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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai discusses from an economic-historic SYSTEMS perspective HOW we WIN Truth Freedom Health and the relevance of May 1, International Workers Day.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator – discusses with Vincent Delaney how We Win Truth Freedom Health and the relevance of May 1st International Workers Day.
  • International Workers Day is celebrated all over the world except America, even though it was originally commemorated for the workers who were shot & hanged for fighting for working peoples rights in the Haymarket Riots in Chicago.
  • Working people rose up to eliminate child labor, gained sanitation, infrastructure, better nutrition & vitamin A. It was not Republicans, Democrats, Roosevelt or Kennedy’s, it was because of everyday working people’s names we do not know.
  • Vincent Delaney shares he bought the hype and was bamboozled by Robert Kennedy Jr., Health Choice, Jeff Kuhner and Howie Carr, that they just wanted money, flights, hotels, control and never helped or cared about fighting the full fight. ‘They are not our friends.’
  • On May 1st, Dr.SHIVA will equip the crowd with tools they can use with people & employers they come in contact with on the issues and explain how becoming a Warrior for Truth Freedom Health is the only way to Win.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA:  Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai and Vincent Delaney. We have D & D here, Delaney and Dr.SHIVA.

VD:  Good afternoon, everybody.

Dr.SHIVA:  It’s going to be a very, very interesting discussion we’re going to have, I’m really, really excited that Vincent reached out and we’ve come together for what is going to be a historic event on May 1st, at the State House in Boston. So May 1st, 2021. So we’ll let people join us. People are coming and people coming in on Instagram here. And we have people joining us on other media. Vincent, you’re down in Florida, right?

VD:  Yes, sir.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. Nice t-shirt.

VD:  Living the dream, living the dream.

Dr.SHIVA:  And Vincent, down there, no one’s muzzled, right?  Or less muzzling?

VD:  Less muzzling. No mandates. You know, stores ask you if you want a mask, you know, and you just say no, and, 99% of places are wide open.  We’ve been, me and the wife, we have been to bingo, the casino, nightclubs, restaurants, dancing, packed houses, you know, and doing what we’re supposed to do as free, free Americans, you know,

Dr.SHIVA:  Great. So what we’re going to talk about is we have a, Vincent, I know, both of us have been in some ways, in the same area, different parallel tracks, and, May 1st, everyone listening, wherever you are, is going to be an important day. And we’ll talk about the significance of that.  I can give a brief significance, and we’ll play a video and then Vincent and I are going to really talk about our journeys. What brings us together, and why Working People should Unite to get back the freedoms that we are essentially losing, and have lost. And we’re going to talk about the significance of how we build a movement to win Truth Freedom Health.  And one of the calling slogans of that, together me and Vincent went to Working People Unite – a little bit of a distinction. It means those people who work to produce stuff and come together to get back our Truth Freedom Health. So we’ll talk about that. And before I do that, as people are joining in, I’m going to play a quick video, which will really set the tone. Some of you, I know, we’re also broadcasting live on now, the Working People Unite, Together We Win page for the May 1st organization. But let me just play this video. Vincent, is that cool?

VD:  Sure, looking forward to it.

Dr.SHIVA:  So let’s play this video, which will really set the tone here,

Dr.SHIVA:  Alright! Vincent, are you there? It’s great to have Vincent. So, Vincent, I think that video sets the tone, which is really about us working people uniting. And you and I spoke a little bit.  We’re gonna have a deep conversation, everyone listening, about our journeys to this point, which is going to bring us to May 1st.  Many people may not know… and this is what the establishment has done… people may not know that May 1st, which was commemorated as May Day as International Workers Day, which is celebrated, by the way, everywhere in the world, everywhere but America. But what’s really ironic is the day May 1st, International Workers Day was commemorated for workers who were shot and hanged because they fought for working people’s rights in the Haymarket riots in Chicago, which was really the impetus for the entire global working class movement. And in the United States, why is this important when we’re talking about muzzling and the jabs and all this because if we go back as we teach and as we want to educate people is when we talk about the jabs of measles, right… and if we go back to the 1900s, 14 out of 100,000 people had the infectious disease, measles, by 1948 it had dropped down to one out of 2 million people, which means it dropped down by 98%… long before the jab system came, which was in 1963. Right?

So, during those 48 years, what happened? Well, working people rose up. We got to eliminating child labor. Working people rose up. We started getting nutrition. We started getting vitamin A treatments. We started getting hygiene. We started getting sanitation. It was the explosive movement of people’s names we don’t even know. It wasn’t the Democrats. It wasn’t the Republicans. It wasn’t Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It wasn’t the Kennedys. It wasn’t all these scumbags, okay, who actually screwed working people. It was the might of the American working class, which brought down infectious diseases and actually raised infrastructure.

And during 1948 to 1971 is when as GDP grew, all sectors of the American people income grew. But starting in 1975, the Democrats and Republicans got together. If working people like us ever rose up, they said, oh, that’s communist, or that’s what the right wing did, oh, that’s Marxist, that’s Socialists, and then the right made it possible for the establishment so we never organized bottoms up. And the left created their bogus, you know, quote unquote, leaders, as we’ve talked about. And those leaders tried to tell us what to do. So we have to beg down to them, be it the Kennedys or the Rockefellers or be it the Bernie Sanders or the Trumps frankly.  And where we are today, in 2021, is one of the worst conditions working people have been in. If you make $50,000 today, you should be making $121,000. Because during 1945 to ‘75, there were at least 100 to 200 million people participating in strikes and Bottoms-up movements. But starting in 1975, we stopped fighting because the unions, the Left and the Right sold us out, only about a million people. So that’s where we are today. So we’re going to steer the ship in a very different direction.  We’re not going to bow down to anyone but ourselves. We don’t need the left. We don’t need the right. We don’t need Republicans. We don’t need Democrats. We don’t need all these non-profits who infiltrate our movement. We need a bottoms-up movement.

So Vincent, you know, it would be really great for you to share. You’ve been extremely active on the ground, with all the things you’ve been doing in the Medical Freedom area. And you know, you and I’ve been running these parallel paths, and we’re intersecting today, which is, I think, it’s fusion, you know, two molecules coming together. So it’d be great, I think, that everyone hears your journey.

VD:  Yeah, so you know, and a lot of people know, my story on our page. But there are some things that, you know, I haven’t put out.  I started the Group Flu You Baker, and that was when the flu jab was going to be mandated in Massachusetts. And I had a lot of contact with Robert F. Kennedy, Health Choice, and quite frankly, was bamboozled. I bought into the hype, you know, I’m like that muzzled person that drives in the car all by themselves, you know, and think that I’m doing the right thing and saving somebody. And what I can tell you happened was the Robert F Kennedy camp, Mary and Leland, it wasn’t about the people in Massachusetts, and nothing to do with the people in Massachusetts. They wanted first class flights, Hilton Hotels at the airport, on the dime of Massachusetts people. They wanted the group to pay for their travel. And, you know, and I told them, I drive up from Florida, to put these things on, and I get a motel room. They weren’t there in the beginning, you know, when the group was 600 strong or 1000 strong, you know, Health Choice and RFK, they waited until that movement got into the thousands and then they became interested and, the Flu You Baker Group in my view was hijacked by Health Choice and attempted by the Robert F. Kennedy camp, and Health Choice had me a little bit longer on the line. And for me, that was unnecessary drama that happened at the rally. And I got a very clear view on what their objective was, and it wasn’t the people in Massachusetts. It was for their top to bottom movement that they had. So, you know, I was incorrect. I thought I was making the right choices. And, you know, I can stand here proudly today and say that I’m glad I see them for what they are. And I’ve told the group since the inception, and I’ve always told the Flu You Baker Group that the politicians are not our friends. They blow smoke up our ass, and we sit there and we accept it.  And we feel good about being keyboard warriors and reaching out to them, but if it’s an election year, you’ll get them out. If it’s not an election year, they kind of like the Grinch did on his little cartoon when he pats the little who on the butt and tells everything is going to be okay and she walks away believing, you know, and that’s what happens with us, I believe, in Massachusetts. The politicians tell us, Robert F Kennedy tells us that……this is his state, this is his home, and he has not ever been to one of my rallies. He has never accepted an invitation. Health Choice had when the numbers got large enough for them. You know, and this is a Bottoms-up movement, you know, and I can only steer the ship so far. And, through circumstance and fate, Dr. SHIVA and I have been able to connect. Our visions are on the same path. And you know, the RFKs, the Health Choice, they are not our friends. As soon as the flu mandate was repealed in Massachusetts, that was it. Never heard from Health Choice again. We all knew that this jab was coming. We all knew that the passports were going to happen, and now that this group has started, I’ve been reached out to and, you know, it’s not the course for this group. We’ve been fooled enough. And, you know, it’s time we take a Bottoms-up approach to this, and we are the only ones that are going to be able to change where Massachusetts goes. And I think this is ground zero, you know, Massachusetts is going to show the rest of the country how this is done.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, I mean, I think Vincent, I think the key thing here is, I think you went through this journey over probably 24 months, right? 36 months, when you look back at it, right? Three years. The interesting thing is, some people spent 30 years, 60 years of their life, being fooled by these people, what I call the not-so-obvious-establishment. To everyone listening, I can tell you, you know, my theory always was that you have to build a Bottoms-up movement independently. When I got into this quote, unquote, medical Freedom Movement, it was filled with opportunists. Now, as you know, Vincent, my history has been all about health and I grew up in that village in India, where my grandmother was a healer.  I was very interested in understanding political systems growing up in that caste system, which was racism on steroids. So I grew up in these worlds where I wanted to understand politics as a four-year-old kid, because I didn’t understand why people are so abusive to other human beings. And then I also wanted to understand how my Grandmother could do this healing without any…she had no formal training. So that was my journey, starting from that small village going into working class towns in New Jersey, where people taught me values, you know, to work hard, have skills. And that’s what led me to somehow I got to MIT, got a bunch of degrees, and in 2007, really got my PhD in a field called Systems Biology and people know I’m considered one of the leading guys In the world on the immune system.  But I never forgot where I came from.

But my studies of political theory were, and my not only political theory, I’ve been a ground activist, since I was an 18-year-old kid. And I saw over those years, how one of the disturbances to our movement forward is not-the-obvious-establishment, but the not-so-obvious-establishment. And what’s unfortunate is the establishment… and everyone should listen to this, they actually create the not-so-obvious-establishment in order to mislead people back into them. And I’ll repeat that, again, the establishment creates the not-so-obvious-establishment, to mislead everyday people who wake up and say, holy shit, I want to change the world, right? What do I do? Something’s not right. So people start trying to figure stuff out almost babes in the woods. These people on the left and the right, it’s not the obvious establishment, right. So if you look at the eagle, the American Eagle, the head is, let’s say, the establishment. Right, the obvious, right, and they all work together. The shoulder of the eagle may be, you know, on the right side, you know, the McConnells and the Romneys and the McCains right, you know, they’re scumbags. And on the left, you have the Bidens and the Obamas, and the Clintons right shoulders of the eagle. So that’s obvious… anyone says oh, McConnell’s bad, Hillary Clinton’s bad, that’s easy. The harder thing is the wings. The ones that flap back at the shoulder, so the AOC’s and the Bernie Sanders, right, they talk a good game oh, you know, workers and revolution and they attack, let’s say, Biden, and you see AOC, it’s all rhetoric. At the end of the day, they do that flapping, so you don’t build a Bottoms-up movement, like what occurred in the 1900s. We go say, oh, AOC is going to do something for me, Bernie, and then the right, more recently, Trump showed his true colors. He didn’t really fight at the end of the day. He conceded. He is now flapping at McConnell, and he wants to raise his money for a super PAC. And you see that in this movement. So when I got into this, Vincent, I think three years ago, I gave a talk and I looked at this pro-vax, anti-jab thing, and I said, these guys are Big Pharma and over here, you have the Kennedy and the Health Choice clowns, and they’re just basically making money. The Children’s Defence fund runs an operation where they wanted you to pay for their first class tickets, right? They wanted you to pay for them. I’m sorry, the Kennedys have a billion-dollar trust fund as a family as I understand, okay.

So when we gave our lectures, I mean, we did it on our own. We did it in our building. We brought people in. We didn’t even charge for tickets. They charge, you know, for tickets and “give me money, give me money”. That’s frickin Kennedy, right? As though he needs money. And, you know, 600 people showed up. And I started doing lecture after lecture, educating people about the real issues, not-pro or anti-vax. It’s about your immune system. So we’ve taught people science in ways that they could understand. You see, these people think people are stupid. They don’t want to teach people science, nor do they know science. And what we found was, you know, people enjoyed it and all these mothers were like, oh, Dr.SHIVA, Dr.SHIVA, an MIT trained scientist. But the day that I started seeing that people like Health Choice, were choking the movement. They were telling mothers not to protest. They were telling them what signs to hold up. And I even reached out to them, at a meeting with their leader. I said, You guys can’t do this. And then instead of learning from the lessons, they started getting more insidious, Vincent. Their model was, oh, Shiva’s right.  The movements are going to come up. We’ll go infiltrate them. You see, that’s how scumbag-ish these people are. That’s what they do. They know. Okay, 10,000 people, so they’re watching. Oh, wow. Vincent up to 9000. Hey, Vincent, can I come speak now?

VD:  Right. Exactly.

Dr.SHIVA:  Vincent, you guys reached out to us. I didn’t go, cuz I was just done. So what we’ve been doing is we’ve been building a Bottoms-up movement, you know, on Truth Freedom Health. We want to educate warriors. We want people to be like Navy SEALs of politics. So they get educated. We built our own infrastructure and people come in on the underground. They start connecting and then we want people to do stuff on the ground. Not just boots on the ground like all these people, grassroots – these terms are just bogus terms. No, the real issue is on May 1st, we as working people, number one, we’re going to go from being kindergartners to being adults. We don’t need you, Kennedy. And people need to wake up. I mean, I think people posted that video of Kennedy saying, you know, I’m emphatically pro-vaccine, I’m gonna play it. And then you have people, members of the cult, oh, well, you know, we got to work together. You know, he didn’t really mean that. He says I’m for policies. So I want to play that, Vincent. So people get this clear. People need to get clear that the leadership of this movement is guys like us, who come Bottoms-up. People listening here. It’s a bottoms-up movement. It’s not five guys who come in their SUVs – that happened in Jersey, they come in, put this thing on, take some pictures and leave, “F” that. We got to build a movement that’s Bottoms-up. So those of you who want to really win – the reason we’re muzzled, the reason we’re going to be jabbed is because of those clowns. It’s not Big Pharma. We were sold out by these people who infiltrated movements, and I’m going to play this video so people understand the difference in their strategy, and where our strategies are.  These guys watch where the people are, okay, 100,000 people, oh, okay, can we come and talk now? Can you pay for our flights? Right? Vincent. That’s what you saw. And let me just go here. So I want people to understand this. And when I brought this out, I took a lot of heat for it, man, because people are in a cult, and we’re gonna break it whether you like it or not. So here’s this video, in his own words, I want to say it emphatically I am pro-vaccine. I am fiercely pro-vaccine, blah, blah, blah. So let’s play this video right here.

RKJ: “Minister Farrakhan has asked me to address the issue of vaccines and African American vaccine safety. I want to start out by saying this and I want to say it emphatically. I am pro-vaccine. I have always been fiercely pro-vaccine. I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.” -RKJ

RKJ:  “I said I am pro-vaccine. I want to say it emphatically. I am, I want to say it emphatically and I want to say it emphatically. And I want to say it emphatically I am pro-vaccine. I am, I have always been, I have always been fiercely pro-vaccine, I had all six of my children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.” -RKJ

Dr.SHIVA:  Now when I found this Vincent, right, and I was new to this Medical Freedom movement, where you have a lot of rich mothers who are giving him a lot of money. Up until then I was beloved by all – oh, Dr.SHIVA is helping us, he’s educating. But when I played that video, and I started showing these contradictions, he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times, right. It’s like they couldn’t handle it. But we don’t care about that anymore. Because the fact that Vincent and I have met is a profound event because we’ve been building this movement independently.  Vincent’s gone through his journey. And the main message to everyone is, if you truly want Truth Freedom Health, you have to dump these people fast. If you want to be abused in a bad relationship, you keep making excuses for them. So after hearing that video, if you still want to make excuses, we say, go off the cliff with them. Because 20 years from now, it won’t be just this. We’ll have collars on us, we’ll have passports, we won’t be able to go here and here. And still they’ll be talking about this and those people will still be following them. Enough is enough. My parents left India as low caste untouchables, because this country was supposed to be a rule of law, freedom, ‘One Person, One Vote.’ That’s what America was about. And these degenerates! That’s what they are miss leaders, Health Choice, Kennedys and we also have to go to the right wing, Kuhner, Carr, these people just talk to get eyeballs – Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, call them all out, man. These people… Kuhner, will never have me on his show, but he’ll have Health Choice there because he wants to get his eyeballs and he reports right up to Baker ultimately. Ultimately, he’s screwed so many conservatives, just like the left wing has screwed some really good people on the left who come up out of nowhere.  Both parties hate working people. Bottom line.

VD:  and you know, Dr.SHIVA, the proof is in the pudding. You know, I’ve invited Kuhner to the rallies, and gotten, “the no response.” You know, Howie Carr is a totally different…

Dr.SHIVA:  Howie Carr is the white version of Al Sharpton, and Al Sharpton takes advantage of black working class.  Howie Carr just talks stuff, he tried to do a hit job on me. He supported a guy who photoshopped a picture of Trump. Everyone needs to recognize these local media people who claim like, you know, they’ll talk a good game right? Right. It’s all talk.

VD:  You know, Dr.SHIVA, the best analogy that I can make is, you know, there are the muzzled up people that are just…. they go everywhere with a muzzle, they probably sleep with a muzzle, take a shower with a muzzle, because they believe the hype from their politicians and from the news. And then there are those of us that go unmuzzled. But, we are still believing the RFKs and the Health Choice and the Carrs and the Kuhners.  And I used to be a big listener, on both their shows. But the fact of the matter is, where are they? Why are we left fighting to be able to enter a store, to be able to walk the street? You know, I’ve been attacked and bit because I didn’t have a mask on, you know.  Where are the politicians and legislators? Why do they allow Baker to continue with the tyranny? You know, they will tell you, they’re on your side yet, here we are. We are anxious. We have the anxiety to walk into a store without a muzzle. I was watching the news the other day, the Pentagon actually developed a chip that will let the government know who has COVID you know, and we have to question everything. And here in Massachusetts, we question nothing, you know, and I believe, emphatically, that this Bottoms-up movement, questions, everything. And we are no different than the masked up, muzzled sheep, you know, because we’re just believing a different narrative. But the end result is we end up in the same place, you know, and only we can change that. And we need a new direction. And you know, I’ve been following you for about two and a half years now. And, you know, not always agreed, but you know, what, always agreed, if that makes any sense. I’ve watched your movement, and I’ve watched it continue to grow at 250,000 followers at this point, and, I believe that people in Massachusetts, we have to get on board. We have to arm ourselves with the knowledge of how to move forward.

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, I think the main thing, Vincent is this. When you guys reached out I think you’d gone through your journey. You just had enough. I know you were doing some of this. I think the main thing is on May 1st, what’s happening is the movement on the May 1st State House steps is going to take a very powerful direction to win Truth Freedom Health. It’s not about quote unquote, unity. Okay. This is a word that the left and the right use when they don’t want to discuss real hard topics. I think when you say you didn’t agree to agree this is probably when people initially have a visceral thing not to agree it’s something within them saying, shit, he is saying the right things, but it bothers me that he’s saying the right things, right?

VD:  The truth hurts, you know, and people are reluctant to hear it, see it and to deal with it. I am one of those people and you know, for the survival of myself, I have to get brutally honest with me and say, okay, you know, I can get people together, I can rally the troops, but you know, I can only bring it as, as an individual so far, but we have to continue on, you know, we have. And I believe that, you know, it was fate that we were able to connect on this one. And you know, we’ve had many discussions this week and I’m excited. I feel good about where we can go as a group here, you know, but it’s the people that watch CNN and they don’t watch anything else. They buy the hype, you know……

Dr.SHIVA:  or FOX, Vincent.

VD:  Yes, as I was gonna say, and people that just watch FOX, you know, and here, the one thing I will say about you, Dr.SHIVA, is you’re brutally honest and that makes people uncomfortable. And, because people don’t always want to hear the truth about where they’re at. And, you know, there’s going to come a point where either they do and we move on or they stay in the same place that they are. And, yeah, we’ll be enslaved, and we have to, we have to get together and go forward, you know, and

Dr.SHIVA:  you said something interesting. Look, you know, I’ve had great coaches all my life in baseball, soccer, etc. And some of the best coaches I had were always brutally honest and they wanted to win. They didn’t care about if people liked them or not.  It wasn’t a popularity freakin’ contest. One of the things I think everyone needs to go through in their own life journey, is they have to stop reading the Dale Carnegie books about ‘people pleasing.’ You have to get to the point where you’re realizing how we all have a finite time on this earth, right? It’s very finite… I mean, it’s like a blink of an eye. So in that finite time, what are you going to do? It’s a very important decision everyone needs to think about.  Some people can say, I’m going to live in my bubble, I don’t care about the world, I’m just going to take care of my little garden, and I’ll have my little goldfish and I’ll have my little garden, etc. That’s one avenue. The other path is, okay, I want to do something significant and change the world. There’s no value judgement here. I’ve chosen this path and so have you. But when you choose that path, now you’re in another world. Okay, so you have a limited amount of time and what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to alleviate human suffering in a shortened period of time.

So if you look at these two points here, right? How many ways can you get to these two points, but there’s infinite ways you can go like this, you can go like this, I can touch my nose like this, I can touch it like this, I can go around my head like this, right? This is probably the easiest way. So over time you realize to touch your nose like this or to go between two points, there is a science.

The elites know this. So since 1970, they do not want working people doing what occurred in the 1900s which is when we rose up, Bottoms-up. So since then they’ve been working very hard… it’s not even a conspiracy. You can just go read about it. It’s out in the open. They organized schools like the Kennedy School of Government, they organized places like MIT and Harvard. They brought in the academics to try to understand System Science. They wanted to understand where the world was going. Not just the world, but working people. Because if working people are upset, they know there’s going to be problems on the ground.

So in 2000 they bring a black guy, Obama, right? Then well, okay, so then using him, they made sure that they gave the elites… they printed money for them, and they kept the interest rates low. And they knew there was going to be a Great Reset. So then they brought in Trump, a white guy. He looked good, talked a lot of stuff, but what did he give us at the end? Jared Kushner, operation warp speed, Fauci, nothing happened to him, you know, censorship, etc. And even if you look at the right or the left, you have this guy James O’Keefe, right? He acts as though he’s fighting. Why hasn’t he gone after Fox news? Right? It’s not just CNN, it’s not just FOX, both of them. So what I want people to think about is… it’s not just left or right. If you see one guy just attacking the left, guaranteed he’s being funded by somewhere and if you see one guy just attacking the right, he’s being funded. They’re making money off talking about how the left is bad, how the right is bad. Our movement, this movement for Truth Freedom Health, what will occur on May 1 is we’re going to steer this ship into a path that has not occurred in this world in a long, long time. And that path is we don’t give a damn about these celebrities. We don’t give a damn about the folks like Kuhner and Carr and Hannity and Tucker Carlson… all of them. We care about working people getting educated, coming together and recognizing that they better get educated. They got to let go of illusions. There has got to be a personal growth that has to take place within themselves. And the personal growth here is… take a relationship, we talked about this earlier, Vincent. There are people who stay in relationships where they are being abused all day. And they keep rationalizing that abuse.

I just shared with you this video of this clown, okay? Former heroin addict, okay, maybe whatever happened to him, Kennedy, okay?  They got a billion-dollar trust fund. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars building their mystique. That’s all they do. And every six months, you’ll see a new Kennedy movie or this movie or that movie. And they are so clever, infiltrating movements, and diverting people.  But our movement is going to be built on everyday people who want to get their head out of you know what and win…. forget about the muzzling for a second or even the jabs. Right now the actual unemployment rate in the world, in the United States, I’m sorry, is 25%. That’s the actual unemployment rate. The other issue is, if you’re making $50,000 today, starting in 1970, the elites have been eating away at your incomes. Even though GDP has grown, which means the economy, the people who have profited from that have only been 5%, the other 95% of the American Pie has grown smaller and smaller, and the American Pie has grown bigger and bigger. We saw it in the last nine months. All these lockdowns… let’s talk about it, follow the money. 600 billionaires doubled their wealth, doubled it.  And the media will not highlight… they’ll do one article on it. Walmart was open, Amazon was open, Dunkin Donuts was open, all the shitty food was open. But the good mom and pop restaurants, they were all shut down. So who profited from that?  People actually made money off of this. And we have to follow the money. If you don’t follow the money, you’re not following the essence of what’s going on.

So on May 1st, in honor of those working people… it started in America, we’re going to put this movement on the right tracks. And if you don’t want to be part of it, we’re fine with it, right Vincent? It’s fine. Go your way. Go do what you want to do and see where that gets you. You’re going to get your head beaten in like what happened to those in 1968. And I want to point this out… the anti-war movement in the 1960s went through two phases. Actually three phases. First of all, there’s no anti-war movement. Then people said, shoot, I don’t want to go to Vietnam and get shot. So then people started rising up, primarily the left wing of the Democratic Party attacking Goldwater as a warmonger. And that went on and the war kept going on and escalating. And it was in 1968, when a bunch of students outside of the Chicago convention got their heads butt kicked in, not by the Republican warmongers, but the Democrats. Lyndon Johnson unleashed the cops to beat them and then people said, Oh, my God, the Democrats and Republicans both want to beat our heads in, they both want us to fight wars. And when that movement shed, the left wing, shed the right wing and it built an independent movement, the war ended like this, because the elites were like, holy shit, there’s gonna be a revolution in this country. So the movement is gonna occur, when we build a Bottoms-up independent of people who actually come up Bottoms-up.  Not from people with silver spoons.  Hey, if you’re a silver spoon, I’m not against you, right? But you can just fund our movement. Okay, but we’re not going to fund you. We’re not going to have Vincent give, you know, first class tickets to a guy who lives in Malibu and skis in Aspen anytime he wants and has his private plane. And if people want to fund that, then you’re freaking stupid. I’m sorry. You’re basically in an abusive relationship. So we want to build our movement on people who care about those working people who fought and died for us, who gave us the eight-hour work day, right, who eliminated child labor, who gave us nutrition, who built the bridges in the cities and the infrastructure. That’s who I honor. That’s where I come from Vincent and that’s where you come from.

VD:  Yes, Sir. And you know, Dr.SHIVA, you brought up Trump and, you know, and the thing is, you’re very equal. There’s plenty of blame to go on the left and the right. To me, it seems they throw money at you. I supported Trump as did you. I sit back and yeah, you know, the taxes were cut and the economy was good and money was coming yet, I’d watch on the TV Fauci just destroying this country. And if I could see it, I’m not the President, you know, I’m just a working class guy, but I could see what was going on, that he couldn’t see, you know, that Fauci was destroying this country, You know, I don’t care if you support Trump, I don’t care if you support Biden, but the thing is, we have to look at what the end result was, you know, Fauci created this, this horror in this country, and Trump allowed it to happen, because he should have fired his ass when he had the opportunity. But he didn’t, he still stood by his side, when he said mask up and shut down and blah, blah, blah, you know, and Trump could have ended it quickly, you know. So, I totally agree that it now becomes the people.  We are the ones that built this country, to what it is today. And we are now the ones that are laying down and allowing this country to be destroyed, you know, because they throw so much at us, and nobody knows where to start, and then at time of war you know, when the Marines went into Fallujah, and they were told, take the city.  And if you looked at it on a map, you’d say, impossible. But if you did it building by building, which they did, eventually they got Fallujah under control. And here, you know, we do one battle at a time and we fight for, as you say, Bottoms-up, you know. We build this from the Bottom-up. The foundation will be strong and the house will be unshakable.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah. And to let everyone know, when we ran the Senate campaign, as you remember, Vincent initially went against what’s her name, Elizabeth Warren, you know, ‘Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian.’ So, I think we can talk about the fact I want to give people confidence, there’s so much we can do from below. But the establishment everyday brainwashes you through its Hollywood, through its media, to demean the nature of what it means to be a human being. By the way, the Massachusetts GOP and anyone, you know, those circles buzzing around here, you know, that MASS. GOP is… I ran as a Republican right? In 2018, I had to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent because they had this guy who photoshopped a picture with Trump. There’s three hands in the picture. Howie Carr supported him. So we ran against Warren. We ran the most vigorous campaign exposing her. ‘Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian.’ We got 100,000 votes. Five times more than any independent candidate, both parties. You can see it. There’s pictures of it, where they colluded with the police, Republicans, Democrats to keep me off the debate stage, when I had every right to be there. Three debates. That’s what they do. 

And everyone listening should understand. As our movement breaks from the Republicans and Democrats, you will see them getting more like… the fangs are going to come out and they’re gonna get even more scared. That’s what you’re gonna see. So that happens historically. So that was in 2018. In 2020, we decided, okay, we’ll give the Republicans another shot. We had 3000 volunteers on the ground 10,000 lawn signs, 20,000 bumper stickers. We were everywhere, Vincent. We had 2 million bucks, we raised Bottoms-up. And the Republicans ran a fool against me. The Republicans were the enemies of Bottoms-up people. I mean, if the so-called conservatives really cared, ain’t I the kind of guy that you care about? Bottoms-up meritocracy, the American dream. But no, they found a fool who was in Greenwich, Connecticut, who no one knew, backed him up, so he would be the designated loser to the Democrats. And unfortunately for them, on September 1st, we knew we won by a landslide. What did we find out? We found out a big discovery. I never believed that, quote, unquote, election fraud took place in this country. You know, I thought that only occurred in places like China and India and Africa, right. By the way, India has one of the best voting systems it turns out, okay.

What turns out is that in Massachusetts, the swamp here of Republicans and Democrats did not want a son of working class people, the son of poor farmers, an immigrant, who came Bottoms-up, got four degrees, ever participating. They wanted to keep their little old boys network. Okay, people like Health Choice went and supported this guy KOC. This guy’s website address was KOC for Senate. Great branding. And what did we see occur in Massachusetts? What did we discover? We discovered that these electronic voting machines which are… forget China, forget all those people… which are certified, certified by the State Election directors, Republican and Democrat, have a feature that when you put a ballot into them, your one vote can become a half a vote, it can be two votes, it can be a third of the vote. It’s called a weighted race feature. It’s a feature built into the machines. So they never want a son of working class people like myself ever coming up. We have selections in this country.  We do not have elections. And so it took me, the guy who invented email, to figure this out. September 25th, we exchanged emails with the Secretary of State. She is admitting to me on email that they destroyed what are called ballot images. When that ballot goes through on the electronic voting machines, it creates an image. And just to make it clear, we won in Franklin County, Vincent, if you remember, which is all hand counted paper ballots.  But in every other county with electronic voting machines, I lose 60/40 60/40 60/40, because those electronic voting machines have the ability to take that image, they take the ballot, they make an image and they can basically multiply your vote by a factor.

So what do we find in Massachusetts? They deleted the ballot images. When I tweeted that out, I get thrown off Twitter for three weeks in the middle of a federal campaign. But here’s the important thing. It was the government that contacted Twitter. The government of Massachusetts contacted a private company. Twitter did not do this on their own. I talked about, you know, forced jabs, I talked about all sorts of things. But when I exposed that the government of Massachusetts had deleted ballot images violating federal law, they contacted Twitter. And so I filed our first lawsuit by myself. No swamp lawyer wanted to take this on, because they’re all part of the swamp. First victory was that we got a hearing. Judges don’t give restraining order hearings. We filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit. Second, the judge heard me for four hours. Me against three lawyers, and he reprimanded them and he gave them the terms of the restraining order. You will no longer contact Twitter. We found out that they have a special relationship with Twitter. Third, more recently, they tried to get the case dismissed. He denied dismissal. Fourth, he said, ”I want Twitter in my courtroom” and we just updated the lawsuit… still alive, all of Trump’s lawsuits were thrown out… whatever he spent on Giuliani, etc. Second lawsuit, we showed that they multiplied my votes by two thirds and they gave the other guy 1.2 votes. They tried to get that dismissed. That’s still in play and both lawsuits have been connected. I’m not a lawyer, but you know what, I’ve learned enough now that we’re going to teach people how to fight.  So, on May 1st, we’re going to teach everyone. It’s going to be an educational event, May 1st. It’s not just me talking about how screwed up the world is. Everyone here is going to learn (a) the science of what these muzzles do, from an MIT PhD who is one of the leading guys in the immune system. Number two, we’re not just going to whine. We’re going to give you a solution that everyone can do. Everyone listening will be able to do something when they leave the May 1st rally, in a practical way, to defend your rights. Not involving lawyers. Something you can do. And that’s why we’re not going to talk about it now because we want all you guys to come out right Vincent?

VD:  Correct. I know what it is and it absolutely 100% works.

Dr.SHIVA:  Someone just said sheep wake up. It’s sort of like, I like Workers of the World unite. You know, someone may think that’s communist, but it was a pretty good slogan, but we need working people to unite.

VD:  and if not now, when? And If not this group, then who? It’s time that we all get out of our comfort zone and realize that there is a solution. You know, there is a path to victory for the people. And they have to open their mind, open their ears and open their eyes and just listen. The Health Choice, the RFKs, the Kuhners and the Carrs and the Hannitys… I never hear a solution. I have never heard Kuhner or Carr say, this is what we have to do. It’s you know, it’s almost like dangling the carrot in front of you, and it’s like, what is the solution? You know, but nobody… RFK doesn’t have the answer. He doesn’t tell anybody anything unless it benefits him. Health Choice, you know, again, well…

Dr.SHIVA:  Their solution is always to centralize power back to them. Which is to watch my show. Give me money. Our movement, you know what we’ve created with the Truth Freedom Health movement, number one, people need to get educated. Every Monday evening, Vincent I know you’re gonna be joining us on this Monday evening, every Monday evening, I take all those 50 years of MIT knowledge, fighting, medicine, and in literally one hour, I can teach people first of all the Science of Systems. The elites know the Science of Systems. And that’s why we’ve gotten here. The Kennedy School of Government is where they study the Science of Systems… MIT… but all those intellectuals go serve the man. And we have to understand the Science of Systems, so, number one, number two, what we’ve done is we’ve created an infrastructure now.  People can go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Everyone said we want to help you, we want to help you, but I don’t want you to give me anything unless we can give you back education. So number one, you get educated. Number two, independent of Facebook, independent of all these guys, in our data center, we’ve created our own infrastructure so you can start organizing yourself.  We have our own equivalent of Facebook, our own equivalent of a forum. Number three, we want people to go do things on the ground. Okay. So all this science, all the legal stuff, all the activism, I don’t have one of the cards here, I’ll bring it up.  We have little cards, on the muzzles. You can go train your neighbor. We’re not here to go fight with our neighbors. Those people never want to listen to us, Vincent, we’ve talked about this. We don’t care about them. The 20% that are on our side, we want to strengthen them. But the 50% of people who are confused about the muzzles… well, as you know, we did this whole science paper, which we submitted for publication, which really talks about what the muzzles do to your mouth, the microbiome, and we educate people on that. And then with that, you can start having a conversation with people. And we’re going to teach people on May 1st, what you can do in a Bottoms-up way, in a very practical way, a very simple way that you can be an agent of change, integrating science, the legal and the activism. That’s what May 1st is going to be about and other solutions. Because my whole life Vincent, as you know… you’re an HVAC guy, right… we’re engineers, and we’ve got to fix problems. You don’t fix your HVAC system, no one’s gonna pay you. I build a piece of software, and if it doesn’t work, we’re out of business. But it seems like lawyers get paid when the shit keeps hitting the fan. Because they keep billing you, right? Whether you win or lose, they get paid. So, working people, mothers, if you don’t take care of your kids, you’re gonna have problems. Working people don’t have the lack of tolerance. Kennedys can always go back to his billion-dollar trust fund. All these non-profits, they can always go and beg somewhere else. But we working people don’t have that. That’s why we need to shorten that time cycle. We don’t have time to wait, begging to these people and hoping someone’s going to come from the sky and do something for us. It’s up to us. But it begins with the right political theory. We have to understand that the movements of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, movements, which are… the people try to call them rednecks. Well, they’re not rednecks. They want the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. That’s freedom. The Freedom movement has to intersect with the nerd movement. Because without freedom, you can’t do science, to do real science. And that’s why everyone thinks one size fits all medicine. And without science, we can’t find real problems and real solutions. So like you said, you got people wearing these muzzles driving around in 90-degree weather. And without that we don’t get to Health and without Health, we don’t have the strength to fight for Freedom.  True Freedom Health are interconnected. I think, Vincent, I’m really grateful to the divine that it connected us. But let’s escalate this movement. Those people who don’t get it, that’s okay. But there’s 99% of people who are getting it. They want to get educated and they’re tired of being enslaved.

VD:  And I just want to, again, put a little reminder… the people driving in a car with a mask on, walking the sidewalks with a mask on, all by themselves, they don’t get it because they’re unwilling to open their ears and their mind, you know, and I know we all look at them and go, they’re so brainwashed. Well, it’s time that we kind of take a look at ourselves and say, you know what, we’re the same in a different spectrum, you know, a different type of brainwashing, you know, and, open our minds to say, is there a different way? And of course there is. You know, I see it very clear, you know, after talking with you and your team this week, and that’s why I’ve chosen that the ship direction has been set, you know, and I would implore everybody to stay on board and keep an open mind. There’s great things that are gonna happen.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yea, I Think the important thing to understand is, for me it has taken about 40 years to put this program together. So it’s there for you. It’s a gift. It’s a public service.  It’s ready.  Get educated, you know, start building community, and start activating. I’m just going to share with people a couple of points here, Vincent. So if we share the screen here, we just go here, and I’ll wrap this up. So, I just want to let people know, if people go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN in a very practical way, people should go preview this before May 1st.  But if you go here, everyone can sign up. This is the underground, Vincent, I think I shared portions of this with you. There’s the dashboard. People can go actually here, independent of Big Tech. And we want to educate people. When people get educated, they actually get access to tools, right? Number one, we want people to become Truth Freedom Health warriors. So what I want to… let me just stop here, I’ll come right back. So when people go to VASHIVA.COM, one of the things we’ve done is we’ve created an entire platform for people. And it’s a platform for education fundamentally. And if people go to the join area over here, we’ve created a set of tools.  One of the tools is to become a warrior. So, you can see it right here.  So there’s a whole range of tools. But it’s not just, you know, sort of mindless education here. It’s basically…there’s books, there’s content, but the goal is to educate people on a Systems Approach to the world. And then using this Systems Approach, people can start actually, you know, reading about how the integration of Eastern and Western medicine takes place. But more importantly, a health approach, a Systems Approach to the human body. And when people log in, so for example, when you join, and people can join, for nothing, or people can commit to getting an education. But let me just log in here, I’m going to use one of our logins here, but I want to encourage everyone to go in here and check this out. I’m going to use John’s actual login, we’ve created an environment, a safe environment, because once your consciousness raises and you start getting educated, what’s going to happen is people are going to start understanding things. So for example, there’s a forum here, completely built, it’s in our data center. It’s independent of Big Tech, independent of Twitter. So you can see Vincent, we just launched this couple of weeks ago. I think I mentioned this too, right? We have people here having all these conversations now. Okay. And people can talk about anything, right? And you can see all this stuff that’s going on. Can you see it? Vincent? I think you can, right?

VD:  I can see it.

Dr.SHIVA: Okay, I think I may have to share the whole screen so everyone can see the entire thing. Here we go. Okay. Share the whole screen, okay. Okay, so when people go here, they can literally, in the dashboard, there’s a whole area where people can actually communicate. And this is really for anyone who is committed to interacting with other people. The other thing that’s here is we’ve also created for the Warriors… as people’s consciousness raises, you’re going to feel like, hey, I want to connect with other people. So we have thousands of people who have gone through this training now, which is to build that movement bottoms-up. And what people can do then, is people can literally go build, it’s their own Facebook equivalent. That said, so people can go here, you can see people are building their own pages, right. They’re interacting. Here’s a woman who is actually an aeronautical professor. It’s a range of people. Heather’s out in Oregon, right, she’s helping us with the election thing, Sandy’s a school teacher who’s really concerned with these masks. And I know these people, all these people are intersecting, but they are unafraid, because they’re not going to be thrown off. But more importantly, people can also go into the dashboard, and they can learn. Every Monday evening we have classes where we teach people history. Where we teach people political theory. And there’s a whole range of classes and books. Finally, practical action. One of the things Vincent, we have close to a quarter of a million of these cards that have been printed. There’s a branding. It says masks and oral health, building awareness on masks to you and your child. We want to make it accessible. But on the back of this card, there’s a link here where people can understand the science of masks or the muzzles, right? They can understand how the mouth bacteria change. We hit them with a couple of points. You know how your children’s oral microbiome is key to their health, and how dentists are reporting an explosive amount of people who never had gum bleeding never had dental issues until now, and why we need to have the need for risk assessment. Maybe we should start giving tax credits for parents who are pulling their kids out. So we’ll talk about this more. But I want to emphasize to people, it’s theory, it’s community. And, for example, on the issue with the jabs, we want to educate people. It’s not pro-jab or anti-jab. This is really about telling people that we need to boost our immune system. One size medicine doesn’t work. We need to get rid of the 1962 act. The Kennedy act that they did which is based on 100-year-old science. So the bottom line is we want people to get educated. Without education, you’ll be chasing this skirt one day and another skirt another day. Okay.

VD: So, Dr.SHIVA, I’ve had hundreds of people on the page, ask about setting up a second platform, in case Facebook shuts us down. I told them I’d be making that announcement, which you just did. And that is the platform that you know, I want everybody to go to. It’s a safe platform.  And Big Tech can’t touch us on that one.

Dr.SHIVA: As you’re talking, I’ll just share it right here. So you can see our Truth Freedom Health alumni go here. And what’s amazing is we have people from all over the world now Vincent, and all of these people are getting the fundamental issue. These are amazing people because their consciousness is raised. Gregory’s out of Canada, for example. Duane’s a school teacher in Japan. Carey Simos is out in central Mass. You can see people from India.  You can see people from all over the world. But the cool thing is they’re able to communicate on this platform.  And they’re organizing. These are our warriors. These are people who know the Kennedys and the left and right. We don’t have to discuss that. They are not at the kindergarten level, they’re at a PhD level now and we need 50,000 people now to get educated. And when 50,000 people get educated, almost like Navy SEALs of political theory, it’s over for the establishment. The not-so-obvious-establishment is going to freak out. So that’s what I want to let everyone know, you’re going to see, you know, when people get medicine, like bitter medicine, all the worms start coming out of their pores. And that’s what this movement’s going to do. All the worms and the parasites are going to start coming out, which is a good healing that’s about to take place. So I think we covered everything, Vincent?

VD:  Yes, sir. We did.

Dr.SHIVA:  So May 1st, right. State House

VD:  At noontime.

Dr.SHIVA:  Truth Freedom Health. Truth Freedom Health. Working people unite. That’s what it’s about.

VD:  Yes, sir. I’ll be up in Mass in a few days, and look forward to meeting with the team and and, you know, encourage everybody to show up there. There’s just a vast amount of information that is going to be so helpful in the end.

Dr.SHIVA:  A lot of people are very thankful. It’s great. So I think everyone should feel good, because one of the things you’ll also realize is that we don’t have to be in this depressed mode, because this movement already has many victories. You know, we already have multiple victories in these lawsuits. We are the ones that are exposing… we want to get clean elections. So we’re gonna start celebrating the victories we get. Because these people are losers who’ve been leading us. Working people unite. May 1st State House. Alright, Vincent, thank you. Thank you to everyone.

VD:  A pleasure. A pleasure.

Dr.SHIVA:  Thank you. Same here, Vincent. Best to you and your wife and I look forward to seeing you. By the way everyone… it’s time to win!

Okay, one second everyone. I’m just sharing this. Great. Okay, everyone. I hope that was valuable for everyone again. Vincent’s down in Florida. I’m very grateful that he and I have connected. The movement for Truth Freedom Health is going to expand even further. Those of you who are out of the state and anywhere you are, you’re all welcome to come in here.  We will be live streaming it also. But it’s time for Truth Freedom Health. I encourage all of you to become Truth Freedom Health Warriors. It’s time that Working People Unite. Thank you everyone. Have a good night. Be well.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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