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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, U.S. Senate Candidate, talks about the importance of truly living up to the biblical command to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

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All right, everyone could. Good morning. Good evening, good afternoon, wherever you are, because we have a lot of very interesting people on this call.

First of all, I want to thank John for hosting this, and Suresh Jaime, and crystal for sharing their journey. Look, let me begin by just starting with a very, very simple phrase that a very, very incredible being once said, which is Love thy neighbor. And it’s a very important set of three words, because what does it actually mean? It’s a very profound set of words.

It’s very simple, but you have to really digest it. And you can think about it in many, many different ways. But ultimately, to love thy neighbor as yourself.

You have to have some dignity for yourself. And that’s what our entire movement is fundamentally about. It’s about you.

Do you have dignity for yourself? Are you going to outsource that dignity to somebody else. And history shows that when people have dignity for themselves, and they interconnect with other people have dignity for themselves. That’s called a bottoms up movement.

That is when incredible, historic, mindblowing revolutionary change has always taken place. When you actually love thyself as a neighbor. It’s very centered, profound words, you cannot love someone unless you have a deep sense of self respect and dignity for you.

I also want to let people know that we invite everyone to come to an orientation every Thursday at 11am and 8pm. I host a open house, lots of great people show up, you have a lot of chance to meet people from all over the world. Every Thursdays we do a open house, anyone’s invited, you can just RSVP at va shiva.

com/orientation. We have people all over the world come in, and we discuss how we actually build a movement to end the nonsense that’s going on. If you think oh my god, the world’s going to hell, I’m so confused, you’ll get very inspired that saying there’s a lot of people are coming to our movement for truth, freedom and help, please join us there.

And our movement is part of a long, long movie that has been playing throughout the history of humanity. And it has never existed before. So if you look at where you are today, and you see yourself in a movie, we’re a very, very small frame, and many of us will be gone on some point in the near future, some of us will live a little bit longer, but we’re part of a long, long arc of humanity, the long arc of human history that dates back many, many millennia.

And when you look back, and you actually, maybe sometimes sit down and meditate or pray, or you take time to look at this, you’ll find out that one of the most important aspects of that is been those individuals who had dignity and self respect for themselves had courage, and spoke up at the right time and took action at the right time. And spoke the truth at the right time and took action. And that’s what this is about.

This is not about respecting those people top down, who delay truth or who tell you half truths, because that’s when you are basically having no dignity for yourself. It’s really about you, do you love yourself enough? And do you value your life on this earth enough? And do you have the courage to speak the truth, act in concert with other people want to speak the truth at the right time? If I were to draw a set of three boxes on one axis, and I were to say, from the left box, you have people who never tell the truth. You have people who delay telling the truth.

And then you have people tell the truth at the right time, say these three boxes, okay. And if in another axis, I drew another set of three boxes, you would create a grid and those three boxes are when people bottoms up collectively, act, or do not act to tell the truth, to delay the truth, or the other box to tell the truth that the right time bottoms up. Or another option is people come top down celebrities time top down to either never tell the truth to delay the truth.

Rarely do they ever tell the truth at the right time, you’d find a very, very interesting matrix. And what you will discover is the most profound things occur when things occur bottoms up. That first event of people organizing bottoms up and tell the truth at the right time and act on it.

The insidious evil that is taking place and it’s occurring every instant right now and it’s accelerating is that there is a set of forces who know that our movement exists, which is organizing people bottoms up to enliven them to inspire them to stand up for themselves. And to give them the tools which they’ve never been given before, because we’ve been kept in slavery, which is that slavery is ignorance, the ignorance of thinking that there is only one little piece that affects something, not seeing the interconnections among all these things. And our movement number one teaches you the science of systems, which has never been taught to people before the elites learn about 10,000 of them learn the science.

And that’s how they learn to manipulate you. But my background, my journey, as growing up in India, in a caste system, which I completely reviled, and as a four year old, figured out what that entire system was about, I studied everything I could get out of politics, and then also grew up in a world and my grandmother was a traditional healer, who could heal people using these ancient systems and medicine. Without any degrees, that led me to a very profound journey to understand politics and medicine.

And it took me a period of time through my engineering education at MIT, and through my own activism, that I was able to integrate these many, many multiple systems, and to create an educational program that I just didn’t keep for myself for a few people, but I wanted to deliver it to everyday people, like Jason, like Suresh like crystal. So all of you can have the weaponry to understand how they enslave you. And that is one of the fundamental aspects of the truth for human health system.

The second piece is we had to write books, because some people like to read took me another 20 years system and revolution is one of those books, where you understand what is a system, what is revolution, and you will understand that revolution is raising your consciousness. It’s not just taking a gun and starting to shoot people. That’s not revolution, that’s terrorism.

And then I had to intersect that, to realize that these same systems principles that I’ve uncovered, over my long journey took me a lot of work to do this, those same systems principles occur within your body. And I was able to intersect that with ancient systems of medicine. And the final, to top it all off, I was able to recognize that the same systems that run any engineering system, your body also exists in every political and societal system.

So it was a unified framework to understand everything in the universe, truly is the science of everything. And as John said, they will make this knowledge invisible. Because it is so profound, because it can liberate you if you want to be liberated.

So that is one system of knowledge that we put together and made it accessible. So you don’t have to be a nerd looking like a nerd acting like a nerd and being some elite. The big thing is like Prometheus bringing fire to the earth, we brought that knowledge to every one of you.

And your journey at this point at this event, and right now has brought you to that. So you have huge opportunity to take advantage of that knowledge. But that knowledge is only the learning piece.

You only learn also, when you teach. So our program is heavily heavily inspires people to teach. Once you take this you got to teach you can’t just be a parasite.

I learned this as Suresh said, and you’re off on your own. No. And we’ve had people do that.

In fact, they’ve been the leaders to take our course. They’re not everyday working people love big egos, they learn it and then they go on and try to do things independent of building a movement. That’s not how it works.

You have to learn, you have to teach and then you have to serve. We take this knowledge door to door on the ground, that is called a bottoms up movements are getting back to that matrix of analysis. They do not want the truth to be told at the right time.

To the right people. And people that act on it a bottoms up movement, you see that they don’t want that to occur. They don’t want everyday people like you and I to enliven people, inspire people and go on the ground and build a movement to change things.

So in opposition to that, they either want you to do nothing. Just sit on your bow hunkers watch, TV or whatever, or a much more insidious thing, which is been what’s been taking place in acceleration in direct opposition to our movement, and that’s a top down fake movement. So they have people like Robert Kennedy, complete scumbag, Tucker Carlson, complete CIA, government agent, Elon Musk, where Elon Musk ends and where government begins, nobody knows.

And these people are thrust upon people, not because they’re here to save you. They’re false gods they’re here to ensure that you do not get off your ass and dignity for yourself and grow the movement that we have created in this very, very important historic time. They are the distractions And when you look at this sort of analysis, the way that top down works is either first, when we as an independent movement present the truth, they boom, conceal it.

They conceal it. That’s their step one. Top down.

As John just shared, they knew about all the stuff we discovered in Massachusetts in 2020. To Tucker Carlson corporate No, no way. We are the ones who started the fire Fauci campaign in 2020.

I didn’t see J boot Acharya, where the hell His name is or Robert Kennedy, they waited a year to write their books, plagiarizing our material top down, you see, first they concealed the actual findings of the election fraud we did in 2020. We are the ones who said that there should be no lockdowns, the elites who are now a year later saying they were promoting lockdowns. They concealed our entire lawsuit where we expose that the government has an unholy alliance with big tech.

Why? Because we’re a bottoms up independent movement. We are not top down and that is competition for them a deadly competition, because it means that cannot control the future. So step one, what they did was they tried to conceal all of our findings, because we’re an independent movement.

We don’t pay homage to any one of them left or right. Second, when we kept sharing our knowledge, and going on the ground and building the movement, not just being academics, writing books, we actually get on the ground. We’ve done hundreds of demonstrations, hundreds of mass protests.

We’ve done events to end the mask mandate it was our movement that ended the mask mandate go right to the line of it was our movement that really ended the vaccine mandates, not them. And when we started organizing people bottoms up, then they said Holy shit, these guys are getting the eyeballs of hundreds of millions of people. So you know what they did? Then they released the half truth, they delay the truth.

Two years later, and they anoint. Other sometimes brown skinned guys like me look like me to try to capture your eyeballs. So you then want to sit on your ass and think Oh, Robert Kennedy is gonna do something for me.

Oh, this Stanford professor Tucker Carlson is revealing stuff. Bullshit. They waited two years.

Why? Because had they used their megaphones and said something in 2020, we could have actually changed the world faster. They have no interest in changing the world. Their interest is to enslave you and make you have no dignity for yourself.

So outsource your future and you dignify them. Guess what, they have a serious problem because our movement exists. And we reach people, we get on the ground, the genies out of the bottle, and they have a serious problem.

So their effort right now is to make us invisible. But that’s going to be problematic, because we’ll go on the ground, neighbor to neighbor. So their effort right now is to recognize the truth for them help movement has come bottoms up.

And they use a very powerful intelligence agency technique called the limited Hangout, which is to release the half truth later on, and try to capture the eyeballs. So you think barrier saviors. Sorry, Elon Musk is not your Savior.

If you think so. Then you need to really go reassess your own notion of self and your own notion of dignity. Who is this guy $6 billion.

He gets from SpaceX on government subsidies. Go try in your own home to try to add an addition to your home and see what you have to go do to get a permit from the local city permitting officer How does Elon Musk get 7500 satellites up in space? Come on. He’s like this with government to do that.

Twitter’s entire business, Tesla’s entire business model is based on carbon credits. It’s a completely bogus company. The only reason Tesla got a 600 billion valuation was because of $1.

2 billion in carbon credit. You might as well put Elon Musk on the same stage with AOC and Greta Thornburg. Yet you have a bunch of idiotic conservatives thinking he’s out there to save them.

He’s pushing the bullshit climate change nonsense, which is about enslaving every human being and every small business is a carbon tax. And then Twitter $50 billion valuation is based on them giving government ads access to their backdoor. Elon Musk is not eliminated.

As I started, when they put me back on Twitter, they thought they were gonna buy me out. As I started exposing this over and over again, I’m being more and more shadow ban. So it’s like basically a new type of censorship where free speech is not equal to free reach, top down.

All of this is being done against the truth for human health movement, because they know that we have figured them out. And we are educating people like you every week and we do the groundwork. Every Thursdays we do two of these meetings, every Mondays are volunteer to teach the course.

We get people on the ground doing activities, that’s a bottoms up movement, which has never existed with this level of consciousness ever before in humanity. So you have a huge, glorious opportunity to liberate yourself and love yourself. By recognizing that you can support and grow this movement for yourself.

Don’t do it for me, don’t do it for John, don’t do it for Suresh do it for you. And especially if you’re in America, you have an even greater responsibility. Because only 4% of the world had the First Amendment, the Bill of Rights.

That’s the American worker. And the American workers higher wages, the American people’s higher earning, let’s be honest, comes because of US imperialism is the reserve currency status, where you subjugate other nations. So we, as an American worker, have a huge, huge, huge responsibility to every other working people on the planet.

So right now, what is taking place is a direct response to our movement. And you can see it right in front of your face. The United States House is holding hearings suddenly saying oh my god Fauci and all this stuff.

I’m sorry. We revealed this back in 2020. We ran a petition campaign, we delivered signatures to Trump.

He did nothing. We did so many demonstrations. Now you’re talking about it after all the damage has been done.

See, that’s delay truth and making it all top down. Oh, Jim Jordan is helping me. Oh, my God, Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy is all about vaccinating everyone.

We have a video we show it. I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans. I am emphatically for vaccines.

He says I want to say it emphatically I am pro vaccine. I am I have always been fiercely pro vaccine. He says I want full vaccination of all Americans.

I believe that we ought to have policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans. Yet this doofus who comes from a family who is completely based on killing people, murdering people, you know, running liquor all day. This are the people who are our heroes top down.

Another Stanford professor who, in 2020, wrote a paper saying we should have lockdowns, we should mask people, brown skin, Indian guy. Now a year later, they’re trying to promote them as a hero to hide this brown skinned Indian guy who was actually bottoms up. And that’s where we’re at, we’re at a very critical point.

So if you’ve made it this far, you have to help grow this movement. Your Spirit brought you here. And you have to have the dignity now, to love yourself so you can love your neighbor.

That’s what this is about. Our movement is about loving thy neighbor as thyself. That’s what this movement about, we are practicing those words, it’s not just theory to us.

Those of you are Christians, go read the words of Christ and look at his actions when he did on earth. He took a whip to those bankers. wasn’t some namby pamby type of, oh, forgiveness, bullshit.

We’re here to build a movement. So working people have dignity for themselves. And those of you who are on the left, I want to call yourself Marxist will go read the works of Marx, if that’s what if you want to take that angle.

Marx was really about he had two words proletarian which is a true working people. And he had another term lump and proletariat, which is a people who didn’t work. Who were who were criminals who lived off the system.

That’s who the so called Marxists have made the word worker equal to the lump and proletariat. So I say if you’re a Marxist on the left, go, be go really, truly support working people. And if you’re a Christian, truly live like Christ.

Our movement connects heaven and earth. It has created the system of knowledge, you can understand this it as a community. And it is ultimately about empowering you.

And we’ve created that toolset. To do that. We have to build a bottoms up movement, and we’ve created that environment.

And we’re committed to growing that because we cannot outsource our future top down. We cannot believe that because we live in the world of illusion right now insidious illusion, where you’re being shown stuff on TV thinking people are fighting for you, if they’re not on the ground, and if they did talk the truth at the right time, they are not your heroes, they’re false gods. So take those very powerful three words, Love thy neighbor, and the other words as thyself, and put them into practice, because that’s what we do.

That’s what we do in this movement. And we’re going to keep people honest. We’re going to have a community and infrastructure and education to enable you to do that.

So for God’s sake, if you made it this far, get off your butts, get active, and build and grow this movement. Those of your veterans. Don’t just come here, listen to me and leave.

help join one of the local communities. Those of you are in the middle of taking the course. Finish the course join the Leadership Program, those of your new kid on the program.

Thank you

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