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In this historical systems analysis, Dr. Shiva describes how elites connected to the British Crown orchestrated the conditions to drive escalating tensions between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan, culminating in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – presents a Systems Analysis to understand how the British Crown & the British elites engineered Pearl Harbor and the subsequent entry of the United States into World War Two.
  • The United States had returned to a non-interventionist foreign policy after WW1. As a neutral country, the US was trading with both Japan and Britain. Churchill persuades FDR to align the US with Great Britain.
  • Japan had begun an expansionist series of conquests for natural resources against other Imperial powers. Japan desperately needed oil for its war machine and an overwhelming majority of Japan’s oil was being sold to Japan by the United States.
  • Britain was at war with Japan over colonies in the Pacific. The US Government can’t enter WW2 without the American public’s support.
  • The US Government cuts off Japan’s oil supply to provoke Japan.
  • Realizing the USA has sided with Britain, Japan plots a desperate gamble to knock out the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor with a surprise attack.
  • US and British Intelligence has knowledge of incoming Japanese attacks, but Governments keep knowledge secret and allow attacks to happen to galvanize the American public.

Hello, everyone. Good evening, it’s Dr. Shiva. I want to today take, on the occasion of Pearl Harbor, when Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941, many years ago today, to take the occasion to do a Systems Analysis for all of you to understand how Britain, the British Crown and the British elites, were the ones who engineered a Pearl Harbor and the subsequent entry of the United States into World War Two.

One thing everyone must understand is, Americans, by and large after World War One, were non interventionist; the American people did not want to enter any more wars. So, it was a significant amount of effort needed to bring Americans into wanting to participate in World War Two.


What we’re going to cover today is, first we’re going to look at, just quickly cover Britain’s entry into World War Two, which occurred in 1939. Then we’re going to go on to look at the efforts, particularly Churchill was doing to somehow figure out how much he was wooing Franklin Delano Roosevelt to enter World War Two, and the American public and it frankly, wasn’t really working.

And then we’re going to go to see how the particular relationship of Dean Acheson, who was FDR’s Undersecretary of State, or Assistant Secretary of State, who essentially did something that was specific to really piss off Japan, to want to attack Pearl Harbor on this, about the same time as Churchill was trying to woo FDR to do it. But FDR really didn’t have a reason.

Then, we’re going to talk about and we’re going to summarize that, to really understand that, when you really look at the phenomenon of World War Two, it is not that it shows against the common thread of how the British Crown, again, we’re not talking about the British people, we’re not talking about the businesses in Britain, we’re talking about the elites in Britain, who cannot fathom any other power that challenges them.

If you look a few videos ago, we talked about how Cecil Rhodes and Britain are the ones who engineered the entry into World War One, how they could not stand the fact that an independent country like Germany was coming up, and they laid out the conditions waiting for sparks, so they could justify the entry.

In this case, Britain severely needed the United States to enter World War Two, and they engineered those conditions.

The key takeaway I want everyone to understand is that those in power use war as an instrument of politics. It’s another means of politics. I think Clausewitz said that right? Wars and other means of politics. So, I want everyone to walk through this. We’re going to keep it really brief, but you’re going to walk away with some good history.

Elections are Selections

So, first of all, welcome to everyone. By the way, before we begin, I want to let everyone know that our Movement for Truth Freedom Health is recognizing that an election is coming up in 2022, and I’ve announced that I will be doing a run for governor but in a very different way.

We recognize that the elections are selections, and we’ll be announcing shortly, all of you can participate even in the midst of this, to recognize that we have come up with a way for all of you, all over the country, to participate by ensuring that we go back to hand counted paper ballots, and we have a methodology that we’ve created for that.

We’re going to see a lot of our Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholars, all over the country, having the opportunity to run, not to win on their terms, but to win on our terms, to build the movement. It is only our movement that is really going to secure freedom that’s going to secure truth, and it’s going to secure health. It’s not going to be from these freaking politicians, because the elections are selections. I’ll come back to that.

Britain at War with Germany

Let’s talk a little bit about Pearl Harbor. Let me first bring up this one picture. Some of you may have seen this elsewhere, but this gives you an understanding. If you look at this headline right here, which I’m bringing up here, you’ll see that Britain at war with Germany, so Britain enters a war with Germany, this is, if you look at this right here, this is September 3, 1939. Britain was involved with the war with Germany. And remember, Britain had really,

World War One, as we’ve talked about, was devastating to Germany. As you look at the previous video, we talked about how Cecil Rhodes the group, as they were called the elites of Germany, of Britain, thought they were the only powers that should exist, the British Empire.

As Germany was coming up, and as Kaiser Wilhelm the second was coming up, we talked about this, starting in late 1890, all the way leading up to early 1900, Britain was putting out massive amounts of propaganda among the British citizens, that Kaiser Wilhelm the Second was this evil guy, and in order to justify Britain’s entry into World War One, and they engineered as a lot of the data starting to show the conditions so they could justify their entry into go beat the hell out of Germany. And they did destroy Germany, to such a point that it led to the rise of Hitler.

Hitler was, again, there’s a whole dynamic here, but Hitler was leveraging what occurred in World War One to initiate a war with Britain and forcing Britain to enter that. The bottom line is that Britain was at war with Germany starting in 1939.

Britain Needed Allies

Britain needed allies. So, they wanted the United States to participate in their war. And guess what? The United States public, as I mentioned, did not want to participate in any more wars. World War One was devastating. If many of you go back to your history books, the people in the United States were into isolationism, they no longer wanted to participate in any more wars.

For Britain, to get the American public into World War Two would require some serious manipulation, some serious engineering. There’s an interesting article that you can find that was written by an author, let me bring it up. And you can find this on online.

But what was happening was that, when you really unraveled this, it was really oil that led to Pearl Harbor, and we’ll talk about it and the events that were going on was, let me go to this article right here and I’ll bring this up the important points here.

In that summer of 1941, Roosevelt and his trusted advisor right, where you can see here, Harry Hopkins, and the US Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles, were attending the shipboard conference off Newfoundland, and the Secretary of State Cordell Hall was on vacation at Greenbrier in Virginia. And he had the authority to grant licenses to export and pay for oil and other goods was in the hands of a three person interagency committee. And it was dominated by Assistant Secretary of State Dean Acheson.

Let me just unpack this. So, what’s going on was every six months, up until this point, in the summer of 1941, the United States would give a waiver for Japan to buy oil from the United States. Let me repeat that again. Every six months there would be a check to see if it was okay to sell oil to Japan.

That waiver was pretty much rubber stamped, approved by the Secretary of State by the name of Cordell Hull, so Cordell Hall, they would look at the situation, they say, Great. We’re going to give Japan oil. So, Japan was highly reliant on those waivers for from the United States to get oil and Cordell Hall was doing this on a normal basis.

However, in the summer of 1941, what was occurring was that, up until that point from ‘39 to that point, those two years Churchill was trying to woo America to participate in the war. And that summer of ’41, as this article says, right here, Roosevelt was attending, we go back to this article here, was attending a conference that was called a shipboard conference off Newfoundland. And with Sumner Wells, well guess who was at this conference, so that may go to the next article.

At that time Mr. Churchill was also at this conference. Let me bring that up, here we go. So, Churchill was at this conference, in early August ‘41. Right here, the two leaders of the English-speaking people, met at a shipboard conference off the coast of Canada, Newfoundland. Churchill thought they had developed a strong relationship. And they had, but not as strong as Churchill hoped.

FDR was much shrewder of the two about personal relations with other leaders. Some would say the American, the American was at times deceptive, that his intentions, Pearl Harbor rendered all of that irrelevant. If United Americans behind the idea of a total war in a way that a lesser attack would not have done. So here is Churchill, meeting at the shipboard conference in August of 1941 with FDR, trying to get him to participate in World War Two. But guess what? FDR wasn’t, I guess, being convinced.

At the same time, the running of the affairs of state is left to this guy, Dean Acheson. Cordell Hall, the Secretary of State is on vacation. He’s out of the picture, interesting enough. Why did he go on vacation? He was always allowing Japan to get these oil waivers. He’s out of the picture. Roosevelt is over here with Churchill.

Setting the Stage

Roosevelt can’t enter World War Two because the American public does not want to enter World War Two. And if you read this article, it talks about how the level of wooing, if that’s the right word, that FDR was doing, and the article talks about the stage was set for Churchill to woo the US nation.

In December, he and his military chiefs sailed to America to hammer out the strategy that would follow in the incoming struggle. I think it’s here, all that the article really talks about the incredible amount of here it is.

Britain was treated literally, as historian Max Aceing said, when Ambassador when it first arrived to make his post, he was met by special training whisked to Windsor. So there George the Sixth himself was waiting at the station to drive the ambassador in his own car, never in history had a foreign diplomat been received, which set such ceremony.

So, what was happening was the British Crown? The king, and Churchill, were really wooing the US ambassadors, treating them like royalty. It wasn’t working. So, while Cordell Hull is out of the picture, the actual secretary, the Secretary of State, at this shipboard conference, the escalation of this wooing takes place between Churchill and Roosevelt.

But Roosevelt didn’t have a good enough reason. But guess what happens? While that shipboard conference is taking place around the same period, Dean Acheson, who later on ended up working with Kennedy and Truman, etc. it’s a whole article or a whole discussion we can do on Dean Acheson, he stops the waiver of oil to Japan.

Now this was essentially going to suffocate Japan. Japan was already being hit with various types of embargo, and this was essentially the spark for Japan to say screw it. And within Japan, the militancy was also growing, because Japan was being choked by all sides by Britain, forcing the US to also cut off certain assets.

But Dean Acheson’s denying Japan oil was essentially saying we’re going to, we’re going to destroy the Japanese people that led to Japan attacking Pearl Harbor. Alright, so just understand this, Churchill needed the United States to get into war. The American people did not want to enter war.

He’s at this conference with Roosevelt, trying to get him into the war, he really doesn’t have a reason. And boom, he gets a reason because Dean Acheson cuts off oil to Japan. Japan’s, the people of Japan essentially going to be choked. They attack Pearl Harbor to try to get oil.

And more than that, they’re also very, very upsetting. As you know, Pearl Harbor is the closest to Japan, to Japan’s coast. So that’s what happened.

Elites Manipulate Public Opinion

The real takeaway is that when the elites decide to manipulate public opinion, they will do whatever it takes. So, the outstanding question and why this is probably for further research, is and some historians have argued this, that Franklin Delano Roosevelt just needed a good reason, so he got Kordell hell out of the way.

He had Acheson’s there. He goes to the shipboard conference, and probably more than likely there was some communication. It’s not like Atchison did this on his own, that’s what the front page story is.

But the reality is Atchison was probably inspired or incited to do this. And that resulted in Atchison doing something which would essentially really pissed off the Japanese, which is to cut off their oil. And as you can see here, that and this was, by the way, a front page story of the time. Unfortunately, this is no longer taught in any of the history classes. But this was undeniably front page news. As you can see, here’s the front page news.

President cuts off oil to Japan freezes all silk stocks, and that’s August of summer of 1941. And this was being reported throughout the news that we were planning on doing this that Churchill wanted to woo the United States. Now, let me read this last piece, and this will sort of make it clear to you how much England wanted the United States in World War Two, we bring up this final piece, and it really shares this article really shares an interesting.

It says to Winston Churchill, the Japanese attacked the United States naval force at Pearl Harbor was one of the greatest days of the most terrible war in Britain’s history. He was appalled, calculating and exhilarated perhaps in equal measures. He was dining at the checkers, the country retreat a Prime Minister’s when he heard the news.

His guests were US combat ambassadors Gil Winant and April Harryman, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Special Envoy to Europe, a butler brought in a portable radio for the party to listen to the BBC home service. When the attack on Pearl Harbor was confirmed. Churchill leaped to his feet and said we must declare war on Japan said he must declare, which means Roosevelt, his guest dissuaded him from this impetuous act.

Historian Walter Reed recounts in Churchill 1940 1945, his book about wartime relations among the Allied leaders, the Prime Minister phone Roosevelt and asked Mr. President, what’s this about Japan? FDR responded that it was true, and they were all in the same boat now.

And let me finish this. This statement is very interesting. This is what Churchill wrote, “being saturated and such and satiated with emotion and sensation. I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful,” he wrote in his own history of World War Two, I repeat that again, “being saturated and such and satiated with emotion and sensation. I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful.” So, there you go.

Again, this was what Churchill said being saturated and satiated with emotion and sensation. Churchill said, “I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful.”

It was extremely important for Britain, once again, to start wars with other people to divide and rule the world. One thug against another thug. But this is how they got America involved.

Imperialists Thrive on War and Division

If you really look back at it, who really profited from this? Eventually you’ll realize that the British Empire and the British Crown truly prospered from World War Two. France and Germany after that created a pact, they realize they’d also been used on either side and that they would never ever fight again.

So, that’s what I want you guys to know, that when you take the Systems Approach, you realize that imperialists thrive on war and division. And that brings us to today, when you look at what’s going on in the United States, right now, you can again trace it, as I’ve stated before, it is once again neocolonialism back in action.

It is the British crown, which is a massive, massive amount of fortune, and all their bank accounts that they want to destroy the Bill of Rights in this country. There’s a reason that Harry is over here. There’s a reason that Megan Markel is here, it’s not like they’re fighting.

But they do not want the American working class to have the First Amendment of the Second Amendment. And what we’re seeing is neocolonialism, version 2.0.

There’s a reason that the domestic censorship infrastructure now has been implemented in the United States, it’s no surprise that the architects of that were the Atlantic Council out of Britain and at Harvard. It’s open, it’s open. And in the books right out of the Belfer School, the Long Fuse Report talks about this.

In fact, Prince Harry is now a commissioner at the Aspen Institute of disinformation information, and he’s openly talking about why the First Amendment is bonkers. So you were literally going in full cycle. And the goal is for the elites, to once again, take back any sense of the First Amendment, the second amendment that was given, and what we’re witnessing right now is the attack on the working people worldwide, but particularly for the working people in this country.

We have the destruction of the First Amendment, we don’t really have science anymore. And what you realize is expansion of Big Pharma and big farmers, frankly, is racist, because they don’t really want to support indigenous medicine. So, we’ll talk more about this, and a piece that I’ll do.

And the only way forward is for us to build a Movement for Truth Freedom Health, which is running and it’s going to be our running in 2022. We know elections are selections, but we know that working people must unite beyond left and right. And we must fight for Truth Freedom Health.


I hope that was helpful. What we just went over was just doing a very different type of exposure to all of you, to understand that it’s not just the Japanese just randomly attacked Pearl Harbor. And they just are nuts or something. They just wanted to attack Pearl Harbor. But there were a whole bunch of events leading up to that. And this is really important to understand, because sometimes we’re looking at the end of a movie, the last two minutes, and then we’re wondering what the hell happened, we’re reaching to conclusions.

But when you look at this arc of this set of events that was taking place, what you really understand is that Japan was really, the conditions were created. So, Japan had to go do something demonstrably flagrant, to get the American people also very, very upset. And that was what was really engineered.

The other thing that I want to emphasize to everyone is that when you really look at these situations, whether you’re looking at World War Two or World War One, one of the fundamental things you find out is that the elites are extremely smart. They have very, very, very smart theoreticians, people who understand Systems Science, people like Dean Acheson, go look at his background, went to Yale, went to Harvard Law School. These people really understand the machinations of how systems work.

They play chess 10 steps ahead. They’re not dumb, folks. So Dean Acheson was a guy in power while Cordell Hall was away.

Truth Freedom Health®

The other thing to understand is that the ultimate goal of this is once you have something figured out, you leverage the media to do a sufficient amount of propaganda for everyday people to hate this fictitious enemy. And this is why our Movement for Truth Freedom Health keeps emphasizing, it’s about Working People Uniting, we have to keep asking ourselves, do you want liberation, do you, and it’s really about you. Because when you look at the conditions today, we can go on the internet, and you can read all the horrible things of what the elites are doing.

What I just did was give you an analysis. The analysis is not to just expose the set of elites, but more importantly, to discuss how the elites manipulate working people to do things that are not in their interest. It was not in the interest of the American working people to have their sons and daughters go die in another war, it was not in their interest at all. However, it was in the interest of elites to go do this, all the people are giving loans, right? People profited from war.

That’s who it was in the interest of, and right now we have to look at whose interests was it to support the jab. Whose interest is it to support censorship, with the government and Big Tech? Whose interest is it to create science that’s Fake Science? And if you look over the last four years, if you just look at the data, and let go of, and see things as they are not as you want them to be, over the last four years, nothing happened to Hillary Clinton. Nothing happened to Fauci, in spite of the obvious thing, this guy does not do any science. Operation Warp Speed was executed. $6.

Two trillion were printed for the elites, 600 billionaires doubled their wealth; .01% of the people increased their wealth by 11%, nearly $400 billion. Nothing, Julian Assange wasn’t pardoned. Ed Snowden wasn’t pardoned. And you go down the list, over and over and over again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right, you will see that every president who comes in, these elections are selections. And ultimately, they’ll use a black guy to manipulate one wing of the left, and they’ll use a white guy to manipulate the other wing of the working class.

What you see is that our goal in doing these videos is to start waking you up. What interests do you have in supporting any of these politicians? And you really have to ask yourself the question, do you want to get off your ass? And really understand how the dynamics of the Science of Systems works? Are you serious about liberating yourself, and our Movement for Truth Freedom Health?

The reason I do these videos, it’s not about the Movement getting involved in some political party, this Movement is about You. Do you want to get off your butt, understand the dynamics of politics? How there’s a controlled opposition? How history is operated. And do you fundamentally in this lifetime, want to make a significant change for you? Or do you just want to be on the sidelines a spectator, I’m going to vote for this guy, this, I’m going to vote for this guy; you’re going to vote for Trump, you’re going to vote for Biden, and whatever the nonsense is.

History will teach you that the only time you, or I, or working people have gotten liberation is when you stood up on your own two feet and understood how the elites operate. And that comes through the Science of Systems. That’s why I encourage all of you to go to and learn this. I’ve made it extremely accessible. We’ve created all this infrastructure for you. It’s really for you.

We also have an open house, every Thursday evening, around 8pm Eastern Standard Time to 9pm, we do a whole Open House.

In order for you to get to, that I encourage all of you to go to go to When you go to that website, you’ll find out that let me show you here. You can literally sign up, and it’s absolutely, there’s no cost here. You can just sign up as a Member, and you will start getting emails and do that right away. So go to, you can sign up as a Warrior, you can sign up as a Supporter, but you’re going to sign up as a member right here. I still give you a lot of educational gifts. But the most important thing is you get to learn the dynamics. At least come to our Open House.

You get to understand how the elites think, the Science of Systems. It’s about time people recognized and started that arguing themselves. That’s what we need to do. Screw all these elections, the elections are selections. I repeat, elections are selections. Third time, the elections are selections. Obama was selected, Trump was selected, Biden was selected.

Elections are selections. And when we run for office, we’re not running to win on their terms, we’re going to use the attention that the elites try to brainwash people, oh, you’re going to vote someone else, and the things are going to change.

Things aren’t changing, they’ve gotten worse. In the last four years, we have massive censorship like never before. We have mandates to essentially enslave people. And we have the total corruption of science, Fauci being an example. And our Movement called it out in March of 2020. Some of you get upset when I call out Trump and Robert Kennedy, to people or the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

If you want to keep going and following these guys, recognize that they do not do what’s right at that time. Our Movement has been always consistent, and at least an order of magnitude ahead. And if more people followed what we have uncovered at the right time, we wouldn’t have been in the situation.

So, it’s time you start recognizing to look to your neighbor beside you, don’t look above, that’s what the elites want you to do. f ds elections. Recognize the elections are the vehicle that occurs every two to four years to keep you corralled, and your attention, like some idiots who watch some stupid gladiator fight. You don’t want to be an idiot.

I have to be harsh, unfortunately, because the timescale in which we’re operating is compressing. It’s time that we identify those people who get it, and they get the training, and we build a massive, explosive movement that’s based on education, of understanding System Science. Go to, I’ll keep doing these videos, I’m going to do a video, a follow up to this, really talking about Neocolonialism, what’s going on in the modern world.

We’re going to talk about why many of these tech companies are now being run by these Indian guys. Who my viewer lackeys to the same old elites, just like the Indians in the 1920s were lackeys to the British crown. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the CEO of Microsoft, the CEO of Twitter, the CEO of Adobe, Google are all these Indian guys. Many times you really look at their characters, they don’t have any fighting spirit. These guys are all sellouts. They’ll suck up anyone. And we’re going to talk about that.

This is exactly what happened. During the British times, the British would come into these third world countries, Neocolonialism, and appoint these brown or dark skinned guys to suppress other people. It is no coincidence, a lot of these tech companies are being managed by that same mentality of sucking up to colonialism, bootlickers that’s what these guys are.

And so we’re in a very, very important time. We cannot afford stupidity. We can’t afford people anymore to wait for Trump, wait for some billionaire celebrity. If you want to do that, this is not the movement for you. Please go vote in these ridiculous elections and keep sucking up to those people.

But if you’re serious about your own liberation, then go to Truth Freedom Health, and do it for you. Because if you don’t understand the physics of how the world operates, and you don’t understand system science, you’ll be an unconscious incompetent. Anyway, we’ll have these videos coming.

Go to, I’m committed to educating you and I’m committed for you to educating yourself and educating others learning, teaching and serving. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening.

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