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Cloves are a Potent Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-Fungal/Protozoan Spice, Based on CytoSolve® Analysis of 3,326 Research Articles, Spanning 74 Years that Include 22 Clinical Trials.

  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – the Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator- presents a Systems Biology Analysis of Cloves & their effect the Immune System.
  • Approximately 3,326 articles have been published on Cloves over the past 74 years that document nearly 22 clinical trials.
  • Cloves are indigenous to the Maluku islands of Indonesia and its medicinal benefits are drawn from dried flower buds & leaves with earliest documented evidence dating back 2200 years ago.
  • Cloves have vitamins, essential oils, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and contain many molecules that can affect receptors on cell surfaces across multiple molecular systems associated with Immunity.
  • Benefits of cloves include anti-oxidant effect, anti-ulcer effect, anti-microbial effect, anti-proliferation effect, anti-diabetic effect, and anti-inflammatory effects as well as antiseptic uses.
  • Eugenol makes up 88% of cloves which inhibit enzymes such as COX-2 & 5LOX that produce inflammatory cytokines that lead to PGE2 & LTB4 which cause pain and inflammation.


We are going to take the Systems Approach to understand an herb called cloves, and how cloves affect immune systems. So what we have here is the presentation we’re going to walk through right now on how cloves affect the immune system.

So how do cloves affect the immune system? First of all, some of you may know that we actually have a site, you can go to and I’ve done many things in the world, including creating email, which is a system. But one of the things that I’m very, very proud of, my latest invention is CytoSolve., and what is CytoSolve?

Well, CytoSolve came out back in 2007 after my recognition that if you look at what’s happening in biology, that biology is moving beyond just the genomic understanding of biology. So there was a time that people thought what made us humans was just the fact that you had a bunch of genes; it turns out that’s not true. Ostensibly, everyone thought that because genes were everything in the nineties, when they looked at a worm, we knew a worm had around 20,000 genes. So when they started the human Genome Project, the assumption was, “wow, genes are what makes humans, humans. So we must have at least a million genes.”

What you see in this diagram, that’s quite interesting, is that it turns out that was a fallacy because they didn’t take a Systems Approach, where you find here the estimate, was around 1990, around a hundred thousand genes was the hypothesis. It turns out we only have around 20,000 genes.

We have the same number of genes as a worm.

Systems Approach

So this led to a different field called ‘Systems Biology’ and Systems Biology experts said “look, we need to start understanding the whole body. It’s not just the genes over here, it’s the proteins, genes create proteins, proteins affect cells. So in order to basically understand the whole, we have to understand all of this.”

So in 2003, I came back to MIT, and one of the grandest challenges was imagined. Could we model the whole human cell? So here’s the cell. Imagine being able to model all the chemical reactions in the human cell, because then we could really start understanding it without killing animals. Right? If I took cloves, or you took a particular ingredient, how would it affect all these chemical reactions?

So I just want to tell everyone the sort of the revolution here is, if you could look at all of the literature written on chemical reactions, let’s say cloves and the immune system. Mathematically modeled on the computer. Now you use a computer as a way to understand stuff long before you waste time in the lab. Now this was thought of as a impossible problem, but that became the basis of my thesis, in MIT during 2003-2007, when I came back to do my PhD work and what you can see here, go back to so you guys can see all the slides is that what I found was that in order to do this. By the way, if you look at this cell here, any little piece of the cell, it’s called the molecular pathway. So these are a little molecular pathway reactions. So you could read one paper in science and we’ll have one of these ball and stick diagrams. Some people are starting to convert these to mathematical models as I’m showing over here.

Well, the issue then becomes if all of these are becoming models, how do you interconnect models? So that’s when I created CytoSolve, and CytoSolve said, look, let’s break this up into a bunch of models, from models one, it could be infinity. And I created a technology which allowed us to integrate the Systems of mathematical models.


So that means you could literally take very complex stuff like this and you can mathematically model it with CytoSolve and over the last, you know, 15 years, we’ve literally created an environment, a technology environment for enabling what I say, Truth, Freedom and Health, because it’s a decentralized environment. It’s inclusive, it’s transparent, it’s open, it’s personalized. We can literally take knowledge from the literature. Run it through CytoSolve, And we can figure out based on the known science today, with CytoSolve we know whether or not something actually works. So what that means is we’re not going to cherry pick. Like what Fauci and other people do.

Fortunately, we don’t take that approach. We literally can look at, so what we can definitively say. If you want to understand how cloves affect the immune system, we can look at all of the knowledge at that point extracted, and we go through a very diligent process to understand the effects. So for example, if I look over here, and we have this whole process. And in a collaborative way for understanding and that was published. That whole methodology is published and it’s a very well-known paper. It’s out in the scientific literature. Now getting close, there are nearly 3,326 articles. Written on cloves over the past 74 years. Okay. And that’s around 22 clinical trials. So imagine I asked you to tell me, do cloves affect the immune system. How would you do it? You’d have to go research all of those papers. You would have to literally go through all of these papers. You would have to read them, understand them to figure out what was going on.

So what occurs in science unfortunately is that people don’t do that. Right? What they do is they do cherry picking like the blind men. So if the elephant represents the effect of cloves on the immune system, you could have one guy just go looking at a few papers, the tail, right. And saying, Oh, cloves don’t do anything. In this case of the blind men say things to tails a brush. Or this blind man thinks that the elephant is a tree cause he’s bumped into the leg or this guy thinks it’s a sphere. This is a famous story of the blind men who are looking at the elephant and they don’t really know what they’re looking at.

So in science, this happens where someone could look at only one of these articles or 10 of them say, cloves have no effect. And that’s what the pharmaceutical industry is doing right now because they don’t want to really look at all of the literature because it may actually say, wow, I could get pain relief on my gums by taking clove oil, for example. Or I could boost the immune system so they don’t want to take a Systems Approach. What they want to do is they want to take a Reductionist Approach and that’s what the blind men here are doing. The blind men here are taking a Reductionist Approach. They just go read one article or five articles. So by the way, this approach to a “Systems Approach”, I put into the classic book “System and Revolution”. It’s really the basis of the course we teach. Every Monday night, I teach it online and I’ll come back more to it. But it’s a Systems Approach that’s really going to help us understand how we get out, it’s where we get to Truth.

So again, those of you, who sign up on, and you become a supporter. You get the online book access, and you get access to another tool called your body, your system. But this is really the textbook of really understanding how you can take a Systems Approach. And that’s the way I look at politics. That’s the way people like Ken are being trained. That’s the way we have close to 5,000 Truth, Freedom, Health warriors. People are being now trained to take a Systems Approach. This is how we break the bond of Left and Right, Pro-Trump Anti-Trump, you know, Republican – Democrat, because we can go to the source of Truth. So the approach I’m going to share with you that we’re applying to understand whether cloves affect the immune system or not is the same approach you can find out whether you can look at, or know what is a real solution is to solving the Election Fraud issues, How do we really stop it? How do we really win medical freedom? All, you can take the same approach.

So let me go back to this. So, what we do at CytoSolve is we can literally take those 3000 pieces of literature at the top of the funnel. We can then distill them down to the ones that were actually peer reviewed. We can then extract the molecular pathways. Then we create a systems architecture and then we can find out what the hell is actually going on. And then we actually publish this stuff. So we take this very distillation process, but the scientific process.

CytoSolve allows us to do that. And just to let you know the pharmaceutical industry, the way they develop drugs right now is they just simply find a compound. They don’t use this approach. They don’t use CytoSolve. Which we’re going to get to, they just take a compound, throw it in a test tube. Well, it looks like it’s doing something. Then they go kill a bunch of animals for three or four years. This takes around six years. Then if the FDA approves them to go do clinical trials. They do small sets of humans, large sets, etcetera. And this process takes around $5 billion, 13 years. And by the way, the drug that comes out may not actually heal you. It can actually have lots and lots of side effects. And in fact what’s happening in pharmaceuticals right now, just look what’s going on. That this is happening.

Pharmaceutical companies are spending more and more money over R & D and less and less of their drugs are even being allowed by the FDA. They’re losing money like crazy. This is why vaccines are their goal because vaccines don’t need to go through all this rigorous testing. They don’t even need to go to pharmaceutical grade testing. They can just go and basically they spend a lot of money because this is a very rigid, stringent process. So I thought pharma would want to use this. So I said, look, don’t kill animals, use CytoSolve. Well, we worked with a couple of them. They validated its use, but you know, we were actually showing their stuff wasn’t working. So that’s a problem for them. But anyway, this is where pharma’s at. So what CytoSolve does is we can literally take compounds. We can run it through our technology long before we do cells. So we save all this time. It’s no different than how airplanes are built. We don’t just throw a pilot. We do it on the computer.

So let me give you an example of CytoSolve’s power. So for example, when I grew up in India, these guys would be mixing herbs. And if you asked them, Hey, why are you putting so much of this or that? And this is a problem with a lot of the nutraceutical industry right now. If you go to buy vitamins at GNC places, and you look at them and say, how did you come up with that formulation? Oh, a lot of hand-waving. With CytoSolve, we can actually do the mathematical analysis to find out how this ingredient effects that ingredient effects and how you put them together to get the right combination. In fact, we’ll be talking about it. We have always helped a lot of companies with their products, but recently we found two very powerful ingredients. When you put them together as a very powerful effect for inflammation, we’re going to be releasing that’s called mV25.

Synergy – A Systems Principle

But by way of example, this is not the stuff we put in mV25, but what I’m going to share with you is when you look at this process, what we’re able to do with CytoSolve, for example, let’s assume you take curcumin, which is if you take turmeric, we’re literally be able to take turmeric curcumin and look at all the pathways of inflammation. So here, the outer circle is a cell wall. This is a nuclear, all these balls and lines and diagrams here are all chemicals and we’re able to seize. How does curcumin interact? And then we’re able to mathematically model that. So curcumin comes from a rhizome called turmeric. And if you get the red skin, the skin of red grapes that has something or we can also see how resveratrol affects inflammation and we can see how they do it in combination.

So here we’re looking at this far right column is a cytokine, which is inflammation. So 0.15 means that you have high levels of inflammation. We’re not giving any curcumin or any resveratrol. Then what we do is, so you have high inflammation, then we just give curcumin alone. And guess what? When we mathematically model, we find out that the inflammation drops from 0.15 to.05. Everyone see that? Then when we just give resveratrol alone with CytoSolve, we find out we went from 0.15 to .06, not as good as curcumin here, but then watch what happens when we combine them.

It’s called the synergistic effect. That’s why foods are powerful. I reduce the amount of curcumin from five to three. From resveratrol from five to two. So here’s a 60% reduction, 40%. But when you combine them together, you get even more reduction in that inflammatory cytokine. This is a power food. So, just to see what we did here was, when we looked at cloves, we applied CytoSolve, we took a Systems Approach. We wanted to take a Systems Approach to understand how cloves affect the immune system. So, we understand all the chemical reactions in the immune system. And then we want to get to the Truth of how cloves actually affect it. Now, today on Facebook and YouTube and all these things, they’re just throwing off people, well CytoSolve can get to the scientific source of Truth. And if these guys wanted to do “Real Fact” checking, they would use CytoSolve. Because Cytosolve takes a Systems Approach.

Introduction to Cloves

I’ll come back to this because I see some people saying start the program, so let me just jump right into cloves. I have some in my cabinet. Can you go have Michelle give you some cloves? I use, by the way, I use cloves all the time. I make a lot of chai tea, I take the cloves and maybe I’ll do it. I’ve done how to make chai tea, but I grind the chai tea in my mortar & pestle, and you put it in. Cloves have a lot of very, very valuable effects. So cloves is a spice that’s used in food preservation. In traditional systems of medicine, just to give you a note in India, when my grandmother and my mom would buy a bag of rice, by the way, even now, if you go buy bags of rice, if you leave it too long, you’ll start getting worms coming in there or bugs. So in typical, if you buy a bag of rice or in India, we would take a bunch of cloves and mix it in with that rice. Why? Because as you can see cloves support the preservation. It’s a food preservative, it keeps away all the bugs. Just like if you take it in your mouth for oral health, it supports you.

It’s also indigenous to the Maluku islands in Indonesia, and now it’s cultivated across the world. So cloves originally came from the Maluku islands in Indonesia, which is the Asia Pacific. Now it’s medicinal benefits are drawn to the dried flower buds, as well as the leaves and the earliest documented evidence dates back to 2200 years ago. So about 2,200 years ago, people really started using cloves. So it’s a long time ago. The other piece that’s important to understand. Here with cloves is that, Oh, Ken’s got me one, So if you haven’t seen cloves, some people have never seen what a clove looks like. Let me see if I can show it in the camera. You can see, this is what a clove looks like. I don’t know if you can see it right here. Yeah. It’s it’s, it looks like a flower pod there. You see it right there. And you can get these, in any store. Typically I get them whole and I grind them because it’s a lot more potent. But that’s what, that’s what cloves look like. And you have a couple of them in my hand right there and you can grind these up and you can
put them in, you can also get the powder. I highly recommend if you’re getting herbs, get the whole herbs, use your mortar & pestle because you get a lot more of the volatile oils. You can buy them in powder but I don’t think they’re as potent.

Composition of Cloves

So, when you look at the cloves here, they’ve been used for a long time. Now, the cloves I have a couple of things. They have vitamins, they have essential oils. And again, when you get them fresh, you’d get more of the essential oils. They have fiber and they have minerals. Vitamins, essential oils, fiber and minerals. Now the significant source of fiber, about 340 milligrams of one gram of clove. It’s a lot, a lot of fiber there. The most abundant minerals you have in cloves are about 0.63 to one gram of calcium, potassium one milligram in one gram of potassium. And it’s the most abundant vitamins and cloves are vitamin A, 160 IUs in a hundred grams. Vitamin E 8.82 in a hundred grams and vitamin K, 141 micrograms. And to give you an idea, there are many, many molecules in cloves. So remember an herb like these cloves or any herbs that you have in your home. It’s not a pharmaceutical drug, a pharmaceutical drug is actually a single molecule. Like imagine you just had one of these molecules. This is eugenol, eugenol acetate, but in pharmaceutical drugs, they’re not even drugs. They’re not even chemicals that appear in nature. So unlike these molecules, which your body over thousands of years is aware of, right.

Cloves, these molecules have not even been used, the molecules that pharmaceutical companies use don’t even exist in nature. They create them. It’s called synthetic molecules, but these are the different molecules that are in cloves. So let me walk through them. So you have eugenol okay. So the clove, a flower bud contains up to 18% of the essential oils. A total of 36 essential oils are identified in cloves so far. And the major essential oils are eugenol 88%. It’s the number one eugenol acetate 5.5%. And Beta-Caryophyllene 1.5%. So these are the major ones. There could be others, right? But eugenol being the most important one.

Biological Effects of Cloves

If you look at that 3000 piece of literature, people say that the antioxidant effect, anti-ulcer effect, antimicrobial effect, anti-proliferative effect, anti-diabetic effect, anti-inflammatory effect. So a lot of values. This is why in traditional cultures the cloves are typically used. We use it chai tea, you use it when we make lamb Curry, you use it in a lot of different oils. You may clove oil out of it. You can use it in, as I mentioned, as an antiseptic or on your mouth to stop pain. It’s a great pain reliever.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Now, here are the health benefits. By the way, these are the biological benefits, meaning these are what they have in them at the molecular systems level, and these are what you would see for health. Cancer, lots of articles written on that, nausea, burn and wound healing, diabetes, periodontitis, and pain. These two sort of go together with tooth pain and periodontitis. So, now to review, I want to really, first of all, in order, because we’re going to talk about cloves on the immune system.

Immune System: Old Science vs Modern Science

Remember the old model of the immune system is you get a pathogen. It hits the Innate Immune System, which is the part of your immune system. That’s in your mouth, that’s in your eyes, it’s everything, in your gut that the pathogen comes to and then this other part of your immune system is your Adaptive Immune System, which creates antibodies. And the goal of the vaccine is to not even deal with this and inject something called either deadened particle. Now they’re doing mRNAs that generate antibodies. But as many of you know, in the research that I’ve done, which is presented to the National Science Foundation. We can go back to this, sorry guys, who weren’t seeing this on the screen. This is the old model of the immune system. This is actually a much more accurate model of the immune system. And this architecture of the immune system says, look, there’s an Interferon System, there’s a Microbiome and Virome the Adaptive System. So the immune system is a lot more complex and you can see other videos on it. So what we’ve done is when we looked at all these complexities of the immune system, we started looking with CytoSolve. At what cloves effect. We’re first of all, cloves modulate the immune response or controlling inflammatory cytokines and
inflammatory enzymes.

So this is so just keep that in mind. So what we’ve discovered was from our looking at all that scientific work cloves modulate, which means they’re like shock absorbers. They modulate the cytokine storm and they modulate the inflammatory enzymes. But cloves also exhibit a very, very strong antiviral effect, antibacterial effect, antifungal effect and antiprotozoal effect. It’s all of the pathogens: Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.

So, how do they do this?

So, I’m now going to walk you through this from a molecular Systems Approach, and how this all plays out. So here’s eugenol. Eugenol makes up 88% of cloves, so we’re going to focus on that chemical and now what eugenol does is, it inhibits enzymes, such as COX-2 and 5LOX that produce inflammatory cytokines. So you see here’s your inflammatory cytokines, where you get the cytokine storm in here. The proteins that cause pain and inflammation. COX-2 and 5LOX are the things that lead to PGE2 and LTB4, which are the things that lead to pain and inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Cloves
on Immune System

They stop these. For example, I had dental work done and it was aching. I just took a little bit of clove drops – you have to be careful with clove oil. Dilute it and bang, you’re good to go. It completely stopped the pain, but be very careful. You’ve got to read about it and do your own research. This is what Advil does. So if some of you unfortunately have to take Advil, Advil is a COX-2 inhibitor. Remember, Advil goes everywhere throughout our bodies. With clove oil, if you have a pain in a particular area, you can put it on that pain in a very localized way. That’s the advantage of it.

Advil, you can’t just put it on that spot. You take it internally. It hits everything. Point is that eugenol goes and blocks COX-2 and 5LOX, which makes sure that these enzymes don’t go creating these pro-inflammatory cytokines, PGE2 and LTB4. Boom, it stops it. You don’t get these. The second thing eugenol does is that it actually binds – this is actually curcumin by the way, it does this too – it inhibits this transcription factor. There’s NF-κB, which is a thing that causes a cytokine storm. Through these three inflammatory genes, IL-10, IL-1β and IL-6. So if you want to learn a little bit of chemistry here, the IL-1β, we can bring this back to all the people elsewhere, with these three cytokines. If you’re at a dinner party, you can say, “Oh yeah, IL-0, IL Beta IL-6.” These three things are the ones that create the cytokine storm.

So what does eugenol do?

It goes and blocks NF-κB, right? It literally shuts that off. So you do not get the cytokine storm taking place. I hope that makes sense. So that’s what it’s doing right here. NF-κB is blocked by eugenol so that’s how it modulates the inflammatory enzymes, these guys and the inflammatory cytokines.

Anti-Viral Effects of Cloves on Immune System

The second thing I want to share with you is let’s go here. Eugenol also has an antiviral response.

The next thing we’re gonna talk about is that eugenol also has a very powerful antiviral effect, and you can see that here. So here’s a virus. Remember what happens is when a virus takes over your whole cell, it uses the virus itself. So here’s your cell and notice what’s happening here. The virus is replicating its DNA. Remember we talked about that. The virus starts replicating its DNA and it uses what’s called viral DNA polymerase to support that. So with viral DNA polymerase is an enzyme that the virus uses that’s essential for replication of viral DNA and the host cell. So the virus gets in and starts using this viral DNA polymerase.

Well guess what Eugenol does?

Something quite amazing here. Eugenol inhibits the viral DNA polymerase enzyme, thereby stopping viral DNA synthesis and viral replication. And here are all the papers that we distilled that show that eugenol is effective against influenza virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2, and hepatitis C. Again, this is in the literature, the references are here. Eugenol is effective against influenza, HSV-1 and HSV-2, and hepatitis C. I take tons of cloves in my food. Best way to, by the way, to take this stuff – you can take it as a pill, but I encourage all of you to learn from traditional systems of medicine. The more we can incorporate it in the food, the better our body recognizes it. It’s not another pill you have to take. So it’s really important to start learning how to cook and go back to traditional healing methods.

Anti-Bacterial Effects of Cloves on Immune System

The other thing is eugenol also has an antibacterial effect. Now, why is this important? Some people are suffering with a lot of these very interesting bacterial infections, right? And you can go to all these different things like Spirochetes. All these different microbes like bacteria, candida, protozoa, etc. What happens is a lot of these microbes hide under a biofilm, they literally create a wall of biofilm and then they hide under it and people will take any antibiotics. These things come back and forth, they never really knock these infections out. The reason is you have to break up the biofilm. You can talk to a lot of people about this to verify this, but what eugenol does is it – so biofilm by the way is a sequential colonisation bacteria around the tooth surface. So you have it in your mouth, and use clove oil to break up the biofilm. It literally busts up that biofilm and by breaking up the biofilm it inhibits bacterial growth. Because what happens, is that these bacteria hide under their little dome like it’s a little house. You’re basically going in and crashing a big missile onto their house. And that’s what the eugenol does and eugenol is effective against e.coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, listeria monocytogenes, etc. Okay. You can also use clove oil as a disinfectant in your home. I think there are some natural products coming out like that.

But the reason I wanted to share this with you, the way this works, that it’s actually breaking up that biofilm. So Ken, you said your friend used peppermint oil for their toothpaste. Another very good thing. We’ll do a whole thing on peppermint oil.

Anti-Fungal Effects of Cloves on Immune System

Another thing I want to talk about are antifungals and anti-protozoan response. So here’s eugenol, here’s a fungi. So ergosterol, which is this thing right here, which is on the surface. So here’s a fungi protozoa on their wall, which is a critical component of the fungal protozoan cell wall. This is what eugenol does. Eugenol inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol, leading to the destabilization of the fungal protozoan cell wall, and eventually death. So, these fungi and protozoa have to use your body’s machinery to manufacture their walls. Like they’re building their own wall and ergosterol is the building block. It’s like the bricks that build their wall. What eugenol does is it breaks up the synthesis. So they’ve got to go make the bricks to build their cell wall. The bacteria and eugenol comes in and it stops a synthesis of ergosterol.

That’s what we’re seeing right here. So therefore, eugenol is effective against candida. Candida is a fungal protozoan, not a bacteria; a yeast, Aspergillus niger, these are very familiar types of antifungal protozoan. So eugenol is very effective against that, but you’re seeing from our analysis, it actually is breaking up this chemical, ergosterol formation. And then finally people always ask, what is the dosage? How much should you take?

Truth Freedom Health

Let’s just take a quick break now. I’ll come back to the dosing.

I want to encourage everyone because the platform that we’re building is supported by you. We are creating a platform. As I mentioned, go to If you have a chance, please go to We are building a movement for Truth, Freedom, and Health. And as a part of this
movement, what I’ve done is we’re taking all of our technology, the data centers that we own, and on this data center platform, people can contribute. We’re putting a new hardware, we’re buying a new UPS, but you can join the community. And when you join, we don’t want you to just give us money. When you give us money, I want to give you something back. We give you all of the tools for the warrior program; for those people who want to contribute and be supportive.

Those people want to just get the book and “Your Body, Your System”. I’ll talk about this very powerful tool. “Your Body, Your System”, is a tool that allows you to ask yourself a set of questions using an engineering system theory. It will actually calculate what kind of system you are. That’s a red dot. Then it figures out the black dot, which is how you are disturbed. It discerns from your current state of existence, your health, and then it helps you figure out what are the right foods, the right supplements, the right yoga exercises that are right for you.
Everyone is different. This is why we say “be happy, be you,” it’s a personalized approach to your health.

This is a tool to understand systems principles. So if you go again to, you’ll recognize that all of these tools are available to you. And what I want to do before I finish up with the cloves, the dosing etc. that you should consider is – let me just play the video here. This will give you a deep understanding for those of your new, what is this movement that we’re
building? Here we go.

So I hope that gives everyone a bit of background. So let’s finish up – by the way, every Monday evening, I do the live course. And, last week we had about 140 people on. So our goal is to have about 50,000 Truth, Freedom and Health warriors trained. But the bottom line is without the science, without the training, people are just going to be involved in this Left-Right nonsense. We want to break people from that adolescence.

Dosaging Research on Cloves

So what is the dosing, and what does the literature say?

And by the way – the big disclaimer – we are not here giving medical advice. Everyone should go consult. Wherever they think is appropriate for them. This is what the literature says. Maintenance dose, two to three cloves for a day – you can easily throw two to three cloves in the mortar and pound it with the pestle, for chai tea and throw it in as if you’re mixing food. For antiseptic use, and this comes from Elwakeel et al., 2007. It’s 1% clove oil cream. If you’re using it as an antiseptic for oral pain, you can get the clove oil gel from Alqareer et al., 2006. (2:3 volume to volume with glycerin). So that could be like an oil or some fat. So that means you want two parts, right? Clove oil, two to three parts, and add another oil. So it’s two to three and if you have pain some of them come in alcohol form. Some of them come in oil for, let’s say, a toothache or tooth pain, an oil you drop on it. It often has immediate numbing effects.

Cloves – An Eastern & Engineering
Systems Approach

The other thing I wanted to share with you is, as I mentioned, Your Body, Your System, which is a very powerful tool that came out of my work, where I was literally trying to connect Eastern and Western systems of medicine. From an engineering Systems Approach, you could look at the body as an engineering system, which is what we teach people in foundations of systems. They’re the force that is called transport, conversion, and storage and they may not make a lot of sense to you, but just think about there being three levers which define your body. Transport is the motion of information, matter and energy conversion is the conversion of information, matter and energy and storage. Some people convert very well; people who metabolize well have good digestion. Some people talk very fast with greater transport modality. Other people are sort of larger people with big frames, the storage and the structure. That comes from general system theory. In the Indian system of medicine, they call it transport, conversion, storage, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. So in my Fulbright work, I was able to inter interconnect Eastern and Western medicine. And I created a tool called Your Body, Your System.

With cloves everything I shared with you was from the Western systems biology approach. You can also look at what cloves do to the forces of transport, conversion, and storage. That’s what I wanted to share with you here. And if you take the course you’ll understand this better, but what cloves do, cloves reduce transport, and they numb things, so less pain. What is pain? A lot of movement. So as cloves lower pain they lower transport, which reduces Vata and has increased Pitta. So there are increased digestive processes. That’s why cloves are good. They’re really, really good for good digestion. That’s why Indians and a lot of traditional cultures add them. They reduce Kapha too.What is Kapha? It is like mucus in your lungs. Things that make you feel heavy, they break up stuff. That’s what the conversion process does. So you can understand this from an Eastern or what I call from a Systems Approach, how cloves work. So here’s your body. Let’s say your body gets deranged, and you’re moving into this transport range – people are often very nervous or something which has high Vata, transport. Cloves can have the effect of quieting them down.


Let me go back to our slide set here. So what you’ve learned here, in summary, is that number one, cloves modulate the immune system by inhibiting inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. That’s what the eugenol does. Eugenol from cloves stops viral replication by inhibiting the DNA viral replication process. Eugenol often prevents bacterial growth by destroying the protective biofilm and eugenol is used to control fungal and protozoal infection by destabilizing the cell walls. And then if you take the Eastern approach or the Systems Approach, eugenol lowers transport support pitta though, which is for digestive processes that break up mucus and these kinds of things. So you’ve gotten the Eastern and the Western approach right here on So I hope that’s been helpful.

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