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A recent article on said:

“It is a stunning, disturbing and persistent pattern of incompetence, corruption, and possible obstruction of justice.

After reading and reviewing the FBI’s publicly released 11-page 302 report on its interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the FBI’s 47-page summary of its investigation into the State Department email scandal, it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion.

These reports indicate that the Obama Administration has engaged in an alarming pattern of misbehavior despite the President’s statement that “A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.”

Abundant evidence of incompetence and a lack of accountability by the FBI, the Department of Justice, and State Department issues forth from the handling of the investigation into private email servers and top-secret, classified information.” (Ref:

The article highlights a systemic problem, prevalent not only in America, but across many developing and some developed economies. It requires a fundamental understanding of systems theory and dynamics to identify a real solution to this problem.

We can change anything in the world if we understand the nature of all systems.

An Introduction to System and Revolution

by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, The Inventor of Email and Systems Scientist

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