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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA provides a Systems Analysis of the current economic situation revealing how the Elites want to use more lockdowns to stop economic growth.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – talks candidly giving a recap of the last 24 months, explaining the real reason for lockdowns was to slow down the economy.
  • The Elites need to keep interest rates low to sustain their economic model.
  • The Elites created the conditions for the 2008 financial crisis, where the government “saved” the big banks through quantitative easing to keep interest rates. artificially low, while small businesses and the working classes were allowed to crash and burn.
  • In 2019, just before the pandemic, massive anti-corruption protests with millions of people were occurring all across the world.
  • The lockdowns of the 2020 pandemic allowed the elites to suppress protests, massively inflate the money supply, and Trump’s Operation Warp Speed saved Big Pharma.
  • Since the pandemic, 600 billionaires have collectively increased their wealth by over 2.6 trillion dollars while working people have been crushed by lockdowns and mandates.
  • Working people must unite in a bottom’s up movement to collectively fight back against the economic class-war being waged against them.


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Hello, good afternoon everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and to those of you outside of the United States, which you guys, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, given great but what I want to talk about today is about who really benefits from lockdowns and the dynamics of it back in 2019 and early 2020.

Understanding the Interconnections

I did a video on this a long before anyone really understood the interconnection between what was going on with global movements, interest rates, what these lockdowns meant, as well as the biology of it to many, many multiple systems we integrated. I’m in Florida.

Today I had an interesting set of meetings, which I’ll talk about at some other point. But today, what I want to do is to go back and review that. And really to give you guys the mechanics of it, you know, the body has mechanics, the universe’s mechanics, everything in the universe is a system. But what’s important to understand here is that those in power do not want us to understand a Systems Approach to how everything works in the universe.

They want to keep you in the blind to not being able to integrate what’s going on with the efforts of the so-called pandemic, with the efforts of what was going on with massive movements that were taking place globally in 2019.

Truth Freedom Health®

They don’t want you to integrate that with the economic system. So when you start putting these pieces together, and you see the substantive intersections, we can go Beyond Left & Right. And really start understanding the truth here. And what it really means to the slogan Beyond Left & Right. Beyond Black & White, working people unite for Truth Freedom Health®.

So before I give that analysis, I want to just play a quick video, a short video, which will give the foundations of what our movements are about, and why it’s important that all of you take a Systems Approach. Particularly as you’re taking the vacation and Thanksgiving, all of you should go to Truth Freedom Health® and sign up and to really become a systems warrior scholar.

Systems Approach

Alright, everyone, so I hope that video helps everyone really understand what we need to do to take a Systems Approach. So let’s take a Systems Approach and look back over the last 24 months. And what I want to do is I want to intersect multiple systems, biological systems understanding of what took place with the so called pandemic economic systems understanding, the understanding of movements, you know, political movements, and if we intersect those three, we will get a deeper understanding of what these lockdowns are really about.

And one of the things we want to emphasize here is you got to follow the money. You know, I have behind me a bunch of weights here, you know, I wish you know, over the last three years with all the work I’ve been doing, I really enjoy lifting weights and it’s one of my passions, but it’s been very hard to do that with the incredible amount of hours that I’ve been putting in.

Follow the Money

But what’s wonderful about lifting weights and exercise is that there’s no politics to lifting weights. Either you can bench press 225 pounds or you can’t, it’s that simple. You can’t like bullshit your way through this. Well, if you follow the money, there’s no bullshitting. Let me explain this. So, let’s begin with the concept of interest rates. What is an interest rate measure of.

So, interest rates are a measure of the demand for money. Okay? If the demand for money is low, which means people don’t want a lot of money, the interest rates are gonna go down, because you want people to borrow money. Okay?

If the interest rates are high, okay, that means they are going high, that means there’s a higher demand for money, okay. And as a result of that, you know, interest rates will climb. So when do interest rates climb, interest rates will climb. One of the important ways is, let’s say an economy starts growing, and people are actually doing substantive work.

So let’s say you’re running a business, you’re running a small restaurant, and your restaurant gets five customers, and 10 customers, and 20 customers, or I run a software business and I start selling more software, because people like what I’m selling, that business is going to start growing as it grows, if I’m a small startup business, I’m going to need more capital to expand my business.

One way you can get capital through equity, where you sell stocks, the other way Is you take a loan. Well, if businesses start booming and growing, then more people are going to, let’s say, seek loans, and the interest rates will start to climb.

Obama Saved Big Banks

Got it? So the more demand for money typically comes, let’s say in the business world as a business is growing in a natural way. All right. Well, so if you go back and look over the last 10 years, starting, let’s say, with 2008, when Obama saved the Big Banks, and what did that do, the Big Banks were running on fumes, they were giving loans to every Tom, Dick and Harry, people who shouldn’t be getting loans, were getting loans. Okay.

It was an artificial market. And when the banks failed, what occurred? What occurred at that point when the banks failed was Obama came in and saved the Big Banks. And they ended up printing about $4 trillion. And what that ended up doing since 2008, is to 2016. You started keeping interest rates started dropping, because the reality was they had artificially pumped a lot of money into the money supply.

Okay. So come 2016 What you start seeing and this affected globally, what was going on was starting in 2016 to 2019 – 2016, when the new election took place, those in power knew that interest rates were going to potentially climb back up again, why were they going to climb back up?

Economic Reset

Because there were thriving businesses, small businesses, mom and pop businesses were working very hard. And those businesses were actually growing, developing economies were growing. Go look at India, the growth rate, for example, a large developing nation, these economies growth, small businesses growing was going to fuel interest rates going up. Well, the elites realized they needed to do another economic reset.

What did that mean? That means to figure out a way to keep interest rates low, okay? Because there was a legitimate every day, small businesses, hard working businesses globally, were starting to grow again, in spite of all the efforts of the elite. So if you look also globally, the manipulation of the elites of the economy was also leading, go look at all that. But 2018-2019 working people all over the world, you could just Google this.

There were massive strikes taking place all over the world because of the corruption. People are protesting against election fraud. And countries like Venezuela, and all over the world, plus working people were rising up and protesting against their exploitation.

Fake Economy

Well, guess what happens right then? late 2019, early 2020 By the way, in 2019, the repo rates, which are a measure of the overnight rates of interest rates suddenly went up to a shocking 10% I believe, was sometime in September 2019, which means the elites manipulation of the economy of keeping interest rates artificially low was starting to burst dams were starting to burst, which means interest rates should be around 6 to 8%. But the elites had kept interest rates artificially low.

So they could borrow – large corporations they were borrowing money at very low interest rates, real estate developers etc. They weren’t literally living in a fake economy. So what they needed was a way to break the economy. Slow it down. Because, as these developing nations as everyday working people’s businesses were naturally growing, interest rates were going to climb and it’s like a pot boiling over and they were keeping it unnaturally suffocated.

And you had protests all the way going on all over the world. 22 millions of people protesting from Hong Kong to France, etc. So boom, you create something called a quote unquote, a “pandemic.” And in early January, late January, so that’s what was. So if you think about the economic conditions, interest rates are being kept artificially low. Working people, small businesses are starting to grow. People are protesting out on the street.

So that’s the political movements in the economic system. So what ends up happening in early January of 2020, is suddenly we start hearing about this Wuhan virus. And we, our movement, were leading the efforts in places like New Jersey, where they were trying to eliminate the jab exemption for religious religious exemption. We led one of the massive protests and stopped that.

Fake Science

And in early February, I did a video exposing this guy Fauci. Saying, This guy’s a fool, he doesn’t know science, that he was promoting, essentially fake science. And at that time, I got a call from the White House, one of the chief economic advisors and he said, look, the President Trump is not listening to us, Dr. Shiva, please do more videos, educating the public on the immune system, long before any of these so called players that you see today came on to even expose Fauci a year before this movement was exposing them because we knew Fauci going to the understanding of the immune system was also lying.

Fauci was talking about a concept of the immune system that dates back to 1915, one, five, and we expose that you can go look back in March of 2020. In fact, as early as September of 2019, I did a video called Beyond Vax & Anti-Vax, the need for precision in personalized medicine. So those videos in very powerful ways, exposed Fauci, they exposed the economic system, they exposed the political movements that were taking place, and all these three dynamics.

And what we saw and we knew these lockdowns were coming, I wrote a letter to Trump and I said, there’s no reason to do these lockdowns because it’s going to destroy the economy, it’s going to hurt lots of small businesses. Trump didn’t listen to us – that what we should do is to, you know, support the immune system. And I in fact, wrote a protocol for this.

And John, maybe you can find it as I’m speaking, if you can bring it up, John, it’s on the Shiva for Senate site, that letter. But so this is March of 2020. Over a year and a half ago, our movement for Truth Freedom Health® took a Systems Approach to understanding the nature of the economic system, the nature of the political movements and the biological systems and we expose Fauci we expose this entire thing.

Do the Right Thing, at the Right Time

And it’s very important in life to do the right thing, at the right time. And what we fundamentally showed was that these lockdowns had nothing to do with public health. What they had to do was with slowing down the economy. The elites could not allow the natural economy to grow, because interest rates would have gone up and would have meant calamity for the elites.

In fact, this letter as John, goes to the top. So you can see the date March of 2020, I wrote a letter to Trump. And, John, if you zoom in a little bit, you see what the letter says. The letter says Immune and Economic Health for America. Okay.

And I wrote to the President, and John, maybe you can put that link in the chat so everyone can see it. But this letter laid out why it’s important not to close down the economy. From the economic side, scroll down John. And then from the biological side, I also shared a protocol of people you know, really sick people, okay, fine, quarantine them.

Those who are immunocompromised essentially were a four part protocol, the right medicine for the right person at the right time. Well, Trump didn’t listen to this. We locked down the economy. We destroyed small businesses, and we hurt working people. That’s what actually ended up happening. We hurt lots and lots of working people, who succeeded from the lockdown? Amazon, Walmart, etc. Right?

Big businesses, 600 billionaires double their wealth. And the interest rates are again kept low for the elites who suffered mom and pop businesses, small businesses, workers. So we need to go back to the fundamental understanding that this is not about Pro-Vax, Anti Vax.

This is not about Pro-Mask, Anti Mask. This is Economics is biological systems intersecting with political systems intersecting with the interest rate systems I just went through. So the lockdowns were done to break the economy, B R E A K, slow it down. I repeat, the lockdowns were done to slow down the economy in the interest of the elites to keep interest rates low.

And what it trumped Trump. Whether he did it implicitly whether you did it knowingly or unknowingly printed another $6.2 trillion to save the elites again, this time, just like Obama saved Big Banks, Trump to save the Big Pharma. And we destroyed small businesses. Jeff Bezos walked away with doubling his wealth from 100 billion to 200 billion.

Amazon doubled from being less than a trillion dollar company to I believe, being about a $1.8 trillion company now. So just think about this. Think about what I’m saying, as you go to your vacations on Thanksgiving and those of you around the world, we have to get smart. We have to recognize there are people making money off the division of people.

Pro-Racism, Anti-Racism, Pro-Mask, Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax, Pro-Vax, Pro-Union, Anti-Union, Left & Right, Black & White. And those people who are making us fight among each other, are the same forces who go back many centuries who profited off divide and rule, and why they divide and rule us. And while we’re fighting against each other, and as you just saw in the last 16 months, they made a ton of money.

So these lockdowns are about slowing down the economic system for their interests. They do not want everyday working people like you and I every day, small businesses competing with their interests. So they’re running an artificial economy, a fake economy. And that fake economy enables a very few to maintain power by dividing and ruling us.

And so we really need to give, you know, contemplation to this. Take a respite and think about these things. And that’s why our movement, the movement for Truth Freedom Health®, and I encourage all of you to for yourselves, give thanks to yourself that we’ve been able.

And I want to thank everyone who supported our movement. I’m very grateful that I was able to learn this knowledge and bring it to you. Go to support this for yourself, because we’re at a time right now we need to move Beyond Left & Right, Beyond Black & White. Working people must unite and recognize that in every aspect of our lives, we’re being divided. And economically, these lockdowns have nothing to do with public health.

Even in fact, they don’t have to do even, quote unquote, the jab, what they have to do is use these vehicles, to divide us and do lockdowns to keep interest rates low. So the elites can keep doing their fake economy, at the expense of working people like you and I, at the expense of dividing all of us.

So, I encourage all of you to go to, we’ve created tools, so you can understand System Science, you can understand how the elites think can be 10 steps ahead of them, you can also understand how to think Beyond Left & Right, on every issue. So you can educate your neighbor to become a leader, this movement is really about you.

So you can recognize that if you don’t elevate your understanding, from a Systems Approach, you’re going to be fighting with your neighbor, we’re going to be involved in a divided and ruled model, which is what the elites want. This is going back to the entire philosophy of the British Crown, about the concept of the monarchy thinking we’re all peasants, we should not get the freedom of speech, we should not get the First Amendment, Second Amendment, etc. So think about what I’m telling you.

The good news is the tools are here, for you to really Get Educated or Be Enslaved. Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Go Get Educated or Be Enslaved. You know beyond left and right, beyond black and white. Working people unite. Thank you.

I hope this really helps you understand? Why these lockdowns are really about breaking the economy, BRAKE slowing it down and and manipulating the economy for the interests of the elites, the pandemic, the jabs, all these are tools for economic recents in addition to what I talked about where Big Pharma gets to make trillions of dollars, thank you, everyone. Be well.

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