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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai discusses how Colloidal Silver boosts immunity through a CytoSolve Systems Analysis based on nearly 17,399 articles and 1,915 clinical trials over a span of 127 years.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – gives an overview on a CytoSolve computational systems analysis on how Colloidal Silver affects the Immune System.
  • CytoSolve technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and distilled nearly 17,399 Research Articles & 1,915 Clinical Trials taking place over a span of 127 years.
  • Historically Colloidal Silver is used as an antimicrobial agent and when they’re in nano form, they can penetrate cell walls with greater bioavailability.
  • Colloidal Silver is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, mosquitocidal, antibiofilm, larvicidal and it’s helps with wound healing and antiseptic applications.
  • Colloidal Silver stops viral replication & inhibits viral entry and for bacteria it essentially destroys the cell membrane of the bacterial cell within minutes of contact.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Good morning, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. It’s been a little while. I’ve been extremely busy on a number of projects, but we’re going to get back on our schedule on immune health and videos. And we’re gonna have a discussion today on a very interesting metal, mineral. But in a form… when it’s in a colloid. And we’ll talk about that: Colloidal Silver. So those of you who’re coming in, we’re gonna be talking about Colloidal Silver for today. Also to let everyone know that one of the important things we do on VASHIVA as people know is we encourage people to take a Systems Approach. Not only encourage–it’s more than just encouragement–but as to recognize that when you look at the world, whether you’re looking at your body as a system. We look at the body as a system or whether you look at politics as a system or anything in the world as a system, that there is a fundamental way to understand the science of pretty much everything in the universe and that is called System Science. And I want to encourage everyone here to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and look at the infrastructure that we’re providing there. So you can start becoming an agent of change in your local communities which first begins with understanding the physics… the systems of how all systems work. And basically, it’s and I’ll talk about this, we’ll come back to this. The second is, we’re building a worldwide community of people independent of Big Tech. It’s in some ways in the underground where people can essentially learn–they can raise your consciousness, politically, health-wise–and they can connect with people. And then the third part of it is they can get active in their local community.

Journey to Systems

So that’s the VASHIVA Truth Freedom Health movement. And I’ll come back to that. But the foundation of that is really a Systems Approach. So when we look at something like Colloidal Silver, we want to take a Systems Approach to looking at it. The scientific approach of reductionism–where you just look at one little piece of something–is a way that in many ways you can fool yourself or those in power can take advantage of you in anything–be it science, be it understanding politics, be it having an argument. When you take an interconnected Systems Approach, you get a much better view closer to truth. So as people are coming in, let me just, I have a new video that I put together that really encourages people to, you know, sort of share my personal Journey to Systems and you can look at it how your own life has gone. So let me just share this with everyone.

All right, everyone. So we’re going to talk about Colloidal Silver. And that was basically our intro video that I do to encourage–hopefully inspire–people to understand that life… understanding life, the stuff that goes on inside your body, outside your body, by taking a Systems Approach–is perhaps the most profound way to interconnect different components of what goes on inside and outside. Without this Systems Approach, it’s extremely easy to get manipulated by, you know, people with certain, let’s say, economic interests. And we’re seeing that taking place today. A couple of weeks ago, I shared the entire reality of what’s going on with Big Pharmaceutical companies today. Big Pharmaceutical companies are losing incredible amounts of top-line revenue. In 2012, they were making about… Pfizer, let’s say, made 65 billion. Last year, Pfizer made 41 billion. They lost close to $25 billion dollars! So follow the money.

So we interconnect that reality with the fact that you have the forced jabs coming out. Everyone’s supposed to do, you know, one-size-fits-all medicine which is the antithesis of where medicine is actually moving to: the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. That you start realizing that there is another interest. And we also talked about how the government of Israel in January struck a deal with Pfizer to give them data to validate why, you know, let’s say 90% and 70% of people need to be immunized. So you can start connecting the dots, from a systems standpoint. But when you layer in the Economic Systems, you start getting a better appreciation for what’s actually going on. And it’s very important to do that otherwise you get lost in, you know, “trusting the plan” or getting lost in some conspiracy theory. And that’s what the Establishment wants. They do not want us… I mean, they’ll still call you a conspiracy theorist. In fact, they’ll call you worse when you start connecting the economics. But I think it’s extremely important to start connecting economics. So today we’re going to talk about Colloidal Silver. Very, very interesting that it’s an… you want to talk about as a nutrient or metal, but it’s in a colloidal form. And we’ll talk about that. So let’s go talk about this. Let’s go over here and bring it up. So when we look at Colloidal Silver, where we… By the way, those of you who are new, you can go to VASHIVA.COM. This is the website and if you go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN, you’ll be able to find out everything about the Truth Freedom Health movement which is central to everything that I do. We’ll come back to that but let’s talk about Colloidal Silver.

What You Will Learn

So what we’re going to talk about is first of all, what is Colloidal Silver? Some… some of you may have heard about it, but we’ll just step back and talk about what it is. We’ll look at the biological effects that Colloidal Silver has, you know, at the biological level–which means at the molecular systems level. Then we’ll talk about the effects, you know, the broad health effects that Colloidal Silver has. And then we’ll swing back to really looking at the effects of Colloidal Silver on the Immune System. As a part of this, I like to educate all of you on what is the Immune System. And that education will really help you understand that the way that the current mainstream media are, in fact, most medical doctors–I would say probably about 95%–of medical doctors really don’t understand the Immune System. It… without exaggeration. I was just visiting a friend of mine who’s an integrative medical person. He lives in a, he practices in a place where they’re forcing everyone to wear these masks. And he was saying how, you know, he’s with a lot of these doctors and most of them don’t even know the effects that the masks have on the oral system which we’ve done quite a bit of research on. Most of them don’t even understand the difference between the model of giving a deadened virus, you know, when someone sneezes on you and getting the RNA… mRNA jab. Because the entire medical profession is about going from point A–which is getting into medical school–to point B four years later. Working like a dog, then going through residency. So it’s sort of unfortunate the medical training most medical doctors get. They understand parts of a system but they never understand the whole.

So we’re going to talk about the Immune System. Those of you who have heard it will be reviewed for you. But I think it’s important to hear it again and again and again–to understand that there is a notion of the Immune System that is… is promoted today which is all about the antibodies which is really based on an understanding of the Immune System that goes back to 1915. And modern science is a very, very different view of the Immune System which I’ll share with you. And then we’ll talk about in the context of today’s conversation:  How does Colloidal Silver affect that? Someone said, AnnH616, “I simply do not trust the medical field.” Well, you know, one of the points I want to make is we can talk about Big Pharma, but you also have a Big Vitamin now, okay? Be it Big Pharma or Big Vitamin, they both take a reductionist approach. And I’ll play a video explaining that. So you have the same economic influences affecting Big Vitamin, Big Green, Big New Age, right? That it’s not about actually looking at the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time, or looking at the systemic nature of life. But it’s basically about trying to figure out how they could rapidly make the quick buck, unfortunately. But this is also occurring in other fields. And when we look at Colloidal Silver we’ll also discuss not only its effect on the Immune System, but we’ll also talk about… And then we’re gonna also get the clinical evidence on how much you should be taking.

So what is Colloidal Silver? So what is it? So when you look at it here… let’s think about it. First of all, it’s an antiseptic ion, okay? Now remember, ions–if you remember–are metals with a charge on it, okay? Versus, you know, just the metal without any charge. But it’s an antiseptic ion. You notice on the Periodic Table–those of you who remember chemistry class–this is the 47th element on the Periodic Table. And it’s symbol is Ag. It’s not Si; it’s Ag. Si is actually silicon. Yes, “Will this video be saved somewhere?” Yes, it will be up on YouTube and will also be up on Facebook and then we repost this video back on on the lower right here. But you can see that here Ag is the meaning for silver. And then you see it’s about 107, you know, in molecular weight, okay. So this is a molecular weight. So it’s been one of the most extensively studied, some people say, “Oh, you know, Colloidal Silver, we don’t know… there’s not research done on it.”  Again, here’s the facts of it. Colloidal Silver is probably one of the most extensively studied metals for centuries–for fighting infections, preventing food spoilage, and for wound healing. So those are the three things it’s been studied for. We’ll go through this for fighting infections, preventing food spoilage and wound healing.

I mean, if you go back to many cultures, you know, they had, I mean, you know, “he grew up with a silver spoon”, right? There’s where it comes from because silver is very, very, as you’ll see, as a metal, a little bit different than copper. Copper is also effective. These metals have a lot of antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial properties. But silver has some of those properties, right? So fighting infections, preventing food spoilage, and wound healing. It’s non-toxic to humans at very small concentrations, okay? So the key thing is everything in nature again–when you take a Systems Approach–it’s not, “Oh, this is good, that’s bad.” Turmeric is good, that’s bad, right? Alcohol is good, this is bad. You know, vegetables, you know, green vegetables are great, whatever it is, right? The point is everything in nature–at the right dosage–can be very beneficial. At the wrong dosage, it can be highly unbeneficial. So for example, when I shared this video with you, in traditional systems of medicine, in the Siddha, s-i-d-d-h-a, System of Medicine which is practiced… practiced in India for 1000s of years. There were various branches of the Siddha System of Medicine. One was martial arts; one was the use of herbs, right? One was the use of yoga; one was the use of heavy metals, okay, like arsenic, silver and gold. But they did it at what are called nano-molar levels–very, very low dosages. And because… what’s interesting with things in nature is that certain dosages–the thing that you thought it was beneficial for–is no longer beneficial. So for example, arsenic. If you go look at your dog’s heartworm pills, and well they have arsenic in them. And well, for 1000s of years people have known arsenic–at certain low dosages–is good for certain heart ailments. Obviously at higher doses, it kills you.


So the key here is dosages, dosages, dosages, right? The right amount of it at the right time can be profoundly valuable. So we’ll talk about the invention of CytoSolve which is a technology I created for my PhD work at MIT. It helps us find those dosages and combinations. So it’s all about dosing. So don’t think, “Well, that’s good, that’s bad.” A lot of the people in health–in the Big Health–will say, “Oh, well, you know, everyone should eat raw vegetables. They’re great.” Well, if you eat, you know, a certain amount of kidney beans raw, or for some people depends on how, it’s gonna kill you, okay? So just don’t think “this is good, that’s bad.” That’s a very, very reductionist way of looking at the world, all right? So let’s go back here. So we’re looking at it. So it’s non-toxic, the key word is a very small concentration. It detects a broad range of targets, in the microbes, we’re going to go look at this: targets in the microbes. What do we mean by that? Well, quick, a little bit of Biological Sciences here. Biological Engineering or Biologic Biology.

When you look at stuff in your body, okay, your body. If you take a cell–we have about 300 different cell types–each cell on the surface of the cell, yeah, to put it simply, is like a catcher’s mitt. That’s called a receptor. And what the pharma guys try to do is they try to figure out how to send a particular pharmaceutical drug to find the right target for that particular molecular species, okay? So your body has targets, right? No different than a target, you know, people who do archery. Those targets are what they attempt to hit in the pharmaceutical world. But when you eat food–or when you take certain nutrients–those nutrients in the food get broken down into many molecules, and those molecules go and hit particular targets. And when you hit that target it’s like pushing a button, and those activate different reactions. So what I do for, you know, the two separate lives I have with Truth Freedom Health and building this movement to change the world, is CytoSolve. Is a technology that I developed where we also–day in and day out I’m looking at molecular pathways–doing mathematical modelling–to understand how foods and different substances can turn off and turn on these targets, okay? So targets are things in your body that when you connect them with some component they will cascade a series of reactions. So what we’ll talk about what we’ll show you is that Colloidal Silver hits multiple targets that have various different biological functions. So we’ll talk about that also, all right.

So, then, what I want to talk about is that it… this can be used in combination with other antiviral drugs to improve efficacy, okay? So it can be used in combination–very, very important aspect that… people don’t forget… everyone–like turmeric for example, right? There’s been a lot of research saying turmeric’s good, and we’ll talk about this. So people just go buy tons of turmeric and they’ll eat it. But I gotta tell you, in traditional cultures, no one just eats turmeric, okay? People typically mix turmeric with other things. Synergistic reactions are gonna have a positive effect or a negative effect. By the way, in the United States today 82… the average 82-year-old person is taking 12 different–12 different pharmaceutical drugs–and no one really knows the combination toxicities that they… that they can create. Again, it’s the dosages and the combinations. But silver can be used in conjunction with other antiviral drugs, really boosts them. So when you start looking at something that you find out has value, one of the important things to see, well, can I lower the dosage of that and I add something else and it can even have a much more Synergistic effect. Synergy is one of the very, very important principles of Systems Science. Very important principle in Systems Science. So when we go back here, we want to also recognize that in the literature… look at how many papers. Look at how many clinical trials. I think the number of clinical trials that I looked at here that’s done for Silver’s nearly eighteen, well 17,000 research articles written on the therapeutic uses of silver, nearly 2000 clinical trials, all right? And nearly 130 years of scientific research which means this goes all the way back to the 1880s. So just think about that. A ton of research has been done on silver, okay, a ton of research. I think of all the things that we’ve talked about this is relative, the clinical trials of those 1800 nearly 2000 clinical trials. So why am I sharing this with you? For two reasons: One, there’s a lot of scientific work that’s been done. The other thing is when you start talking about Colloidal Silver–this to educate you–and you find… let’s say you find benefit. You’ll typically have naysayers say, “Well, there’s no research, there’s no science.” Well, there’s 2000 clinical trials done on the therapeutic uses of silver. Doesn’t mean it says, “Rubber stamp, it’s all good.” So one of the things that we need to understand is when you look at all that research, you could go take one of those papers which said it has some toxicity in some animals… you could say, “it’s a horrible thing. Don’t take it.” Right? Or you can find one paper that says it’s great. So that is what I call reductionism, cherry picking. We do not want to do cherry picking if we’re serious about doing real science. We want to actually find out what is the reality. And one of the things we need to understand is that science is constantly evolving. As new data comes, we have to be open to change our views, change direction, or incorporate that data. That’s really being a real scientist. Science is always changing, okay? And this is a problem we have today. We have people telling everyone, “Everyone should get this jab. And if you get the antibodies, you’re fine”, okay. It’s a… you’re going to realize it’s that… it’s an inaccurate description of the Immune System.

So at… so when we look at all this kind of data, how do we actually bring it together to really have value? Well, CytoSolve is a technology I created for my PhD work at MIT–and you go to And CytoSolve is a technology to–simply put–from mathematically modelling molecular reactions on the computer. And my initial motivation I’ll play a little video, so I don’t repeat myself, and we just created one–is when you look at all this data that’s up there, you know, 17,000 papers. No one here has time to go through all of these papers, okay? But with technology, we can take these papers and figure out relative to immune health which are the appropriate ones which is what we’ve done: curate them and then find the molecular mechanisms and build an architecture of the Immune System, figure out how these work. So that’s what I’m gonna share with you. So with the power of CytoSolve, we’re able to do this. And by the way, let me play a quick video that we just did. So that’ll explain the… what is CytoSolve. But more importantly, it’ll also give you the origin of CytoSolve, the politics of CytoSolve. We’re going to contrast in this video what’s going on between Big Pharma and also Big Vitamin, okay? These guys are actually starting to converge. But CytoSolve allows us to take all this data and bring it together to really find the nature of what’s really going on. Because without that understanding we’ll always be, you know, moved in different directions. So let me play this for you.

Alright, so that should give you an idea what CytoSolve is. CytoSolve is really a technology that allows us to look at the known science, bring things together, and then figure out what’s working. By the way, I think I’ve shared with many of you. We’ve been doing this for about 16-17 years from building the technology at MIT, then writing papers. We’ve tried to help everyone. We even went to pharma companies and we said, “Look, why don’t we model your molecular pathway so you could find out if your stuff’s going to be toxic or not.” But a few companies want us to model, like, for example, lupus, etc. But most of pharma does not care about finding what really is going on. Some guys do. Because their goal is to just get their stuff out there whether it works or not to uptick that stock price and you see the same thing going on with vitamins. Let’s… I think the important thing to understand is… By the way, quick note to everyone. Our mV25 product… it’s been sold out. So we’re going to–because of the COVID nonsense, you know, their supply chains have been very, very hard to… in fact to just get capsules or even bottles–but we’re going to be doing a shipment out today. So just be patient. For those of you who have been waiting, it’ll be out shortly. But you can go find more about this… but we’re going to be doing a whole new manufacturing batch coming up. And you can go find that in the shop.

Colloidal Silver

But let me talk about silver from this standpoint of the Synergy Principle. Now silver comes in various forms, as you can see here, okay, silver comes… this is the ionic version of silver; so it has a plus one charge, right? So it’s an ion. Some things are a negative charge like chlorine, right? Some things may have a positive charge like sodium chloride, when you look at sodium chloride in salt, the sodium, Na, has a plus charge–one… one positive charge. The chlorine has a negative charge, all right? And so sodium and chlorine work together is because, you know, one needs an electron and the other one has an electron to donate, right? So in the case of…  when you look at something like ionic silver, here, it is as a positive one charge on it, okay? What happens here… so that’s ionic silver, and what silver nanoparticles are… are where you basically put these silver particles inside a nanosphere, okay? So there’s nano and inside of it are the silver particles. But ionic Colloidal Silver is what we’re going to talk about… it’s a colloid, okay? And colloids are a little bit interesting. You have the… the silver ions around it, right? So, but the reason the silver ions are on it, because in the center, it–as you can see here–is, you know, Ag and, and here’s a silver molecule. But these things hang around it. So it’s in a colloid, a colloid. You can look it up, but it’s essentially like a mixture, okay? It… but it’s not in a nanoparticle.

So we’re looking at a colloidal form of silver, we have lots of these ions clumping together, okay? The word colloid, you know, almost means like, collaborative, right, things coming together. So when we talk… so we’re not talking about ionic silver. We’re not talking about silver nanoparticles. One of my friends, Jeremy, said we should also talk about silver nanoparticles. I’ll do a whole other presentation on that. We’re talking about the colloidal form of silver, okay? And you can look online and there’s, I think… there’s techniques… people have it. You can make it at home, but it’s a colloidal form of silver, just to be clear, okay? So we… when we look at Colloidal Silver, when we want to understand the physics of this or the chemistry… the… or the chemical physics of this… you have Ag here, okay, which is bonded. Remember this needs a plus charge. So it’s produced by dissolving silver salts in an aqueous medium and the size of a silver ion is around 0.1 nanometers. 0.1 nanometers, okay? So you can think about… this is 10 to the minus ninth, right, on that. That’s the size that, you know, nano. Okay? It’s… it’s very, very small.

Historically used as an antimicrobial agent, and better antimicrobial activity than silver particles, and it’s relatively less stable. But what you have here is when you put it in an aqueous solution. Aqueous means where you have a solution of ions and anions. An anion is typically negative. So here’s the nitrate ion with nitrogen here with four oxygen, three oxygens connected. But overall, this has a negative charge. And this has a positive charge. So you have silver, you know, nitrate, but it’s hanging out together because of this interconnection, okay? So now the therapeutic forms of silver, as I said, we’ll talk about it, but just to let you know. Here we’re looking at about the size of this… we have silver ions. Here’s about 100 nanometers now. So when you’re looking at the size of a silver ion, it’s 0.1 nanometers. So that’s 0.1 nanometers, but a size of a nanoparticle’s about 1000 times, close to, maximum 1000 times bigger than that about less than… 100 nanometers. And what this does, this provides a large surface area for antimicrobial activity. So you have the silver nanoparticles, you have a lot of surface area here, you know, the surface of a sphere, right? If people remember, right, 4/3 π r3, right? So you can look at the volume and… and you can look at the, you know, the surface of a sphere. There’s quite a bit of surface area for that interaction to take place. And, and the reality is that the smaller the particle size has better antimicrobial activity. Now, these nanoparticles tend to aggregate and they form clumps of nanoparticles which reduces their antimicrobial activity. So the key here is that the smaller the nanoparticles, the greater the bioavailability–nano and bioavailability.

In many of these traditional cultures like Siddha, they had a whole process. They could take natural elements from plants, etc. And they would put it through a process where they would create natural nanoparticles–essentially drug-like states, very refined particles–that would have very powerful effects. You didn’t need a lot of them because when they’re in nano form, right, they can penetrate cell walls. They can go to a lot of places. This is one of the important things just from a physical basis: when you make things much smaller, they–and they don’t clump in the case of these Colloidal Silver–they’re gonna have a much more powerful effect, okay? So, again, key takeaway from here that small is better, okay. Now, when you look at the silver nanoparticles, here, you have, right, the particles of silver which hang around in solution. And 80 to 95% silver ions, that you have, and 5 to 20% colloidal silver nanoparticles size range from 2 to about 107 nanometers. Now, the smaller particle sizes, 20 to 40 nanometers, have better antimicrobial activity. And this provides for a stable platform for releasing silver ions. So you have these silver ions and those ions can be released for sustained antimicrobial activity. And the important thing is there’s no risk of aggregation, unlike, you know, silver nanoparticles. All right, so let’s go here. So let’s look at the biological effects of Colloidal Silver.

Biological Effects of Colloidal Silver

First of all, it’s antiviral, okay. So that’s the first takeaway here. Antibacterial, antifungal, mosquitocidal, okay, antibiofilm, larvicidal. It kills insects at the larva… larval stage. All right. So, just to keep this clear what we mean by this is when we say antiviral. So viruses are obviously different from bacteria. So it can take out viruses; it can take out bacteria. I’m gonna go through how it does this. Antifungal, but mosquitocidal, okay? Very, very valuable against mosquitoes. I’m very good at taking out mosquitoes. Antibiofilm:  You know, when you get up in the morning, and you know, you feel that stuff in your mouth? That’s a biofilm. When people talk about Candida, one of the important things to understand is that… or when people have Lyme disease even, one of the things that people have found is that the Lyme, the bacteria, essentially burrow themselves and they build a biofilm, you know, almost like a mound around them. So many people who have Lyme, for example, it’ll keep coming and going, coming and going. And a lot of the research says you need to first rip off that biofilm, first step, and then you can start attacking the bacteria. So removal of the biofilm is extremely important before you can actually go and, you know, go at the real problem. All right. So sometimes people will say, you know, I took, you know, some antibiotic for Lyme and it came and went. Well more importantly, you have to knock out that biofilm. Larvicidal which means we’re talking about insect larva. All right, so, a lot of different biological values of Colloidal Silver. What are the health benefits?

Well, let’s go through them: wound healing, antiseptic applications, you know, some first aid kits will have these. Shown to be highly effective against microorganisms. And we talked about microorganisms. You can look at two sets of microorganisms here. We’re looking at… Set this for our people on Instagram. But you can see on bacteria, salmonella, streptococcus. A whole bunch of other kinds of bacteria here: fungi, Candida, cryptococcus neoformans. But you can go, you can see, you can understand there’s a whole range of different bacteria. But viruses look at these ranges of viruses. From Rio Viruses all the way from HIV-1, to influenza, Monkeypox, Hepatitis-B, Corona, one of the coronaviruses at least we know is documented is TGEV. Yes. Someone said, “Will this presentation be available somewhere?” Yes, you can go to VASHIVA.COM and you can get it there. All right.

Immune System

So… Now let’s take a little journey. To look at the Immune System, and by the way, quick point people are asking, “Where can you get this?” Go to VASHIVA.COM. As everyone knows, you know, we’re taking a Systems Approach to looking at silver, anything in the body. Go to Many of you have asked how you can support the research we do; the work we do–political work, the scientific work, the activist work. You can go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and one of the most important things you can do is for you to educate yourselves. If you want to, when you contribute to the movement that we’re building, you get educated on a Systems Approach. You get to discover other people and community. And then you get to also be an activist, but go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. That’s where you can find everything. Okay, so let’s talk about the Immune System.

So the notion of the Immune System. And by the way, the quick version of that–I’ve done a long version of the Immune System–based on the lecture that I gave at the National Science Foundation where I was invited to talk, this was in November of 2019. And the key takeaway you want to understand from this is that the Immune System is number one–if you want to write this down–it’s a very complex system. All right, one way you can think about it–the analogy I’ve been using is–think about an orchestra. Okay, you have many, many instruments in there. And how those instruments play together will give you many different kinds of music, right? And you can think about different types of pathogens, different types of bacteria, different types of fungi, when they come and they interact with your Immune System, your Immune System literally plays music to try to protect you. And the music varies based on the kind of bacteria, fungi, pathogens have come to you, okay? But the Immune System is this beautiful orchestra that has evolved over billions and billions of years to make you resilient, okay? And these are the concepts. Every Monday night I teach people these concepts, and you can use these concepts… everywhere. All right, so one of the important things to understand about resilience. So, you know, back in the 1915s, or, up until the 1950, we had a very unit dimensional view of the Immune System which is all about antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, you know, white blood cell count. And unfortunately, that simplistic view of the Immune System still exists today because most doctors don’t understand the body as a system. It’s only been in the last, you know, since maybe 15 years, people recognize we need to move to a Systems Biology of Medicine, okay? And 99-95% of… most doctors don’t understand the system’s nature of life. They have big egos, but they don’t understand the systems nature of biology. So when I share this with you think about the reductionist approach to medicine. So the reductionist approach to medicine is this… Someone says, “Monday teaching online here?” No, no, I teach Monday teachings through our own platform. You can go to It’s a three-hour course and we get very, very deep into it.

But when you look at this is a reductionist view of the Immune System. And that reductionist view basically says that your body just has, you know, the Innate Immune System and the Adaptive and the goal of this view of the Immune System is to generate antibodies and you’re great. And let me show you at the molecular level what we’re talking about. So let’s say that up here is your airway in your lungs. This is the lining of your lungs. These… these yellowish-tan colored cells which are called, let’s say, epithelial cells, and then the other side is your bloodstream. Okay? So air comes in here, right, so you’re bringing in viruses, let’s say. And then over here, you have your lung epithelial tissues and here you have your bloodstream. So what happens here? When you get an air virus comes in, let’s say. Well, the first part of your Immune System is called the pathogen, the Innate Immune System. That Innate Immune System, just to be clear, is primarily the mucus areas. Like one of the things. If you ever feel a cold coming on, you know, in your mucus areas, it’s very important that you, you know, give your… your Immune System support in the mucosal area. For example, there’s a homeopathic remedy that has zinc in it and you can essentially dab it inside your nose because they found that zinc is extremely good at supporting the Innate Immune System. So in everything that faces the outer world: your eyes, your nose, your ears, your skin, right, your… your mouth, the mucosa in your, in your gut. This is what is known as the Innate Immune System. It’s the first thing that comes across a virus, right? Or a pathogen, or fungi, or parasite. And If that part of your Immune System is strong, it takes things out, okay? But it’s not standing alone because it’s all interconnected, as you’ll see. But in the dysfunctional reductionist model of the Immune System, which is what Fauci teaches and most medical students learn, they just think, “Okay, that’s that area.” And what I’m sharing with you here is a part of that Immune System, you have, you have this, you have the Innate Immune System. And the Innate Immune System has things like macrophages here, these little monsters that go try to chomp up the virus, okay? They’re good monsters that support you.

So when they try to chomp up the virus, the virus’s getting attacked, and the macrophages as they move through the cell walls, they will then deposit the parts of the virus that they’re eating up. And they’ll present it over here to the Adaptive Immune System, beginning let’s say, with the T-cells. The T-cells will differentiate into creating what are called CD8 T-cells which will try to recognize that particle and try to take out the infected cell. But the CD4 T-cells also create B-cells, and the B-cells create these things called antibodies, okay? And these antibodies–and next time the next virus comes in–the antibodies will try to take it out. Okay, everyone clear? Let me see how everyone’s doing… is everyone clear on this? So you have, just to be clear, I want everyone to sort of track this. What you have is you have the Innate Immune System, which is the part of your body which is like Marines, which tries to take out what’s coming, blowing up stuff. And as stuff is being blown up, the dismembered parts of the virus stimulate your Adaptive Immune System to create antibodies. But the bottom line is, what the modern or quote-unquote, the “conventional” thinking of the Immune System is:  if you get those antibodies, you’re in great shape, okay? That’s it. So again, in the whole orchestra, as I’ve in the analogy that I’ve come up with here, says the goal is just to have… the goal is just to have that one particular antibody for that one virus and you’re in great shape.

Well, you’re going to understand that’s not true. And that’s why all of you… I want to train you in all of this because the more that you become weaponized with educated knowledge is how we’re going to be able to educate people. The reason we’re in this condition today is because many people listen to politicians. They listen to Big Academia. And the entire educational system has not trained people on a Systems Approach. That’s why I keep saying–every Monday evenings–I want to train all of you to become Truth Freedom Health warriors beginning with an understanding of systems. But when you take a Systems Approach what you find is something profoundly different, okay? What do you find? Well, you find this. The body is not just this, okay? It is this. This is a much more realistic view of the Immune System. You don’t just have the innate and the adaptive. You have one of the most powerful missing links that most doctors don’t even know about called the Interferon System. The Interferon System connects between the gut microbiome–the bacteria, the viruses–and intersects to the neural systems, okay, the gut-brain access. But the Interferon System is quite powerful. It generates interferons and there’s many of them. This is the type1 interferon. There’s type1, type2, type3, and type1 interferons include alpha and beta. And notice the third bullet here is present in virtually every cell in your body. What is an interferon? An interferon is, as the word says, interferes. These are chemical molecules that your body creates. Your body’s an amazing antimicrobial engine, okay? It creates and makes interferons.

And it up-regulates many, many different genes to make sure that the Interferon System supports your Adaptive System, your Innate System, your gut microbiome, etc… It’s quite an amazing system. This was the basis of at least 50% of my PhD work where we were… I mathematically model it, understood. But what I can tell you conclusively is that the Interferon System… If, when that’s strong, there are people, for example, who have a virus, okay? They’re infected. They don’t even create antibodies and they knock it out. Why? Because the Interferon System supports the Innate System, the natural killer cells, for example, go and eat up that virus or that pathogen. What supports the Interferon System? Well, antioxidants like glutathione, okay? So there’s many different things. So it’s not just antibodies. So that’s the key takeaway I want you to understand. It’s not just antibodies. The entire thing that we’re witnessing right now, is antibodies, antibodies, antibodies, right? But that’s not what it is. Okay? That’s not the only thing. All right? So let’s go back here. So I want you to understand that the interferons of the Interferon System right here are extremely important. They, they’re the… they constituent, the first line of defence against infection. There’s these alphas in these betas. So this, by the way, is a much better accurate representation of the Immune System. So we’re just focused on the adaptive trying to get these antibodies. But how do we strengthen the Interferon System? How do we strengthen the innate? How do we support the gut microbiome? Sixty trillion bacteria we have, right? The virome–we have 380 trillion viruses. How do we support all of this? All right, so now with that context, let’s go look at the effect of Colloidal Silver on immune health.

Effect of Colloidal Silver on Immune System

Okay, so there’s three things I want to focus on. First item is the inhibition of, you know, viral replication. Okay, the inhibition of viral entry, okay. Virus is actually getting into your body because one of the things we want to do is we want to stop viruses even getting into the body, right? That’s a very important feature that we want. The other thing we want to do is… back to our… into the cell, bacterial cell membrane disruption. So here we’re looking at antiviral and this is antibacterial. So what the research shows is that silver has an effect on stopping virus replicating and stopping viruses from entering, again, very quick review. You have your cell here, you know, you have 6 trillion cells in your body. Here’s your cell. Virus comes in. What’s that virus trying to do? The virus is trying to get into your cell. And once it gets in–step one, it’s got to get in–once it gets in, it wants to use that cell, use your body as a machine to replicate itself. Saw the movie aliens and you’ll see it in there, right? You know the alien creature gets in and it uses the host body to replicate itself. So when that virus gets in, it’s attempting to take its blueprint of itself–which if you look at those pictures, that virus has a blueprint–it attempts to take its own blueprint, use your ribosomal machinery to replicate its blueprint, reassemble itself, and then transport itself out. So the goal of sickness is, it’s all about the viral load, like if you have one little virus it’s no big deal. But if you have billions of them starting to replicate, now your body’s like, you know, the alien monster, right? But the key thing you want to understand is, it is not the virus that kills you. It is how your body reacts to that virus, okay? The Strong Immune System recognizes the virus, takes it out. It doesn’t overreact. The overreaction called the cytokine storm or the, you know, the massive immune response of your own body unmodulated is the thing that hurts you, okay? So when we look at… Here you’re looking at Colloidal Silver does two things, right, on the viral side: stops viral replication and inhibits viral entry. And for bacteria it essentially blows up their cell membrane. All right? So let’s talk about this.

Okay, antiviral mechanism of action. Okay. So what we see here is here’s the virus replication cycle on the left side here, we’ll walk you through this. And here’s the antiviral mechanism. So let’s go through the left side here. Here’s a virus coming in. The virus penetrates. So let’s look at this side. It penetrates the cell, okay. And once it penetrates the cell, okay, it then uses your cellular machinery to replicate itself so creates a lot of itself and then it gets out, right? So enter, create itself, replicate, reassemble itself, and leave, right? Now, what does Colloidal Silver do? Right. Colloidal Silver nanoparticles inhibit the entry of the virus. That’s what they do. They inhibit the entry of the virus by interacting with the viral surface glycoproteins, okay? So the virus which is the star with all those little spikes on it, it attempts,,, its first job is to enter the cell but look what happens. These nanoparticles literally go stick to the surface of the virus, okay? So let me repeat that again. The nano… So here you have this virus particle with whatever its, you know, surface proteins. Again, this is why it’s important that the nanoparticles be small. The smaller they are the better. It acts–the nanoparticles–the silver goes and attaches to the surface of that virus particle. And by doing that the virus particle, it inhibits entry into the cell. Number one, okay? So it’s basically… If you look at the, you know, the corona covid-19 virus, if you remember it has the spike protein, when it lands on the cell it lands on what’s called the ACE-2 receptor. And through glycosylation, it’s able to get in. But if you have silver nanoparticles, which are sticking now to the surface glycoproteins of that virus, the virus is not able to do its lock-and-key and get in, okay? It’s you’re, basically, someone’s got a key and you’re putting a bunch of goop on it, okay, to put it a simple way, so it can’t open the door. So that’s one of the ways that you want to think about this. That these Colloidal Silver nanoparticles inhibit. So you see the virus, here’s the blue particles at six there. So this inhibits it from getting in. The second thing happens is, let’s say stuff does get in. The silver nanoparticles inhibit the viral replication by… So if here’s the virus, right, so this is the cell, right? Here’s the actual virus here. So now we’re looking inside the virus. So what happens if a silver nanoparticle gets into the virus, okay? And it gets into the cell here, right? And here is about the DNA of the virus. And by attaching to the virus’s genome, …they prevent the genome replication. So if you remember from some of the stuff I’ve taught earlier, the, here’s a virus, it’s got its genome in there. It typically injects, if it gets into the cell, it injects that genome, the genome comes out into your cell and it starts wanting to replicate itself. Well, what the silver particles do is, as you can see, in the diagram here, the silver particles right here, attach to the genome, right, so they attach to the DNA, or the RNA, of the, of the virus, and essentially poison it, right? So attach to the viral factors and prevent genome replication, okay? Very cool. Now, let’s talk about so we’ve talked about two things here. We’ve talked about the ability of the silver nanoparticles to inhibit the ability of the virus to replicate, inhibit the ability… to stop entry, but silver also has antibacterial effects, and it’s important, we cover that.

So let’s look at those antibacterial effects that we’re looking at here is, here is a cell. Okay, just to give context here. Here is the nucleus of the cell right here. Here we have the ribosomes. By the way, the ribosomes are the place where mRNA from the nucleus comes out and protein is being synthesised. And over here, you have the endoplasmic reticulum. Here we’re looking at the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the energy powerhouse of the cell. Okay, so what happens here? Anti… so now we’re looking at a bacterial cell, okay? So the Colloidal Silver, first of all binds to the cell membrane. So here’s the cell membrane of the bacteria. So right here, it has adhesion to the cell membrane. And that literally alters the membrane structure and permeability, which means what can go in or not. And you have leakage of the cellular content and impair transport activity. So basically screwing up the wall of that bacterial cell, okay? Bacteria. And then the cell essentially ruptures, within a few minutes of contact. Few minutes of contact. This is why, you know, some of these first aid kits will have, you know, silver solution. Or some people will use it as an antibacterial because it literally destroys the bacterial cell–as you can see here, back here, as we talked about–within minutes of contact. So this is through essentially this contact.

The second piece I want to talk about once it’s inside the cell. So now the silver particles get in.  So they’re inside. They can do many, many things. So Colloidal Silver can do… so we’re looking at bacteria. So here the next once it’s inside the cell, it interacts with the ribosome. So here are the ribosomes, okay? And remember, this is the bacteria. And you know what Colloidal Silver does: it inhibits the bacteria from being able to synthesize its proteins that it needs. It also interacts with the DNA leading to disruption of the entire cell cycle. So the, so the, so the bacterial cell is not able to replicate itself. And then it also interacts with sugar metabolism, right? In the, you know, in the mitochondria and interrupts energy production. So it screws up the power plant of the… it screws up the power plant of the bacteria, it screws up the replication. And it also screws up the cell cycle. It does a couple of other things, okay, once inside the cell that causes oxidative stress, leading to the DNA strand breakage which means it basically is destroying the DNA. Destroys protein synthesis, mitochondrial stress. But, the bottom line is that it disrupts the internal molecular signalling, you know, for example, protein phosphorylation, leading to disruption of the bacterial cell cycle. So, in conclusion, what you’re looking at here is that it’s not just one effect that silver has. Let’s say that in the case of bacteria, in the case of viruses, it stops entry, and it stops replication, it has a dual effect, right? And those dual things have a Synergistic effect. In addition, we also find on bacteria, it’s blowing up the cell walls. It’s stopping energy production. It’s stopping DNA replication, protein synthesis, etc. So this is why the research shows, again, as we started nearly 2000 papers, clinical trials, I’m sorry, have been done on silver. Close to 20,000 research articles–very, very well studied. But this is what I wanted to share with you on the molecular mechanisms from here. I hope this is clear.

Truth Freedom Health®

But I want to talk a little about the Truth Freedom Health movement. And it’s interconnected. When we start looking at systems, we just went down through the biological system of silver, and find how it affects the cellular aspects of a bacteria, or a virus. So it has a synergistic effect. And that concept of synergy is what we can also now take to larger systems of how we change political systems. So for far too long, what’s happened is in a dysfunctional way that people are fighting for truth, let’s say, you know, the scientists, let’s say they want good science. And people want innovation. Well, those are the people you call nerds and they’ve been in their own little corners. And then over here, you have the people fighting for freedom with supporting the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. And they’ve been over here. And then over here, you have the people fighting for health. Some people call these people…The health people being typically what some people call yoga nazis, right? Staying in their own little world, exercising, doing yoga and eating their green vegetables, etc. But these three movements have never met until our movement from a Systems Approach is bringing them together. The only movement of its kind in the world recognizing that if we’re going to win, we need to take a bottoms-up movement. Bringing together Freedom, bringing together Truth, and bringing together and bringing together the Health movements–all together. Otherwise you have a dysfunctional, disconnected movement.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

So when you put it together, we need Truth Freedom Health. Truth Freedom Health. And we’ve got to take this beyond Left and Right. So having said that, I have to encourage. I’m going to take a little break, get a little water and we’ll come back and finish up silver. Everyone listening, I want all of you to… when you say you want to support what we’re doing, support our research, I want you to support the Truth Freedom Health movement. Okay, go to VASHIVA.COM and click on the join VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and we just updated the site and there’s a very nice page that says, “Get educated,” right. “or be Enslaved. Welcome to VASHIVA. Take your first step on your educational journey to Truth Freedom Health by watching this video.” Watch it. You want to contribute? Great! Support the movement. You can give us nothing, something, whatever you want to give. But those people… when you give us something, you know, $100 or more that enables you to become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. And I want to walk… you get a range of things for this, okay? You get books, you get an… I’ll walk… walk through this when I get back. But as a warrior, you get to really participate. There’s a social media piece we built here. Says, “People get educated.” There’s a forum and I’ll come back to this, okay? But I want you guys to go to And let me play the video in the interest of time. But you will get an understanding that there’s a Systems Approach–not to only understanding Colloidal Silver in your body–but how we change the world. And that is what I’m profoundly interested in. So let me play this video here for everyone.

All right, so one of the things I want to emphasize to people… a bunch of people writing to me, as they’re watching this video, “Hey, why don’t you go on the Joe Rogan show?” One of the illusions–I’m fortunate to break people from–is when you actually have an actual solution that is a threat to the Establishment. People think Joe Rogan is not part of the Establishment. He’s part of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. He will never put someone like me on he’s… he knows about… he used to follow me on Twitter. But he knows that I’m not “vanilla”. Our movement has not been a “vanilla”.  It’s going at the real heart of the issue which is that we need to build a movement of working people Bottoms-up. May Day… May 1st is coming up. I have a very important announcement that I’ll be making later this afternoon about that. But nothing in the world is going to change if you think you’re going to outsource it to people like Joe Rogan or the Left or the Right–and this is a very, very adolescent thinking–or to Trump or to Bernie, etc. But you won’t really understand the depth of what I’m saying until you actually raise your political maturity and get trained. So I encourage all of you to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. If you’re serious about changing the world. If you want just entertainment, that’s fine, then you know, get entertained all day by politicians–Left and Right, and Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson or whatever opportunist is out there. But if you’re serious about changing the world, you must take a… first get trained on Systems, right? So when I talk about this, you know, I want everyone to go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN. Go to the site because what you’ll find there, you know, on VASHIVA.COM/JOIN… Let me bring this up here so you know where to go. You have to go to VASHIVA.COM you’ll find out that when you log in we have a whole underground here.

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Colloidal Silver – Eastern & Engineering Systems Approach

So let’s go back to Colloidal Silver. Because the reason I want to give you that Systems Approach is that everything I’ve shared up until now on Colloidal Silver is looking at it from a Bottoms-up perspective, on the molecular systems. Remember, I shared with you this System Science also lets you look at the body as a system. And one of the tools that you get when you become a warrior or supporter is you get a tool called, ‘Your Body, Your System,’ which came out of my Fulbright research where you can actually look at the body as a system. Ask yourself a certain set of questions, it’ll figure out. Let me just share this with you. What kind of system you are. So there’s a triangle, and this is the.. you can go to ‘Your Body, Your System,’ and in this triangle of transport, conversion and storage, okay? You can ask yourself a certain set of questions. And it’ll put a red dot based on your particular body’s constitution. Very similar, like what my grandmother used to do. And then you can then figure out when you’re off course, that’s the black dot, this is your body should be here, that’s your target, but it’s over here. And the tool will help you figure out how you can manipulate foods and different types of supplements and things. It’s not, you know, we’re not, you should always consult your medical doctor. But this is to teach you how those things can change the nature of this black dot and bring it back to you. Okay, and that’s, again, anyone who gives, who supports the movement and as part of your appreciation, for anybody gives us $25 or more, you get that automatically.

So when you look at Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silver actually lowers transport which calms things down. It lowers conversion which means the processes of let’s say DNA replication, right? That’s the transcription process. That’s what you’re seeing here. It does in bacteria. So lowers transport. Transport is what occurs at the cell membrane. And it also lowers storage, right? That’s what DNA is. So you can see, when you see this kind of effect, it has a very, very profound effect on lowering many, many different aspects in the body. So this explains why Colloidal Silver, you know, shuts down different processes, right? It lowers a transport, which means the virus can’t get into the cell, that’s a transport. It lowers the conversion aspect, which is a DNA replication aspect. And it also lowers the storage aspect, which means it’s destroying the ability for DNA in there. So it’s a different way of looking at it. So when you, you know, get on the Truth Freedom Health warrior program, you’re going to understand systems from an engineering perspective. You’re going to understand systems and how you can use it to affect your body. You can also affect systems from a perspective of how you can use them to understand political systems. So go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN and do that, okay? Do it for yourself. But we need to build a movement. I’m committed to having 50,000 sort of nuclear physicists for political change. And we’re not going to get there by simply just wishing it or just being passionate. It’s got to… you have to sit down and you have to put a little effort and you have to learn this, okay?


So let me finish up here. In looking at dosaging, everyone’s been asking, “How much should I take”, right? How much should you take? Okay, again, this is not a medical doctor show. You should go to your healthcare professional. But what I do from a system scientist’s standpoint is I’m going to share with you what the science today says, okay? And we congeal that and we aggregate that together. This is what the science says. For maintenance dose, around 50 micrograms per day. For skin burns, (Monteanu et al) says about 0.5% of silver nitrate solution. Antibacterial effects: (Medici, et al) say about 1% silver sulfadiazine formulation, so, cream, okay? So what you notice is, it’s very low amounts, okay? And that’s what we talked about at the beginning. This is not–you have to be careful about dosage, right? Very low dosages, and you notice, this is in the silver nitrate aqueous solution. And this is in a cream formula. Again, it’s a very, very low dosage. But in summary, let’s look at the summary here. First of all, as we discussed, silver has a broad antimicrobial action against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The second thing is antimicrobial activity of non-toxic doses, right?

So at non-toxic doses, right. Micro organisms are likely to develop resistance against silver as compared… are not… are unlikely, I’m sorry, compared to antibiotics as silver attacks a broad range of targets in the microbe. So I want everyone to focus on this right here. You see… very important, as we close out here. Antibiotics, right when people take antibiotics bacteria figure it out and they try to elude it. But with silver because it attacks so many different aspects of the, of the cellular processes… Let’s say in the case of bacteria–it’s very hard and it’s very unlikely that bacteria can develop resistance… This is why silver has been used for 1000s of years. First of all it ruptures the microbial wall; it prevents entry to the host cell; it inhibits microbial growth by shutting down genomic replication; it breaks down the cellular machinery of the bacteria of energy production, protein synthesis, and functions. By the way, I’m talking about bacteria–not viruses–its induction of cellular toxicity via oxidative stress in the microbe. And it breaks down cellular communication. But one of the key things the research shows is it can be used in combination with other antiviral and antibacterial drugs to improve efficacy. There you go. All right, everyone. That was our discussion today on Colloidal Silver and its effects on immune health. The main thing I request of all of you for your own benefit is recognize that we need to understand history as a system. When we look at history–if you look at the gains in public health that we got in the 1900s–it was because of the women’s workers’ movement, a working people’s movement which is a Bottoms-up movement. And those in power do not want us to organize Bottoms-up. And that’s what this is about. They want us to restrict our political activity to watching TV hoping Trump will do something or Bernie will do something, okay? Or thinking that Tucker Carlson is getting all angry about some issue as though he’s fighting for us–left wing or right wing–wherever you want to look at that. And they want the left wing divide. I’ll be doing a talk about my analysis of this guy, James O’Keefe. Okay? You know, yeah, you attack CNN. Why hasn’t he put a wire on and gone after Fox News? Have you ever thought about that? Just think about it. You’ve… the Left and the Right. They don’t go after… they’re not very… The only movement right now on the planet that’s committed to building up a bottoms-up movement, to educating you beyond Left and Right and to building community and to activating you is this movement. But for this movement to grow, it’s up to you. You need to become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. If you don’t want to become one and you want to do the other thing. Great. It’s entertainment. Don’t get lost in it. It’s Maya, it’s an illusion. Anyway, I want to welcome everyone on this Saturday. I’ll be doing another conversation around 2 to 3pm announcing some important things that we’re gonna be doing on… on May Day. May Day’s… international workers are going to be talking about that. So anyway, I wish everyone a good… Saturday–I’ll see you at 2 to 3pm. Be well. Go become a Truth Freedom Health warrior. Do it for yourselves. Do it for your future. Do it for your family. Thank you, everyone. Be well. Have a good night or good evening or good afternoon. Thanks. Bye-bye everyone on Instagram be well.

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