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On Feb 1, 2021, Dr.SHIVA was suspended on Twitter. The suspension appears to be from an automatic keyword algorithm that was triggered by the keyword “TASSINARI” used by Dr.SHIVA in his video lecture. Tassinari is the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Election Director who had in September 2020 contacted Twitter to delete any Tweet that mentioned her name.

In the video lecture, Dr.SHIVA was explaining his Federal Lawsuits against Tassinari, who had violated Federal Law by deleting ballot images, which must be preserved for 22 months, pursuant to 52 USC 20701. The Secretary of State’s actions in September 2020 – which programmed Twitter’s algorithm to watch out for the keyword “TASSINARI” – is what now resulted in Dr.SHIVA’s suspension this week.

We are asking everyone to contact Twitter and ask them to reverse Dr.SHIVA’s suspension and let them know his video lecture was educating people on his TWO lawsuits and did not violate any Twitter rules.

A tweet such as the one below, from you, would help immensely:

Dear @jack @twitter: Dr.SHIVA did not violate Twitter rules. Your AI made a BIG mistake. #BringBackDrSHIVA

Dr.SHIVA will ensure that the Secretary of State will be punished for their egregious actions in violation of Federal Law and the First Amendment. Dr.SHIVA is already representing himself in Federal Court on his lawsuits. Your support and contributions are most welcome.

Here are Dr.SHIVA’s two lawsuits in Federal Court where he has already gotten two important and historic victories:

  1. Lawsuit in Federal Court – CV11889 – Political Free Speech
  2. Lawsuit in Federal Court – CV12080 – One Person One Vote

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