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India has a glorious tradition of innovation stretching back to over 5000 years in the fields of astronomy, agriculture, medicine, architecture, and numerous other fields. When the British came to India and established their colonial rule in 1857, one of the first things they did was to destroy this tradition of Indian innovation. The started a gradual process of brainwashing that made us believe that we could not innovate but could, at best, be paid administrators, artisans and workers who did the bidding of their colonial masters. However, the fact is that Innovation can Happen Anywhere, at Anytime and By Anybody. The fact that email was invented by Shiva Ayyadurai, then a 14 year-old Indian immigrant in the United States is ample proof of this. This is the message we need to reinforce to future generations. We need not look to the west to find innovators.. We have our own innovators to look up to, like Aryabhata, Charaka, Ramanujan, J.C. Bose, and now Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The symbolism of that invention by a 14 year-old boy of Indian origin is important to reclaim the fact that Indians can also be innovators.

Celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the first U.S. copyright for Email awarded to Shiva Ayyadurai on August 30, 1982. The 33rd anniversary is to be marked by an event organized by the Digital India Foundation at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. Learn how email has evolved over the years and changed the way people communicate and how Indian innovation can further advance it, making it a more powerful and intelligent communication medium than it has ever been.

The event features a panel discussion titled The History, Geography and Destiny of Email & How Indian Innovation Can Advance It. The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Ashok Malik, Senior Journalist. Other distinguished members of the panel include Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik from Microsoft India and Mr. Deepak Maheshwari, Symantec. Entry is by invitation only.

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