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CytoSolve® reveals how L-Arginine affects molecular pathways involved in Cardiovascular Health. Short video above. Full analysis:

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Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Hope everyone’s doing well, we’re going to be talking about arginine and its effect on cardiovascular health. So first of all, this is what our guinea looks like it’s an amino acid amino acids typically have this NH two group where we have these little points that mean there’s a carbon double bond O H is an acid, it’s an organic acids, C double bond, O HC o h, and this NH two, and everything here to the left of it varies based on the kind of amino acid. So this group here typically stays the same teaching everyone here, a little bit of organic chemistry, and to the left of this chain varies based on the type of amino acids.

So it’s a metabolically versatile amino acid. It’s structural component of many proteins. So just quick biochemistry, protein is made up of chains of amino acids, amino acids are the building blocks of life.

So you take amino acids, and you start connecting them together, and you get different proteins. So Arginine is an essential part of a structural component of various proteins. Now, if you notice, I’m calling it a semi essential amino acid.

This is a new term that’s come about recently, typically, they said essential and non essential. So non essential, meaning you don’t need to take it your body actually manufactures it. So in healthy people and healthy organisms, most mammals, the non essential amino acids, which means you don’t have to consume it, your body actually manufacture that amino acid, the essential amino acids are the ones that are not made by the body, that means you have to consume them, they’re essential for growing organism after trauma or during various disease states.

So an essential amino acid will not be made by the body for growing organism after trauma or during various disease states. So a semi essential amino acid like organizing your body can make it right in the healthy adult. But if your body’s under trauma, or it’s not doing well, or it’s in a disease state, it will stop making it I hope that’s clear.

So LR getting is somewhat interesting, because if you’re healthy, your body is going to make it and if you’re not healthy, your body is not going to make it. So that’s something very important to keep in mind. So LR getting is both a essential amino acid, meaning you have to take it if your body is not functioning once in disease state, and it’s non essential, which means your body’s functioning well, you don’t have to consume it, your body will make it I hope that’s clear.

So now we understand essential and non essential amino acids and that Arginine is a semi essential amino acid. The sources of Arginine first of all can be produced by the body from scratch, which means it can actually take pieces of nitrogen and all these compounds atoms and it can make it it’s produced from the breakdown of protein. So protein is broken down and your body can make it and it’s obtained from diet or you can get as a dietary supplement and LR Arginine is considered to be generally safe.

It’s called grass generally accepted as say grass they call it so it’s you can get it as from the breakdown of other proteins obtained from the diet or you can take it as a supplement. So what is the cardiovascular system the cardiovascular system is really the transport system of your body right. And the cardiovascular system is composed of three major components it includes in the center your your heart, it includes the blood vessels, and then the blood now the heart is pumping blood throughout your body.

The blood vessels here are carry blood and nutrients all party bodies, the blood is by the way composed of blood cells and plasma, the red blood cells carry oxygen, and the white blood cells provide immune support white blood cells immune support, now we’re looking at the vascular system, which consists of the blood vessels, there’s really three types of blood vessels, the arteries, which are the large blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart. Now the veins are over here are the large blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood to the heart. Now, the capillaries are these very fine structures.

They’re the small blood vessels that deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. You’ll see the blood vessels contain three layers now capillaries only contain the endothelial cells, which is called a tunica intima, or the inner layer consisting of the endothelial lining which provides frictionless pathway for the movement of blood. Now let’s look at the research on L arginine.

Look at all the papers that have been done. 131,000 research papers 131,003 and 58 research papers as of today, but when we look last looked at this had been done on L arginine over 2200 clinical trials 2239 clinical trials over 52 years of scientific research, so quite incredible. And you can look at from 1916 You can see it right here that starting about 50 years ago, quite a bit of research has been done on it.

So since 1972. Now you can see the explosive amount of research that’s been done on arguing 52 years of research, but over 2200 clinical trials. So how do we really understand all this? How do we go about putting all this together? So if you wanted to really get a systems view or a holistic To view of origin and you couldn’t one person can do it.

In fact, a bunch of postdocs at a university can do it. So that’s why I created a technology for my PhD work called cytosol, which helps us actually organize all of that data. And I’ll show you this shortly.

And that technology came out of my PhD work at MIT called cytosol. So cytosol is really a platform for discovery of how different compounds, particularly from national products, work with molecular pathways faster, cheaper, and save. And I’ll show you something recently, we discovered but if you think about here, all those 130,000 papers, cytosol helps us look at all those, curate them.

In this case, we’re looking at the molecular system of cardiovascular health, and we’re looking at arginine. So 131,000 papers helps us organize it, extract out the molecular mechanisms to cardiovascular health, and build a systems analysis of that. So that’s what we’re going to share with you today.

So without cytosol, this would not be possible. Otherwise, we’d just be cherry picking sale, arguing doesn’t work there are getting does work. And that’s what’s happening.

On the one side, you have big pharma, which just cherry picking and you have big vitamin, which does cherry picking, I don’t really care for either side, what I think is we need to take a systems approach. And that’s why cytosol was really becoming a scientific source of truth. Because we don’t care whether Harvard did the research or yelled at the research or some small State University, we look at all of it, and we organize it.

That’s the power of cytosol. Between 2003 and seven, we built cytosol. That was my PhD work during seven and 12 2007.

And 12, we had to publish lots and lots of papers validating it, because no one believed that we could have created something like this. But after 2012, I thought naively that the pharma companies would want to use a couple of them wanted to because we could figure out ways that they could avoid killing people and making mistakes, right, but the majority of them don’t really care about that their goal is the stock prices, they just want to get a product out and keep saying phase one, phase two, phase three, get it out there and the stock price goes out. So because of my deep interest in natural products, my grandmother, we helped a lot of small companies, neuro companies really figure out the synergy of compounds.

But I wanted to let you know that we use the technology here we’ve helped many, many companies over the last 16 years lot of smart, innovative companies. But we decided with all the mathematical models we’ve created. Why don’t we try to use this to compute the best product we could think of from the science out there for reducing pain and inflammation, pain and discomfort.

And that resulted in us Creating m v 25. Using cytosol we’re going to have more products that are going to be coming. Let me just show you what MB 25 is about for those of you who haven’t heard about it, but this is using cytosol in a beneficial way not to just do research but find combination therapies.

I am firebrand, my hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t pull cards or knit or crochet, they would go like that, not have to use this. When I played cards with my grandkids and I started taking that MV 25 After bed, I was able to hold cards in my hand. Very, very little cramping hardly at all anymore.

MV 25 Hi, my name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor, I tore my ACL during Taekwondo, I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV 25 for about six months now after the first week, I noticed the big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain.

My name is Jeremy and I suffered from a lower back problem hurt my back at work years ago. And I can go to the chiropractor and do all kinds of different things. And nothing seems to help.

And I decided to try MV 25, I didn’t notice a difference immediately. But within a few days, that pain went away and it stayed away, I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do seems to go away a lot quicker than I ever did before.

It’s clean food certified, it’s made in the US, if you go to Bac Right on the shop, you click there, or you can go right to MB 25 dot life either way, and then from there, you can click on the bottle and you can order if you buy six bottles, you get six bottles for free, please take advantage of it because first of all, it’s gonna help you it’s going to help our movement and it really supports the fact that we want to take science based approaches to natural products. But when we look at bargaining, what you’ll realize is that argument is quite interesting because here’s the structure, an important part of arguing that the several metabolic pathways that maintain the body’s function, so what is a metabolic pathway when you eat something your body metabolism really relates to energy, right? Your body consumes food, and it runs these different cycles, these different processes.

So your body gets energy, right? It’s called metabolism, right? And so if you look at Arginine is involved in many of these metabolic pathways, the Krebs cycle, which is the cycle that takes place in the mitochondria, there’s a lot of companies which talk about mitochondria, and that’s a source of energy for your cells. So are getting supports that the urea cycle which is involved in detail Boxing your body. So arginine supports that the nitric oxide metabolism.

This is what we’re going to focus on today, which is a relaxation of blood vessels and immune response. And then argon is also involved in the acid base balance the main, some neutral pH in the body. So look at all those processes Krebs Cycle urea cycle, the nitric oxide metabolism, the acid base balance, Arginine is involved in many of these processes to which support the metabolic processes in your body.

So in many ways, it’s an essential in that sense, it’s an essential nutrient that you need to make sure all of these processes are being maintained. But we’re going to focus on the nitric oxide metabolism part. Now what are the dietary sources where you can get it from meats, Turkey, pork loin chicken, so these meats but you can also get it from plant based lentils, spirulina, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dairy products, watermelon seeds, soy bean, peanuts and chickpeas.

So plant based and animal base. So let’s look at the biological effects of L arginine. It’s involved in metabolism of proteins Structural Function urea, which means getting rid of urea detox creating muscle regeneration function, poly means cell growth function, nitric oxide vaso relaxation, which means your blood vessels and immune functions Prolene to the metabolism glutamate, so neuro transmission function and AGMA time which is neuro protective function.

So, arguing is involved in metabolism all of these other materials proteins urea creating poly means nitric oxide Prolene, glutamate and Adamantite, which so involved in blood metabolism, blood vessels cell growth, so you can see how many different functions are getting supports health benefits of LR Guney, so, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, arterial sclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, erectile dysfunction, congestive heart failure, it’s good for athletic performance burns and trauma, cancer syndrome, Max gastrointestinal diseases, immunomodulation and senile dementia. Again, all of this is from those 131,000 papers. So we’re not making any of this up.

This comes from all that. So let’s talk about the cardiovascular system. What I want to talk about now is I want to educate all of you.

So listen very carefully, because in the next five minutes, you’re gonna learn some very important aspects of the cardiovascular system. So now let’s talk about cardiovascular system and the role of nitric oxide. Some of you may know that the discovery of a drug called by Agra was based on its effects on nitric oxide.

In fact, I think about 10 or 15 years ago, I think Time Magazine said nitric oxide is a chemical molecule of the century because nitric oxide controls basal relaxation. This is what led to understanding the creation of Viagra. So nitric oxide is a very, very powerful and important molecule.

And you’re going to shortly see how it’s important for cardiovascular health. And you’re going to also understand how nine out arginine influences nitric oxide. So listen very carefully.

So here’s a roll of nitric oxide. So here’s nitric oxide. And by the way, it here’s the end nitrogen double bonded to the OH, but it is a it is in a form where it is in a radical form, right, which means the electrons are not fully complete here, but it’s nitric oxide.

So it’s nitric and it’s a potent vasodilator, which means it relaxes the vessels, it’s a key role in maintaining blood pressure, it’s anti or thermogenic, entire atherosclerosis, it’s generated by e nos catalysis of LR getting that means e nos catalyzes LR Guinea and blood shear stress, which means exercise triggers and o production. Let me repeat that nitric oxide is triggered when you exercise when you exercise, blood starts flowing. And as a blood flows, you’re going to shortly see the research that myself and our colleagues at MIT to show when nitric oxide flows, the flow of nitric oxide results in the flow of I’m sorry, the flow of when you exercise, it really results in the flow of blood and blood flow results in the release of nitric oxide.

So you’re going to see that shortly. So let’s look at that. So let’s look at this closely.

And by the way, what I’m going to share with you again, as I mentioned now is research I did while I was at MIT with my colleagues, Andrew KU, and a couple of others, Professor Forbes, Dewey gearmotor, Garcia Cardenas, at Brigham and Women’s and we’ll come back to them. And this results in a publication of the major paper one of the leading journals in the world known as cell’s Biophysical Journal. So let me go and share that.

Here’s what you’re looking at this here is we’re looking right here at the vasculature and here is the artery and you’re seeing blood flow through this. Let’s set the capillary right. So when you start exercising, blood starts flowing, well, the surface of that capillary or that artery or that name is composed of Guess what? endothelial? So imagine you go into your bathroom and you have those tiles on your bathroom floor.

That’s like the endothelial cell. That’s what those cells are, that’s what those little Pentagon’s are. So when blood flows, you have what’s called stress.

It’s not It’s shear stress, which means the blood is flowing and it’s affecting it’s like if you were dropping water across the floor of your bathroom that’s called shear flow. Now, when blood flows and interacts with arginine, l arginine, your body will release an O. So, blood flow over the endothelial causes nitric oxide production and endothelial nitric oxide synthase which is called e nos endothelial nitric oxide synthase and OH S e nos converts So, e nos converts arginine to no and l citrulline.

So, it’s quite interesting. So, when the blood flows listen very carefully, e nos, which is a enzyme converts argueing which is an essential amino or semi essential amino acid into no nitric oxide and now sexually and no production no production leads to basal dial this is me this fixes this should not be an oh it should be no no production. Sorry about that.

So no production leads to vasodilation which means relaxation and maintenance of blood pressure. So again, let me review this so you exercise blood starts flowing through your arteries that’s called shear stress that shear stress results in an endothelial nitric oxide, which is an enzyme converting l arginine to nitric oxide and l citrulline. And no production leads evasive dilation.

So Andrew Chua in our lab, who was a PhD student at the time was literally Andrew had literally set up in our lab the ability or at Brigham, where you could send flow and observe no production. But the question was, how was this occurring at the molecular systems level? See blood flows, you exercise urine, blood flows through your arteries, your e nos, nitric oxide synthase interacts with the LR getting, and then you get no being created. But how does that occur? So now if you go down to the molecular systems level, what you find is something quite fascinating.

And this is the work I want to share. This was done with my colleagues at MIT Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and King’s College. So what happens to want to give credit, this is a collaborative effort.

What happens? Well, when blood flows, look what actually happens. So this is we’re looking at one endothelial cell, so that’s on the surface of the artist. So here’s a blood vessel.

And there’s a phenomenon called mechanical transduction. Again, mechanical transduction, that’s a conversion process. For example, in our course, we talked about when you have a diesel generator, you put in fuel and your diesel generator converts it to electricity.

That’s called a transduction process or conversion process here, the flow of blood converts to the chemical creation of nitric oxide. Well, how does that occur? Well, about 1015 10 years ago, 1015 years ago, now, wow, it’s been something interesting happened, people found this little structure. And as you can see right here, those of you here it’s called, it looks like a Christmas tree.

It’s called the glycocalyx. So when blood flows over this, so when blood flows over this Christmas tree, start shaking starts moving, it’s literally on the surface of the endothelial it’s quite amazing how the body structure really looks like someone designed to say so the blood flows this glycocalyx. So blood flow over the end of the CSL, it’s moves the glycocalyx structure on the membrane, and the mechanical force is what they call mechanical transaction, which means the force of blood you’re exercising on the glycocalyx initiates conversion of L arginine to nitric oxide by the enzyme enough so nitric so blood flows, this Christmas tree starts shaking.

And guess what your body through a series of chemical reactions were released nitric oxide. So how does this occur? And this is why when we went through those all those papers, there’s hundreds of 1000s of papers, we find all these little chemical reactions across those papers, calcium influx is involved Enos expression, Enos phosphorylation and oil production. So what I’m telling you is that when you look at all that scientific knowledge out there, with cytosol, we find all these molecular reactions are taking place.

And instead of cherry picking with cytosol, we’re able to gather all that knowledge and those chemical reactions and put it all together inside of salt. If that makes sense. Without cytosol, you couldn’t do this.

So with cytosol, watch what we’re doing, we take all of those chemical reactions, put them all together. And without cytosol. This would frankly be an impossible task.

It gets too complex. And this is why when I did my PhD, even some of the professor my committee thought this you couldn’t do this meant very much like when I created the first email system, a bunch of doctors and people said all you can create email, by the way, I’m not talking about text message. I’m talking about email inbox, outbox folders, that’s what I created the numbnuts.

At the military. That’s not what they did. They thought it was impossible.

But as a 14 year old kid had respect for the secretaries in the hospital that I worked at, and I did believe it was possible. Similarly, when I created cytosol, you had the same old guard saying you can’t do but we did do it. And I’m going to show you what we did.

We took all those molecular pathways that were involved in nitric oxide release, and we were able to integrate them using cytosol. We took a systems approach. And what you find here is We took all that approach.

And we said, hey, we can mathematically compute. So this is overtime. And this is cytosolic results.

So this black line represents how much e nos mRNA concentration. This means how much will Enos upregulate messenger RNA is not the vaccine. And that’s what we’re talking about to create nitric oxide.

Right. So this is our prediction. So this is cytosol, predicting it without killing animals without hurting human beings on the computer.

Now, Andrew Koo was doing the experiment in vitro, which means in a test tube light situation. And this is what Andrew found, look at how beautifully his results match ours. So he’s doing this in the lab are black lines in the computer.

And when we did this is when we realized when others realize, wow, cytosol can actually model reality. So the orange dots represent reality, the black line represents our mathematical prediction and saying here is enough protein concentration, and here is cytosol results. So this was the first time and this is quite impressive, because what we’re showing here is that we can get the same results as what people are seeing in a tested mathematically.

Now this was the first important research that and then this got published. And this is a very, very prestigious journal called cells by a physical journal. And this got published there, I was one of the senior authors against with Guillermo Garcia Cortina and Professor Forbes to a core at MIT and Harvard respectively.

And I was finishing up my PhD at the time. So you can see that we had shown that you could use technology to get the same result as what people are saying the wetlab. So that was published.

Now why is this important? Because what we had shown was that we could mathematically model a very important cardiovascular function, which is the release of nitric oxide. So that was done over here. Several years ago, I was invited to be on the expert counsel for I gave a talk at Walter Reed Medical Hospital and the army surgeon general at the time, Eric Schumacher had just funded the USP to look at adverse reactions of different supplements to soldiers, soldiers in the military, we’re taking different supplements, you’ll him b, arginine, creatine, and synephrine.

Right caffeine and they were taking all them together. And the military is concerned, what are those combinations due to soldiers, so I was asked to be on an expert council to oversee some research, the way that they were doing it was in a very using spreadsheets. So I came in, I said, Look, I have a better way.

And I literally donated my time, again, giving away free stuff to the military to help them and the soldiers on using psilocybin, we actually were able to mathematically use cytosol to show how much arginine will release nitric oxide. So I’m going to share that with you right now. So this is very important because you’re going to get access to some again, great research, original research.

So here are those pathways of nitric oxide that we had published in Biophysical Journal that I just shared with you and these have been proven validated. So we did was we said what happens when you take origami what happens now you put our getting into cytosol, and we looked at different what’s called ABMA levels. What is a DMA a DMA is asymmetric dimethylarginine ABMA.

Asymmetric dimethylarginine is an analogue of LR getting an A dma’s naturally occurring a production of metabolism found in human circulation and it’s naturally found in human circulation excuse at an elevated levels of a DMA. Elevated levels of ABMA have been purported to be directly not reported have been shown to be inhibit nitric oxide synthesis and therefore impair endothelial function, which is vascular function and thus promote arterial sclerosis. So ABMA levels are increased in people with hyper cholesterol, cholesterol anemia, arterial sclerosis, hypertension, chronic heart failure, diabetes mellitus and chronic renal failure.

So when you have high levels of AVMA, you’re prone to getting these diseases. So that’s all you want to remember. So what we did was with cytosol, we’re able to what we did was we gave to the x axis we’re simulating again using cytosol.

Kastle Meyer says, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Good. What you see here is that giving differently, so I’m using ABMA level of two of micromolar.

This means people are healthy. So the blue line is healthy, normal adults, they don’t have arteriosclerosis and I’m giving different levels of arginine. So as the arginine increases, guess what happens? The nitric oxide levels peeks out, you’re at 100% and o level, which means you’re healthy person, right? And you go to about 120%.

So this is called the arginine paradox after a certain point, no matter how much bargaining you give, it stays at this 115 110% level. Does that make sense? So those of you are taking tons and tons of bargaining and you’re healthy, it’s not going to do a lot for you. That’s what this means.

Now if you have an ADA level of four micromolar doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy notice that are getting does help you so if your no levels are low at 5% It’ll help you get up to normal levels at about this is where you’re giving you’re giving increase arginine supplementation. Now, if you’re ABMA levels now this is people approaching hypertension at eight arguing will really help you more right? You’re down at 80%. No release, no production.

So arguing those people have hypertension, right arterial sclerosis. What this shows is that arguing supplementation can be very valuable to you, then those people who have serious hypertension, that’s when the AVMA level 16. So you’re at 60% nitric oxide levels.

Look, it almost gets you back up to 90%. That’s not bad. So the net takeaway from here is arginine supplementation.

If you’re in good health, it’ll help you a little bit. It’ll help you get into high performance mode, let’s say for athletes, but if you’re is serious hypertension, you have serious arteriosclerosis, problems, arginine supplementation can really help you get back to the proper levels of nitric oxide. That’s what our research sorrowed.

And again, we’re not killing any animals here. And this is what is shown at the molecular systems level. Now, this research that we did was recently just published in the dietary supplementation of L arginine.

It’s a very important dietary supplements journal there you can see, I’m one of again, the senior authors here. This took us three years to get this published, publishing takes a long time, but this is published in dietary supplement, you can look it up and cytosol was really the core of doing this research now. So what I’ve shared with you here is when you take a systems approach, you find out that arguing has a multiplicative effect that affects many different subsystems to really support your cardiovascular health.

So just think about that, at this very powerful nutrient has many positive effects it has, in fact, it affects different aspects of your biology in synergistic ways. So this is what’s so important about a systems approach. Now, when you look at L arginine, you can also look at it from this way.

So if your body’s here, look, what arguing does, it increases Botha, which is what they call in the Indian system, which is transport. So basically, it’ll move the this direction increases flow of blood, but it increases pitha.

Which is conversion, right? Because you’re increasing mechanical transduction, right? The flow of blood to release to get more No, right. That’s a conversion, mechanical transduction. But guess what it does, it lowers Kapha.

Right, the structural stuff, it doesn’t make them as rigid, it relaxes the blood vessels. So this is a very different way of coming to the same conclusions. And we teach this in the course.

So you can look at it from the cytosol approach, or you can look at it from here. So how much are you getting? Should you take many times when I do these talks? And by the way, no means is this at the Medical talk? That’s a big disclaimer here. We’re using the research to give you some indications of what other researchers have said but the dosage again.

So what is the dosage? Well, if you look right here, some McNeil at all in 2018 said about 6.4 grams per day, that would be about 6060 400 milligrams l arginine for blood pressure maintenance is around six to 30 grams per day, that’s also a big deal at all in 2018. And then LR gunning for erectile dysfunction is about 1.

5 to five grams per day that’s REM at all. So remember, I talked about biogro? Well, l arginine releases nitric oxide, which is a thing that as a very similar effect to how biogro works. It’s in the same realm.

So there you go. So in summary, l Arginine is most metabolically versatile amino acid and it’s involved in keeping your body’s homeostasis, which means keeping your body centered. It’s involved in the Kreb cycle, urea cycle on protein synthesis, and LR guineas as a substrate, which means for nitric oxide release, which regulates several cardiovascular functions, including blood pressure, arterial sclerosis, and erectile dysfunction.

Notice this all has to do with basal dilation, relaxation of the blood vessels, so blood can flow in. There you go, everyone. So that’s our presentation.

Today, our beginning presentation on cardiovascular health. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about caffeine, we’re going to look at how caffeine literally affects nitric oxide. And you’re going to see that caffeine, I’ll give you a hint as a negative aspect to L arginine.

It has a negative response than l arginine. And that again came out of our own original research, which we’ll share with you. But one of the most important things to understand is what you can see is when you look at the body as a system as a very complex system, any input you give pharmaceutical drugs, just go hit one target food and natural compounds have a much more profound effect on what they were designed for.

So pharmaceutical compounds go hit and very particular target can be very powerful, but they can also have systemic effects, negative effects, but natural compounds over eons of evolution have learned how to have a modulating effect. So arginine returns your body to homeostasis, which is very, very valuable. So if you want to step back, I encourage people to go look more about arguing but remember, we need to take a systems approach to life.

Otherwise, we will never get to the truth below all we get to a shadow of the truth. So please, I encourage everyone to sign up and become a truth freedom and help warrior when you do that you’re supporting yourself or you’re also supporting this movement for truth, freedom and Helping again the VA platform, the BAC Live platform which you can get to bhg.

com/join for truth, freedom We’ve literally created a technology platform for education for social media tools, independent of big tech, and most importantly for activism. It’s not just a Twitter.

It is a powerful platform to educate you so you can get educated and you don’t be enslaved. Thank you.

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