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CytoSolve® reveals that TWO compounds in Green Lipped Mussel have significant effects on Joint Health. Short video above. Full analysis:

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:00 Good evening everyone. It’s Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai. Welcome. Today we’re going to go look at something called Green Lipped Mussel.

It’s very interesting. It’s Green Lipped Mussel. It’s M MU SS E L.

It comes from muscles and we’re going to look at its profound value on joint health. So we look at Green lipid muscle. What is green lipid muscle? Well, green lipid muscle is a bivalve mollusk.

It’s a mollusk right, and it’s found only in New Zealand, interesting green lipid is only found in New Zealand. And it’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief of joint pain and the bioactive compounds found in the oil extracted from the green lipid muscles. So here is the shell years of muscle like if you eat muscles, and oil is extracted from this, and there are bioactive compounds in this, which are found to have effects for Joint Pain.

Yesterday, we discussed glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, they had about 30,000 papers written on them, you know, each green lipid muscle is sort of new on the scene is sort of a new be in the world of ingredients it has about you know, it has nowhere near the amount it has about 496 research articles, quite a number of clinical trials, 21 clinical trials, and that’s over 32 years of medical research. If you went on PubMed, and you looked it up and you typed it in, this is what you’d find as of today. So if you had to read all these articles to figure out how would you do that? Well, it’d be pretty hard to do that, what we do is with cytosol, we have an approach, we can take all of those articles, we can curate the ones that actually talk about, let’s say, have evidence in there about molecular mechanisms, and then we can extract out the molecular pathways.

And we can look at a particular system, because some of these articles have nothing to do with joint disease, some of them have to do with some other issue. So out of that we find the ones that have to do with joint health, we have systems architecture, that then we mathematically model it to get a holistic understanding. So what we’re going to go through today, as we did yesterday’s, we’re going to look at all the literature out there.

And we’re going to understand from a bioinformatics standpoint that what the literature says, and then we’re going to use cytosol separately to actually take the molecular pathways, and mathematically model it again, we’re the only technology that can do this, in terms of taking all this and applying it to these ingredients. So we’re gonna have some really cool stuff to discuss there. So that’s green lipid muscle.

And that’s the approach we’re going to be taking today. The reason we take this approach, it’s called a systems approach. So the reality is, reductionism will tell you that, oh, it’s only the nucleus, we should focus on, if you have this gene, you’re gonna get this disease, and you’re gonna get die.

That was the old biology, the old biology, starting in the 1950s, was, if you have this gene, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get this disease. So a lot of biological scientists, we, as a society funded so much science, find this gene, find the gene find the gene, well, it turns out, genes can be turned on and off. If we have 20,000 genes, and a worm has 20,000 genes.

Clearly, genes are not what define us, what defines who we are, is not the genes, it is the interactions of the genes with what is called the proteins through molecular pathways. So it’s all the chemical reactions, and the molecular pathway looks like this. So in 2003, I came back to MIT because one of the ideas was Imagine being able to mathematically model the entire human cell understanding all these chemical reactions, converting them to mathematical models.

And this was seen as an impossible problem. So my advisor at MIT, Professor Dewey, who helped free professorships, great guy, he said, Shiva, look, you’ve always loved medicine, you’re a whiz at computers, why don’t you come back to MIT and take on this challenge for your PhD. So that’s what I did, I left one of my businesses came back to MIT in 2003.

And for four or five years, I put all my energy into creating a technology, which would allow us to mathematically model complex reactions on the computer. And that was really the development of CytoSolve. So that way, we could not only eliminate animal testing, but we could decide what areas of research we didn’t even want to do.

So scientists have allowed us to scale doubly integrate these models. And this was the infrastructure I created. And this infrastructure is really a way that we can enable Truth, Freedom and Health because we’re not only looking at one piece of literature, we can look at all the literature, we can mathematically model it, we can work with scientific institutions all over the world.

It’s a collaborative infrastructure. It is an ecosystem. So I published a major paper on his many papers I’ve published but fundamentally, what cytosol allows us to do is to look at combinations of ingredients, which is what nature’s made up in this technology long before we go do killing animals or wasting our time in the physical lab.

And by the way, this is how we build airplanes, right? We take a design, we modelled on the computer long before we go kill pilots. So using this systems approach, I was giving a talk several years ago to the Arthritis Foundation. And they said wow, couldn’t we use this technology to really map out all the molecular mechanisms of osteoarthritis and joint health? So we were funded by the people at the Arthritis Foundation, as well as people from the University Health Network, great group of people that are leading researchers on osteoarthritis, and I took that effort to use cytosol.

So cytosol did the work of hundreds of graduate students and scientists. So in a very A short period of time, we created the first molecular systems map of osteo. Arthritis and, and not only that, we published a paper on it, which we get, we’re giving away to the world instead of just putting it behind some paywall, but more importantly, that entire map, we’ve done it in an open science format, which means it’s for the World scientists.

So we’re not just holding on to it, we can derive technologies. But we’ve shared that information, I wanted to let you know that we use the technology here. We’ve helped many, many companies over the last 16 years, a lot of smart, innovative companies.

But we decided with all the mathematical models we’ve created, why don’t we try to use this to compute the best product we could think of from the science out there for reducing pain and inflammation, pain and discomfort, and that resulted in us Creating m v 25. Using cytosol. We’re going to have more products that are going to be coming.

Let me just show you what MV 25 is about for those of you who haven’t heard about it, but this is using psilocybin a beneficial way not to just do research but fine combination therapies.Barbara Ann 06:00I am firebrand, my hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t pull cards or knit or crochet. We would go like that.

Not have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids and I started taking that and the 25 after betta was able to hold cards in my hand. Very, very little cramping hardly at all anymore. MV 25Sandi 06:29Hi, my name is Sanjay.

I’m a Taekwondo instructor, I tore my ACL during Taekwondo, I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV 25 for about six months now after the first week, I noticed the big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain.Jeremy 06:49My name is Jeremy and I suffered from a lower back problem hurt my back at work years ago.

And I can go to the chiropractor and do all kinds of different things. And nothing seems to help. And I decided to try nv 25 I didn’t notice a difference immediately.

But within a few days of pain went away and it’s stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do seems to go away a lot quicker than I ever did before.

It’s clean foodDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 07:13certified, it’s made in the US if you go to Bac Right on the shop, you’ll click there or you can go right to MB 25 dot life either way, and then from there, you can click on the bottle and you can order if you buy six bottles, you get six bottles for free, please take advantage of it because first of all, it’s gonna help you it’s going to help our movement and it really supports the fact that we want to take science based approaches to natural products.

All right. So here we go. Green lipid muscle, as I mentioned to those of you are just joining this is called Pirna cannot cancel it colorless green lipid muscle.

It’s a bivalve mollusk. It’s found only in New Zealand. It’s clinically shown to have symptomatic relief for joint pain, clinical results, and it has certain compounds.

We’re going to go over what those are. And it’s found in the oil so they take this and extract the oil. So what are those components? Well, what you find is the two components that has this EPA which looks like this, which is eco self penta nowick acid and doco saw hexa Noack acid DHA, EPA and DHA.

And both of these are potent anti inflammatory molecules. So by the way, EPA is 20 carbons and five double bonds. These are the double bonds right here.

That’s what these lines are 1212345 here, this is actually oxygen here. And this has six double bonds 123456, this is a DHA. So two, these are called fatty acids.

These are the Omega three, they’re not omega six, they’re the Omega three polyunsaturated fatty acids. So these are the two important ingredients. So what are the health benefits people are finding? First of all, we look at the biological benefits, which means what’s occurring at the molecular level, and then we look at the health benefits.

So biologically, it’s an anti inflammatory, it’s an anti oxidants, an anti coagulant. And it supports blood policies, which means the break breaking of triglycerides, which can be good for people who are looking at let’s say, cholesterol or breaking down fat, so this helps burn fat, anti coagulation, antioxidant, anti inflammation, and that’s what the research to date shows of the green lipid muscle. Now the health benefits from the research is it lowers inflammation and pain, it improves metabolism.

That’s why it supports lipolysis to burning up fat, it helps reduce weight and as gastro protective, it protects against ulcers, if people want to go to cytosol, and there’s a URL called human knee osteoarthritis Everyone in the world can access it. So let me just show that to you right here.

So if we go right here, to arthritis, by the way, there’s a paper here that’s free. It goes through the entire three year research effort we did with UHS how we came across these results and then you can literally go to the actual tool and you We can click on this and you can literally go and explore human knee osteoarthritis.

We have like the Google Maps equivalent for the layman. So here’s the human knee joint, and you’re looking at all the different tissues, right? You have tissues that we can go to the cells. So for example here, here’s the synovial tissue, which contains three different cell types, we can go to Cartlidge, which contains one cell type called Condor sites, then we can go explore the different kinds of things that land on Congress sites, for example, different ligands okay, you have growth factors, cytokines that can go into cytokines typically, I want to go look at il one beta and il one beta, we map that every molecule that Iowan beta gives rise to that’s a green green, which means it increased disease and the red ones are where it lowers it.

So if I look at MMP 13, which I always like to look at, MMP 13 has a catabolic effect, which means it degenerates cartilage and here we can then go into the details of it. So we’ve mapped up all the molecular ways that molecular pathways of Il one beta giving rise to ml MMP 13 which causes this catabolic effect it also and what you see right here, there’s a molecule like ginseng, okay Ginetta sites, which comes from Jensen, which blocks SAP what you find as each one of these ingredients affects joint health in different ways. The supplement companies try to market take our product, it’s going to cure everything.

Well. What we want to train you here is to understand that these individual ingredients have effects on different aspects of joint health, they don’t do everything. So if you look at Green lipid muscle, when we look at inflammation, which has all these molecular pathways, when you look at oxidative stress, it has different molecular pathways cartilage degeneration has different pathways and cartilage regeneration.

Now to put it in a very simple way you want to lower inflammation. That’s what the red line means we want to lower oxidative stress, we want to lower cartilage degeneration and we want to increase cartilage regeneration and there are different molecular molecules which are indicators of this. So PG E to prostaglandin.

Two is an indicator if you have inflammation in your blood oxidative stress is denoted by RLS cartilage degeneration MMP 13 and cartilage regeneration by a college and too so by the way, quick term, these are known as biomarkers. So if you go to your doctor and you do blood tests, typically people can look for these biomarkers to understand the level of inflammation in your body right to understand oxidative stress, etc. So what is these phenomena? Well, inflammation is clearly when your body thinks it’s under attack, right? So it unleashes a lot of different types of cytokines, inflammatory cytokines.

Now, if you obviously take a hammer and you hit your hand or you get injured, you want inflammation, you want your body to resolve that. But you do not want your body doing that forever. That’s called a cytokine storm or you don’t have modulation.

And this is when you get problems because your body starts attacking itself. So inflammation is valuable, but not if it goes uncontrolled oxidative stress is what occurs to your body when through different biological processes like a metabolism creates reactive oxygen spirits pieces, that’s like when you run your car, you create exhaust, but the issue is you don’t want that exhaust to go uncontrolled, and you start rusting faster than you should anti aging is very closely related to this MMP 13 Is that molecule, which is when your body’s undergoing to undergo cartilage degeneration and collagen to is an indicator of increasing cartilage. So let’s go to the effect of green lipid muscle.

Now again, I want to emphasize that we have a very powerful set of capabilities here, we’re going to take it from a two part cytosol this two part process one is to look at bio informatics early which means look at all the informatics of biology and we look at the literature. The other thing is we then use cytosol to mathematically model the chemical reactions of joint health, these inflammation and then we drop in the components of green lipid muscle, the EPA and the DHA and we see how that affects us. So we get a much more detailed view, a bioinformatics view and a computational view.

So let’s go look at that. So what you see here is green lipid muscle has these two very powerful molecules, EPA and DHA. And if you remember the reason I wanted to do the diagram early on the diagram the green means it gives rise to EPA and this means it knocks off inflammation so that as a one two punch it hits it with EPA and DHA to green lipped mussel affects one of the joint health mechanisms inflammation.

So what we’re finding is that it affects inflammation using this and EPA and DHA from Green lipid muscles lowers inflammation. So out of all those different mechanisms that are involved in joint health. Green lipid muscle really doesn’t affect oxidative stress.

It doesn’t affect cartilage degeneration, it doesn’t affect cartilage regeneration, it really is good in lowering inflammation. So again, the reason I want to do this is cytosol is really a tool that helps you find the truth here. So someone’s trying to tell you oh greenlit that muscle does everything and it’ll go affect joint health in all the multitude of ways, at least from our work.

It’s not true. So the truth is It really helps effect inflammation. All right.

All right, so let’s go. So how does it do this? Well green lipid muscle it generates these two molecules which go and stop Cox two from producing PG E two and Cox two is produced from il one beta and as you can see your inflammatory cytokine. Il one beta is a hallmark of joint disease.

Il one beta promotes expression of Cox two via NF Kappa Beta activation. EPA and DHA from Green lipid muscle inhibit Cox two and down regulate PG production and green limpid muscle lowers inflammation through the downregulation PG two now one of the things I want to mention to you guys, let me go to this other since I have this tool is that you want to understand something quite interesting how many people probably know what Ibuprofen is. Okay, what is ibuprofen? Well, IV profet, if you read the back of it is what’s known as a Cox two inhibitor.

Ibuprofen is a Cox two inhibitor. So what is so if you take Advil, alright, which is Ibuprofen is the actual chemical ibuprofen. What ibuprofen does is here’s Cox two and Cox two is the thing that produces upset me that Cox still wanted to do it using the right symbols here.

So Cox two gives rise to chemical called it’s called PG E two, okay, P G, E, two, and this thing causes this thing that this thing causes something you don’t want going out of control in your body inflammation. So this is inflammation. Well, what does Advil do? Advil, it’s called a Cox two inhibitor, Advil literally will block Cox two, it’s like a hammer that blocks Cox two and this is why Advil is known as a Cox two inhibitor.

Now, the problem is Advil has a significant amount of side effects. If you have kidney issues, it’s going to cause kidney problems. So this is one of the problems that we need to be aware of with.

I’m still learning how to use this tool, guys, as you can see this give rise to what we don’t want in the body, which is let’s say kidney disease. So this is sort of gives you an idea very quickly what ibuprofen does. So I wanted to give you that diagram.

So if you wonder what ibuprofen does look at whole picture special needs. Yeah, so you can see that Advil is a Cox two inhibitor. And what we’re seeing here, if we go back to our other diagram here, if we share the screen here, we’ll see right here that EPA and DHA are also Cox two inhibitors, but you don’t have any side effects.

So what I just shared with you is a bioinformatics of understanding Kocsis of the literature says green lipid muscle is very good for reducing inflammation. Now, what we did was we modelled all the molecular pathways of inflammation. And then we started looking at what different dosages of green liquid, the key ingredients in green lipid muscle do.

And what do you see here, so we’re looking at dosage. And so here’s PG two on the Y axis. And the control conditions are about 15 nanomolar.

By the way, just a very interesting point. When we model when we mathematically model with cytosol, we’re actually modeling stuff literally, if you were to take a microscope and go to a single cell, we’re modeling all the activity at that cellular surface. So we’re looking at in the bloodstream, how much a PGE two it is, which is a biomarker of inflammation.

And then we’re looking at now we give the input of green lipid muscle and what does that do to affect PG two, so we’re modeling what’s called at the cell surface to be very specific. So this is the work that we’ve done. Where X Y axis is PG two, we’re simulating inflammation.

This is called a control condition. So under control conditions of PG two levels are 15 Animal molar and that’s what the literature says in terms of clinical so we gave 2.5 grams of PG to and look at this dramatic drop, it went from 40 of nearly 15 down to round set seven, that’s nearly a 50% drop.

We gave five grams here and went down to around five there so we’ve dropped by nearly 200% Right so you have a massive drop. It’s nearly about 60% We’ve got a 60% drop here. So green PG two levels reduce with increasing EPA from Green lipid muscle so our position is here we look at DHA, remember it has two components.

It has EPA and DHA. So here we have 14 And also this drops up by nearly around 20%. So we’re looking at DHA that components so we’re looking at the same dosage as zero 2.

55 grams and your sub showing under controlled conditions. It’s 15 and the PG two level reduces with increase in DHA from Green lipid muscle. So we’re finding that green lipid muscle the component of BPA reduces it plus DHA so it has a profound effect on reducing inflammation.

And so when you look at the different pathways, oxidative stress, cartilage degradation, cartilage regeneration, you can see EPA which is one of the main components and green lipped mussel has a profound effect the green Light is good on PG two and DHA. I hope that makes sense what we’re finding so the net takeaway is green lipid muscle powerful anti inflammatory. Now what I just shared with us from a systems approach, you could see that green lipid muscle this is what’s important understand pharmaceutical drugs are just one single compound that doesn’t appear in nature.

Green lipid muscle is a natural product, and it has two compounds, EPA and DHA, and they both pound away at the pathways of inflammation to lower it. That’s called the a synergistic approach. It’s a systems principle.

So what I want to share with you is that with cytosol, we’re able to model not just one ingredient but combinations of ingredient we’re able to actually model food with cytosol which was a holy grail. Thank you, everyone. Have a good night.

Best of you and your family be well

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