you have to figure out how we build a movement.

But if you don’t want to fight for you, and you think that Trump or Biden or Obama or the next whatever, DeSantis is going to fight for you, then that’s a different path. But history shows something quite different, which we take teaching our course. And it has been through mass movements.

It’s been through Working People Uniting, that has, in fact, ever gotten anyone anything. Before I go to that, I want to first of all review with you stuff that I’ve been talking about for the last four years.

Pfizer’s Revenue

One of the important things we’re going to consider is Pfizer here.

Let me show you some statistics on Pfizer right here. If you remember, probably three or four, three years ago, I started tracking Pfizer’s revenue, and I’ve been sharing this with you.

But if you look at this number right here, you can see that over the last 10 years, look at the most revenue that Pfizer made. And you can see, right here, is around 65 billion, that was in 2010.

Their revenue has been eroding, pretty drastically. In 20, they made 41 billion. That’s nearly a $25 billion drop in revenue. Here’s one of the biggest pharmaceutical giants in the world.

And what you can see is that their revenue, that they’re incredible revenue from 65 billion, up until 2020. It’s gone down to nearly, what do we say, 41 billion, so they’ve lost 24,000,000,020 5 billion in revenue, let’s use 25 billion, so just consider that.

Now, most people, until I brought this up, if I went into a room of 1000 people and I said how many people think Big Pharma is doing well? Everyone would raise their hands thinking they’re doing great, maybe two people out of the 1000.

But our movement has consistently been exposing the truth. Teaching people that Big Pharma has revenue, Pfizer’s, as a case in point, has been going down.

Why Big Pharma’s Revenue Dropped

Why? The reason they’ve been going down, is because the way that they build drugs, and remember, a drug is not an herb. It’s not a set or a whole bunch of vitamins put together a drug is a single molecule compound, typically. What is a single molecule compound? It is basically a compound that’s not frankly found in nature, that pharmaceutical companies synthesized, and they have libraries around 60,000 of them.

The way they get a product out to market is they take these molecules, and they test them initially in a test tube for some disease, like cancer or Alzheimer’s. And that’s called in vitro testing, where they put it in a test tube. And if they see something positive occurring, they’ll go raise 50 $60 million.

In a place like Cambridge, where we are, they’ll go raise a ton of money, and they’ll get lab space, and then they’ll start killing a bunch of animals for three or four more years. And that’s called in vivo testing.

It takes them about six years to even figure out that molecule drug, that single molecule, if it worked in the test, it will work on animals. And if it doesn’t kill too many animals, what’s called and they determine that through what’s called toxicology studies, then they go to the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. And they file for what’s called an IND, an investigational new drug filing. An IND, typically, it’s 10s of 1000s of paperwork, you have to have a medical officer, you have to have a toxicologist, and you file this paperwork.

And you’re trying to convince the FDA that this drug that you’ve tested now for six years in a test tube, and in an animal that you want to go test it on humans, and that’s called phase one testing. And phase one testing is typically raised and tested on small groups of humans. And if that succeeds, then you go to phase two, and then phase three, and each point you’re going to larger and larger number of humans, if after and typically takes 13 years.

If that single molecule drug makes it after those 13 years, then you get FDA approval allowance to take it to market. And you can sell it on the market. Now remember, a single drug that day that they discover it, and that test tube, they patent it, patent life is only 20 years.

Now, if it takes 13 years to get that drug to market, you only have seven years left in patent. That means in seven years, you have to recoup all of your 13 years and investment. Everyone following this?

R&D and Single Molecule Drug Model is Failing

The drug development process is an extremely expensive process. It’s an extremely medieval process, they basically are shooting in the dark, all these molecules if something works, then they rationally try to explain it. And you have to understand I know this well, because I came out of the Department of MIT called the Department of Biological Engineering my PhDs in the field. I created a technology called CytoSolve®.

My initial goal was Pharma would probably want to use this to save all those animals’ lives and reduce the cost. But they frankly don’t, because they’re moving in a locomotive model in this singular model, which frankly, makes them money, as long as they can convince the FDA to get the drugs through. But what’s been happening over the last 10 or 15 years is even the FDA is not allowing pharmaceutical drugs to market because of the significant side effects.

Pharma companies have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out the next big thing that they can do, because they’re not finding enough new molecules that even the FDA will allow.

What you’re seeing here, this is the documented evidence of that, as a company called Pfizer, they went from 61 billion down to sorry, 65 billion down to 41 billion about a $25 billion loss in revenue.

Their old drugs look like Lipitor are going off-label. Which means they no longer have patent protection. Big Pharma. This multi trillion-dollar industry has been tanking.

And this is something that Tucker Carlson, sorry Tucker Carlson won’t talk about. I hate that guy because he’s such an opportunist. You won’t see this on CNN. You won’t see it everywhere because they’re all taken in Pharma’s advertising, they don’t want to talk about the disaster Pharma has been undergoing. That’s the first point.

Trump’s Role

As many of you know, once you understand that point, we’re going to then talk about Trump’s role in all of this. And I’m going to share with you evidence, the actual evidence Trump talked to bullshit game that he wanted to clamp down on Pharma. But guess what, I’ll share with you the facts that on his own inauguration, just three months later, after he said that he raked in about a million dollars, the most that any healthcare company gave to him in a funding donation for his own inauguration.

And guess what? Sleepy Joe Biden supposedly who’s so anesthetized he doesn’t know what’s going on? And just like Trump, who apparently doesn’t know how to do research, according to the grifter, Candace Owens, Biden also took in a million bucks. First 59th inaugural. So, both Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Both jab clowns did that. Alright. And what you’re going to see shortly, is the explosive growth in Pfizer’s revenue that I’ll share with you.

And now both Biden and Trump are appreciating each other and praising each other including Fauci is praising Trump. So, if you don’t get this, and you want to try to keep defending this left right bullshit, and you want to keep defending Trump, he may be a nice guy, he gave me a bunch of nice gifts when I met with him, that’s all irrelevant. But if you don’t want to look at things as they are, then you probably want to be misled and want to be in this WWE fighting.

What Is To Be Done?

But what we’re going to talk about today is what is to be done, I’m going to come back, I’m going to share with you some very, very powerful graphs and charts. But the most important thing we need to do is we need to get our head out of our ass. And a lot of people who come to our movement are not only getting it out, getting out, but they’re also recognizing we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement.

And but once you realize that you have to fight for you, then you have to figure out how do you fight. In order to do that, we have to build, we have to first of all have a scientific understanding of how movements are built, no different than if you wanted to build an airplane, you need to have a scientific understanding how planes fly, called Bernoulli principle, no different than if you wanted to build a motor, you need to have a scientific understanding of Maxwell’s equations. But for some reason, when it comes to politics, people think you just sort of vote for Tweedledee or Tweedledum.

And they’re going to change stuff. But the history of life, the history of human advancement shows that it has been when working people got together and they fought for their rights. But over the last many years, we have learned through the Science of Systems, there’s a book but back there called system and revolution, that there is a physics, there’s a science and my life’s been dedicated to figuring this out because of my own journey.

And that is what we’re doing this movement called Truth Freedom Health. So, I’m going to share with you very shortly, all the details of how Trump and Biden serve the same master Big Pharma. But before I do that, John’s going to play a quick video, which I always do for new people, so you can all learn why we need to build a movement.

The Establishment Does Not Want a Bottoms-up Movement

I hope that was helpful. That video really shares with you sort of the foundations of the movement that we’re building. But most importantly, what this movement is about is about you. If you look at the arc of human history, when 1776 took place, it was the first time that humans got the opportunity to exercise their right to speak freely, right, what we call the ability to share information, movement of information.

This is profound, and then the right to bear arms and a whole bunch of Bill of Rights. This had never occurred before in human history. And those rights were significant, because the American working class starting from that point, became the tip of the spear of a global movement for freedom.

And that movement ever since that took place those in power, have been extremely afraid of that movement. So, if you look at, for example, the British elite, the royal family, for example, a handful of people, frankly, at that point, were running the world. They started exercising everything that they could do in the counter revolution to take that down.

It was a British in 1812, who burned down the White House. It was the British Empire, which got the world involved in World War One because they were so afraid that Germany was coming up. And I’ve talked, talked about some videos and so on. This concept of divide and rule has been part of the elites’ fundamental way of dividing and destroying the gains that came out of those Bill of Rights.

The Dialectic

And what we’re witnessing right now, and it’s been going on, is that part of this effort is to divide people into Left & Right, a fake division, Republican and Democrat, and the elites have gotten very, very clever at playing theater. And you need to understand that many of these people who are today in politics, were either wanted to be in Hollywood, or are just professional liars.

You can look at Biden, I mean, just the history of lies saying he had three or four degrees, that he graduated top of the class, that he went to Afghanistan, Trump wanted to be a producer in Hollywood, he was an apprentice.


You can look at most of these Grifters that are around on social media. None of them have, frankly, any skills. They really have no skills.

But they somehow became social media stars Candace Owens, for example, John, wasn’t she into doxing, she started she literally made a doxing site to quote unquote, anti-bullying. So, she started a doxing site for anti-bullying. Then she leveraged Kanye West and Blexit, then they had a kerfuffle.

But you have to understand these people actually have no real jobs. They have no skills.

We need to recognize it. Why are we following these morons? But more importantly, we need to recognize whether they’re nice people or good people, that’s really not the issue.

The issue is that they’re essentially playing out theater, and they play out this theater to take advantage of you. And they never really want you to understand the actual dynamics. So, let’s go back and look at the facts that I promised to look at.

Those of you on Instagram, you should be able to see the screen. But let’s first of all, begin with understanding something quite important here.

That if you really look at, as I mentioned, the pharmaceutical revenue, so what I mentioned earlier was that Pharma’s revenue has been tanking. Pfizer’s revenue was 65 billion in 2010. And in 2020, it’s dropped down to 21,000,000,040 1 billion. Keep that in mind. A company’s revenue over 10 years has dropped down by nearly 25 billion .

Now, Trump claimed that he was going to be this big fighter against Big Pharma. In fact, here’s an interesting article on this. Let me bring this up.

So, you all can see, it says what drug costs and crosshairs health firms have given generously to Trump’s campaign. That was in April of 2017. And what you can see here is again, it looks like Candace Owens is the idiot who doesn’t have to do any research because she’s completely forgiving Trump, yet she doesn’t do our own research acting like, oh, Trump doesn’t know anything about, what’s going on with a JB and he just doesn’t know well, Candace Owens needs her viewers.

So, she plays this ridiculous game acting stupid. Well, if she just did a quick, a bunch of searches on the FEC site, she’d see something very easy to understand. If you go to the FEC site.

And here’s the site and you simply type in on the site Pfizer, this is by the way, what I’m looking at is the FEC’s site. We see right here; this is a 58 Presidential Inaugural Committee. Now, if I type in Pfizer, it’ll go right to there.

So, Pfizer Inc right here, you can see gave. There’s Google also. Find it here. Again, there’s Pfizer. So, if you notice Pfizer gave right here. Pfizer gave the Trump campaign $1 million. Right there. $1 million. And that was for his Inaugural Committee.

If you are so against Big Pharma, and you claim that you are a fighter against them, why do you take in a million dollars for your inaugural committee? $1 million. That anyone can find, and that was in 20 for the 2017 inauguration.

Now, what did Biden do? Was Biden any different? Well, let’s go look at that. And you will see the commonality of both of these actors.

This is Pfizer, as you can see, it says Pfizer unions. Others donated 61 point 8 million for Biden’s inauguration.

By the way, just to let everyone know, Trump actually took in one of the record numbers from corporate donations, about 103 million. Biden actually took in about 40 million less. But if you also go and we look at the FEC, The schedule right here.

We bring it up here. And we again type in Pfizer here. This is the donation and there we’ll see Pfizer. Pfizer right here also gave Biden $1 million on 120 21.

Both gentlemen, both Trump and Biden, both guys, one who claims is against Big Pharma. That’s his shtick, right? Took it a million bucks.

It’s not like you took a principled stand, hey, I’m going to be independent. And Biden took in a million bucks.

And what did Trump deliver for his $1 million to Big Pharma? And by the way, Amgen, others also donated to both campaigns Well, Trump executed Operation Warp Speed, he and Meadows got the FDA to let go of safety standards. Even the FDA was saying, hey, wait a minute, we need to do more testing.

And again, the blind Trumpers will say, oh, Trump had to do that. Because of this. And this, and this is something you’ll see among abuse victims, abuse victims constantly come up with excuses for their abusers.

The liberal elites do this for Hillary Clinton. And the same thing occurs on the right, both people seem to not get this fundamental view that the Left and Right are united.

And you’re seeing it right here. Both of these actors, both of these people who are selected. Both took a million bucks in from Pfizer.

Now, what do they deliver? Well, we all know Trump gave pharma Operation Warp Speed. But here, what you see is, most recently, everyone’s probably seen this right.

Trump was very appreciative of Biden’s praise for Operation Warp Speed. Now, both guys are praising each other.

Both Trump and Biden are high fiving each other. And it gets even more interesting, because if you actually look at Pfizer’s 2021 revenue, look at this, and I predicted this.

Early this year, Pfizer’s revenue predictions soar to 82 billion for 2021. Let me just repeat this again. Just consider what I’m saying.

Pfizer’s revenue was only 41 billion in 2020, it had dropped from 65 billion down to 41 billion, but in one year, in one year, Pfizer has made all the revenue, double that revenue. So, they made, they got their 41 billion from last year, but they got another 41 billion. Pfizer has made $82 billion.

Just think about that. That’s 100% growth in revenue, unbelievable revenue growth. I don’t even know any other company’s ever done that that well.

Big Pharma was tanking. Trump comes in to deliver some Operation Warp Speed, and Biden delivers the mandates you see, so don’t be fooled and say, well, one guy’s pro mandate and the other guys against mandate. No.

One guy said everyone should embrace a vaccine, both of them have said that Trump has said in his Fox News interview, everyone should embrace this vaccine. And Biden said the same thing, but one gives you the carrot, and the other gives you the stick. You see, half of America voted for Trump and the other half voted for Biden, and the half that voted for Trump.

The issue is the people who voted for Trump are more Trump than Trump. And that’s how Trump takes advantage of them.

The people who voted for Trump are more anti establishment than Trump. Trump is not anti establishment; Trump is part of the establishment. He took in money from Pfizer, Biden took in money from Pfizer, they’re both praising each other.

They’re both telling you that the only way to advance immunity is through the jabines. Neither of them is talking about anything about real public health. None of them are really talking about 35 30% of kids in this country are obese.

No one is talking about the fact that the number one source of death is adverse drug reactions, and what occurs when you go into a hospital, both of those combined, none of those are ever discussed. None of them are talking about how the lifespan today of a person growing up today is less than the previous generation for the first time. They don’t really want to talk about public health.

So, if you want to keep defending either wing of the establishment left or right, then you really have to recognize that what you’re saying is I want to be a slave. But if you want to move beyond that, and you want to fight for you, then you have to ask the fundamental question.

How do you do that? And we’ll talk about that – what is to be done? And history shows us our movement, the only movement that first of all – is created a scientific system that we teach every Monday, the only movement that has its own infrastructure.

We don’t rely on big tech, the only movement that brings together a community of people and teaches you how to get on the ground and get active. That’s what needs to be done. As we head into 2022, anyone who keeps thinking that any of these parties are going to do anything, we all know that these elections are selections, we know that they do not care about real public health, they serve one master.

And you can see the facts are right before us. Pfizer is going to make $82 billion in revenue this year 42 billion more than they did last year. So, the amount of revenue that they lost 25 billion, they’re going to increase their revenue, all that loss that they have, they’re going to boost it by three or 4x.

And I predicted this, if you remember, go watch my videos, I said that Pfizer’s revenue is going to grow by $40 billion this year alone. And it’s time that we start listening to people who actually know some science will actually know some engineering, it’s time we start listening to people or working people, it’s time that you let go of dumbass billionaires and dumb ass liars, like Biden, and actors like Trump. But if you want to keep following them, go for it, see where it has gets you.

But if you want to build a movement, then you need to go study the Science of Systems, we need to start talking about how we build that movement and what infrastructure we need. Because it is only a movement that is going to deliver us real freedom. It is Trump who signed who extended the Patriot Act, it is Trump who created the Cybersecurity Information Security Act.

And it is Obama who signed some of the other bills, you see they all work together. So, if you think these two clowns, left or right Democrat or Republican are two different camps, you’re out of your mind, the reality is that working people over the last 50 years have been screwed in this country. And the essence of this screwing is to destroy the Bill of Rights and to destroy the American working class has been the tip of the spear of the Movement for Truth Freedom Health globally.

And so, we’re at a very critical point in not only world history, but American history. And that’s why the slogan of our movement is Workers Unite, which is not a communist slogan. That’s what the Right Wing did so the Left Wing could control the unions, so you don’t build a Bottoms-Up Movement.

Taking Calls To Discuss Moving Beyond Left & Right

Let’s put in the column number. We want to take in some calls, you can call in at 617-631-6874. And let’s have a discussion about what we need to do. And really recognize that we need to move Beyond Left and Right. So, let’s take some calls.

We got someone from New York. Hello, Dr.Shiva speaking. Who is this? Hello. What do you got? What’s your question?

Caller 1: My question is on the whole thing. I’m calling from New York, by the way, just so you know. My question is, which one? The whole Trump thing, the whole, is two sides of the same coin. And we all have to do something ourselves.

But there’s also talk about, I’m a veteran, so I see the other side of people saying, there’s a military operation happening, and you can’t really disclose what’s happening. Being the Commander in Chief, how do you feel about that?

Dr.SHIVA: That’s a great question. Thank you. Great question. So let me answer that. So, let’s talk about that. So, some people say, Trump is playing ninth dimensional chess. We don’t know what’s going on. The military is in power, Trump’s sign these executive orders. Before he left, he signed these executive orders.

And that, that the military is also working all this stuff on the background. That’s why we all should just shut the fuck up because we don’t know what’s really going on.

And that some brilliant plan is in play, right? Okay, let’s assume that’s true. Let’s assume that is true, which I don’t believe is true.

And let’s assume Trump is some amazing actor that he’s doing this act. And all this stuff is just one big theater play that Trump is doing on the behalf of the working people of this country.

Well, the question that I have for you is, is that what you want to rely on? God give you a brain God gave you discernment, God gave you wisdom to use your brain. If you believe that’s true, fine, but the debt does that mean we don’t do what history is actually shown, has always worked for advancing our freedom, our truth, and our health, which has been mass movements, people organizing independently. So, my response to that is, you can believe that believe that all day you want, believe that until, for four years, people believe that right? The Q plan that trust the plan, and next week, Hillary is going to be jailed.

Next week, something’s going to happen next week, nothing happened. But if you want to believe the cue nonsense, go for it. But you can still believe that and still build a movement.

If that happens. Great. It’s icing on the cake.

But building a movement is a real insurance policy, not hopium. So that’s my answer to that. But I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.

But if you want to believe that you can believe that but also build a Movement for Truth Freedom Health, which is a Bottoms-Up Movement. Let’s take the next call. Hello, Dr.

Shiva. Speaking. Are you calling from Denmark?

Caller 2: I’m calling you from Copenhagen. My name is Greg. And I’m calling you from Copenhagen. Denmark.

Dr.SHIVA: Great. Go ahead, Greg.

Caller 2: Well, Dr.Shiva, thank you so much. It’s, it’s a complete honor, really, I have to say this, but very quickly, because I know you’re very busy.

The whole structure of this, I understand completely what’s going on right now, with regards to Trump and Biden, I completely woke it up myself. But isn’t the focus of this movement also on teaching where and how this thing has started, not only from a pseudo vaccine, but also when everything started? Yes. To try to teach the people how to do this.

How to understand everything?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I think, look, I think the goal is, we want to, it’s not just looking at Trump and Biden, right, you bring up an important point, that’s just we’re looking at, like, if you’re looking at a long movie, you’re just looking at the last two minutes of the movie, right? We want to understand the entire script here.

This has been a long process that goes back a long time, you go back, the history of humankind has been trying to fight for freedom from the time of the pyramids, right. And that march of history, one of the important points was in when the American Revolution took place, and people are given the Bill of Rights, I’m not talking about Americans. As a nation, I’m talking about human beings overall, that was a profound event that took place.

And over the last 250 years, those in power, who were forced to give those rights have been wanting to, or been struggling very, very hard to take away all those rights, because the American working class, and the world working class, in many ways, was inspired by those rights. In the 1900s. For example, if you look, the Indian working class, the Russian working class, the Italian working class, the French, all over the world, and they advanced those rights by building these Bottoms-Up Movements, and it was the 1950s and 70s, that those movements, the elites got together to crush those movements.

And that’s the situation we’re at. We’re at the end of a long process. I think that’s the point you’re saying that’s been going on for a long period, which is to erode people’s rights.

Now, the important thing we agree,

Caller 2: though, we agree, though, that the that the Constitution is probably the most probably the best pieces of documents ever created. I mean, I live in Denmark, we don’t have those types of guns. Yeah, but definitely really amazing.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, I mean, that’s why I’m saying if you look at when I’ve been if you notice, the last couple of months, I’ve been doing these discussions on unraveling the British Empire, the families of Britain, and I don’t mean the British people, right, the British people also struggle against a British Empire, but it is a British Empire. And that was families under a monarchy, which ruled the world and people think that the Queen of England is just some titular function.

She still rules that with an iron fist, Parliament is actually the titular function. So, what we’ve seen is the domestic censorship infrastructure we discovered in our lawsuit, which by the way Trump helped to create, right, all of that was put together originally in London brought here in at Harvard. So, we have governments of the world and big tech which have become one.

And the only way out of this is for us to build a movement but to your other point, if you go look One year right before this quote unquote pandemic in 2019, you will see massive protests were taking place all over the world. Massive. Just go Google 2019. You’ll see protests in China protests in Bolivia protests in, France

Caller 2: and Europe, things are happening even in Europe, things are happening in Romania. They’re not showing anything. They’re not showing anything.

But it’s happening right now. Right. Massive, massive, massive protests.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. So, I think one of the things is that these movements are not going to advance without a fundamental basis of recognizing the Left and Right are one we can’t afford to make mistakes.

Caller 2: I’m looking forward to coming to you. I’m looking forward to coming to one of your, your I’ve been invited now on during at the end of this week to one of your shows that you’re going to do through zoom, and I’m looking forward for that. Yes, I support you all the way.

Dr.SHIVA: Lots of great. Great to have you. Thank you from Denmark. So, what we’re talking about is we’re not going to build a movement without having a fundamental theoretical basis, the science, and that’s the Science of Systems and I’ll talk more about that. Let’s take our next call.

Hello, this is Dr.Shiva, who do we have?

Caller 3: Sam in Nebraska? Hey, Sam, how are you? Great. Merry Christmas, sir.

Dr.SHIVA: How are you? Merry Christmas to you? We got a bunch of people listening. What’s your question or your comment?

Caller 3: My question to you, sir, is how do you feel about the possibility of a Convention of States to help ratify the Constitution? Is that a possibility? Or my crazy? I’ll hang up and listen. God bless you, sir.

Dr.SHIVA: Good. Thank you. There’s a number of people who are well, very well-meaning constitutionalists. A number of people who are in a good way to support the Constitution, are wanting to bring together this Convention of States, look, all of these are very positive movements, people are thinking in the right direction, which means against the existing state structure. But one of the things we need to recognize is nothing can happen, whatever the end goal is, without building a movement.

It’s important understand what a movement is, it is what the word means. It’s a movement of people, enough people moving in the right direction in a direction, which breaks from the left and the right, and which recognizes that it is when working people move and do not comply.

That is when significant changes ever taken place. So, for example, if you go back to the night, one of the things we teach in our course, on Truth Freedom Health every Monday evenings is if you go back and study the late 1800s.

In this country, it was the American working-class, led by women, who advanced these movements during the change of the agrarian era to the industrial era, when working conditions are so horrible in this country, and it was in 1886, when four American workers were hanged, for fighting for the eight-hour workday, which is, by the way, been wiped out of US history.

Most people who take history class don’t even know this. And it was a world working class who commemorated those for American workers. And they called it Mayday.

It was later then branded as a communist holiday. And this is a way that the Left and the Right have worked together. But the bottom line is, it was those working-class movements that really led to advancement of infrastructure and public health in this country.

It was those movements, which inspired people in Russia and India, to fight. One of the fundamental things we need to understand is it is these movements that have always advanced history. And the only way that we advance get to build a movement is to first of all recognize you need to build a movement, and it’s not going to come from Trump or Biden.

It’s not going to come from these politicians. They are at the end of a process. They watch which way the wind blows .

And if the winds blowing in this direction, they may do something . But they’re not they do not lead anything as we just showed you. Both Trump and Biden both were funded by Big Pharma both for their inaugurations and they both delivered for Big Pharma handsomely.

Go ahead. What’s your question? Hello. Yeah, you’re on? Go ahead. Please share your comment. Go ahead. You have to speak a little bit louder if you can.

Caller 4: The question I have is, what do you think is the main reason why the vaccines are being pushed this hard?

Dr.SHIVA: It’s a great question. The question is, why is the jab being pushed this hard? You will hear various things on the internet. We will hear things like a depopulation agenda, we will hear that it’s connected to 5g, a whole bunch of things. Now, as a scientist and an engineer who studies this, I haven’t had, frankly, the primary research to or the time to really go study that.

But what I have had the time to study, that the big elephant in the room that I can say definitively is the following. That, again, if you go back and you look at the long arc of human history, it is truly about freedom versus slavery. And what I mean by that, is that those in power, the small set of people did not like giving people the freedom of speech, do you understand? I’m saying they didn’t like giving people the right to bear arms.

Just think about it. Prior to 1776, there was no other working-class group on the planet, which had the freedom of speech. In fact, in even in England, today, there is no freedom of speech. They don’t have the First Amendment. So, when that event took place, that was like a bomb went off.

And it was the inspiration that led to movements later on in the 1900s. So ever since that time, those in power want power, profit, and control. The peak of that was what occurred in 1970.

But because the working-class movements in the United States of the 1900s is a reason we got anything in public health. If you go look in 1900, and you take an infectious disease like measles, it was about what 14 out of 100,000 people were dying of measles. But by 1945 18 years before the measles vaccine came 99% of measles mortality was brought down.

Were you aware of that? The reason that was brought down was during the period of 1900, to that period, American working people rose up in this country, there was going to be a revolution in this country, which no one talks about. And the Democrats and Republicans are forced to give reforms to those movements to make sure people didn’t overthrow the elites in this country.

And it was one of those reforms was infrastructure, elimination of child labor. Hygiene, sanitation. And that’s what really brought it down.

That’s what really increased health. But ever since then, during 1940 to 1970. That’s by the way, when the American economy really grew because of infrastructure, but in the 1950s, those in power said, Holy shit, we can never have people Bottoms-Up rising up.

The McCarthy era, his job was to cut the legs off the workers movements. And what they did is they scared the hell out of everyone saying if you say workers unite, you must be capital C, communist from Russia. And therefore, the Democrats, the left took over all of the unions, and they control things top down.

By the 1970s, Left and Right had united to basically not do any strikes. During 1900 to 1970, there were close to 11,000 strikes in the United States, close to 100 million people participated. That’s when people, the economy grew, people had a lot of sustenance, but during 1970 until today, the march of the elites has been to destroy workers movements.

And what we have now is, I think, than the last during that period, 1970. Today, there may be 900 strikes, maybe 3 million people participated. So, this long march, what we’ve seen over the last two years with Brexit, because that’s Britain is the British Empire, consolidating power is back to the good old days, and that is massive censorship.

And the jabbine are the vaccination model is not just about the vaccine, it’s really about slavery. It’s really about exercising power, profit, and control. Think about what this means you need a vaccine passport. You need to, you can’t say what you think about it from a scientist standpoint, even though I have a PhD at MIT.

And I do research, this is I’m considering the leading guys on the immune system. I have to be careful what I say. Think about the attack on science, the attack on freedom, and the attack on health.

So, this is fundamentally about slavery. That’s what this is about. It’s not just about the jab.

That makes sense.

Caller 4: Yeah, so that kind of answers the partly the question, but there is a deeper element to this that I feel like maybe I don’t know if you’re avoiding or do you not know completely about but I’m talking about? We talk about the elites of this world. We call them the Cabal. They have an agenda.

Dr.SHIVA: Are you talking layers to the onion? You’re talking about depopulation the core of it? Are you talking about depopulation?

Caller 4: Well, that’s part of it. Because you go to Bill Gates and you go to Ted Turner, and you go to these guys, have you? Were eugenics, eugenics back in? Like Bill Gates Father. What’s the now that eugenics? Well, look, he was part of the Planned Parenthood. So, they think the world cannot sustain the population that we are causing global warming. That’s part of it. Right? They want depopulation?

Dr.SHIVA: The way I look at it is, I look at it in it from a Systems way, I look at all of this. If you take a business, imagine the elites are running a business. What do you do for a living?

Caller 4: I installed those systems in nursing homes.

Dr.SHIVA: But is it your own business? Or do you do it for somebody else? So, the guy that you work for, he’s got what’s called a profit and loss sheet. He’s got revenue that comes in, let’s say you make $100,000 $200,000 a year. Top line, then he’s got expenses, which includes your salary. And then he’s getting profit. So, revenue minus expenses leads to profit.

Just think about it really simply, the elites are running a business . At one time, their expenses were very low. You know why? They just had slavery. You didn’t have to pay. The Pharaohs didn’t have to really pay wages, did they? To the slaves, they just had to keep them.

Caller 4: But they never really went away if you think about it, because, I mean, we think of the richest the richest person in this world as being what? Bill Gates, Elon Musk,

Dr.SHIVA: barely, maybe there’s just there’s probably people much more wealthier than that. The Catholic church owns land the size of all of France. So how many trillions is ours?

Caller 4: Yeah, does the queen she owns 1/6 Of all the land in the world?

Dr.SHIVA: I can believe that if that’s what you say. But I think we just look at it.

Caller 4: So, that’s why I’m saying, we think we have, like you said, we got, we have Trump and Biden, we, a lot of people think they’re the problems but like you said, it goes deeper. They have handlers and then those have handlers. But it goes, it goes back to bloodlines that have gone and they just hide in the background.

We’re talking about the Rothschilds.

Caller 4: If you look at them, they already have all the world now, Vanguard and BlackRock and Vanguard are probably the two biggest corporations in this world, right.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, so I’ve seen these diagrams.

Caller 4: They own everything. Right. Now Blackrock is a public company. So, we can see who owns all those companies. Now Vanguard owns the most Vanguard is not a public company. It’s a private, so we don’t know who owns who owns Vanguard. And Vanguard owns the most.

Dr.SHIVA: Right. So why don’t you, so I have a bunch of other people calling it so what’s your main point?

Caller 4: So the main point is, if people go out and look looked up Freemasons, and Illuminati call me crazy, these rich elite families believe in that once you find out what they believe in, it makes sense of what they’re doing now. Now, what you said about slavery?

Because that’s how they, they’ve controlled and sucked money out. Right? They have an agenda, right? But their agenda, it makes sense of what’s going on, and it just paints a picture. Well, look, no, I learned all this stuff about a year ago.

So anyway, I know you got

Dr.SHIVA: no, no, I think you’re making a good point. But thank you. Thank you very much. Hello, this is Dr.Shiva, who’s this?

Caller 5: This is Dan from Minnesota.

Dr.SHIVA: Hey, Dan, can you just wait one second, I just want to bring on. So, I think the earlier caller, we’ve had, people on the internet will post some, this very deep analysis of these bloodlines and families and deep. That’s all wonderful.

The issue is, what do we do about it? The reality is, from time immemorial, from the time as I keep saying, you go back to the Egyptian pyramids, that think about it simply otherwise. We have a lot of people get into the web of this, but they don’t talk about what we do today.

Part of our discussion today is looking at the theater of Trump and Biden discussing it but also to talk about what is to be done. The reality is those in power have wanted just slavery, right? If they can get away with making the world run by slaves that they don’t have to pay anything to. And that’s part of the AI game, right? If you can convert everything to silicon-based creatures, and pay them nothing, that’s even better.

In fact, they may be doing calculation is it better to have a carbon-based creature called a human slave or a silicon-based creature. In some situations, it’s probably better. The Chinese elites may be thinking just have a bunch of carbon-based creatures.

But at the end of the day, the issue is people are getting in revenue, they have expenses, and they want to maximize profit. The elites if they are looking at their business holdings, which is the planet Earth, and they could say, wow, we could make a lot more capital, more profit, have incredibly more power more control, by let’s say, eliminating some of the population, which means eliminating expenses, they’ll do that. But if you don’t see it in this larger context, you’re going to get lost in these little conspiracy theories.

And we won’t talk about what we need to do. The bottom line is it is what we need to do. And history shows there is a struggle, it has been a long struggle of freedom versus slavery.

And in 2021, in the 21st century, the elites who are exercising, power, profit and control, have learned something at the elite institutions called The Science of Systems, they understand the interconnections. Many of you know, this stuff did not just occur overnight. This has been something that’s been planned for 5060 100 years.

And those elites who plan that understand the Science of Systems. And if the goal is is our goal, to simply talk about how we’re being screwed, is our goal simply to talk about these Rothschilds and the Illuminati and the family. It’s interesting, you can talk about it all day long.

My interest is, what can we do to get Truth Freedom Health? And what history shows us it’s about galvanizing a movement. And it’s about breaking with these political systems of Left and Right. And if that’s what the goal is, and we should really focus on that.

And in order to do that, first of all, we need to understand the Science of Systems, then we need to organize people locally. And then we need to get activated beyond far beyond looking to Trump or Biden or any of these fools, because if you’re still in that world, it’s you’re sort of in the kindergarten of politics.

Go ahead.

I’m sorry, go ahead.

Caller 5: I completely agree with everything you’re saying. Thank you for showing us the WWE.

My question is, I’ve heard you talk about the outdated two box model of the immune system. Could the updated model of the immune system, using CytoSolve® and just natural compounds? Could that replace the outdated current model? Thank you.

Dr.SHIVA: Thank you. Great question. The question is, could the some of you may know, I’ve been talking about sharing for many, many years, a talk that I gave at the National Science foundation on the modern theory of the immune system.

In fact, John it’s still up there, right? By the way, very quick, quick commercial break. Those of you if you go to Let me just go there. I just got a bunch of texts to share this. If people go to Let me go there right here. Share. I got to go over here. So, if you go to

We want to encourage, look, my goal here is to get as many of you starting to really get trained in the Science of Systems, and how do we build a movement. But if you go to, you will see that you can sign up for a very, very small contribution, we want to make it really accessible. We give a ton of gifts to everyone to really learn.

Two of the gifts that we’re offering by the end of December 31 is one of the reports that I did many years ago called the modern theory of the immune system. And that’s what the previous caller was talking about. But what I want to talk about is, the old model of the immune system was you had the innate immune system, the stuff that’s faces the outer world. And then we have the adaptive immune system, the part of the immune system which creates antibodies, so was just as to –

Hello, Dr. Shiva speaking. Hold on one second, I’m just answering the previous caller’s question if you can hold place. Thank you.

So, that two body or two box model, the immune system dates back to 1915. What that model of the immune system informs us is that when a virus comes to you, and by the way, we have 6 trillion cells, human cells with about 60 trillion bacteria and about 360 trillion viruses in our own body, we’re actually a walking jungle. So, what the old model of the immune system informed us was that the way you build immunity is you have to produce antibodies.

Antibodies are targeted protein teens whose goal is to go and attack a targeted antigen, an antigen could be a virus or bacteria pathogens that come into you. So, when a pathogen comes into you, the first part of the immune system called the innate immune system, would attempt to take it out using a marine force, people that sort of just shoot everywhere. And then the other part of your immune system was Navy, or let’s say sharpshooters, which would produce a particular antibody.

What the previous caller was saying was, there is, I’ve shared with you, since 1915, science has advanced. And we have a much more profound deeper understanding of the immune system, which is what I published when I shared at the National Science Foundation, which is not only do you have these two boxes, but you also have a whole other subsystem, called your gut microbiome.

All those amazing bacteria in your gut, and all throughout your body is called your microbiome, in your mouth, and also the virome. And we’re only starting to understand this, and the gut bacteria, which is connected through your gut brain access to your neural system, your brain and your gut are very closely connected form another important part of your immune system, also something another part is called the interferon system.

So, we have these many, many different parts of CytoSolve®, we’ve modeled all of this, we’ve shared a lot of information about this, this model of the immune system, Biden knows nothing about, Trump knows nothing about. And Fauci, if he surely knows anything about it, we’ll never share it, because it outdated the concept of just giving someone a jab.

What the emergent model, the system’s immunology model of the immune system informs us, it’s about really boosting the immune system on many, many different levels. And none of this discourse has yet to take place.

In the mainstream media. In fact, if you talk about boosting immunity, people turn you off, which is crazy. But you can think about – you have your adaptive, your innate immune system, there’s many, many things you can use to support that.

But if you think about the fundamental things that affect your immune system, first of all, vitamin D3, very, very important. And it’s not just me. In fact, we did the first videos talking about this.

Vitamin D3 is essential, whether you’re black or white, brown, or yellow, essential to immune health, because vitamin D3 actually creates what are called cathelicidin antimicrobial proteins. When you get sunlight, your body will create vitamin D3 That creates what are called CAMPs, these cathelicidin antimicrobial proteins are like literally bullets that blow up the cell walls of viruses. So, vitamin D3, sunshine, extremely important if you can get it.

And by the way, if you are white colored skin, you need about 15 minutes of sunshine, if you’re dark, like me or even darker, you need about 75 minutes to sometimes two hours. So what people are doing telling dark people to stay indoors during a pandemic is sort of crazy. It’s basically sending them to a death sentence.

But vitamin D3. The other thing that’s important about the immune system is understanding your inflammatory levels, CRP levels, you can figure out if you have high inflammation going on, you want to figure out a way to lower that inflammation, stress levels, cortisol, so your gut microbiome.

There are probably five or six factors and one of the things we may do as a movement, I’m thinking of publishing little booklets, everyone can use it. In fact, we can probably go door to door if you guys are interested in this, educate our neighbors about what we can do in very simple ways to support our immune system.

In March of 2020, I wrote a letter to Trump saying Don’t shut down the entire economy, break it up into four groups, some people who have COVID give them this treatment of vitamin A and vitamin D, those people are in maintenance mode, give them this, he didn’t do anything about it.

But we do know that nutritional deficiencies are totally related to immune health. Okay, stress, sleep, all very, very important. depression and anxiety, destroy your immune health.

If you can think about what the protocol that Fauci and Trump and Biden have implemented, everything they’re doing is anti-immune health. So yes, to answer so in summary, one of the things I’m thinking about doing if you guys think it’s a good idea, I will publish a little booklet out there. That right, one of the important things is what you find out about the immune system is right when you feel your body getting ill sick, you have to be you have to be in touch with your body.

If you do certain things, you can really beef up your immune system, and I’ll publish what I do if you guys want online. That is based on research, but we’ll definitely do that.

Go ahead. I’m sorry about that. next caller. Go ahead. Where are you from?

Caller 6: James from Illinois.

Dr.SHIVA: Hey James, how are you? Go ahead,

Caller 6: Alright. Pretty much a two-part question. But since the PCR test is about to be discontinued on the 31st of this month, what metric do you think they got to use to be able to manipulate case numbers? And the follow up on that? If the NFL recently put out something that says, they’ve determined that they haven’t come up with, with any science that shows asymptomatic people are responsible for the spread that’s going on in the league?

So, if it took them two years to figure it out that healthy people who have no symptoms don’t spread disease? How is this a bigger thing? What the level of medical miticide and people that doesn’t let them realize that there was never any science that showed that healthy people needed to be locked down? So how do they not realize, wait a minute? How do you guys just figure out how you just figured this out? After two years, that healthy people are not spreading disease. Can you comment on that?

Dr.SHIVA: I think you asked a great question. Look, I think you remember, right? I don’t know if you’ve been following me back in March of 2020. I wrote a letter to Trump. Do you remember that?

In that letter, I called the need for immune health and economic health. I said, there’s no reason to shut down the economy, put people into four groups. Group one are people who are really sick. Look, just to let everyone know, people, if you’re sick, and you’re getting sick, what should you do is grandma’s recipe, isolate yourself, get some rest, stay at home. Number one, and get proper nutrition.

So, group one people who are, let’s say, have COVID, and they’re sick. What I said was, quarantine yourself, take vitamin D3 50,000, I use for two days and take vitamin 100,000, I use for two days. Now both of those are protocols that have been used for at least 100 years for Infectious Disease Control.

Then the second group I said was those people who have, who are deathly ill, and in an ICU should do both those things. And you should take about 100 grams of vitamin C IV dripped.

Because again, that’s a protocol that’s been used in ICUs, in emergency rooms, to have very powerful effect to control the cytokine storm. And then the third group of people, let’s say, who have preexisting conditions, you should definitely do the previous two, and then beef up on your and the protocols out there, you can find it. And those people in maintenance mode, get your Vitamin D, C.

Now, the point that you’re bringing up is a very important one, because asymptomatic people, we knew this, for two years. They’re not spreading it.

That’s why I say, follow the money, power, profit, and control. Those people in power don’t give a damn about you or me, it’s about slavery, it’s about having as much as they can for themselves. And based on those two premises, they use the media they use, quote, unquote, scientists and academics to create whatever freakin narrative they want.

Because what we’ve done is you control freedom, which is what the domestic censorship infrastructure that’s created, where government and big, big tech are one right now. And this is why my lawsuit was censored, because the judge didn’t want to touch this, which we showed. What we’ve shown is that what when you control freedom, you basically control discourse, and you control science.

99% of the scientists in the biological sciences, in the in the world today are horse, they’re prostitutes. There’s nothing else more to say. Let me repeat that, again.

99% of the scientists who work in major institutions in this world, Harvard, MIT, etc, are a bunch of prostitutes on every level, be it climate science. By the way, there’s no field called climate science. It’s a made up field, be it in biological sciences, because it’s all pay to play.

Because most of academia over the last 50 to 70 years has become such that only the lemmings get in all the brilliant people don’t even want to be in academia, because they don’t really get to do great research anymore. So, you suppress freedom, you control science, and then you control health. That’s why our Movement for Truth Freedom Health, what we’re saying is, we have to hit all of these three things at once you have to take a systems approach.

But you’re absolutely right. Go ahead. You had another comment?

Caller 6: Yeah. Like, what are they going to use? Now, if the PCI test can’t be used anymore after the 31st? Then what are they going to use to control case numbers? I mean, how? Because that’s what they use. And right now they’re just in case numbers. How do I do? Well,

Dr.SHIVA: I think if you look at what they’ve done, it’s been a very methodical process, right? So, phase one, if you look at it was to create this thing called a quote unquote, pandemic, right? And we have to understand that this quote unquote, pandemic came right at the heels of 22 major, 22 country, people, Working People in all over the world who were protesting, you remember that?

All over the world, there were massive, millions of people on the street. And they knew those protests were going to hit the United States.

Same thing in the Spanish flu, if you go look at the Spanish flu, it’s not. It’s quite coincidental that in the 1900s, when people all over the world were rising up, suddenly this quote unquote, Spanish flu pandemic shows up. And that’s no reason that the same thing occurs now.

And so, the first phase was to create this quote, unquote, pandemic. The second phase was to put fear, uncertainty, and doubt in everyone. And as a part of that they manipulated these numbers with the testing, etc.

Kary Mullis, as who created the PCR test. And I spoke to him many, many years ago, brilliant guy next to me, I think he was the first guy to attack Fauci viciously. And the point is that the PCR test is not even a test that you should even use for this , it was never intended for something like this.

But using that they’ve gotten to the second phase, which is, and this is why they need to Trump you say they need to Trump to convince the other half of the US population, who they thought was following him, the good news is 75% of those people actually aren’t following Trump. And this is very good news. The quote unquote, Trumpers are ahead of Trump.

So, the second phase was to start issuing the mandates, and the vaccine passports, right and make everyone compliant. So I don’t even think they’re going to even need to do any more testing.

You see what I’m saying? It’s just going to be modus operandi, right? Because they are now pressuring businesses, to essentially say, we’re going to shut you down, and they’ve gotten a set of the population doing the police work for them.

So, you bring up very good points. I think that’s why the good, let me say what the good news is, what percentage of the US population is registered to vote? Do you know what it is? Well, if you look at it, if you take I can, Massachusetts, 6. 7 million people . 5.2 million people are eligible to vote, only out of the eligible people. 4.2 million are registered.

That means 20% of the US public knows the elections are all bullshit. They don’t even bother to register to vote. To me. That’s good news. Pretty smart people. Then out of the remaining in Massachusetts, again, the 4.2 million people that are registered, only half of them vote, 2 million people.

So, if you look at the US population, out of the people that are registered to vote, if you say let’s say there’s 200 million people, only half of them even vote said I’m saying , so we have a large number of this country, which knows these elections are full of shit. And our work, as we showed here, the elections are selections.

Trump was a selection, Obama was a selection, Biden is a selection. This is all good news, in my view, because we have a huge opportunity sitting in front of us right now is to mobilize people Bottoms-Up. You see what I’m saying? We need to recognize it’s through noncompliance is how we get anything we want.

When Rosa Parks got on the bus. She didn’t say I’m not going to get on the bus, right? She got on the bus. But she didn’t go to the back of the bus.

You see what I’m saying? So, it is time that we recognize the power is in people organizing, Working People Uniting. Imagine if half of the military doesn’t show up to work. Half of the nurses don’t show up.

You don’t even need half; you only need 20%. And that is why we need to build a movement. And a lot of people have been bamboozled by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

They use the word movement. But that’s why when we say Truth Freedom Health, people need to study what a movement is. And that educational plan is what we put together.

We need to create a community of people independent of big tech, and people need to get on the ground and get active. The more that we get on the ground. We’re, this weekend on December 31, you’re going to see us in Massachusetts, be out on the streets with Truth Freedom Health banners.

We need to go talk to our fellow neighbors. We need to stop listening to this idiot Tucker Carlson. He’s an opportunist, Maximus, all these grifters. We got to stop listening to, we got to listen to ourselves. And people need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. That’s what needs to be done.

Caller 6: One last point? And I know you’ve been getting a lot of. And I appreciate because I listened to you and I follow us and we will talk about our ground movement, so I’ll talk to people in general without really trying to push them in a certain direction and try to give them information to let them know about what’s really going on. So, people who understand or who decide who have not, who don’t want to know and take this out, that’s their choice.

So, you don’t really have to focus on those people as much, but the people who already have tend to not want to hear what you’re talking about, no matter how much you know, truth or past are estimation that’s the dialect thing. Once they already have decided I’ve already taken it. They don’t want to listen to anything else that goes against that may show that maybe I didn’t make the right decision.

It’s not about making the right decision. It’s about whether you made a decision that was an informed decision. And if they feel like, well, it’s too late, I’ve already done it.

I don’t want to hear anything else about it. How do you deal with those people?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, you’re asking, I would say the best question of the day. So, what we’re talking about is, look, when we talk about the jab, and when we talk about censorship that’s taking place when we talk about all these mandates. I just want people to listen this very carefully, you’re asking a great question.

People are after many, many years waking up; the jab, the mandates, the censorship. You ever watched like one of those action-adventure movies? And you watch, imagine you tuned into the movie, a little bit halfway through. Like when all the disasters are taking place. It’s like we’re tuning in then. And we’re like, oh, what the hell’s going on?

We have to unwind this and understand that since 1970, there’s been a brutal attack on Working People. Between 1940 to 1970, the economy, for example, the United States of GDP grew, and everyone’s wages grew, the elites didn’t like that, starting in 1970, the Left and the Right got together.

If you go study the economics of this, since 1972 to today, and you can look at this globally, this is not only the United States. The wages of Working People have actually been transferred to the super elite. So, when the super elite people beat the Republicans or the Democrats talk about, socialism, one is for socialism.

One is, again, I can tell you this, we’ve had socialism for the elites in the United States alone, $50,000 per year, sorry, $70,000 per year in wages per year, since 1970, has been transferred to the upper elites. That’s close to $50 trillion. That’s a random report that just came out last year.

It’s the attack on Working People. Think about Working People as like the modern wage slaves. The elites have been brutalizing them year over year over year since 1970.

Now, the jab and the masks and the mandates, you know what they are, they’re part of the end of a long process of power, profit, and control. Because what the elites are basically saying is, I own you, you’re going to be my slave suit, I’m saying. And the modern slavery is not in physical chains. Not through keeping on a plantation, but through digital slavery. Through control mechanisms.

If you don’t do this, you won’t have a job? If you don’t do this, right. I mean, it’s like the company store. You have to get the job from the company store to stay on the plantation. You see what I’m saying? So, we have to understand that the jab, John, you have that? So let me just show you something.

Can you show John? So, one of the things we teach in our courses, if you think about it this way, the people who have who didn’t get the jab , they’re at a certain level of consciousness. One of the things we need to understand is that there are a lot of people, like I know a single mother, she’s got three kids, right? She said, you know, Dr.Shiva, I had to do it, otherwise, I’m not going to have any money, right?

So we have to be very, very compassionate about this. This is really an attack on Working People. Do you see what I’m saying? We can’t get lost in this vaccine Anti-Vax model.

It’s not about Vax, Anti-Vax. It’s not about Pro-Mask, Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask. And so, one of the things I don’t know if you can see this chart, I just put up, let me just bring it up full screen here.

What you see in this chart is one of the things we teach in our course, John, can you just zoom in a little bit? Yeah. Is we teach people to look beyond the dialectic. If you look at jobs and wages, if you look at racism, if you look at masks, if you look at vaccines, if you look at elections, if you look at censorship, every one, any one of those six issues, you can have a conversation with your neighbor.

And what you’ll invariably find is, you may find people on two different sides. One people could be on this about wages, hey, I’m Pro-Union, I’m Anti-Union, if all that I’m saying some people could be are you still there? Some people could be racism doesn’t exist. Other people say racism does exist.

Some people say I’m Pro-Mask, I’m Anti-Mask, Pro-Vax Anti-Vax, I’m there no election fraud. Yes, there is right. And this is a world we’re in. I’m Pro-Big Tech. I believe Facebook should shut down people and Anti-Big tech. That’s what I call the dialectic, the different vision that the elites have created among Working People.

Right now, you could go have a, let’s take the Vax issue, you could go have a conversation with your friend who said, oh, I’m going to get the vaccines fear, we’re all going to get it and you could be Hey, I’m not doing it, I studied that. In a situation like that you could both have an argument.

In the case of masks, for example, we could take a Systems Approach. A Systems Approach says, look, you choose to wear the mask, I don’t. But Systems theory teaches me that when I put on a mask, the mouth is interconnected to my whole body. And when I wear that mask, then I’m affecting the pH balance in my mouth, that will cause a certain mouth bacteria to grow, which will lead to periodontal disease, Periodontal Disease is closely correlated to cardiovascular disease, etc.

So, on any one of those issues, our movement is educating people to move Beyond Left and Right to a Systems Approach. Now, people may not even get that. So, the third level that you can move people to is to say, okay, you choose to get a vaccine and I don’t, okay, fine. However, we can probably both agree that we both care about our children’s public health agreed. That’s the third layer of common understanding.

That’s where I call the Real Problem, moving Beyond the Left and the Right, So the establishment wants us to be fighting, man, they want us to really not talk. They give us a fake racism. They give us a fake sense of public health.

But I’m sure if you talk to your neighbor who got the job, or and you didn’t, you both agree, hey, we care about our children’s or public health, right? Or you can say, hey, you support unions? And I don’t. Are you you believe racism exists? I don’t. But don’t we all care about workers rights? Sure.

Same thing with elections. Don’t we all care about fair and transparent elections? Don’t we all care about basic freedom? So, if you can bring someone to that third level . We are now able to have a conversation beyond the dialectic beyond this black and white, Left and Right nonsense.

Caller 7: That’s what I’ve been trying to do. And only thing, and I’m with you all the way. But the elites have made it so people look at you, like, you’re not an expert.

And people look at you, like I hear what you’re saying. But they hear this trust the science pops in their head. And, like I follow you, and I follow a lot of doctors.

And I’ve been following this for the past roughly two years to know what I’m talking about when I tell people exactly what you just told me. And then they’ll say, well, you’re not an expert. I’m going to tell you experts. Well, that’s just the scientists.

Dr.SHIVA: So, one of the things we want to do is, that’s why we say Get Educated Or Be Enslaved. Look, I spent 50 years of my life studying this.

My goal is to educate you and for you to feel the confidence that you’re understanding System Science. 99% of the doctors MDS know shit about the immune system. I’m sorry, they didn’t study it.

It’s not their fault, because their educational model was a Big Pharma model. I have a lot of doctors in my family, they don’t know anything about the immune system. I mean, in four years, are you telling me a 20-year-old kid, right? So people enter when their 20 year is going to learn the immune know they mate, maybe get 10 hours, but they don’t understand the body is a system.

Western medicine was created based on a siloed view of the human body. One week, they study the heart, another week, they study the kidneys. They don’t study the body as a system. So, the point is, we have to feel some empathy for these frankly, dumb doctors.

I had a Harvard Medical School head of a department, he came to me, he goes, You know, I’m a Harvard Medical School Dr. I’m the head of, I said you don’t know shit about the immune system. And I had to, I said it in that way. Because I wanted to poke at his ego, you say. And once you understand the immune system, they can’t refute it.

It’s an interconnected system of systems. So, my intention here is take this MIT knowledge that I’ve gotten take the engineering Systems knowledge and to educate enough of you so you can challenge these guys, because I can tell you without equivocation, 99% of doctors do not understand the immune system.

They didn’t study it as a system. So, what we are creating is we’re creating an educational course an educational program, so you guys can actually be Warrior Scholars. And it starts with the understanding of System Science.

About 8000 people in the world know this. And look, I’ve put many doctors through our Systems Health Program. They’re the few that take it are very, very appreciative.

So, you should feel less of it because you’re learning Systems understanding and in fact, this diagram is the System’s understanding. Because if you can move people to a Real problem, which is public health, then you can say, okay, we both agree, okay, you think masks, vaccines going to lead to public health, but let me share with you history and then you can share with them what occurred in the 1900s. It was infrastructure that yielded public health.

And in the modern world, it’s the Right Medicine for the Right Person at the Right Time. And by the way, this is what modern science is revealing right now. It’s called Personalized and Precision Medicine.

Everyone should just type this in even the NIH knows this, so these people don’t even follow what they’re saying. So, if you just follow that middle part through, we all want public health, well, let’s talk about infrastructure. Let’s talk about Flint, Michigan. Let’s talk about how much lead is in our water.

Let’s talk. So, if you care about public health, please, where you get your vaccine, we’re a mess, but I really care about public health. That’s what you should tell them.

Let’s talk about why 35% of our kids are obese. Let’s talk about how diabetes affects the immune system. So, I think our movement is really about educating these people.

I’m sorry, I met with Trump nice guy gave me a bunch of gifts, thinks I’m great. But the guy doesn’t know shit about anything. He doesn’t. He was brought up with a silver spoon, banging a lot of people here and there. What does he know? What does Biden know? The Chinese go look at the Chinese government. Their politicians are engineers, scientists .

Our politicians are a bunch of dopes. So therefore, they rely on experts. Well, those experts are bought and paid for by big corporations. So, these politicians can’t make any decisions at all. So, that’s why it’s important to understand that our citizenry needs to get educated.

So, you shouldn’t feel like you’re any less, because the knowledge. And that’s why I invite people to open forum that we have, and stand your ground. And I will continue to do as best as I can. And our movement’s now training other leaders. But we need to recognize that when you take a Systems Approach, you understand the interconnection.

Even in this diagram, we ultimately realize from a Systems Approach, we need infrastructure and personalized medicine to get to public health. And the only way we’re going to get that is to build a movement because the elites aren’t going to give us that. But thank you great questions.

I think that was our last question. Anyway, I just want to say this, I hope this was valuable. We had a lot of people on here, but everyone, listen. This is not about you loving Trump or me who liked him, whether I like him or not, or whether we’d like Biden or not, or whether we think Biden’s a dope.

These are all theater. What we really want to talk about is the situation we’re in today, when you really look at the conditions of Working People today, globally, massive, massive amount of annihilation of freedoms, number one, number two –

Someone else calling in Clearwater, Florida. Go ahead. You’re going to be the last person. Hi, how are you? Yes, go ahead. You’re live. What’s your question and your comment?

Caller 8: I’m actually in Switzerland using a US number. And I’ve been a very, very big fan of yours. For a long time.

I wanted to basically congratulate you on your kind of way to teaching people how to use vitamin D3 and vitamin A. I have been experienced this myself. And a friend of mine who actually took your advice on the letter, use the vitamin A and vitamin D3 protocols.

He never got called it you never got COVID-19 for more than two years. He’s working all over Europe meeting a lot of people and traveling a lot of countries never met maybe got probably need met the virus but was able to conquer it and never actually got sick.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, I did not follow your advice and I did not follow the vitamin D. And I didn’t check my vitamin D3 level. So, I got the disease with a double pneumonia, but I was able to get out of it. Later, Elena started using raised my vitamin D3 levels.

Right now, with the new variants, I am very resilient without even being vaccinated. I have a lot of people around me with Three pro vaccines, triple booster shots and all that stuff, went through the disease again and again. And I think this, so to speak, building your natural immunity works.

And basically, this is my point. This is where the reason I called up that I really have a friend of mine living witness who is working out there day and night. I mean, 1000s of people, hundreds of people a day traveling baby over 12 European countries never got sick.

But yeah, they can fix them 2000 units with vitamin D3 every week for a year.

Dr.SHIVA: You’re bringing, a look back in I think 2019 I put this out there. So, just think about, I think I’ll bring it up. Look, we got to look at the body as an engineering system. And this is why I’m a big viewer that we need to teach people System Science, all the way in the kindergarten level.

And System Science teaches people how to look at things as a system, you look at it very, very rationally, more people take care of their cars, and their pets better than they do of themselves. And it’s really unfortunate. People buy a car, and they’ll really take care of it. But the most important possession you have is your body.

Just think about it. The most important possession you have in the world is your own body. And there is a systems way to understand the body.

One of the things we, before we end, I want all of you listening, the best thing you can do for you. And for movement is to go to learn the Science of Systems, or did you take the Warrior course? If you haven’t, you got to take it.

Caller 8: I haven’t taken it, the Warrior course yet, but I donated to the site, and I’m on a basic level, but I will.

Dr.SHIVA: So what is to be done is, look, the reason I’m able to articulate this is because I’ve spent my whole life studying all sorts of engineering systems. A body is one of the most amazing systems, and it’s only been in the last 18 years, modern Western science has really started to want to interconnect the body as a system.

Eastern scientists understood this for 1000s of years. Western medicine is really, really good if you happen to get your head, your arm, blown off or something. You got to do microsurgery. Are you in a crisis situation, but it doesn’t know shit about the body is the system.

And Big Pharma fundamentally is racist, real racist. What I mean racist is that if you go to many of the Big Pharma’s websites, they’ll talk about inclusivity, diversity, how they care about black people, brown people, but yet they have no reverence for traditional systems of medicine.

There’s a reason when you bring up vitamin D3 that most every ancient culture on the planet, bow down to the sun. Sure, because the sun is the one that gave you vitamin D3 and vitamin D3 powers everything.

So, it is the sun that is critical. You can go back to simple basics. When I did that video, I think we got like 10, 20 million views and then the YouTube jackasses took it down .

Because, and by the way, Fauci takes vitamin D3, the heads of Google take vitamin D3, all of them, or they’re hanging out in their beautiful St. Barts villas, where they’re getting all the sunshine they need, but they want to deny everyday Working People vitamin D3. So, you have to recognize that when you start understanding the body as a system, it’s just common sense.

Vitamin D3. Why is vitamin D3 important? It’s literally like bullets that blow up the cell walls of viruses. Why is vitamin A important, it creates the structure that protects yourself, you’re wearing it, it’s like you’re going out in the cold.

First you put on one layer, another layer, you say you’re protecting yourself. And if you look at the history of the germ theory of viruses, for unfair for an unfortunate, whatever reason, Western medicine has always tried to blame a virus for something.

When people were getting pellagra, this horrible skin disease, they blamed the Italians. They’re bringing in germs in this country. Well, it was essentially a deficiency in vitamin D3. Then when people were getting scurvy, their teeth were falling out. The sailors, they blamed hygiene conditions. Well, it wasn’t, it was vitamin C, then people started using lime.

Many diseases are because of inadequate nutrition. In India, where I grew up, I grew up in what’s called quote unquote, “lower caste.” The elites used to say my people were stupid. Well, some guy figured out a way to me they’re not Stupid they don’t get enough protein.

So, he demanded, people start getting proper protein school lunches. And in one generation, you see all these people excelling. But people cannot put down the power of nutrition you are what you eat.

But I don’t see Trump or Biden or any of these fools even talking about that. That’s what’s so that’s what’s so freakin criminal. These people are absolute criminals.

That’s why anyone who has any illusions of Trump or Biden anymore, forget they’re nice guys. They may be nice guys. Yeah, you can probably go played golf with Trump, you may cheat on you.

Maybe go hang out with Biden, and he may sniff you. But that’s not the issue. These people are just actors.

And it’s time people have donated.

Caller 8: I donated money to Trump but right now, I’m not a supporter anymore. I withdrew a long time ago.

Dr.SHIVA: I donated too, but I think that, in closing you bring up anyway, I’m glad your friend got well, I’ll share the protocol. Again, a lot of people took the protocol that I did a guy calls the link on others package and started selling it.

Caller 8: my vitamin D3 levels, and I’m getting vitamin A, my girlfriends has done in sec that she got positive PCR. I was in contact with her. And now pass even a very, very much like three weeks already passed.

Nothing is happening to me, nothing is happening to me. And I continue taking quercetin, D3 and eight. I think I built my immune system up to the point that it’s able to be resilient to any, any kind of a variant of the virus.

And basically, I can say that as a fact, if this has happened, probably the last year, I probably would have been taken down again.

Dr.SHIVA: I think you bring up, look everyone listening, you can take your position on this issue. But most importantly, we need to recognize that Working People need to unite, we need to help each other and educate people from a Systems Approach.

Number two, when it comes to health, you need to make sure you’re getting proper sun, vitamin D3, you need to make sure you’re eating the proper the green, you know the dark, leafy vegetables, and you need to make sure your thyroid is working well. So, you get vitamin A, and if you’re not take the vitamin A palmitate, again, check with your quote unquote, doctor, or be your own doctor.

Number three, the quercetin, which literally comes from the skin of fruits and vegetables. When you combine that with zinc, the zinc is able to go annihilate a viral replication. Another thing you may want to include is vitamin C.

Caller 8: Let me say I’m taking zinc, I’m thinking d3 with k two and eight.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s good. And the other thing is really to remember that you need to get adequate amount of sleep, and you need to reduce stress. I may start doing as a part of the next show, do a talk on meditation, etc. Thank you very much. I’m glad your friend’s doing well.

Caller 8: Thank you.

Dr.SHIVA: Be the Light. Bye bye. Alright, everyone, so we’re going to wrap it up. But I hope this was valuable.

I want all of you to go become Truth Freedom Health Warriors. Don’t do it for me do it for you. Because we need to Build a Movement, we need to let go of these dumbass politicians.

I don’t care how nice they are. That’s not how we’re going to win. If you look at the conditions of Working People today, globally, wherever you are in the world.

If you look at whether we talk to our movement, people in Australia, whether we talk to people in Africa, whether we talk to people in Asia, or Europe, or South America, the conditions are the same. The elites have destroyed infrastructure, because it is infrastructure, which ultimately gives public health and they ultimately do not want to talk about anything about health.

They want to just talk about a jab, a jab, a jab, a jab, if they put as much attention to talking about the jab as they did and to talk about public health, we’d have profoundly very, very healthy people, probably more healthy people, more innovation, but they’re probably not doing this because they’re afraid that they’re going to lose power. They do not want power to the people they want power unto themselves.

So, let’s build a movement for Truth Freedom Health. This is about you fighting for you. But in order for you to fight for you, you need to understand the Science of Systems, so you don’t get fooled by the grifters by the Robert Kennedy’s who writes a book here and there ripping off my stuff waiting to watch which way the wind blows.

Pro-Vax guy, supports Hillary Clinton Grifters like Candice Owens. I’m tired of all these people. You deserve much better, you deserve for you to get educated to go to Do it for you. It’s taken me a long time to put all this together, so you don’t need to go to MIT and waste your time. You know years doing that, but we need to build a movement a Bottoms-Up Movement for Truth Freedom Health.

Anything else John? Yeah, so John’s going to end with playing the Warrior Scholar video. And by the way, any of you who sign up before the end of this year I’m also giving two research papers I did on masks that you can share with your friends and also on the modern immune system.

Thank you everyone.

Alright everyone, I hope you have a good day and I hope you take advantage of the Truth Freedom Health Program, but more importantly, interconnect with others and let’s build this Bottoms-Up Movement. Thank you, be well.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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