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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Uncovers the simple truth about politicians in office being prostitution rackets for Big Pharma.
  • Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu is a prostitute for Big Pharma.
  • Big Pharma wants to referee the fortunes of its failing business model and maximize profits by forcing a one-size-fits-all model onto working people.
  • One-size-fits-all medicine is based on the outdated hundred-year-old science of 1915.
  • We need proper infrastructure and a personalized & precision approach to medicine.


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Coronavirus concerns growing in the city of Boston. You’re taking a look outside City Hall where a group has planned a rally against the city’s vaccine mandate. As we look live there, that’s where 7’s Jonathan Hall is with a closer look at what is happening right now.

Jonathan Hall: Okay guys, busy scene out here. Now they’re protesting a vaccine mandate by Mayor Wu which goes into effect January 15. On that date, indoor restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational establishments are supposed to get proof of at least one shot of vaccine from any customer. In addition, all city workers will have to have at least a shot of vaccines. Now they say the Mayor is being unfair to people and should not be forcing them to put vaccine in their bodies.

They say that really the politicians have let them down. President Trump, President Biden, they don’t like any of it. They say the big pharmaceutical companies are the real enemies of the working people. And the leader of this group, an MIT trained scientist, who twice ran for US Senate, told me he’s sick of politicians on both sides of the aisle kowtowing to Big Pharma.

Jonathan: Are you against the vaccine mandate?

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai: Definitely, I mean it’s against science.And I cantell you that as a scientist who does research on the immune system; it’s the Right Medicine, for the Right Person, at the Right Time. It’s Personalized and Precision Medicine. One-size-fits-all is science of 1915.

Jonathan: Shiva Ayyadurai says people can boost their immune systems by taking vitamins. He says they don’t need vaccines. Course most of the scientists out there including, of course, Dr. Fauci, everybody else, would say this is bunk.

Dr. Shiva: Pfizer, today, right now, they’re making $65,000.00 per minute. $1,000.00 per second. All the Pharma companies were tanking because of the regulatory effects being put on them, on single molecule drugs. Vaccines are the only way for Big Pharma to make it out of that. You can see Pfizer doubled their revenue, $40 Billion, which had already gone down by $25 Billion to $80 Billion

Jonathan: Are you rejecting the science that says that they work, that vaccines work?

Dr. Shiva: Well I’m a scientist. My research is in the field of the immune system. I’m considered one of the leading guys in the world. I gave the prestige talk at the National Science Foundation in 2019. The issue is not Pro or Anti-Vax. The issue is, we talk about in Massachusetts, inclusivity, diversity. Your body is different than mine. This is a biological fact. It’s about the Right Medicine, for the Right Person, at the Right Time. Giving a One-Size-Fits-All intervention, that’s what it’s about.

Jonathan: Are you protesting Mayor Wu’s mandate of vaccines for city workers?

Dr. Shiva: Yes. Well our position is this: it’s the Right Medicine, for the Right Person ,at the Right Time. Mayor Wu is basically a prostitute of the Establishment. So I don’t think people should be going over and protesting in front of that puppet. We’re going to be having a massive protest tomorrow, right at the center of the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex, where Pfizer and Moderna are. Those are the real enemies of the American working people.

Jonathan: You think they’re just out to make money?

Dr. Shiva: Well yea, they’re making money because their pharmaceutical model was breaking down. If you look at Pfizer’s revenue, it went from $65 billion to $40 billion. So their only way out of this is to go to an environment which is vaccines, which is unregulated. You can’t sue the Pharma companies. It’s basically, a trillion dollar industry was tanking. And Trump and Biden saved that industry

Jonathan: A lot of people are interested in the vaccine mandates. Are you against the vaccine mandates?

Dr. Shiva: Definitely, I mean it’s against science. And I can tell you that as a scientist who does research on the immune system; it’s the Right Medicine, for the Right Person, at the Right Time. It’s Personalized and Precision Medicine. One-size-fits-all is science of 1915.

So we have to go back to science. Fauci is not a scientist; he has been proven over and over again to be a fraudulent scientist. Go look at the works of Kary Mullis who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine as well as the PCR Test.

Jonathan: So are any of you guys vaccinated, you all don’t believe it?

Dr. Shiva: We boost our immune system. And that’s what you should do and you should do and everyone listening. The immune system is a very complex system. Number 1 is Vitamin D-3. Number 2 is you have to look at minerals like zinc. So I have studied this all my life. The microbiome in your gut, we’re just starting to understand. The immune system is a very complex system.

We want to educate people that you have to boost the immune system, Number one. Now some people who are unfortunately living, let’s say, in a bubble, they’ve been never exposed to any particles. Maybe they need to be introduced to some of those particles, those antigens. Maybe vaccines could be good for them, potentially. But it’s not one-size-fits-all.

So, that’s what the real science is. Most of my colleagues at MIT know this, but they’ve all shut their mouths because they are relying on so much funding from the NIH. They’re also shut up. They don’t want to talk the truth about the immune system.

Jonathan: Thank You. I appreciate it.

Dr. Shiva: Be well. Thanks

Jonathan: Reporting live at the Statehouse, I’m Jonathan Hall, 7 News

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