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VA Shiva’s Revolutionary Online Tool for Personalized Health

VA Shiva shows you how to find your natural systems state and balance your body to live fat-free, disease-free, and stress-free.

Today there are so many new supplements, herbs, foods, super-foods, exercises, activities, and workouts that it is becoming mind-boggling for an individual to figure out what to do to support a healthy lifestyle. VA Shiva has developed a unified system that helps you overcome the confusion and find a combination of food, exercise, and supplements suited uniquely for you through a method that combines modern systems biology and ancient systems of medicine. Find the right combination for YOU!
Your Body is a System

All systems in nature possess the following three forces: transport, process, and storage. Transport governs all those elements involved in movement, input and output (I/O), and locomotion. Process governs all those elements involved in conversion and transformation from one state to another. Storage governs all those elements providing structure and those involved in storing information, matter, or energy. In a modern computer, transport involves input and output, usually the keyboard and mouse for input and the display for output. The central processing unit (CPU) enables a conversion of information from one form to another. The hard-disk drive and the random access memory (RAM) provide the storage for both long-term and short-term data.

When we cook, the pot provides the storage and structure. The fire provides the mechanism to process or convert the ingredients inside the pot into other elements. The cook’s stirring of additional ingredients is the transport element, providing the input and output. In the human body, sensing our environment and reacting to it is the aspect of transport. Processing is involved in the digestion of food as well as metabolism. Our brain cells and fat cells provide us with storage to think and to conserve energy, respectively. In summary, our body is a system, and the three forces that govern our body pervade all systems in nature

Your Natural System State

Every system in nature has a natural system state. As defined by VA Shiva, the natural system is a state in which a system operates at its optimal levels. When distressed or put into situations to which the system is not accustomed, systems move away from their natural system state. An intelligent system has the ability to sense its environment, be aware of the changes, and provide new inputs into its system to cleverly bring the system back to its natural system state. This principle of modern systems theory and feedback/control systems that VA Shiva studied at MIT is also a core principle of the Your Body, Your System online tool. However, it is more than that.

In addition to modern systems theory, the tool also recognizes that ancient systems of medicine had a method to accurately and qualitatively assess an individual’s natural system state. The tool now makes this 5,000-year-old technique now accessible to anyone at home. By combining this ancient technique with modern systems theory, anyone can determine their natural system state. Knowing one’s natural system state is a beginning of finding the right foods, activities, and supplements to combine in order to bring one back to their natural system state when they go out of balance.

How Your Body, Your System™ Works

VA Shiva, through his nearly 40-years of experience in developing software, has made a user-interface that is truly easy to use. As you may recall, back in 1978 as a 14-year-old high school student, VA Shiva invented the first email system that emulated the inter office paper mail system. His email system had to be easy to learn and use for busy doctors and office staff.

In the case of Your Body, Your System, VA Shiva has similarly made an easy-to-use tool that simplifies the complex, 5,000-year-old technique used by ancients as well as modern systems theory previously only accessible to engineering students. With this tool, the user answers a set of questions and is provided a qualitative and quantitative understanding of their natural system state.

Once this is done, the user can then do a daily or weekly self-assessment to understand to what extent they have veered from their natural system state. This system provides a simple visualization that allows the user to see the connection between their natural system state and their current state. Following this, the user is then provided a personalized health plan integrating activities and exercise, foods, and herbs and supplements for their situation at that time. This plan is available on the web as well as on any mobile device. By following the plan, the user is able to integrate all different health and lifestyle protocols – be it hot yoga, Zumba, vitamins, amino acids, super-foods, raw foods, steamed foods – as appropriate to their particular body.

Your Body, Your System™ is easy to use and is available for individuals, medical doctors, and health care practitioners at

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