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In this presentation, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer and Candidate for President, teaches you a systems science approach to support the whole health of your pet.

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One, it’s Dr Shiva. You’re a today. We’re going to do a special series on a very interesting area that I’ve been interested in. A lot of you guys have been asking for me to do this and it’s going to be on how to support your pets whole health. And we’re going to take a systems approach as many of, I have 2 dogs, I’m going to show you some puppy pictures of them when they were young, but we’re really going to have a, this is going to be in a series.

As you notice here, we’re going to do a series. It’s going to be a pet science series. And the goal of this is for me to give you a overview on a whole systems approach on how we need to start thinking about the different combinations of food almost like a food set of cocktails. And I’m going to share with you the research that we’ve been doing and give you an insight to something cool that we put together.

It’s really a food based product that you may find valuable. But And then every week we’re going to be doing each ingredient, different ingredients, how they affect different parts of your pet health. And then we’ll also take how different ingredients affect different subsystems of your pet’s health and how you can actually start combining ingredients.

And obviously everything I’m sharing with you, you should a big disclaimer here. You should obviously communicate with your veterinary and I’m not a veterinary doctor. I’m a systems biologist. An M. I. T. P. H. D. does research in the field, but you’re gonna learn very quickly. The research we’re doing is using a very powerful technology engine that came out of my P.

H. D. work called cytosol. But our goal really here’s to educate you on how to start thinking about health, even for your body. For your pet for political systems, every system you can think about are really systems and there’s a systems approach to health. So if we can do that, and you can start thinking about your pet self as a system hopefully you can use those principles to start thinking about the world as a system, but everything’s frankly a system.

So let’s jump into this. So again, today’s conversation is how to support your pet’s whole health. A system science approach and it’s part of our pet science series. Okay. So let me begin by telling you that this is a 1st in the series. It’s an introduction. To pet health series, and it’s a whole systems approach and let me 1st of all, again, for clarity, any of the content I’m doing in this presentation is not.

Intended to be a substitute for your professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your veterinarian on any questions. You may have regarding your medical conditions of your pet, but this is Sequoia when she was I think 8 weeks old. She’s a girl on the left and here’s Geronimo.

By the way, they’re both from the same litter, but you couldn’t tell they were. They’re so different looking, but 1 set of puppies came looking like Sequoia here on the left and the others came looking like Geronimo. And I was always. From a systems standpoint, interested in what are the things that I needed to be aware of when I looked at these are really cool beings, 1 is joint health as if you particularly have animals who are larger, these guys are now about 80 to 90 pounds and Geronimo’s brother.

We went to visit him. There’s a mixed breed of, different animals, but his brother is actually 160 pounds. Okay. He’s about 90 his brother’s almost double the size. So joint health is obviously important immune health. The dog’s immune health is directly connected to their aging systems, which we all know is also true for humans as we’ve educated people on metabolic health, right?

How they digest food. How they burn fat. Very important. The next one is bone health. Bone are related to joints, but they’re also different. Bones are the actual bones. The joints are the connection between different bones, the cartilage and all those important things anti parasitic many of you are probably aware that different parts of where different parts of the world where you live you need to be concerned about there’s always You know, everything in nature is competing, right?

Some are symbiotic, some are parasitic. But that’s an important thing to also we live up in the northeast you have ticks, you have things called, which result in Lyme but anti parasitic was important. Brain health, right? Brains, neurology, obviously connects with the eyes, right?

All those important things. Skin health. This is one of the most important things. Probably many people face. Some dogs are very prone to certain conditions. Allergies which is also, by the way, related to the immune health, but skin health is important anti cancer, anti carcinogenic.

And then the other thing is hard health, cardiovascular health. I was very interested because there’s so many. Plants and foods out there was there a set of plants that you could put together that would accept all those now, just to give you a little bit of background, the pharmaceutical industry.

Has no way of really constructing anything like for you or I. Because they’re all about just finding a single compound. They just want to find one single synthetic compound that can affect a particular biological pathway in your body to elicit a particular response and also may elicit a lot of side effects.

But when you look at a pharmaceutical company, they’re not interested in the whole system. They will find a compound, they’ll do test tube testing on it, then they’ll go do a bunch of testing in the animals, right? Killing dogs, animals, rats, et cetera, which I believe is completely unnecessary.

This takes 6 years, then they, then they test on humans, 10 to 100 humans, 100 to, 1, 000 humans and 1, 000 plus and this is called a phased trial of testing. And when I looked at this process in 2003, there’s a very interesting challenge, which said, hey, could you mathematically model the whole cell?

Because if you could mathematically model the whole cell, you could take all these little molecular pathways, which are chemical reactions associated with any 1 of those functions, immune health, cardiovascular, skin health, connect them together. And then you could use a computer. It’s really beyond AI to model various biological functions, and that was a creation of Cytosol, which was my PhD work, a very powerful technology that I created 16 years ago to do this.

I wrote a very important paper on this took us about 3 years to get this published because no one had believed we really cracked the code on this. But nonetheless we proved this to the world in over 16 years. This technology is very powerful. We’ve used it for All different areas, human health animal health, et cetera.

So Cytosol has the ability to handle multiple compounds. So if you look at food is not just a single synthetic compounds made of many compounds. We can use Cytosol without killing animals. To understand how things work and it’s essentially the same way we used to build airplanes, right? We don’t just go kill pilots.

We can use a computer. So Cytosol is really a platform for whole health for humans, whole health for animals, whole health for plants, actually. So we have the ability. What we did here is we took those ideas. all those areas, immune health, cardiovascular health, skin health. And we literally mined the literature and we had gotten some very interesting feedback from a lot of our friends in the pet industry.

Some of them had experiment with different ingredients that they found valuable, but they really didn’t know why things worked. So we took all of those ingredients and papers and then we put them through cytosol. And then we’ve actually wrote a report. It was called a whole systems approach to pet health.

And what this resulted in was a combination of specific ingredients. Let me just take a step back and remind you of something, a principle that comes out of system science. That’s really important. Understand you see system science recognizes. That synergy, the concept of taking lots of little things and putting them together.

That’s why food is medicine. But if you can think about synergy is a principle of 1 plus 1 equals 10, right? Pharmaceutical companies model is you just give 1 single compound, a little bit of it. In a particular dosage, it hits a particular targets like a magic bullet, and it has an effect. That can work, but it can also create all these side effects.

But if you take much less dosage of lots of valuable compounds, and you hit lots of different pathways, now you’re creating an orchestral effect, right? Think about you go to watch a big band, and you think there’s going to be 100 different instruments and all you see some guy playing the drum.

That’s like the pharmaceutical company, right? They just have one drum, one beat, and it may have a very particular effect for people who like percussion, but everyone else who doesn’t like percussion likes other things are going to have sort of a problem, problematic problem for them in their year, right?

You could call that a side effect. Okay. But when you start looking at the body as a complex system and the fact that you need many different compounds. To turn on the orchestra in your body to have an ensemble effect. That’s what it’s called. Now you’re working in a different realm. And that’s why Cytosol is important for this.

So what we have done here is we found those instruments. Ingredients there could be many others, but I want to share with you the some of this introductory talk today because we’re going to do a series. Don’t forget. We’re going to go through each of these ingredients, but we think we’ve come up with some very interesting combination.

So 1 of them is something called zeolite and we’ll go into details with zeolite is it’s really you can think about it as a mineral, right? It’s a thing that’s used for detoxification. And Zeolite helps pull stuff out of the body that could have negative effects. Okay. And we’ll talk more about this.

We’ll do a separate lecture just on zeolite, but that’s one of them. Okay. The other one is Dionysus earth. And you can look this up. It’s fascinating Dionysus earth because it comes from the remnants of fossils from, billions of years ago. So Dionysus earth has some very powerful properties.

A lot of minerals. That can be very valuable for pet health or in fact, human health. Spirulina, again it’s a blue green algae has a lot of nutritional effects. Again, we’ll do a whole series on spirulina and what it affects. For pet health. Kelp. Kelp is from the ocean, right?

It’s seaweed. Lots and lots of minerals. And it has, also has very positive effects for the gut. Then you have MSM. MSM, as you can see, the chemical structure, methyl sulfonyl methane. Very good, again, for skin. And you can see the structure itself for by and large is always good for skin.

John, I don’t know if something’s buzzing here on your, I may want to check it. Again, as you notice, there’s a need for synergy here. So we want combination of natural compounds that MSM is it right? Okay. Is a very powerful compound. The phone’s okay. Yeah. Okay. That’s that.

The next one is Hathorn. A leaf and flower again, you notice we’re going from the mineral kingdom to the sea world. We’ve got all different worlds, but this is from a half thorn leaf and the flower again, very powerful facts for heart health. And we’ll talk more about this. And in a follow up one of the series fenugreek is an Indian spices.

Most Indians use it in many of the meals. They make fenugreek has a lot of positive effects again for many things having to do with many of those subsystems. I covered turmeric. Turmeric. You may know is a very beautiful yellow spice. It’s anti inflammatory. It’s anti carcinogenic. It has effects on joint.

It hits so many different subsystems. Our view was that too would be very valuable as a food. And then you have hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is great for joints, great for skin, et cetera. When you look at all this think about what you’re looking at here. You’re looking at All different of the Earth’s amazing, different kinds of things.

The Earth nature have produced here from Fenugreek to kelp to spirulina to zeolite to Dimecious Earth to Hathorne. Oh, one of the things I forgot about. Here was red raspberry leaf. Okay. Red raspberry leaf is extremely important because red raspberry leaf has many properties that affect also some of those systems.

So I just want you to take a look at that. So you look at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 different, frankly compounds of compounds. Okay. Obviously hyaluronic acid is a very specific compound. So is MSM, right? Same with zeolite. But if you look at all the others, the Dionysius Earth, the spirulina, the kelp, the red raspberry leaf, the hathorn leaf and flower, the fenugreek and turmeric.

These are really foods, right? Foods compounds of many compounds. And we’ll discuss more of that. And so with our cytosol approach, the really cool thing I wanted as a side note to. Let you guys know is that we put all of this together in literally something that we call canine 7 0 1. You can get it up on the website.

If you want to go check it out at va shiva. com slash shop slash canine 7 0 1. If you’re going to get this, all you need is just one little teaspoon. If you have a 25 pound dog, if you have, a large dog, like we do, our dogs are 75, 80. We do three teaspoons and you mix it in. But again, the goal is, there’s so much food, so many things you can give to me.

This is what was like an insurance for our dogs because obviously some, we make food for our dogs, by the way, it may seem weird, but I don’t trust a lot of the dog foods out there. So I typically make our dogs food, which involves some meat, either it’s turkey. Or it’s chicken or let’s say really good beef.

We mix it with some type of whole grain. If it’s some of the combination grains, add some vegetables and then I’ll put a little bit of this in. But think about. The potency of this stuff. It’s really foods from all over the world, but a very small dosage. We’re talking about a teaspoon. In India, there’s a very interesting food called curry powder and curry powder is a food among many foods and over thousands of years, Indians learned that you do a little pinch of turmeric, a little pinch Of let’s say ginger, a little pinch of fenugreek, a little pinch of cardamom and so on, but these little combinations of herbs give a very powerful effect because they help hit multiple parts of the body.

And that was really the goal here to create something that would affect multiple subsystems. So there you go. So I just wanted to make this introductory because I just my videos, I enjoy doing long videos, but I wanted to keep the short and just let you guys know we do care about pets. I take care of my pets and I’m sure you want to.

And by the way you can apply this to many different kinds of animals, but starting tomorrow and the next day, I will take each one of those compounds that I’ve shared here. In this here, each one of these compounds, and we’ll literally go through each one of them. Now, some of these compounds some of these compounds, one second, John saying, I’m not sharing.

Thanks, John. Some of these compounds do not affect do not just affect one subsystem like turmeric affects three subsystems, right? Hawthorne leaf affects multiple subsystems. We’re going to have a ton of content coming our way for pets because you’re really going to start learning how different foods affect different subsystems.

And we’ll also go way beyond this. But my intention was that this would start really giving you a knowledge base to do research. But remember for Every compound that we look at, not compound, but every food, really, we’re going to run it through cytosol. So you’re going to understand which pathways it hits, why it works, et cetera.

Anyway, everyone, I hope that was valuable. I hope this was good. And I hope it helps you do better in taking care of your pets, if it gives you a perspective. One of the things before I sign off, I’m going to play a quick video that many of you know, we’ve also used the Cytosolv engine for helping human health.

And one of the cool products that we created for that was MV25. We’ll play that here. We created this product We’ve manufactured it, we use cytosol and we sold out and we’re just happy to let you know that we got more. So you guys, if you want more, it’s here. But MV 25 as a video shares is again, a multi systems approach and that’s really the goal here.

No, 1 ingredient can affect the whole system. The more we figure out the alchemy of how to combine that really makes us into some ways. Quote unquote alchemist and cytosol is the engine. For that scientific alchemy. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Be well, be the light. Thank you. Millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling, but most pain medications come with harsh side effects and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing.

That’s why we at Cytosolve created MV25. MV25 was formulated using the Cytosolve Computational Systems Biology Platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr. Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions derived from thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that down regulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling.

Hi, I’m Barbara Ann. My hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet. And they would go like that. Now I have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids. And I started taking that MV 25. After a bit I was able to hold cards in my hand. Very little cramping. Hardly at all anymore.

MV 25. Hi, My name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor. I tore my ACL during Taekwondo. I had a lot of pain and limited mobility. I’ve been taking the MV25 for about six months now. After the first week I noticed a big difference. After the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a lower back problem.

Hurt my back at work years ago and I can go to the chiropractor, do all kinds of different things and nothing seems to help. And I decided to try MV25. I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it. And even when I do things that I shouldn’t do, it seems to go away a lot quicker than ever did before.

MV25 is certified clean, 100 percent non GMO. Made in America and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices. MV 25 is cytosol optimized, which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by cytosol as the science advances.

So will this formulation. This is our promise order online at MV 25 Life. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement or met. M V 25

All right, everyone. I hope that was valuable. And by the way, I got a bunch of people asking me where they get the canine 701. So if you want to get canine 701 let me just share this again. You can all you have to do is you simply go again. We just launched this, but you can go to. Let me go to the website here.

You can go to right here. Where is it? I’m sorry. There we go. Okay. You can go to va. com slash shop. Slash canine 701. it’s right up here. Okay. And enjoy, but we want to make this really a educational series. So you understand. The entire philosophy that we take from a systems approach to understand this.

And by the way, all of you who are new here go to truth, freedom, health. com every week. We have an incredible open house where you can meet lots and lots of different people from all over the world. We do it at 11 AM. And 8 PM RSVP at VHGV. com slash orientation. And you will actually get introduced to this entire systems approach and the systems approach you can use for your body.

You can use for politics. You can use for deciding who to hire who to do business with. You can use it for anything, right? It’s a very powerful approach to understand the world of systems and everything in the world is a system. Be well, have a good night.

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