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Thali – The Perfect Traditional Meal

VA Shiva’s article provides an introduction to the benefits of a traditional meal known as thali, which has evolved over many thousands of years.

Ancient systems of medicine discovered ways to present, enjoy, and digest food in incredible ways. Thali is one of the important evolutions of traditional Indian food. Thali provides incredible nutrition while exciting all six tastes.

What is Thali?

Thali is a dish originating in India; it varies based on the region of India and may be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Thali literally means “round plate.” Arranged on the thali, or platter, are multiple saucers placed in a hub-and-spoke model. The hub is typically a saucer containing rice. Around that center hub, smaller saucers of varying items with different tastes are organized in a particular order. Most of the dishes are slow-cooked. Adherence to the traditional systems of medicine ensures that when proceeding around the plate one will eat proteins, carbohydrates and fats – the three important elements for sustenance – as well as different examples of the six tastes, with the sweet taste or dessert always last. Thalis look inviting and taste delicious. More importantly, the items in the plate are organized so digestion is optimized and one receives the right combination of nutrients

South Indian Thaali01

Veggie Thali:

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