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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in this discussion shares why you must without compromise de-brainwash yourself from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives an instructional lecture on 3 reasons to de-brainwash from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.
  • The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is the establishment and this is the hardest thing for people to understand or appreciate. We must be uncompromising when exposing who these individuals and organizations are.
  • The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment was created to do theatre so that you do not fight for you. They create each side to make people believe that they are actually fighting for you, their end goal is having you outsource your solutions to them and give your power away.
  • The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment exists because they exist to make sure that any activism that they want you to do is not real activism. It’s about really corralling you to do activities that are really not about building a truly Bottoms-Up Movement.
  • The elites know the Science of Systems and use it for Power, Profit and Control. They work tirelessly to be sure the public stays distracted. The only way we will win is if Working People become educated on the Science of Systems and use it for Truth Freedom Health.


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Hi everyone, this is Dr. Shiva. Welcome. Today we’re going to have a discussion here about, it’s going to be really a pedantic lecture, basically an instructional lecture about the three reasons we need to de-brainwash ourselves from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

We’re going to have three reasons why you need to de-brainwash yourself from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. So, we’re okay on Instagram, on YouTube, Facebook, etc. We’ll wait for a couple of people to join.

But welcome again. Yesterday, we did a two-hour call-in show, and we’ll probably have people call in if they want too today. We’re going to talk about what is the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment? And why is it that our Movement for Truth Freedom Health has been consistent in being extremely critical of the wings of the establishment? So let me explain that.

What is a Systems Approach?

One of the things we have is that, if you look at the history of the videos we’ve done, I think I’ve done close to about 1500 videos. One of the consistent things across those videos, has been to educate you on why we need to take a Systems Approach.

Now what is a Systems Approach? A Systems Approach is seeing the whole, not just the pieces, and the Science of Systems is what the elites learn. If you look at all the prime ministers, if you look at all the presidents, if you look, look at all the leaders of many of these countries, leaders come and go, but if you notice, they have certain advisors who are always there, be it Kissinger, be it Zbigniew Brzezinski, or whoever, whoever the hell it is. Many of them are in the back, backstage. They typically are educated at some of the elite institutions, but they understand the Science of Systems.

And using the Science of Systems, they’re able to understand not only the interconnection between the parts, but they’re able to see the whole picture. More importantly, they actually engineer the whole picture. And this is why Working People are in the condition they are today.

Because without understanding the Science of Systems, we’re always begging to these, quote unquote, leaders. More importantly, what’s important to understand that we teach in our movement is that when you come to the consciousness, where you realize that both wings of the establishment are full of shit — that’s a technical term; and you recognize that the only way out of it is that we have to build a Bottoms-Up militant movement of Working People, when you come to that consciousness, that’s when it’s game set over.

The Importance of Understanding the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment

But in order to get to that state of consciousness, one of the important things is to understand the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. So, let me explain that. Those in power are very clever. They have the official outward establishment.

So, if you think about a bird, and I’ve drawn this before, in one of my earlier videos, if you think about the head of the bird is the unified establishment, but the bird has the two outward shoulders, the Left and the Right. In the United States, for example, the Left establishment is represented by the likes of the Clintons, or the Obamas, or the Biden’s, and the Right establishment is represented by the likes of the McConnell’s, or the McCain’s, or the Romney’s.

But remember, a bird just doesn’t have a shoulder and a head, it also has these wings, and the wings have to flap to keep the theater going. And the establishment in their intelligence and their understanding of systems. They have created their own controlled opposition, what I call the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment has a Left Wing and the Right Wing.

On the left, which has existed for a significant amount of time, you have had people like Bernie Sanders, or Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or AOC, etc. On the Right, you’ve had the people who talk a good game like Ted Cruz, or as I’ve talked about, Donald Trump,

And some of these people are recruited consciously or unconsciously, and you can’t really, it’s not a personal issue. I’ve met with Trump. I like him, he likes me. And all that’s fine, but still, he’s become, he’s a wing of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

In the Medical Freedom Movement, they have the scumbag, which is a technical term I use to define Robert F. Kennedy Jr. because that’s what he is. He writes books which he plagiarized from my material. He is not about Bottoms-Up.

He’s about corralling people into legislators run by Democrats, or the Left Wing, or the Right Wing. But he never wants a Bottoms-Up Movement. I’ll talk more about that. And we’ll do a call if you want to ask more about this.

But without having this broad understanding, and this deep understanding, you will always get lost, either in the shoulders or in the wings. But you’re essentially in the establishment wings.


So, what we want to do today, is I want to give you three reasons why you need to de-brainwash yourself from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

Unless you understand the insidious nature, look, the establishment is easy. It’s easy, any fool can call out those, the legitimate faces of power. But the reason Working People like you, and I, and those who have been abused over many, many years, or are in this situation is because they don’t, they haven’t un-brainwashed themselves from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

And there are three reasons why we need to do this without compromise. And it’s not about what you feel. On the drive over here, I got a call from somebody, and people very nice. People ask me crazy questions.

“You know when Trump was in this video, he was making the sign, doesn’t that mean, he’s against the establishment? Or, somebody said, “you know, when Melania went to the White House, she did an exorcism to get rid of people, yet she met with the Pope, what’s going on?”

People waste a lot of their very, very precious brain cycles on very, very dumb questions. And when you ask dumb questions, you’re going to get very stupid answers, and it’s not going to really serve you.

The reason today we have the destruction of the First Amendment in the United States, for that matter globally, whatever part of the country you are, we have the complete fusion of government, and the establishment, and Big Tech, which is what our lawsuit exposed, historically, in a historic way.

And second, what we know now is that the establishment works together to ensure that there’s really no real science taking place, 99% of the scientists at major institutions are whores, they’re prostitutes. Literally, that’s probably the best way to describe them. So, you don’t have truth, you don’t have freedom.

And if you look at globally, the prevalence of all the health issues, we don’t have health. So, we don’t have truth, we don’t have freedom, we don’t have health. What we do have is power, profit, and control. And all of this has been brought to you by The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

That is why our movement will always be on the forefront in a very critical way. And this may bug certain people because you want to live in a freakin fairy tale. But that’s not what we’re about. We’re about building a truly Bottoms-Up Movement.

So let me go to my slide set here that I put together because I want to walk you through these slides to share with you the reasons, the three reasons and John’s going to make it also easy for our Instagram audience to see this. Let me bring this up. You can bring this over here John, are you going to bring it over there? Oh, okay.

Oh, you have it there. Oh, great. Okay, so we’re going to talk about the three reasons why you must brainwash yourself from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment the acronym that I use for some of you if you have not seen this I call it the Ns o e Not-So-Obvious-Establishment if you want to take some notes on that.

Reason #1: The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment IS the Establishment

The first reason, the bottom line is that they are the establishment. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is the establishment, that’s probably the hardest thing for people to understand or appreciate why we must be so uncompromising in exposing and annihilate these guys, because they are the establishment. So, reason number one.

The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is the establishment. If you think for any reason, that no matter how much you like these people or dislike them, whether you like, Biden or not, are you like Trump or not? They are part of the establishment. They’re not Working People.

They have not struggled Bottoms-Up. All right, they are the establishment that’s maybe hard to swallow, but the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment or the establishment, they’re one in the same. Alright, that’s the first principle here.

Reason #2: NSOE were Created to Do Theater So You Won’t Fight for You

The second principle here is that they were created to do theatrics, so you believe one side is fighting for you. As a screw you even Let me repeat that. They were created to do theatrics.

They create one side and another side, so you believe, oh my god, this guy is fighting for me. He just wrote this book, or this guy said this, and he said this, and you get caught in all this bullshit theatrics. You start believing in the Q and not you. They want you to believe in Q not you. Are believing XYZ celebrity, or some junk-ass politician versus you believing in you?

The second reason that they were created, changes, number two, is that they were created so you literally believe that they are fighting for you. So, you don’t believe in yourself, or you dissuade yourself from really understanding the reality of what’s going on. You actually believe that one of these characters in this movie script which they’ve created, it’s all theater, is fighting for you.

So, reason number two, they were created to do theatrics, so, you believe one side is fighting for you, as they screw you even more. Let’s look at the video, sort of summarize the video I did yesterday, if you go look at it.

Review of Trump and Biden Analysis

What I talked about yesterday was, we did a whole analysis on Trump and Biden, again it doesn’t matter if you like them. That’s all great. You can be friends with them, go hang out with them, but recognize that it’s theater, at the end of the day.

Over the last 12 months. Pfizer’s revenue, which was dropping from 65 billion to 40 billion, which is almost $25 billion dollars in revenue they lost in 10 years. In one quarter of this year 2021, they made 25 billion in three months, and they made 40 billion in revenue in the whole year. So, Pfizer’s revenue went from dropping 40 billion up to 80 billion.

Both wings of the establishment, both Biden and Trump, got money for their inauguration from Pfizer. And some people very stupidly, who are still clinging on to the cult, say, well, that’s not a lot of money. Really well, if that’s not a lot of money, my question is, why did they take it?

If that’s not a lot of money, why did Trump need it? Why did Biden need it? You have to stop rationalizing and being an abuse victim. Both wings of the establishment played theatrics. One uses a carrot, the other uses a stick, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

At the end of the day, what’s happened over the last 12 to 16 months has been the destruction of Working People’s rights, the destruction of the First Amendment, the destruction of the basic Bill of Rights, and more importantly, the destruction of people’s health.

As you can see it over and over, no one’s even addressing the real health issue. We’re all distracted, not to talk about how you boost your immunity, how you create real public health, but to talk about the jab or no jab, that’s where our attention is gone to. So, that was the second reason.

#3 The NSOE Exists to Corral You Back to the Establishment

Now the third reason is a very interesting one. The other reason that they exist, the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment exists, is because they exist to make sure that any activism that they want you to do is not real activism. It’s about really corralling you to do activities that are really not about building a truly Bottoms-Up Movement.

John’s going to play a video to show you what a Bottoms-Up Movement really looks like. But they exist to corral you into elections, quote unquote, elections, which we know are selections. They own both sides, or to fake, quote unquote, protest. When the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, seeing people starting to rise up, do you know what they do? They actually start conducting circus protests.

As we talk about in our movement, when you look back at the Civil Rights Movement, it was Robert Kennedy who, and the SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, went and chose Martin Luther King. They ran the March on Washington. So, they controlled, you see. It’s called controlled opposition, because actually control the opposition. They defined the bounds of the movement.

And I’ll share with you a couple more examples of this. This is hard to appreciate unless you’ve gotten on the ground, but the bottom line is they exist to corral you into elections, or to fake protests, where typically they’ll do a protest in front of legislators’ office, or state houses, or courts. For they fear a truly Bottoms-Up Movement of militant workers united for Truth, Freedom, and Health. They do not want Working People uniting, and not going and begging in front of legislator’s houses.

For example, in Australia, you saw the workers literally took to the streets, to the highways, they almost burned down their union halls. I’m not saying we should go burn down union halls, but Working People broke away from the liberal unions. When people break away from the Left Wing and the Right Wing, and they literally take to the streets, and they say, you know what this is our movement, in a very powerful, militant way. Not going and doing a We Shall Overcome bullshit protest in front of some state house.

And that’s what the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is getting ready to do now. They want people to protest in front of state houses. They don’t want people to literally go to the streets, neighbor to neighbor, organizing people. This is a very, very significant difference. And unless we understand the significant difference, we’re always going to be moved into one wing or the other wing.

As people’s anger grows, the establishment, in fact, uses the grips of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and its misleaders as controlled opposition, to guide people always back to one wing of the establishment. I’m going to come back and explain this even further. We’re going to go to a deeper level.

Why We Need to Build a Bottoms-Up Movement

But one of the things we want people to understand is that I want people to go to, and we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. So, the first important consciousness that needs to happen is people need to understand that we need to move ourselves away from either wing of the establishment.

De-brainwashing ourselves from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, but more importantly, recognizing that we need to, you need to, fight for you. As many of you know, we’ve waged a war. I put a significant amount of my time into exposing that, elections are selections.

We exposed a war in a historic lawsuit exposing the censorship issue. We were the first ones to expose Fauci, on the health issue, on the censorship front, on the freedom front, as well as on the truth front, Truth Freedom Health.

Long before all these opportunists Not-So-Obvious-Establishment people came in, who mislead people. And what I’m here to share with you now is one person like me, yes, I can be a very strong fighter. And I can make certain games but it’s time that you fight for you.

But in order for you to fight for you, you need to start having fundamental scientific principles and how to do that. You need to understand the science of politics, meaning the science of how you fight. And that science comes from System Science.

It’s taken me 50 years to organize that into a curriculum. So that knowledge we’ve we have, which we never had, frankly, before in history with all humility. The second thing is we’ve created an environment where you can start communicating among other people, so you don’t feel isolated, so you can start building a movement.

Third, we’ve created tools, where you can actually go on the ground, and you can teach others, real change is not going to come from us yelling and screaming at each other it’s going to come when we start educating our fellow humans or other Working People, to move away from what I call the dialectics of Left and Right, black and white, that we start educating them on the insidious insidiousness nature of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

So, what I want to do is I want to take a few phone calls to discuss this, and then I’m going to play a couple of videos, as we’re waiting for the phone calls. John, can you just play that one video, please? John’s going to play our video. It’s a couple minute video, but I’ll give you the real understanding of why we need to build an independent movement. So, we’re going to wait for people to call in.

I’m going to take a call. Hold on one second. Hello, Dr. Shiva here. We’re going to play a quick video who is this?

Caller: This is great. Again, from Copenhagen. We talked yesterday, I really wanted to talk with you again. And I have a great question for you.

Dr. SHIVA: Greg, why don’t you just hold on? We’re going to play a quick video and we’ll bring it back. We have grant Greg from Copenhagen, who called yesterday. Go ahead, John.

All right, everyone. I hope that was helpful. That video is really sort of a hallmark video that discusses the core issues.

But here’s the bottom line. When you look at the arc of human history, it has been people Bottoms-Up, independent of billionaires and celebrities and whoever the hell else you want to attribute, you think they’re going to be your saviors, when they broke away from them is when real change took place.

But as long as people had these brainwashed illusions, that XYZ person’s going to save them, nothing happens. And this brainwashing is why we’re in the condition today. Because we really look at this, for eight years there was a guy called Obama. Elections are selections. The elites put in Obama for eight years, they needed a black guy there. They had a white guy called Bush for a while. So, they said, okay, let’s give the masses a black guy, everyone will feel all happy.

A lot, at least 50 to 60% of people who voted for Trump voted for Obama. Go look at the numbers. People thought, hope, good message. He got a bunch of Madison Avenue marketing people to come up with that bullshit. This guy comes out of nowhere.

And what does Obama do for eight years? Well, at the end of the day, he saves big banks, the banks should have failed, they should have gone out of business. But what Obama does, he comes in at the last minute, and for his buddies and his friends who funded him at Goldman Sachs, he saves the big banks.

In fact, what actually happens is, Obama saved the big banks. But more importantly, he printed around $4.2 trillion, which ultimately kept interest rates very low for the elites. So, you have to understand the economics. And the elites knew that there was no way they were going to keep interest rates that low without oppressing massive number Working People.

That’s why, all over the world, by 2018, people all over the world, there was millions and millions of people taking to the streets, fighting corruption. Just go look at it in 2019. All right, in 2018, 2018, 2019.

This time, if you look at it, they needed. They knew that Working People were tired, at least in the United States of Obama, so they find a white guy, and his name happens to be Donald J. Trump. And Donald J. Trump, again, comes up with some other Madison Avenue slogans, Make America Great Again, Lock Her Up, or the other one, Drain the Swamp.

Well, his entire campaign was built on Lock Her Up, Hillary Clinton never got locked up. Never. And all of you people who still, look, I supported Trump. I gave him money. I was out in the cold putting up signs for him, so I don’t want to hear any nonsense from people who just want to wear MAGA hats because I was actually on the ground with others fighting for him and being very loyal to him.

Until I started connecting the dots, and I used science to do this. It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against any of these people. As a scientist, you’re supposed to tell the truth. That is a noble duty of science.

But at the end of the day, what you find is Trump comes in, he prints another $6.2 trillion. Surely kept interest rates low for his son-in-law doofus boy, Kushner, and all of his other buddies. And Trump saved Big Pharma. Big Pharma’s revenues, as I talked about yesterday, were tanking. And now Big Pharma’s revenues exploded as we talked about yesterday.

Pfizer’s revenue in one year has gone up by 100%. In one quarter of this year, Pfizer’s revenue went up by 25 billion, all the revenue that they have lost in 10 years. Between 2010 and 2020, Pfizer lost $25 billion in revenue, they went from 65 billion to 40 billion after Trump came into office.

And after today, Biden, their revenue has gone up to 82 billion. Here’s a company that was failing, and suddenly they’ve doubled their revenue.

And both individual’s campaign committees were funded by Pfizer. And we have some very foolish people, as I mentioned, keep repeating because they don’t want to let go because they don’t want to get off their ass and figure out how to build a Bottoms-Up Movement.

They think elections are the way you make change. And again, let me for those of you joining new and we’re going to take some calls here we have people from Denmark, everywhere calling in, let me just go back to the three things we just covered.

3 Reasons You Must De-Brainwash from the NSOE – Summary

Number one, by the way, the goal of this talk today, Go back to this, is three reasons why you must de-brainwash yourself from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and we talked about is number one reason is that Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is the establishment.

Number two they were created to do theatrics, which is what we see, every four years, every two years, there’s the theatrics of electioneering. So, you believe one side is fighting for you as they screw you even more.

The third thing that we talked about is, the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment exists to corral you into elections, or to fake protests that they do all engineered, very well controlled, where you beg in front of legislators, courts, and state houses, for they fear, a truly Bottoms-Up Movement of militant workers united for truth for a minute, there they are.

So, we had to look at those three reasons. And we’ll take a call John, you can put up the call thing. Let’s take our caller from Denmark. Go ahead. But if you can keep your question in a very succinct way. Thank you for being patient. Go ahead.

Caller: Of course, my name is Greg, Copenhagen. And I have an amazing, actually comment and question, actually, because I didn’t get to ask that yesterday.

But what you said, something really, really good about teaching. And this is what we’re doing here in Scandinavia, at least on social media. Me and a lot of other people, we’re going out, and we’re telling. You can see other doctors, other influencers, other people, and we’re telling them there is a new disease, you need to have one of these six points.

And I want you to tell me, Dr. Shiva, if this is correct, we’re saying to them, either one of these six points, either there needs to be a new symptom or symptoms. Number two, it needs to be a new combination of symptoms within one person. Number three, new severity of symptoms. Number four, a new combination of severity of symptoms, number five new transmission characteristics.

And number six, a new pathogen and we do not have none of them, none of them. So, is this correct? Is this the way that we’re supposed to, to look at it because we do not have a new disease? It’s simple epidemiology. It cannot be turned up to the neurologist.

We won’t even get into neurology because that’s another story. So simple epidemiology. Simple, common sense. If you do not have new symptoms, combination, severity, transmission characteristics, or new pathogen, we do not have a new disease.

Dr. SHIVA: So, Greg, thank you. I’m going to answer your question, but I’m just going to bring someone else in.

Caller: Okay, thank you.

Dr. SHIVA: I’ll answer your question shortly. Hold on one second. By the way, someone else is waiting, hold on, I’m just going to answer Greg’s question from Denmark.

Basically, what Greg was saying is, in Denmark, he’s got a group of people going door to door and educating people on essentially, from an epidemiological perspective, hey, look, if there’s not a new set of symptoms, if there’s not a combination of etc, essentially, taking the scientific approach, many of you know that.

We’ve done a lot of training of people, millions, hundreds of millions of people watch our videos from an immune system approach and what Greg is doing, what I like about what he’s doing in Denmark is he’s going local. But here’s the reality. We’re at a point right now that the science is being obfuscated by those in power, which means confused.

The most important thing to get across to people in a very simple way, is that Truth, Freedom, and Health are all being subverted. And if you look at any one of the issues, Greg, if you’re listening, the fundamental issue that’s happening is that if you take any issue, racism, if you take vaccines if you take masks, if you take censorship.

On every one of these issues, what’s happened is the those in power have split us up into Pro and Anti on any one of these issues. And the goal is really to split Working People up into 50%, fighting against each other.

The issue with the jabs, the issue with the masks, all of these things, and you really need to listen to this, are not about the jabs, or the masks, or the mandates. They’re about enslaving Working People. Not enslaving the elites. Not enslaving Jeff Bezos.

It’s not about enslaving Trump or Melania or Biden or Hunter. All of those people are not going to be enslaved, but it’s about enslaving Working People.

The arc of human history shows, is that different methods have been used at different times. At one time, people were literally put in chains. The modern way of doing this is through mandates, is doing it through censorship.

It is about enslaving people, so you can extract the most amount of return on people’s investments, and maybe even eliminate people because they don’t meet your support your top line.

That’s the message that we need to start educating people on, and this is a process that we haven’t done, so we have to go back to the ground floor and do this. And it cannot happen by trusting any of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

Go ahead. Person from Hamilton. On, Tanya, Ontario. Please say your name and your question.

Caller: Hello, I’m from Philadelphia.

Dr. SHIVA: Oh, it says Ontario. Sorry. Go ahead.

Caller: Really? That might be a deep state conspiracy. I’m from Philadelphia. Sorry, my friend.

Dr. SHIVA: What’s your name?

Caller: Matthew.

Dr. SHIVA: Go ahead, Matthew.

Caller: So first of all, I just want to thank you for opening my eyes to a lot of things including, like you, I wasn’t a longtime voter, got into politics as things escalated Trump supporter, now.

I am not trusting anybody, because they’re all part of a unit credit party that has one agenda. And it is to take us all over. We have no defense against things that are being forced upon us.

In my city. We have a lot of mandates, mainly, vaccine doubt.

Axiom mandate is being forced upon everybody, gyms, bars, restaurants, you name it. I’m in the hospitality industry. I have recovered from COVID. And I am now being forced into a situation where I have to either take the jab or lose my job. So, it is a unconstitutional coercive effort. And all of your opinions resonate within me.

I don’t know. My question is what I can do to protect myself against this stuff.

Dr. SHIVA: You’re asking awesome question. I just asked on the chat here, this is probably one of the most important questions. We have so many people saying, someone very close to me, family member, extremely close family member. They were working in a healthcare institution. They didn’t get their jab, and they lost their job. So, what is that called? What does that really mean?

Everyone uses the word constitution and coercion. What’s the simple word that we use to call that? I call it slavery. Let’s call it what it is because we’re really getting away from the core of this. This is called slavery. If you ran off the plantation, what happened? You were hung up and lynched. You were made an example of to the other slaves.

It’s basically saying, if you don’t want to be lashed, and we’re going to give you the opportunity to move some bricks and build a pyramid. Or we’re going to beat the shit out of you. What’s the model now? If you don’t take our jab, you’re we’re going to make sure you can’t get a job in your field. Or keep your job. That’s called slavery.

We need to really call it what it is. It’s slavery. Slavery. It’s nothing more than that. And we have to use very simple, undiplomatic terms to call it. And the elites.

The reason I wanted to make today’s talk about the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment because you have this scumbag called Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He’s been involved in this movement for 15 years. He writes a book stealing all my shit.

Seriously, and I’m very upset because this guy is part of the elites. The good news is last year we started exposing we split the movement and half we separated the wheat from the chaff because Kennedy has been going around telling people to suck up to the Democrats.

His thing is to tell people to negotiate with the enemy. He endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. Let me repeat that. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the exemplification of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, endorsed Hillary Clinton vaccine queen, not once, not twice, three times; who supports vaccine mandates.

And then two years ago, he came into Massachusetts endorsed his nephew for Senate who also supports vaccine mandates. Then he goes, writes a book, attacking Fauci taken from all the stuff we did, and then he has a big party at his home in Malibu, invites all of his Hollywood friends who are all about getting the jab, and sends out an invitation telling people you have to be vaccinated before you come into my home.

Do you get the contradiction here? Yet you have a lot of these wealthy liberal white women who want to maybe sleep with Robert Kennedy and think the Kennedys are so great, who keeps sucking up to them and give them money. And that’s why movements do not take place.

It’s because the slaves are thinking a slave master, like the Kennedys, are going to free you. And that’s how simple it is.

And you’re looking at our movement and my background. I came from indentured slaves. Most of us are Working People, yet we’ve been brainwashed to think our savior is over in Malibu, or our savior is on Trump Towers, you see what I’m saying? Or our savior is a fool like Bernie Sanders, or a guy like Obama. None of these people ever held jobs. None of them know how to create anything, fix anything, make anything, yet you have a lot of people who still keep sucking up to these people. And then we go into further and further enslavement.

As I shared with some of you in New Jersey. I’ve been in the health movement for years. I’ve been a militant Bottoms-Up fighter. We’ve organized massive protests in the last 30 years of my life, and that’s what works. So, in New Jersey they were trying to eliminate the new religious exemption in 2020. We went there, 5000 people showed up. We took our speakers. Kennedy comes around with his seven little SUVs, goes around, and critiques me for organizing a militant movement, but that’s what scared the shit out of the establishment.

It is a Bottoms-Up militant, it’s not a bad word, Movement of Working People United that’s what’s going to really give us our freedom. Because right now we have slavery. We don’t have the First Amendment. We’ve lost our fucking rights. Excuse my language, but we have to break from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

But you nailed it. The reality is, you are a worker, you are being enslaved. Because you’re being told either I’m going to give you a wage, by the way wage slavery, or I’m not going to give you a wage, which means you just get slavery. So, it’s slavery. And the only way to overcome this, yes, we can do these temporary measures, I’m going to file for my religious exemption. I’m going to file for them, but these are band aids.

Think about what the Kennedys have done to us single handedly as a family. It was John Kennedy who signed the 1962 Vaccination Act. Meanwhile, his family built, did you know every drop of, I believe of Scotch or liquor that comes from Scotland or overseas, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching, still to the Kennedys.

They’re a bootlegging fucking family. And every six months, they do beautiful movies about Kennedy and blah, blah, blah, how he was shot or whatever. Okay, fine. Okay, so they keep up the bullshit legend, while it was John Kennedy who signed the National Vaccination Act 1962.

Then after people are getting injured, his brother Ted Kennedy, another scumbag, is the one who signed, who sponsored the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Program Bill, which essentially gave vaccine manufacturers complete shielding. So, you can’t even sue pharmaceutical companies in federal courts anymore. That was another Kennedy.

And then this other doofus, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who was a heroin addict. Who never really could practice law because he sucked at it, so then he started doing nonprofits. One once he did Waterkeepers, took over another woman’s movement. And then he comes over to the vaccine movement he doesn’t know anything, about backed by a Pro-Pharma consultant. And this is his schtick.

You see, what Working People need to understand, what the slaves need to understand, is a slave master has his little Martini drinks in Malibu and talk toasts to his little book he’s published, while everyone who’s got to come to his party, he’s got to be vaccinated and this is their schtick. They don’t give a damn about you.

Caller: Is it based on science?

Dr. SHIVA: Is what based in science?

Caller: Being vaccinated and not being able to transmit.

Dr. SHIVA: Look, this is this is not about Pro or Anti vaccine. This is about no Working People being enslaved. And being free. The Pro-Vax debate needs to take taken to a much higher level.

We need to understand for 5o to 70 years Working People, whether you’re in Australia, India, Russia, United States are being fucked, by an economic condition where the elites have printed money kept interest rates low. By an economic condition, where they have literally stolen money from Working People and transferred it to the Jeff Bezos to the Elon Musk’s, etc. of the world.

Caller: My favorite concept of yours is the bullshit economy, moving money around, doesn’t produce anything.

Dr. SHIVA: They don’t produce anything. Look, what’s happened in the world is innovation has been constructed. It has been innovation, which fuels economies. The invention of email. The reason I talked about that was that was done before I came to MIT in a small medical college in Newark, New Jersey.

There are a lot of smart people like that 14-year-old kid who I was. He was given access. But what’s happened is we have now completely choked innovation to only St. Kendall Square, Massachusetts, and Silicon Valley, and a few places in Singapore and Europe. Only the elites can do innovation.

Well, when you do that, you produce one Elon Musk, who basically lives off subsidies, hasn’t really created anything significant. What is he really innovated rockets of existed, he hasn’t created any new rockets. Electric cars have existed since the 1800s and 1900s. That’s not anything new.

But what he has done, he knows how to move capital around. He knows how to go do batteries for Walmart. So, Walmart gets, so while they’re using batteries during the day, they’re getting a lower electric price during the night. That’s not innovation.

We don’t produce great innovators anymore. We produce fake innovators. Few of them who’ve doubled their wealth in during the last year, whose factories whose businesses were allowed to keep open while average Working People were shut down.

This is about Working People being enslaved. This is not Pro or Anti Vax anymore. And if you want, that’s so your job is being threatened.

Like a friend of mine, you know, a woman who has three kids. She doesn’t have a husband who can take care of her. She can’t really go on welfare overnight. And because she doesn’t, she has this dignity. So, she said, You know what, I have to choose to get the jab, even though I know it’s not right, just to keep my job. That’s called slavery.

And you don’t need it, and you don’t need it. Well, yeah, what you do need is you need sunshine, you do need vitamin D3, you do need vitamin B, you do need, you do need all the leafy green vegetables. You do need iodine.

Caller: But thank you. Yeah.

Dr. SHIVA: But I think if, you know, look, I want everyone to recognize that we’re building a movement. That’s what our goal is. And we want to create people like you who want to learn how to fight for you, and there is a science.

And I want people to go to We’ve made it very easy.

You don’t have to go to MIT. I’ve taken all this coursework, all the contributions we’ve gotten in our own infrastructure and our own data center here. We don’t rely on Big Tech, everything we do runs on our infrastructure.

So we need to build our own Bottoms-Up Movement, and we have to let go of the Trump’s. Yes, it’s going to be hard, let go of the heroin that you’ve been on. Let go the Kennedys let go of these celebrities, let go of the Kardashians. Yes. And you have to fight for you.

But thank you, you asked a really, really important question. The only way you’re going to get back your job and we’re going to is that working? People need to unite. Look, even if 20% of what kind of job are you in?

Caller: I work in a restaurant, and we’ll get into what I do.

Dr. SHIVA: So let’s say whatever you’re in, we don’t need everyone to strike or not comply. If we only got 20% of people to unite and not show up to work. It’s game set over.

Look what happened with American Airlines. Only 10% of the people working Americans said we’re not going to take the jab. The CEO reversed his decision. I’m sorry, Delta, yes, what I’m saying is, it is Working People uniting. It is not going and protesting in front of state houses.

Caller: It’sa great, but here’s the problem is I would say 95% of the people I work with buy into the propaganda. And they have an ideology that is contrasting to mine. So, this is where we have a conflict that has no resolution. And the people that are in charge of us make sure there is no resolution.

Dr. SHIVA: Well,there is a resolution. Let me tell you what the resolution is go to We’ve created ways that you can educate people locally.

Look, out of the 300 million people in the United States around 250 200 million can vote Out of that 40 million don’t even bothered to register to vote.

Out of the remaining about 150 million, only half about 200 million 180 but only half of them vote that shows there’s a lot of dark matter out there, which means people who figured out it’s all bullshit. So we have a lot of people out there that are movement needs to go educate.

Okay, we need to go among our brothers and sisters and educate them because they know the news media is full of shit. So, they’re waiting for guys like you to go educate them. So don’t think about the people that you work with. For every one of those people, there’s five other people who you can go educate

Caller: that in my city, I would say in a general sense that most people leaving will be say left or whatever you want to call it. Yeah, they have another ideology than Truth, Freedom, and Health.

Dr. SHIVA: Well, let me let me just put something forward to you. If you go look at the police. You go look at we’re about to attend. If you go look at first responders. And if you go look at firemen, police military, over 50% of them are not into this.

Caller: my wife is a nurse. And once was the hero. And now while she got there, she had to for safer job get the vaccination. Otherwise, if you don’t, people that have been there 23 years had to lose their job, because they’re considered Flat Earthers. And a few years past, they were heroes.

Dr. SHIVA: Right. But what I’m saying is, my point is, there are sections of the military, the army large sections, more than at least 50%. Even those who did it had to do it, say for job preservation.

But those people need to be educated and organized. That’s the opportunity we have. And what’s happened is that history of activism, the history of truly Bottoms-Up organizing, has been bled out of the American public over the last 60 or 70 years. That’s why our movement is reeducating people on that. And that’s what we need to do.

But thank you. Let me take another call. Thank you for your points.

Caller: Thank you, Dr. Shiva.

Dr. SHIVA: Bye, bye. Okay, who do we got next? You’re on. Who do we have right now? Who is this?

Caller: This Michael Payne.

Dr. SHIVA: Hey, Michael, where are you from?

Caller: That’s no pain. No gain.

Dr. SHIVA: Okay, where are you from?

Caller: California.

Dr. SHIVA: Hold on one second. Hi, can you just hold Santa Cruz? I have someone else on Hold on. Go ahead. Michael. You got the air. So, give us your comment.

Give us your comment or your question.

Caller: Or you Punjabi.

Dr. SHIVA: What, why?

Caller: I was just wondering. Yeah, because I have a lot of Indian friends Fonda. Bunger, which means Be a man.

Dr. SHIVA: Did you want my question? Are you? Do you have a serious question? Are you are you going to wait?

Caller: I was just kind of messing around with you. But no, I have a serious question. Yeah, um, this whole vaccination thing.

You know, the problem is, this whole notion of germ theory is just a misnomer about the boogeyman from the outside in, as opposed from the inside out. You know, I follow Antoine Muschamp, which was more about pleomorphism, and the internal terrain in terms of alkalizing, the inner or internal terrain to get the proper form and function for the functionality of the cell. And I’ve done that, in my own life actually got myself off the operating table, following these protocols, and what have you.

What are your thoughts on that? Because I haven’t seen too much of your information. But I’m really excited to, to, to kind of embark on this.

Dr. SHIVA: I have about 1200 videos, you can go back and look at the stuff I’ve done on the immune system. So let me just answer this the following way.

The point that you make about germ theory, if you go look at go back, even to the 1700s to today, when Koch’s hypothesis, all this stuff was being developed. The bottom line is this, okay? As over the last 300 years, as we’ve developed better and better technology, okay, to look, you know, smaller and smaller. We can find all different kinds of germs in us. So, the history of the germ theory model has been always to associate some disease to a germ.

So, you have a disease over here, and then somehow you say it’s got to be a germ.

So, for example, when it was scurvy, we said, oh, it’s these sailors, who are all unclean, hanging out together un-showered. That’s why they’re getting scurvy. Well, the real reason was they weren’t getting any vitamin C on these long voyages.

Second thing was when people got really this horrible, sort of the worst type of skin disease called pellagra. People said, oh, it’s these Italians are bringing in germs. Well, it turned out they weren’t getting enough, D 3, and so on. In fact, you can even look at some aspects of neurological diseases, there are deficiencies in B 12, and so on. But people typically always like to blame a germ for disease.You following me?

And now with the advent of more and more better imaging technology, better microscopes, we can always find, oh, it’s this germ that’s causing this. So that’s where medicine is at. And that was really accelerated in the 1970s, when a lot of funding was consolidated under what’s now known as the NIH National Institute of Health. The concept of always associating a virus or bacteria to a disease became sort of the standard protocol. That’s a broad definition.

Now, in the last 20 years, what’s happened to biology is something quite profound. We have found that out of the DNA, what we thought were genes, we went into the Genome Project thinking we knew a worm had 25,000 genes, and we thought a human being had a million genes. When the Genome Project ended, it turns out, we only have 25,000 genes.

So, that definition of a gene, turns out, you’re only looking at 5% of the DNA. The other 95% of the DNA is what we call dark matter. We didn’t even know what that was. But recently, we found out that other 95% of the DNA is something also called genes. But a new definition of a gene is emerging.

A gene is not just a piece of genetic material that creates through RNA a protein. That was the official definition of a gene. Every sequence of DNA, which creates a protein was called the gene. But we’re finding out that many parts of the genome also create RNA, silencing RNAs, transfer. All different kinds of RNAs, which actually regulate genetic function. Well, let me finish,

Caller: But what does any of this have to do with vaccine mandates?

Dr. Shiva: What it has to do with it is, is that a lot of the people in the last two years have jumped into this discussion. Many of them do not understand biology, because they’ll also narrow it to this very small thing. Oh, my God, the germ theory sucks, or this sucks. This is a reality.

Caller: What is?

Dr. Shiva: The reality is this. Remember, in Star Trek, where it goes, we’re going into the unknown, where no man has gone before. The reality is, we know so little of biology, we only know 5% of our own genome. We don’t know a lot. And the reality is that

Caller: What does that have to do with

Dr. Shiva: let me finish. What it has to do with

Caller: people’s personal responsibility,

Dr. Shiva: What it has to do with it is this; because you have the scientific community, which is pushing certain interventions, when they know a very, very small piece of how anything even works. What we do know is this though. What we do know is you need vitamin D3. We know we need the sun. Yet many people who are in the Pro-Vax Anti-Vax side, they don’t even get enough vitamin D3, and vitamin D3 is essential to your immune system.

We do know that you need the green leafy colored vegetables because that produces vitamin A, which protects your cell walls. These are things we definitively know. We do know that you need a very important mineral called zinc, which stops viral replication. We do know you need things called quercetin, which is an ionophore, you see what I’m saying? There’s enough stuff we know.

Caller: Well I’ll tell you something else we know. We know that the cell wants to be reduced and oxidized. So where on the planet is biological material that has the highest electron potential? Where’s that found?

Dr. SHIVA: I don’t know. Where?

Caller: It’s in the garden. So, this whole plant-based thing, this whole alkalizing thing you know, if you want to understand where the energy is flowing, you got to follow the electrons. And the food matter that has the highest electron potential is green matter. You take chlorophyll, you take our blood, the only difference is a central atom, which is iron for blood. And magnesium for chlorophyll.

Dr. SHIVA: Look, anyone who’s studied the vegan stuff, the green stuff, knows all this. But the essential point is this. It’s not any one thing. The problem I have with the diet movement is, because I’ve studied all of them, practiced all of them. You’ll have the raw food guys who just say juice all day.

And here’s a problem, if you juice all day, you have to be careful also with that. It’s the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. It’s not one size fits all. Look, I had a friend of mine, all he was juicing kale juice all day. You know what happened to him? He had to have his thyroid removed. Because if you eat too much cruciferous vegetables, you’re going to shut down your thyroid.

I’ve been on this journey for a long time, studied East, West, everything. What I can tell you, the conclusion is there are certain things we know that are building blocks. But the other thing is your body’s a unique system.

If you brought up a kid, for example, in an environment where he was never ever introduced to dirt, never allowed to play outside, born in a bubble. Just take that kid, for example. And you suddenly threw that kid into a garden. What’s going to happen to him?

Caller: Ah, well, it depends on his internal, I would say it depends on his internal terrain going into it. Because my belief system is, is that if you don’t have, if you’re, if your biology internally isn’t in proper form and function, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. You won’t be able to set up shop in order to do its thing.

Dr. SHIVA: That’s not true, though. That’s not true. Because your body, it’s not the inside or the outside. You see, this is a reductionist model. It’s the inside and the outside. The body is actually a plastic creature. it needs to be exposed, and through exposure, it develops into a whole number of things.

For example, not only physical exposure, mental exposure, all sorts of things. When a kid is born between the ages zero to two, if that kid is never exposed to human beings, and doesn’t have human interaction, there’s going to be high proclivity of autism. That kid is supposed to be exercised socially.

If the kid is never exposed to outside matter and is brought up in a household that everything is so clean, everything is wiped down, that kid’s immune system, if you threw them into the outer world, is going to be seriously compromised.

So, the reality is, it’s not the inside or the outside, it is the intersection of the inside and the outside. It is a connection. And genes get turned on.

Caller: I And there’s a connection. But I’m what I’m saying is you have to have an LD50. So you have taken microbiology –

Dr. SHIVA Wait, wait, wait, let’s listen, I got a bunch of other going. I got a I got a bunch of other

Caller take place. I got a bunch of form and function to be right. But it’s not just what I’m what I’m saying is,

Dr. SHIVA I have a couple of other callers. But look, I guess, yeah, I think the main thing you’re bringing up, which is good. I think the essential thing we can concur on is that the germ theory model which always blames a germ to a disease is not the right model. What we do know is that it’s in my we got to end up in about a couple minutes. But what we do know it’s about resilience. It’s about building your body’s resilience.

Thank you. Hi, this is Dr. Shiva. Let’s take your next call. Go ahead, sir. Are you ready? Where are you from?

Caller: My name is Sean Egan. From New York City.

Dr. SHIVA: Hold on one second, Shawn. Hold on one second. Hello, Did I accidentally drop you? Go ahead. You were waiting. Go ahead. You go ahead. And you want to turn down your back phone? Because we’re getting feedback. But go ahead, introduce yourself and ask your question.

Caller: Hello, I’m here.Yeah, my name is Thomas. And I’m actually from Hawaii. My number says Santa Cruz. But I’m from Hawaii. And I spoke to you a couple of days ago on an online video that you had.

I want to disagree with you about RFK Jr. and I still do. And I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot. And I’m 71 years old. So, I’m not just a kid speaking out of ignorance. And, and the other thing I’ll say about myself is that I, um, I have lived the solution to our health crisis.

And I’ve done a lot of the things that you’ve said, and I haven’t been to a doctor for in sickness for over 50 years, and I haven’t taken an over-the-counter prescription drug for 50 years. I have never used my health insurance or my Medicare since I’m now 71. Ever, or in sickness.

So, I spent my life living making food and lifestyle, my medicine. I also spent 25 years with a yoga master from India. And that had a lot to do with my success when I became involved with this gentleman because he taught real yoga which teaches somewhat about Ayurveda, and it teaches about Agni fire digestion, which is your immunity.

And the practices I do that were taught by him have just multiplied all I did with diet for you know, the 25 previous years. So that’s what I wanted to say.

Dr. SHIVA: Well look, our movement, the core of it is, we go back to traditional engineering systems theory to really explain. If you look at the Ayurvedic movement, those people who are listening who are new, Ayurveda the is a form of traditional medicine that’s practiced typically in South India. The originating origin of Ayurveda came from a medical system called Siddha, which was actually much more expansive.

But the Ayurvedic system of medicine the problem has been that the fundamental principles, which you seem like you’ve studied, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Prakriti, Purusha, all those things, those principles.

When Maharishi, for example, or some of these gurus came from India here, with their white robes and their saffron, and I’ve studied with many of these people, my grandparents. Anyway, I’m not going to get into my background on a lot of this today. But the bottom line is, this is very intimate to me.

But when a lot of that knowledge came to the United States, it was made into some yogic guru worshiping movement. If you remember, Maharishi came here with The Beatles. but one of the things that took off in the United States was something called Yoga. Yoga, meaning the postures. Hatha Yoga in particular.

Caller: No, that’s not what yoga means.

Dr. SHIVA: I know. I’m talking about that aspect of yoga, which Americans see, the Hatha Yoga piece.

Caller: And that’s what I’m saying to you. That’s not yoga at all. That’s a small piece.

Dr. SHIVA: Yes, that’s what I that’s what I just said.

Caller: My teacher wasn’t one of those.

Dr. SHIVA: Let me just finish. What I’m talking about is Ayurveda.

What I’m saying is, but it was very difficult for the quote unquote, yogis to explain RV that to the public, telling people you know, to do XYZ postures was much easier. So, you had Bikram yoga and all these yoga studios. So today, I think 30 40 million Americans practice, quote, unquote, yoga,

But the foundations of the yoga system, which was really the base knowledge was not able to be explained, because many of these Yogi’s were, frankly unable to explain it. So Ayurveda or Siddha, may be had about 200,000 people in the United States who really understood it, we even got it. And what we have deciphered.

And I think the real contribution that that is that I made through my research and studying Eastern West was the entire system of yoga, as you’ve may have learned it from your teacher, it’s not even yoga. It’s actually engineering System Science. Where whatever culture be at 40,000 years ago, or modern culture and the 1900s, it all comes down to control systems theory.

So, one of the essences that our movement here wants to intersect these universal areas of knowledge, whether you want to build a political movement, whether you want to take care of your body. Whether you want to advance, you know, an engineering system. It’s all the same System Science.

And that’s really the breakthrough. And I hope you have you have you gone through the course.

Caller: No, I’m really looking forward to probably going through your course.

Dr. SHIVA: because let me tell you why you’re going to like it. Because if you studied with your teacher, the Vedic system, you’re going to see the direct interconnection. There’s a paper that you can get when you just go online, you sign up, it’s called the Rosetta Stone of Eastern and eastern and western medicine.

And it’s going to interconnect for you. So, we’re going to be able to bring more Westerners to really appreciate Eastern systems, not a thought but Eastern systems of medicine. And this East West divide has existed because the Eastern Yogi’s frankly have done a horrible job of explaining this stuff to the west.

And those in the West. medical doctors, they don’t even understand what a Systems Approach is. So, the course that is included in Truth Freedom Health is a course that I used to teach at MIT.

To a roomful of people who’d show up on a Thursday night for three hours one side of the room, believe it or not, was folks like you who weren’t to yoga and health and lived well, Kyra and the other side of the room are these ego maniacs, MD PhDs. And within about two hours, both sides realize that one side was communicating well, and the other side really didn’t understand System Science.

So, I encourage you to go take that. But the reason I want you to do that is after you take the course, you’ll understand why Robert Kennedy is such a charlatan and a misleader. Thank you. Let’s take the next caller. Go ahead.

Caller: Hello, sir. Yes, this is Sean Egan from New York City. I’ve been following you, Dr. Shiva for a little bit over a year now, and you totally speak my language when it comes to, in respects to the to the establishment. And what I wanted to know is do you plan on running for office; and what is the ultimate goal of educating everybody, and where do we go from there?

Dr. SHIVA: Right. So, let’s talk about. So, great question. Is it okay if I repeat your question? And your name is Shawn from New York?

Caller: Yes, please. Yes, sir.

Dr. SHIVA: So, Shawn is saying, first question is, am I planning on running for office. Second question related to that is after we get educated, what is the end goal. Right, John?

Caller: Yes, sir.

Dr. SHIVA: So you ask a wonderful question. Look, I think it’s really important that we unravel what you just asked. Shawn, you said we’re educating, and then what’s the end goal?

So, one of the important things that’s happened, the establishment has brainwashed all of us to separate the ends from the means. Have you ever heard that slogan? The means justify the ends.

Caller: Yes.

Dr. SHIVA: So, it means do whatever the hell you do to get where you want to go. If you have to cheat, steal, lie, bla, bla bla. But the problem is, when you take that philosophical approach, the end that you get typically reflects the means. So, if you take an approach, which is cheating people, manipulating people, confusing people, compromising, I got to do this.

And that’s what happens today in many of these movements. Well, Trump had to say that because he’s going to come into power; or Joe Biden had to do that, or Robert Kennedy had to endorse Hillary Clinton, because he’s a Democrat, you see what I’m saying?

So, whenever we say the ends and the means are two separate things, this gets into a philosophical contradiction, and this is why we have fundamental problems. But our movement is not about the ends and the means. It’s not like there’s an end and then in the education is the means. So I just want to clarify that.

It is the education, which is the end and the means. What do I mean by that? That means people going to Truth, Freedom, and Health number one, we want to educate as many people as possible throughout the world, on the foundations of the Science of Systems, because the elites learn that science.

And without learning that science, we’re like, going nowhere; they have a nuclear bomb, and we have bows and arrows. Does that make sense? Number one. But that education is not just a book room, classroom knowledge you guys will get online.

The second part of that education is for people to intersect with other people, and communicate with them, in an environment where you’re not going to be thrown off. So, we’ve created our own social media forum in a private social media, number two, that’s also the ends and the means.

The third is we want people to get on the ground. John, you have your hard hats and some years. So, we’ve started hosting events all over the world, where we’re educating people on what to do on the ground, John, maybe you can bring up the dashboard.

So, people can go I mean, I haven’t really been into selling merchandising people said, Dr. Shiva, we need cards, we need hats.

We need why, because we want people to go on the ground, people see the Truth Freedom Health Movement and people hand out a card. These cards are two inch by three inch cards on a small card, you can educate people on the Pro-Mask, Anti-Mask issue. You can educate people on vaccines; you can educate people on censorship. We want people to get on the ground. In fact, I have to leave in about three minutes. I’m going to a union meeting. First responders.

So, to me doing these educational videos, is not the end. It’s the means. Does that make sense? It is guys like you not only getting educated but understanding the Science of Systems, understanding what occurred in the 1900s in this country, understanding how movements are built. That’s how we’re going to win the ends and the means are the same.

Does that make sense? This is so it means you become a leader in your community, you become the light, okay? You start educating people, your neighbor, you say, you know what? You and I can disagree on masks.

But if you sign up as a Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholar, we’ve created tools, where we’ve given people fliers, things that you can go do in your community.

This is hard for people to understand because we’ve gone into this really bad habit for 50 years, outsourcing our future to people in Malibu people and to billionaires. I’m saying we haven’t gone to our neighbors.

Caller: Yes, I see what you’re saying. I never voted until 2020, and you know, there’s reasons why.

Dr. SHIVA: A lot of us have. The good news is that the events have now woken up people. But the problem is we don’t want people to wake up and go into one wing of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and then nothing’s going to happen. This is the opportunity for people to build a Bottoms-Up Movement.

In closing, what I want to say is, look, typically, there’s three sides to the world. Typically, there’s only been two sides, the establishment, and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. But for the first time in human history, we have the third side, which is the side which is this movement.

Which is about teaching people the Science of Systems, focusing on what the real problem is in a real solution, and telling people we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement. And until people start exercising that part of their psyche, their physicality, their brain, and breaking away from the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, we’re just going to be in a habit trail.

Thank you for your wonderful question. But everyone, go to if you’re serious about fighting for you. Learn the Science of Systems, learn how to become an activist on the ground, learn how to become a leader, where you become the change. You become actually the quote unquote, celebrity. You become the force of change, and you stop outsourcing your future to others.

Thank you for your call. I got to go, thanks everyone.

Caller: Hey, thank you sir.

Dr. SHIVA: Be well, bye-bye. Alright everyone, thank you. I hope this is valuable. John, you want to just play the video while we’re wrapping up? So everyone go to, become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, but do it for you. This is about you learning how to fight for you.

Dr. SHIVA: Alright, everyone, I hope that was helpful. We’ll do it again tomorrow. Everyone, have a good time. And I’m headed over to a union meeting where a bunch of first responders want to hear about Truth Freedom Health. Everyone, go to, build a Bottoms-Up Movement. To hell with the establishment and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment get serious about fighting for you.

Thank you be the light

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