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The Science of Systems: The Key to Truth
By Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai | June 30, 2016

Why This News is Relevant:
Because Everything is a System

Everything is a System— Your Body, Your Business, Your World. Your body, your business, your world are all systems. When you know what a system is, you are ready to liberate yourself, your body, and the world around you.

When you really understand the core foundation of all systems, you can see new connections and find the right combination of solutions to be creative and innovative.

Know the Truth:
Your World is a System of Many Interconnected Parts

In 1978, I developed EMAIL, the world’s first email system.

Email was a system — in particular, an electronic system of interconnected parts, which was specifically created to emulate the interoffice paper-based mail system, used across most offices in the 1970’s.

Your body, your business, your family, your world, like email, are also systems of many interconnected parts. When you understand what a system truly is, you will be able to unravel and see interconnections as never before, across seemingly disparate pieces. When you understand what systems are, you will be able to heal, liberate yourself, and the world around you. This is why everyone needs to know, what is a system?

Find Your Way:
Your Body is a Holistic System of Many Component

We can look at the human body in different ways. Modern medicine has taken the approach of understanding the body by studying its individual parts (molecules, cells, tissues, organs, etc.) in a highly specialized manner. This effort has provided humankind with enormous benefits such as antibiotics, advanced surgical techniques, and molecular medicine. Another approach is to view the body as a whole and study its holistic interaction with the environment, internally and externally. This is the approach of ancient systems of medicine such as Siddha, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which have benefited billions of people for thousands of years.

I created Your Body, Your System® as a solution that integrates the principles of modern systems theory with eastern approaches to medicine. It helps you to understand your body as a system, and how you can manage your system effectively with food, supplements and activity

“Your Natural System State is a unique combination of nature’s 3 primary forces – Transport, Conversion and Storage. Your Natural System State is like your DNA. It is unique to you.”

(Source: Your Body, Your System)

Be the Light:
A Unique Solution Combining Bridging Systems of Science and Tradition

Over the years, modern medicine and ancient systems of medicine have worked in parallel, each in a world unto their own. Recently, pioneers in the field of integrative medicine have been working to bring together practitioners trained in conventional allopathic medicine with those trained in complementary or traditional healing systems. The ultimate goal is to integrate these unique modalities in order to accelerate and expand our ability to prevent and heal disease, as well as enhance wellbeing. While these efforts are important, many conventionally trained M.D.’s have been reluctant to fully embrace this new field because in many cases, there is little evidence-based scientific research to validate the benefits of complementary health practices. In short, the lack of a core scientific foundation for integrative medicine has prevented its potential benefits from reaching many people who could be helped by an integrative approach.

After a lot of research into both systems, I has come up with a simple and elegant way integrating the two systems. The solution is based on a person’s Natural System State.

Your Natural System State is a unique combination of nature’s 3 primary forces – Transport, Conversion and Storage. Your Natural System State is like your DNA. It is unique to you.

Once you understand what your Natural System State is, we will then help you find out what your Current System State is – or how stabilized are the 3 forces of Transport, Conversion and Storage.

Based on his research, I will then suggest recommendations on diet, supplements and activities to keep the System stabilized.

Join the Revolution:
Find Out Who You Really Are

I have written a White Paper that explains in easy terms what a “System” really is.

To download the full White Paper as a PDF, please fill and send the form below. You will then receive an email with the download link.

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