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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, LIVE from Sardinia, Italy, shares foundational principles of how we can live long or how we can die fast and early.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:16 Hello, everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

I’m here in Italy, still in Sardinia. And what I want to share with everyone today is I want to really talk about how do we live long, which I assume most people want to do, or how do we die early. As everyone knows, if you want to live long, you should vote for me, Dr.

Shiva. As you know my history. If you look back at many of the videos I did during the pandemic, we saved millions of people’s lives by teaching people about the immune system, how to live long how to take certain protocols, vitamin D, all those things, right.

So if you want to die young, you should vote for the other idiots like we talked about like boobie and Donnie, and the others other fools. But if you want to live long, you should vote for me. And the evidence is out there.

I don’t have to you can go look at all the things I’ve done to help people. But what I want to talk about today is what are the foundations for living long. Anyway, I’m here in Italy with some of my friends, Michelle, you can just do a pan show people.

Right here these are, we’re just having dinner here. As many people know, in Italy, people actually have friends, they get together, and they actually enjoy each other’s company. And it’s these very important social bonds, which is the number one reason people live long.

So if you want to live long, you want to have friends, and you want to build deep relationships, Francesca here, many of her friends here, she’s known for 1520 30 years, right? She has a guy over there. She’s known since she was 15 years old. So most people in cultures that live long have close community number one way that you live long.

If you want to die young, have no friends, stay in front of the computer all day, play video games all day, get fat, dumb and happy. The other thing you got to remember is who do you listen to? Do you want to in Italy, a lot of people died early during the pandemic by listening to this guy. Okay.

Look at the picture of this guy. Okay, who is this guy? Okay, this, this Nope. This guy? As you can see here, this guy is this guy.

Same guy over here. This guy over here is can you play some pictures, please? Yeah. So Francesca is photo will come back.

But we’re going to show you a picture of this guy. This guy is the Chief Medical Officer of the region in Milan. There’s a picture of him.

Okay. And this is the other picture of him there. All right.

Now clearly, you have to decide who do you listen to for health advice? That guy’s a fat slob.

02:48 Okay. And 172 kilos.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 02:52 Yeah, he weighs basically 350 pounds. All right.

So if you want to listen to people who are 350 pounds overweight, medical doctor, remember, most medical doctors are dummies. In fact, there’s this guy recently whose gets a lot of play on videos name is a scene Muladhara. And after his father died, after his father died, then he started speaking up about the vaccines.

But before his father died, he kept his mouth shut. Now, yeah, so he’s saying something now, but why would you listen to this guy, because he’s an opportunist. He waited until something happened to his family, which means he’s a selfish opportunist.

So it’s very, very important to listen to the right. Health professionals look at how are they healthy? Are they in good shape, okay. If you want to listen to people like that, you’re gonna die very, very fast.

In fact, his die his wife died very, very young listening to him. The third reason you live long as you have to recognize there’s a principle called the right medicine for the right person at the right time. All of our genetics are different.

All of our needs are different. There’s no one diet that works for everyone. One of the things we teach is if you go to your body, your system.

com, I created a tool, everyone can use it. But you’ll learn what kind of system you are, what kind of body type you are, and what works for you. And we’ll teach you how to start thinking from a systems approach.

So take a systems approach to help again reviewing number one to live long community and friendship. Don’t be alone. Number two, decide who you’re going to listen to.

04:39 Okay, Michelle had too many technical difficulties. Difficulty Okay, you’re right. Yes, sorry.

All right.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 04:47 So the other thing is, make sure you listen to the right person.

And third, recognize that the body is a system. Not every diet works for everyone. And this is why ancient systems of medicine people and Hey, Thermopylae foods, figured out what kind of body types they were.

And they tried to keep their bodies and balanced, they ate with the seasons, right. And there are many, many principles that I’ll teach you more. But that’s pretty much it.

That’s that’s what I wanted to share with you today. And again, we’re in Italy, we’re eating with friends, we’ve had excellent local food. And we want to take time to really think about who you get your advice from, but with the number one reason people live long is a have friendships.

Number two reason people live long as they drink some type of local fermented drink. We’re not saying to tell them to go get drunk, but a local fermented drink. Number third is people do some type of vigorous activity, and there’s more.

But anyway, I wanted to keep this short. I hope everyone’s well, we’ll be coming again if you want to live long and prosper vote for Dr. Shiva.

If you want to die and young and if you want your kids to die young vote for them. The other two idiots who by the way for the last 60 years they’ve been part of the left right Democrat Republican nonsense, which has been destroying the life expectancy of the American people. Anyway be the light be well thank you

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