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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, talks about the fact that Elon Musk has been manipulating Twitter’s algorithms to boost Not-So-Obvious-Establishment figures like Ben Shapiro on the so-called Right, AOC on the so-called Left, and vapid celebrities, entertainers, and sports starts like Lebron James. This is meant to create the illusion among average working people that these figures are fighting for your interests. When, in fact, they are false idols meant to distract and divide you, while the real agents of change are shadowbanned and corralled into a digital apartheid.

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Welcome, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

What I wanted to talk about today is the fact that we have false gods who are being promoted as leaders of changing the world. And they have become quite insidious in the efforts that they do to manipulate, frankly, billions of people. And I’ve been speaking about this fact relative to Elon Musk for many, many months and taking a lot of heat for.

And by the way, our movement, as many of you know, always leads the world two to three years ahead. It was our movement, which first exposed the issues with Fauci first exposed the issues with election systems for odor, the issues with the backdoor portal to Twitter. And in the since I was put back on Twitter and December 20, I have not basically, you know, bowed down to must and thanked him.

In fact, we’ve been exposing the fact to things we’ve been talking about, actually three things. First, we’ve been exposing the fact that there is this unholy alliance between government and all governments of the of the world and social media companies, we were the first to expose the existence of the actual portal. Second, we’ve talked about the fact that when it comes to Elon Musk, he is a part and parcel of this, he is not an agent of free speech.

He’s a false god. And the other thing that I’ve been predicting is that the at least in the United States, the United States, Congress, will at some time, come together to pass laws, which will legalize retroactively, they’re elite illegal activity, okay. And all of those are coming to fruition.

And the reason they’re coming to the reason our predictions are correct, is because we take a systems approach, we’re not left or right. So we have the freedom and the courage to expose the reality what’s going on, we’re not in any one left or right camp. The other thing that I’ve seen since being back on Twitter, and actually exposing Musk is that my visibility, as they call it, has been shut down.

And Elon Musk comes from South Africa where they, you know, lived in apartheid South Africa for years. All right. And even if you look at South Africa, what they did was they knew that there was gonna be a huge uprising in the 80s and early 90s.

And the tactic that the elite blacks and the elite whites did, was they found a full like, and that’s where we, Mandela really was, he’s an absolute fool, because I’ve had friends who were in prison with him. And among the many, many different revolutionary leaders, he was considered one of the dumbest guys. All right, so the elites found the dumb guy, to run South Africa on behalf of the black elites, and the white elites.

And nothing fundamentally changed for the masses of poor, black working people in South Africa. In fact, what happened was, conditions have gotten worse. In fact, the guy that Obama, I’m sorry, Obama, or what’s his name? Mandela put as president was completely raping his own people, he built 30 $40 million mansions for himself.

And this is the same thing that typically occurs, the elites always appoint someone top down, the color may change to white or black or brown. But it’s a way of manipulating people to think that something has occurred, because in South Africa, there was a bottoms up movement building. And in order to snuff that out, they took this guy Obama out of, you know, the cobwebs and they promoted him.

So what the reason I’m giving that South Africa background is Elon Musk comes from a world where there has been two tier systems, and he’s apps and he and his family and he have profited from that. All right. Well, what’s interesting on Twitter’s Twitter’s become a two tier system.

I have all the data to show since I started hammering Elon Musk, that I used to get 500,000 impressions per day, which means that many people see my tweets. Now it’s fallen to below 25,000 or less, and my followers are fallen. Well, an article just came out by a organization called platformer yesterday.

Remember, Elon Musk says he wants to treat everyone equally, quote, unquote, he’s put that out. He’s also put out a quote saying that we need to eliminate a world of lords and peasants. Well, it turns out, this organization has the list of 35 people that he actually boosts promotes.

What does that mean? That means they get more visibility than us peasants, which means it’s not like they’re paying for advertising, the algorithms are changed to actively promote them. And who are these people? Well, the platformer has 35 names, but for some legal reasons, a revealed a few of them. Well, one of them is AOC Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, who drives around a Tesla and who believes in climate change and promotes that the green New Deal.

Okay, another one is LeBron James in I’m probably one of the friends, he hangs out within drugs, you know, whatever. You know, the LA superstar Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro is one of the biggest scumbags on the quote unquote, right? Of, okay.

He is promoted as anti establishment on the right wing. But he’s actually completely with the establishment. Same with AOC, you say? He’s promoting the not so obvious establishment on both wings? Joe Biden, okay.

Cat turd. All right, and you can look that guy up, who always gets a lot of boost promotion. So he actually has a list.

You know, in India, we still call it the caste system. He has a list of Brahmins that he promotes are elites, and anyone and these people serve the agenda of the elites. And the agenda of the elites is to make you think that on the left on the right, you have leaders who are fighting for you.

So you don’t have to do anything. AOC, right. She’s really the left wing leader.

And Ben Shapiro, he’s promoted as a right wing leader, when both of these people actually exists. For two reasons one to make everyday people think, on the left, oh, AOC is fighting for us. She’s fighting for workers, she’s fighting for the environment, we don’t have to do anything.

And Ben Shapiro on the right, to make people think he’s fighting against the establishment. Okay, so And by the way, both of these people drive Tesla’s. Alright, so you have to recognize it’s so much in the face what these people are doing to us.

While this is occurring, the United States government has two acts that they are considering in Congress, one is called resist our ESI S T, the resist Act and the DATA Act. And if you actually go read those acts, they are basically the Orwellian model of doing what the Patriot Act did many years ago. But on the digital world, any platform that has more than 1 million followers, which could be our platform, can if a small committee of people appointed by the President, not by Congress, if they deem it a terrorist organization are serving the interests of influence operations, can can be put in jail and and vilified and attacked and find this is the United States.

So these two acts are coming to justify the backdoor portal. So So restrict act, sorry, not the resist Act, the Restrict Act, and the DATA Act, okay. So these two acts are being created, precisely as I predicted.

So Elon Musk can say, oh, remember his quote, he keeps saying I won’t do anything against the law, nor beyond the law. So Congress is going to create the law for him. So he could say, see, I’m not beyond the law.

I’m with the law. And basically, this will legalize the ability of government to run these backdoor operations. And by the way, this, as I shared with you, this is the same thing that the United States government did about 10 or 20 years ago, when the United States government was using major telecommunications companies, to wiretap US citizens without getting any warrants.

According to the US Constitution, if you want to, for a justified reason, you think someone’s a terrorist, you have to get a warrant, and then you can listen to their phone calls while they were doing this without warrants. And many Americans were going to file in court, a class action lawsuit, Congress passed a law to retro actively legalize it. And that’s what they’re doing right now.

Again, but again, it’s as we predicted. So what is this show to you? This shows to you that nothing has changed, that we have apartheid where all the plebes and the Lord’s exists 35 of them at least we know. And we know for a fact from the data since I’ve been back on Twitter.

The day I got back and I said I want to be Musk CEO that got boosted, right? That got like 20 million views, but ever since I’ve attacked him, my views have shrunk to nothing. You know what that makes me feel like? That makes me feel like a fucking slave. That’s what it really makes me feel like and I don’t want to use the N word, but that’s what it makes me feel like this guy’s a fucking evil motherfucker.

And I’ve had to do the dirty job of going on Twitter and hammering him and all these idiot dumb ass quote unquote conservatives. Using the same attack they did on me when I woke people expose me when I expose the bullshit of the pandemic. You see, the left wing and the right wing.

People are both being manipulated by the AOCs and the Ben Shapiro’s. You see how this works. And that’s why II Elon must promote some, because he does not want people to rise up bottoms up and build a movement.

So they create these VIPs that they promote. It’s in black and white guys. It’s not even theory.

It’s actually he promotes these people who create the narrative that follow this wing or that wing. And then you throw in a few idiots, celebrities. So you keep the masses entertained.

But you do not promote Dr. Shiva, Dre, you exposes Elon Musk, you actually put me in a cage, and you let the other people fly around. You see, this is apartheid.

This is called the caste system. This is what you call racism at his very fundamental level. And why am I so upset about this? Because what’s, and I’m upset, because the American working class in this country has been so bloody bamboozled, has so many freedoms that for the last seven years, I’ve been sitting on their ass, doing nothing about this.

being entertained by the AOCs by the Lebron James watching stupid sports shows, and the United States is that was the tip of the spear of fighting for this stuff. I mean, go to any other country, and you have to deal with corruption at every level every day, be it Mexico, be it India, you have to do a small transaction, you have to pay somebody off in America, the corruption is at a very high level. However, people have far more rights here.

And the reason is, so the resist, sorry, the Restrict and the data acts are basically gone. It’s a complete destruction of the First Amendment. And why aren’t other native born Americans as worked up as me? Why is that? Because they watched too much fucking sports.

And they’ve been bamboozled. Too much entertainment by these morons on the left on the right, that keep getting promoted. And the only way out of it is our movement.

And I keep saying that, because it is the only movement that is calling this out. That is building enlightened leaders, like a number of you on the call here that is hammering away at this issue that the left and the right, are together, that we still have this apartheid model. And these people do not give a damn about us.

And so you have it right here. I mean, it’s right. And the thing is, these people are so in your face, they tell you we’re screwing you over.

And people say okay, I mean, this is right here. Cat turd venturi, reportedly lad on Twitter’s List of 35 VIP accounts, okay? They tell it to you, they tell you they’re screwing you. They tell you that we no longer have a you know, a system of existence, which is not based on me show you this other one.

Okay, which is not based on. Unfortunately, this guy’s got it out. You say? Twitter has a secret VIP list that goes against Elon Musk idea of treating everyone equal on who is on it will shock you? Well, it doesn’t shock us because we understand the theory, right? We understand why you promote AOC and Ben Shapiro, and those of you new to our movement will understand this.

Once you go through the course and you go through the teachings that you won’t be shocked. We’ve already predicted this. John, did you play the anthem video? John meddler, are you there? No, I did not yet.

Okay. So I want John right now. And I’ll come back to this talk to play the anthem video.

And you will see in that Anthem video, we have the Ben Shapiro’s, and we have the AOC as well as what we call the not so obvious establishment. Those of you who’ve gone through the course, know about this theoretically, but theory doesn’t matter. Unless you guys get off your butts and put it into practice.

What is practice mean? Practice means not only do you go through the course not only do join the community, but you become leaders and you start organizing people bottoms up and not make excuses about why you can’t organize people bottoms up. We had a guy from France, France is undergoing a massive movement. This guy has been in our movement.

Oh, I can’t translate. I can’t do anything. We are French, you know, French need things in a certain way.

Are you fucking serious? James, you know, I’m talking about right. I mean, everyone here has food on their table relatively you have, we have so many freedoms that others do not have. And we’re sitting on our ass as all of these rights are being taken away.

And I’ll tell you this on the digital medium with the consolidation of technology, you will have more slavery and more oppression much faster than the offline world. That’s why we keep saying the future is offline. And that’s why we need to build and grow this movement because it is a jewel, as Suresh has said it has never existed.

So those of you who are existing people, you know, when we do breakout sessions, if you’re not in a community, then you’re not doing, you’re not walking the walk, okay? You should be in one of these communities, going down the leadership program, so you can help other people come up. If you’re doing stuff in the communities, you have to get on the ground. You have to online is just bullshit.

We will be doing less than less stuff online, we will be driving people to our website. But online is people think, Oh, I did this online. No, you haven’t done anything.

It’s just fiction. It’s a it’s a hologram. You’re not doing anything.

If you’re doing stuff online to drive people offline, great. But if you’re doing stuff online thinking you’re doing something, you’re doing nothing. Because all of these mediums are now owned and operated by three oligarchs in the world.

And who do they promote their friends? So we’ve gotten literally back to an apartheid model. So I literally the last two weeks, it is so obvious, they let me back on Twitter to put me in a freaking cage. Put the darky loudmouth darky in a cage.

And Elon Musk grew up in a world where that’s what they did to millions and millions of black South Africans. And he’s fine with that. So it’s not even black.

He’s fine doing that to other people. Because mentally he was brought up that a finite set of people should rule over a large set of people that’s in his upbringing. He said in an article that, oh, yeah, my father has investments in Emerald mines.

And then he later said, No, do you know the original article was deleted off Forbes. Our movement is the only hope for the world, because it is going down to the root of the evil, it is educating people. And it is putting the responsibility on you, which is where it needs to go.

And these people are so clever, that they literally are creating false gods on the left on the right. And they will make invisible those people expose what they’re doing. So our only alternative is we have to grow our movement, we have to be independent, and we have to go bottoms up.

That’s the only solution. Everything else is all bullshit. So the good news is it’s that simple.

It’s black and white. Do you want to build a bottoms up movement? Do you want to get engaged in the movement for truth, freedom? How do you want to grow it? And even with that, do you want to be entertained all day listening to me? Or do you want to actually leverage the infrastructure we’ve created? You know, this past week, there’s something that’s been I’ve held in the back pocket of mine, which is we taught people in on the course we teach people the principles of truth, freedom, health, we teach people engineering system science. But once every two months, we do a special seminar this past week, we did a seminar on teaching people how to meditate.

But when we taught people how to meditate wasn’t just some woowoo nonsense, we actually intersected it with the foundations, the nine principles of systems science. So everyone understands that these principles actually occur in your own body. And the reason I did that was because I wanted to engage people to understand these nine principles that we talked about occur everywhere in nature.

So you have a scientific foundation that you can use to change the world. So what I would like to end this

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