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Words by Mr Max Lakin

You are health conscious, clean freak and a choosy eater-Agreed. Yet there are times when you cannot help it when an uninvited guest comes in the form of ‘flu’ and now what if it’s a swine flu? Feeling jittery already? Thankfully, you have come to the right place where you will get to know that there is nothing much to panic, even if you or someone else in the family has swine flu. For a person suffering from swine flu, solitary confinement is a must and a visit to the doctor is also mandatory. However, there are a lot of home

However, there are a lot of home remedies that can come to the aid of the flu patients with absolutely no side-effects. Once your immune system weakens, your body becomes an easy target for the attack of viruses and bacteria. So, it is very important to guard your body against them to improve the chances of a speedy recovery. Check out a few effective home remedies for swine flu.

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From an Interesting blog Post:

Systems Health®, an educational academy created by Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, aims to provide the scientific foundation to realize that the first systems biology existed nearly 5,000 years ago, and by appreciating this knowledge one can confidently embrace and integrate knowledge across both systems of medicine: ancient and modern into their practices.

Systems Health offers an intensive 1-Day Workshop that reveals an epic breakthrough from an MIT-Trained systems scientist that provides the science of achieving Truth, Freedom, Health, and ANY GOAL in Life. This science underlies the universal principles of any system in the universe and was discovered on the scientific journey to discover the foundation of Eastern and Indigenous systems of medicine.

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