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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Candidate for President of the United States, reveals the SINGULAR focus of the SWARM and what their fundamental goal is: to Demoralize YOU into ACTION.

Transcript Below.

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Who would have ever thought I’d be running for president of the United States of America. I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system. A system of aristocracy, oppression, and racism. My name is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor.

My family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday. I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey. Playing baseball, mowing lawns, painting houses, and coding software. My friends and neighbors are blacks, Italians, Irish, people of all races. As a 14 year old, I wrote 50, 000 lines of software code to create the world’s first email system, and was awarded the first U.

S. copyright for email, recognizing me as its official inventor, at a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I did that long before I ever came to MIT. Revealing that big innovations can occur anytime, anyplace, by anybody. Growing up I saw politicians dividing us by race and religion, in both America and India.

To have us fighting each other while they remained safe in their gated communities, and in their playgrounds of Hollywood, Martha’s Vineyard, and Silicon Valley. I’m a fighter, I fought racism, and exposed their imperialist wars. Fought for workers and put my life on the line against global corruption. I never wanted to run for political office.

All that changed when I saw working Americans as never before being duped by the establishment and the not so obvious establishment. Across left and right, we were being sold out and made to forget why we came to America and why America existed. Lawyers, academics, billionaires, celebrities and politicians, elites, Clintons, Kennedys, Bidens, Obamas, Bushes.

Black and white have hijacked America. They’ve printed trillions for their friends. They’ve delivered crumbling infrastructure, corruption, and racism. They’ve transferred trillions to themselves, dividing black and white, fear mongering and fake science. Lockdowns and censorship, dirty air, food and water, pushing drugs upon us, making us sicker.

We’ve been sold out. One set of rules for them, and another for us. We deserve a warrior with a history of courage, and putting everything on the line for you. Who believes in you, not them. Who has created a movement bottoms up. For truth, freedom, health. I’ve exposed their lies at the right time, never waiting until it was popular.

I’ve exposed their false gods, who exist to lead you back to them. I’ve exposed their fake signs of lockdowns and masking, and provided you solutions to fight them and win, and protect your immune system, saving millions. I exposed Fauci, galvanized the fire Fauci campaign, when others remained silent. When they stole our election we sued the government and Twitter, in our historic 2020 federal lawsuit.

Exposing in bare view, the government and big tech censorship infrastructure. The unholy alliance between government and social media companies. Where was Elon and his grifters? They stood by the sidelines and did nothing. They did not use their megaphones to help us when it could have made a big difference.

Now our movement grows for truth, freedom, health. Independent of all of them, every day millions are learning the science of systems. The knowledge the elites do not want you to have. So you may learn how to think, stand up, and fight. Independent of the establishment of left and right and their fake heroes.

Now it’s time for you to join the movement to win back America. To win back truth, win back freedom, win back your health. That’s why I’m running for President of the United States. This race is about you. This race is about truth, freedom, health versus power, profit, control. We’ve had enough. They think we’ll fall in line and vote again for their lawyers, celebrities, billionaires, and chosen ones from above.

We choose our heroes from below, from the rank and file, who do what is right at the right time, not when it’s convenient and popular. They can never represent us. What America needs is a movement by the working people, for the working people, who are educated, organized, decentralized, and fight for independence from their systems of control.

And that movement exists. It’s ready for you. We don’t need them. We need us to go bottoms up neighbor to neighbor, my journey, your journey are all the same. It’s our time. It’s time. We had one of us. It’s time to win back truth, freedom, health, to win back America, be part of this historic movement all the way to our victory on November 5th, 2024.

If you’re an American citizen, pledge your vote now for Dr. Shiva Yadure, the independent candidate for US president. No matter where you live, you can be a part of this. Volunteer as little as 20 minutes a day. Don’t delay. This is Dr. Shiva Iyadurai and I approve this message. Paid for by Dr. Shiva for President.

Alrighty, and we’ll go to Dr. Shiva. You have the floor.

Let me so apparently I’m muted on YouTube. Thanks. Let me begin. For those people on YouTube, welcome. I was muted, but I’m really want to honor The fight of the Russian people and the people of the Soviet Union that took place for many years fighting Hitler and what I want to talk about today.

Is what is the singular focus of your oppressor? What is the singular focus of your oppressor? And what to do? All right. What to do? Okay. And what is the singular focus? What is the singular focus of your oppressor? The reason I had Chris and others play the swarm video, and if you haven’t seen it, you can see it again.

You should watch it 20 times. ShatterTheSwarm. com. It gives a distillation of who is a swarm, very accessible to anyone. I’ve had five year old kids watch it. Grandmothers watch it. And people really get entranced by it because it goes into a very powerful way through simply a marker and a pen. Who is your oppressor?

And you have to understand this at a very deep level so you don’t get lost supporting the not so obvious establishment. The two faces of evil right now, or the lesser of two evils, is not the left and the right. It’s far more sinister than that. The lesser of two evils. Is the obvious establishment and the not so obvious establishment.

The obvious establishment, the Bushes, the Clintons, the George Soroses, and you can name all their names that you see. But the not so obvious establishment, the Trumps the Boobie Kennedys, the Jeremy Corbyns, you can go down the list, the Nigel Farages, right? And so on. These guys are the ones that are created by the establishment for one singular reason, and this is a singular focus of the swarm, and I keep telling people should write it down, and the singular focus of the swarm, if you want to write it down so you never forget it, is to make sure that you are demoralized.

into inaction. That is the singular focus of the swarm. That you do not work, you do not fight, you complain, and you whine to those who are fundamentally interested in building a bottoms up movement. And you find all sorts of excuses not to do what is necessary at a moment in history. The people of the Soviet Union and the people of Russia fought for you and me and everyone.

Nazism was a political ideology, which the elites supported, funded for a singular goal to make sure that you would be brainwashed into thinking that it was okay that a small set of people rule over 8 billion people. It’s a political ideology, no different than the political ideology of Brahmanism. You Which is actually anti Hindu, just like Nazism is actually anti German, just like Zionism is actually anti Semitic.

These ideologies come in different forms, but they’re all about Ensuring a thought form that a small set of people can manipulate, and it’s okay to do that, that they justify it, throwing in a dabble of religion, but it’s fundamentally a political ideology. And the end state of that political ideology, the end goal is to repeat it, over and over and over and over and over again, so you are demoralized into inaction.

And when leaders come from below like me and others in our movement, saying, look, we need you to go collect signatures focus, get off your butt, get into a rhythm, get disciplined. We need to get on the ballot in every state. Why? Because they do not expect us to get on the ballot in any state. We’ve collected enough signatures to get on in Idaho and Utah, which they thought was impossible.

Boobie fucking Kennedy had to go negotiate. Do backroom deals because he couldn’t even collect a thousand signatures. You see they don’t expect us And I mean us not just our movement, but you and working people to work for their own behalf That’s what needs to be done So in the united states in all of our meetings and all the things we do We have a historic opportunity to get on the ballot because every state we get on the ballot Is like we just sent a nuclear bomb up the swarm’s ass So get your shit together and know that this movement exists I’m running for president.

We have many people, thousands of people supporting us, hundreds of thousands of people, millions of people. But those of you who are hearing this, come to our, town halls or see our videos. I need you to get off your butt and work because your oppressor, their singular focus is to make sure you precisely Do not work if we need to if you if we need to collect 240 000 signatures in florida We need about 240 volunteers We’re going to collect a thousand signatures in the next six weeks in order to do that You got to go collect around 50 signatures in order to do that per week you work out the numbers You have to go do a little bit of work.

You have to embed it into your life Yes, we all have shit going on. We all do we have mothers who have three kids A house to take care of who go do it. We have a truck driver who drives a truck. He goes and does it. This is the work that needs to be done because we get on the ballot in any state that is sending a message, not only to the swarm, but to other people saying shit, they did it on their own by the people for the people.

This is what needs to be done. No one is coming to fucking save us. No one, only you can save us and only we can save us. So you got to get this through your heads. Boobie Kennedy ain’t going to fucking save you. Trump ain’t going to save you. Biden ain’t going to save you. They’re all Zionist scumbags.

They believe in this central philosophy that a small set of people should rule over the rest. Bonnie Jones was telling me, this morning, I had a good conversation with her. Got people collecting our leaders across the state. They have people collecting. Some people say, Oh yeah, I’m ready to volunteer.

And then you call them up. You never hear from them. Why? Because they’re brainwashed at a fundamental level to thinking someone is going to do it. They watch the video, send me great messages. I love you, Dr. Shiva. I’m glad you’re fighting. I’m fighting. What about you? This is a martyr to model. I’m supposed to be some martyr.

Crystal’s supposed to be some martyr, one person, no. So our movement is about you, about getting you out of that mindset, off the fucking plantation. So you have to help us collect signatures in the United States. If you’re in other parts of the country, connect with leaders, because they have their particular programs.

But this is a time for work. So I was speaking to Bonnie in Florida. Jenny Smith has three kids, a family. She goes out and collects. Bonnie works as a waitress full time. She’s collecting. We have immigrants collecting, who’s not collecting? Some bougie women who see my videos. Oh, that’s great.

And she’s in one of these women is on the phone in her bubble bath. Oh this is too much work. These people aren’t going to change the world. They’re dilettantes. Another guy, ooh, I’m a medicine man. I don’t like the fact that Dr. Shiva curses. Fuck you. We’re going to curse. These people are Zionist cocksuckers.

You can live in your woo world and think you’re going to do something, but you’re not going to do anything. The reality is you don’t want to work. So we need people to get back in the mindset that no one is coming to save us because the establishment wants, has one singular focus, everything they do.

It’s to make sure you don’t get disciplined, you don’t get organized, that you don’t fight for your interests. That’s what this is about, but our movement exists, and we are fighting for the collective interests of the 8 billion working people on this planet. The same way that the Russian people and the people of the Soviet Union fought the Nazis in the bitter cold with pots and pans.

People don’t know this history. It’s really sickening to me.

It’s sickening because I came from a background of a caste system of Brahmanism, which was like fucking Zionism. And that’s why I call it Zionist cocksuckers. And if you have a problem with my language, please leave. Don’t fucking be here because you should use that language. Not among our fellow people who fight with us, but you must use that language.

And the reality is what I’ve noticed is that people who don’t like that language are themselves Brahmins, are themselves Zionists, are themselves some bullshit, people who believe in that philosophy. The bottom line is the establishment does not want leaders like me leading you who come bottoms up.

That’s what they don’t want. And they have brainwashed people to want sweet talking people who basically screw you up the ass. Boobie Kennedy just revealed that he has worms in his brain. We all knew that. Literally worms in his brain. Biden is demented. Trump is God knows what the hell. Look at the courtroom testimony.

It’s pretty disgusting. These people have no integrity, they have not worked hard, and they do not want you to work. So I’m giving you an opportunity, our movement is giving you an opportunity, to really get out of that mindset. Go to Shiva for President, fucking volunteer, get off your butts. And if you’re volunteering, don’t just dabble, set a goal, get discipline, get your fucking clipboards, go collect signatures.

If you’re not doing that, it’s all just theory. Because every state we get on the ballot is like dropping a nuclear bomb on the swarm.

And they want to give you a hundred million reasons why you can’t do it. But you know what? Immigrants, we fucking go do it. Women go do it. Working people go do it. They want to make you pussies. And you know what’s fascinating? I find women go do it. They’ve made men pussies. They really have. Don’t whine.

Oh, I called this person. They’re not helping me. Call them up. You said you wanted to volunteer. You wanted to help Dr. Shiva. What the fuck are you doing? Get them off their ass. That is the job that needs to be done.

We are fighting. A massive amount of neural brainwashing that’s been done because the singular focus of your oppressor is to make sure you sit on your ass and don’t do anything and step by step. You can see it in the United States. Massive amount of surveillance. Massive amount of control. Step by step.

The United States House of Representatives passed a bill in the House. Hasn’t become a law yet that anti Semitism is equal to anti Zionism. Think about that. That was done deliberately on May Day. That was no accident. The resolution was passed in December. By a complete Zionist Christian Zionist hoodlum, Mike Johnson, who was put in place by the Democrats and Republicans and the swarm, but the executive order for that was signed by Donald fucking Trump and all of these people, all of my opponents running for president, all support that executive order.

They’re all one because they want to perpetuate the philosophy that you are lesser than them.

Our movement, Truth, Freedom, Health, is the only force against this. We have built the right theoretical framework, the right character of people, and we keep people, we’re like the sheepdog. We keep people, we keep people nipping them at the butt so they’re moving forward. We give people the discipline.

And those people who can’t make it, bye bye! Don’t waste our fucking time. Because the enemy we face is formidable. And they’re moving at a very powerful pace. To enslave people at levels that you have never ever seen before. The Russian people fought Nazism, while Zionism is back. Brahmanism is back. And you think these things are just going to go away?

No fucking way. Because a goal of the few is to maximize power, profit, control.

And I’m going to fight that my entire life. And so are the people in our movement. But in order to win, we need to have certain characteristics.

Can you please sit down? That’s distracting.

So that’s where we’re at. We need to really recognize that the singular focus of your oppressor is to demoralize you, is to make you not do work, find all sorts of excuses, especially when our movement exists, when someone like me comes up and is here. I was talking to a young gentleman out on the West Coast, 19 year old, Young man, he gets a lot of this, and he and I both concur, their goal is to make sure that you don’t build a movement, and if you’re listening to this, carefully, all these people who talk about build, talk about the truth, you just have to ask them, Glenn Greenwald, fucker Carlson, Donald Trump, booby fucking Kennedy, Tulsi Gabbard, You know what the common thing is?

They don’t talk about building a movement. They don’t want to build a movement. If they use the word movement, it is to distract you from being part of Truth, Freedom, Health, to getting off your ass and going collecting signatures. But that’s what we need to do, because that is every state we get on is an inspiring victory for us.

Forget about the winning the election because they have many ways to cheat, but we can get on the ballot in many States. You can be part of that. You can make history. That’s a massive movement forward. So

recognize simple task. So those of you who started the process and said you were going to volunteer, we’re going to keep calling you at least seven times, right? Yeah. And if you want to ghost us you’re a little pussy. You’re running away because you said you wanted to be part of this. Pick up the phone, get a clipboard and start collecting signatures.

It’ll transform you. It’s like you’re getting off an addiction to the abuse of the oppressor. It’s a really liberating process. When you go every day and you collect some signatures, you do it again and you do it again and you do it again and you hit a goal and we do it collectively. It shows what we can do together.

That’s what this opportunity is. So freaking do it. Don’t just praise me. Yeah. I’ll do videos all day. I’ve worked hard for the skills I’ve earned, but what about your skills? What are you going to do? Are you going to get disciplined? There are other people collecting. Don’t say you’re going to collect and not do it.

Do it. Don’t try, do it. Set yourself a goal, a thousand signatures. Go do it. That’s what the world needs. We need the working people of the world to unite and start working together and follow our leaders, guys like me, who came bottoms up.

I’m not here to be likable. Some fool said, Oh, Dr. Shiva says a lot of good things, but he’s not likable. No, the elites want likability as their factor. We’re not into being likable. The working people that I grew up in Newark and Patterson were not likable, but you know what? They got a lot of shit done and they taught me to do work.

Someone is saying, are you on the ballot in Massachusetts? Why don’t you go look up when the ballot signatures are due and you can help us get on the ballot. We have about six to eight weeks to collect signatures.

Any questions from you guys? We have Jason and Ken here. We’re helping, lead the team in Massachusetts. We need people to get serious. We need people to take the work that we’re doing seriously because we have people busting their ass. We’ve created an incredible movement in the videos and the people that we brought together that Chris and Emily and others shared.

So you have a huge opportunity for your growth, but don’t fritter away your time looking to them because that’s what they want you to do. I want you guys to start working, set a goal, get on the ground. And if you’re a leader in this movement and people are giving you excuses you need to give them an earful because that’s your job, not to people please.

That’s what this world needs. Now. It needs real people who will do what’s necessary and make sure they’re not people pleasers.

So again, let me end this by saying the singular focus of your oppressor is to make sure you don’t fucking work. You get demoralized. You become nihilistic. You just talk talk, talk and watch videos and praise other people and tweet out all day, but you don’t get on the ground and do what’s necessary.

That’s the goal. And then you get demoralized. It’s a vicious cycle. You don’t do the work, someone lets you down, you get demoralized. And then you build your own little world, say, oh, I guess we can’t do anything. You get demoralized. I keep saying what Indians say, what to do, you get into that world.

It’s a very unfortunate place to be, but it’s a very interesting place of oppression. You still stay on the plantation. So if you want to get off the plantation, do a couple of things right now. Go to Shiva for president. Get a, we made it real easy. Go get one of these bumper stickers and put them proudly on your car and find other people.

Tell them to put it proudly on their car. There’s a hundred thousand people see it per day, but you’re making a statement. Number two. When we go around, if you’re here, wherever you are, go to Shiva for president. We need people to help collect signatures. Yeah. It’s going to be hard work. Yeah.

You’re going to have to sacrifice some shit. Maybe not watch Netflix for today. Maybe, get a quick meal and go out and do it. Yeah. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices like the Russian people did for you,

like my grandparents did for me.

So get into that habit, make some sacrifices.

So that’s what we need. We need people to take advantage of this opportunity that has been built for you.

And finally, we’ve created an entire program, truthfreedomhealth. com, where you can learn the physics of fighting the establishment, so you can stand up on your own two feet. Go do that. And that knowledge is not anywhere else in the world. We have some idiots say, oh I studied some system science, I think I know this shit.

No, you don’t. You don’t know it, because you haven’t studied it. Let your ego go, get grounded, and learn the knowledge, because without it, you’re not going to have a North Star. You’ll go this way and that way and this way and that way. So go to Truth, Freedom, and Health, learn the knowledge. It’s all organized for you.

You don’t have to piece it together like I had to do it over 50 years. It’s like handed to you on a silver platter. So we need people to work. We need people to study. We need people to ask themselves, do they really want to get off the plantation? Do you really not want to be a slave? Do you really understand the momentum of where history is going?

As a technologist, I can tell you the level of control and the level of surveillance is escalating every freaking second.

And that’s me, with four degrees from MIT, who won every fucking award there, who knows how the elites operate. They want to enslave you. So if you don’t want to be a slave, and if you want to honor the people of the Soviet Union who fought, or the people of the Americas, all the working people who fought for you, then get off your ass, and do some basic shit, and go help collect signatures for us.

If you’re in the United States. And if you’re in other countries, support the leadership in those countries. Figure out what the plan is.

That’s what we need done. Anyway, today’s an important day for people to get off their ass and realign themselves of what life is about, but it’s time to work. It’s time to get disciplined and work time to get your shit together. Make schedules for yourself. What’s happened is the establishment for young people doesn’t teach them how to put a to do list together.

Doesn’t teach them how to organize themselves. Doesn’t teach them how to articulate themselves. So our movement is doing that. Don’t we do that every day? Where does 99 percent of my effort go? You get young people coming in there, blah, blah, blah. They have to organize them, give them some discipline, give them structure, even older people.

So our movement is doing the work with the establishment didn’t do in the public school systems or what their parents didn’t do. So we have a Herculean job, but we’re doing it and we’re mobilizing people. We have no other choice. So get off. Someone said, get off your fucking ass. Or go eat ass like Kennedy did, because that’s how he got worms in his brain.

It’s up to you. All right, let’s do it. And if you don’t want to do it, great. I’m not going to spend time with you. I’m not going to, you’re a nice fellow, maybe. But you’re not serious. Get serious.

The elites have the luxury of eating ass and sucking Zionist cock. Do you have that luxury? I don’t think so. They have that luxury. Trump, Boobie, Biden, Tulsi Gabbard. Go down the list. All of them. They do not come from our universe. They don’t give a fuck about you. So let’s get with the program.

Truthfreedomhealth. com. Shiva for president. Let’s get off the plantation. Thank you. We’re going to go over to zoom and we’re going to, to those of you on social media, welcome, but we’re going to introduce some new people. And those of you who are the new people coming to our town hall kindly take, no more than a minute.

And if you’re already been here, you can wait for Q and a, but we want to give the new people an opportunity to introduce themselves, how you found our movement. And what you’re going to do to help our movement. So let’s go. Go ahead. I’m going to hand it back to Chris Bradley.

All right. I’m going to ask Richard Roger to unmute and introduce yourself, Richard.

Yes, hi, I have 2 points here. Put 1 point in the chat. I made a prioritized list. Of sorry, I made a prioritized list of what I would do or introduce yourself, Richard. Hold on. No, yes, I’ve been politically active. I’m a political consultant, political journalist since 2010. And where are you from New York City?

Oh, good to have you. Okay. Yeah. 9, 11 was what woke me up back in 2001. Anyway, I went full time as a political consultant since 2010. so 2 points 1, do you have a prioritize list of what you would do if elected. And as specific spelling out specifically. What you would do what you would work towards the set, which I did, I made a list for myself.

I wonder if you have a list where we can go and look at it because I think the 1 of the 1st things that pops into my mind is if I’m going to work for you, I’m going to volunteer for you. I need to know. What exactly do you pledge to do now? The 2nd point again is where were you when 9 11 happened? Where were you in the Iraq war?

When we destroyed Iraq and Libya, where were you when the 2008 financial crisis happened? Where were you? So you’re like, for me, you’re like new on the scene. You just popped out of nowhere. So many things have happened that go against the interests of the people of the ordinary working people class and the poor.

So if you can answer those two points. Yeah. So let me tell you where I’ve been. Okay. I don’t know where you’ve been, but since a four year old kid, I’ve been fighting this system. This is not something theoretical. In 2007, I was the one who led the movement against the war in Iraq here in Massachusetts.

I’m not sure what you were doing then. Okay. During my PhD graduation, I was the one who organized one of the biggest anti war protests in 1981. Since that time to today, I organized some of the largest protests against Zionism. This has been a long journey for me. I’m not sure what your background is, but I faced the caste system.

You won’t find a lot of Indians like me here. This is not theory to me. Now, I don’t know where you were in 2020 when we’re the ones who organize a fire Fauci campaign and expose the vaccine mandates and mobilize nearly 3000 different communities across the United States. How to fight the mask mandates did the science did the work.

I’m not sure where you were in 2021 when we’re the ones who exposed when I exposed single handedly the backdoor portal into twitter. Now when the U. S. imperialist invasion took place in Nicaragua, El Salvador, et cetera, I’m not sure where you were, but we organized some of the largest protests again in Boston, and I’m not sure where you were in 1980s, when on campuses all over the United States, people are fighting the apartheid regime of South Africa, but we didn’t just do some la di da dot, we shall overcome campaign, we mobilized working people, To intersect the apartheid, the economic apartheid in the United States with the apartheid in South Africa, most liberal white elites, you know what they did?

They would talk about South African people like happening with the Palestinian movement, but they would not intersected with Zionism right here at home. So the ceasefire now movement is fundamentally a movement, for example, which is still being heralded by liberal Zionists, but they’re not intersecting it to end the occupation of Zionism in the United States.

So I’m not sure what credentials you have, my history of fighting is deeply personal and it’s deeply intersects with what goes on with working people, because that’s where I come from. So I’m not sure what you’ve been seeing and are not saying it’s unfortunate. Perhaps you’ve been shadow banned from seeing our material, but the fundamental issue is that I come from the working class.

I fought all my life. This is very serious to me. This is not some political, grift. And finally, if you want to understand those answers to the questions we have crystal or Emily will send you where we itemized videos with the actual policies that I’ll do. So you can read those. But Richard, what I recommend you do is political consultants.

Come and go. The issue that we need done is people need to step back and understand the foundations of how we got here and what is the theoretical framework that’s needed, and then what needs to be done on the ground. But you’re not gonna get anyone as real as me, and you will find that the not so obvious establishment literally comes to our events here and literally copies our stuff.

It was our movement, which ran the Fire Fauci campaign. So this is not something new. It’s not something new. And if you go to the about us page, you’ll see my history since a four year old kid fighting. Okay. I have been able to reflect and intersect my own oppression with the collective oppression of all people.

And but we have always done the right thing at the right time. We don’t wait. I haven’t waited when it was in vogue to talk about something. When or before the stuff happened, that’s when we mobilize people. We’ll send you some videos on all those positions, step by step. There’s one set of videos I did with a guy called Ed and myself and where’s Chris here?

Bradley. We’ve done a series of three or four videos which goes through gross detail the actual program. Thank you. Next question. Next person. Let’s introduce the next person. Yes, please. Please keep your questions for later. This is . Yeah. You can begin by, the goal of this is who are you, where are you from, and how did you come across our movement?

And then we can go into, we can go into greater detail on if you wanna ask my positions on any issue. And by the way, you won’t find any other candidate. We’ll be this open. They won’t even let you. You went to a Kennedy booby thing, right? They shut down chat. They don’t let people even communicate. No one’s even allowed to ask any questions.

Their political consultants tell them not to ask questions, they have political consultants telling them how to message. There are no fucking political consultants here. We don’t need political consultants. What we need is people getting on the ground and working. So if you’re ready to work, great to have you Richard.

If you want to make it theoretical, I’m sorry, we have a lot of theory that we can do and you can go study it, but we can have a lot of discussions offline, but right now, we’re mobilizing people, we’re getting people off their butts. Delio needs your help in New York to get on the ballot, and you can help him there.

All right. Yeah. If you’re new, please hit the react button and then click to raise your hand. Do the raise your hand gesture. If you’re on a touch screen device, tap your screen. And you’ll see the button pop up. You’re looking for the react and the raise your hand. We’ll go to Isaac R from Missouri. Go ahead, Isaac.

My name is Isaac Russell and I found you guys and my mom, Mad Mem.

Oh, great. Excellent. Isaac, what do you do out in Missouri? I work in recycling. Huh. What kind of recycling? Cans, paper, plastic bottles. All right. Good to have you. In Missouri, we have some deadlines help your mom, collect signatures so we can get on the ballot. Okay. Yes.

All right. Great. Good to have you. I’m glad you joined us.

Excellent. We’ll go to Joan W. Please introduce yourself where you’re from and what brings you here.

Thank you for allowing me to speak. Where do I start? I’ve been providing a lot of commentary. I’m sure over chat, but I think just the team can see that. Why don’t you tell us where you’re from 1st? Sure. So I originate from Chicago. I’ve lived in Boston attended. B. U. I did a computer engineering and finance degree.

Double bachelors. Lived a few years in Silicon Valley and then up until 2022 I lived in London for 17 years. So I am friends with Nigel Farage and I totally agree that he’s a trumpeteer. And the poor thing, he just, he relies so much on Trump’s Popularity for his own.

I try to wake him up, but never mind. Forget about it. But, I think Dr. Shiva I think you’re adorable. And I don’t mean that in a condescending way. I think you have so much value. Let me just ask you. So how did you came, come across our movement, John? That’s what we want to talk about.

If you can pay attention to everything. I’ve never been a political person. And to be honest, like when I was living in the UK, I, I just thought at the end of the day, I’m not going to vote for the lesser evil. And that’s the way I felt for, almost two decades. But then I came across you you had a couple of interviews and they resonated with me for two purposes.

Number one, you’re anti vaccine. Number two, you’re anti war. And I can’t find that across any other U. S. presidential candidate we’ve got, right? Initially, I was a supporter of R. F. K. Jr. I, at the start of COVID I had a lot of doctors and scientists, friends that were anti vaccine that thought, okay, there’s something wrong here from the children’s health defense to the FLCCC across the board globally.

And in the UK, and then when October 7th happened, then obviously Bobby’s true colors, Zionist colors came through and I thought, okay, he no longer has my vote and Trump never had my vote. He only made the swamp deeper. He put in Mike Pompeii, he put in all these, Oh God, totally, a puppet of the CIA.

So he was never going to get my vote. And certainly not we have other people. So why don’t you, so the key thing is, if you look at Kennedy, so we’ll come back with your question, but the key thing with Kennedy, Joan, is that once you understand political theory, systems level stuff, you can see, we had to do the dirty job of exposing them in 2019 and same with Trump, we gave him a little bit of leash to hang himself and he did, but the reality is the establishment has tons of people like this in the wings.

Many different Trumps, many different Kennedys, and that’s the first thing that we have to teach people so people don’t go along this. Kennedy was always a scumbag. The entire Kennedy family is scumbags. And he openly said, I’m for full vaccination of everyone. But regardless of that, the core thing is, once you understand the swarm video, once you understand system science, we won’t make mistakes anymore.

So that’s the core. That’s a foundational core. Without that, People will go here, there, et cetera. And it takes people a little bit of effort to give up their egos and really get involved in really understanding this. Otherwise it’s a long journey for them. So what we’ve done is to curtail that journey so they don’t suffer, but some people want to suffer.

Thanks, Chris. Next. And then we’ll come back. Please hold your questions till the end, but please introduce yourself. Ideally, those people, Chris, I think you’ve mentioned in their name before they can tell where they’re from. It helps us to connect people to different people. Joan, I’m not sure if you spoke to Michael, but Michael Griffiths will reach out to you.

Michael’s heads up UK for us.

Yeah. So everyone introducing yourself, please share your contact information and we’ll connect you with your local leaders. And if you are new, it makes it easier for me to call on you. If you hit the reactions button and raise your hand it’s a heart icon and then you can click, raise your hand. So if you’re on a computer, wave your mouse.

Click the heart, raise your hand. If you’re on a touchscreen touch, tap the screen and then click the react button, that’ll bring you to the top. So I can call on you. Yeah. And part of the ethos here is kindly introduce yourself because it’s very valuable for other people to hear new people. And also we have people from Canada here, people from, leaders from Asia Pacific here, New Zealand, Australia, and it’s a good way for us to also connect you with people, for Michael, it’s almost two in the morning and Michael does double duty, Michael Griffiths.

Was on the call this morning, mobilizing people all over UK and Europe. And then he’s also here. So I want to thank Michael. Michael, make sure you get enough sleep. All right, I see Marcello and Morgan.

Hey, Marcello. How are you? I’m great. Thank you. So I just want to. Introduce myself as well. I’ve been excited to join this group for a while. I just like Dr Shiva. I came here when I was nine. I’m Filipino and I was raised by. People that raised me up pretty good. They taught me hard work and not to give up and all that stuff.

My, my family is interesting. I have a large family, but I’ve been keeping them paying attention to Dr. Shiva for a couple of years now. And I went through this just crazy journey of first I was Bush and then I went to Bernie Sanders. She woke me up because when that primary election with Hillary, like Dr.

Shiva said, I was that young person who was like anti establishment. I went to his rallies here in Portland. I joined, I donated. And then just like she even said, he just led us to the establishment called Hillary Clinton. And that just massively pissed me off. So that’s when I started trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

And then from there, I went to Trump and then I was just like, what the hell’s going on, something’s off, something’s not right, just and then I actually saw you Shiva at the Stop the Steal rally, one person, one vote. And we chanted that one and I was like, I understood it, but now I have a better understanding of it.

And I was like, who is this person like this? It was I was just starting to get to know you at that time. And then during the lockdown, I started watching some of your videos. I did get blocked, not blocked. I got sidetracked watching the war room. With Stephen K.

Bannon. So I got sidewalked by that majorly. And and then you just started popping up again and I was just like paying attention and your system science, is amazing. I was just like blown away by that and shatter. This swarm was so enlightening. I was just like, what the hell? Finally, all these dots are connecting after all these years.

And and then I was like, this is the only movement that I know that. Can truly actually, honestly, start a revolution. So I was like, I gotta figure out how to, and I watched that damn video quite a few times. I actually watched that video before I took the class, before I did that.

And I’m still watching it and and I did I’ve been testing it on young people and old people just seeing, what the response is and it’s amazing. And I’m still learning it. In the interest of time, by the way, thank you very much for your kind comments. I just want to, you’re bringing up a very important point that, Chris, if I can just take a moment and share here, there’s a, if you guys go to truthfreedomhelp.

com I’m going to have to also do it for our StreamYard crowd I think I can share on Zoom, I think I can share just the I think I have to share this here. So let me just, for truthfreedomhelp for our video, for our people, sorry, at home on social media, so if you see this, site. I’ll go to it here.

It’s an interesting site. It’s got, it says, get educated or be enslaved. This is their landing page for truth, freedom, health and everyone here should go become a truth from health warrior scholar. But one of the things we have on the side are different stories. Some of the ones that chris played.

But there’s also a very interesting set of testimonials here. And Marcella, to your point, I want to read you Ken Fielding’s one. It says, I jumped from supporting the Kennedys in 1980s and 90s to Obama in the 2000s, then to Bernie in 2010s, and then to Trump in the 2020s. I had no direction or guidance. I stayed with Trump for years thinking I could quote unquote fix him.

That plan worked out well. Operation Warp Speed, Fauci Never Fired, Vaccines, Mass, Ivanka, Jared, Hillary Out Free, Assange in Jail, 6. 2 Trillion for the Elites, and Jeff Bezos. If it wasn’t for the Truth, Freedom, Health movement, I’d now be working for Tulsi Gabbard. Thank you for Truth, Freedom, Health movement for their intervention.

They liberated me from my own addiction to these abusers. Get educated or be abused. Yeah. Let me just. Yeah, so let me just, the reality is, Marcella, once once people understand what I say, the framework, the scientific framework of how all of this works, You won’t get trapped here. Okay. There is a framework. There is a scientific framework to all this. And once you understand that framework, you won’t go here or here.

You won’t be like, you won’t be like jumping from bed to political bed. You’ll have your North star, we’ll have our direction and know what needs to be done. And without that, you’re going to be in this complete system of oppression because Tulsi Gabbard, she’s for me, she’s easy to see because You can see by her actions where she actually stands when the Iraq, when nine 11 took place, she was all out for invading Iraq, October six, seven, she was all out for bombing the shit out of the people of Palestine.

She’s a war monger and go look at her role in the, as a Lieutenant Colonel, she runs a psychological operations unit. So it’s all in front of you, but without the theoretical framework, people think, Oh Trump said the right things. This person said the right things. Nigel Farage said the right things.

All these people are scumbags. They’re created by the swarm. Get back to what I shared with you to oppress you so you never get off your ass and do anything. So I learned this in 1984 year old kid. I was forced to learn this because a lot of young people were being moved by Jesse Jackson, who was created by the swarm.

American white working class were manipulated by Trump, but you realize that the swarm has a physics and you have to understand this unless you want to be screwed. Ken Fielding’s quote says, he jumped here, then he jumped here, then he jumped here and he says, it’s an abuse mentality. So that is why, without theory, Crystal and I talk about this all the time, without theory, you will be screwed.

You will never ask the right questions. You will jump from here to here. So you have to study theory, capital T theory, the framework, the scientific dynamics, political scientists don’t understand theory. They’re just blah, blah, blah. They’re just learn some bullshit. Political consultants don’t understand theory.

If they are political consultants, most of them are working for the swarm and they just follow this very rote model. There’s no rote model here. The bottom line is we need to build a bottoms up movement period. We need to get people off their ass. And they need to understand this theoretical framework.

So Marcello, it’s good to have you here, but understand that if our movement didn’t exist, I guarantee you, you’d be with Tulsi Gabbard today. And then tomorrow you’ll probably be with, I don’t know, somebody else. And then next day you’d be with somebody else. And next day you’d be somebody else. That’s what they want people to do.

But the good news is we exist. So good to have you Marcelo.

Yes. Thank you for sharing your story. That was wonderful. And I thought it would be interesting to have him share some of the stuff that happens in the Philippines in regards to speaking out politically and in the third world and what happens to you or what do you think Dr. Sheevan? I think let’s just introduce some other people, Chris.

Let’s come back to that. Okay, I think we have a number of people we see that are new here. We have another one with their hand up. Miriam Mello.

Hi, Miriam. How are you? Good to have you. Where are you from? Thank you. So I’m a Rhode Island resident but live in Massachusetts. Oh, you do? What part of Massachusetts? I’m in Concord. Oh, you are. You’re right next door. Yep. Yep. I used to live in Cambridge, but so I’m in Watertown. But anyway, so my question is First of all, why don’t you introduce yourself?

If we want to do questions, can you just tell us who you are, how you came across our movement, what you do a little bit about yourself. That’d be great. Sure. So my name is Miriam. Thank you for pronouncing my name correctly. Rhymes with Syrian. I came across the movement just from social media, I was really I work in healthcare. I’m not clinical though. And I mentioned this at the last open house, but so with the forced vaccine, I’m not anti vaccine. Having primary immune deficiency, I I was interested in getting vaccinated anything to help boost my immunity. However, when the vaccines are proven ineffective and then the hospitals were forcing the boosters.

And I just found that. And also that the CEOs are on the board of the pharmaceutical companies and on the board of the hospitals, it just seemed like there was a lot of conflict of interest. So many things have opened my eyes. And then when I came across your video, the swarm video, I was like, that’s it.

That is so everything that you talk about are things that I’ve always That I’ve seen and that I’ve been critical of myself. So anyway, my question is when I come across people online, if I’m responding to a post, usually like a CNN post or a news CBS, and people are like, this is why we have to vote blue.

We can allow Trump to get back into office. So many people are afraid of losing, like women are afraid of losing reproductive rights. For a total ban of abortion and all of this. And they, whenever I post or at least I point them to you and the movement, I get pushed back this is not the right time to join a movement.

There’s too much at stake. And I don’t know, I’d like. Some guidance. I haven’t done the warrior training. I’ve only done the 25 and I just started reading your book, but what would be a good response to that? Yeah. So I want to answer that. I just want to make sure we’re because I want to make sure we have other people we introduce people.

So if you can just hold, I’ll answer that at the Q and a time, if that’s right with you. I do want to, one of the things you brought up. If you go back to 2019, on the, I did the first video you can see there, it’s called Beyond Vax and Anti Vax, okay? And we’ll let people come to our, you see the establishment wants to always create a dialectic so we don’t go and find the real issues in anything.

So they create the obvious and the not so obvious establishment. And this comes from study and training, because it’s not intuitive to get this, so they keep doing this. So we were very clear, that this is about boosting the immune system. This is about creating a resilient immune system.

Because from a pure scientific standpoint, systems are measured, the health of a system is based on one word, it’s resilience. Can it take a hit and bounce back? So once that principle is understood, you don’t go Provax Antivax. And then you don’t get lost in all these nonsense, okay? You focus on, what are the policies that have been done to destroy our immune systems globally?

So that’s where, that’s like the root of evil what was done to destroy our immune systems? Once that’s clear, everything becomes obvious, in the sense oh, between 1960s till today, the swarm has been destroying our immune systems. It’s not vax or anti vax, it’s a wrong way to look at it.

There’s many things that have destroyed the immune system. Income inequality has destroyed people’s immune systems. PTSD, sending soldiers to fight wars when they come back. One soldier with PTSD affects a hundred people in their community. The food supply. It’s an it’s a systems problem.

And that’s why, if we go, if someone can bring up our Chris, if you can bring up that flyer, our movement uses very powerful scientific principles to go after the real issue. So you don’t get lost into one day, Tulsi Gabbard, one day, Elizabeth Warren, another day, Bernie Sanders, another day, Trump, because they’re just, it’s like playing ping pong.

So if you remember during that time, it was about boosting the immune system. I did video after video. And if you look at the graph that Chris is sharing here and to people yeah. So thanks, Chris. I’m going to make this a little bigger for people here. But if you look at this graph fundamentally shows starting in the sixties, seventies and the 1980s, the curvature of this curve is going upside down.

The life expectancy of the average American, if you have a child today, is going to be shorter than yours. This is how we launched our campaign. No one wants to talk about this, and it’s going to happen worldwide. Thanks, Chris, for that Zoom effect. And this started from the policies of the swarm, and if Chris Zooms down, that’s why we say we have to shatter the swarm.

You can’t be choosing the lesser of two evils. So what you want to come back to these people at a fundamental level is the following. Okay, you’re going to have a child. Great, you’re going to have a child. What is the life expectancy of your child going to be? Chris, go back up a little bit. What is the life expectancy of your child?

Your child’s life expectancy is going to be shorter than yours. So let’s go at the fundamental issue. The swarm has passed policies to destroy people’s life expectancy, left academics, Hollywood people, all of them. So they’re all, they all should be indicted. That’s why we say we need a systems overhaul, which demands a bottoms up movement.

So when people. Robotically say, Oh I have to do this now. They’ve been saying that look at this time period since 1960, people have been saying the lesser of two evils and where has it gotten them? Does that make sense? Miriam? Yes. Look at where it’s taken them. So you’re going to have a child.

And your child is going to have a shorter lifespan than you. So what are you bringing your child into? This is why we say demands a systems overhaul. This graph indicts all of them. Every single one of them. Show this graph to them. That’s why, Chris, zoom out. That’s why we encourage you to print this flyer out, Miriam.

It’s free. Print it out. Go to your library. Use their printers if you don’t have one. Hand it out to them. ’cause this is the heart of the issue. This is a key performance indicator of the swarm. They have no leg to stand on. This is what, and when we say the less serve two evils, we’re talking about the obvious establishment and the not so obvious establishment and the left and the right.

So great. You want to talk about those rights and we can get into that, but what kind of world are you bringing your son or daughter into? Isn’t that a much more fundamental issue?

So we go at the core issues. And we’re saying we need to shatter the swarm. Do you want to be part of that or do you want to just be a robot? Because look at that curve, Mirian. It’s that curve indicts all of them. So if you want to keep doing the lesser of two evils, you’re going to get that result and it’s going to go down and down and down.

So what’s there to do anymore? You’re going to keep, you’re seeing they’re boiling you to death. So you want to keep doing that and you want to get lost in this? Pro anti issue, pro immigration, anti immigration, pro abortion, anti abortion. Let’s look at the fundamental issue. The fundamental issue is in the United States, you have a son or daughter, you’re going to live shorter.

Your son or daughter is going to live shorter than you. They’re going to likely be You know, 70 percent chance they’re going to be obese. Let’s go down the list. So you’re going to bring this child up. What do you bring this kid into?

So I hope that helps take that flyer and print it out, hand it to them and say, who’s going to actually resolve this condition. It’s going to be a movement and it’s going to be leaders like Dr. Shiva. You think Trump cares about this? You think he eats burgers all day? Go to Mar a Lago. He’s eating grass fed food.

He’s got organic stuff. That’s all bullshit. That’s all for the cameras. You think Boobie Kennedy living in Malibu eats that stuff? No. He eats biodynamic shit. I’ve been out there, okay? They go get the best stuff. So why are you voting for these clowns? You have to put them on the defensive, Miriam. It’s not about you supporting someone like us.

It’s the issues. What’s wrong with them when you see a graph like this? All right, thank you.

Okay, I see we have some numbers here. So I don’t have any other hands up. Yeah, I see a lot of people that I know, Chris, that I know are new, if you don’t mind, right? So you can choose some of the people, the numbers, they have to hit star six Chris? Yeah five, one, six, 5030180. It’s star six on your phone.

I’ll ask you to unmute. Please introduce yourself and how you found us, where you’re from and how you found us.

It’s 516 503 0180. You won’t unmute. We’ll also go to 832 907 7774. That’s good. Please hit star six.

There we go. 832. How are you? Good to have you. Oh, thank you so much. I’m here in Mitra and I’m in Houston. I think I started watching you right after the 2020 election. And when you were doing all the investigations and stuff. And then you were off Twitter for a long time then you came back that’s how I think that’s when I started watching what you had to say.

Yeah, think about it, a United States Senate candidate was thrown off Twitter for exposing the fact that the government has a backdoor portal into Twitter, and none of these people did anything for two years. And why was I thrown off? Because I exposed the government had deleted ballot images.

And Trump knew all about this. Now they’re hyping him, his stuff. Oh my god, ballot images were deleted in Fulton County, or in Georgia. We talked about this back in 2020. He’s a scumbag. He had no interest in solving election fraud. In fact, he endorsed a guy in Massachusetts who committed the election fraud against me.

Yep. Our movement has always led the right thing at the right time. And the level of invisibility that they do to us, that is the real elephant in the room. But it’s good to have you. Yeah, thank you so much. And where are you from? What part of the world? From Sugarland, Texas, which is near Houston.

Okay, we have Ryan Shea here. Is that Ryan, right? He heads up. So help Ryan, collect signatures in Texas. We have a few weeks left and Ryan is out there doing it. And we need people doing the work, so help him. Okay. Let’s try and connect. Yeah. Said your name was Karen. Yeah. So take Karen’s number and phone and give it right away to Ryan.

But our people who are doing the work, we’ll call you and they will expect you to work with them. So be ready. Oh, I have one. This might not be an appropriate question for right now. I can ask you something. Yeah. Why don’t you, why don’t you wait? Yeah. Or put it in the chat for Chris. Yep. Go ahead.

All right. Thanks, Karen. Do we want to start calling on people who we know are new? Yep. Let’s do that, Chris. So we have a number of people that I can see.

All right. We have Altay Dogru. Altay Dogru.

I believe we have Altay on before. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, we’ve had him before. Sorry. Hi, Dr. Shiva. I was just applausing. I wasn’t raising my hand. Okay. Thanks, Altay. Good to have you. Barry Kassoon. Barry, how are you? Barry, if you could unmute and just say, introduce yourself where you’re from. Hi, Barry. Hey, how you doing?

Good, Barry, where you at? I’m from Florida, so I’m doing good. I spoke to you this morning. Oh yeah. Good to have you Barry. Yep. Yep. Spoke to you this morning with Bonnie. Getting stuff going here getting some people engaged in all that good stuff. Trying to keep it going, and get as much as we can before the deadline.

All right. Yeah. Barry’s out there doing the work, walking the walk. He’s got two other people. He’s recruited and he’ll be on our morning meetings at eight, so I’m working directly with leaders all over the country. So we do these tight meetings to make sure people are headed in the right direction.

Thanks, Barry. Let’s go over to Oscar Leon. Oscar, how are you?

Oscar Leon.

Hey Oscar, go ahead. Oops. He unmuted. Unmuted. Chris, have we introduced Hunter day from new Prague, Minnesota?

I’m not sure if Hunter has been offered for Hunter. How are you from new Prague, Minnesota? Hunter, if you could unmute yourself. Hunter, how are you? Yes, sir. Hey, Dr. Shiva, Hunter here from Minnesota. Yeah, I’ve introduced myself. I’ve been part of the movement since December, and I’ve been watching you for a couple of years, but very good.

How are you doing, sir? Good. How, are you working with Jeremiah there? Yep, Jeremiah. We’re in contact everything is going well. All right, great. Yeah, your signature collection starts on what? It started or you have a little bit of time? Oh, so in Minnesota, it’s May 20th. So we got, what, nine days?

Yep, and how many signatures do you have to collect there? We need 2, 000. So we want to double that, right? Yep. Alright, awesome. Okay, roger that. Alright, awesome, man. Good to have you. Yep, thanks. Excellent. Do we introduce Raul from East Asia? Raul, how are you? Hello, Dr. Shiva. How are you doing? Good. What part of East Asia are you in?

I’m in Japan. Oh, I see. Okay. Can you kindly introduce yourself? Yeah. As I said, I’m based in Japan. I do research and analysis work. I’ve and I publish, what my findings and my observations. Publish them in various forms whether online or in books podcast videos.

I do podcasts in Japanese with a a British friend. And that’s, how did you, where are you originally from? I’m originally from the United States, but I was raised in US and Australia. And I’ve lived most of my life outside of the United States, actually. Mostly in Asia and Europe, but I retained my American accent.

Okay. Good to have you. We’ve translated a number of our items into Japanese, believe it or not, way early in 2019, 2020. And you should connect. With people there, Suresh and Oh, good. Just to save you the trouble. I did actually, this was a long time ago and I never ever heard back.

So I’ve just been doing stuff on my own. It’s not, and just in terms of not, I’m not using your name for anything. I’m just sharing information with people about the immune system and all of those things. But yeah, I never heard back. And I went through the program and everything took all the courses.

I don’t know. I’m not sure exactly what happened. So I’m not new to here. I’ve been following you for over four years now. I’m sorry. Why don’t we do this? Crystal and Emily will give you my email. Okay. Because we have a number of people in Southeast Asia, and we just launched India, but we’re gonna be doing an event in Southeast Asia online.

So you should get involved in that. So we just had the breakout room today. I was at, about 30 minutes. Yeah. No. Wait. I don’t, but I’m just saying here’s the thing. Get my email address. And send me your stuff so I know we can connect you. But good to have you. Okay. Great.

Thank you.

All right. Chris, I think we pretty much got everyone. If ever any, again, if anyone’s new and you haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself, please raise your hand. Oh, we have Ken Freeland. Is Ken new? Ken, go ahead. Ken, what part of the world are you from, Ken? Sorry. No, I was raising my hand to ask a question.

I thought that was what you were announcing the right, you were ready for that. Yeah. Let me just make sure there’s no one else. Is there anyone else who hasn’t had a chance to introduce themselves, anyone from the Boobie Kennedy camp who’s here, taking notes, so you could have him, do videos with our content, please just introduce yourself so we know you’re here, because we know you’re here, just might as well introduce yourself.

Alright, so I think we’re, so let’s go on to Q& A. Question, go ahead, Ken.

Ken Freeland, you can unmute yourself. It’s 10. 06, we’ll take, Chris, about like 15 minutes. Yep, so please be synced and yeah, go ahead, Ken. And I’m going to see who has questions online too, Chris. So anyone online who has questions, feel free to post them in the chat.

Okay. Can you hear me now? Yeah. How are you, Ken? Great. I’m fine. Thank you, Dr. Shiva. Hey you are undoubtedly the most class conscious of the candidates out there, and that’s what attracts me to you and what’s preparing me to become your volunteer. But there’s one issue that it seems doesn’t fit with that bill.

And I, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about tonight. So on the question of illegal immigration, okay. What I understand from your volunteer, from your staff, because I haven’t been able to find a clear statement from you about it, is that you are accepting this bipartisanly supported massive immigration, which is simply a Swelling of the ranks of the reserve army of the unemployed to put downward pressure on wages while erosion is eating away at working class paychecks.

And I don’t see how that’s in the interest of the working class. If you are not accepting, this is a done deal and something that you want to move forward from as opposed to resolve. In my opinion, you’re leaving it to Trump who doesn’t give a crap about the working class, but sees this as an issue that he can gain traction with those voters by offering them the solution of mass deportation.

So what is your approach? Yeah. So where did you get this thing that I support this bipartisan view? I’ve never supported any bipartisan views. So first of all, where are you? What I’m saying is, okay in talking with Nicholas and he’s, he was just trying to give me his best impression of your position, which is that people should be offered a path forward to citizenship.

There’s no question about resolving the issue of the fact that they’re here and they’re putting downward pressure on wages. So if that’s not your position, maybe. I don’t, yeah, so look if you’re looking for a soundbite, that’s not what you’re going to get from our movement. So let’s step back and let me answer that question, which I’ve done in a number of videos that we can send to you but it’s a good question.

So let’s go through this. Okay. Now you claim that you are for working people. Is that what you’re saying? That’s your nom de plume, right? That I’m supporting working people. You also support working people. Let’s really discuss that because most people who talk about working people have not really looked at this whole thing.

So the left talks about working people and we hit the left from the left. The right talks about working people and we need to hit the right from the right. So here’s the reality. If we look back and the what’s going on, I did this very interesting conversation with a MP, a former MP from Britain right now, the so called right and the left, they really love, let’s say, Radical Islam, for example, okay, because they use that to basically they want to unleash civil war.

Let’s say in Britain or here. They want to use and they want to hype that up. So in the United States, what’s fundamentally going on is that you have the American working class over the last 50 years. We’ve created lumpen elements of the American working class. And I’m sure you know what that means.

Okay, since you’re coming from a Marxist Perspective. And by the way, Engel said, the worst people in the world are Marxists because they don’t really understand Marx. Okay. But nonetheless, Marx had two definitions of the working class, right? Obviously the worker, but he also wrote a essay on the lumpen proletariat, which a lot of people haven’t read.

So the lumpen proletariat is what the elites are doing to the U. S. Working class. They have large sections of the working class. Who are basically not working. All right. So this is being done deliberately then. So just put that over here. That’s one sort of piece of the system here. The other pieces we cannot forget.

It was us imperialism, which invaded, destroyed many of these countries. U. S. imperialism from be it Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia. Go down the list. It was a domino theory of Kissinger, who was brought in by another imperialist scumbag, John F. Kennedy. Okay? So throughout Latin America, we abused, we tortured, literally tortured people for U.

S. imperial interests. And that cannot be denied that you had huge sections of brown people, a lot of brown people, fleeing those, dictatorial governments coming to the United States. For whatever they could do, right? Just flee those environments. In many ways, my parents fled the Indian caste system, right?

To come to the United States. Now, they were engineers and the United States made it easy for engineers to come because the U. S. had a dearth of engineers and scientists, people like that. So these are dynamics that are highly related. In a world global system of oppression. So these people who we try to dehumanize saying, Oh, they’re just these random brown people coming here.

And as Trump said, they’re all criminals. It’s not true. So that’s another element. The other piece is both wings of the establishment have no interest in quote unquote solving immigration. They As a voting block and the other uses them to advance Wall Street’s interest of maximization of profit.

This is another phenomenon, right? So the issue is what is actually the problem? What is the immigration problem? And I would argue the immigration problem begins with dividing the immigrant worker who actually comes here to work and the American worker and to point one wing of the working class against the other wing of the working class.

This is fundamentally what’s going on. The economies of the world have become highly into, interrelated and more importantly, the American working class every Microsecond, every moment is being brainwashed to never fight for their rights anymore. This is happening is what I’m talking about, demoralizing them.

So if you want to actually solve quote unquote immigration, which I don’t believe any wing of the establishment has during Obama, there were more efforts done to stop illegal immigration than Trump did. The facts are there. You can see the data. Trump actually stopped more legal immigration to the United States.

That any president has done, and you can review those facts, you can do your research on that. But the reality is, there are X number of quote unquote illegal immigrants in the United States. X. Now, what are you supposed to do with them? You’re going to deport all of them? I would argue, if you want to talk about what it means, if you take it from a proletarian standpoint, We want to support the proletariat, right?

Ken, I think you would agree with that. There are a lot of lump in proletariat that should perhaps, if you follow this model all the way through, should be perhaps shipped out of the United States. Okay. Cause they’re not really proletarians anymore. They’re living off the work of hardworking people.

And then you have a large sector of the quote unquote, illegal immigrants. Some of them have been here 10, 20 years who actually do work. They’re the ones doing the labor. So one part of a solution, if Congress, by the way, Congress is the one who never wants to solve this problem. They always take recesses and recess.

They never solved any of this. So I said, as president, this is what I would do. You take. So if you want to look at it from a quote unquote, a progressive nationalist perspective, if you want to even take that position, you would say, okay, let’s take all these people who are actually working quote unquote illegally and not contributing, start taxing them.

It’ll generate about a trillion dollars to the U S economy, put them on a quote unquote path to immigration. And therefore those people are now becoming actual proletariat and they’re part of this. Of the true working class, obviously, the people are criminals and all those kinds of things, along with the lumpenproletariat.

Let’s ship all of them out. All right. This is not a, it’s a bidirectional solution to me. That would what would make fair policy in that. But the reality is the establishment, the obvious and the not so obvious have no interest in solving that because they want to create the dialectic of the quote, unquote, illegal immigrant worker And the legal American worker, they want to create this.

And because they want neither of those groups to unite against the swarm. And that’s my position on this. The real issue is, do we really want to build a bottoms up movement of working people actually work for a living? Or do we want to create this fake dialectic, which is what the establishment keeps doing every election cycle.

So that’s my position on that. Ken, let’s go over to Sam Timothy. Go ahead, Sam. And Ken, if you want to talk about it more Nicholas, you can or somebody, Chris, you can send Ken, my email address. Let’s go to Sam Timothy. Who’s out of Hey, Sam, how are you doing? I’m doing great doctor. Are you collecting signatures?

Yes, I am. How many have you got so far? Yeah. Last week myself and another volunteer, his name is Rob. We collected almost a hundred last weekend. Awesome. Congratulations. That is fantastic. It’s a different experience. Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah, I’m intro and this is very different experience.

People are listening. And then I’m. I’m guiding them in what’s happening here. It’s really awesome experience. The reason I raised my hand is I have a question I’m born in a Christian family, in a pastoral family. I grew up in church all these years. So what you teach that’s gospel.

And what do you do is the Christ work. But whenever I’m trying to talk with the Christians, they’re blindly supporting Israel. And you know that, the Christian religion has been hijacked by the Zionism. So whenever I talk anything against, I’m talking the truth. I always speak the truth about Israel and what the Zionism is doing.

The Christians are blinded and, they behave not possessed whenever I’m talking, whenever I try to have this conversation and I don’t know how to I have been ghosted from the community, from church community, all of these things happening. I want to know the systems approach, how can I deal with these people, how can I educate these people?

Yeah, Sam, first of all, I just want to let everyone know, Sam, when did you come, I assume you’re from India? Yes, I’m from Tamil Nadu. When did you come from Tamil Nadu here? 2021, I came here 2021. So you’ve been here basically three years and you’re collecting signatures, which is awesome. Okay, so Sam, what do you do for a living?

I’m a tech entrepreneur. I, okay, so you have a job. You’ve been here three years. You obviously love this country and you’re collecting signatures, right? Yes. So everyone listening out there, The guy works full time, and then he’s going out, he’s got a hundred signatures. And then we have people whining, Oh, I can’t get out, I have to take my bubble bath, okay?

It’s like ridiculous, okay? So get the fuck out and collect signatures. There’s an example right there. Crystal, that’s 20 different things. She’s out there in Nebraska collecting signatures. Doris is out there collecting. So I just want to, first of all, point that out because the conversation that I really wanted to bring out is who walks a walk.

Now, when we talk about Christianity, it relates to the same philosophy. A lot of people talk Christ, when I was, from a quote unquote, a Hindu family, Hindus believes gods and everything. So my parents were fine with me going to church. I went to Sunday school, I went to a Catholic school, growing up in India, et cetera, right?

So Hinduism is a very disorganized religion, but Hinduism does believe in the divinity of Christ, just from a perspective as an avatar, right? But what I notice in the United States is there’s Christianity, then there’s, as we say, Christian Zionism. And even before Zionism existed was Christian Zionism, which was a made up eschatological view of Christianity that came up actually in the started around the 1200s 1300s by Protestants.

Okay, so they had built this wacky view of Christianity completely divorced from the New Testament. The key thing to talk to these fake Christians by the way, we have fake Hindus. Who support the Indian caste system and Brahmanism. So you have Brahmanism is to Hinduism as Zionism is to Christianity.

If you follow what I’m saying. And I think the fundamental systems approach here is that throughout history, there have been leaders with some spiritual, and we can get into that. I don’t want to go into that, but ultimately whatever these leaders were they had a manifestation on this earth of actually fighting the establishment like Christ.

And Christians do not want to discuss the fact that Christ took a whip and beat the shit out of the Sadducees and the Pharisees. They don’t want to talk about that. They do not want to talk about that. Hindus do not want to talk about the fact that there were great leaders like Sankaracharya and Ramanujam who fought the caste system, right?

They want to talk about Brahmanism. In the Buddhist religion, you just go look at what happened in Sri Lanka. Buddha created Buddhism on the fact of the principle of ahimsa, right? Non violence. In Sri Lanka, we know the Buddhists were out there butchering Tamils, literally killing them. So the reality is religion is a very powerful force.

It’s a very emotionally powerful force. When you blend that with political ideology, you can create a, you can weaponize these things to manipulate people. So in the United States, Christian Zionism has been fueled by people like Trump, by people like the Christian evangelicals. Who have completely have nothing to do with Christ.

It’s cha ching. It’s about making money and they report to Israel. So Sam, if you’ve been ghosted by these people and they don’t want to talk to you, I would say, congratulations. Okay, because you’re doing something right. You shouldn’t feel like you’ve lost any friends. You should feel like you’ve gained freedom So that’s the first thing, you haven’t done anything wrong, but you must go to war against these people and expose them so one way we could do that sam and you can write to crystal And get my email.

We could do a video if you want having this discussion Of what happened to you, you say, because we can reach people and that’ll become a video that you can then send to these people, right? The outcome of that. That’s the way you educate people. You and I have a discussion. We talk about it. In fact, in our morning meeting, we went through videos people would like me to create, but one of them was on this.

Let’s tackle religion on the fake. Teachings and what the real teachings were and all religions have this because What’s that? Oh you’re coming to visit here next weekend. Oh, okay. Good to have you Sam we can do that when you come. Why don’t we do a live if you’re okay, and you’re fine doing that Yeah I’m fine.

Yeah. Yeah, but we need to have a discussion on Easter two years ago. I did this whole thing on Easter. Now, one of our very nice volunteers, he said, Oh, I, he got upset and I had a long discussion with him. But a lot of Hispanics in the United States. Have been taken advantage of by Zionist philosophy, Zionist political ideology, all throughout the Bible belt in the United States.

Zionism has come in and infiltrated through these Christian evangelicals who literally report up to Israel, literally report up to them. If you study it, you’ll see it’s been a deep state operation to hijack a lot of these churches. So 70 million, there’s 70 million Christian Zionists. It’s almost, you may call them, it’s an oxymoron.

Yeah. I think the best thing to do is we should do a discussion and get it out. Yes, Dr. Shiva, next week I’ll be in MIT I’m taking five days into advancement Program class is five days after that weekend I’ll be in Boston. I’ll, okay, so why don’t we do that, then we’ll create it. We’ll do an educational discourse and a video, and we’ll tease this out.

If Christ was here, would he be a Zionist? It’s such a simple question. That’s a question we should ask. Maybe that should be the title of the video. If Christ were a lot with Christ, we’re here. Would he be a Zionist? Question mark. And we should do a call in show. We should ask every Christian to log in.

Let’s do that. Okay. Yeah, sure. Okay, let’s do that. So which day is Saturday or Sunday? Crystal will give you my email. Set it up with. my assistant. Okay. Yeah, sure. Okay. Sam, great job. Really good to have you. I’m glad we’ll see you. Excellent. Go ahead, Ryan. Ryan’s busting his buns. I know in texas and he’s on the ground walking the walk.

Hey, Ryan, how are you? Hey, good. Thanks, Dr Shiva. I was seeing if I can get a copy of that. Go fuck yourself letter that you sent Two. I think it was the secretary of state of Wyoming. So I want to frame that in my bedroom so that every morning I wake up to seeing would you like me to bring it up? I would love it.

I love that so much. I it’s like one of my most favorite things that just motivates me every day. Cause I hate it. I’m glad you’re motivated by that. I think it was the greatest thing I’ve seen in quite, let me try to find that, but you can give the con, do you want to give the context of that?

I if I remember correctly they sent something to you saying that your election wasn’t real, or maybe it was about the natural born citizen thing or something, and your response back to them was like this couple sentence of cordial something or other and told them to then go fuck yourself in these huge, like the biggest part of the letter.

Hey, Crystal, do you have, I think I sent you a copy of it, didn’t I, Crystal? Crystal? Crystal? Crystal? It’s possible Emily or I have, yep. Yeah. Can you guys, Emily, can you send it back to me so I can bring it up? Yeah. So basically guys, so the the, some random bureaucrat in the state of wine, by the way what needs to understand it’s a great thing you’re bringing up, Ryan, we have laws that are set that people fought for all these important things, right?

And then what you’ll find is, so you have these body of laws. by Congress. And then over here you have the enforcement division, which is the executive branch. And then you have bureaucrats, some random guy. So we went to Wyoming and we said, please give us, we need the signature petitioner can collect signatures.

It’s a very simple thing. And we feel crystal meticulously filled out all the paperwork. We, cross the eyes dot of the T’s. reviewed it, by our legal division, we did everything right. So then after he gets it, he says, Oh, I need you to prove that you’re a natural, that you were not, you were born out of your mother’s womb.

That’s what he said. Basically, we need proof that you were naturally born. So in response to that, I’m looking at this letter and I had to figure out what to write to him. And I think Emily, can you send it to me? If you have it, I’m only here. I don’t think, I think it was I only have it on a text, I think.

Oh, did I get mine being alive? No. I sent it to one of you guys. Because the letter Ryan I have on my Oh, actually maybe I have it here. Hold on. I don’t know if I have it here. Okay. We’ll try to find it. Yeah. Emily, I think I sent it to you or Crystal. I think one of you guys have it, but we’ll find it. But anyway the great seal of the state of Wyoming. And I read it is it basically says that we believe in equal. equal protection or something, right?

And demanding that I submit that I’m a natural born citizen versus naturalized is completely nonsensical because this thing has been adjudicated in the courts and we’re fighting that we’re exposing that. But it’s quite contradictory to the level of duplicity people have. So I’ll share this letter that I sent to this guy.

Yes, they wanted me to prove that I came out of my mother’s womb. That’s what they wanted me to prove, and I’m refusing to do that. When Ryan, when she brings it up, I’ll bring it up, okay? Okay. Emily will find it. Okay. Ryan, great work, by the way. We, Jason sent you, by the way, a list of a whole bunch of people in Texas who raised their hand.

I would get all of them, call all of them, okay? Let’s go over to Isaac from Isaac R from Missouri. Go ahead, Isaac. And then we’ll go to Richard and then Marcello. Can you hear me? Yep. I have three questions. My first question is what are you going to do with the military? If you get in the office, what do you mean what I’m going to do with the military?

Are you going to bring them back from overseas? Oh, okay. Yeah. If you go look at the number of videos where I’ve addressed this, Isaac. So there are two kinds of wars, right? There are imperialist wars, and there are been few times in history where we’ve actually gone and fought real enemies, for the sake of humanity.

You, the United States government versus the people have been fighting many wars of imperialism to steal other people’s land, resources, et cetera. So most of the wars that are being conducted are on that behalf. So obviously all those wars must end. The other pieces, most of the military in the United States is composed of working people.

Okay. You don’t find a lot of Zionists in the military. You don’t find rich boys in the military. Okay. Great. You don’t find any of those people. I think Trump got 20 deferments or something. Okay. Because he had a bad leg or something. It’s quite fascinating that the class war that’s waged on who actually has to go fight wars for other people.

So if you’re going to have a military, then do it in an egalitarian way. So if you want to have a military, then perhaps we should have after you, Leave, high school or something like that, everyone should have to do some type of national service. It seems to be the only fair thing to do, and there’s no way out of it.

You have to all participate or some type of service you have to do. But to me, that’s what seems fair, but all these wars of imperialism we’re fighting serve no one. But a few people, and we should pull out of all those wars. And I don’t know of any war that’s going on right now. That’s fighting for the interests of the working people or for the vast majority of people.

Yeah, the other piece is that if we are going to support wars of, true wars of liberation, and if you follow that all the way through to the principles of the United States claims it stands for, or the working people, we should actually be arming the Palestinian people. I’m not talking about Hamas, and I’ve talked about this.

I’m talking about the people of Palestine. And in fact, if anything, the U. S. military. In the ethos of the American people should go protect the people of Gaza and Palestine against Zionism. So there are places that I would use a military to protect the interest of working people, but we’re not doing that.

So obviously what I would do is cut all aid to Israel, pull out of all these imperial wars, but I would send military aid to protect the people of Palestine. And I’m not talking about Hamas. Because Hamas was created by Israel. Hamas was created by Israel and the establishment loves fundamentalism.

They use fundamentalism to create civil war. They need it. Does that answer your question, Isaac? Yeah. Most of it. What’s the other part of it? I’m talking about is are you going to bring the military back from like Afghanistan and people? Yeah, that’s what I just said. Cause those are imperial wars.

All right. Yeah. So for example, if you look at Afghanistan, the United States government collaborated with the Taliban to put them back into power. There’s nearly 70 percent of the rare earth minerals were found in Afghanistan. It is no coincidence. I’ve mentioned this before. I did a bunch of videos on this, that the women in Afghanistan had voting rights before American women.

A lot of people don’t know this. The women in Afghanistan had voting rights before American women. So Afghanistan was quite a free, relatively, from a bourgeois democratic standpoint, a relatively free country, freer country, for that matter, for women. The U. S. government, British government, supported the subjugation of women.

Up until even a year ago, there are women freedom fighters on the ground with RPGs. They were asking America for help. And we walked away from them. We purposely Trump and Biden colluded to give all the weapons to the Taliban because us imperialism always installs dictators wherever it goes, because they need dictators.

To use as their proxies to subjugate those people in those countries to steal their minerals, to steal their resources. It is no coincidence, if you look at US imperial policy starting with John Kennedy, and John Kennedy was the pinnacle of this. It was all about supporting dictators, to subjugate people who actually wanted democracy.

It’s quite disgusting, so yeah, of course. And not only that, Isaac, I’ve actually, you can look at my history since a 17, 18 year old kid, I’ve been an anti war activist on the ground. This is not something new I’m telling you because I’m running for president. Alright, that answers my first question. What’s your second question?

My second question is, back in during all the, before we were all alive and before we were, Even a country who is your role model from back in the back in history before we were even a country. Yeah. Who’s your role model? I’m not sure you think before the US government even before 1776. Yeah, and during 17.

And when we were a country. I can say I have respect for certain people at their times, if that helps, right? There have been a number of people, so if you go back, are you talking about in the United States or globally, anywhere? Globally, anywhere. For example, If you go look at the history of, let’s say, colonialism in India, there were some amazing fighters who actually stood up to British colonialism, actually took up arms to fight British colonialism.

One of the people was a guy called Cut the boom. And he was a, it was the only King who mobilized his people to fight British colonialism and he was hanged. So that’s one of my heroes. Another guy called Bugat Singh was another one of my heroes. In the, if you look at. The United States, there were some, the framers of the constitution like Franklin or Jefferson these people in many ways, many of the framers of the constitution at their time, at that moment in history, there were quite extraordinary people.

You have to put it in context at that moment in history, because the ideas that they put into things like the bill of rights. We’re way, way ahead of their times. They had a vision of how humanity was supposed to be that never existed. Another very interesting guy that I like is a guy called Marcus Aurelius.

Okay. He was a great philosopher. He was a philosopher king. If you’ve read his works, I recommend you do that. But there have been many people throughout history who have at great sacrifice done the right thing at the right time. And typically the common thing, Christ to me is a great.

Exemplar Buddha to me is a great exemplar. These people are quite profound people because at their time that they live, they were in many ways going against the establishment and they were able to put forward completely new ideas, but also they walk the walk. I could keep going down the list, but 1960s, I would say Malcolm X is one of my great heroes.

Malcolm really started understanding on some very fundamental phenomena. Now, I also believe in many countries, Australia, New Zealand, African countries, there were probably many great heroes who fought the establishment of the time. So I don’t know if that answers your question. Yeah, that does. Who’s your great hero?

Martin Luther King. Huh. Yeah. I I don’t know if you’ve gone through our course, but you’ll learn a lot about the difference between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. So I hope you get involved. It’ll really be educational for you. I have to get into that. Yeah. All right, Isaac. Thank you.

Let’s go to Richard from New York City.

Yes. One question. What are your objections to Jill Stein? What are my objections to her? She’s a liberal. She’s a liberal Zionist. She’s a liberal Zionist hoodlum. The other thing is she, if you look at the entire Green Party’s agenda, they support the fake climate change agenda. And those are two reasons that are sufficient and they have.

If you look at their history of them, when October 6th took place, go look at the actual statements that the Green Party actually put out. It was this liberal Namby Pamby bullshit, oh, we should all have peace among the Israelis and the Palestine. They didn’t, they do not take the position about ending the occupation of Zionism in America, period.

They’re liberal Zionists. So they watch which way the wind blows. And they move a little bit into that direction to keep people thinking that the Green Party is some force for revolutionary change. They’re fully part of the establishment. They’ve always been part of the establishment. We could do a whole video on one of our people who was in the Green Party running for U.

S. Senate, and he’ll tell you all the hypocrisies of the Green Party. But fundamentally, they believe in this climate change nonsense. That’s which has nothing to do with science and anyone should go look at Jill Stein’s history overall. So thank you. Let’s go to Marcello and then we’ll go Marcello. It is 1041.

So we’re a little bit behind schedule. I apologize for that. I want to thank everyone for saying, but let’s take. Actually, Marcello and Joan, if you could both ask your question, then I’ll try to answer them in 1 shot. And then we’ll wrap up. Go ahead, Joe. I’m sorry. Let’s go ahead, Marcello. And then we’ll go to Joe.

Go ahead, Marcello. Okay. So last week you brought up like I was part of a bottoms up movement, but we were trying to get off the grid. It was like, it was against the lockdown and the mandates. But so we started to start a bottoms up movement and, we met and you said, It’s what kind of, some people think they, what they think like about some movements getting off the grid, but you need a system, you need a, you need certain things for bottoms up movement to happen.

And, I do believe that the only way that we can do. To make changes through the bottom sub movement. And so my question to you is I’m trying to look in the future, obviously the only person that I’m ever that I’m going to vote for this year, local or federal is you, but I want to know okay, let’s say, you become president and after you become president, like what is it going to look like locally, like I, because I just envision like we were trying to, try to think about organic foods, health kind of system, having our own store. We saw talking about social media and all that.

Instead of waiting, in. December, November or whatever. What can we do right now to galvanize people locally? And numbers are powerful. We were outnumbered and I don’t want to be outnumbered. I don’t want to, I don’t want to be in that position.

So how can we galvanize people to start locally, to go bottoms up? What does that look like to you as far as like in Oregon or, in Florida or wherever? So that’s my question. All right. Good. So I’ll answer that. And I think you were talking about related to food.

All right. So I’ll try to tie that together. That’s Joan. What’s your question? Thanks, Marcella. Joan W. from U. K. No, I actually, I’m American and I know Miami. You said you were in the United Kingdom. I’m sorry. I said up until 2022, but I moved back. I say, okay nice to have you. Thank you. It’s not so much of a question, but an observation.

And if I can propose a analogy I’ve got a WhatsApp group. And telegram group. Where I’ve got, members from different religions, different locations, different political views. But, I tried to focus on what do we all have in common and the idea that we are all on different journeys.

Some of us are more ahead than others. We don’t criticize the other. We don’t say you’re stupid because you take the, you took the vaccine. We don’t say you’re stupid because you promote any war. Because that just facilitates their divide and conquer agenda. I, I don’t promote criticism.

I don’t promote condescension, right? But love and healing, right? So every day I start my posts on my groups. And I’ve got a wide range of people you could never imagine, right? Women and men, dealing with families or job issues or, on a rich or poor, all on the spectrum, right?

But I start my message with something that is positive and healing, something that like, makes people feel good to focus on their faith, to, to believe, That we can win and yes, of course, then later on I get into oh, it’s a fucking shit show because we know it is excuse my French, but I start there and I like, I just, Dr.

Shiva, I’ve had a number of people. Listen if you want to talk to me offline about this. But let me just give my observations about this. Here’s the bottom line. We’re building a movement. And we have to focus on the fact that this is not about unity. All right. So we’re not here to unify people.

We are here to separate, and this is a, this is fundamentally different. We’re not here to unify people who have fundamental differences. So let me, it’s a very good place to start as well as to end. A lot of people come from ideas, good feelings. They have feelings about things and we can, I can do beautiful stories and we can talk about great poetry and all that literature, but the reality is this.

That we have to address the fundamental contradictions. And it is ugly and it is evil and people are have, people are mature enough to handle this. They see enough Namby Pamby stuff around this and Trying to sugarcoat it in some way leads to a point where you don’t get to the issue. And people are ready to hear this stuff.

So the video that we did, for example, which came out after I’d come back from overseas saying I’m the only candidate who does not suck Zionist cock is a very powerful video. There are people who actually don’t agree with that because they actually support Zionism. And the reality is that it got close to 1 to 2 million views, even on shadow banning, which means it went out to about 100 million people.

The vast majority of working people in this world are tired. They’re not looking for some feel good stuff. They’re actually looking for clear direction. And so that’s what we’re about. And we’re not here to unify people. We’re not here about unity because when you try to go down that path as the end goal, you get to, you try to be popular for everyone.

That’s not what this is about. It’s not about likability. It’s not about popularity. This is about building a bottoms up movement and understanding. That over the last 60, 70 years, all these other people’s ideas, philosophies, new age ideas. We’re all lovers, love the world. This is what Marianne, what’s her name?

Williamson does. Hasn’t gotten us anywhere where it’s gotten us is to not have a clear, definitive line in the sand of who’s with us and who’s against us. And here’s the line in the sand, who wants to build a bottoms up movement? This is not about writing, beautiful posts all day and trying to be kumbaya with everyone.

It doesn’t get you anywhere. Hasn’t gotten the world anywhere. Where it’s gotten us is to create some woo people, some new age people, some feel good people, and people thinking, those are all great. It’s like taking an aspirin when you have a headache. You can read a nice, beautiful poem and makes you feel good, but it doesn’t solve the reality of what’s going on in the outer world.

You have to address the fundamental issues. The fundamental issues are during COVID 600 billionaires made 2. 3 trillion. And those people are running all the systems which subjugate us. This is about getting people fired up. It’s not about writing sort of Namby Pamby stuff. Sorry, this is not the movement for that.

You can go join other movements if you think that’s a solution. That is not our solution here. We’re about addressing the issue. We’re being very direct, very clear, because the establishment has enough people doing that other stuff. They have enough people trying to do that stuff all day long. There’s very few people speaking with clarity and with precision.

And with vitriol against the establishment, you have to do that. So if you think you have a better way to do it, go for it. Good luck. But that’s not what this movement’s about. We’re about separating the weak from the chaff. That’s what we’re here for. And if you think. You have a better way. Go build your own movement.

I wish you all the best. And we’ll see who wins in the end. Okay? Because this is, there’s a war taking place. There’s a war of ideas. There’s a war of tactics. There’s a war of strategy. And there’s a war of theory. I promise this would be the last one, so I want to end with that. But remember, what I started with is fundamentally, the establishment does not want you to build a bottoms up movement.

We’re not having mental masturbation conversations here. If you want to help us get on the ground and help us collect signatures, let’s see if you will do that. And if you think you want to go do something great, go do it. But we need people to help us get on the ballot. There’s a real movement taking place right now.

Okay. Thank you. Everyone. If you have a follow up questions. You can Dava, you can send it to me send it to me via email. But just in the interest of time, it’s almost 1051. We’ve been up since about 4am, 5am this morning, okay? Michael needs to get some rest too, okay? So understand, there’s a lot of hard working people here who are doing the work.

If you want to do the work, great. For one hour work we do, we will do 20 minutes of mental masturbation discussions, okay? But I want to see you guys do the work. Okay. Get on the ground, help us collect signatures, mobilize people, bring them to our open house because this is the only game in town that’s interested in shattering the swarm, and we are not here to create some fake unity and bullshit kumbaya.

It’s not what this is about, because I can write quite well. I can write beautiful poetry. That’s not what this is about. You can go listen to Deepak Chopra and you can listen to beautiful meditations and take your sleeping pill. And anesthetize yourself. That’s not what this is about. All right, everyone.

We’re here to build a movement. Get on the ground. Go to Shiva for president. Show me what you’re made of. All right, show me what you will walk. Will you walk the walk? If you want to, be on the outside and looking in and critiquing it, we don’t have time for you. I’m sorry. That’s not what this is about.

We have the theory. We have the politics. You need to let go of the bullshit that you think you know, and come here and fucking learn period. Alright? Sorry. If I went to someone who knows how to milk a cow real, and they’ve been doing that, like Tony, you’re a farmer, right? Tony, I’m not gonna argue with Tony, he knows how to raise sheep.

I’ve been at this for a long time. So let go of your ego. Forget what you think, it’s all just feeling, but you really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Just I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. Do I, Tony, I would never come argue with Tony and try to say, Tony, I think we should we should milk the sheep this way I’m probably going to get hit in the head.

Okay. So let’s start having appreciation for people who put the work in. I have great respect for Daniel. Louie’s done a lot of stuff in finance. I’m not going to go, I’m going to listen to him. So if you haven’t done the work, have some humility, start learning and do this broadly have humility for people who do the work.

We’re creating a culture. Everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about. They don’t. And you will, you need to be put in your place. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the fuck up and learn. Sorry. We need to have respect for people who busted their buns. And learned the stuff, have your opinions all day you want, but I’m not going to argue with Tony, how to go build a farm.

He knows how to do that. I’m not going to go argue with Chris Bradley, how to set up servers that can scale. He knows how to do that. All right. So we know how to build a movement. We’ve created the science. Come learn. Have the humility to do that. Go look at my history. Go look at our movement’s history.

But we are building a movement, and we’re serious about that. And we don’t want to fuck around with people who want to have random fucking ideas of how movements should be built. We’re not into failing. We’re into succeeding. All right, everyone. Have a good evening. Get off your butts. Go to TruthFruitmentHelp.

If you’re new, learn, because you’ve come to the right place. Don’t waste your life another 30 years testing this, testing that. You’re going to get old and you’re going to look back and say, fuck, Dr. Shiva was right. I should have learned. Just if I said, I tried this way to farm and that way to farm.

Fuck, I should have listened to Tony. Okay. Simple principles here. People have worked at it. So get off your butt and learn. Thank you everyone. Be well, be the light best to all you and your families. Thank you.

All right, everyone to those of you in the world of social media, simple thing I could have probably just maybe what to do, this is a singular focus of your press oppressor is what to do is get off your butt, go to Shiva for president, help us get on the ballot if you want, if you have a lot of money donate, cause we’re going to use, and we’ll give you courses.

We’ll use it well, but it’s not really about money. We need you to awaken yourself. And to recognize that we have to work and we have to build this movement, go to truth for them, health. com right there and become a warrior scholar. Do that. Do it for yourself, your family. Otherwise just be, a looker on and see where life takes you.

Be well. Thank you. We need to build a bottoms up movement. Go to Shiva for president. com and volunteer.

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