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Key Points
  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – announces the CytoSolve® Open Science Project for the Pfizer-BioNtech jabbine and answers the audience’s questions.
  • CytoSolve® is launching an Open Science Project using our technology to study the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
  • After asking for assistance from members of the public, individuals who work in the field helped us find the official list of ingredients in the vaccine provided to the FDA.
  • Critically, the official list of the Pfizer-BioNTech includes the DOSAGE and CONCENTRATION of each ingredient. Without knowing the dosage and concentration of each ingredient, any analysis would have involved too much guesswork.
  • CytoSolve® will now be able to launch a fully comprehensive analysis of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, with special attention given to efficacy and toxicities.
  • This is only the beginning. CytoSolve® is already excited to begin a similar analysis of other COVID19 vaccines such as Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and others, provided we can acquire reliable lists of their ingredients and the concentrations of their ingredients.


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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Hello, everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. I’ve been working at home on a couple things, but I did not want to miss this live for you today to really talk about an important project we’re going to be launching. And this is really because of everyone’s request. Over the last several months, many of you have said, Hey, Dr. Shiva, can you run the ingredients that are in the Pfizer Jabbine through CytoSolve®?

What You Will Learn Today

So, for all of those who are new, we’re going to first of all, give you an overview of a little video. What is CytoSolve®? Then we’re going to discuss something very important because I wanted to do this; however, we didn’t know what the ingredients were in the Pfizer Jabbine. And more importantly, we need concentrations of what they are, because we can’t just make up numbers. So, several I think about a week ago, I put out a post asking people to help us find what are the ingredients and all of you, I think there are several 1000 comments that came back.

Need for the Concentrations of Ingredients in the Jabbine

And a number of people who are in the field. Nurses, in fact, a couple people. Emily Cross, I believe, found a document that came out very recently on January 3, 2022. And that document had listed in there the specific ingredients in the Pfizer-BioNTech Jabbine, but also listed the ingredients and the concentrations because you need to know the specific concentrations. So, we’ll also share with you that.

CytoSolve® a Revolutionary Technology / mV25™

I’m also going to talk to you about the fact that CytoSolve® was a Revolutionary Technology that came out of my PhD work at MIT and where we first developed it, and then I validated it for many, many years. And then we use it in Commercial Research and developing new products. We’ll also talk to you about a product that’s come out of that – mV25™, which comes from natural ingredients, we figured out the right combinations for the right efficacy, etc.

Why We Should March on Moderna, NOT City Halls or State Houses

The next thing we’re going to talk about is I want to also talk to everyone about – we did a March on Moderna. Yesterday, very, very cold day, but suddenly right when we started marching, the sun broke in a wonderful way. But on January 22, at 12pm in Kendall Square, we’ll be doing another March on Pfizer and Moderna. And the key thing I want to emphasize to everyone is the Mis-Leaders in Activism, what I call the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment always want us to work with Congress and work with Politicians to do something. The reality is these Politicians are all Prostitutes.

Anyone telling people to go to City Halls and State Houses in Washington DC to do a big demonstration is basically running a circus and they want to misdirect us from the Real Enemies. We’ll talk about that too. So let me begin. So first of all, again, to those of you who are new, many of you know that my background is I’m a Biological Engineer, I’m a Systems Biologist, but fundamentally a Systems Engineer, Engineering Systems guy. And when you look back at the recent history of the last 20 years, something profound took place in 2003.

What was Discovered in the Human Genome Project?

We’ve discovered that the Human Genome, which means your genes and my genes, if you look at the genetic genome of our DNA, we only have 20,000 genes. Okay. In 1993, when the Genome Project started, we thought we had about, you know, a million genes or hundreds of 1000s of genes. And we knew a worm in 1993 only had 20,000 genes. We assumed that a human being must have more genes because we’re so much more complex.

The interesting thing was what ended up happening was we found out we only have 20,000 genes in 2003. So that led to a field called Systems Biology. And what Systems Biology said was, complexity is not a function of the number of genes, we actually have to be able to understand genes create proteins. And basically, our complexity is not the number of genes but because the complexity of molecular reactions that take place within the human body is more complex than the complexity of molecular reactions in a worm, and those are called Molecular Pathways.

History of the Innovation of CytoSolve®

So, in 2003, I came back to MIT because I had a deep love of Medicine, a deep love of Engineering. I’d been in and out of MIT for many years, as some of you may know. But what happened was my advisor, former advisor at MIT, said, Shiva, you’ve loved medicine, you’ve created major systems like Email and other tools. Why don’t you come back to MIT? And the challenge is, imagine using the computer to mathematically model the entire cell.

For that matter, if you could use a computer to model different kinds of diseases and molecular reactions, we could discover things faster, cheaper, and safer, which means instead of killing a lot of animals, instead of wasting a ton of time, and do in doing all this lab work, and again, killing animals and human clinical trials, on products that were never going to work, which means we’re highly toxic, or maybe aren’t even efficacious, we could do that way ahead, using Computational Biology.

So, I was very excited. I came back in 2003. And for the next four years, I developed a technology called CytoSolve®. CytoSolve® became really, frankly, a Revolution in Medicine. And then for the next five or seven years, I published a number of papers validated in the biggest journals in the world, and then we’ve commercialized it to help other companies.

We had thought the pharma guys would want to use this because they waste 13 years building a product or something hurts people. In fact, I did some initial work for a company called L-Nyllum. In fact, we went to Pfizer, many years ago, and their innovation group, we asked, we asked them, hey, there’s a disease called Lupus, which is a horrible disease. Could we mathematically model that and we started that work. And suddenly the innovation group went away.

It’s like, they didn’t really want to do innovative kinds of things. But we’ve been helping lots and lots of companies, particularly in the natural product space, figure out the right combination more recently. I’ll share it with you with mV25™, we created our own product for pain and inflammation. I’ll talk about that. But right now, to give you a nice video, which CytoSolve® really is. I’m going to play you this video that’ll give you in a consolidated way what CytoSolve® is, John, can you play that video please?

Alright, so what you can see is, and by the way, I’m doing this out of my, one of our small offices here at home, because we’re having a bunch of work done. But anyway. So we can see there is CytoSolve® is a very powerful technology that can look at different biological phenomenon, which means, which are ultimately molecular reactions in the body, mathematically model them in a and then figure out how different intervention so if you, let’s say, Eat caffeine, or drink caffeine, or you take turmeric, or you take resveratrol, or if you get a Jabbine, how will that affect you?

Official Concentrations & Ingredients of Pfizer-BioNTech Jabbine 1/3/2022

But in order to do this, we need to know the ingredients and the concentrations. So, this is what we were able to find are the actual ingredients in the COVID jab, have been in one single dose from the Pfizer-BioNTech Jabbine. Where do we get this information? It’s literally from the letter that the FDA issued to Pfizer on January 3, 2022. Again, we thank all of you for helping us find this. It’s not easy.

Now, there’s a lot of stuff out on the internet saying, Oh, this is there, this isn’t there. There could be but this is the official legal document put out by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, talking about what’s in the Pfizer Jabbine.

If you think about it, there’s different ingredients in here at different concentration levels. So let me walk you through this point three milliliter. So those people who got the Jabbine in their arm, right, they literally got point three milliliters, right? So, one milliliter is a 1,000th of a liter. Okay. Right.

If you got a, you know, one milliliter, that’s 1000, this is, you know, point three tenths of 1000 milliliter, okay? So, that’s if you were to look at it, that’s the amount in a dose. So, if you look at that point, three milliliters, that point three milliliters is composed of different ingredients.

The first ingredient on this list is 30 micrograms, which is 10 to the minus sixth grams of the actual mRNA. Okay, that means the RNA, which is used to encode to the spike protein, okay. The glycoprotein, Okay, specifically, so there’s 30 micrograms of that in that point, three milliliters, so that’s it. So, you can calculate it once you know the molecular weight, the concentration, okay, that’s why I’ve been asking people for the concentration because in order to run it through CytoSolve®, we needed the concentration.

The second thing you see here are three lipids. So why do I say this? If you have the RNA that is surrounded by literally, a ball and that ball surface, is made up of lipids, fats. And you can see here there are three things that compose that ball. First is 0.43 milligrams within that point three milliliters of (4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6, 1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate). What does that mean? That is a molecule, okay?

And I don’t, I didn’t do the structure for you, but that entire thing, but what I just read to you is a compound. Alright, so that’s the second ingredient and there’s 0.43 milligrams of that. Next is point 0.05 milligrams, which composed again, the surface of where the RNA is encapsulated by, what’s normally known as peg, polyethylene glycol, this is 2[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide. Okay, again, another molecule, okay.

The next thing that also composes that ball surrounding mRNA is 0.09 mgs of 1,2- distearoyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphocholine, again, another molecule, but it’s point o nine milligrams, okay. And then you have 0.2 milligrams of cholesterol, with which is included, 0.01 milligrams of potassium chloride, 0.01 milligrams amount of basic potassium phosphate, 2.52 milligrams of sodium chloride, 0.07 milligrams of dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and six milligrams of sucrose, sugar. So, when you look at it, there’s 1-234-567-8-9-10 ingredients.

So, there’s 10 ingredients in the Jabbine. Okay, at various concentration levels. So, the research project that we’re going to do – this is going to be a pretty big research project. Imagine we now do two things, we are going to model the process of what happens when you get the Jabbine in you, which is translation will take place. And that RNA will get converted to the spike protein. And then that spike protein will initiate an immune response, which is the creation antibodies.

Model if Jabbine Can Cause Any Harm to Your Body?

Now, so if you follow that track, one of the things we’re going to do at CytoSolve® is see how much of the antibodies are created? And what is the efficacy of that? Which means how long do they last? Because right now Pfizer saying you have to keep getting the boosters every six months? Which means that it’s probably not lasting that long. Okay, and why that’s one thing. That’s called efficacy. The next thing we’re going to model, John, can you zoom in on that? With CytoSolve® and analyze? Is for each one of those other ingredients? Do they cause any harm to your body?

John, come back the other way. And what I mean by that is harm would be, are they causing, let’s say, inflammation in your body? You know, low grade inflammation? With CytoSolve® we already have the mathematical models of that. So, we can figure out where each of these molecules intersects in those pathways? And is it causing inflammation because as you know, inflammation causes all sorts of things. And if so, why? And how, okay. Now, CytoSolve®, as many of you know, we do a lot of this research. But this is going to be a pretty big project.

Announcement of CytoSolve® Open Science Project

We’re going to ask people for support, and I’ll talk about the research plan tomorrow, we’re going to do some of it. But this is going to be, I want this to be our research project and Open Science Research Project, we’re going to bring CytoSolve® resources and technology, we’re also going to need some of your support, because we’re gonna also have to pull people off other projects, which I also have to do this to support everything we do here. We’ll talk about that.

Imagine getting everyone in the world, helping do this research in some way supporting it. Maybe people want to get 50 cents $1, whatever it is, but it is going to take resources, but we’re going to support as much as we can. But it’s a way for everyone to participate. All the data that comes out we’re going to publicly share and every, all of us should invite Pfizer to come review our data openly. That’s called Science remember Truth, Freedom and Health.

As you see scrolling down below, we want to have open debate, open discourse from the data, Open Science, Real Science, Truth and we’re going to invite anyone from Big Pharma to review our data, the efficacy data, the toxicity data, etc. So, to make this a little more on the, on a different side, some of you may know that for nearly 10 years, you know, with the development of CytoSolve® validation. Recently, last year, we said, hey, why don’t we use CytoSolve®? Could we actually create a product that could support pain and discomfort. So, we literally ran CytoSolve® through and we modeled all the Molecular Pathways of pain and inflammation in the body. And we found two ingredients at very particular concentration levels that we see in the CytoSolve® System that are very good for reducing pain, inflammation. I’ll come back to this.

But just to give you a practical view of what we’re doing, I want John to play a video which will give you an idea of how CytoSolve® can be used in a very positive way. Go ahead, John.

CytoSolve® Eliminates Animal Testing with Mathematical Modeling

So, what I wanted to show you with mV25™ is, that’s an example of where we’ve used CytoSolve® to look at all the research that’s out there and pain and inflammation to mathematically model it and find out ingredients that again, this was done without killing animals, right? Without doing all the stuff that typically the Pharma Model does. It’s a very powerful capability. And that’s an example of it.

CytoSolve® Open Science Project Explores Jabbine’s Efficacy & Toxicity

What we want to do and what I’m starting to talk about and share with you guys as a CytoSolve® Open Science Project to explore the efficacy, as well as the toxicity of what we see as the Pfizer Jabbine and we want to do Real Science, we’re going to do everything open. As we do this project and ask and we’re gonna, some of it.

We’re gonna all of it we’re going to share but we’re gonna try to do it on a level whereas we’re getting data we’re sharing and sharing and sharing and we encourage all of you to tell all your friends out there that we’re going to be doing this is going to be a historic project. We’re using a very powerful Computational Systems Biology technique that has been published, that’s out there.

Hey, John, go to, please, can you bring that up in a window? If John can just go to in a window, John, because what I want to show you is, if those of you’re interested, we are actually doing some updates to our site.

And if you go to publications, you can see that we’ve published CytoSolve® is a proven technology, we’ve published in some of the leading journals in the world, right there, and go down, John, in all different areas, Plant Sciences. And so, we want you to go check that out. If you go to research, this page is being updated. And if you click on Research, and under Research case studies, you can see we do all different kinds of work. We bring together, we’ve published a lot, many, many of the journals. So please go explore that.

But this very powerful technology that has been used by the biggest companies in the world, we’re going to really use it for Open Science. So, no one can say, Oh, this technology is not something that has been used. Well, it’s been published in that leading journals in the world, that all the major, major universities publishing, so it’s a proven technology platform.

Okay. Before I wrap up a couple of announcements, as many of you know, we did a great march, just to let you know, our movement for Truth Freedom Health® is not only do we do Education, like we’re doing, not only do we do Scientific Research, but we also, we get on the ground and we do Activism.

Pharma Companies Profit from Censorship & Sickness

We want to let everyone know that January 22, at 12 noon, we need to March on Pfizer? Moderna. The problem is, you know, they don’t share their data. They use a lot of Fake Science. We know that these Pharma Companies are profiting from Censorship, and they’re profiting from sickness, they don’t want to talk about natural products. They’re racist in many ways, because all the traditional medicines are not even considered.

The other big thing I want to bring up this poster. Notice we’re going into Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Mis-Leaders in our movement, for Truth, Freedom, and Health the Mis-Leaders, like the RFK Juniors and the opportunists keep telling people that go March in front of City Hall and State Houses. And some you know, go to, you know, Washington, DC, we know Robert F. Kennedy Senior overtook the Civil Rights movement, and did a circus March in Washington, in the Civil Rights movement, they, I mean, we’ll do a longer video on it.

But the civil rights movement was a Bottoms-up movement growing. And then the Kennedys came in and selected Martin Luther King, to be their Anointed One. And then they had this circus thing called the March on Washington. And it never dealt with the Real issues because it was all top down. We see that happening with the Medical Freedom movement right now, marching to Washington, marching to State Houses, marching to City Halls, you’re marching to the prostitutes.

The prostitutes of Big Pharma, well guess where the center of Big Pharma and Big Tech is in the world? It’s right in Cambridge, Massachusetts. So, everyone, wherever you are in the world, you know, support the March on Pfizer, Moderna. Go to your local town halls. If you can’t come to Cambridge, and support the Truth Freedom Health® March, you’re all welcome to come in here. But we need to march into the center of the belly of the beast. And it is Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The center of the Belly of the Beast is not Washington DC. It is not City Hall. It is not state houses. It is the center of Big Tech and Big Pharma. And it is Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I wanted to let you guys know about that. Hey, John, let’s take some questions. What do we got?

Callers Questions Answered

Question: So, are you showing us how dangerous it is?

Answer: Yes. So, what we’re going to do, Lori’s we’re going to take a scientific approach, because there’s been so much noise on the internet on one side, you know, people saying, oh, everything is safe. And on the other side, you have all sorts of claims that are being made by people who, frankly, are putting stuff out there, no one can verify.

But we’re going to do is here we’re using the actual list of ingredients that the FDA said, maybe they’re lying, maybe they’re not but it’s subject to serious, you know, criminal offenses if they are but those are the ingredients. We’re gonna look at all the Molecular Pathways that are involved in the Immune Response and all particular we’re going to look at inflammation to start with. Yes. So, we’re going to look at when you take these ingredients individually, first, we’re going to look at them in combination. Does it cause inflammation in your body?

Now remember, one thing we’ve emphasized is one size does not fit all. Some people, it may, and some people may not. So, we’re going to also do the modeling of people who may have, let’s say, hypertension, people may have diabetes, because maybe these things have different varying levels of effect, and being dangerous to different people. I hope that makes sense. Okay, so yes, we’re gonna do that.

But remember, one size does not fit all. Think about it. There are people who smoke all day, and live until 100 years old, and some other people like I had an uncle of mine who smoked, and he died when he was in his 50s. Okay, different people have different, you know, body chemistries.

What’s the next question, John?

Question: Shiva, when are you launching the Truth Freedom Health® podcast?

Answer: Yes. So, we’re actually on podcasts if you go, if you go on iTunes, we just launched. And we’ll be updating those podcasts. We’re also on, John, what are the other ones? We’re on iTunes, Spotify, we just launched. In fact, today, and you’ll see more and more coming out. Thank you.

Comment: The world is watching Brisbane, Australia. Your work is extraordinary. Thank you.

Reply: You’re welcome, Rhonda. Remember, one of the huge advantages we have is that guys like me, who are Real Scientists, and have all those degrees are supposed to shut my mouth up and really not do Science in the interest of the people. What we’re going to do right now, because the way this idea came from all of you guys, because of your, you know, asking me Hey, what’s in that? Can you run it through CytoSolve®? A bunch of things are gonna occur at Ronda, first, we’re going to educate people on CytoSolve®. We’re going to educate people on Systems Biology. But we’re going to make this an Open Science Project.

How Does Science Work?

Think about what I mean by that today, how does Science work? Taxpayers’ money is taken given to the government, the government, then cherry picks, where they’re going to put their research money, that research money goes to big universities, those Big Universities then do Scientific Research. Typically influenced by Big Pharmaceutical companies, data comes out. And then that data is used by the News Media to build a narrative.

So, it’s this big process, guess what we’re gonna do now, you guys have asked, How does this Jabbine affect certain, is it, Does it work? Is it toxic? Well, the technology we have CytoSolve® came out of MIT. It’s been used by Pharma Companies. It’s been used by Nutraceutical Companies. So, they can’t say this technology has no credibility. We’ve published. So, we’re gonna just take this very powerful engine, which is like an MRI machine, right? It’s like a very powerful microscope.

And we’re gonna just point it at this. And the results we get. It’s gonna be Open Science. We’re gonna say, look, Pfizer, this is what we got, you want to help us if we do something wrong, please show us. So, we’re going to make it fully open. Wherever the results take us. That’s where it’s going to lead. That’s called Science. Okay, thank you, Rhonda. So, it’s going to be very exciting. We look to all you guys to support this. We want to make this a worldwide Open Science Project. Cytosolve® can’t do it alone.

I’m going to as many of you know, I’ve donated significantly to this effort, my time, my money, my resources, things that we could have used for other projects. But I want this to be a collaborative project, not just CytoSolve®, not just mine, but all of ours.

Comment: I don’t trust the FDA.

Reply: Yeah. Well, what’s interesting, Pam, is the FDA is concerned about toxicity. What I learned, you know, many years ago, we use AI to solve, to discover a multi-combination set of compounds for pancreatic cancer. The Big Pharma Companies have very powerful lawyers, the FDA has a bunch of Bureaucrats, they can get through the FDA stuff that would normally not get through using Lawyers. But the reality is, John, bring up those ingredients. Those are the ingredients that we have. That’s what they’re saying. So, let’s go with what they have. If we find that they’re lying, and people can prove that, that’s what we’re going to go with. But this is in the actual documented letter that the FDA has put out. It’s a legal document, okay. They’re subject to serious violations of law. But this is what we have. People have said there are other ingredients if you can verify it from an independent source. That’s great. We don’t want to get into this thing where we’re just making claims. This is what’s on black and white paper right now. That the Pharma Company has gotten, the Government has gotten it’s out there. So, let’s go with it. We’re giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Question: Has the covid 19 vaccine been tested with CytoSolve®?

Answer: No, that’s what we’re going to be doing Ronan, we’re going to be modeling two things, we’re going to be looking at all the Molecular Pathways that are involved when the COVID vaccine comes in, how translation takes place to create the spike protein, how the spike protein then affects the up regulation of antibodies. That’s one that’s called efficacy, then we’re going to look at the toxicity relative to inflammation in the first pass.

Question: Is there a medical procedure or a particular test a person can take to indicate or detect if a person has any of the mRNA “vaccine” in their body or their system?

Answer: Jim, That’s a very, very good question. Now, there’s a paper, what’s fascinating is, it was only in June of 2021, six months ago, a paper came out saying how you would actually detect if the mRNA was effective. And I’ll talk about that shortly. Okay, I’m going to be doing a series of videos on this, but that just recently came out, it’s in a paper that I’ll cover next.

Question: Can you do a Systems Approach with Breast Cancer? Why or what cause it? Is it a gene or toxicity in the body, please?

Answer: Yeah, Floras Tess, you’re bringing up a very important point, okay. Um, some people say there’s a BRACA gene, okay, which causes it, then you have the fact that there’s a constituent of things in the environment, and some people may have proclivities for it, okay, chemicals. It’s something we can do.

Again, the reason I’m excited about this is, we’re going to launch CytoSolve® as an Open Science Project. So, Floras, if you wanted us to do that, we could go get crowdfunding to support CytoSolve® to do that. There are many things like this, we can start doing. But sure, we can do that, because we’ve already modeled the Molecular Pathways of Cancer relative to Pancreatic Cancer.

The pathways are obviously at a high-level Systems Approach. Cancer involves cells that start proliferating when they shouldn’t, and cells that don’t die when they should cell death is called apoptosis. So, we could apply it to Breast Cancer. But the bottom line is, we’re going to make this an Open Science Project. We’ll definitely do that. John, put that on our list.

Question: Did you take it? Are you able to function your country if you haven’t?

Answer: No, I have not. Frankly, I haven’t taken I think, but I came from India to here. I think I probably had to take something like tetanus or something. Many, many years ago, 1970. But I have not taken the current vaccine, nor will I nor have I taken any of the flu vaccines ever in my life.

SUSAN- Different Levels of Toxicity in Each Brand of Vaccine?

Next question, can you acknowledge that there are different levels of toxicity in each brand of vaccine? Yes, so Susan MacFarlane, I don’t know, you know, what we have is anecdotal data, we have stuff in the VAERs database. What I want to do is I want to objectively go down to the Molecular Systems level and look at it right now. We’re gonna start with Susan, what we have – the data that we got for the Pfizer-BioNTech.

If you can get data for the Moderna, the J&J, we can start running those through, there’s a lot of work we’re gonna have to do to set up the base stuff, and test each member literally going to do what Pharma, I mean, this is what the Pharmaceutical Companies should have done, the Pharmaceutical Companies should have used CytoSolve® way ahead. In fact, Trump should have called us. Okay, but maybe they don’t want to find the Truth. We’ll find out. Okay.

I don’t want to; I want to be very objective here. But sure, if others of you can very much get what was in the Pfizer ingredients, we can also do that with other brands? Thanks, Susan, for your question.

Question: What about the graphenes?

Answer: Yeah, so I don’t know I didn’t see Maria in the ingredient list and the FDA, the graphenes. If you can go do some research and find out if the ingredients there may be there in the other. But what we have John put out the list again, this is what we have in the official FDA letter that came out on January 3, 2022. I don’t see the graphene in here. Maybe it’s referring to one of the lipid particles, but I don’t see it in here, but maybe it’s another brand.Next question.

Comment: There were more ingredients when they first shared ingredients, then they changed to the shortlist.

Reply: Janet, can you send us that please? Can you send us that? Obviously, everything we do we want to? What we want to do is we’re gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. Okay, let them you know, if they’re lying, they’re lying. And we’ll find that out. Truth always comes out. So, what we have right now is a list. That was literally in the FDA letter. If you other ingredients that we can document. We’ll keep advancing this list. But we have to have some documentation, official documentation.

Question: How do these affect the body?

Answer: So, Lisa Brown, that’s what we’re going to do. So, your body is a big molecular reactor, right? Many, many reactions. There are certain things, Lisa that can cause inflammation in your body, there are certain things that can cause hypertension in your body, there are certain things that can cause blood clots in your body. These are all chemical reactions, right?

You get leg cramps, sometimes, right? Your eye may twitch and other cases, right. You may get spasms, all of those are molecular reactions. So, what we’re going to do is with CytoSolve®, we can model those reactions. And we can see if, individually or in combination, these ingredients cause that to occur. We’re going to start with inflammation as a first pass, and there’s varying types of inflammation.

Question:What about human embryos, cells & HIV protein cells? So, Susan, this is the mRNA vaccine ingredients. I’m not sure which vaccine you’re talking about. We’re talking about the Pfizer Jabbine. Okay. So, if you can find us information about the other ones, with these sayings, I’d love to know about it. But we’re literally gonna, as you guys find, we’re gonna, it’s gonna be a Citizen Science Project. But in order to keep it, you know, very, very real, you’re going to have to find the documentation. Okay.

Comment: Look at All That Chloride!

Reply: Yes, so let’s bring up that. Can you bring up the ingredient list again, John? So, Johnny Zavala, is saying, Look at all that chloride, yes. So, there’s 2.52 milligrams of sodium chloride in point three milliliters, right? So, we’re gonna calculate mathematically, what is that concentration? Remember, this is what’s injected into you into, and when we calculate this, we’re gonna find out how much ends up at the cell surface. Okay.

But we have all the data here to do all the complex calculations. And we’re gonna walk you through how we do each one of these as we do this process, and then we’ll all I mean, we’re gonna put it out there. And we’ll ask Pfizer, if you want to participate, you’re open to come and talk to us, debate with us, discourse with us. We’re gonna give them all the opportunities.

Question:Will you analyze the others…. Moderna and J&J?

Answer: Yes. So, Lisa, if you can go. And by the way, we want to start with one. Okay, if you guys find the ingredients, and the others, we’ll do them in parallel, or serially, but we need your guy’s help. Again, Citizen Science. This is the first Citizen Science Project, it’s going to be one of the biggest Citizen Science Projects, probably the biggest Citizen Science Project in the world.

Question: How are you protecting yourself? Can you say on air, let us know? Suicide is not an option. We want to protect you.

Answer: Brandy. Thank you. Many years ago, I did a similar project with Monsanto’s GMO crops. John, can you go back to CytoSolve®? And there was a lot of concern at that time, Brandy. So, John, can you go back to the CytoSolve® website? And I produced five research papers, which are breakthrough papers showing that when you.

And click on the Publications. What we did here was this was a paper we did with CytoSolve® we did a series of five papers. And you can click on that PDF, but what we did Brandy was we did a series of five papers, which conclusively showed you there. That when you do the Genetic Engineering of soy and soy in particular, that it actually up regulates formaldehyde, and down regulates glutathione in the plant.

So, what we showed was that the plants actually get weaker, and that the seeds of these plants are weaker, and then we compared our data with greenhouse data. So, we modeled all the Systems of Genetic Engineering again, Here’s CytoSolve® – This was a great paper. And I’ll show you the final results here.

Those are the Molecular Pathways of, you know, various processes in the plant cells. This is the power of CytoSolve®. What you see here in silico, CytoSolve® results. In organic soy, you have 9.7 levels of glutathione. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant. But in RRS is in Roundup Ready soy, that’s Monsanto.

So, you see, it’s 3.9, which means there’s a 249% prediction, I mean, a less glutathione. So, our technology predicted that. And then we found data done by Researchers and LEEDS, which showed that in this in the Greenhouse Experiment, in vivo, there’s 9.9 organic and 3.6 are very, very close.

This shows the power of CytoSolve® to model nature. Okay. So yeah, so the reason I brought that up, Brandy, a lot of people are concerned I was doing this research. Was Monsanto going to do anything, but once the cats are out of the bag, I have to just keep going out Brandy and keep talking. And once you’re a public figure, you don’t really, can’t really hide anymore, you know? And obviously, you have to just keep telling the truth. And the more people we tell, that’s really the ultimate protection.

Comment: We need a real movement in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, I’m looking for a job. So, I’m tired of all the damn mask requirements.

Reply: By the way, Eric – Look, the bottom line is this, we need to build a Bottoms-up movement, Truth Freedom Health®. The movement for Truth Freedom Health® that we have organized, we have close to 100,000 people now globally, involves three things.

Number one, it involves Education, Education of Systems Science. And so, every Monday evening, myself, my Leadership Team, we teach a course for three hours. And I, frankly, cannot speak to everyone all the time.

And even though I’m very generous with my time, but I tell a lot of people who have all these ideas about Left Wing, Right Wing, Republicans, Democrats, that without getting the proper Political Systems training, you’re basically going to be lost. So, I encourage everyone to get the Education. Go to

Number two is Community once you learn this knowledge, your Consciousness raises, and you’re going to want a community of people.

So, we’ve done that, and people can commune independent of Big Tech, okay, online in our own Infrastructure

And third Activism on the ground. Okay. So, I want everyone to go to And before I end this stream, John will play the full Warrior video. But go to, become a Warrior Scholar, we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. What I’m doing with CytoSolve® in supporting our movement is to support it with Research and Education.

Question: Do ingredients, each jab? Arer boosters, same ingredients? Can you test per jab and cumulatively?

Answer: Yes. Great, great question. And thank you, again, for giving us that $5 donation. What we can do is we can literally model one jab, multiple jabs, and concentration levels. Yes. Now as I understand the boosters have the same ingredients, but we’ll check that Okay, thank you.

Comment: They gave children a higher concentrated version.

Reply: I didn’t know that. We’ll find that out. Okay. We can, by the way do with our technology, we can do varying concentration levels.

Thank you, Claire Cook, very sweet of you. For your $9.99 donation.

By the way, we’re going to ask all of you to support us because we’re going to go to CytoSolve®, pull people off other projects, which are revenue generating projects, and we’re gonna get CytoSolve® to donate. We’re gonna ideally, imagine having, hundreds of 1000, millions of people all over the world, being part of this research project. That’s what we want.

What we’re going to do is all the data, we’re going to build a little site every week, every, you know, however, often we get the data, we’re going to publish it. And we’re going to, and all of you can share it with everyone. Okay?

This is called the Open Science Project. This is the way Science was supposed to be done. It wasn’t supposed to be done with a few people just doing it in back rooms, and then publishing it in back rooms. It’s going to be Open Science, we’ll invite Fauci, we’ll invite Pfizer, we’ll invite everybody. We’ll invite every Professor in the world to come look at our work. And we’ll make all the data fully transparent.

So, we got to get Beyond the Grifting. And those false claims because that hurts Science, and then we want to get beyond, Beyond the Deniers, everything we do is going to be fully transparent. And if we make mistakes, we’ll correct them.

Okay, we’re open to feedback, we’re open to criticism, we’re not here to, you know, we may do the calculations, and maybe we’ll make a mistake, and we’ll say, oh, we got that wrong, we’ll fix it. Okay. But we’re not here to push an agenda, we want to find the Truth. And the other thing we want to say is when we do this Research, it’s, it’s, we’re gonna also try to mathematically understand different kinds of people, right?

Someone who has diabetes has a very different body chemistry than someone who’s obese, versus someone who’s healthy or someone who comes from different backgrounds, right? We’re going to try and capture that.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All. That’s the point. I have been talking about this since November of 2019. Before all these opportunists these quote, unquote “scientists” got involved. We always said it’s Beyond Vaxx & Anti-Vaxx.

It’s really about the Pharmaceutical companies wanting to push One Size Fits All Medicine. That’s what a Systems Approach teaches you. We gotta move Beyond the One Size Fits All Approach. Okay?

Because one size fits all meaning – everyone should eat a tomato, everyone should eat peanuts, everyone should do this. Right? Well some people will eat peanuts and they are allergic to them. This is going Beyond that One Size Fits All model.

But yes, all of our stuff we will make fully transparent, how we calculated things, what literature we used, everything, so anyone else can validate us. That’s the only way to win, right now. Full Transparency.

Comment: Thank you. Thank you, for what you do. Not many out there like you, please don’t stop.

Reply: We want George and everyone out there. This is going to be our Science Project, which means that we’re going to show the world and Big Pharma and Big Academia and Big Tech, how we do Real Science. Okay, thank you. George Patricks.

Comment: A word about Ivermectin.

Reply: Yes. Ruthie Hibiki. Once we get these models set up, one of the other projects we’re going to launch is an antiviral project. So, again, you know, we can take Ivermectin. What does Ivermectin do? Right. Again, once. So, it’s really important, we set up the right infrastructure of how the Molecular Pathways of viruses work. And then we can also start doing Ivermectin, that’ll be another project we can do Ruthie Hibiki. Thank you for reminding me.

Question: Have you reached out to other Scientists/ doctors who are not sold out to Big Pharma? Thanks for your good work. – Balakrishna.

Answer: If you and other Scientists want to help us, we definitely want to be part of this. When we did the GMO Project many years ago, I actually went back to my high school. And we recruited young high school AP Chemistry students. They actually helped us with that, we put their names on the paper. So sure, we want to, anyone who wants to help us, can collaborate with us. Thank you.

Question: Are you on Rumble? Appreciate all your work.

Answer: Yes. We’re on Rumble. This video will be up there. Thank you.

Comment: We need to meet on the weekends and demand paper ballots and a blank to write in whoever we want, who is qualified. This is how we destroyed the parties.

Reply: You’re absolutely right. Keep an eye out. I’m in the middle of finishing up two scientific papers on Ballot Images and on signature verification that’s going to come out shortly on our Analysis in Maricopa. Thank you.

Truth Freedom Health® & CytoSolve® to Answer Toxicity and Efficacy of the Jabbine.

Okay, everyone. What I want to do is in closing. It’s a very, very exciting thing for me. I never thought we would come bring it all together, meaning we started our movement for Truth, Freedom and Health. Everyone go become Warrior Scholars. As many of you know, we also have been talking a lot about CytoSolve®. But now the Truth Freedom Health® movement is going to bring in CytoSolve® to answer a very important question about the toxicity and efficacy of the Jabbine. Okay?

And can we as a community participate in this, in an Open Science Environment and set a high standard of how Science should be done, versus the black, you know, opaque opacity and how Science is currently being done. And to all of the social media, people run all the social media companies, I urge you, that you’re talking to groups of people, now we want to run an Open Science Project, we hope in the interest of Science, all the social media companies will not be influenced by the government’s unholy alliance, and try to shut this project down.

Fortunately, people can also, we also have, we’ll also be putting all of this up there most sharing everything with people, but everything we’re doing is going to be fully transparent. No one can say this is false. We’re gonna make all the data available.

So, in closing, I want to encourage everyone to support the Truth Freedom Health® movement. One of the things we’re thinking about is as this research project goes, as you guys, thank you for your donations. We’ll also give people you know, access to Truth Freedom Health®. And just keep an eye on, Be patient. All of this is happening in REAL time. But we’re going to integrate the Truth Freedom Health® movement, and this Open Science Project.

John’s gonna finish up with the video for everyone sharing with all of you? What is Truth Freedom Health® and why all, and all the different gifts and Infrastructure we’ve created. It’s taken me frankly 40-50 years to put all these tools together, but Education, you know, Technology, Community, and Activism.

Anyway, everyone, I hope that was helpful. I’m very excited. I’m very excited because it’s all coming together with the movement for Truth Freedom Health® the Science of CytoSolve®, and all of our participation. Keep an eye out. We’re going to be sharing more details of this. But if again, if any of you find more details, let me know but we’re right now going to start with the Pfizer-BioNTech. As we get more and more details on the other Jabbines, we’ll also layer them in. Very, very exciting. Thank you, everyone. Be Well. Have a good night.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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