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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Engineer, Independent Candidate for U.S. President, reveals why he was able to accurately predict the nature of Elon Musk and what is to be done if we are to win the fight against all the grifters and fools who supported Elon, and why it’s time to grow the movement for Truth Freedom Health® more than ever.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:20All right, everyone.

This is Dr.Shiva, hope everyone’s having a good evening, or whatever it is in the United States. I’m still in Italy. It’s about 1am here, but I thought I do a very important live today to really give perspective to people on the fact that I hate to say this, but I told you so about Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is an absolute scumbag. And for the last six months, I’ve been calling out Elon Musk and having to do the dirty job, in spite of the mindless, quote unquote, conservatives, who went out of their way to attack me when I call that Elon Musk. In fact, the level of attack and abuse that I suffered from the so called conservatives, was the same level of attack I suffered.

When I called out Fauci, as you may remember, Fauci was someone who I called out for the disaster that he was doing in 2020. And the liberal elites. Yeah, what is it? Okay, please come get it.

Yep. And Fauci was. And when I expose Fauci, I had to endure a lot of bullshit from the liberal conservatives.

And it’s time that people understand that my intention and calling these people out, be it Elon Musk or Tucker Carlson, or boobie Kennedy or all these opportunists, or including Donald Trump, is because I care for people. And because of the training I’ve had in system science, which everyone can go to truth, freedom and learn.

I can actually predict the future. And it’s not magical because when you understand the science of systems, you can see where the trajectory is headed. And Elon Musk is an absolute scumbag which I’ve been saying since December, because he has no intention, had no intention of removing the government, the government’s backdoor censorship portal into Twitter, which I was the first one to discover during my lawsuit in 2020, in October of 2020, and that lawsuit wasn’t supported by any of these Grifters.

None of them covered it. But we still got the story out to hundreds of millions of people, which we’ll talk about. And it was grueling because I to run my full time do my full time work as a company.

I was running for US Senate and I had to represent myself in court. I didn’t see any of these Grifters helping us. I didn’t see Elon Musk there.

But it was my lawsuit my hard work, which exposed that the government of the United States and the governments of the world had created backdoor portals into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. And we expose that in October of 2020. And after exposing that, we proceeded to do our own videos, educational videos, and I’ll share with you all the documentation that we did to expose this to everyone.

And we were hopeful that someone like Tucker Carlson, that’s his name, fu CK er, hashtag Tucker Carlson would share this but he didn’t because Tucker Carlson like Elon Musk, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are all part.

They’re all government frontman, they’re part of the deep state they’re all Deep State pricks. And I’ve had to do this very awful job of exposing these scumbags. And I’ve had to endure massive amount of vitriol from the so called conservatives who claim that they want freedom of speech and we’re looking to this scumbag Messiah called Elon Musk.

And I’ve been vindicated today because as I predicted, Elon Musk went and brought in a woman who was part, you know, not only part but at the executive chair level of the World Economic Forum, and is for pro vaccine mandates and was for pro masks. And if you look at her history, she’s embedded into the Hollywood and global entertainment elites. She’s also the Group Chair of YM, you and you can look it up.

So all of this I predicted, and we’re gonna bring our team on right now and I’m gonna walk you through just for the record, because I have to say, I told you so because I have to take credit for the work I did. But more importantly, it’s time that people recognize my ability to predict is that has been frankly 100% Be it in calling out Fauci beat and calling out Trump being and calling out Elon Musk buted calling up the pandemic, when it mattered not when it was fashionable to do. And for all of you listening, just remember that if you are finally getting the fact that I know how to apply the science of systems to see this, you better get off your butt and also recognize that Tucker Carlson is also part of this.

And also, boobie F. Kennedy, Jr. All right.

So let’s bring on our other team. We’re here. John, can you bring them in? Certainly.

All right. Are we being shadow banned? John, or how many of yours we have05:57currently running it several 100 across all platforms.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 06:00Okay, good. So what I want to do, John is if you can bring up first of all, I want to review a couple things for everyone. John, go to Winback freedom.

com. First tab on that, John? Yep. So for the record.

It’s very, very important to share the facts. Because the Grifters right now, which Chris will share with you are all backpedaling. But we’re not going to let them get away with it because all of the Grifters are supporting Elon Musk are all scumbags also, be a Dan bungee No, be it Jack sobic be it.

I mean, Chris will go through the list. But if you go to win back You will see the website where I started documenting our from 2020, our historic lawsuit.

And what you’ll see here is all the details of that lawsuit. And this site details a loss of jobs stop right there. But one of the important things that I uncovered about our lawsuit, starting in October of 2020 was the entire censorship infrastructure that was put together at a site set.

And I put together all the people all the organizations, all of this was plagiarized by Matt Taibbi, the intercept and the Twitter files guys. They never gave me credit for my hard work. I put this together.

It was part of my lawsuit. We expose the entire government, big tech censorship infrastructure. What you will find here is that Siza on the upper right, John, if you can just point to that.

That right there was created by Trump. Yes, Trump. Now, that’s a cybersecurity infrastructure security agents infrastructure security agency, that should not be confused with the Cybersecurity Information Security Act that was put in place by Obama.

Syska was the organization put in place by Trump and all of those people there. Were involved in deep platforming me when I expose this infrastructure. It involves government, people, non government people, but on the far left side, you’ll see lakelyn Murdoch, you’ll see the Zuckerberg you’ll see Pierre Omidyar, who funded all of the infrastructure so government up on top could launder censorship, to companies like Twitter.

It’s very detailed. It’s a PhD project. All of this was done in October, starting in October of 2020.

All right. That’s the first thing I want to share with you. The next thing I want to share with you, John, you can come back to video so layout of me.

So just to the sole is that that lawsuit was a lawsuit that I had to file by myself. And I took on seven lawyers, it was eye injury versus Twitter. I took on the lawyers at Twitter, I took on the lawyers, the government of Massachusetts, and without any help.

One guy who has no legal experience took on seven, many Harvard trained lawyers, and we won and we expose that government has a backdoor portal into Twitter. Where was fucker Carlson? Where was Elon Musk? This is in 2020. And none of these people exposed any of this in fact, they concealed our lawsuit.

All right, and forks for exposing that infrastructure. I was deep platformed, fully on February 1 of 2021. So and I was running for US Senate at the time.

So think about this, the United States Senate candidate for exposing the government censorship infrastructure, which I should probably be given the Nobel Prize for many awards was thrown off. My work was intentionally concealed by the mainstream media. However, as we’re going to share with you, we got this workout to many, many people.

Junk You go back to the tab, please. The second tab. John, can you go back? Okay, now, let me share this with you.

So my question when Elon Musk took over Twitter was Will he do anything to dismantle the government and big tech censorship infrastructure that we discovered? So again, this is that infrastructure that we discovered unequivocally showing that government has a backdoor portal into Twitter. So let’s go down. And all the evidence has been there for over two years.

And you can go find all of this at Winback Long before the bullshit Twitter files, which plagiarize my work and never bothered sharing this.

Now on October 30, some of you may know and October 28, right there. Stop right there. Elon Musk announced that he was buying Twitter now I was still deep platformed.

On October 30. I alerted Elon Musk to the existence of the government and big tech censorship infrastructure. What was called the Twitter Partner Support Portal involving Pierre Omidyar.

And here it is, I had to do this on Facebook. And I said, Why is Elon Musk not put Dr. Shiva back on Twitter? Dr.

Shiva was a first in September 2020 and historic federal lawsuit to expose the existence of the actual infrastructure created by Twitter to allow government to silence speech of every American, the infrastructure still exists. Elon, you have to have your committee review all the evidence accepted and presented in federal court. Dr.

Shiva must be one of the first to be put back on Twitter. Okay, go down John. So that was in 30.

So people knew I wasn’t going to back out and and given Elon Musk was back on Twitter. He claimed he was for free speech. I said you know what God dammit you know, a put me back on Twitter and get rid of this backdoor portal.

So what happens next scroll on down. So what then happens is on October 31, the intercept hold right there. No, no, go right there.

John, please stay go up. Go up a little bit, right there on October 31 2022. Omidyar by the way, I say Omidyar centerset because the intercept was founded and funded by Pierre Omidyar, who’s the chairman of eBay and the founder and founder who actually bought PayPal from Elon Musk computer field.

So Elon Musk’s money comes right from Pierre Omidyar, who is the one who created the censorship infrastructure. John, there’s a zoom in diagram, you know, the one with Pierre Omidyar. Yeah, just zoom in on that.

Can you just zoom in a little bit? And you can zoom back out? If you see there’s Pierre Omidyar. John, there’s actually a line diagram where I have Pierre Omidyar pointing to that you’ll find it Sure. Yeah.

Just scroll down through here just search for OMA Dr. John. Oh, am I D ye AR Yep.

So OMA, Dr. O M, Id Ye, AR John, can you search for it? I am searching for it. Okay.

So right there, scroll down. Scroll down. John.

Scroll down. Can you zoom out? Please? This is way too big. Zoom out.

No, none of the viewers can see this. John, zoom out.13:58I have told it to zoom outDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:05I would just open up a new window John, or go to one of the other ones. All right, just type in Omidyar? OMIDY ar14:27OMIDY. Yes, that’s what I’ve typed in.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:31Okay, yeah, go down again. All right.

Please go down to the next one.14:38I’m telling it to go down to the next one. Okay.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 14:43Anyway, the bottom line is, it’s a huge diagram. You can’t miss it.

But Omidyar is the one who funded that entire censorship network, particularly the ability for government to route their messages and do an end run around the First Amendment. Okay. So John go back to where I was at.

So that was until October 31. The Intercept, dropped a story, which was called DHS leaks, which was plagiarized from my entire lawsuit. But the problem was they didn’t share the entire network diagram, they only shared a little piece of it.

So two and a half years later, the intercept knowing that I was going to not let this go shares a little piece of that story. And as it says the intercept DHS leaks is nothing new, but a blatant plagiarism of my work that has been on this website for over two years. And the aim of this effort was to intentionally conceal that Pierre Omidyar is founder, the founder and the founder of the intercept is the same person who funded the government, big tech censorship infrastructure, as we brought it in our loss of so think about what I’m saying here.

I had exposed all of this the entire extent of that infrastructure. Two years later, when I posted on Facebook to musk, that hey, are you going to take down that backdoor portal, boom, the next day, the intercept drops their story there, you see Omidyar Who’s the one who owns the intercept and funded it. His same organization releases a story saying, Oh, my God, we have found the censorship infrastructure.

Problem is they leave out the fact Oh, my dear, so one who funded it. And as I looked at this, I’m wondering, like, what the hell’s going on? Scroll down, John, this turns out, this is called a limited hangout. What is a limited Hangout, it is a way to deceive people, when they know a big version of that story is going to come out which they knew I was gonna bring it out again.

So it’s a CIA technique, as I’ve talked about where the government working with media companies will release a small version of the story, which is the intercept is basically works for the government guys. So they released a small version of the entire story. It’s called the limited Hangout, you hang out a story in a limited way, hoping that everyone would forget about it.

Okay. Now, the interesting thing is, as John you go down, scroll down, please. Scroll down, please keep going.

This was a cover up. And you can go read about it intelligence circles is known as an intelligence technique to cover up the big story and I wrote about this, what is a limited Hangout, okay. It’s pretty dangerous.

And Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald and the ACLU were all part of this. These people are all part of the government Deep State intelligence network because they needed to hide my story, because I’m not neither left or right. I’m an independent fighter, an independent journalist, and the leader of an independent movement for truth, freedom, and I’ll hold it right there, John, stop.

They didn’t want others to know about this. So they concealed my story for two years. And when they knew I was going to bring it out again, they put a limited version out of it.

Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald amplified it, who were the two people that concealed it two years before, and then they attempted to plagiarize it. And then when things got really tough than they, three years later, then they start talking about it, aka Twitter false scroll down, Zhan. And, again, to many of you, I educated all of you guys on it go down, John.

And this is the limited hangout process which by the way, Robert Malone stole my diagrams. Okay, another scumbag. We’ll come back to him at some point, a lot of scumbags and deceivers, we have guys in the world.

But you see, I told the whole truth about the entire censorship network. They then concealed it in 2020. Then what then they later plagiarized it which is what the intercepted and Twitter files then they miss attributed it never even cited my work, which is one of the grossest unethical violations in journalism.

Then they lied and they tried to manipulate the full story. Then they hijacked that gave a little bit of it, and then they amplified it. And that’s what Tucker Carlson as well as Glenn Greenwald and others did go down.

So this is a limited hang up process. Okay. And all this was done to protect Pierre Omidyar.

So they concealed plagiarize, mis attributed prevaricated hijacked, and then they amplified the half truth go down. So all of this I’ve discussed, and this is all old news to some of you, but I’ve been hammering away at this. And I reached out to Musk to share this with him.

And you can see this right here. I said musk, why have you not productive human back on Twitter, right? Go on John. And as I shared this with you, you’ve gone down.

So go down now stop right there. And now the important thing I got John, go up John, stick start with that title. Now the important thing that everyone needs to understand is we have a number of our food freedom and health warrior scholars on into 2020 We didn’t wait for mainstream media to cover my lawsuit, I must have done at least two videos a day.

And we got the story out to 1000s Hundreds and frankly, millions of people close to 200 300 million people in the world because we are independent of left and right. We did our own videos. And as John you scroll down, you can see all the videos I did over the last three years on exposing the censorship infrastructure.

And here’s a list of all those videos that John’s there’s a whole bunch of videos, John. There’s a whole bunch of videos that we did, right here. Okay, slow down.

So these are all the videos that we did. Okay, so it didn’t matter that Tucker Carlson or Elon Musk, or any of these people didn’t cover us, we got our story out. So think about what I’m saying.

We did our job as a bottoms up movement, as independent media. And hundreds of millions of people all over the world knew about my lawsuit, knew about the backdoor portal. We didn’t care if Tucker Carlson didn’t cover it.

We still got it out. We gave him a chance to do it, but he didn’t do it is Tucker Carlson. Glenn Greenwald, Elon Musk, Robert F.

Kennedy, Jr. All these people I’m exposing again, are all part of the deep state infrastructure. All right.

So there you go. Go down, John. So the point is, we expose all of this through our own independent means.

So now when they knew I was going to come back again, they deep platform people like me, calling me conspiracy theorists and they let scumbags like Tucker Carlson, and others remain. They never got thrown off. Tucker Carlson was never the platform.

I was. Now the intercept intentionally buried my story to conceal their own funders involvement in creating that infrastructure, Tucker Carlson knowing this, and by the way, Fox News his boss was also involved in creating this infrastructure. Again, all of this I exposed long before the plagiarist known as Twitter files, and all the Grifters who supported Twitter files.

Alright, let’s go down. So all of this is up here. You can see that this wasn’t just incompetence.

This was intentional, they concealed my lawsuit. Okay. And Tucker Carlson conceal that Elon Musk concealed it.

They were playing a game. Now, Pierre Omidyar is actually an asset of the government. Again, he created the intercept, and he’s involved in many, many imperialist censorship activities, as you can see in this diagram, okay, there he is.

He’s the one who created the Center for or supported and funded the Center for Internet security, to launder the censorship from government to Twitter, Elon Musk’s Twitter, okay. And there you go. You can do an analysis, you can click on that you can find out all the ways that Pierre Omidyar is involved in all sorts of Deep State shenanigans.

All right. All right. Keep scrolling down, John.

So all of this, you know, I’ve been doing the independent journalism exposing us long before Tucker Carlson did anything. All right, go down, John. Keep going down, scroll down a little bit faster.

So these are the facts of what I exposed and the work I did. And that’s why go down. John keeps throwing down please.

All right. So this will give you all those details about OMA Drs. Involvement a little bit faster, John, thanks.

Okay. Go down. Let’s go to Tucker Carlson, go down.

After ACLU, ACL. You didn’t cover our lawsuit and we expose all that, although they covered the intercepts thing two years later. And by the way, Pierre Omidyar funds the ACLU about a million bucks a year.

Say again, this is all a limited hangout. They didn’t want to get our story out. When it mattered.

They waited for two years. Now let’s talk about Tucker Carlson. I was kind to him.

I called him Tucker at the time I wrote this. Now, Tucker Carlson intentionally concealed our lawsuit. And I’m going to show you the data.

So all of you Tucker, Carlson, cult members, it’s time for you to stop sucking him off and get off of him. Okay, just like I had to do the dirty work and Elon Musk and now you guys are learning is just stop following him. Here in October 15 to 2020.

I reported to Tucker Hey 20, October 28. That’s actually should be October 20 2020. John, you need to change that.

It’s not to be 2020. Okay, you can see the email on October 20 2020. Nearly three years ago, I wrote to Tucker and I said, Hey, look, I have discovered that the government has a backdoor portal and Twitter and filing one of the most important lawsuits.

Please cover this game. The details go down on October 30. After I won my first victory.

I told him that we had found out that Twitter and government are hand in glove And there it is. It’s going to his email. I’ve spoken to him before he did nothing, no response, nothing go down.

And then on May 21, when our lawsuit expanded, and I had to take on three of Twitter’s lawyers go down, John, I sent him another email, as you can see here, and also attached to him. The judge’s ruling for the judge said that this lawsuit will be one of the most important lawsuits of the century because it brings out this fundamental issue that a US Senate candidate was thrown off Twitter for exposing the government censorship infrastructure go down, John. So all of this Tucker Carlson knew the evidence is in black and white ladies and gentlemen.

And there’s everything right. So fucker Carlson can’t say he didn’t know. And by the way, two years later, when to two years later, when the intercept story comes out, Tucker Carlson acts as though he had never heard about this backdoor portal.

How do I know that? Let’s look at his transcript. He put this little dweep called Li Fang on who was the guy who plagiarize my lawsuit and look at what Tucker Carlson says. He goes, this seems to be a really important story, which is for some reason being ignored.

Okay, yeah. You ignored the story. Tucker? What are you talking about? This is why I use curse words to call these people and show up.

So should you his name is Tucker Carlson because he fucked us. He fucked you. He fucked everyone in the United States, because he could have covered this in 2020.

All of this is here in black and white. Thanks, John. Now, let’s go over to Elon Musk before I bring in our members.

John, can you stop this please go back to video please. So, so video done. So when? Should tell Chris he should be ready to come on time.

So when I expose all this. I also as a part of this, recognize that Elon Musk was a government frontman. And on late December of 2022.

I did a or November of 2022. Sorry, yeah, late November of 2022. I did a blistering expose a blog post on Elon Musk.

John, can you bring that up? And the blog post was called Elon Musk. Equal censorship equal equals surveillance. And here it is.

And this went viral. It’s called Elon Musk eco censorship and surveillance a false god or free speech, leading you to slavery in an ever expanding censorship and surveillance state across land, sea air and space in which Elon Musk is fully entrenched and economically dependent on his power profit control. John, can you just put the link on this in the comments everyone can get this? Okay.

So, again, everyone, I’m speaking from Italy to close to 2am here, so I’m a little bit tired. But I thought it was important to do this important live. But I put this out in November 2022.

And this started going viral, and I still wasn’t on Twitter. Suddenly, I get put back on Twitter on December 23 2020, John, keep it there. John.

Don’t scroll up. John. Keep it where it was up where it was placed up right there yeah.

So I want you guys saw read this because I did this in November of 2022. Now I’m exposing I’ve exposed Tucker have exposed the sensitive infrastructure. And I realized that Elon Musk ain’t going to do anything that he’s a complete false God when I put this up and I started hammering Musk every moron cat fucking turd.

Piece of shit turd. Dan but Gino, another doofus. Jack fucking pisode pick another grifter and go down the list.

All of these so called conservatives donations who boosah Okay, bozo. All these people were praising and sucking Musk off. So he was their God.

And here I was a lone voice exposing the facts and bear view. And this was a central piece of this. And when you read this article, it exposes in detail Elon Musk and SpaceX I talked about Elon Musk being a part of the climate change scam making money off Tesla.

Bottom line is Elon Musk and government are one and government represents World Economic Forum. It represents a big tech and represents all those people. And when I put this out there all of these people poo pooed me attack me viciously no different than the way that the Liberals attacked me when I expose the pandemic bullshit and ran the fire Fauci campaign and 2020 again when doofus Bobby Kennedy wasn’t there.

I’m able to see and predict the future because I’ve put in my time as a system scientist. Understanding the science of systems. And when you do that you can see things in bear view.

But when I put this out, I took a lot of heat. And I’m going to bring Chris Bradley in right now. And Chris is going to share with us those people who attack me and we’re sucking off Elon Musk.

Go ahead,30:22Chris. Yeah. So IDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 30:24mean, God, John, John, can you take this away? Just have me and Chris. Take this away. Just bring me and Chris on.

Okay. Or go ahead, Chris.30:33Yeah, so, Dr.

Shiva and the truth freedom health movement has been tired tirelessly working to expose these assholes. These Johnny come lately. He’s at the top of the list.

You have Tucker Carlson, you have characters like RFK, Jr, Joe Rogan. Ben Shapiro. Jordan Peterson.

Correct.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 30:54When you say the top of the list, just be clear.

These people are all supporting tweeting how much they loved Elon Musk, what a great guy. He was, while I was in there in the trenches exposing him just let’s make that point clear.31:06Yeah, I mean, here they are on on their public platforms where they are not shadow ban reaching their huge audiences saying, Oh, this is such a great thing for free speech.

And that and now you can already see the tides turning people like Tim Poole, posting about the decision to make a world economic chair, the CEO of Twitter, all of these people. In the end, they grift on on on the story up front. And then in the end, they turn on their audience and say, Oh, who could have seen it coming? But Dr.

Shiva and the truth freedom health movement has seen it coming since day one. And so that’s what we’re trying to let everybody know is like,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 31:52well, well, Chris, one of the important points is Tim Poole never covered us when we were calling this out, and another fuckface by the name of Patrick bet, David, who I just want to remind you, this guy’s a pay to play motherfucker.

Okay. Two, three years ago, I suddenly remembered who this guy was, when the pandemic was going on. I was the first one to call lockdowns.

I was going viral everywhere. And this fool wanted me to come down and be on a show. He promised to get us a certain type of airfare for our tickets, which we needed.

We get to the airport. He hadn’t gotten that airfare. He’s a scumbag, bait and switch motherfucker.

So me and my sister Richard left. And then he thought that I wanted to be so much on a show like other Grifters, that I do anything I didn’t. Recently, if I remember right, Chris, he was doing another show.

And you had to pay him close to 1000 bucks to even mention my name in a YouTube Super Chat. And then he mentioned my name, and he has the gall this scumbag and I think he’s an intelligence asset. Patrick bet David had the audacity to say that, Oh, I’m a smart guy, but I’m arrogant and I should behave more like a Brahmin.

You know, Vivec who is a fucking idiot, top down, spoon fed motherfucker that he wants me not to be me. But I should talk diplomatically like this Yale graduate called the veck. You see, that’s the epitome of racism.

Because what it says is that I’m not being a good Indian. Why don’t you talk like this good Indian. I’m not going to talk like a good Indian.

I’m a brilliant guy who grew up in the streets of Bombay, as Richard said, on the streets of New Jersey. I will call you a fucker to your face. Patrick, that David.

And that’s what you guys are. Tim Poole, Patrick that David Joe Rogan. All you guys who will probably do whatever Elon Musk tells you.

did not cover me and still won’t because you know why? Maybe it’s because I’m brown skin. Maybe it’s because I’m not in your left or right little clubs. Chris, I think you should read out all those people’s names who are sucking off Elon Musk, read them out loud and enunciate their names Chris? Yeah.

34:07Where were you Tucker Carlson when Dr. Shiva broke the news about the Twitter partnership. Partner Support Portal RFK Joe Rogan Ben Shapiro Jordan Peterson Where were you? When we are breaking the news and letting everybody know that this portal exists? And we could keep gone Dan bond Gino, Charlie Kirk, Glenn Beck.

Jack was Jack disobeyed a CIA asset like you can’t make this stuff up. Tim cast who has people like Jack and these these people all have they’re all guests on each other shows. They’re all in the same club.

These are not so obvious. Establishment characters meant to bring us back to the establishment. It’s these these people are the new media.

They are distract Can you from actually getting together with your community and building a movement and stop looking for Gods on high to come save you, these people aren’t here to save you. They’re here to distract you from doing something about the problems that we face in this in this country and the world abroad. So the list goes on.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 35:22Yeah, thanks, Chris. I think the most important thing, John can just go.

I think the most important thing, thanks, Chris, is to remember that we called all this out two years ago. And all of these people who are government front men, and that’s what they are hid our news intentionally, for two reasons. One, they don’t want to give amplify our independent movement and to their part of the government infrastructure.

Do not follow any of these people anymore. If you do, after the long track record that I’ve shown of predicting the future and calling out the scumbags, you’re a fool. If you want to do that.

Ultimately, what you’re doing is you’re committing suicide. So I can’t overemphasize in many ways, the victory for us again, we expose, we always continue exposing stuff, our movement and the work I do. And now you have an opportunity seen bear view that we call that Elon Musk, he’s screwed you he’s appointed a woman to be CEO of Twitter, whose pro vaccine mandates, pro mask mandates is completely interconnected with the Hollywood, British entertainment, royalty.

And all that is that head of the Ad Council of the United States, I mean, the list goes on of the World Economic Forum. And this is who Musk brought and he’s basically screwing you up every way you can imagine, and the Grifters are the real assholes. Because a they did not cover us called me all sorts of names.

And they have the audacity now to try to backpedal, cat turd again, as I said, he’s a piece of shit. Why does he gets so many views? My views have gone down from 500,000 views per day down to 5000 views per day. That’s shadow banning.

And Musk knows what he’s doing. And he’s a scumbag. Let me also take this point.

Let me bring in Maria. And Kristen. If they’re there, John, Kristen and Maria know is Maria there, Kristen.

Yeah. I’m here. Yeah.

So it’s very important. Kristen, can you sort of look into the there’s your hands there, Kristen. So let me just make a couple of things clear.

Kristin and Maria know that more than anyone because you guys have been in the trenches on social media on this. The amount of abuse that I took when I expose Fauci and when I expose Elon Musk, because you guys were out there having to defend the positions. Kristin, do you want to start with that? And then we go to Maria.

Kristin 38:10Sure. So I mean, this goes back, way back even to when you originally started with wind back freedom back in 2020. But, you know, when you first called out Elon Musk, the vitriol it was just unbelievable.

And then I mean, we got it secondhand to in the comments. And when you know, giving people that truth in the comment sections, especially on Twitter, they would just, you know, deflect it off to us as well. I stated recently myself that, you know, the movement for truth, freedom and health, one of the biggest things that I have learned is how important it is to say the right thing at the right time.

And that is something that Dr. Shiva has always done. That’s a big reason why I support him and continue with movement for truth, freedom and health.

And it’s taught me to continue to try to do the same thing. So if somebody is not saying the right thing at the right time, and they wait until later after the damage is done until it’s popular or convenient. At best, they’re just stupid or ignorant and at worst, they’re part of the problem.

They’re part of the establishment or the not so obvious establishment. So I absolutely you know, when you see the the the rage from the so called, for example, conservatives, such as the list of some of the people that Chris Bradley read out. To me, that’s a huge red flag.

Why these people definitely know that Elon Musk is not the savior that they’re trying to make him out to be. And then of course, now, Dr. Shiva has been vindicated.

And if you still don’t see that, then you need to go back to class and learn some more I think that’s really all I can say at the moment. But the delayed truth is deadly. And it’s very important to say the right thing at the right time, bottom line and no compromising on that.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 40:11Maria, can you share a little bit of sort of, you know, when you were out on social media, we were exposing Elon Musk, you know, all the nonsense that we saw, for telling the truth that the right time guide Maria.40:23Yes.

And just to piggyback on Kristin. Yeah. Dr.

Shiva has always said the right thing at the right time. And these people just, yeah, they’re vicious. They’re vicious.

And they, they act like, you know, Dr. Shiva is, is is the enemy. So it’s really important.

I mean, we’ve had to just really get in there. And even though a lot of these people were probably plants, and they’re just all part of it, but to try to educate them and show them look, this is, this is really what’s happening, and you’re being completely deceived and manipulated. And if you don’t see that, you know, you are really stupid, or you are part of the problem.

But we are here, and we’re staying here. So we’re not going to just walk away and say, oh, yeah, this is how it goes. You guys have the power.

No, it doesn’t. It’s, it’s not that way. Dr.

Shiva has always called him out. And so we’re here just to continue, you know, with our independent bottoms up, and we’re gonna continue to put the truth out there. And we’re, we’re gonna just keep slamming them and, and, and stand strong.

AndDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 41:55yeah, I think the biggest thing Maria and Kristen, is that if you go look at the track record, march 30 2020, we called out the lock downs. Robert Kennedy was promoting lockdowns go look at it.

He was saying lock downs were good because they save climate, the climate complete idiot, guys a moron. In March of 2020, we wrote to Trump and we said don’t do these lockdowns. We gave him a protocol.

Trump did the lockdown another full in March of 2020. It was our movement that exposed the entire election systems integrity issues. I drove down for over a day and a half in our bus down to Washington and ran the fire Fauci campaign 120,000 signatures.

Robert Kennedy was nowhere to be found. So all of you listening now, if you understand that I was right on Elon Musk. I’m damn right on Tucker Carlson and boobie Kennedy Jr.

So if you want to be screwed, and you know what again, go support those fools. If you want to be a cult leader supporting boobie effing Kennedy, and Tucker Carlson. You’re basically opening up the doorways to hell for yourself, because that’s what these devils will lead you there Devil’s B movie F Kennedy, Jr.

Booby. effing Kennedy. That’s his actual name.

Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk and all the Grifters that Chris if you can bring Chris back in. surrounding them. All these people are part of the government censorship infrastructure.

What has happened now on social media is worse in some ways and was with Jack Dorsey and Vijay got a at least send you knew the enemy. These people are doing a new type of censorship, putting guys like me back on. So when I expose muskie put me back on and he thought that I would be loyal to him and zip up my mouth.

The first day I got back on you remember Christina Maria? I said, Hey, Ilan, I’ll be your CEO that got like 20 million views. And then I started hammering him on are you going to take down the backdoor portal, and you can see I’ve all the data, my views when more and more down from 500,000 to like 10,000 views a day. So he put me in a cage.

It’s like, you know, it’s like you’re you’re making me slave, a digital slave on Twitter. So these people are evil. Again, I repeat, here’s my prediction fucker.

Crossen is a fucker. Boobie F Kennedy, Jr. is a frontman for the government.

Go look at all of his contradictions. The problem is we have a bunch of we don’t have men anymore. I feel like me in our truth for them health warriors, and the women are the real fighters.

There’s very few men out there all these Grifters out there. Either they don’t have any testosterone, either. They’re eating a lot of estrogen or something’s going on because they do not tell the truth when it’s important to tell it at the right time.

And they will never cover us or me. Either. They’re racist, or they’re afraid that I’ll steal all their views because people hear the truth.

But their days are numbered because people are starting to recognize they are the Neo establishment now. They’re creating a new quote unquote media to replace the old dead media, but they’re still the same. New bottle old wine.

Okay, new bottle, old wine, same people. So I really want to emphasize to everyone that we’re at a historic point is because the reason let’s bring Chris back and John back the reason I am able to see the future which such 100 out of 100 Sorry to be something boastful. I was brought up unfortunately, as a young kid, always to be humble.

I’ve learned in the last 10 years, you can’t be humble if you’re telling the truth. Our movements predictions are 100 out of 100 100%. And we will be 100%.

On Tucker Carlson 100%. I’m Bobby F. Kennedy.

As many of you know, I’m running for president I’ve already a Trump is just an entertainer, come on, that guy’s an idiot. He can go bang people he can go, quote unquote, great people. The Kennedys can go kill people, these people get away.

Is this the kind of people you want as true Americans? Or do you want someone like me? And people in our movement? Who are everyday working people? This is this is really come to Jesus point? Do you want to be abused? Do you want to really be Americans who are given the First and Second Amendment? Or do you want to be freaking morons? That’s what this question is. And if you want to learn the ability to see the future, and have the courage to call up people, then you got to support Shiva for president. And if you want to learn how to do this, go to truth freedom health.

com. I teach you how to do this. It’s called The Science of systems.

John, do you want to say a few words before we sign off?John Medlar 47:00Yeah, basically, for the several 100 of you that have been watching this live and the other, many other many people that are going to watch this afterwards. Number one thing you need to do is you need to stop sitting on the sidelines anymore. If you were lucky enough to break through the shadow banning and be some of the few that actually see this video.

First of all, help us fight those algorithms by sharing this video with others. Secondly, stop sitting on the sidelines and actually get involved in the movement. Become a leader in your city or town join the movement for truth, freedom and health.

We’ll give you the infrastructure and the training to help get you set up and interconnected with people. But you need to start getting active and getting on the ground and start to organize people against this stuff. It’s not a it’s not enough to just sit here consuming, consuming the information that we’re giving you.

You need to act on it next. Yeah. And Chris Chris Bradley’s they’re holding it holding up the street for them health sign that he that he goes and shows people in his community.

So yeah, everybody. Yep. And there’s, there’s Maria with hers.

So yeah, everybody, everybody on this call right now is also an activist and a leader in their own local communities helping to organize other other people against this nonsense. So that is that’s that’s, that’s, that’s, and that’s what we’re doing with this. With this campaign for Dr.

Shiva. For President. The campaign is a vehicle to build a movement and that’s what we’ve always been about.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:16Yeah, the movement is for an outsider like me to win given all these scumbags. The only way I could ever win as president is with a movement and the movement for truth, freedom and help this here, you have no freaking excuses anymore to follow these morons.

Remember what I shared, the life expectancy in the United States is going down. If you have kids, your kids are going to live less than you think about what I’m saying. And this is brought to you not by the Republicans or not by the Democrats, but But both of their policies for the last 60 to 80 years starting with the Kennedys then going to the Reagan’s and then the Carter’s the Reagan’s the trumps the Biden’s all of them, they don’t give a damn about you.

I care. And our movement cares about working people. You know why? Because we’re one of you.

Robert Kennedy ain’t one of you guys wake up? Wake up booboo ain’t one of you is a billion dollar trust fund kid. He can spit in policeman’s face which he did and nothing happens to him. Ted Kennedy can murder people.

Nothing happens to him. Okay, John F. Kennedy read Seymour Hersh, his book was a complete dick.

Reckless fool he almost he’s the one who started the Vietnam War, but they create this huge mythos around the Kennedys. The Kennedys are mafia scumbags. Let go of the brainwashing.

I’m sorry. Donald Trump, who has got his gold plated toilet seat is a dick. Complete prick.

Is that who you want to follow? Or do you want to vote and have a real President like me, backed by a movement of amazing people like Chris Bradley American history, Christian him and John and 400,000 other people, it is your choice. If you want to dig your grave, keep following these fools. If you want your children to live longer vote for Shiva for President.

If you want to become empowered, go to truth freedom and learn the science of systems. Otherwise you’re going to get fooled in what? Mark my words as Chris just said, all of these little grifter fools are now backpedaling.

When we’ve had the information out there, do not follow Jack piezoceramic Do not follow Tucker Carlson. Tonight, Tucker Carlson. You go down the list.

Chris, do you want to give him the list once again for the people everyone should stop following right now?50:42Tucker Carlson RFK Jr. Joe Rogan. Ben Shapiro Jordan piers Peterson.

Dan bond Gino Charlie Kirk TP USA. Glenn Beck. Jack the sobic.

Tim cast Ted Cruz. Patrick bet David Ian miles Chong cat shit. I mean, cat turd.

What it all these people. They’re all bullshit artists wake up.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 51:08Yeah. And the important thing is a number of people that are realizing the reason I curse at these people, is because I hate them. And you should too.

And don’t if you’re a Christian, remember, Christ took that whip and whip the shit out of those people. So don’t talk to me about cursing. Oh, you shouldn’t curse.

I say fuck you. Okay, that’s my answer to you. Shut the fuck up and learn how to curse because these people are dangerous.

Elon Musk just fucked all of you who are following him? And I predicted he was going to fuck you. Robert Kennedy will fuck you. He already screwed you.

He he says he’s against vaccine mandates and his own house. He mandated people had to get the COVID vaccine. Wake the fuck up.

Ching Ching, wake up. That’s why our movements here. And when you wake up, you don’t have to get to press and you don’t say what am I going to do? No, our movement is here.

We have the infrastructure. We have the community. We will teach you how to win because we win.

We are winning. We just won today. We won many many people’s respect.

You’re like wow, doctor, she was right again. Hope he was right again about Fauci hope he was right again about Trump he was right again about the pandemic is right again about election integrity. Maybe I should actually listen to him versus being a dope and listening to some idiot named cat herd.

Wake the fuck up guys. That’s a message. WT fu write that in your right here and your third eye when you go to bed tonight and say I need to wake the fuck up.

I need to go to truth freedom I need to support Dr. Shiva for President.

That’s it. And if you wanted to support Tucker Carlson anymore, you’re a moron. If you want to support Bobby Kennedy, Jr, you’re part of a fucking Kennedy cult.

And if you need cold training to get you out, please contact us and we will help you come to our open house. We have help here. We know how to help you.

Like we have a like AAA AAA does. What does it AAA? We have that equivalent here to get you out because you’re an abuse victim. You’re literally a codependent abuse victim.

If you’re following Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and you’re following Thanks.

Get educated or be enslaved. Go ahead, John, did you wanna say something?John Medlar 53:18No, that was like, Yeah. You guys already said it come to the open house come to the orientation.

Someone here was just saying I wish you were running in Canada. We need someone like you up here. Well, that person I’d say I’m 100% Say we have a lot of people up in Canada, we have a growing movement up there.

In fact, we’re in 95 countries all over the world. So just because we’re running in the US doesn’t mean you can’t start building the movement, right? Where you are thisDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 53:45house or you can even you many of you can make phone calls, you can help us with the movement here.

So John, put up the orientation. It’s

Yeah, come there. Here’s the next action steps. We’re going to give you a variety go to shoot for for President support that you can go to be issue.

com/orientation Come to our open house. Okay, you’ll learn more. Number three, go to truth, freedom health.

com. And we will help you if you are finally recognizing that you’ve been screwed over, we’re here to help you. We will help you get over your abuse.

And if you want to stay with these people know that you are an abuse victim. You’re like a person in a relationship, who’s with a drunk who beats the shit out of you every day and you keep going back to him. That’s who the Kennedys are.

That’s who Tucker Carlson is actually Elon Musk is. And if you want to be abused over and over and over again, and want to be a dumb shit. Then go follow them.

But if you want to if you care about yourself and your family and your children, and you want to live long vote cheaper for president, period. Alright everyone, Chris, thank you very much, Kristen. Thank you.

Maria. Do you guys have any other closing words you want to say before we close out? Nope.Kristin 54:57I would just want to encourage people to like Dr.

Shiva and John said, come to the open house on Thursdays. That’s the best start. We have an entire educational platform.

Not it’s not just Dr. Shiva telling you what to think or predicting these things, he will actually teach you the methodology, the system science, how to actually think. And then on top of that, he’s training us and others to also become teachers.

So we are like self organizing system. So we’re like replicating everywhere. It’s amazing.

We’re like the good kind of virus, you should join us.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 55:36That’s, that’s why they want to make us invisible.

That’s why these bricks right out will not cover us because they know that once people come to us, they’re getting the real truth. And their days are over like no one will want to follow them. The recent Patrick but David that doofus will has to be paid Chris, you paid him like 500 bucks, right? And then he mentioned my name.

So that’s kind ofKristin 56:00what’s the very last thing I want to mention, if I may, is about humility. When people want to say things like Dr. Shiva is arrogant or anybody’s arrogant, I have to say this.

I don’t think they understand the definition of humility is not just being humble like Dr. Shiva, sometimes you talk about being a good little Indian or whatever. Being humble also means embracing what your success and your strengths and standing up for those things like you do for the invention of email.

So when I hear that kind of crap, it’s such a capo, and I think people need to start seeing through that as well. Just my two cents on that. Yeah.

John Medlar 56:35You don’t let other people falsely claim to do what you the work that you get. Like, that’s, that’s just dishonest. That’s right.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 56:42Right. Yeah.

Anyway, these people, these are these people days are numbered. Go ahead, Maria.56:49Just one thing.

Yeah. The people here, Dr. Shiva, and all the people in truth, freedom, health, have courage.

So the thing is, if you just, you know, have, we all have a backbone. So you just need to use it and recognize that you don’t want to outsource your power, your power is within you. And you don’t need someone telling you dictating to you how to live, how to take care of yourself.

It’s you, you take responsibility, you first start with your health, and then you go from there. So it’s very empowering. But it’s, it’s at the same time it is humbling, but you have the courage to stand up.

Because when you know how to take care of yourself. You see through all of that bullshit, people try to shove down your throat, and you just don’t even you’re not going to stand for it. So if you do have any dignity for yourself, and like Dr.

Shiva says you care about yourself and your family. Yeah, I hope that you join us because we’re growing and we’re going to keep growing with Dr. Shiva and truth freedom and health.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:10Alright, everyone, I think we made the point. Again, we told you so Elon Musk is a scumbag.

Period. And also FYI, Tucker Carlson is a scumbag and booby F. Kennedy Jr.

Says come back, all of you who are part of this cult movement of theirs. We’re here to help you. We have an entire abuse victim program.

When you join us we will walk you through the process of getting over and the withdrawals that you’ll have as you let go of these two all these fuckers. Okay. And also, as Chris pointed out all those other Grifters when you go and abuse the hell out of them, okay, expose them, because they deserve your meanest curse words as you can.

As they’re backpedaling, do not let them get away. All these people are supporting fucking E E. E L.

Slippery Elon Musk. That’s why I call an E E. E L O N e L lon Musk.

Okay, he’s an eel. All right. And he just made a seat and I gave him the chance to be the CEO.

I said, Look, I’ll be your CEO. He could have had a great, true free speech activist, but he doesn’t want that. He brought in the worst freaking devil you can because he’s a devil.

So it’s time for you guys to decide if you really want to be a Christian, then support our movement. Because we’re really Christians. If you really want to truly be someone who fights for workers and truly want to be a Marxist truly support the proletarian come to our movement, because we’re real fighters for workers and we’re truly Christians.

And we will expose the left from the left and we’ll expose the right from the right. Jack Pacific should just go back to his Mama’s basement. Den but Gino should just go run away somewhere because all he wants to do is make money talk you know and I can’t believe Milan Kanye still stays with Trump.

Okay? Like these people are fucking crazy. The guy goes and pays off horrors and this and the conservatives still he’s still the Conservatives leader. John, can you believe this? I mean, unbelievable.

The contradictions here. Okay. Unbelievable.

You’re a Christian and you support Donald Trump. Are you freaking serious? Okay, how many times you’re gonna do that you’re all abuse victims if you support these people, but we’re here to help service is citizenship, and we’re here for you. Thank you, John.

Thank you, Kristen. Thanks, Maria. Thanks, Chris.

Be well. Yeah, you guys

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