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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, U.S. Senate Candidate, discusses the SYSTEMS BIOLOGY of Blood Clots, Spike Proteins and Pericytes based on current science, so we see things as they are, Beyond VAXX & Anti-VAXX.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Hello, good evening, everyone, it’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Today we’re gonna be having a very interesting science discussion on a very interesting part of your body known as the peri sites, PRICYT s, it’s not parasites, it’s parasites.

And it’s an area of research that I’ve worked on many years ago published a major paper with my colleagues at USC on the function of these parasites, P e, r i, c YTS. And briefly, it’s this red structure right here, that you see on the surface of a capillary, we’ll be discussing this very slowly. So everyone understands the importance of this shortly.

But it is these parasites that are throughout your body. They’re in the vasculature of your body, which means they surround your capillaries, which are everywhere, in your heart, your kidney, your brain, etc. And they control the flow of blood, they modulate many things, we’ll talk about this.

So the parasites of work that I worked on with again, my colleagues at USC wrote a very important paper in Nature Neuroscience, which we’ll review, and this is back in 2015. The reason we’re going to have this discussion is because all of you are going to learn that these what is the function of these parasites, and how the spike protein which may come from two sources, it may come from the COVID 19 virus surface particles known as the spike proteins, it can also come from the vaccine. And the basis of our work that was done back in 2015 was reference in other work after more recently one and 2021 and 2020 to 2023.

Recently, and we’ll discuss at one of those papers showed that the spike protein effects appear parasites to lead to what’s called clotting through the inflammation process through the CD 147 receptor in the heart. And similarly, other work more recently showed that the spike protein and the brain neural parasites affects the brain in a way through the AC two receptor causes vasoconstriction along those vasculature, and don’t worry, I’m gonna go through this slowly. And also, it affects thrombosis in the brain.

So there’s a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of systems biology. The other thing we’re going to talk about is that the Oxford vaccine, which was your traditional, you know, vaccine, where they gave the antigen, this, you know, the virus, essentially the dead and virus spike protein, and then there is the Pfizer vaccine, and the mRNA vaccine and the moderna vaccine. Interesting enough, we’re gonna we’re gonna learn that in their side effects.

They have talked about that those vaccines have the side effect and a very, according to them in a very small percentage, that can lead to cardiac vascular thrombosis, which is clouding CBT. The reality some people have a higher proclivity for CBT than others, and we’ll talk about that. But our goal of our discussion is to as as has been since I’ve been involved in this for many years in 2019, we talked about the immune system and 2020 Our goal is to go beyond this left right pro Vax anti Vax narrative to really educate you on the science which is what we’ve always been doing.

We’re not Grifters here at truth, freedom and health. We are people really dedicated to your advancement of knowledge so you can make critical decisions. In the tweets and the Facebook posts I’ve been doing today I’ve been talking about a lot of these scumbags.

These MDs, who said nothing in 2019 2020. And now they’re being heralded as Oh, they’re helping you when in fact, a guys like Jay Bhattacharya who comes out of Stanford University, which is basically their headquarters. You might as well call it the headquarters of the CIA, Stanford.

Back in 2020, this guy was telling people Oh, yeah, we should do the lock downs. You know that he was probax and we should support masks, and now he goes the other way, after all the damage has occurred. Okay.

And we’ll talk about that too. But the reality is these Grifters and these do not trust MDs, do not trust celebrities. Now we’re talking about oh, we’re against mandates and blah, blah, blah, or these politicians.

The issue is were they teaching you the science when it mattered in 2019 and 2020, arming you. Our movement the work I did was the own We want to do that on the planet in 2019 and 2020. We didn’t grift.

And that’s what we want to talk about. So before I start that, as people are joining, and by the way, you’ll notice our viewership, which we used to have 1000s years gone down, like the 86. Because the scumbag, Elon Musk, a Twitter, the people over at Facebook are really choking our viewership, but the shadow banning and it’s really unfortunate, because it’s basically they’re putting, you know, they allow you back on but they put you in a cage because they don’t believe free speech equals free reach.

So they’re planning a controlled free speech game. So that’s what’s going on. Okay.

So let me before I start, I want to just let you know that the approach that we take as a systems approach here, and it begins with my own personal journey, the systems I’m going to play this video on will start shortly, but today’s talk is about the spike protein, the system’s biology of the spike protein on parasites, and on the blood clots, you’re gonna really get a deep understanding, but let me just play you a video and we’ll come back Welcome to be a Shiva. Vas Shiva is a product of my journey across eastern West science and tradition, ancient and modern. That brings you the science of systems so you can become a force for truth freedom health, VAs Shiva as a platform a revolutionary education, community building and weaponry for unleashing local activism.

My journey to be a Shiva begins in the chaos of Bombay, where I experienced diverse religions, languages, casts, and in a small village that had no running water, no electricity for my grandmother, a poor village farmer practice sidai, an ancient system of Indian medicine over 10,000 years old, she observed once face the art of cylindrical election and to understand a body’s unique constitution, allowing her to deliver the right medicine to the right person at the right time. Watching my grandmother heal others, I was inspired to study medicine. But I was also aware of the corrupt caste system of India, which denigrated the human being or my family were considered low caste untouchables, where one’s birth determine one’s destiny.

The grit and determination of my mother and father led them to get educated and to come to America, a one in a trillion event. Their actions inspired me to work hard and Excel. While in ninth grade, I attend to New York University in a computer science program.

And subsequently, at the age of 14, I was given a full time job as a research fellow and what is now known as Rutgers medical school in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. There I investigated the system of sleep using mathematics, computer science and biology for sudden infant death syndrome. It was there in Newark, where I invented email when I was the first to convert every feature of the physical paper base interoffice mail system including inbox, outbox, memo, carbon copy blind carbon copy attachments, into its electronic equivalent, a system, which I named email, a term that I was the first to coin on August 30 1982, I was awarded the first US copyright for the invention of this system, recognizing me as the inventor of email.

At that time, copyright was the only way to protect software inventions. I went on to MIT where I earned four degrees across multiple systems of engineering, electrical, mechanical, design, biological. That training led me to invent many other systems for advancing humankind echo mail, the world’s first intelligent email management system cytosol, a computational biology system for eliminating animal testing to discover new medicines faster, cheaper and safer, and to the creation of a whole system’s methodology for certifying clean food.

These innovations led me back on a Fulbright to India, where I discovered the missing link between Eastern medicine and western systems theory honoring my grandmother to develop your body or system, a powerful tool that will help you understand how your body is a system and how the inputs of food supplements and exercise bring your body back to its natural system, state and systems health and integrative educational discipline that is now integrated into the VA Shiva platform that will enable you to learn the science of systems, the science of everything, the your body as a system, or our society and politics as a system to reveal the foundational interrelationships between truth, Freedom health, now is a time for you to be the light, learn the science of systems, build community and weaponize yourself to unleash the activism necessary to deliver truth freedom health in your local community. Welcome to VA Shiva. Alright everyone, so Every Thursday tomorrow, we will be hosting an open house for truth, freedom and health and all of you are invited to come there all you need to do something very simple.

You just need to sign up for the open house, you can RSVP at va And I hope you come.

But our bottom line is to educate all of you in a systems approach, which goes beyond Vax, beyond anti Vax, beyond left and right. But the fundamental goal is for people to understand how systems work, and there’s a science to systems and if you don’t learn the science, you’re gonna be taken advantage of by these Grifters, and politicians and celebrities and you’re always gonna be outsourcing your future to these scumbags. And, you know, many of you know, I can speak very technically and scientifically, but I also have a great anger and a hatred for these people.

And you should also it’s very important to use the right curse word at the right time with the right people. It’s very, very important. So don’t let people say, Oh, you shouldn’t curse? Well, no, you should curse at the right time for the right person.

Okay, so let today though, we’re going to really learn about a very important part of your body. So let’s begin at a very high level. Your body is a system, there’s a book, I have that over here on this site called your body, your system.

When you go to truth, freedom And you become a warrior scholar, you get access to a bunch of stuff, but that’s one of them. But fundamentally, your body is a system throughout your body.

Our blood vessels, those vessels are composed of for example, things called arteries and veins, arteries, pump oxygenated blood through the rest of your body and veins bring the deoxygenated blood back, which need to be oxygenated. It’s that simple. But if you follow an artery all the way through, which is pumping this oxygenated blood, eventually it gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

And where it becomes these very fine blood vessels known as capillaries, capillaries. And so what is a capillary look like? Okay, well, a capillary looks like the following. Alright, I’m going to bring up a picture and we’ll walk through this.

But what you see here is the capillary is literally like a tunnel, okay? And it’s called the micro vasculature, okay? It’s called the micro vasculature. And this micro vasculature is where blood cells are flowing through, and the blood cells are oxygenated, and they deliver different nutrients to other parts of your body. And then they bring the deoxygenated blood cells back up through the veins back to your lungs where they get oxygenated, but we’re looking at a capillary.

Now, the capillaries are in your heart, the capillaries are everywhere throughout your body and your lungs, your liver and your brain. And just to give you some background on this, when you look at the capillary, so here’s the blood vessel, the capillary it and you look deeper into the surface, the inner surface of the capillaries composed of the cells, you say, we go over here, it’s composed of the cells, as you can see. And so this green part is one endothelial cell.

Here’s another endothelial cell. So these are cells almost like tiles on the surface of that tunnel, that capillary, okay? And that’s what the green here represents. And what we’re looking at here is the capillary, the vasculature feeding your brain outside of this is a neuron, and here’s an astrocyte.

Here’s a microglia. But just consider that this little tunnel is one little vasculature feeding your brain, okay, in the basement membranes here. And then you have the cell which is composed of the endothelial cells, but the capillary surrounded every so many about 100 micrometers, by something called parasites.

That’s a red structure of your see this thing and then here’s another one over here, back here. So every so often, along that tunnel of that capillary, are these things called Peri, not parasites, pe Ric YT. And that’s another kind of cell.

Okay. And why are these cells important? Okay. So the cells are extremely important for very all these different functions several years ago.

Yeah, so where someone said, are these in your lungs? Well, wherever you have the vasculature, the parasites exist, okay. All right, good. So you’re breathing in your body takes in oxygen.

Your veins are bringing the deoxygenated blood from the capillaries up to into the veins to your lungs. Your oxygen goes into that blood it gets oxygenated goes back to your heart in your heart pumps as oxygenated blood out through your arteries. We’ve talked about this before, into your capillaries.

which feeds all parts your body. Okay? Now, in 2015, I did some very, very good work, which got published in the number one journal in the world known as Nature Neuroscience. Let me take you over to that.

And we’re going to talk about the work that we did on capillaries. Again, this is back in 2015. So let me go over here.

So this was that paper that was published on the zoom in a little bit, make it a little bit easier for everyone. And this paper was in nature, Nature Neuroscience, and it’s called parasites of the neurovascular unit, which is, here’s the neurovascular unit. Here’s the parasites.

Here’s the endothelial. Here’s the astrocytes. And this paper, really was for the first time I was the CO senior author with Baris loves Milkovich, over at the Keck School of Medicine at USC.

And there’s my affiliation with a systems biology group over at the cytosol research division, and Melanie Sweeney was a postdoc on this. And so as the abstract says, What are parasites parasites, parasites are vascular neural cells, right? Embedded in the basement membranes of blood micro vessels, so there’s a capillary, and there’s a parasites embedded in the basement membrane right here. Okay, so what that means, okay? They extend their processes along capillaries.

So pre capillary arterioles and post capillary venules. Right. So that’s the stuff carrying stuff back to the lungs or stuff coming from the heart, okay, the oxygenated blood, and that’s what you see here.

So here’s the capillaries and they extend across I’m sorry, here’s a parasites and extend. Here’s red one red one here and over here, that’s what that means. Okay? The central nervous system, CNS parasites are uniquely positioned within the neurovascular unit between endothelial cells, astrocytes and neurons.

And there you go, right? So they’re between, here’s the astrocyte, here’s a neuron, and they’re between these guys. Alright? And it says they integrate. So this would parasites do they integrate, coordinate and process signals from the neighboring cells to generate diverse functional responses that are critical for the central nervous system, by the way, they also do this for the cardiac system, right? Including regulation.

In this case, it’s a blood brain barrier, permeability, angiogenesis, which is what’s called vascularization clearance of toxic metabolites, capillary hemodynamic responses, neuro inflammation in the heart in general inflammation, and stem cell activity. All right, and then it says here, we examine the key signaling pathways between the parasites and other neighboring endothelial cells, astrocytes, etc. So if you have a chance to read this paper, which you can get, in fact, what I’m going to do for the interest of everyone, I’m just going to post this.

So everyone asks, I’m going to post it up here. So you guys can see this right here. Okay, so I just posted it up on there if you guys want to see it.

So you guys have a link to it. All right. Um, but anyway, going back to this, what the major contribution that my work did was to really, along with USPS, we not only characterize these parasites, but the key thing that we did was we literally mapped out all the molecular pathways, and more specifically, the work really went through, and it did a complete systems biology map of the parasites, and we’re gonna take you through because a picture says 1000 words to the diagrams here.

So we did a first time that it had been done. In this field of neuroscience, we’ve done a complete mapping of the so here is a capillaries. You notice here, as you can see here, and here are these parasites, parasites, which are these structures which surround the basement membrane, which surround the endothelial cells.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Here’s the endothelial cell, we’re looking at a cross section is the parasites. And so the parasites and a site sorry, the endothelial cells are in between the astrocytes are the neurovascular units of parasites, the endothelial the Astra astrocytes.

And what we did was we mapped we went through every major paper in the literature, and we did a complete systems biology mapping. So here are all the molecular pathways in the endothelial. And you see the endothelial is involved in all sorts of important things.

And then here is every pathway that was done over here in the parasites themselves, okay. And then here’s everything that was done between the parasites and the endothelial. But one of the important contributions that I made to this important work was really understanding how all These diseases, Alzheimer’s, ALS cancer, are related to dysfunctions in these particular signaling pathways which intersect between the endothelial over here, the parasites over here are the astrocytes.

Okay? And this important diagram was one of the important things that our work at cytosol have contributed with our colleagues at USC, okay. And was the first time that we were literally mapped. It’s really a systems architecture.

Now, when you look at this, and you go back to one of these important diagrams, you see that the parasites are involved in the contraction and capillary constriction. So what do I mean by that? All right. So let me explain what I mean.

So you have this long tube, okay. And the parasites are sticking on the sides of this tube, right, which is a capillaries at the micro level. And what’s important is the parasites control the constriction or the dilation of that tunnel.

So if you can think about it, the parasites can squeeze it, or let it dilate. So vasoconstriction or vasodilation. Okay, that’s what these parasites do at that very, very deep level.

Now, what’s fascinating is a paper recently came out a couple of about a year a couple of months ago, and I’m going to show that to you. Which, through various citations also referred to our work which was done back in 2015. But this paper, let me bring bring it up here.

It says SARS, cov, two triggers parry site, mediated cerebral capillary constriction, okay. And it’s a very nice paper, and this just came out in July 22, about a year ago, less than a year ago. And what this says is a SAR cov T receptor, AC e two is found on parasites, contractile cells and rapping capillaries that regulate brain kidney, sorry, brain heart kidney flow.

And what this paper basically says is that when the the spike protein lands on the parasites, there’s a receptor on the parasites known as AC e two, and the spike protein does two very interesting things. Okay, well, the the parasites on the surface of the capillaries in the brain, the parasites themselves have a receptor, so the parasites are cell, they have a receptor, when the spike protein lands on this receptor, it’s known as the ACE AC e two receptor. When it lands on that it does something very damaging, okay? Now remember, the spike protein can come from the virus, it can also come from the vaccine itself, it’s important understand this, okay? When the spike protein lands on that AC two receptor, which is on the surface of the parasites, this is what this paper discovered that it constricts the vessel, it literally squeezes it, okay, and how does it do that because the AC two receptors involved in the in the conversion of a protein called angio Stenton to angiotensin one dash seven, the first protein is involved in construction.

And the latter protein is involved in dilation, which means relaxation. So what happens is the spike protein lands on the surface of the parasites and this and disrupts the AC two in such a way that it doesn’t allow the AC to AC two receptor to convert the angiotensin two protein, which is the vasoconstriction protein, which means it squeezes the capillary into the non to the vasodilation protein, angiotensin one and two, on one through seven. So what this means is it basically there’s more of the vasoconstriction protein so it squeezes the capillaries, everyone following me.

So it squeezes the capillaries and what it does is it basically constricts blood flow. Okay, so that’s one thing that this spike protein disruption to the parasites does. The other thing it does, is that in the brain, it also causes blood clots because there’s another factor called VWF, which is a a clotting factor.

And the disruption of the AC two receptor by the spike protein also causes this clotting factor to be initiated. So in the brain parasites right, so going back to the diagram here, so in the brain parasites, so again, you have the capillaries, in the case of neuro parasites on the surface of this parasite or the AC two receptor and In the case of the brain parasites, the effect of the spike protein landing on the parasites because Marvin spike protein can go anywhere. It literally will cause constriction as well as thrombosis, okay? Which is blood clotting.

Alright. So this is important to understand, which means a spike protein can affect thrombosis, blood clots in the brain, as well as constriction of blood flow, which can cause all sorts of mental issues, right? And you can imagine what happens if you constrict blood flow to the brain or have clots in the brain? Okay, that’s one. earlier work also showed that parasites are also in the heart, right parasites, remember, they’re on all these capillaries.

So if we go to the heart case, another important paper, which also secondarily referenced our work in parasites, and you can go study that was this paper that was done by in clinical science in London by a volio. And it says SARS, cov T spike protein disrupts human cardiac. So this is not in the brain, but human cardiac parasites function through CD 147 receptor mediated signaling a potential non infective mechanism of COVID-19 micro vascular disease.

So, what does this mean? Okay, what this research showed was the following. I want to sort of decipher this work for you. So it makes it easier what this research showed, fundamentally was that again, in the heart, you have parasites.

And when the spike protein landed on a different receptor on the parasites called CD 147 member functionality varies from a system standpoint. So in the brain parasites, the AC two receptors affected, but in the heart parasites, the CD 147 receptors are affected. And in this case, what they shared was that the spiked protein landing on the cardiac parasites resulted through processes through inflammation and the likely upregulation leading to cardiac vascular thrombosis, essentially blood clots.

Okay. Now, so we have two very important papers relating to our work that we did back in 2015, on the general functionality of parasites, which was very important work. In fact, our work has been cited quite broadly right now.

All right, but what’s important to understand is we have a mechanistic a systems biology mechanistic understanding of how that parasite dysfunction can lead to thrombosis in the brain blood clots, as well as constriction in the brain and the heart. Definitely blood clots, okay. Now, so let’s call the blood clotting, you know, from BOCES.

Okay, and the constriction constriction between this research the recent research shows occurs in the brain. Now, the important thing to understand is that when they did the studies on the three vaccines, the Oxford vaccine, which is really your sort of standard vaccine is not the mRNA vaccine, which is what the Pfizer vaccine is in the Maderna. Remember, the Pfizer vaccine and the Maderna, you’re getting mRNA put into you, and your body makes the spike protein to incite your immune system to make the antibodies in the case of the Oxford vaccine actually giving you the spike protein.

Okay. Big difference. So question to everyone.

Um, they did the side effect research or the adverse clinical trials, and it showed among those three vaccines, the Maderna mRNA vaccine, the Pfizer, mRNA vaccine and the Oxford traditional vaccine, they also showed that they were in their research, a very small percentage of people got a CVT cardiac, ventricular started cardiac vascular thrombosis. Okay, just blood clots. Guess which of those three vaccines had the highest amount? Again, very small percentage numbers among the population, which of those three vaccines have the highest amount of CVT thrombosis? And he answers? Okay.

Well, the, believe it or not, I was a little surprised was the Oxford vaccine, which is a traditional vaccine. It’s not the mRNA vaccine. All right, so that means that there was a higher proclivity of you getting CBT cardiac grafter thrombosis from the Oxford vaccine is where they’re giving you the spike protein versus the Maderna and the Pfizer and these are what The data is out there.

Now the spike protein, you can actually get it if you got COVID. Okay, so there’s two sources. So the question is, people are sitting around saying, Oh my God, I don’t want to get COVID.

All right. So what do you do? Well, if you get COVID, you’re going to get the spike protein, and it’s going to circulate in your blood, and there’s a chance you can get blood clots from the virus itself. You get the vaccine.

There’s a according to the data, a smaller percentage that you can get it from one of those vaccines highest among the Oxford. Okay, so who gets blood clots? Well, this is very interesting, because there’s some people you know, as people age, they start getting blood clots, and they have to take these blood thinners, they give them things like Plavix. There is a natural source that comes out of soy called NATO kinase, which also causes thinning of the blood.

But anyway, there are certain genetic types are people based on what they eat aging diet that have a proclivity for coagulation of the blood, right? And that’s, let’s say, that’s a certain population group. So imagine that that population group exists. You know, typically, it’s a smaller population group than the larger group.

So that means there’s a certain group of people who are have a proclivity for getting blood clots. That’s why as people age they give these people these blood thinners and obviously their diet probably affect that coagulation to now, there’s been a lot of talk by the Grifters on the internet, oh my god, this athletes saying oh my god, this athletes saying this athlete this child, okay, so we have to go back to the science. If they indeed had a blood clot, how did they get it? How did they get it? Well, it can be various possibilities.

One is they had a blood clot because had nothing to do with the vaccine. They had it because they have a proclivity for it. And they had a blood clot and they died.

Okay, that’s one case. The other case is very important to note this, there are steroids, it’s a known fact that people who take heavy steroid use increase their chance of blood clots, okay, which means people like athletes who may be taking steroids to pump themselves up. Okay, so we independent of the vaccine, there’s one group of people who have a proclivity for blood clots, they could get it.

If athletes are taking steroids, they can get it. Okay, so let’s put those two groups over here, the people who have a chance for getting for genetic and athletes. Now take the case someone gets the virus, independent of the vaccine, they get it.

And if you’re in one of these two groups, you’re taking a shitload of steroids, and you get the virus, which means you actually get exposed to it, there’s a chance that you’re going to increase your risk, right? Because you’re already taking steroids. And I just shared with this spike protein can cause thrombosis in the brain and in the heart, so you’ve just increased your risk. Okay? Same with the people who have a family history of getting blood clots, if they get exposed to the virus, they’ve increased their risk, okay, you just, it’s all probability.

Now take the other case, there’s a case of the athletes who have who are taking steroids. And there’s, and by the way, there could be other factors, I’m just choosing steroids and there’s the people of the high risk of blood clots, and they get injected with the Oxford vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine, or the the Madonna vaccine, we know that there’s a very small percentage according to the reported data, hopefully, they’re telling the truth. And that’s a whole nother discussion, that once you get that there’s you increase your percentage.

So this is really a probability game. Okay. So I think the prudent thing to recognize here is if you’re an athlete, and you’re, so let’s look at the worst case, you’re an athlete, you’re taking steroids, and you come from family history of blood clotting, and you either get exposed to the SARS virus, or you get the vaccine, you basically increased probability wise, your ability to get the blood clot or thrombosis, okay? Or in the case that we shared with the brain essentially vasoconstriction, okay, because the spike protein essentially increases our probability.

And it’s very important to understand. So, you know, obviously, you would advise an athlete, Hey, get off the steroids. boost your immune system, which is what we’ve talked about, you can fight the virus.

And check out if your family has a history of blood clots, right? These are things that should be really the advice, not the grifting on this, and no one’s doing that except our movement that we’re doing right here. So that’s why I wanted to do this to give you a systems biology approach to this. So in summary, what you really want to think about is we have from the work we did back in 2015 on the fundamental work we did on parasites from the recent work that’s been done on the spike.

protein with cardiac parasites and Spike protein with neuro parasites. We know in the brain, that’s a sprag protein can lead to processes that can cause vasoconstriction of the blood of blood vessels in the brain, as well as thrombosis in the brain through the AC two receptor at the heart level. In summary, we know that through the CD 147 receptor on the parasites, you can lead also to thrombosis, okay.

But also step back and take a prudent approach and talk about risk factors. So if you have young people were pumping iron or whatever they’re doing and taking steroids, they just increase your chance of getting blood clots anyway. And if you’ve come from a family history of getting blood clots, you’re doubly increase, and then you’re getting exposed to the virus without proper support for immune system, you’re in a very, very high risk group.

And that’s what we want to think about this. Okay. And as many of you know, since 2019 2020, and beyond, I’ve been a big proponent of telling you that we need to focus on natural immunity boosting the immune system.

It was our movement in 2019 2020, which put out many videos talking about the immune system and boosting it was our movement that led to exposing a Fauci. It wasn’t these doctors, for God’s sake, don’t give the credit to these doctors whose are moving on my work that did that credit should go where it’s deserved, because right now these doctors are scrambling to try to take credit. When I tweeted out this guy, Jay, but to Chari, they found another brown guy.

It’s very interesting what they’re doing to subsume our work. And this guy’s all top down. He’s over at Stanford, which is essentially the center of the CIA.

And acting as though he was oh, I was, you know, I was shut down I was attacked. Well, this motherfucker frankly, didn’t do shit. In 2020, in 2020, he wrote a paper and I’ll bring it up right now.

So you understand that this guy J but to ceria did a a real disservice in 2020 while we were out there, in the streets on airways, exposing the fact that we need to build natural immunity. We should not do these lockdowns we should not force kids with masks. This guy but to ceria not only is their late comer, but he’s a scumbag.

Okay. And we need to understand his scumbag Enos by what I’m just going to share with you right here. Okay.

And it’s a very that’s a new word, scumbag Enos. Okay. And that’s what he did.

And what he did here, I want to show you the paper that he wrote back in the middle of all the crisis, and you’re gonna see it right here. Okay. Let me bring it up here.

It’s really, really important to call these people out and not give them one one ounce of credit for the bullshit that they did. Okay. Here’s a paper that bud Acharya wrote right here, it’s called visualizing the impossible.

This was done in August of 2020. Now and by August of 2020, I had already done hundreds of videos telling people that these lockdowns are unnecessary we had done actually an entire an entire International Conference on vaccines we’ve done an exposing the bullshit we’ve done an entire conference exposing the masks what was but he should change his name to but bu TT what was but Acharya doing, but but a charter writes his paper with all of his other doofus is over at at Stanford, okay. And in this paper, as you’ll notice, look what he says, Okay, he’s saying oh my god, things are asymptomatic.

And he goes, our study suggests that until vaccination and treatment become available, which means he’s pro Vax, increasing population awareness, encouraging increased hygiene, mandating the use of face masks, restricting travel, lockdowns, and promoting physical dis distancing could be the most successful strategy to manage the impact of COVID 19 on both our economy and our healthcare system. This motherfucker was for lockdowns. Okay.

This guy was for lockdowns, Jay Bhattacharya was for lock downs in the most critical period in 2020. The data is right there. He wrote a paper on this.

And now, the politicians and the celebrities are praising him. They’re not praising me. And our movement which actually did the real work, they don’t want this brown skinned guy, this field slave to get the credit.

They chose a brown skin how slave he’s over at Stanford. Don’t give this guy credit. Have you been to Stanford beautiful manicured lawns, he got his posh office, and he’s Boohoo.

He didn’t want to really go against his Stanford colleagues or to Stanford. Pity that feeds him. He was out there writing papers and 2020 Promoting lockdowns.

He’s a bastard And then in 2021, he starts tweeting Oh, I’m against lockdowns. Now, after Pfizer made $80 billion you get it? These guys are scumbags. So I’ll do a whole video on this scumbag but I wanted to get this in because it makes me so angry because these people do not deserve the credit.

They were the ones who promoted lock downs at the most critical time. And then they got people running around saying Oh Jay Bhattacharya. What a nice guy.

He’s a hero bullshit. He’s not a hero. He’s a scumbag.

Okay. Yes, these individuals, knowingly promoted lockdowns, they’re sitting in their beautiful, posh elite offices, and they want working people to bow down to them. No, you have to support the real heroes.

The work that we did back in 2020, we call them out. Okay, we didn’t suck up to MIT. We didn’t suck up to Yale and Harvard, we put our money where our mouth was our reputations on the line.

These guys didn’t they want to have their cake and eat it too. But again, you can see the problem they have with the truth and help movement and they got guys like me guys like Jamie and others are on the ground. You’re looking at a real scientist who publishes the major journals, but gets on the ground and fights for you and encourages you to fight for yourself.

Not outsource your future. And that is why the movement it thank you very much. This is excellent crystal ivory tower Dick’s we have to use curse words against these people.

It’s very important to use the right curse word at the right time against the right people. So please call these people scumbags. They are assholes.

They’re motherfuckers they should their MD title should become the MF title. Okay, because it was our movement that did this in 2019 and 2020. These guys waited much later.

You know in their little suit jackets calling themselves MDS bullshit there. Motherfuckers. Okay.

Their mother fuckers cuss word not curse words. Yes. Curse at these people.

It’s very important to curse at them. If you want I can talk about parasites I can use you know, 10 syllable words. But I really like calling these people what they are.

They are mother fuckers. Okay. And teach your kids these words.

Okay. Your kids should learn how to curse these people at the right time. It’s very, very important.

They should not be told oh, don’t use curse words. No, they should use curse words. They should use good words to for good people.

But they should use bad words. For these people. They deserve it.

There’s no forgiveness here. So it’s very important understand that the work that we did in 2015 has become the basis for this work and discovering how to spike protein either from the vaccine or from the from the virus itself causes his blood clots by the way, there’s another motherfucker. This guy Molo thrugh.

This other way this guy waited until something happened to his papa. Then it becomes an issue for him up until then he was fine with the vaccines. You see these MDS are slimeballs selfish bastards.

Only when it affects them, do they do anything quote unquote, noble? Okay. Dr. Malone was part of the problem.

He wasn’t calling out Fauci at all in 2020, okay. Don’t give him credit. I didn’t see him on the streets, distributing fliers.

I didn’t see him at any demonstration. I didn’t see him at the hashtag fire Fauci, where were these guys in 2020, they all suck up to Robert Kennedy, who was by the way, pro vaccine. Okay, so please, there’s a whole set of Grifters here who are supported top down by the establishment to ensure that they hijack the movement from the true bottoms up movement, which is a movement for truth, freedom, health.

So all of you listening, do to think share this video with everyone because they’re doing massive shadow banning on us. Get the word out, tell the truth. fight for freedom, fight for your health.

Join the movement for truth, freedom and health. And I’ll play our video which will inspire you to share this video with everyone. But it’s time we call out these MDs, the celebrities, these political politician grifter.

Motherfuckers. Go look at where they were in 2020 Don’t give them an inch. And you’ll see in 2020 they were pushing the vaccines, they were pushing lock downs.

They made money doing that. They didn’t put their butt on the line and then they switched later on. They want their cake and eat it too.

And don’t excute all while they change their mind. No, these people have the luxury of changing their mind. Because they want to now go get grant funding for that.

They moved from here to here to here and they want to have their cake and eat it too. Do not give these bastards any credit. Okay, give credit to the movement for truth for health.

The work that we did three, four videos every night you can see educating people on natural immunity not talking about it after the house has burned down. That’s what these guys are doing. Anyway, go Truth, freedom health.

com Come to our open house, which is tomorrow, so you can meet amazing people, we have to build a bottoms up movement for truth, freedom and health, where you will learn science, where you will learn about health. And you will learn how to build a movement, but come to our orientation tomorrow. And there you go, guys.

Build the movement for truth for the mouth. It’s the only movement that deserves to be built and grown. Don’t give your money to anyone else, support yourself and your advancement.

I’ll be right back after this message for truth, freedom and health, we have allowed our country to be taken over from within. And the end goal is you will have a homogenized world where we will become slaves. Because there is a condition among the elites that really thinks they’re better than you.

Deep down inside them, that you don’t deserve the freedoms you have. They don’t this reality is what people need to wake up to. And we need to all unite working people, there’s only one movement that can do that.

That is the movement that we started creating here messages the movement for truth, freedom. And look, I’ve been a student of politics since I was a four year old kid setting revolutionary movements. Left wing right wing, there is a physics there’s a nuclear science to destroying the establishment.

To build a bridge, you need to understand Newton’s equation, you need to understand the laws of gravity, you need to understand Poissons ratio, there is a way to build a revolution. And that’s why I put this together. My goal is to train a army of truth, freedom and health leaders.

We don’t need followers on social media, we need leaders, but they they need training because educational system does not teach them history, nothing. So three hours, that’s what I’ve started doing. That’s the solution.

We got to train people. First with understanding what a system is. The second is understanding the interconnection between truth, freedom and health.

Freedom is the ability to move freely communicate freely, right talk freely. Without freedom. You cannot convert ideas, hypothesis into truth, which is science.

And without freedom, you can’t really get to truth and without truth. You make up fake problems and fake solutions, which means you destroy our health. And without health, which is the infrastructure of us in our body.

You can’t fight for freedom. Third concept is it has to be bottoms up working people, people who work united. And what the right wing has done is whatever you say working people unite, that must be communist.

Meanwhile, they’ve let the Democrats run unions, which suppress workers completely corrupt. But when you look at the arc of American history, it’s been when working people came up, we need to go local, every solution I’m coming up with as a part of this movement, we’re giving the science which is a truth. And then we tell people what they can do on the ground.

Like with election fraud. You don’t need to wait for some lawyer. Our goal is to train people, they have to go local to go local to go local fight locally.

Forget lawyers, forget politicians, forget celebrities, you’ve got to learn politics, and there is a science to it, they lock us down, we should be ready to shut them down. And the fourth part of this principle is a not so obvious establishment. So when you look at a system, there’s always something that disturbs you from getting to your goal with the biggest disturbances and not so obvious establishment, which is those people who claim there for you on the left and the right, the Al Sharpton to tell black people I’m for you.

The Tucker Carlson’s. Do you think any true anti establishment person will ever be on Fox or CNN? I don’t think so. They both mislead working people back into the establishment without this solid understanding of political physics and theory, you’re screwed.

You’re gonna follow on the left wing, Bernie Sanders. Oh, he said something or Robert Kennedy, scumbags? Are you going to follow you know, some right wing talk show host. They’re not going to lead us deliberation, it’s us.

And that political physics, it’s a nuclear science of change. Bottoms up. We have to organize to understand that there is people who talk a good game, and then look at what they actually do left and right.

I’m sorry, Sean Hannity may say some good things, but I don’t see the urgency in his voice to get something done. And it can only come when you weaponize yourself with the right knowledge, you need to be able to identify a rat. You know, Christ didn’t go after the Romans, right.

It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees, who screwed him up his own quote unquote, people. And that’s where we’re at. So these four concepts I’ve built into a curriculum, people can go to bat shiva.

com. And it’s an educational program. We need to train people in political theory, you need to have physics, and I’ve created that curriculum.

People need to get educated, we need to get educated fast. And within half an hour, an hour, I can teach people two years of MIT control systems. I teach people those concepts that I apply it, anyone can understand it.

And then you say, Oh, I gotta build a bottoms up movement. They have to get politically astute and then they have to go locally and act not sit there on social media. They have to act locally, defy locally, do civil obedience locally, but with knowledge on how to build a movement.

The Senate can Ben’s expanded to the movement for truth, freedom and health and they can find it on V as in Victor, a Shiva, V A So people can sign in, they can get access to a bunch of videos, if they want to take a course and become a truth freedom health leader, I offer a full scholarship there.

But we want people to make a commitment that they’ll study that they all get certified that they’ll go do activities on the ground. So go to V A Shiva victory America, Shiva vas

All right. In closing, I just want to answer a couple of questions. We have one person here who asks a very interesting question.

She says, Dr. Shiva, Why do you waste your energy on blaming compromised individuals? All right, it’s very, very important that we expose these individuals because and this please come to the orientation tomorrow at You can RSVP.

You see, the obvious establishment is easy to identify. Like I said in the video, it was easy to know that the Romans were the enemy. But the Pharisees and the Sadducees are the ones who are important to expose that someone just wrote here you know, Jesus called out the Pharisees Vipers and whitewashed tombs or bones right and didn’t cut them any slack it’s very important.

It is the Robert Kennedy’s it is the Malone’s it is a jade butter char is it is the Tucker Carlson’s that people talk a good game. But when you really unravel it, they are the ones who are the real enemies, because they never say the right thing at the right time. They’re part of the establishment.

And when you expose them guys like me, I call myself a field slave because I’m not a good Indian, like these other brown guys are, who are part of the establishment. Okay? If you look at this, let me expose this very clearly. There’s someone else to answer this question over here.

They said, Oh, Bobby Kennedy is a nice guy. Okay. Well, you don’t understand Bobby Kennedy is a scumbag.

He’s a hypocrite in his own house. He had a party, and everyone had to be vaccinated to go to his home. And people forgive him.

Why? Because he has a Kennedy name. If you’re doing that, then you’re a star fucker. All right, here’s a reality.

And I want to play you a video. This is Robert Kennedy saying he’s emphatically pro vaccine and wants policies which support vaccination of all Americans. And please stop if you’re supporting these fools and you’re being fooled by them.

This is why we’re in the condition where you’re here today, because people support these idiots, okay, who are actually charlatans, so let me play this video for you let me play that again Okay, so there you go. Right. So we had to do the dirty work.

Oh, someone says they can’t hear the sound. Alright, so let me stop the screen and play the sound again. Okay, I guess I have to play the sound, Share tab in audio.

Here we go. All right. Chrome tab.

Alright, so there we go. Now let me play it against and someone said they didn’t hear it asked me to address the issue of vaccines and African American vaccine safety. I want to start out by saying this and I want to say it emphatically I am pro vaccine.

I am I have always been fiercely pro vaccine. I had all six children vaccinated. And I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.

All right, so everyone heard that right. So here’s the reality. You see, the bottom line is all of these guys are top down Kennedy, Stanford Bucha ceria all of these MDS and the reason they are getting so much media right now is because they know our movement exists which is independently been educating to under 300 million people globally like you and these douchebags right word Thank you are about ensuring that a bottoms up movement doesn’t build so they hijack movements.

Alright, so yes, never heard this sharing. Yeah, you should share it because I had to do the dirty work and expose it. And when I did, people got angry with me for telling the truth, Robert Kennedy he waited until October 2021.

Just write a book on Fauci plagiarizing our stuff. These people want you to suck up to them, and they don’t want you to get off your butt and build a bottoms up movement. Alright, that’s why we need to build a bottoms up movement.

That’s why come to our orientation tomorrow and be part of this. Forget these celebrities. Forget these politicians forget these MDs, okay, for God’s sake, Hippocrates said he who is not as own doctor is a fool.

All right, so let’s get with the program, guys. The movement for truth, freedom and health exists, you have no excuse not to support this and build this movement. Okay.

That’s what we need to do. All right. Thank you, everyone.

Be the light. Truth freedom in

Become a warrior scholar. We’ve laid it out all for you. We made it affordable for everyone.

You have no excuse. And by the way, when you go through the program, we’ve set up a scholarship where you can give the courses and everything to as many children as you want. So there’s no reason for you to follow these scumbags anymore.

You must be critical. You must curse at them. Please curse at them at the right person at the right time.

Don’t let anyone say Oh, I don’t like curse words. Well, they have other problems if that’s what’s bothering them. Okay.

All right, everyone. Have a good day and I’ll be back tomorrow we’ll be doing more videos and just be aware that Elon Musk is another false god. He is eating away my followers on Twitter.

He’s literally choking us. He’s literally trying to put me in a little cage. It’s not free speech.

He’s controlling the reach. All right, but you won’t be the light. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health® you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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