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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA reviews the breaking news that New York City (NYC)’s Emergency Management just released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video to tell New Yorkers HOW to prepare for Nuclear War. Dr. SHIVA intersects this news with the news of the day that Lithuania is moving forward with its ban of Russian goods such as steel to Russian Province Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. A historical systems approach interconnects the developments between NATO & Russia to Lithuania & Kaliningrad so we can discern the whole picture – the whole system.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – Discusses on July 11, 2022, New York City Emergency Management released a Video on Nuclear War Preparedness and takes a Systems Approach to Connect this to what’s happening with NATO, Russia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad
  • The NATO and Russia conflict was created and never should have been created. Several months ago, Lithuania, prompted by NATO, preemptively told Russia that on July 11, 2022, they were going to increase sanctions against them by stopping the sending of goods through the Slovakia Gap to Kaliningrad, a very strategic Russian port
  • The Timeline: February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. June 17, EU/NATO/US placed sanctions on Russia. July 11th, Lithuania increases sanctions against Russia. Russia announced it will hold an emergency session of its Parliament on July 15th
  • Kaliningrad, a very important strategic point for Russia, has 75 Warships, 225 Soldiers, and Nuclear Warheads. Supersonic Fighter Jets, Russia’s huge Baltic Fleet is based as our Multiple Russian War Bases and a new Xander and Missile System, Nuclear Warheads capable of hitting targets three and 10 miles wide. Hypersonic Missiles also. 
  • The US which equals NATO, is using Lithuania as a Proxy to Block Goods to Kaliningrad. On July 11thRussia began discussing the possibility of going back to 1991 and no longer recognizing Lithuania as an Independent State, making it part of Russia. Then Lithuania can exit out of NATO.
  • A Direct Attack on Lithuania by Russia would Trigger NATO’s Article 5. The Russian Duma has a Bill discussing taking back Lithuania to avoid triggering NATO’s Article 5
  • In 1991 George Herbert Walker Bush agreed they would not go one Inch to the East, Russia agreed they would not go West. But NATO has Violated those Agreements. Russia is saying We’re not Bound to what you did with the USSR. 
  • 1991 US agrees not to bring the Baltic States into NATO and former US Ambassador to USSR, Jack Matlock said in February 2022 “there would have been No Basis for the Present Crisis, if there had been No Expansion of the Alliance. NATO Expansion was the most Profound Strategic Blunder made since the End of the Cold War“
  • “The policies pursued by George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have all contributed, bringing us to this point.”—Jack Matlock
  • While the US and the World Economy is Collapsing the media is distracting us and pitting the Working Class against each other. Working People need to Unite to end the Division caused by the Elites by pitting Left and Right Working Classes against Each Other.  
  • The Establishment wants people to be caught in the Left/Right Narrative so they can never see the whole picture; what’s really going on. We Need to get out of the Four Buckets: Right Wing-Left Wing-Apathetic-Domestic Terrorist and use our Brains so we’re not MANIPULATED.


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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Hello, everyone. Good evening. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. It’s July 11th, 2022. And we’re gonna have a discussion today about some very interesting developments that are occurring in two parts of the world which I thought were quite fascinating. One is in New York City, where interestingly enough, a video came out and it’s not just some random video, it’s on the New York Emergency Management site. And I’ll take you to that. And it’s basically saying that citizens of New York should be prepared for a Nuclear War. And I’ll show that video to you so this is not some fringe video, it’s an actual video. A couple of small newspapers have covered it, which is fascinating. But it’s essentially a Nuclear War Preparedness Video.

Interestingly enough, some of you who are over the age of maybe 40, or 50, may remember, when I came to the United States in 1970, I went to school in second grade, third grade in New Jersey, or even up to fifth or sixth grade. Our Teachers would tell us, you know, there could be a nuclear war. We had these signs for bomb shelters, and we were told to get under the desk; which I never thought made any sense, you know, if a bomb is gonna hit you, what, how is a wooden desk going to protect you?

But anyway, nonetheless, that’s the last time I remember this taking place. But today what we’re going to cover is I’m going to walk you through that video. We’re going to play that video for you, so you see it’s real. And then some of you may know on social media I’ve been sort of posting, essentially, hopefully, inspiring people to be aware of what’s going on between NATO and Russia.

I did, I posted a video, I think about four months ago, talking about how NATO and the United States, which is basically NATO. Let’s be honest, if you look at how much the United States is the number one contributor to NATO, controls that. By the way, NATO’s funding is a function of GDP. I think, whatever GDP you have, a certain percentage, NATO wants for you to be a member. None of the other countries in NATO members contribute, I believe they’re supposed to contribute 3% of their GDP. Only the United States and four other countries do that.

I’ve been posting small notes, hopefully inspiring people to do their own research. But over the last months, I’ve been essentially doing, as we say, a Systems Analysis to educate people on the NATO and Russia conflict that was created. It should never have been created. I’m going to walk you through some important evidence of that from the former UN ambassador to Russia.

And then we’re going to also connect that to two other countries, Lithuania, which is a Baltic State, which became part of NATO, which again, never should have occurred according to the 1991, you know, agreements that were made, and Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad, you’re going to learn, is an important Russian Province on the eastern part of, it’s on the east on the Baltic Coast, which was essentially as a part of the Potsdam Treaty of 1945, became part of Russia.

That was the agreement that was done with the Nazis when they lost the war. So, we’re going to learn a lot today. So, I want you to all listen carefully, because we’re going to cover what just occurred in New York City. We’re going to use a Systems Approach to connect it with what’s going on, you know, almost halfway around the world in Russia, and Lithuania and Kaliningrad.

Let me just walk you through what we’re going to go through. By the way, all of you know that this video is done as a part of our larger Movement for Truth Freedom Health®. Truth Freedom Health® – our Movement believes we need to go Beyond Left & Right. We need to build a Bottoms-up Movement that needs to be based on Working People Uniting. And we need to end this Division and Polarization which is being caused by the Elites, where they’re pitting the Left and the Right Working Class against each other.

And so if you go to or, that’s our website. And if you go to you will see that we have an entire curriculum, an entire Movement that we’ve begun to educate people on a Systems Approach so people can start to learn “How to Think”.

The video and the analysis I’m going to do with what’s going on in New York City, telling its citizens to prepare for war and connecting it halfway around the world is based on the System’s Approach. Before I delve into it, I want to inspire everyone to a video that I play, which is what I call the Truth Freedom Health®, really our Anthem video, which will give you sort of the context of all this.

And we’ll come right back after this video. And we’re gonna jump right into how New York City is telling people to prepare for nuclear war just today about six hours ago. And what’s at the same time occurring today, July 11th, between Lithuania, Russia and Kaliningrad. But let me just play this video.

Alright, everyone, so I hope that video gives you some inspiration. Before I jump into this, what I wanted to do was just take a few moments to emphasize that everything we do at VA SHIVA and our Movement is to educate you on taking a Systems Approach, Beyond Left & Right. And I can’t overemphasize this, as I’m, you know, going through the comments, everyone knows about this approach that we take.

And however, some people are lost in this, because they’ve been so bamboozled, as I’ve shared in this video, by this Left/Right Narrative, you know. And it’s unfortunate because when you get caught in this Left/Right Narrative, you can never take a chance to really see what’s actually going on. And this is where the Establishment wants the American people to be. They want people to be caught in this Left/Right Narrative to brand things as Left, brand things as Right, etc.

And someone just posted, I guess, because I’m giving an objective analysis in talking about Russia, that I’m a Communist. And it’s an interesting thing, because remember, this is a very important reason why people should take our course because we talk about how in the 1950s, the Right-Wing, branded the emerging Bottoms-up Working People’s Movement in this country, as “Communist”. If you said, “Working People Unite”, you must be a Communist. Or if you even have read Marx, if you’ve read the works of Adam Smith, if you read the works of Jefferson, if you actually are well read, but you happen to go read certain things.

There are a bunch of stupid people because they’ve been brainwashed through this. And the reality is that the concept of “Working People Unite” goes back many, many centuries, probably back to slave times. It’s not owned by Karl Marx. But I have personally studied all of these different philosophers and leaders, because I think it’s important to understand some of them had insights at certain points, some of them in my view, were off, be it Karl Marx or be it Adam Smith, or be it Thomas Jefferson, be it Thomas Paine, etc.

The Power of Systems Science

But we need to take this Systems Approach. We cannot be idiots and take a Left or Right-Wing approach anymore unless you want to be used. Because right now those in power want to take people, put them in the Left-Wing Bucket, the Right-Wing Bucket, make people Apathetic, or Fourth Bucket is make people Domestic Terrorists, so they go shoot up things. And then use that as a way to suppress free speech. That’s what’s going on. There is a way that you can get out of these Four Buckets and go to a much more rational approach by using your brain and not by being manipulated.

And that is a Systems Approach. So, My Life Journey, as this video shared, was to do that. And I encourage all of you, if you’re serious, and you don’t just want to sit on your ass and just watch Talking Heads, or be manipulated by politicians, is to recognize that there is a way out of this and take time to take the Foundations of Systems course, join our Truth Freedom Health® Community, it’s a Worldwide Community. We have close to half a million people now all over the world who’ve come in contact with us in one form or the other. But go to and become a Warrior-Scholar. So, you don’t say or get involved or be manipulated by stupidity.

But we teach people that we need to take a Holistic Approach and recognize the movements for Freedom, which some people just branded as some “Right Wing”. The movements for Science, which some people may call Nerds or Innovators or whatever, or Geeks. And the movement for Health, Yoga Nazis and people who like Organic Food or Earthy Crunchy Granola People. All these three movements actually need to come together because without Freedom, you can’t explore Truth and without Truth you can’t really understand what’s Health and without Economic Health, Physical Health, we’re never going to be able to fight for Freedom or explore Truth.

That’s why we really need to recognize when people brand people, that they’re actually BRAINWASHED people. They cannot think Beyond Left and Right. And we should feel sympathy for them. And I encourage those people to Get Educated.

Open House & Orientation

But anyway, let me also encourage all of you as a part of this, if you want to come and talk to me directly every Thursday at 11am, EST, and at 8pm, EST, I do an Orientation and I invite all of you. You have direct interaction with me. And you can come to the Orientation. You just go to and sign up. It’s a great meeting. Last time, we had a lot of people. In fact, we had a gentleman who’s from a little island, north of Samoa in the middle of the Pacific, and he’s been under house arrest, because he hasn’t taken the vaccine since August of 2021. Is a very poignant story. So anyway, I hope all of you join us at the Orientation.

July 11, 2022

Let’s jump into this. Okay, today is July 11th, 2022. Several months ago, Lithuania had told Russia that on July 11th, 2022, we’re going to increase our sanctions against you. And this was back in I think, April, April or May. So, Lithuania, this little, small country, is telling Russia that we’re going to essentially continue the EU Sanctions on you by stopping Russia from sending goods through what’s called the Slovakia Gap or the border to the Russian Province of Kaliningrad. So, it is very, very important to understand this. And preemptively they told Russia, and by the way, so they’re telling Russia, “We’re going to stop you from sending goods”, various levels of goods.

First it was steel. And now it’s become concrete and wood and timber in any product based with alcohol in it, not only drinking alcohol, but any types of products. And they sent a threatening note to Russia. And then preemptively they told Russia that on July 11, we’re going to accelerate our sanctions. And by the way, if you attempt to renege on the independence that was negotiated in 1991, where Lithuania could be an independent country, then we are going to also take away, annexed Russian lands.

And so, because they knew that the only way, and you’re going to see geographically why, that Russia could protect their Province is to actually go through Lithuania. Alright. So, all of this was engineered, you’ll find out, because NATO is the one pushing Lithuania to do this. NATO is using Lithuania as a proxy to start a disastrous War. And you’re gonna see that this has been predicted, including by the former US Ambassador, this was one of the dumbest things anyone could do.

And all Presidents, including Obama and Trump, and Bush, were all part of this. They should never have pushed East into the areas of Russia. And this was an agreement that was made by George Herbert Walker Bush.

NYC Emergency Management

July 11th, 2022, important date, okay. Well today, there was a video that came out. A video came out on the New York City Emergency Management site, I’m going to take it to you. And it said that New Yorkers should prepare for nuclear war, and essentially a nuclear preparedness. So, I’m going to show you that site. So, you’ll know this is not a joke. It is quite serious. And if you go to this site which is the New York City Management page, you’ll see this page is what New York City has is called “Prepare, Respond, Recover.”

And they have various videos talking about hurricanes, you know, talking about different kinds of events that could take place. But today they put up a video about nuclear preparedness. And this is that video. It’s right here. Right over here is that video. And when we go to that video, if we click on it, I’m going to play that video for you. That video is literally a Public Service Announcement telling people how to prepare for a Nuclear War. Okay, so here we go, let me play that video.

So, we’ve all got this, right? We’ve got this! That’s what the video said, ,”you’ve got this.” So that is a think about the reality we’re living in, the New York City Emergency Management is literally putting out a PSA, telling people, “You’ve got this!” and this is what you should do to prepare for a Nuclear Bomb Attack.

This would be unfathomable if you told this to people about a year or two years ago. Just like it would have been unfathomable if you told people that there is going to be a broad pandemic. Our Movement warned people about that pandemic back in March of 2020, long before all the opportunists came and made money off, frankly, the pandemic. But I’m letting you know about this because this is not some fake thing.

This is the government of New York, which is authorized to put this out. So that’s what’s occurring. So again, let me remind you, it is July 11. Right. So, what happened today, halfway around the world? Let’s look at what happened today halfway around the world so we get context of what’s taking place.

Tass Russian News Agency Article July 11, 2022

Halfway around the world in Russia, let me go to this, this occurred today, an Emergency Announcement, but also on July 11th, 2022, today Tass put out a notice that the “European Union is not using all tools to make Lithuania allow transit to Kaliningrad”. So this came out by the Russian official Government Bureau saying that the European Union is not using all its tools to make Lithuania allow transit to Kaliningrad.

If you read the news on this, the European Union is postured, “Oh yeah, this is not good what Lithuania is doing, we should try to defuse it. “And Russia is saying that, “you’re blocking goods into Kaliningrad from Russia.” And you’ll see why this is important. And, “You’re not doing enough.” So what’s going on here? So let’s unpack this. What’s been going on?

Because what’s really, really unfortunate is that all of this has been going on. Our Movement, Truth Freedom Health® Movement, is trying to educate people. None of the major TV stations, none of the major media, New York Times, has even brought this to the public. They’re talking about Roe vs. Wade over here. We’re talking about, you know, Biden’s issues, we’re talking about January 6. But there is no deep discussion in the media about the realities of a potential nuclear war. And the fact that the New York City Emergency Management Group is putting out its Nuclear Preparedness video, it really makes you wonder what’s going on. And hopefully people wake up.

Hopefully people will get their heads out of you know what and stop getting out of this Left/Right Narrative thinking Trump’s their Savior, or thinking Biden’s their Savior. Or you know, the theater that we’re seeing on January 6 has anything to do with reality. The Theater that we’re seeing with Pro-Life and Pro-Choice has anything to do with the broader realities, the economic realities of what’s going on to everyday Americans.

But what you’re seeing right here is on July 11th, Russia is getting really pissed off at one of their provinces… First, they had the issue with Eastern Ukraine. That essentially 1/4, as we know, of the Ukrainian military are Azov members, fascists who’ve been, who were put into power by the US government through Obama. And we’ll talk about that. We’ve been Poking the BEAR, literally and figuratively. This news just came out on July 11th, as you can see the date, that Russia is upset that Lithuania is escalating the blockade of one of their other provinces, on the far eastern part, which is on the Baltic, etc.


Let’s go into this. What’s going on? Newsweek put out a note saying, Putin and Lukashenko, who is the head of Belarus, who is very close allies with Putin, are “planning a joint response to the Lithuania blockade.” And this was again July 11 at 11:35am. That’s this morning. So, let’s go into what’s been going on.

You can see here, it says, “Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterpart Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko are coordinating a possible joint response against Lithuania. According to a report from Tass”, which I just shared. “The Kremlin said in a statement that the two leaders held talks on how the two countries could respond to Lithuania after it imposed European sanctions on materials heading to Russia’s Kaliningrad territory on the Baltic Sea coast.” And then as the Kremlin said, “Emphasis was placed on the situation relating to illegal restrictions imposed by Lithuania on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad Region.”

Where is Kaliningrad? Some of you may know this, but here’s a quick geography lesson. We’ll get into more details. Here’s Russia over here. On the west over here, here’s Lithuania. Down below, we’ll get into this over here, this is Lithuania. This is Poland. This is actually Belarus. And this is Poland and between Belarus and Kaliningrad which is over here is Belarus. Right here is an ally. Belarus over here is an ally of Russia’s. And there’s a little path right here, you can see it right here between Belarus that goes to Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad is part of Russia, but it’s on the Baltic. The Baltic is the sea that is another way that Russia can bring in goods. And Kaliningrad has become very, very strategic since 1945 for Russia. But you notice it’s sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, but there is a passage right through here.

Newsweek Article July 11, 2022

In this recent news that came out, it’s “Lithuania borders Kaliningrad and also shares a 422-mile border with Belarus, home to an estimated 1 million people and it has been Russia’s territory since the end of World War II,1945. This is what they’re talking about. This is this little piece of border and we’ll talk about this. This is called the Suwalki Gap that’s shared.

So as the article says,” Lithuania angered Moscow after it expanded restrictions on trade through Kaliningrad, despite prior warnings.” Now the EU sanctions to remind everyone, just the timeline here, you may know on February 24, is when Russia went into Ukraine. And it was on June 17, when the European Union(EU), NATO, backed by NATO, United States, etc., sanctions took place on Russia for invading Ukraine.

And those sanctions are now escalated to where now as you see in this article here, that before it was steel, steel goods, essentially, but today the sanctions have escalated to include “concrete, wood, alcohol and alcohol-based industrial chemicals were among the additional goods barred starting Monday morning.” So it’s an escalation. And as Reuters reported, “Kaliningrad sanctions to take effect, Lithuania says”. And what you see here is, what is the Kremlin planning on doing? This comes back to, “You Poked the Bear” already with, you know, the United States and NATO in treating, you know, the whole Ukraine, right. And that should never have even occurred.

And now Lithuania, which is part of NATO, so get this; Lithuania is part of NATO and has also “Poked the Bear” by supporting those sanctions. Remember Lithuania is part of NATO, Ukraine is not. And as this says the “Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanov said up to 50% of Kaliningrad’s imports have now been affected.” okay. “And on July 4, the Kremlin said it’s mulling over various schemes in case of blockade of transit.” They said that back then continued. So they didn’t believe that Lithuania would proceed with today’s sanctions, which essentially include 50% of the stuff to Kaliningrad.

And remember, we’ll talk about shortly, Kaliningrad is extremely strategic to the Soviets. It’s their port, you know, the other port they have, why they took that Crimea, that’s in the Black Sea, they have that warm water port, and Baltic is the other, Kaliningrad is the other port. NATO and the Atlantic Council have said, “you know, we got to figure out a way strategically”, and they’ve written documents on this over the last 5 to 10 years, it’s been widely known if you go research, that “we got to figure out a way to stop Russia from having access to these ports.” This has been part of NATO strategy for a long time.

In this way, Lithuania is being essentially used as a proxy. Okay, so as the article continues, it says that Russia is looking at different things to do. It was just announced a couple of minutes before this talk, that on July 15th, Russia has called an Emergency Session of its Parliament. It’s like the United States calling an emergency session of the House of Representatives, given what’s going on. So some people believe Russia is actually going to declare war on Lithuania. And remember, we’ll get into Article 5 of NATO shortly about this. Okay, so anyway, so that’s the background. Lithuania, a proxy of NATO, is blocking Russian goods from going to one of its provinces.

Now is this a new phenomenon? Should we have known about this? Well, this is not new. And you’re gonna see in many, many ways this is not new. People have known the strategic importance of Kaliningrad to Russia. And when you go, you’ve already Poked the Bear in one area. now you go Poke the Bear again, it’s like, “do you want Nuclear War?” That’s a question we have to ask.

The Sun Article November 2016 Nuclear Apocalypse

So let me again, show you here. This was an article that came out in The Sun. And look, it was almost seven years ago, six, seven years ago, this article came out. And it says will …and it sort of makes hopefully not a prescient statement, It says “Will World War 3 start here.” And this was written back in November 2016, November 7, “How a tiny 60 mile stretch of land in Central Europe known as Suwalki Gap could spark a nuclear apocalypse.” So that’s why I think what’s occurring in New York City is important. So this was written back in November ‘16.

A thoughtful article talking about this fact. Because it is in Kaliningrad that Russia has 75 warships, 225 soldiers, it has nuclear warheads. And in fact, it has its, you know, supersonic fighter jets there. So this is a very important strategic point for Russia. And as this article said, “it is here Russia’s huge Baltic Fleet is based as our multiple Russian war bases and a new Iskander-M missile system, nuclear warheads capable of hitting targets 310 miles away.” But since this article came out in the last few years, Russia has put its hypersonic missiles there also.

Kaliningrad is extremely strategic to Russia. And we’re going around and we, meaning the United States, NATO, US equals NATO, let’s not have any illusions about that, is using Lithuania as a proxy to go block goods there. So that’s again, again, this article came out in November 2016.

So again, a little more geography so we understand this. So if you notice, where is Kaliningrad? Let’s get a little bit deeper. Here’s a map of Europe here. We see Russia up here. Right here, here’s Mongolia, Kazakhstan. Here in the East is Ukraine, and I’ve already done a video talking about the Donbass region and in Ukraine, you should go see it. It’ll give you a real history of how we Poked the Bear with Ukraine for Russia to invade. And as you go in, you notice that Lithuania is here. Here’s Belarus. And here is the Baltics. This is a warm water port and that’s where Kaliningrad is located. So here’s Kaliningrad. Here’s Belarus. Let me do the border here so you can see it, there’s the border of Belarus.

Here’s Russia. Here’s a border. Here’s Lithuania right here. Here’s a border here. Here is Poland. And if you notice this border here of Belarus goes like this up on the western part and the eastern part here. And this part right here is that Suwalki Gap, that we talked about right here. That’s this gap right here. So this is a 60 mile stretch between Belarus and Russia.

And this is what’s going to be blockaded. So if this is blockaded, how does Russia get its stuff to, how does Russia here go into Kaliningrad? Well one way is they can go right through Lithuania. And this is what Russia has started talking about. So Russia has started talking about July, I believe, on July 11, I’ll bring up the article. Russia has said if you’re going to do that, block that, we may go back to 1991 and no longer recognize Lithuania as an Independent State and make you part of Russia. And if that’s the case, then Lithuania can exit out of NATO. This is quite, quite incendiary that could happen.

They’re forcing Russia’s hand to execute Article 5, for NATO to use as an excuse to execute Article 5. So again, Russia, if this is blocked, and they have to get stuff here, either they’ll have Belarus go through Lithuania this way, but the only way they could go through Lithuania, without executing Article 5 of NATO is that, imagine if Russia were to say, “You know what, we’re no longer accepting when the USSR broke apart in 1991 where we willingly let the Baltic states go.” Russia became Russia and the Baltic States became their own Federation.

“But we’re going to bring Lithuania back into part of Russia and if Lithuania is part of Russia we don’t have to recognize the USSR’s old agreement.” And in that model, Lithuania just leaves NATO and then they can do that. So this is essentially the potential that it can happen and essentially start a serious war. The governor of oblast, oblast is the part of Kaliningrad Anton Alikhanov said, “the ban will block half of all goods coming into the territory, the majority which travel via railroad. The ban will also cut off Kaliningrad’s only oil pipeline from Russia.”

Firstpost Article

This article in the Firstpost further explained why this is really bad, “Why Russia is upset with Lithuania, the relevance of NATO’s Article 5”. And we’ll go into that. So in Firstpost again, this is to go a little bit deeper. “Top Russian official on Tuesday warned that Lithuania’s decision to bar Moscow from shipping certain goods by rail last Tuesday to Kaliningrad will result in a response that will have a significant negative impact on the Lithuanian people.” Patrushev, who’s a powerful secretary of the Kremlin Security Council said, “Russia will definitely respond to such hostile actions, the relevant measures are being drawn up in an inter-agency format and will be adopted shortly. Their consequences will have a significant negative impact on the population of Lithuania.”

What could Russia do? So, what will Russia do? Are we gonna have a nuclear war? What is Russia going to do? Well, the United States, one of the Senior Strategists, who advises the government, Timothy Ash, he doesn’t think Russia is going to, I think he’s downplaying the nuclear option. But he says, “Russia will react for sure. The only question is what that will be, what Russia could do militarily. A land attack to drive a corridor through Lithuania”, Right, that’s what I’m talking about, “would be a Direct Attack on Lithuania, triggering NATO Article 5.”

I’m going to educate everyone on Article 5 Defense. “Putin knows that’s war with NATO –can Putin afford that when he is struggling to deliver on even his own much reduced strategic objectives in Ukraine. He would also have to launch an assault through Belarus, stretching his supply lines and splitting his forces,” he noted. Timothy Ash is not saying anything about the nuclear option. But it almost seems like you get Russia pissed off in Ukraine, and then you piss off Russia over in Lithuania to theoretically maybe NATO’s thinking we will defuse Russia’s forces. And then we’ll secure Kaliningrad, which has essentially Russia’s key military operations. Alright.

Associated Press Article

Either these people are very stupid, or they want to start a war. That’s the only conclusion a rational person could come to. So again, here’s another important analysis of this, and “Why Russia, Lithuania, tensions are rising.” And again, it brings up the fact that, you know, historically Kaliningrad was a region that was part of Germany, was part of Eastern Prussia, and after World War II per the Potsdam agreement that became part of Russia.

In fact, Kaliningrad was named after Mikhail Kalinin, who was one of the Russian Bolshevik leaders. “And the new tensions between Moscow and the West are rising up to Lithuania,” as I just shared, “decided to halt those transports.” And it’s important to understand that Kaliningrad, as this article says, “Soviet authorities developed Kaliningrad as a major ice-free port”.

You see, the reason Kaliningrad is important is because it’s ice free, otherwise Russia has to go up through its northern part. “And it’s a key center for fishing, encouraging people from other regions to move into the territory. But since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of the Baltic regions, Kaliningrad finds itself separated from the rest of Russia… Estonia.

And the other thing important to remember, “The Kremlin has methodically bolstered its military forces in Kaliningrad, arming them with state-of-the-art weapons, including precision guided missiles.” Alright, so just to be clear, if you look at Russia, how does Russia get its goods out to the ocean? Either they have to go up north, which means they need ice cutters. Baltic is where they use Kaliningrad. it’s warm, or they go down through the Black Sea. That’s why they took back Crimea, which was actually part of Russia.

When the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, Russia agreed, agreed, and I’ll get to this, agreed that they would not go West. And the US agreed they would not go East. This was an agreement that was made by George Herbert Walker Bush that they wouldn’t go one inch to the East. But the reality is NATO has violated those agreements that were made with the USSR with Gorbachev when it collapsed.

So, Russia is saying, “Well, wait a minute, you’re not keeping our agreements, we’re Russia. We’re not bound to what you did with the USSR, because you’re not following those agreements. And I’ll get into that. What Russia has said, and this has also come out, and they’ve said this.

Russia said on June 8, right after the sanctions were imposed, and they saw Lithuania moving in this direction, the Russian Parliament had one of their MPs move a bill. And this is he, he moved a bill saying that “the USSR’s recognition, which was a former Soviet Union, recognition of Lithuania sovereignty on September 7, 1991, would be null and void because it went against the Soviet Constitution.”

And he said, “We are the successors of the USSR. We have the right to annul the decisions of the Soviet Union, which are essential for us here. That was Yevgeny Fyodorov. “De- recognition would also give Lithuania legal grounds for exiting NATO,” Fyodorov said. So, think about what, so Russia is being forced to make this move. So, they actually have a bill in the Duma saying, You know what?

Think about this. If you’re a company, you had a company, and that company divested some assets with something that it had. In this case, the USSR divested Lithuania, and the USSR, also, you know, had Russia, which it broke off. Russia is saying, “Look, we have the right to take back Lithuania.” And this is the discussion that’s taking place in the Duma, because the Duma is saying, Well how do we overcome Article 5? Well, we’re going to take Lithuania back. And this, this is what is already a bill in the Duma right now, in the Russian Duma.

And as this article goes on to say, “the Lithuanian defense minister Arvydas Anušauskas said, Well, if that occurs, then Lithuania would revoke the 1634 Treaty of Polyanovka and take back lands from Russia.” So, you see where this is going. You’re basically lighting a fuse. So, Lithuania is saying “if you don’t recognize our independence, then we’re going to annex lands from Russia,” This is escalating, escalating, escalating. Alright. And you have to wonder, why is Lithuania in the middle of this? A small Baltic state. How did they get involved in it?

And it’s important to remember that it is NATO, the US equals NATO, that is incentivizing this. And you can see as far back as April this article came out in April 12, “Lithuania Adopts Resolution calling Russia Terrorists State.” And then here’s another one, “Lithuania’s President urges Sweden and Finland to join NATO.” These kinds of acts were never supposed to occur, per the agreement with NATO, the United States and the USSR in 1991.

This kind of nonsense should never take place, because you are literally starting World War III when you talk about this kind of stuff. But they’re using Lithuania to do this. A little small country who really has no power on its own, but it’s backed by the United States, by the Military Industrial Complex of the United States and Britain and a couple of other countries that donate to NATO. They are essentially using Lithuania as a proxy.

Military Expenditure (% of GDP)–Lithuania

They’ve been doing that for a long time, or in the recent months. And by the way, Lithuania is profiting from this because Lithuania, essentially, is being subsidized by NATO, as you can see, which means it’s being subsidized by the United States. You notice its defense spending was down and it’s starting its military expenditure percent of GDP is nicely growing for them. Very valuable for them.

What is NATO and Article 5?

What is NATO? So, what is NATO? We got to understand NATO and Article 5. Article 5 is about “One for all, All for One”. So who is part of NATO ? Right now, there are 30 members of NATO, and you can see who they are. Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, and then Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Iceland’s also there. So, map wise, you can see it looks like this.

Look at this. Now, these Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania where it was a tacit agreement, they would never, never be, including Poland, you know, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. These guys were never supposed to be part of NATO. In fact, the agreement was that we wouldn’t go west of Germany, okay. But look at all these countries that have become part of NATO, in many ways violating the 1991 agreements that were made with the USSR.

And by this effect that you see here, Russia is essentially, except for this last piece right here, Kaliningrad is a little gray, once this is blocked, Russia really has no way out. It’s landlocked here, except it can go through here and NATO and the Atlantic Council want to block it. The only way for Russia to get out is up north. And it’s much more difficult for them to do that.

NATO includes all these countries in blue, plus over here, Iceland, Canada, over here. Okay, so that’s NATO. Now, this Article 5, what is Article 5? It says, “Collective Defense is the Heart of the NATO Alliance. The parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.” And that was Article 5 The North Atlantic Treaty signed April 4, 1949.

“If an ally is attacked, each and every other NATO member will come to their defense. The first and only time NATO has invoked Article 5 was in response to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack against the United States.” So that was when it was invoked. And then Cheney and Bush used that to go attack, you know, Saddam Hussein, when, you know, he said, you know, he had nothing to do with it. Right.

So, Article 5. So Article 5 is beautifully there for NATO, e.g. the United States, that if Russia attacks Lithuania, all of NATO will go against Russia. It’s written in stone in Article 5. So, if you’re using Russia to blockade a military, a strategic port of Russia, blockade them, that’s what occurred today, the blockade was extended. What do you think Russia is going to do? Why would you do this? You have to really ask that.

A Systems Approach Beyond Left & Right

Let me wrap up by, again, what I’m attempting to do here again. We’re taking a Systems Approach here, right? We want to take a Systems Approach here because we want to educate all of you that you got to get out of this Left/Right stuff; Trump versus Biden, Democrat versus Republican, as though one is better than the other. Both of these parties have been involved.

And I’m going to walk you through very closely now how George Bush reneged on his agreement with Russia, George Herbert Walker Bush. And then Obama is the one who set up the Puppet Regime in Ukraine, which started what we have now. And then Donald Trump, you know, speaking from both sides of his mouth, escalated. Meanwhile, he was saying he was friends with Putin. He was doing both.

Jack F. Matlock Jr.

Who do we go to, to understand that history? Well, we’re gonna go right to the horse’s mouth, in some ways. We’re gonna go to this guy, Jack F. Matlock. He was a career diplomat who served as US Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991. And he wrote a very famous, very, I thought, a very nice article, here it goes:

“I was there. NATO and origins of the Ukraine crisis. ”After the fall of the Soviet Union, I told the United States Senate that the expansion would lead us to where we are today.”

He was saying this February of 2022, right, and remember, Russia, entered on February 24. And so, it’s a very, very nice article. Someone’s saying, “Thank you, Dr. Shiva. Extremely important.”

Look, before I go into Matlock’s article, but this is very, very important. But I’m going to play you as I keep emphasizing all of you listening. One of the ways you can support yourself and the analysis we do here is by becoming a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. Become part of our Global Movement to break Beyond the Left & Right and take a Systems Approach.

So, I’m going to play a quick video which I’ll share with you as a follow on to our video about the infrastructure that we’ve created so all of you can get educated Beyond Left and Right, Beyond Black & White and we create a Bottoms-Up Movement and I’ll be right back. I just got to grab some water. Let me play you this Features video. I’ll be right back

I hope all of you take advantage of our infrastructure that we put together. It involves Education, which is you’ll learn the Science of Systems which took me 50 years to organize into a curriculum. You get access to technology, and you get an amazing community of people. We need to raise people’s consciousness. We’re at a very important time in history.

We got to get out of the Four Buckets, I keep saying that the those in power want us to be in Left and Right, you know, or get Apathetic or do crazy stuff, go shoot up people or something, Domestic Terrorists. These are the Four Buckets. The opportunity here is to take a Systems Approach. The content that I’m sharing with you today, you’re not going to get anywhere else, either by the social media influences or Grifters, because they don’t take a Systems Approach. You’re surely not going to get it on mainstream media.

I hope all of you listening take advantage of the infrastructure we put together. It’s really for you. And it’s really a service that we want to do because we got to bring people together. So let me go back to this.

As I was saying before, I just took a short break. Jack F. Matlock was the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union. And a couple of months ago, back in February, the beginning of this year, he said “I was there, NATO and the origins of the Ukraine Crisis. After the fall of the Soviet Union, I told the Senate that the expansion would lead us to where we are today.” He says, “Look, and so he was writing on February 14, he said “This is an avoidable crisis between the United States and Russia, that was predictable. And was willfully precipitated but can easily be resolved.” So this could have been resolved by common sense.

And, he says, “Was this crisis avoidable?” And in short, he says yes, because he says “In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, many observers wrongly believed they were witnessing the end of the Cold War, when it actually ended at least two years earlier by negotiation and it was an interest of all parties. President George Herbert Walker Bush, (George W. Bush’s father) hoped that Gorbachev would manage to keep most of the 12 non-Baltic Republics in a Voluntary Federation.

Just to unpack that, what Matlock was saying was when the Soviet Union fell, USSR fell in 1991, the US and Gorbachev had agreed that the Baltic Republic, which is east of Russia, like Latvia and you know, Lithuania, etc. They would just be their own Federation, and the USSR or Russia would not go try to capture them. And that was sort of a tacit agreement that was held there.

And he makes this very, very important point that I want everyone to really listen to this. What Matlock says is something very important. He says and remembers, he’s the US Ambassador to Russia. And he was speaking favorably about Putin, he says, “And despite frequently voiced fears, Vladimir Putin, has never threatened to re-absorb the Baltic countries (like Lithuania, right,) or to claim any of their territories, though he has criticized some that denied ethnic Russians a full right of Citizenship, a principle that the European Union is pledged to enforce.”

“Since Putin’s major demand is an assurance that NATO will take no further members,” remember that, “and specifically, not Ukraine or Georgia, obviously, there would have been no basis for the present crisis, if there had been no expansion of the Alliance following the end of the Cold War, 1991, or if the expansion that occurred in harmony with building a security structure in Europe that included Russia.”

This is very, very important to understand. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush agreed, and Putin agreed that the Baltic, you know, those like Latvia, Lithuania would become their own independent nations. And Russia said, “Fine. I’m not going to; we’re not going to try to annex them or any of that.” But the bottom line is, the agreement was that none of them would join NATO. So get that clear.

It was an agreement that was made between Washington and Moscow, that Washington, e.g. NATO would not try to go and bring those Baltic States into NATO. The only thing Putin wanted was any of the Russians who were living in those Baltic states, he wanted to make sure they had citizenship in those countries. And in fact, the European Union also agreed they should have citizenship in fairness to those people. But besides that, Putin said, I’m not going to go there and try to screw with those countries. So that’s important to understand. So, then Matlock, in this article says, again, this is just written a couple of months ago “was this crisis predictable”?

And what he makes a point here is this crisis was predictable. Because after that agreement was made in 1991, starting in 1997, six years later, the US, the Military Industrial Complex, not you and I, the Working People of the United States, started backing out of this very fundamental agreement that we made with Russia, that we weren’t going to go and try to bring other countries into NATO. And again, let me read you the Ambassador’s notes right here, he goes, “Was this crisis predictable, and he says, “Absolutely. NATO expansion was the most profound strategic blunder made since the end of the Cold War.”

I’ll read that again. “NATO’s expansion was the most profound strategic blunder made since the end of the Cold War in 1997, when the question of adding more NATO members arose, meaning that Matlock was asked to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In my introductory remarks, I made the following statement:

Here is Matlock, the former foreign Russian Ambassador from the United States, being called in by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee being asked, “Hey, should we go and bring other Baltic countries into NATO?” And this is what he said. He said, “I consider the Administration’s recommendation to take new members into NATO at this time misguided.

If it should be approved by the United States Senate, it may well go down in history as the most profound strategic blunder made since the end of the Cold War. Far from improving the security of the United States, its allies and the nations that wish to enter the Alliance, it could well encourage a chain of events that could produce the most serious threat to this nation since the Soviet Union collapsed. Indeed, our nuclear arsenals were capable of ending the possibility of civilization on Earth.”

He’s talking about the prospect of Nuclear War. And he goes on to say, and this is the most important final note here that I want to share. He goes, “President Bush”, and let me, so “Bush during the meeting in Malta in 1989, during the meeting in Malta in, 89,”( with Gorbachev as everything was, you know, as the Soviet Union was collapsing), “during the meeting in Malta in December 89, assured Gorbachev that if the countries of Eastern Europe were allowed to choose their future orientation by democratic processes United States would not quote/unquote, ‘take advantage’ of that process, (Obviously, bringing countries into NATO that were in the Warsaw Pact would be taking advantage.”)

The following year, Gorbachev was assured”, and everyone listened very carefully, “Gorbachev was assured that not in a formal treaty”, so again, we’re supposed to take two leaders, you know, verbal agreement that if a unified agreement, ”that if a unified Germany was allowed to remain a NATO, which means East and West Germany, there would be no movement of NATO jurisdiction to the east, not one inch.”

Bush told Gorbachev, it was a clear agreement, verbal, that NATO would not move one inch to the east of Germany. But you know, what? They violated that. They moved east. And then they said, “Oh, well, you know, that was just a verbal agreement. We never put that in writing.”

And what Matlock ends this article by saying was, “Was this crisis willfully precipitated?” He goes, “Alas, the policies pursued by George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump and Joe Biden have all contributed, bringing us to this point.” So, remember, George W. Bush, Republican, Barack Obama, Democrat, Donald Trump, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat. This is why I keep telling everyone that we need to go Beyond Left & Right. But all of these guys are part of the Military Industrial Academic Complex.

They’re part of the United States Elite War Machine. They need war, and that’s how they sustain this quote/unquote, “economy”. Whether it was Biden, whether it was Trump, whether it’s Obama, whether it’s Bush. Bush started it, right, Obama went and installed a Puppet Regime in Ukraine. Trump then accelerated it, speaking from both sides of his mouth, “oh, I never want to start a War.” Meanwhile, he funded a lot of military equipment for Ukraine. And Joe Biden just continues the Elites policy. That’s what’s going on.

We need to wake up to this. We all need to wake up to the fact that Left, and Right are together. And what we’re witnessing right now is I just played the video from New York City Emergency Management. Has literally prepared a Public Service Announcement telling people this is how you prepare for nuclear war.

This is REAL. And none of the news media is covering it. There was a time when the New York Times, there was a time when papers like the journalists back in the 70s at least had a few writers who would do Real Journalism.

Now you have Grifters like Joe Rogan. You have Grifters all over social media, you have dumbass Tucker Carlson who watches which way the wind blows. CNN, this is what we have. And they’re all about pitting the American Working Class against each other. That’s what they’re about.


And that pitting of the American Working Class against each other, through all the, you know, distractions, from Hollywood to January 6th, to all of this stuff, while the US and the World Economy is collapsing. Because in the last four years, well in the last year or so, Biden has printed about $2 trillion dollars.

Trump printed $6.9 trillion in one term. And Obama printed $4.3 trillion in one term. Left or Right they keep printing money, and all that printed money goes to the banks, and the banks never put it out into the public to build infrastructure. They took that money and they invested it in Wall Street. So, you have this fictitious economy. So they need War.

War makes profit makes, you know, the Elites even wealthier. And you can look at what the pandemic did; 600 Billionaires quadrupled, quintupled their wealth, to increase their wealth to $2.3 trillion. We have to wake up, and we have to recognize that we have to raise our consciousness.

The good news is our movement you see the ticker below Truth Freedom Health® has created an infrastructure so all of you can learn the Science of Systems. You can use your very wise wisdom and your brains to see things, see the way the world is Beyond Left & Right.

Interconnections of NYC PSA, Lithuania, and Russia

Start interconnecting, why is it that someone in the New York City Emergency Management is putting up a Nuclear Preparedness Video on the same day, that in Lithuania, that they have accelerated their blockade of Russia? We need to start connecting stuff. And let me wrap up by saying that I just put this in early this morning, just today again on July 11, “Amid Ukraine War, Russia Parliament to Hold Extraordinary Session.” Russia has called an Extraordinary Session of its Parliament on July 15. That is four days from now. So, four days from now, the Parliament of Russia is going to have essentially an emergency session. So, this is quite extraordinary.

And my intention of doing this was to hopefully give you context, give you history to see what’s going on in New York City on the same date, the interconnections of what’s going on almost halfway around the world in Lithuania, and Kaliningrad resulting from the NATO Russia policies. Or NATO’s Poking the Bear. And again, I want to emphasize Donald Trump, and by the way, you know, I voted for Donald Trump. First time ever voting in my life.

Stand Up for Working People

You can’t say I’m against Trump. But in all reverence to the Scientific Approach, I also had to critique Trump for what he also did, and you can see those videos on it. This is not about being in one camp or another. This is about my loyalties to Working People and to make sure that they don’t get screwed. Trump screwed Working People, Obama screwed Working People, Bush screwed Working People and Biden screws Working People. The only people that will stand up for Working People are Working People. Us.

And the only way we’re going to understand how to stand up is if we recognize that we need to go Beyond Left and Right, we need to take a Systems Approach. And that is why I do these videos, and encourage all of you for your own sake, to take the Foundations of Systems course and get educated or you will surely be Enslaved. And in closing, and I’ll maybe look if there’s any questions, go to

Join this very, very extraordinary movement. Meet extraordinary people. Understand the interconnection between Truth Freedom Health®. Recognize that we are dedicated to having conversation. Come to the Open House and Orientation we hold every Thursday. There’s no cost.

By the way, the course, you know, I used to teach these concepts at MIT, I’ve taught it all over the world, people used to pay me 1000s, 10s of 1000s of dollars. I put the course into a format, we give scholarships to people. It’s affordable. The monies that you give, support our research, support our infrastructure. And after you take this course and join this community, you actually have an exam; you can get a Certificate on understanding the Foundations and Systems.

Once you pass that you have the right to give this course– this knowledge– to kids between the ages of 13 through 18, as many kids as you want for absolutely free. You can give them a full scholarship. So, take advantage of the situation. Raise your consciousness. Go to your neighbors and your friends. And we have an opportunity to unite people Beyond Left and Right. That’s what we need to do.


We need to start seeing the interconnections between things and not take a Pro or Anti approach or Left or Right approach. That’s really the way forward for humanity. It’s not the way of Left and Right. Because when you have Left and Right taking place, there’s only a very small set of people profiting from that.

Unless there’s no other questions. Any questions before I sign off? I hope this is valuable to everyone. Someone says, “Thank you Dr.SHIVA for all this info. Beautiful presentation. It’s clear as day NATO are Liars, not Loyal. War has always been what they want. You rock Doc.” Yeah. Well, I hope that’s Jan, I’m glad you liked it. Please, I want to invite you to take the course to become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar. We need to have a movement where we raise people’s consciousness. So, all of you have the Knowledge, the Community, and the Education, so you can go educate lots and lots of people. But you need to have a foundation. Let’s see what other comments here.

NATO Yes, Frank. Frank is great. “NATO is like Big Pharma.” By the way, Frank is a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar and Frank is actually an Electrician, a Master Electrician. So, Frank nailed it, “NATO is like Big Pharma.” Exactly.

Someone says, “Is NATO created for War?” Exactly.

Yes, here’s one, “The verbal agreement was no longer valid since the fall of the Soviet Union.” That’s how they’re getting out of it. Exactly.

“You can go ask the American Indians how many agreements we got out of with them.”

Someone’s quoting George Carlin, “If voting really mattered, they would not let us do it.” It’s a good point.

Let’s see any other comments here? Someone just said, it’s an interesting comment: “NATO is just a drunken whore of the US and Europe.”

Someone said, “Thank you very much for sharing all your information with the people.” That’s Lori. You’re welcome. Laurie. I hope that one way that you can do this for yourself is become a Warrior-Scholar, we need more people like you.

Let’s see. Yeah, someone said, “Russia is not the enemy, our own government is.” Well, we have to look, the ultimate reality is it’s a small percentage of people. We don’t know, I mean, look, Russia has its Oligarchs too, so let’s not, let’s be mindful of that. Let’s not make anyone a saint here.

But the reality is that we have to, I’ll probably do a video on this, we have to recognize that when you look back at history, the Russian Working People, and you go back and look at how many 10’s of millions of Russian Working People are the ones who really stopped Hitler, you know. It’s a very, they’re numbers are an order of magnitude bigger than how many other people died fighting the Nazis. So that’s why in eastern Ukraine, in Donetsk and Luhansk those, the working people there fought Nazis.

When the United States put the Puppet Regime in, in Ukraine, 25% of them as it’s known, were, essentially, you know, Fascists This is what really pissed off those people.


Anyway, everyone, I hope I see you at the Orientation. I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars. We have to Unite Working People Beyond Left and Right. So, we build a movement for Truth Freedom Health®. And so, we all start working together and remove, not get lost in this Left/Right frame. We see things as they are.

I hope this video has helped people interconnect the events in New York City, the New York City getting prepared for nuclear war with their PSA on the same day, July 11th, 2022, today, as the same day as NATO through its proxy Lithuania’s escalating now on the, through Kaliningrad it’s Poking the BEAR in Russia.

Thank you, everyone. Be well. Be the light. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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