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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, shares his latest innovation: the Truth Freedom Health® System, and how this new innovation solves the problems posed by the system of Power Profit Control. August 30th is the 40th Anniversary of the Invention of Email. On August 30, 1982 Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, received the First U.S. Copyright officially recognizing him as the Inventor of Email for his 1978 invention of EMAIL – the system he was the first to create which was a full-scale electronic emulation of the interoffice paper based mail system. He wrote 50,000 lines of FORTRAN code to create this system that he named “EMAIL,” – a term he was also the first to coin.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Introduction: Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai introduces the SYSTEM of Truth Freedom Health® and how this represents the culmination of his entire life’s work of innovating and inventing systems.
  • Dr.SHIVA received the original US copyright for EMAIL 40 years ago on August 30th, 1982, for his invention of the world’s first E-Mail SYSTEM.
  • Dr.SHIVA connections his innovation and invention of the SYSTEM of EMAIL to his innovation of the SYSTEM of Truth Freedom Health®
  • Dr.SHIVA explains how information is everywhere, but it is not making us any wiser.
  • We need to understand the facts and the reality of what is being done to us by the systems of Power Profit Control.
  • We must raise our consciousness with a wholistic model of thinking which rejects Power Profit Control and integrates the right inputs to achieve Truth Freedom Health®.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai introduces the SYSTEM of Truth Freedom Health® and how this represents the culmination of his entire life’s work of innovating and inventing systems.

Dr. Shiva has invented many systems from Email, Echomail®, CytoSolve® etc. but is really proud of his most recent invention, which is Truth Freedom Health®. He explains through a drawing to show you that those in power also have a system.

That system controlled by those in power wants power, profit and control. And it’s completely diametrically opposite than the system of Truth Freedom Health®. Truth Freedom Health® is really an innovation, it’s really a system.

Dr.SHIVA received the original US copyright for EMAIL 40 years ago on August 30th, 1982, for his invention of the world’s first E-Mail SYSTEM.

On August 30, 1982, was the year that Dr.Shiva received the official copyright by the United States Copyright Office officially recognizing him as the inventor of email, at a time when copyright was the only way to protect software inventions.

As a 14 year old kid, he was the first to convert the entire inner office paper based mail system, which he named email. He was the first to coin the term email and about 10 years ago all the documents went to the Smithsonian.

If you know the inbox, outbox, folders, the typewriter, subject, the blind carbon copy, the carbon copy paper, drafts, attachments. Most anyone over the age of 40 will know these elements in an office.

Dr. Shiva was asked to convert that entire system of interlocking parts into the electronic version. And he did that in 1978. August 30 1982, he was awarded the first copyright four years later, for the invention of email.

After he went to MIT, he was advised to copyright this invention because the Supreme Court was not recognizing software patents. The only way to protect software for inventors was through the copyright system of 90 by the act of 1980.

It is the 40th anniversary of the invention of email. All details about the invention of email and Dr. Shiva’s journey in the invention of the system can be found here.

Dr.SHIVA connections his innovation and invention of the SYSTEM of EMAIL to his innovation of the SYSTEM of Truth Freedom Health®

Email is the electronic version of the interoffice mail system. So, imagine having a system of interconnected parts for a human being.

That system allows each one of you to go from being a human being that is filled with ignorance, confusion, desperation or complacency, to becoming a human being who is wise, smart, active, dynamic, streetsmart, with clarity of their goals and how to achieve them.

Imagine if you had a technology, which would allow you to increase your consciousness. That is what the Truth Freedom Health® system is. It’s literally a platform, it’s a system.

Truth Freedom Health® is literally a system of interconnected parts, just like Email has the inbox, outbox, folders, cc, bcc, attachments and all those interconnected parts. But what Truth Freedom Health offers you is the interconnected education, tools and parts needed to become an intelligent being.

Truth Freedom Health® Platform offers you the Foundations of Systems class, where you will understand the Science of Systems, which is right now typically taught at places like MIT and Harvard.

Then you’ll understand how your body is a system, another very powerful component, you get access to all the CytoSolve® research, which is from the Open Science Institute, you also will get access to the tool called Systems Health®, where you can become an educator of System Science, then we teach you how to get on the ground and become an activist.

You also get access to our global community of incredible people, Warrior-Scholars, you get to attend events and special lectures. And then we’ve created three tools, which are independent of Big Tech, a social media tool, called the forum, a VASHIVA social media and our own TV platform.

This is what I mean by Truth Freedom Health® actually being a system. It is a technology platform and online/offline community that provides an individual to become an intelligent system.

Dr.SHIVA explains how information is everywhere, but it is not making us any wiser.

There’s lots of information in the world. In fact, what is that information? There’s billions of videos that all of you have access to right? Billions of videos, you can access blogs, podcasts and so on.

So the question is, with all this information that’s out there, the question that we need to ask is, are you wiser? Do you have access to more truth? Are you more free? Do you have better health?

That’s the question with all this information out there. Is the world getting better? That’s really the fundamental question. Because you would think with all this information, we’d actually all be able to get healthier because there’s so much information or we’d be able to get better science, are we able to free ourselves?

In fact, there’s a book that he wrote called Arts on the Internet. The goal was, wow, with all of us being able to publish information, we’re going to be free for your world. Is that true? And what is the state of the world right now? Is that true?

Well, the reality is, right now, if you look, there’s 300 million people in the world who are depressed. Another 350 million people who have anxiety issues, were anxious.

Then you have the fact that 51% of children feel hopeless. The next thing is 95% of the world has health problems. So this is the reality, and 1/3 of those 95% have five ailments, not one, but five.

52% of people in the world are confused, at least confused on what they should eat. totally confused. So think about that, with all the health experts out there, you would think that more of us would be smarter, right?

But over half of the people say that it’s easier to do their taxes, then to know what to eat, because you have all these “gurus” and “health experts” on YouTube, putting this information out there, but people are getting more and more confused because of the contradictory information.

Because they’re trying to tell people what to think but they’re not teaching people how to think. And this is where it gets even more interesting.

When it comes to obesity, 2 billion adults are obese as well as kids. So again, you would think all this information is going to help us create a better world. And this is where it gets even more interesting. 25% of people want to overthrow their governments.

So, all this information has not created a better world. It’s created people to be anxious, who are depressed, who are angry, who are confused. We have to ask a question, how did we get here? How did we get here in this situation?

What system has put us here? Dr. Shiva has put forward this thesis that it is the system of thinking. We have created a world where people do not know or they’re taught what to think, but not how to think.

We need to understand the facts and the reality of what is being done to us by the systems of Power Profit Control.

The reason we’re in this depressed crazy state is because the reality is the pyramid of power, profit and control has taken over. Dr. Shiva shows by an illustration that you have information, but you don’t have knowledge, you have ignorance.

Ignorance is about seeing only the parts of something, not the whole. Like the example he shares about the blind man, looking at the parts of the elephant, never knowing it is an elephant.

With ignorance, you don’t get wisdom. What you get is an illusion. You don’t get anything close to reality. And this illusion leads to confusion.

Ignorance leads to illusion about the information and confusion happens. Two things happen. First of all, you can get very desperate. We see the anxiety, the depression that we see with people.

And then the other thing is you become divided. Left & Right, pro & anti – divided. And then the other thing you can become is complacent. You sit on your bow hunkers, you’re not active, you’re not organized, you’re not innovative. You’re divided, you’re complacent and you’re desperate.

If you understand this dynamic we got here because ignorance led to illusion, which led to this confusion which led to division, complacency, and desperation. So how did all this happen?

This is the system of power, profit and control. This system of power, profit and control is inputting into you. The inputs are ignorance, that’s the input people are being hit with every day.

What does that do to the individual? You’re getting hit with delusion and ignorance daily. It’s a very vicious cycle.

Who are these people who put out this system of ignorance? This engine relies on you becoming ignorant and it makes a lot of money perpetuating this cycle.

This system of power, profit and control is used every day, they want you to become ignorant, they create many illusions.

What are the components of the power, profit, and control system? It involves the mainstream media, Hollywood, politicians left and right, gurus, the obvious establishment and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment consists of scumbag characters like Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, Bernie Sanders, Kennedy, AOC and yes even Trump. They are there to keep you entertained and distracted.

It also involves Big Banks, Big Academia, Big Pharma, Big Churches. And this is an interconnected system, and they’re all buddies. This is a system of slavery and they need people confused, desperate and divided.

We must raise our consciousness with a wholistic model of thinking which rejects Power Profit Control and integrates the right inputs to achieve Truth Freedom Health®.

The only system that can help you out of this cycle of this nightmare, which is where people are caught in confusion, desperation, is a different cycle, a different opportunity. And that opportunity is the Truth Freedom Health® system.

To teach people how to think, then we have knowledge, that’s seeing the whole. When you see the whole picture, that’s done through the Science of Systems.

With the Science of Systems, you learn how to see the whole, you get wisdom, you get clarity, you get active, you get organized, and you get innovative.

If you want to get active, organized and have innovation, you have to become users of this system. Below diagram shows all the tools you have at your fingertips if you become a user of the Truth Freedom Health® platform Dr. Shiva invented.

Once you become a user you will have access to the Foundations of Systems™ course. This course will teach you the Science of Systems which Dr.Shiva used to teach at MIT & Harvard. You can become wise and you can get clarity.

All the ebooks that will assist in the course curriculum and with the other tools in the system. You will also get scientific papers to help understand how certain herbs can aid health.

You will have access to Your Body, Your System® , a powerful tool that helps you understand your body is a system. And that you can discover the right inputs that your unique body needs to achieve real health.

CytoSolve® and the Open Science Institute is ground breaking revolutionary science research. This is where you can be a part of directing and contributing in research on certain foods for health or diseases without testing and killing animals.

Events and Special Lectures on many important topics and issues of our times. These lectures are only available to users of the platform and are exclusively for Warrior-Scholars.

Access to Systems Health® , a portal to the original version of Foundation of Systems™ which is the version you will be able to award any parent or guardian of youth between the ages of 13-18. This enables you to be a philanthropist and give the valuable knowledge of Systems Science.

Priceless mentoring by Dr.SHIVA, with this generous opportunity you can have interaction that only comes once in a lifetime. This will enable you to see how you can change yourself and everything around you.

The Warrior-Scholar Global Community is a perfect way to connect with others of like mind who are waiting to connect with you as well. Those on a journey to change the world for the better by using the same tools and platform.

On-The-Ground Activism Tools these are cards and flyers you can download and print to share with friends, family, coworkers and community. These tools explain the real problem and solution to the issues the world faces today.

The VASHIVA® FORUM lets you discuss topics and post subjects to have discourse with our community. It also allows one to join and organize true Bottoms-up unions in any field of work.

VASHIVA® SOCIAL is our social media site independent of Big Tech. Here you can make friends, start groups and create your own page and profile.

VASHIVA® TV is a wonderful way to get away from mainstream news or dead end videos that circulate the internet. It runs 24 hrs a day for our global community. Filled with thousands of videos and content from Dr.SHIVA over decades of his journey of knowledge. You can also create a profile here and be able to follow channels. This is also where we host our private meetings independent of Big Tech.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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